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Pdst be in ctrl lesson 1 ppt (2)


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The centerpiece of the Be in Ctrl SPHE resource (available

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Pdst be in ctrl lesson 1 ppt (2)

  1. 1. #BeInCtrl #ExposeExploitation Online Sexual Coercion and Extortion 1. Looking for sexual material (i.e. sexual photos and/or videos) 2. Looking for money
  2. 2. #BeInCtrl #ExposeExploitation Think-Pair-Share Language Activity Online Communication Online Sexual Exploitation Extortion Coercion
  3. 3. #BeInCtrl #ExposeExploitation Online Communication Email Messaging Apps Forums Chat Rooms Social Networking
  4. 4. #BeInCtrl #ExposeExploitation Online Sexual Exploitation Young people may be persuaded or forced to: — Send/post sexual images of themselves — Take part in sexual acts via a webcam or smartphone — Have sexual conversations by text or online Offenders may be looking for sexual material or looking for money.
  5. 5. #BeInCtrl #ExposeExploitation Coercion — Persuading someone to do something by using force or threats — When offenders have sexual photos/videos of a young person, they may demand more photos/videos or money — They threaten to post the images online or share them with friends/family if you don't do as they say
  6. 6. #BeInCtrl #ExposeExploitation Extortion — Obtaining something, especially money or other property, through force or threats — Offenders threaten to post sexual images of young people online because they want to receive more explicit photos/videos — Or they want the young person to pay them money not to post the images online
  7. 7. #BeInCtrl #ExposeExploitation Group Discussion Activity What could Anna have done to protect herself online? What could George have done to protect himself online? Where could Anna and George have found help/support when they were asked to send more images and money? What is the key message from the Gardai for young people?
  8. 8. #BeInCtrl #ExposeExploitation Tips for Protecting Yourself Online — Control No regrets! Anything you send to someone, post online or do over a webcam can be saved/recorded without your knowledge.
  9. 9. #BeInCtrl #ExposeExploitation Tips for Protecting Yourself Online — Trustworthy A friend of a friend? It’s easy to post fake photos or stream a fake video, ask your friend if they have met them in person.
  10. 10. #BeInCtrl #ExposeExploitation Tips for Protecting Yourself Online — Reality Check Be aware of your online presence – think about how your online profile makes you appear to others.
  11. 11. #BeInCtrl #ExposeExploitation Tips for Protecting Yourself Online — Location Put your safety first – don’t share your location or meet up with someone you have only met online. Keep your privacy settings private.
  12. 12. #BeInCtrl #ExposeExploitation Warning Signs — Flattering you, giving you lots of attention, moving very fast — Talking about sex online, sometimes really quickly — Asking you to send naked pictures — Asking you to move to private chat (e.g. WhatsApp) or live streaming platform (e.g. Skype)
  13. 13. #BeInCtrl #ExposeExploitation Warning Signs — Asking you to keep your chat secret — Mood swings - taking their flattery away and becoming nasty or threatening — Claiming their webcam is broken — It is very easy to fake a webcam feed, just because you can see someone on webcam doesn't mean it is really them
  14. 14. #BeInCtrl #ExposeExploitation Getting Help and Support — Look for help, you are not alone — Talk to a trusted adult – family member, teacher, counsellor, Principal — Talk to a friend you can trust — Call Childline on 1800 66 66 66, text ‘Talk’ to 50100 or chat online
  15. 15. #BeInCtrl #ExposeExploitation Getting Help and Support — Don't share more images, don't pay anything — Don't delete anything – save messages, take screenshots – keep the evidence — Stop the communication – block the person, deactivate – don’t delete your social media account — Report it to An Garda Siochana – they will take it seriously and deal with it in confidence, without judging you
  16. 16. #BeInCtrl #ExposeExploitation Reflection Activity Online Sexual Coercion and Extortion is a crime. To Do… Online Safety Finding Help