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At Telovations we take great pride in delivering enhanced business phone service & High speed internet acess, with many features and applications that are uniquely designed to make you money, save you money, and create effeciencies across your business.

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Telovations Managed Voice Services

  1. 1. Company Fact Sheet Company contact: Katie Gonzalez 813.321.1034 Telovations Telovations provides small and medium businesses with cost-effective communications solutions that enhance productivity. A facilities-based competitive local exchange carrier, Telovations delivers advanced features and software applications over its Real-Time Network™. Services are sold in customized packages that include applications and hardware bundled together in one affordable and predictable monthly subscription. Clients can include Innovate IP Phone Packs in their packages or update legacy systems with advanced features without replacing expensive hardware. This differentiating strategy eliminates the need for costly capital expenditures, provides significant cost savings, simplifies management, increases productivity, and offers our clients new ways to collaborate with their customers and staff. Telovations believes that the key to success is our proven ability to deliver leading-edge applications while achieving standards of reliability and sound quality that meet or exceed traditional service delivered via the public switched telephone network (PSTN). All Telovations services are delivered through dedicated T-1 or fiber optic connections over an end-to-end Cisco-Powered network monitored 24/7 from redundant network operations centers. Management Team Rick Schonbrun - President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Swanson - Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Kevin Donald - Chief Financial Officer Mark Falk - Vice President of Sales Doug Knight - Vice President of Product Management Katie Gonzalez - Director of Marketing Products Innovate for Business – Managed voice services for the SME and smaller locations of larger enterprises available in packs of 5, 10 or 20 lines. Features 16 advanced applications including fax to e-mail, find me, follow me services, mobile phone link and disaster redirect Innovate for Enterprise - Managed SIP trunking for large enterprises with existing voice-ready WANs Innovate for Call Centers – On demand software as a service (SaaS) call center services for businesses of all sizes delivered over the Telovations Real-Time Network™ T 1010 1-08 Copyright Telovations, 2008 TeloSurance is a service mark
  2. 2. TeloSurance Service Commitment Communicate with confidence. Guaranteed. At Telovations, we understand just how important your phones and Internet connection are to your company. They are your lifelines to customers and business associates across town and around the world, essential to maintain the flow of business. That’s why we put a special emphasis on non-stop network reliability and total customer satisfaction. With a Telovations managed network we guarantee your system performance. We earn your business by supporting your business better. Our exclusive TeloSuranceSM Service Commitment is our pledge to keep your business well connected. It gives you: Network Reliability Commitment* – We know that you depend on your telephone service to work all the time and that’s why we designed the Telovations Cisco Powered Real-Time NetworkSM for99.999% reliability. If you experience a network outage we will credit you for twice the amount of the time your service was down, that’s our COMMITMENT to you. Equipment Service Commitment* – We know that when you pick up the telephone you want an easy to use, feature rich, and ultra reliable piece of equipment. Telovations partners with the leading manufactures of telephones and internet access equipment, like Cisco Systems and Polycom. But, even the best equipment can still occasionally have problems, so that’s why Telovations provides you with next business day replacement service, that’s our COMMITMENT to you. Response Time Commitment* – At Telovations we know that your time is very valuable, if you have a problem or a question we are there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No more worrying about who to call; the phone company, the long distance company, the Internet provider, or the equipment provider. At Telovations you just call one number and we will promptly address your question or problem, that’s our COMMITMENT to you. Disaster Protection* – Most growing businesses have not had the time or resources to build a telecommunications emergency plan. In the event of a disaster your communications will be lost and you need a plan to keep your customers’ calls coming in. Telovations offers our customers the Disaster Redirect Service