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2011 Annual General Meeting Presentation


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2011 Annual General Meeting Presentation

  1. 1. +The Winnipeg Humane SocietyMore Than a ShelterA presentation for the2011 Annual General Meeting
  2. 2. +
  3. 3. Our year in review
  4. 4. 2011 Presented Difficult Challenges The homeless, lost, ill, injured, abused, loved or simply+ unwanted... ...they turn to us in their time of need. In 2011, we saw 8,048 faces who needed our help.
  5. 5. To us, success means adoptions!Of the 1,736 dogs who came into the shelter, 1022 found their home.Of the 5,319 cats who came into the shelter, 2,347 found their home.Of the 245 small pets who came into the shelter, 162 found their home. That means 3, 531 pets were able to find happiness in a forever home. We celebrate this every day.
  6. 6. Satellite FacilitiesIn 2011, our Satellite Adoption Centres grew to include 10different locations across the city. 294 animals were adoptedthrough the program this past year.We began featuring dogs at all of our adoption fairs, in additionto regularly housing cats.+
  7. 7. Special PromotionsWe began our monthly Whisker Wednesday promotion, where cats over 6months of age are adopted out for $25.
  8. 8. Special Promotions Our special events supported adoptions when there was a need for space. The WHS’ relationships with Winnipeg newspapers and media outlets helped promote these special events and in the community.
  9. 9. Kitty Midnight MadnessThe WHS teamed up with the Andy Hill of Kern Hill Furniture Co-op to create theKitty Midnight Madness video, which was nominated for several awards andreceived viral success with 480,404 views to date!
  10. 10. Adoption Photos+ Our fun photographs help adoptable animals show off, resulting in many happy adoptions!
  11. 11. The Lake St. Martin Dogs2011 Evacuation of Flood Affected Communities
  12. 12. Lake St. Martin Dogs We helped with the removal of 57 dogs from the flooded community of Lake St. Martin. This was only a portion of the 300 dogs retrieved.+
  13. 13. Lake St. Martin DogsThe WHS is a member of the Emergency Measures Organization Animal EvacuationCoordination Committee, with the primary goal to assist in situations like these toreceive dogs and animals left behind in flood situations.
  14. 14. Lake St. Martin DogsFortunately, many of these dogs were well-socialized. With the help of other rescues and in partnership with the provincial and federal governments, nearly all of the dogs were adopted quickly, some in as little as 3 weeks. Others were reunited with their owners.
  15. 15. The Lake St. Martin DogsThe Winnipeg Humane Society played a large role in helping the ManitobaEmergency Response for Animals (MERA) group during the removal, as well aswith the food drive that was organized for the dogs. In addition, The WHS emergency drivers and investigators responded to over 2039 calls in their first yearThe WHS continues to educateowners to take their pets with themduring emergency evacuations
  16. 16. The Lake St. Martin DogsValour was the last of the dogsthat were rescued, brought to TheWHS by MERA. He was found shotin the hip and ankle by rifle fireand required extensive surgery forhis wounds.He is now in foster, and is almostready for adoption! “It took over five months, but our clinic has healed the fractures in his hip and ankle caused by the bullets”
  17. 17. Education, Programs and Advocacy
  18. 18. A Voice for Animals: Circuses In 2011 amendments to the Animal Care Act were put into action, updating regulations for housing, transportation, recapture plans and record keeping. These sections had a direct impact on circuses and events featuring animals in entertainment, and allowed The WHS to inspect each event to ensure the companies were adhering to the new regulations and amendments. “These new regulations are a huge step forward concerning the welfare of wild animals used in entertainment.”- Bill McDonald
  19. 19. AdvocacyWe covered a variety of farm animal welfare and animal advocacy topics in ournewsletters and print materials, including the Quit Stalling campaign. The WHS filed a resolution for the Maple Leaf Foods 2011 AGM to end sow crates by 2017. This was an extension of our work done in 2010, where 10,000 signatures were given to the Minister of Agriculture Stan Struthers.
  20. 20. Education in the mediaWe were featured incommunitynewspapers, theWinnipeg Free Press,the Winnipeg Sun on avariety of topics.These included subjectslike spay & neuterprograms, doglicensing, and fosteringanimals.We are so appreciativeof our support from theWinnipeg media.
