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Meeting Facility and Teambuilding


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WorkShop the creative workplace is a one of a kind meeting facility. It brings out the best in your team and gives you a more productive meeting. Creative Meetings = Creative Results

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Meeting Facility and Teambuilding

  1. 1. WorkShop, the creative workplace
  2. 2. What people say: • Most productive day I have had at an off site meeting in years. LOVED the GUITAR and ELMO! • Greater Louisville inc. • “Staff was perfect, there but not intrusive. Environment was comfortable and quot;creativequot; juice generating. Perfect. We will come back. If you ever do a meeting where you really want team members to come together, not feel inhibited and generate business generating results, WorkShop is THE place. “ • Barry Younkie, Maker's Mark • • “We really enjoyed the day and the opportunities you provide for effective meeting, learning and bonding!” Carolyn Kinser, Churchill Downs Incorporated • • ““The workshop is a nice brainstorming environment. Lots of white board space to make lists, nice distractions in the room to refresh your brain. Great food, quiet, easy to find.” Theresa
  3. 3. The Clubhouse seats 30 (theatre seating is 40)
  4. 4. The Studio seats 12
  5. 5. The Loft seats 25
  6. 6. Amenities • Our Amenities….. • Walls of whiteboards and colorful markers, rolling flip chart easels, conference phone, TV-VCR, copier, fax, overhead projector and basic meeting supplies: Post its, a flip chart, index cards, name badges, tape, stapler, paper and pens. A Refrigerator stocked with sodas and bottled water. Fresh flowers. Canisters filled with a variety of snacks and an afternoon snack basket. Toys, Games, and Books to stimulate creative thinking and to have fun with during breaks. A Stereo CD player and music selection to energize or for relaxation. Outdoor Patio with tables and umbrellas for lunch breaks, a breath of fresh air, or breakouts. Lightweight, moveable couches and chairs for comfort and flexibility. WorkShop support staff to take messages, answer questions, and keep the coffee pots full. And, you can control the temperature of the room, tape papers – posters on the walls and, use WorkShop’s toys and props in your team activities • •