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iPad Deployment

  1. 1. iPad Deployment Paul White English Schools Foundation
  2. 4. Sync Options Personal Sync with personal account Centralised Sync with school account Who owns the device?
  3. 5. Store Securely; Charge; Sync
  4. 6. USBs
  5. 16. Technicians and iPads
  6. 17. School Credit Cards
  7. 18. Most schools currently using cloning
  8. 19. Most Schools currently using Cloning
  9. 20. Deployment with iOS iOS is not based on an imaging model
  10. 21. iOS activation, installation and update is via iTunes
  11. 22. Licensing Individual or volume licensing (available in USA) License per device required
  12. 23. Gifting
  13. 24. iPhone Configuration Utility lets you easily create, maintain, encrypt, and push configuration profiles, track and install provisioning profiles and authorized applications, and capture device information including console logs.
  14. 25.