Work Shop December Newsletter


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Work Shop December Newsletter

  1. 1. Get To The Pointe WorkShop’s Monthly Newsletter December 2009 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Watt’s My Name? Innovation is the Key 2 The little light bulb to the right is a representation of the expectations, Pics of the Month 3 collaboration and innovation that are Blog 4 generated at WorkShop. Now the central focus of our mission has a Team building Tip 4 face, but no name. Coupon 4 Can you give our good idea a name? Send your suggestions by email at: Merry Christmas from WorkShop. We couldn’t The winner will be featured in our February 2010 do this without you. We Newsletter and will receive a complimentary full day appreciate your support meeting at WorkShop for up to 10 people, including and look forward to 2010. breakfast! O Christmas Tree, Here are some of the names we have O Christmas Tree… received so far for our light bulb character… How many of you found 21 Turkeys “Lou Mination” “ Idea Man” last month? Now “Watson PinPointe” “Sparky” lets see how many “Wattson” “Idye” “Ahyde” Santa’s you find this “Ide’e” “Adventure Lou” month. Keep them coming….we love it!
  2. 2. December 2009 Innovation is the key The last Greater Louisville Inc., “Business at Breakfast” event held at the Marriott on December 2, 2009 was titled, "Driving Excellence - Building and Adapting Company Culture". The conversation was directed at how companies and organizations can capitalize on the positive effects of company culture. This was a great topic for WorkShop. Creativity and innovation is what we work on everyday at WorkShop. We believe in it and it is what we see in our clients. The panel of experts were Jeanie Adkins, Sr. Consultant & Principal, Human Capital Market Busi- ness Leader, Mercer, Peter Brown CEO, Fellon-McCord and Diane Medley, Co-Managing Partner, Mountjoy, Chilton & Medley, LLP. Peter shared with us how a focus on employee needs has a significant impact on results. Involve the employees in the development of the vision. This is where you are going to get great ideas, new ways of thinking and diversity. Be sure to share the big picture with everyone at all levels. They like to do things for the employees after hours as well which also helps build a company culture that is positive. Diane said that strong culture is made up of all the moving parts. They try to inspire peo- ple to live their wildest dreams and love what they do. She agreed with Peter, that every- one need to know the vision and how they fit in. She spoke very highly of the recent merger of her company. Because both com- panies already have a positive culture, it made the merger more successful and easier to manage. Jeannie feels that leadership is most impor- tant. Articulating the vision and taking people along with you creates the diversity needed to encourage innovation. Her company fo- cuses on the ability to see around the corner. Know the vision, see the vision and always look for the next thing. All three panelist had very strong feeling about culture being the piece that ties people together. The positive culture of a company breeds creativity and innovation. It doesn't happen overnight, how- ever, the more you know about your employees passions the more you can do to motivate your team. Encourage them to share their ideas, put a focus on them and they will share your vision. Get a good understanding of all generations and cultures of the people you employee.
  3. 3. December 2009 Teambuilding Fun at November 2009 thank you to : The Echo Group Humana Nia Roundtable The Oliver Group Caldwell Tanks YUM! Traffic Builders LSHRM GLI - Top Investor Executive Assistant Series
  4. 4. December 2009 What type of company culture to do you have? Is it positive or negative or in-between? Are you attempting to create a positive culture? Are you just not sure where to start? How about starting right now. Enlist your team to work together to help a local charity. Team building activity. If you are looking for something fun and cheap but away from the office, I have just the solu- tion. Take your team to a local adventure store, Dick’s Sporting Goods or Outdoor Quest in Louisville or Bass Pro Shop in Clarksville. Tell your team that they are inside a plane that has just had an emergency landing on the top of a mountain. Give them 15-30 minutes to agree on 15 items that they will need for survival and write them down. Let them discuss what the plan is, walk or stay with the plane etc; give them 5 minute countdowns. Make sure that each thing they select is only one item. Example: sleeping bags for 10 people is 10 items. Have fun with this, it makes for great discussion, compromise, planning, and sharing of ideas. Build on what you know, discover what you don’t! Special Full Day Meeting Space for up to 12 participants Please present coupon for discount. One coupon per visit. Valid thru 1/31/10