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The Evolution of Employee Engagement 2015


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Published in: Data & Analytics
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The Evolution of Employee Engagement 2015

  1. 1. The Evolution of Employee Engagement • • • @goWeSpire AN ANNUAL REPORT & RESEARCH JUNE 2015
  2. 2. Why is Employee Engagement critical to a company’s success?
  3. 3. Where employees are engaged, business have: 22% higher profitability 10% higher customer ratings 28% less theft 48% fewer safety incidents And employees are: 3x as likely to stay with the organization Gallup’s “State of the American Workforce Report 2013” (Gallup, June 11, 2013) “Why You Hate Work,” Tony Schwartz & Christine Porath (New York Times, May 30, 2014)
  4. 4. How is Employee Engagement evolving in the workplace?
  5. 5. Lack of awareness of EE 27% of employees work for employers with an official employee engagement policy 33% of employees do not know if their employer has an official policy Inconsistent ownership of EE 31% Human Resources 28% Employees 25% Management Team
  6. 6. Employees want employers to do more 57% of all respondents 76% of Millennials Employees want to do more 50% are interested in volunteering, sustainability, well-bring or social responsibility initiatives 71% of Millennials
  7. 7. What are the drivers of Employee Engagement in the modern workplace?
  9. 9. Managers that Care 89% of Very Engaged employees feel like their manager or supervisor cares about them 28% of Not At All Engaged employees answered positively
  10. 10. Frequent & Regular Recognition 74% of employees who are recognized daily are Very Engaged 26% of employees are Somewhat Engaged
  11. 11. Meaningful Work 97% of Very Engaged employees feel like they are making meaningful contributions to their team or organization 52% of Not At All Engaged employees feel this way
  12. 12. 2 TRANSPARENCY
  13. 13. Visibility into EE Company Policy 55% of employees are engaged with a policy 40% of employees are engaged without a policy
  14. 14. 89% of employees who are able to access information about corporate initiatives are engaged Whereas only 76% of employees are engaged at organizations who cannot easily access information. Access to Information
  16. 16. Workers who have a choice in the types of programs they can positively impact — whether it be volunteering, sustainability, well-being or corporate responsibility — are more likely to be engaged Workers who are Very Engaged have an average of 2.92 impact programs to participate in whereas Not At All Engaged Employees have an average of less than 2 Choice in Positive Actions Taken
  17. 17. Ability to Collaborate on Outreach 52% of employees who do have a method for collaboration are Very Engaged 39% of employees are Somewhat Engaged
  18. 18. How can employers impact Employee Engagement?
  19. 19. Align employees work with corporate mission, values and goals Deliver strong & transparent communications Involve employees in corporate positive impact programs Develop great managers to build meaningful & impactful relationships with employees BEST PRACTICE: Utilize technology to integrate these processes into all aspects of business – changing behavior for lasting impact.
  20. 20. How can employees impact Employee Engagement?
  21. 21. Participate in and collaborate with colleagues on corporate positive impact programs Contribute to building an inclusive and positive action oriented culture Build meaningful relationships with your manager and colleagues BEST PRACTICE: Identify how you want to impact business, and break down your goals into small, actionable steps to achieve results.
  22. 22. What are the new rules for Employee Engagement?
  23. 23. Invest in middle management to begin to build a culture of engagement. 1 Become a catalyst for change
  24. 24. Utilize technology that enables and motivates employees to engage with positive impact programs. 2 Engage in purposeful work
  25. 25. Forward thinking companies know that cultural change continually evolves. Measure the impact and return. 3 Your actions influence others
  26. 26. TAKE ACTION BECOME PURPOSEFUL GET INSPIRED Each purposeful action can trigger exponential impact. Visibility over time drives the adoption and impact rate. Invite others to raise awareness and create a network effect.
  27. 27. Get Engaged! READ THE FULL REPORT An Annual Research Report by WeSpire. • • • @goWeSpire