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Driving traffic to your mobile site

  1. 1. How to Drive Traffic to Your Mobile Website our Brought to you by: The Worldwide Leader in Mobile CMS 1-888- -MOFUSE-8 www.mofuse.com
  2. 2. Why You Need a Mobile Website Do you know how much traffic is coming to your oTIP Check your desktop site website from people browsing on their mobile phone? analytics to determine With over 100 million mobile Internet users in the what percentage of your traffic comes from mobile U.S. alone, it is probably a lot. In fact, according to devices. Quantcast, the amount of web traffic from mobile devices increased 110 percent last year in the U.S.U.S., and even more globally. But what experience are you delivering when a mobile user visits your site? Is it hard to read? Not the information they want? Or, have you designed something for mobile browsers that let’s them quickly get to the information they want when they are mobile. Keep in mind that on top of traffic coming directly to your site, mobile search is becoming more popular, with 20 percent of all Google searches coming from mobile devices. Up to one-half of all local searches occurs on a mobile device. Customers are searching for your business on mobile, are you ready to address this growing audience? If you haven’t already created a mobile website, maybe now is the time to join the other 50 percent of small and medium size businesses that are planning on building a mobile website in 2011. So, What is a Mobile Website? Most of today’s phones offer Internet access, but have you ever tried to navigate desktop sites from a small screen? Not only do many sites use technology that isn’t supported on phones (such as Adobe Flash), ’t they are simply not designed for a small screen or a mobile user. © Copyright 2011 MoFuse Inc. 2
  3. 3. A mobile website is located at an entirely differentURL (such as m.domain.com or domain.mobi,) andhas been designed specifically for mobile devices.Mobile sites offer simple menus and make it easy tonavigate using a touchscreen or arrow buttons,instead of a mouse or keyboard. It also puts front andcenter the information a person who is mobile needs--like location, hours, directions, contact info, and more.For example, look at the difference between viewing astandard website versus a mobile site:So, You Have a Mobile Website… Now What?© Copyright 2011 MoFuse Inc. 3
  4. 4. The Basic Must-Dos for Driving Mobile Traffic Once you’ve built your mobile website, you need to make sure people find and visit it. To get started, there are a few basic “must haves” for every mobile website including: 1. Auto-detect & Redirect The easiest way to get traffic to your mobile site is push all your desktop traffic that is coming fromTIP With MoFuse, your site will automatically recognize mobile devices to your mobile optimized website. and format its content for This is called a redirect. Instead of frustrating your over 5,200 different device types. mobile visitor by making them browse your r desktop site on their mobile phone, you will make them happy by providing just the content they want in a way that is easy to use. 2. Create a Custom Domain Name You can either purchase a special domain name,TIP MoFuse enables your site like domain.mobi for your mobile site, or simply to auto-detect mobile browsers and redirect to create a subdomain, like m.domain.com. Either your mobile site. one works but many large sites are using the tes m.domain.com format. CNN.com automatically redirects to m.cnn.com 3. Generate a Mobile Site Map With 20 percent of all Google Searches coming from a mobile device, having a search engineTIP You can create a mobile optimized site is crucial. Generating and site map with one-click submitting a mobile site map is the first step to using the MoFuse platform. boosting your mobile search traffic. A site map . allows search engines like Google to accurately index your mobile web content and make it available for searchers. © Copyright 2011 MoFuse Inc. 4
  5. 5. Next Steps to Building your Mobile Website Traffic Once you’ve taken care of the basics, you need to think about what else you can do to make your customers and prospects aware of your mobile site. Remember the late ‘90s when every commercial, magazine ad, and brochure listed the newly created web URL for the brand? Mobile is like the early days of the Web and you need to put your mobile URL EVERYWHERE! 1. Advertising and Promotion Include your mobile web address in all your advertising and promotion including newspaper ads, signage, business cards, coupons, email marketing, newsletter articles, social networking sites, and more. You might also want to put a MOBILE button on your ut website with a link to your mobile site and info about how to access it to create more awareness. 2. QR Codes Let’s face it, entering long URLs into a mobile deviceTIP The MoFuse platform allows you to easily create is not fun. An easier way to provide a link to your ovide a QR code with a link to website is by using a QR code. QR codes ( Quick (or your mobile website URL. Response codes,) are two-dimensional barcode that dimensional barcodes can be scanned by a smartphone using a downloa downloaded app. A QR code can be used to deliver a link to a mobile site or some other content, like a video, menu, or tasting notes. Once you create a QR code with a link to your mobile site, you can put this code everywhere including: • Packaging and point-of-purchase displays purchase • Business cards, invoices, and letterhead • Store signage • Menus & table tents • Advertising & coupons • Billboards, and even television ads © Copyright 2011 MoFuse Inc. 5
  6. 6. 3. Tap Your Social Networks If you are active on social networks, let your fans and followers know about your mobile site and encourage them to bookmark it! Provide links from your Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, Flickr albums, and more. Be sure to claim your venue on Google Places and location-based social networks like Foursquare and based Yelp to encourage check-ins. You may also want to ins. join location-based networks like CrowdBeacon to based identify people in the area that are looking for a business like yours. 4. Don’t forget Search Engine MarketingTIP Did you know the MoFuse In a recent study, Google reported that ninety inety-five platform allows you to offer percent of smartphone users have looked for local click-to-call features on your mobile website? information, with 77 percent contacting a business via phone or visit as a result. Many of these searches (71%) are the result of an ad exposure. With a third of smartphone users noticing mobile search ads, consider adding mobile search bile into your marketing mix. Google AdWords makes it easy to target ads by device type and location to make the biggest impact. You can link visitors directly to your mobile site, or even offer a click to call o option. 5. Measure Your Results Once you’ve implemented these best practices to drive traffic to your mobile website, you will soon see your visitor traffic grow! Be sure to track your analytics to better understand your most Mobile site with click-to-call popular pages, devices, and locations so that you can adapt your content and site design in the future. Mobile web analytics from MoFuse © Copyright 2011 MoFuse Inc. 6
  7. 7. 6. Ask Visitors what they Want There is no better way to find out what your visitors want than to ask them. Think about creating a survey or questionnaire to ask what information your visitors want to find when they are mobile. And don’t forget, some people will want access to your full content, so ll be sure to include a link back to your main site. How Local Businesses Have Grown their Mobile Web Traffic By implementing these simple steps outlined above,Survey created using MoFuse businesses are experiencing phenomenal jumps in mobile web traffic. Corolla Pizza, a local pizza restaurant in Corolla, NC, began redirecting their mobile browser traffic to their mobile site and increased their mobile web traffic by 11,000% 11,000%! Similarly, The Blue Point restaurant in Duck, NC went from zero mobile visitors to 411 visitors in a day after redirecting their mobile browser traffic. © Copyright 2011 MoFuse Inc. 7
  8. 8. About MoFuseMoFuse is the leading mobile web contentmanagement platform. We provide an easy and cost neffective solution for businesses to build and optimizetheir mobile web presence, with support for over or5,200 different device and browser combinations 00 combinations,worldwide. We make it easy to manage mobile nagewebsites, landing pages, QR codes and mobile datacapture forms.To learn more or get started building your own mobilewebsite: Visit www.mofuse.com Call 1-888-MOFUSE MOFUSE-8© Copyright 2011 MoFuse Inc. 8