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Summer camp proposal


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United Arts Society
Summer Camp Proposal: Summer Splash, Granny's Courtyard

Published in: Education
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Summer camp proposal

  1. 1. Summer Camp Proposal Bangalore & Delhi 2011-2012 www.unitedartssociety.orgLet’s Inspire…
  2. 2. Table of Content: 1. About UAS 2. UAS Summer Camps 3. Summer Splash 4. Granny’s Courtyard 5. Branding, Publicity & PR 6. UAS Human Resource 7. Would you like to know more? 1. United Arts Society (UAS) United Arts Society is an organization dedicated to the promotion and development of arts. United Arts Society is a registered organization created by art enthusiasts, artists and social entrepreneurs who together aspire to bring back the richness and vibrancy of art and culture into the everyday lives of youngsters. Vision UAS has been established to provide exposure to various forms of performing, fine and lished visual art forms through education, therapy, entertainment and career options. Mission UAS creates and provides service to act as a support system to art education of the general service mainline educational organisation. Here, we help your educational organisation to develop e Art learning curriculum, in selection of the Art faculty, maintenance of the art inventories, Art books and library set up, planning of art Events and providing complete end to end Art and Artist needs support. We will collaborate with you to create and manifest systems for inspired, experiential learning in your campus premises. Values • All projects of UAS should be art related in some form • All projects in UAS should be either for children or about children or inspiring children • All projects in UAS should generate Revenue or goodwill • All projects in UAS has to generate an element of curiosity or surprise • All project in UAS should be environmental friendly- It should not cause any pollution or environm nuisance of any form
  3. 3. 2. UAS Summer Camps United Arts Society is a bona fide Registered NGO committed to the promotion of art through education, workshops, events and art solutions. Its unique programs like First lik Touch, young World Forum, Our Age and Granny’s Courtyard have been successfully bridging the gap between art and the individual for the last four years. We have worked with over 6000 plus children and grown-ups in 3 major Cites of India (Bangalore, Pune and Delhi) grown so far. Summer Splash (SCSS01) SS01) ‘Summer Splash’ that was incepted in 2009, is the fun milestone in our basket of already successful products, which goes a step ahead towards making art even more accessible to children. This two weeks to three weeks long workshop aims towards a holistic development of a child through art forms. All this is taught by artists, who come to teach your child in your who own apartment complex, Club house, Schools or In-Reach UAS Centres thus eliminating In Reach problems relating to travel and accessibility. ating Summer Splash, 2011 10 Centres (5th April to 15th June), Locations: Bangalore & Delhi June) • Rs. 4000 for 15 days Camp per head (Negotiable) • Rs. 3000 for 10 days Camp per head (Negotiable) • Rs. 350 per day 50 • Facilitation Participants Ratio = 2 : 15 • Min. Participants in each workshop: 15 nos • Apartments, Club houses, Schools, UAS Centres Schools • Age group A(6 to 10yrs), B(11 to 14yrs) A • Rs. 1000 per head for Venue (Conditional) • Raw material and stationaries to be provided by UAS • Information through: Personal Meetings, Brochures, Posters, Registration ormation through forms, Banners, letters, newsletters, Website and Social Media So, what is Summer Splash again? Summer Splash, as already mentioned, is a 10 or 15 days long workshop for kids, with a simple thought behind it that can be well explained with the saying: “If you cant bring Mohammad to the mountain bring the mountain to Mohammad If Mohammad” The learning Curve? We expose the kids to various art forms ranging from theatre, music and dance to painting, theatre, handicrafts and Radio plays, Movie making, all taught by artists who are well known and established in their respective fields. Here are the art session lists that can be offered in Summer Splash:
  4. 4. For Age Group A & B: • Theatre & Improvisation • Music (Hindustani Vocal, Carnatic vocal, Acoustic Western Vocal) • Dance (Classical, Folk, Contemporary, Free style) • Drums Circle, • Art & Craft (Fine Arts) • Clay Modeling & potteryOnly For Age Group B: • Creative Writing and Poem Writing • Debate, Elocution and Effective Creative Media Speaking • Radio Play, Film Appreciation, Movie Making, • Model Design & Aesthetics (Pop Art, Modern Junk Arts, Creative Sculptures)All this is taught in your own apartment complex, thus removing the inconveniencesassociated with traveling.What’s in store for three weeks?Our aim is not to make pundits out of these children, but to expose them to different artforms, and let them make informed decisions on what they liked best and would they like