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WCT Music & Expression pt. 2

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1010 f11 11-2

  1. 1. WCT Music &Expression pt 2Impressionism vs Expressionism
  2. 2. Monet, Munch,Japanese Bridge and the Waterlily The Scream Pool (1899) (1893)
  3. 3. Impressionism
  4. 4. • fragments• directionless• soft• ametric• atonal• vague form
  5. 5. Claude Debussy (1862–1918)
  6. 6. “Voiles”Debussy’s art of suggestion
  7. 7. Impressionist art represented objects:1. With photographic clarity2. By suggestion
  8. 8. “Nuages” (Clouds) from Three Nocturnes
  9. 9. Expressionism
  10. 10. Expressionism• Outer reality & Inner Reality• extreme states: nightmare, hysteria, insanity• Freud
  11. 11. Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951)
  12. 12. Schoenberg was:1. Austrian2. Italian3. Mexican4. Utahn
  13. 13. Expressionist film
  14. 14. The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1919)
  15. 15. Expressionism was astyle which focused on:1. beauty in the natural world2. action-packed narratives3. familiar everyday occurrences4. inner drama and dark emotions
  16. 16. Pierrot
  17. 17. Pierrot lunaire (1912)• 8 instruments, 5 players• Sprechstimme
  18. 18. No. 8: “Night”Finstre, schwartze Reisenfalter Somber, shadowy giant moth wingsTöteten der Sonne Glanz. Kill the splendid shine of sun.Ein geschlossnes Zauberbuch, An unopened magic book,Ruht der Horizont--veschwiegen. The dark horizon lies.Aus dem Qualm verlorner Tiefen In silence the fumes of lower darknessSteigt ein Druft, Erinnrung mordend! Give off vapor stifling memory!Finstre, schwartze Reisenfalter Somber, shadowy, giant moth wingsTöteten der Sonne Glanz. Kill the splendid shine of sun.Und vom Himmel erdenwärts And from Heaven down to earthSenken sich mit schweren Schwingen Sink with heavy swinging motionUnsichtbar die Ungetüme Monsters huge, an unseen terrorAuf die Menschenherzen nieder... On mankind’s hearts now falling,Finstre, schwarze Reisenfalter. Somber, shadowy, giant moth wings.
  19. 19. No. 18: “The Moonspot”With a spot of white, of shining moonlight,On the collar of his black jacket,So Pierrot goes walking in the evening,Out to seek some joy and high adventure.Suddenly, in his dress, something disturbs him.He examines it, and yes, he finds thereA spot of white, of shining moonlight,On the collar of his black jacket.Damn! he thinks, another spot of whitewash!Whisks and whisks, yet he cannot remove it!So he goes, full of spleen and fury,Rubs and rubs until the early morningSpot of white, of shining moonlight.
  20. 20. Pierrot lunaire uses a form ofvocal expression known as:1. Lied2. Sprechstimme3. tonality4. impressionsim
  21. 21. ColumbinePierrot Harlequin
  22. 22. “Columbine”Des Mondlichts bleiche Blüten, Moonlights pale blossoms,Die weißen Wunderrosen, The miraculous white roses,Blühn in den Julinächten -- Blossom in the nights of July —O bräch ich eine nur! Oh, if I could pluck just one!Mein banges Leid zu lindern, To still my anxious suffering,Such ich am dunklen Strome I seek alongside the dark streamDes Mondlichts bleiche Blüten, Moonlights pale blossoms,Die weißen Wunderrosen. The miraculous white roses.Gestillt wär all mein Sehnen, All my longing would be stilledDürft ich so märchenheimlich, If I could, in fairy-tale fashion,So selig leis — entblättern Secretly and softly — pluck ontoAuf deine braunen Haare your brown tressesDes Mondlichts bleiche Blüten! Moonlights pale blossoms!