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The information below is for users to set up Army Enterprise Email profiles on their PC using Outlook.Please review all th...
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  1. 1. The information below is for users to set up Army Enterprise Email profiles on their PC using Outlook.Please review all the instructions carefully as all specifics are important to setting up your email as soonas possible. If you skip any steps, it will cause errors during your Enterprise Email setup.Firstly let me start by explaining what AKO is. AKO is the abbreviation for Army Knowledge Online, whichis the global intranet of the US Army. The Army has massive work force, one of the biggest in the worldand as such needs a way of keeping them in contact in a secure environment. As you could expect theUS Army needs a higher level of internet security than most organizations. A member of the regulararmy or even many civilians that are contracted to the US Army have access to this system and cansecurely and confidently exchange information. Whether that information just be a simple email or animage or video. In fact many Army personnel will use no other system for their day to day internetneeds. The AKO system allows all the useability of a normal internet connection but with the addedbonus of being a well monitored and secured connection.Signing upTo sign up for an AKO webmail account, as mentioned before you have to a member of the armedservices. The sign up process requires that you enter some personal data, so I recommend that you havedocuments like drivers license and passport on hand. The signup process will ask you for your name,date of birth, address and few other standard pieces of information about yourself. However it couldrequire you to enter your license or passport number. If you want to get a better understanding of thesignup process the web site offers tutorials.Log inThe login process has two levels of security. Firstly there is the username and password, which is thesame as you will find on almost any system that requires authentication. However AKO Webmail hasone extra level of authentication. The CAC or Common Access Card, this card is provided to all membersof the US armed forces who are using the Army Knowledge Online email system. It is issued by theDepartment of Defence (DOD) to all active duty personnel, civilian employees, National Guard and othereligible contractors. It is a smart card that is used as an ID for the above personnel but also doubles asencryption facilitator for systems such as the AKO.Army Enterprise Email