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Las tecnologías de la información y de la comunicación en Turismo Rural


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Ponencia del Prof. Roman Egger, University of Applied Sciences Salzburg en la Tercera Sesión del VI Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural de Navarra, “Tendencias & Expectativas” Entorno social, cultural y de negocios

¿Nos espera un futuro brillante?” Las tecnologías de la información y de la comunicación son una verdadera oportunidad para la industria turística. Tendencias en turismo rural: desarrollos tecnológicos en turismo rural (de las herramientas de internet, aplicaciones-GPS, a Google glass) y su aplicación y efectos en turismo rural

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Las tecnologías de la información y de la comunicación en Turismo Rural

  1. 1. Information and communication technologies challenging the tourism industry Prof. Dr. Roman Egger Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Innovation and Management in Tourism
  2. 2. Where does the technology come in?
  3. 3. „the service of now“ society
  4. 4. enabled by….? Technology
  5. 5. Technology everywhere - mobile everywhere 7.2 billion people live on our earth 5.8 billion people have a mobile phone Only 4.2 billion own a tootbrush
  6. 6. Rural Tourism & Technology?
  7. 7. rural tourism technologyconsumer behavior
  8. 8. Traveling is about experiences!!! You have the perfect product: •High authenticity •High customer involvement •Possibility for co-creation BUT don´t forget Customers want to share their experiences! high customer experience
  9. 9. Pre-Trip Online travel sales drives the overall ecommerce in Spain – accounts for 60%! The internet is also the most common way to arrange a trip. In 2013, 58% of European travellers booked their travel online (Source: European Travel Commission) In the UK, more than 50% of all consumers have given up on traditional travel agents
  10. 10. By the end of 2014, mobile bookings accounted for 15% of all online booking. Mobile purchases are expected to represent one fifth of online bookings by 2015. The UK is predicted to lead the way, with 21% of travel bookings made on a mobile device, followed by Italy (20%), France and Germany (18% each). Pre-Trip / MobilePre-Trip
  11. 11. Technologies along the customer journey… Many numbers, statistics etc… SEO Social Media OTAs Instagramm Facebook Google DMO Website Youtube UGC Maps Location based services digital storytelling Augmented reality Near field communication Wearables Review-Sites Recommender- systems
  12. 12. Upcoming Technologies this will change the tourism industry my examples
  13. 13. A selection….. (customer driven) Wearables Augmented Reality NFC
  14. 14. NFC (Near Field Communication) = Standard for short range data transmission Short range = tap n´go (a few centemeters)
  15. 15. Functions & fields of application of NFC Providing Information Retrieving additional information via your mobile Just touch the TAG / smart poster •Navigate to an URL •Call a phone number stored in the TAG •Send preconfigured mails and SMS •Launch an App on your mobile •Pairing two devices •Etc.
  16. 16. Functions & fields of application of NFC Access control Your mobile is your key Tests: Clarion Hotel Stockholm Nordic Choice Hotels, Holiday Inn... Check-In / Check-Out – example
  17. 17. Functions & fields of application of NFC Loyalty-Cards, Bonus-Cards……. Destination-Cards? Loyalty-, Bonus- and Membershipcards are stored at your mobile and can be managed there (Advantage for the supply side: – mobile tracking & monitoring, expensive readers not necessary )
  18. 18. Functions & fields of application of NFC Location Based Services Providing location based information -Especially within buildings, where localization via GPS is getting problematic Foursquare, Google +, Facebook, Gowalla but also point-of-interest-specific services.
  19. 19. Augmented Reality
  20. 20. +virtual Information +real Information
  21. 21. Augmented Reality…
  22. 22. Augmented Video…
  23. 23. Google GLΛSS
  24. 24. Google GLΛSS
  25. 25. Commands…
  26. 26. Glassware (APPs für Glass)
  27. 27. Usecases…
  28. 28. What´s coming up?
  29. 29. Diffusion / Acceptance •28th of June 2012 (presentation) •Developer-Version: February 2013 •End-User: April 2014 (just in US, beta version, very limited) •2015 – Glass Project stopped……
  30. 30. Was this the END …..? It´s not the end, it´s the beginning!
  31. 31. ФЕРМА
  32. 32. праздник
  33. 33. THANK YOU! Prof. Dr. Roman Egger Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Innovation and Management in Tourism