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  1. 1. Get To The Pointe er WorkShop’s Monthly News- P ow as! he Ide n T and n O le ur eop T P May 2010 Of Do you know someone who uses the local coffee shops as an office? INSIDE THIS ISSUE: I would really like to know how they finesse a presentation to a potential client with the hissing Latte machines, the ordering of food, wrestling of papers and Integrity HR - Tapping Into 2 the uncertainty of finding comfortable seating for more than one invited guest. Talent Pics of the Month 3 The “Edison Club” here at WorkShop is a great opportunity for those who use the local coffee shops to have a fun but professional opportunity to present their best to Kudos 4 their strategic partner, their client, their potential client. Team building Tip 4 Here’s how it works. Right now those that are meeting in coffee shops are spending about $5.00 on a cup of coffee or drink every time they meet, then sometimes they Coupon 4 treat their guest. Those meeting in coffee shops are meeting 2 or 3 times a week therefore spending approximately $90.00 per month on a less than ideal setting for a business meeting. The “Edison Club” gives a person an opportunity to schedule their own meeting online, have a great place to present their best, have coffee for them and their guest and have better closing ratio because of the atmosphere of WorkShop. “Edison Club” membership $75.00 per month. Call today to get your access and start increasing your bottom line. Strategic partnerships has been around for many years. Most people may be more likely to think that only the larger compa- nies have strategic partners. But what about people in Sales, Executive Assis- tants, small company Business Owners even HR managers. Do they need Strate- gic Partners? There can be many advantages to creating strategic partnerships. As Robert M. Grant (2008, p. 44) states in his book Contemporary Strategy Analysis, "For complete strategies, as opposed to individual projects, creating option value means positioning the firm such that a wide array of opportunities become available". So basically, people taking advantage of strategic partnerships can utilize other company's strengths to make both sides stronger in the long run. Now, that is networking at it’s best. So yes, everyone needs strategic partners, but how do you pick a strategic partner. Some may say, “you have to go with your gut”. Others may say, when you are in a group of shining stars, create a constellation. It is really about trust, having the same vision, keeping communication open and being creative. Okay now I am talking about the qualities of an effective team. Well, my friends , it is all about team!
  2. 2. May 2010 Tapping Into Talent: Are you in the Same Boat as Everyone Else? By Integrity HR 502-753-0970 We’ve all been there. After an extensive and thorough search for a line manager, one candidate stands out. This candidate has the right experience, solid qualifications, and a relevant work history, and she gave an impressive performance during the interview process. She said the right things, put forward some great ideas and generally presented very well. You hired her. Three months later, you begin to question your decision. Your new hire’s team appears disgruntled, morale is low, and output and productivity are well behind the figures from the previous quarter. After investigating further and speaking with a few key team members, you realize there’s a disconnect—a mismatch. While she looked impressive on paper and presented well during one-on-one interviews, your new hire’s style, approach, and behavior on the job are simply inconsistent with the values and expectations of your organization. Her modus operandi is foreign to her colleagues. Your new hire is not a good cultural fit and one or more of the following hazards may be the cause. 1. Inadequate capability 2. Poor job fit 3. Fuzzy goals and accountabilities 4. Poor relationship with manager 5. Poor relationship with co-workers 6. Health and wellness issues 7. Physical and environmental factors You can avoid some of these potential problems by utilizing assessment tools during the recruitment and promotion process. Recommended by Integrity HR, the ProfileXT assesses the total person through gaining a better understanding of – Can the person do the job? How will the person perform? Will the person want to do the job & behave in a way suitable to the role? It is important to understand a person’s innate behaviors and interests when trying to match him with the right job. Know the job, know what type of person is successful in that job, and then hire others who have the behavioral traits that fit that job. This is easier said than done because it is difficult to gauge behaviors in a job interview, but behavioral assessments can be extremely helpful. By creating JobMatch patterns, the assessment will assist you in making the right decision for the future of your organization. Think “Total Person” and you will be amazed at what you can discover with a valid, reliable assessment tool. “Team Integrity is productive, production makes cents”
  3. 3. May 2010 Are You A FAN of WorkShop Teambuilding Fun at April 2010 During our April meeting, the ambassadors got a chance to make Galapalooza horses, okay WorkShop style. We had great fun telling our stories of what the Ambassadors role is in the community and within the Greater Louisville Inc. family. After all, Galapalooza horses are a story in art form. We take great pride in being an Ambassador for our city and we put our horses on display at WorkShop, the creative workplace thru Derby. We made 4 horses and we share below, the story behind the horse. PS, we only had 30 minutes to do this fine work of art. I GLI Ambassadors are a Ambassadors As Ambassadors, we business and service Our story includes all connect. We connect team, an All-Star Team. we love about GLI and help businesses in GLI is a business Louisville people together, the community. People source and as ambassa- connect companies to making connections, GROW dors, we are putting the Community and we economic development STRONG spotlight on Business. and much more. The connect Kentucky’s Different perspectives Ambassadors are the resources to individu- doing Good Works. arms and legs of GLI. als and companies. We are a Boost.
  4. 4. May 2010 Check out our FAN page: Just One Word…… Did you get last months tip? You should be able to create “just one word” out of these scrambled letters. U R S E N T O W O D J Special Thanks to: Guardia Care and the Spina Bifida Association of THIS WEEK - I got to spend some time with Gary Kentucky for letting me work with Montgomery. What a great guy. He often does an activity with modeling clay. So here is an activity your great organizations. that you can do at your next team meeting to initiate a shared vision. Please help give these organizations Give everyone a little modeling clay and ask them to some of your time and expertise. make something that illustrates what they do very well. Give them about 5 minutes to do this then let them share with each other what they do very well Take your turn on a committee. another 5 minutes. Volunteer now, they appreciate you. Now, ask them to put all their talent (what they each Stephanie do very well) together and form a vision of how they will reach the team goal or goals.(10 minutes) This will be interesting to see if they keep in tact Turn On the Power of People and Ideas. what they each do very well and still build their Imagine a group of people who are excited interpretation of how they can reach the team goals. and engaged, working together toward a It does take everyone on the team to make things common goal. Imagine a place where people happen. It is, All About Team! are tapping into the power of their own creative thinking, sharing information and ideas, and applying this work to challenges. This is WorkShop, the creative workplace. Build on what you know, Creative work is the work that grows your discover what you don’t! business, team or organization. Creative 50% OFF MEETING SPACE Work is a way of working that brings together creative thinking, teamwork, shared vision, and ownership to produce CALL TODAY…. 502-583-8555 breakthrough accomplishments. Invent your Applies to meetings booked in May and own solutions. scheduled for May.