Cleaning Guest Room Procedures


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Cleaning Guest Room Procedures

  1. 1. Cleaning guest room procedures
  2. 2. • firstly , room attendant must make sure all supplies and equipments are in the trolley. • pull trolley next to the door. check for "double lock" or "do not disturb" sign. if there is none, knock on the door and announce presence. • record the time you enter the room in room occupancy report and bring along the maid's caddy. • make sure all air - conditioning and lights are turned on. if there is fused bulb, replace it with the new one immediately. • open windows to air the room.. collect all rubbish • remove all food trays and put outside so that the room service will pick up them up. • check lost and found item. • change all linens such as bed sheets, pillowcases, bath towels, face towels, hand towels and bath mats. gather all soiled linens and take them immediately to the cart. • make the bed and clean the bathroom. • dusting from high places first • replace all missing amenities and supplies. • vaccuum from inside to outside of the room and spray the air freshener. • turn off all power and pll all windows curtains • lastly, close and lock the door.
  3. 3. Dusting procedures
  4. 4. • spray dusting solution and dust all items on the wall such as lamp, picture frames and light bulb. • dust and polish mirrors, use glass cleaner on a clean glass cloth and wipe the mirror. • check all the windows and clean with glass cleaner if necessary • dust and clean the telephone, check the receiver by listening to the tones. • dust the television set and front of the television set with glass cleaner. • dust each table, all woods or chrome surface on chairs, beginning from top. • clean the closet . make sure all smudges are removed on the surfaces. • clean and wipe all switches. • clean both sides of the door. • use furniture polish fr woods and chrome and glass cleaner for mirror and windows.
  5. 5. Perform minor maintanence for guestroom • bath tab leaking. • air-conditioner leaking. • broken furniture. • problem in lighting. • heater
  6. 6. WORK ORDER FORM • when writing in work order form to the maintenance department, housekeeping staff should state reasons clearly. eg: air condition 000 - very noisy • there must be an understanding on how to define work clearly or description of work e.g: require painting only. this means maintenance are required to paint only, no cleaning or wiping involved. • both departments should know each other's nature of work. for example, it is imposible for maintenance to paint a room in a day required by housekeeping.
  7. 7. prepare room attendant's daily assignment according to hotel occupancy
  8. 8. Room Assignment • management views it as a measure use of human source, daily income and guest hospitality. • determining number of attendants : usually 15-20 rooms per maid/houseman : about 10 min per room • divide number of occupied rooms by number of rooms to be assigned to each room attendant
  9. 9. consideration for room assignment  design of room  room furnishing  fabrics, number of people occupying the room  nature of the guests in the room  training provided for employees
  10. 10. LIAISON WITH FRONT OFFICE • housekeeping and front office must have continuous exchange of information. each department is dependent on each other to sell rooms. housekeeping must provide Front Office with listing of rooms that are ready for occupancy so guests can check in. • day and night guestroom check is performed by housekeeping to make sure that information provided by night auditor's report is accurate. Am report is done preferably at 12:00 noon and pm report at 6:00pm.
  11. 11. the most common reasons discrepancies may occur are: • changes of room and front office neglects to update record. • errors in Night Auditor's report • mistakes in room key asssignment by front office. • unauthorized staff usingg a room. • rooms are sold without valid record or theft. • check in or out process made between the times the report is prepared.