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Jenna r8


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all about the desert enjoy!

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Jenna r8

  1. 1. BYJENNA
  2. 2. WEATHER AND CLIMATEThe weather and climate in the deserts are hot.49 degrees in the day time on a winter dayOn a winter night it can be 48 degreesOn a summer day it’s a top of 120 degreesIt rarely rains.On rainy days it can drop to 25 degrees
  3. 3. The desert can have rain, but hardly rains at all. Itdepends what desert but it also depends if it dropslower than 25 degrees.
  4. 4. Electronic devices are affected by the hot weather. The hot desert weather will most likely damage electronic
  5. 5.  Fact 6. The deserts today are popular because of the tourist that go to the deserts  Fact 7. The hottest desert which is the Sahara reaches up to 122 degrees  Fact 8. only 3% of the Australian population live in the desert.  Fact 9. it didn’t rainfor over 39 years in the Atacama desert in Chile.  Fact 10. In some deserts the temperatures fall below
  6. 6.  Fact 11. sand dunes can be as tall as 300m  Fact 12. there is over 1,200 species of plants found in the Sahara desert  Fact 13. More than one third of the earth’s land surface is covered by deserts.  Fact 14. Sand dunes can move  Fact 15. Gila monsters are just venomous
  7. 7. Sahara – north Africa Gobi – Mongolia – china Kalahari - southern Africa Great Victoria –Australia Great Sandy – Australia The locations of deserts can be in a lot of places in the world. So far world wide there are only 5 deserts that people know
  8. 8. The Sahara Desert is in Northern Africa .It is 3,500,000 square miles away and 9,065,000square miles. So that means the Sahara is thelargest Desert on earth. It is the hottest biome.It is extremely hot on dry days.
  9. 9. Great Sandy and Great Victoria are in AustraliaGreat Sandy is the second largest desert n theworld and great sandy is in northern territory.Great Victoria only has a little bit of ran but morethen expected for a desert.
  10. 10. Pipe cactus Mojave aster Barrel cactus Joshua tree Popcorn flower chain fruit cholla Mormon tea native buttercup Fairy duster
  11. 11.  Dertiltikis Brittle bush Palo Verde Jumping cholla Ocotillo Desert ironwood
  12. 12.  Some animals in the desert are: Camel Armadillo Bobcat Banded glia monster Cactus wren Coyote Javelina Meerkat
  13. 13.  The red kangaroo is the worlds largest marsupial. The female red kangaroo only has one baby at a time. The baby climbs into the pouch straight away and does not come out until about 2 months. Red kangaroos hop along on their powerful back legs and they hop at a good speed.
  14. 14. The flamingo, a large wading bird that can live in big shallowlakes, sandy islands lagoons, mangrove or swamps.They can be found in Africa, Asia, North America, CentralAmerica, South America, and Europe. Flamingos can live nearlyeverywhere. Adult flamingos can be 3.3 to 4.6 feet tall. They canweigh up to 3.3 to 9 pounds.There are 6 species of Flamingos.
  15. 15.
  16. 16. A plant gets energy Sun from the sun, the plant gets eaten by a insect an insect get eaten by a lizard a lizard gets eaten by a plant animals Snake Lizard
  17. 17. sun The grass attracts it’s energy from the sun, the grass gets from mice and the mice gets eaten by dingos grass Dingos
  18. 18. SPECIAL THANKS TO:www.ask.comYahoo answerswww.desert.comwww.animals.comAnimals in the desertPlants in the desertLocations of the desert worldwideWhat happens in the desert if it rainswww.freedigital text and flaming text backgrounds
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