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Forget hotel keys!

  1. FORGET  HOTEL  KEYS!       By:  Sabina  Golob,  Voyego  Division  
  2. FACT  #1   Nowadays,   travel  is   becoming  a   completely   mobile   experience.  
  3. Mobile  devices  that  are   always  by  our  sides  when   we’re  on  the  move  and   increasing  number  of   travelers  who  expect   unique  travel  experiences,   is  what  is  driving  growth   in  the  travel  industry.   FACT  #2  
  4. But  searching  for  the   informaNon,  booking,   planning  and  raNng   their  trips  aren’t  the   only  things  that   travelers  use  their   mobile  devices  for.    
  5. Hoteliers  could   relieve  travelers'   technical  experiences.   One  of  them  is  locking   and  unlocking  the   hotel  room.    
  6. Keyless  guestroom  entry   systems  replace  plasNc   hotel  keycards  with  a   guest’s  mobile  device,   which  is  more  convenient   and  even  more  secure.    
  7. How  does  it  work?  
  8. Guests  can  install  an  app   on  their  phone  and  on   their  arrival  day  an   encrypted  code  is  sent  to   their  phone  via  a  push   noNficaNon,  along  with  a   message  telling  them   which  room  number   they’ll  be  staying  in.  Then   it  is  simple  –  the  guests   just  hold  their  phone   near  your  hotel  room   door  and  it  unlocks.  
  9. Beyond  the  fact  that   all  the  locks  in  the   hotel  will  need  an   upgrade,  the   considerable  learning   curve  and  transiNon   for  many  travelers   including  those  who   don’t  yet  use  or  own   a  smartphone,  there   are  many  advantages   of  this  innovaNon.  
  10. It’s  much  harder   to  lose  a   smartphone.   ADVANTAGE  #1  
  11. A  smartphone  can’t  be   demagneNzed  by  other  things  in   the  guest’s  pocket,  and  it  doesn’t   demagneNze  their  other  cards.   ADVANTAGE  #2  
  12. Guests  can  skip   check-­‐in  completely   and  go  straight  to   their  hotel  room,  and   they  can  skip  the   check-­‐out,  too.   ADVANTAGE  #3  
  13. The  end  of   panicking  when   keys  are  lost!   ADVANTAGE  #4  
  14. Some  open  quesNons  sNll  linger…  
  15. Smartphone  baZery   life  is  one,  and   another  is  how  guests   would  handle   mulNple  people   sharing  the  same   room,  which  is   allowed  with  home   usage  mobile  locking   the  door.    
  16. And  security?  
  17. A  mobile  keyless  soluNon   is  even  more  secure  than   standard  hotel  keycards   with  magneNc  stripes,  as   the  encrypNon  and   security  standards  are   much  higher  in  mobile   technology.  
  18. And  how  about  combining  both  sides  of   travel  mobile  usage,  travel  planning  and   improving  technical  experiences?    
  19. It’s  Nme  for  all-­‐inclusive  mobile  soluNons  and     unique  travel  experiences.  
  20. Deliver  a  guest  experience  that  lasts  beyond  the  journey.     Let  us  show  you  what  Voyego  SoluNons  can  do  for  you.       Sabina  Golob,     Voyego  -­‐  Comtrade  travel  &  hospitality  soluNons     Email:   Telephone:  +386  81  60  5000   Web:   Brought  to  you  by  Voyego  -­‐  Comtrade