  21. 21. Humane EducationWe offered many courses, kids camps, dog classes and more in 2011. Ourabundance of programs keeps the community engaged and educated on allaspects of pet ownership.
  22. 22. Dog Licensing The WHS supports the City of Winnipeg’s decision to make dog licensing mandatory. This system allows The WHS to reuniteThe Winnipeg Humane Society owned dogs withsupports the crackdown, says CEO their families, andBill McDonald. also promotes“the shelter receives about 2,000 responsible dogdogs a year, and only 30 per cent are ownership.returned to their owners.”
  23. 23. Classes and SupportClasses like our Pet First Aidcourse, Pet Loss Support group,Dogs & Storks and PuppySocialization continue to supportthe community, and always fillup quickly!In addition, we continued tooffer Pet Loss Candlelight vigilsin our Pet Memorial ScatteringGarden.
  24. 24. +The WHS and the Community
  25. 25. The WebsiteThe WHS website has become thebest resource for visitors to findinformation on programs, news,services, and of course adoptableanimals! There are over 40,000 visitors per month to our website. This is a huge advantage to our sponsors and for promoting our fundraising events!
  26. 26. Social MediaOur Facebook fan page is an important toolfor communicating with our audiences. In2011, we grew to over 15,000 “likes” andactive users!The WHS Facebook page is an open forumwhere we promote our programs and services,animals available for adoption, and invitefeedback.The WHS twitter feed has alsogrown quickly and now has almost1,800 followers.
  27. 27. PublicationsThree newsletters were published in 2011, each bringing new animal-related issuesand information to the forefront of people’s minds. A successful, full-sized calendar packed with winning images from the annual Pet Photo Contest raised $144,000!
  28. 28. Breakfast TelevisionOur weekly Thursday morning Breakfast Television spots allowed representativesfrom all of The WHS departments to appear with adoptable animals and createawareness about various programs and services we offer. Thank you Breakfast Television for all of your support over the years!
  29. 29. CTV’s Pet Ed We continued doing our popular monthly CTV Pet Education segments.+ They bring awareness to various animal care issues, and cover tips and tricks to keep owned animals safe and happy! Thank you, CTV!
  30. 30. Stormy’s Retirement In 2011, we said goodbye and “happy retirement!” to Stormy, our shelter cat. After four years of hard work with our behaviour team, Stormy went home with one of our dedicated volunteers and our new addition, Milo went to work!+
  31. 31. Black Dog ClubIn September 2011, The WHS created the Black Dog Club. The idea behind the clubwas to stop “black dog syndrome” that leaves black dogs in shelters longer thanothers. After all, black goes with everything!We’ve now grown to 150 members, and have received international mediacoverage resulting in new members from as far away as California!
  32. 32. Black Dog ClubOur black dog members came tous in all shapes and sizes… And sometimes we even had non-black dogs come out to support!
  33. 33. Events and Fundraising
  34. 34. 1001 Donations Lights, camera, action! Our live radio and telethon raised both awareness for our shelter and over $60,000.
  35. 35. Used Book and Movie Sale Our second used book and movie sale raised over $10,000 and was a great community event.
  36. 36. Yappy Hour’s Mardi Growl We brought our own flair to Mardi Gras, and made it a Mardi Growl affair! Other smaller events like the Paws for the Season and Yappy Hour helped raise over $34,000.
  37. 37. Paws in Motion Our largest fundraiser of the year raised over $250,000 for our spay & neuter programs!
  38. 38. The Bow Wow Ball – Mew York, MewYork This year’s “Mew York” themed Bow Wow Ball raised $192,438 including $14,403 to purchase Oxygen Concentrators for our remote spay and neuter clinics!
  39. 39. Holiday Pet Pics Pet Pics with Santa Paws and Hannukah Pet Pics put everyone in the holiday spirit.We are always sohappy to welcomeDoug Speirs back asSanta.
  40. 40. Thank YouWe are so much more than an animal shelter; weare a community of animal lovers.We would like to thank everyone who helped uswith our mission in 2011; to our donors, volunteers,sponsors, media support, staff and ambassadors – THANK YOU!
  41. 41. The End