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  1. 1. Weather/ Climate.Did you know thatthe marinetemperature is hotand cold.
  2. 2. Interesting facts.Did you know that the oceancontains 99% of living space onthe planet. Green turtles can goup to 1,400 miles away to laytheir eggs. Penguins can flyunder water for 25 miles perhour WOW.
  3. 3. Locations worldwide. South pacific Atlantic Indian ocean Artic Adriatic Sea Aegean Sea Arabian Sea Black Sea Caspian Sea Indian Ocean Mediterranean Sea Persian Gulf Red Sea
  4. 4. Plants Coral: Coral is one of the most colourful tropical plants in theworld. Full grown coral will eat little baby coral If you cut yourself on a piece coral and you dont clean it,the coral will grow inside your skin that’s really gross.
  5. 5. Plants Seaweed: Seaweed is one of themost slimiest, hardest plants andsome people think it is really nice. Although there are some that arevery poisonous. There are no roots or flowers. They need a flat hard surface, like a rock to grow on.
  6. 6. Plants Seagrass: Seagrasses live inwater of most of the worlds ofthe marine environment. They are the main diet of dugongs and green turtles they give habitat for many, smaller marine animals, like prawns and fish.
  7. 7. AnimalsOtters: Otters are fun animals towatch and they are really smart.Otters eat mainly fish but manypeople think that they eat plantsand berries. They are definitelymeat eaters. Otters are the onlyspecies that doesn’t have amuscle in the tail. The ottersuse it as weapon and tell themwere to move in the water.
  8. 8. AnimalsTurtles: Even though turtles are veryslow on land turtles can swim at 22 kmper hour. Some turtles can dive 3,000feet below water surface. A turtle shell(made up of 60 bones) is attached to itsspine that’s why turtles can feel painthrough their shell. Turtles do not haveears to hear they only feel vibrations.However, their sense of smell is verystrong.
  9. 9. AnimalsGreat white shark: Great WhiteSharks breed late in life. They donot start breeding until they’re atleast twenty years old. The GreatWhite Shark is not all white. Theshark’s back is dark blue, gray,brown or black. The Great WhiteShark lives for about 25 years.
  10. 10. Animals
  11. 11. Octopus: they have a soft bodywith a well very good brain.They are very smart. It has eyeson each side of its head. Theyare completely deaf. They talkto each other by changingcolour.
  12. 12. AnimalsStar fish: Did you know thatstar fish do not have brains orblood! If a star fish is cut intopieces they can all grow backto be a new star fish. Star fishcan have more than 4 armssome have 12 and some have6.
  13. 13. Food chainGreat Babywhite Dolphins Octopusshark EatsTurtle Jelly fish FishPlankton Sea grass Images from WWW.freeimages.co.uk
  14. 14. BibliographyThanks toWWW.freeimages.co.uk andWWW.freediditalphotos.net formy pictures.Thanks toWWW.funfactsonmarine.com andWWW.marineanimalfacts.com formy information