vrushali tambe nmr detectors mobile phase instrumentation comparison gas chromatography hplc natural band width spectral band width scanning speed chemical and instrumental deviations true comparison between raman and ir difference between raman and ir spectroscopy ir spectroscopy raman spectroscopy isocratic gradient tubings used in hplc stationary phases system suitability parameters capacity factor tailing factor resolution system suitability testing area normalization method internal standard method external standard method multiple point standardization double point standardization single point standardization hetp van deemter equation resistance to mass transfer optimum flow rate particle size height equivalent to theoretical plate longitudinal diffusion eddy diffusion comparison of thermal and quantum detector gas thermometer thermistor bolometer golay cell thermocouple thermal detector quantum detector photoconductor pyroelectric infrared detector cast film pelleting sample handling ir spectroscopy mull photo-acoustic spectroscopy attenuated total reflectance ms/ms precursor ion spectra parent ion spectra triple quadruple tandem in time tandem in space stationary phase comparison with gc and hplc carbondioxide supercritical fluid n+1 rule pascal triangle splitting spin spin coupling hybridization hydrogen bonding anisotropic effect mesomeric effect inductive effect factors affecting chemical shift chemical shift phase coherence magnetization field sweep frequency sweep cw nmr ft-nmr decoupled coupled sensitivity ethyl acetate spectra cmr pmr columns efficiency cost speed sfc gc infrared electronic effects coupled vibration ferm flame photometric electron capture flame ir mass thermal conductivity hall electrolytic grobs injection flash vaporiser solid phase microextraction direct thermal extraction pyrolysis sample introduction tambe transmission electron microscopy scanning electron microscopy high performance liquid chromatography difference uplc overtone vibrational coupling
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