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Following the ferals gretch1

  1. 1. Following the Ferals summary version Laura Gretch Page 0 Following the Ferals with Laura Gretch
  2. 2. San Francisco SPCA: About Us • • • Our Mission: To save and protect animals, to provide care and treatment, to advocate for their welfare and to enhance the human-animal bond. Independent nonprofit supported entirely by private donations. We receive no government funding. Services and programs include: – Veterinary Hospital: 18,000 clients + financial assistance program – Adoption Center: 5,000 annual cat/dog adoptions – Public Spay/Neuter clinic:10,000 annual spay/neuter surgeries – Humane Education: 5,000 young people – Animal Assisted Therapy: 70,000 people visited – Dog Training Classes: 1,500 dogs trained – Foster Program: 1,200 cats and dogs – Plus our Community Cares Initiative... Page 1 Following the Ferals with Laura Gretch
  3. 3. Vision 2020: Our Plan to End Animal Abandonment Page 2 Following the Ferals with Laura Gretch
  4. 4. Three Pillars of Vision 2020 Prevention >> Prevention of overpopulation and surrenders helps ensure that animals never need to enter a shelter. We’ll achieve this by offering services such as free and low-cost spay/neuter, comprehensive behavior resources and services, and charity veterinary care Rescue >> Rescuing every healthy, adoptable, and medically treatable cat and dog is our no-kill heritage, and our commitment is unwaivering. We will continue to increase adoptions, offer post-adoption support, expand foster programs, and expose puppy mills. Education >> Education rounds out the Vision 2020 plan. We are embedded in the community to be a resource of information, support, and to encourage advocacy. The SF SPCA is investing in the next generation of animal advocates by creating a robust youth program, and our Animal Assisted Therapy program reaches tens of thousands of people each year. Our Community Cares Initiative supports all three pillars of our vision Page 3 Following the Ferals with Laura Gretch
  5. 5. Community Cares Initiative • We looked at city-wide intake and realized just a few neighborhoods were responsible for the vast majority of abandoned pets • Our response was to create CCI, which has four key components for these target areas: – Community Cats Program – Free mobile vaccine clinic In 2012, more than 1500 dogs were vaccinated and close to 800 S/N surgeries completed – Free spay/neuter transportation – Free behavior & training classes Page 4 Following the Ferals with Laura Gretch
  6. 6. Community Cats Program • Flagship effort to curb feral and free-roaming cat population through TNR • Combination of staff and volunteers • No appointment needed • Free for feral and free-roaming • On-site assistance for trapping, feeding, and managing colonies • In 2011, 1600 cats were spay/neutered and treated • In 2011, 12% drop in S.F. cat intake (in just one year) Page 5 Following the Ferals with Laura Gretch
  7. 7. Our Experience: S/N Programs Reduce Intake 13,000 12,000 11,000 10,000 9,000 8,000 7,000 6,000 Community Cats SN began 5,000 Community Cares launched 4,000 3,000 1990 1993 1996 1999 2002 2005 Blue: San Francisco City & County shelter intake (# dogs/cats by year) Green: SF SPCA Spay/Neuter surgeries (# dogs/cats by year) Page 6 Following the Ferals with Laura Gretch 2008 2011
  8. 8. More Data San Francisco City & County shelter intake today (cats) 31% 2012 Minimal stray intake Page 7 2012 Minimal infant intake Following the Ferals with Laura Gretch
  9. 9. Laura Gretch Community Cares Initiative Manager 415-522-3564 Page 8 Following the Ferals with Laura Gretch