which provides you with the features, applications, and tools necessary to easily create an emergency plan unique to your businesses. And, best of all, the Essential Disaster Redirect Service is included with all Telovations Innovate plans. Billing Accuracy Commitment* – Understanding your telephone bill should not be rocket science. Here at Telovations we believe that a bill should be easy to understand, clearly list all of the services you signed up for and for exactly the price you agreed to. If your bill is not accurate, we will credit you for twice the amount of the error. No surprises, just easily understood accurate billing, that’s our COMMITMENT to you. Telovations believes that every growing business should receive the same high quality service and personal attention, regardless of whether you are a small or large growing business. That’s why our sales folks are local, right here in your neighborhood, to provide you with the one-on-one attention that all business customers deserve. Our service personnel are there to set up your new service, answer your questions, and help you if you have a problem. We take the hassle out of managing your communications services so you can focus on growing your business. Innovative, High Quality, Reliable Communications Services for growing businesses, that’s our COMMITMENT. CALL 877 WE INNOVATE T 1005 Copyright Telovations, 2008 (877-934-6668)
  3. 3. Disaster Redirect We’ll help you stay open for business, no matter what. The good news is that today’s technology gives us the most powerful communications tools in history. The bad news is that we depend on those tools more than ever. Just imagine trying to operate without your telephone system for a day or even a week. If an event such as a storm or fire knocks out power to your office, you could be shut off from customers and business associates. That’s why we include business continuity services in our TeloSuranceSM Service Commitment to you. Essential Disaster Redirect: A safe harbor for your telephone traffic in times of trouble. Every Telovations solution provides business communications continuity to protect you from outages. All you do is activate Essential Disaster Redirect Service to reroute calls to our network resources. Your customer’s calls are answered and routed to voice mail for you to retrieve later. You can even program Disaster Redirect to notify you and your employees when messages have been left. Enhanced Disaster Redirect: Remain open for customer calls even if your office is closed. Enhanced Disaster Redirect adds an auto attendant, voice mail capacity and forwarding features to Essential Disaster Redirect so your customers can speak with you, no matter what. Our network facilities can reroute incoming customer calls to you and your associates at temporary locations outside of affected areas. Enhanced Disaster Redirect is the ideal way to safeguard your mission-critical activities from the extended consequences of natural disasters or public health crises. CALL 877 WE INNOVATE T 1006 Copyright Telovations, 2008 (877-934-6668)
  4. 4. INNOVATE for CALL CENTER Improve your productivity with Call Center functionality. The Telovations’ Innovate for Call Centers solution provides an integrated, full-featured solution enabling businesses of any size to build a compre- hensive, feature-rich call center anywhere in the world—with no hardware, software, or upfront capital expenditures. Innovate for Call Center supports individual centers as well as distributed multi-site centers to act as a single virtual call center, regardless of geographic location. The Telovations Call Center solution consists of two main offerings tailored specifically for the SMB market u Cost Effective Offer – Virtual ACD (ACD/Queuing and a Web agent for ACD state synchronization and daily reports) u Complete Offer – Virtual Call Center (Enhanced ACD/Queuing, call center clients and advanced real-time and historical reporting) Business Benefits: u Improve Customer Service - Ensure all incoming calls are serviced efficiently under any network condition and at any time u Create Virtual Call Centers - Establish call centers anywhere in the world, just with a broadband connection - without additional hardware, PC-resident software, or traditional phone lines u Offer 24x7x365, Follow-the-Sun Customer Care - Ubiquitous services with a single number for distributed call center locations u Manage Calls Effectively - Choose from a range of call distribution policies including skills-based call distribution u Minimize Costs - Provide the option for agents to work remotely with access to all call features - offering a smart way to increase staff without renting office space Informal Call Center environment makes it possible for associates in different locations to take calls from the same queue, reducing costs and making you more efficient. Call Center