alkaloids trilobatin curculin miraculin monellin phyllodulcin glycyrrhizin glycyrrhiza stevia thaumatin taste modifying agents low calorific value herbal drugs natural sweetener natural medicine easy availability cheaper colorants from insects plant based excipients plant based colorants dying agents beneficial harmless cosmetics herbal excipients excipients natural colorants colorants natural drugs herbal medicine thin layer chromatography glycyrrhetinic acid podophyllotoxin caffeine atropine phytocnstituents identification isolation phenylpropanoid dimer flaxseeds pumkin seeds sunflower seeds sesame seeds lignans cyanogenic glycoside bitter almond green tea black tea tea opium poppy opium morphine abscisic acid ethylene cytokinins gibberellins auxin plant hormones plant growth regulators plant growth hormones pest and pest control soil fertility fertilizers sexual and asexual propagation methods methods of propagation factors affecting cultivation cultivation and collection of medicinal plants flavonoids volatile oils resins tannins glycosides secondary plant metabolites lactate to glucose pyruvate to glucose synthesis of glucose cori cycle gluconeogenesis pathway energetics kreb's cycle citric acid cycle tca cycle deterioration spoilage terminologies involved in adulteration unintentional adulteration intentional adulteration types of adulteration adulteration of drugs biological evaluation chemical evaluation spectroscopical methods chromatographic methods camera lucida leaf constants drug evaluatio breakdown of glucose metabolism of carbohydrate glycolysis scope of herbal cosmetics current trend in herbal cosmetics functions of skin physiology of skin herbal cosmetics drugs of natural origin classification let food be your medicine nutraceuticals herbal fairness formulations natural sources of drugs pharmacognosy psoralea corylifolia embelica officinalis curcuma longa herbal remedies in prevention of covid-19
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