Warrior or Soldier?      A Warrior (Ksatriya) is able to make his own decisions -- a Soldier needs totake orders from a Ge...
For a Warrior, fear forms a natural element which can be interpreted,through which one can be warned of danger; a Warriors...
A Warrior is still a weapon even when naked -- a Soldier never seems to havesufficient armoury.     A Warrior is aware, th...
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Zurich Files - Warrior or Soldier?


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Zurich Files - Warrior or Soldier? A Short Story about a Soldier who preferred to become a Warrior.

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Zurich Files - Warrior or Soldier?

  1. 1. Warrior or Soldier? A Warrior (Ksatriya) is able to make his own decisions -- a Soldier needs totake orders from a General. A Warrior thinks autonomously and is able to use his Spiritual discrimination-- a Soldier takes drugs and Alcohol (the etymology of al kohl is illusion inArabic). A Warrior has a code of honour -- a Soldier does not require conscience norethics in order to carry out orders. A Warrior protects children, because they are sacred -- a Soldier killschildren, as in My Lai, Auschwitz, in all air raids on cities, in all genocides, mass-murders and massacres on innocent civilians; all that soldiers enjoy doing, becauseit is good for the "esprit de corps", or something of that kind. A Warrior is aware: that the Pharaohs use their own robber barons, drugdealers, gangsters and Mafia in order to justify a police state and an army; thatthe 9/11 atrocity in America (A-ME-RI-KA of the Pharaohs) was a false flag attackin order to justify further war-crimes -- a Soldier does not care about such things,he is merely an instrument, a killing machine. A Warrior aims for sexual abstention and the sublimation of his energies,since every ejaculation can drain his vital energy ("Liquid Gold") leaving him tobecome more terrestrial without any higher force -- a Soldier rapes in war timeand pays for it in peace time. A Warrior will continue into a highly progressed age -- a Soldier is worn outat the age of 35 years. A Warrior is strong and brave in a situation alone against many enemies -- aSoldier is only strong and brave when with many against a few. A Warrior follows his conscience and fights against injustice -- a Soldier is ledby the Pharaohs (demons, Nephilim) and always searches for the strongest side,usually that of the oppressor. A Warrior listens to his inner voice and his Psi (sixth sense) -- a Soldier onlylistens to the voice of the Pharaonic commander. A Warrior has no need to prove his masculinity and prowess, for example, byoppressing others, because he has full confidence in his knowledge; he shows hisstrength while playing -- a Soldier feels lost when hierarchy is not well defined, asin a pack of wild animals who need their alpha leader. Mother, do raise as many Warriors as possible so that the Pharaohs cantsnatch your children to make them into Soldiers; father, understand that the rulersentrap incoming Soldiers through the presentation of the image of manhood,strength and virility: even though such can only be completed by initiation into amanhood ritual, analogous to the rules, laws and wisdom of the elders.1 of 3 2012-May-26 Warrior-Or-Soldier.doc
  2. 2. For a Warrior, fear forms a natural element which can be interpreted,through which one can be warned of danger; a Warriors analysis says: "What isstronger? One that stands up out of the trenches, runs toward the enemy, gets amedal (posthumously) and gets celebrated as a hero, only because he cracked andcouldnt deal with fear? Or is he stronger who remains in the trenches, deals withfear, notices the warning signs, who faces danger and deals with it?" -- a Soldier,on the other hand, is trained into unfeeling fearlessness, because this is better forcarrying out orders; religious fanatics, political fanatics, fanatics of a Fuhrer Cult,chauvinist fanatics and MK-ULTRA Manchurian Candidates: these are thePharaonic rulers means to create cannon fodder and instruments of terror. A Warrior principally uses fear as an ally, yet must be able to control his fearand suppress it under certain circumstances -- but only when he needs to do so,and not when dictated to by others and their doctrines. A Warrior needs and enjoys solitude and peace in order to maintain hispsychic balance -- a Soldier cannot manage alone, nor without the so-called "espritde corps", for he needs the "family" for which the army is a substitute. A Warrior does not need to fill his time by saying "sweet nothings", he simplyhas to "be" -- a Soldier needs to scream, shout and give out orders, otherwise hedoes not feel that his existence has been justified. A Warrior matches himself against infinity, the "Ancestors" and the "SacredSpirit" for good measure -- a Soldier matches himself against worldly hierarchyand his enemy. A Warrior is a modest person who does not seek glamour or the approval ofmen -- a Soldier collects medals for his outrages. Future Warriors are called according to the inner quest -- future Soldiers arelured into the army by baits presented to them in propaganda films, such as thestrength, manhood and fearlessness which could be gained: evidently because theyhave none of these. A Warrior dresses himself as he pleases -- Soldiers all look alike in theirforced "garde-robe". A Warrior is able to organise himself by direct communication, as in"NonFacitPugnumDigitoUno" -- a Soldier can only function in a given organisation. A Warrior rinses his face and nose several times a day, in order to have asharp mind -- a Soldier rather puts drugs up his nose and owns a blunted mind. A Warrior knows that after any atomic war, there will be one again with bowand arrow -- a Soldier rather believes that he will never run out of automaticweapons and ammunition. A Warrior can also use elegant weapons, he knows that whereas a bullet canbe stopped, the word crashes through walls, flies over borders at the speed of lightand swims over oceans like a naval ship -- for a Soldier, there are only weapons ofmass destruction (WMD), destroying all life until existence has been extinguished.2 of 3 2012-May-26 Warrior-Or-Soldier.doc
  3. 3. A Warrior is still a weapon even when naked -- a Soldier never seems to havesufficient armoury. A Warrior is aware, that war means to die himself -- all Soldiers areconvinced of victory and that only others die. A Warrior knows that, when one doesnt organise oneself properly, then the"rulers" will do so "for" you, without you and despite you -- a Soldier doesntcontemplate any organisation, he is simply part of it without being conscious of it. As a Warrior hungers for justice, he fasts every evening and night insolidarity with the poor and the starving ones -- for a Soldier, there are canteensduring peace times and pillaging during war times. A Warrior utters in humour: "My name is Bond … Vaga Bond." -- a Soldierbelieves hes playing the leading part himself, after the principle of indoctrinationby the Medias propaganda machinery. NonFacitPugnumDigitoUno (with one finger only, one cannot make a fist) * Zurich Files - Made In Switzerland A Story about a Soldier who preferred to become a Warrior. *"Remember, the elite are just a few among the six billion people on this planet. The entire source of their power is their ability to corrupt natural instincts and direct subconscious needs into channels of expression that further the ends of totalcontrol. This is all they have. And once this principle is understood by more people, it will cease to be effective. Our world will change spontaneously around us, and we will be free to love one another in the way we always intended." "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." [ST. MATTHEW 10] "And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death." [REVELATION 12]3 of 3 2012-May-26 Warrior-Or-Soldier.doc