Features u Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) - Intelligent call routing and queuing u Enhanced ACD - Advanced queuing when call center is not staffed and maximum wrap-up timer settings u Auto Attendant - Interactive voice response (IVR) and custom messaging u Agent and Supervisor Clients - Intuitive client interface for greater agent productivity and management oversight u ACD State Synchronization trough the Web agent or IP phone interface u Call Center Reporting - Preset real-time and historical reports in graphical and tabular form u Music On Hold and Comfort Announcement - Callers are provided with a greeting, followed by music or advertisements and periodic comfort announcements in audio or video format u Monitoring and Recording - Pre-integrated solutions for real time monitoring and recording of agent calls u Unified Front-End Web Portal Provisioning - Single point of entry for provisioning all Telovations services and client applications, including Call Center Agent and Call Center Supervisor u Overflow - Incoming calls can be forwarded to an overflow phone number when queue is overloaded u Agent Logon/Logoff - Calls are only presented to agents who are on duty, and agents can log into several call centers u Hoteling for Extension Mobility - Agents can log in at any available workstation while maintaining unique user settings u Service Integration - Any Telovations personal service, such as Call Forwarding, Call Notification, Call Screening, and Voice Messaging, can be assigned to a call center agent to customize the call center group CALL 877 WE INNOVATE T 1009 Copyright Telovations, 2008 (877-934-6668)
  5. 5. Call Center Agent The Telovations Call Center Agent client application lets call center agents perform call-control and agent state control functions directly from their desktops for IP phones, or analog phones. Simplified interfaces let call center agents answer, direct, and complete calls more quickly to increase productivity and improve the caller’s satisfaction level. Call Center Agent Features u Call Control Functions - Auto Answer, Hold, Transfer, Conference, and Supervisor Escalation u Agent State Control Functions - Agent Login/Logout, Ready, Not ready, and Wrap Up u Auto Screen Pop-Ups - Incoming calls pop up on a Web interface showing information associated with the incoming call u Auto Dialer - Via Outbound Click-to-Dial and Outlook Directory Integration Screen Pop - Incomming Call Alert u Agent Activity Report - Agents can see real-time statistics directly on desktop u Call Logs and Enhanced Call Logs - can be assigned to Auto Attendant, Call Center and Hunt Groups Call Center Supervisor With the Telovations Call Center Supervisor client application, supervisors gain superior management capabilities to monitor and record agent calls, to determine training gaps and requirements. With the advanced reports available through the Call Center Reporting solution, supervisors can determine appropriate staffing levels to manage costs while still effectively handling busy hours. Call Center Supervisor Features In addition to all Call Center Agent features: u Agent Monitoring and Supervisor Barge In u Supervisor Queue Monitoring and Management u Supervisor Dashboard u Real Time and Historical Reports Agent Activity Report Telovations Call Center Client – Main Interface Telovations Call Center CALL 877 WE INNOVATE Copyright Telovations, 2008 (877-934-6668)
  6. 6. Earn up to $300 Telovations Per Referral Partner Program Being a member has its rewards. With the Telovations Partner Program innovate (TPP) you can receive up to $300 for every innovate one two referral*. Simply sign up to be a Partner and you can begin receiving your rewards! As simple as 1.2. Fill out the application online at to become a partner, then every time you know of someone who could benefit from our secure, managed Cisco Powered telephony services fill out the short referral form, we do the rest. And, for every referral you can earn up to $300*. For more information and What could be easier? You help your friends and associates by referring them to Telovations Innovate to sign up, visit us online at Service so, instead of buying another phone system and paying for local and long distance contracts, they can save hard dollars. Telovations clients get bandwidth, a or call 1-877-We-Innovate. customized state-of-the-art phone system on a Cisco (877-934-6668) Powered Network, professional support and systems management all for one low monthly price. Your friends will thank you for saving them money on great voice and data service and Telovations will thank you with a cash reward. 1511 N. West Shore Blvd. • Suite 400 • Tampa, FL 33607 *Telovations will pay a referral fee of $200 for an InnovateOne or InnovateTwo 5-9 line referral and $300 for an InnovateOne or InnovateTwo 10+ line referral which turns into a closed sale.