topursue further.We aim to study the children for the first two days trying to find out where their interestlies. This is informed to the parents, and after consulting the child, for the remaining days weexpose the child more towards the art form he/she likes best. What is taught in these daysculminates into a presentation on the final day, where the talent of each child isshowcased.What is Summer Splash like?Each day of the Camp consists of two workshops:Workshop for fine arts and performing arts for Group A and Group A & B Combined.Workshop on Skill building and Project work for Group B.The participants will create a presentation on the Final Grand Finale day, and all the parentsare invited to watch it.A schedule for the entire program will be provided to you along with the brochure.
  5. 5. A pretty Penny? The 15 day workshop along with the presentation comes for 4000 (with Raw Material and Stationary Cost) per child. You can contact clubhouse office for registration. You can provide the details/interests of your child, and pay the fees after filling the UAS Summer Splash Registration Form. UAS will provide kids the material for the workshop (Colors/notebooks/drawing books/sheets). What does my child bring home? A good deal of knowledge on art forms, an idea of what interests the child most, the experience of being on stage doing what the child does best, a certificate from UAS Anything else I should know? • Number of children per session is limited to 30 in order to give special attention to each child. Registrations are encouraged on a first come first serve basis, so please hurry. • Fees once paid cannot be refunded. Payment for the course can be in the form of cash (Receipt issued). • Students are supposed to be regular for the entire 15 or 10 day course. • Students unable to attend the session will have to give prior notice.-
  6. 6. Sample Summer Splash Workshop Plan Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5Days --> Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridaySession I Dance Theatre1.5 Hr Theatre DanceSession II Theatre Mask Warli Madhubani & Clay1.5 Hr Sandart Making painting Painting Modeling Day6 Day7 Day8 Day9 Day10 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Theatre Dance & Theatre Theatre Dance & Nortan and Clay Painting collage Painting Painting ModelingDay 11 Day 12 Day 13 1 Day 14 Day 15Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Performance Rehearsal, prop andPerformance Performance Performance stage GrandPlanning Rehearsal Rehearsal Rehe preparation Finale3. UAS Granny’s CourtyardUnited Arts Society’s Granny’s Courtyard flaunt unique themes, and on personality development ofthe kids in their own innovative ways. It’s all about celebrating and understanding the spirit of ourroots, our folk and our culture.Granny’s Courtyard is a unique theme based summer camp which revolves around Granny - thequintessential Grandmother of old. Granny’s Courtyard is safe and secure for children of all agegroups. It provides a rustic atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This ca campprovides children with a home away from home where they can make new friends and uncoverhidden potentials.Granny’s Courtyard (SCGC01): (SCGC01) • 2 Camps (Mid May) • Camp location, Outskirts of Bangalore (Farm house) • 6 days Residential • Rs. 8000 per head for Residential for Fooding, Lodging, Facilitation, local Transport • Rs. 6000 per head for Non- Residential for Fooding, Facilitation, Non local transport
  7. 7. • Rs. 1500 per head per day for Residential • Min. participants = 20 nos 0 • Age: 8yrs to 12yrs • Facilitator to Participant Ratio = 1:5Why?? Today, when the popular nomenclature for the younger generation is Gizmo Kids, Granny’s Courtyard tend to blow a whiff of fresh air into robotic lives, where young minds are exposed to vibrant and rustic yet exclusive arts of India. From making scarecrows & thatched roof and water canal to learning the nuances of theatre, dance, music and pottery, it will be a totally unique experience for the young minds. The focus is more on learning, on being one with nature, on amity and on most nature, importantly on tracing back to the steps that was once laid in the sand by us but washed by the waves of technology and development that we see today.Silent Inspiration for Camp Theme: • Unique theme based Art Camp: Holistic and Fun Filled experiential learning • Build understanding and respect amongst younger lot for older generation (their grandparents) • Learning with live projects in folk and natural Setup • Design a camp on Indian Context and Culture • Creative development of the participants in their own innovative ways • Ingrain the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie in young minds • Get back the smiles, screams, laughs and giggles of fun for participantsDay Plan6:00 AM - Rejuvenating/ nature walk/ health & granny, Rise & Shine /7:00 AM- Freshen up8:00 AM- Breakfast time9:00 AM- Physical outdoor activities & Sports12:00 Noon Lunch served1:00 PM- Free time (ice Breakers), Table activities2:00 PM- Theatre Sessions and performing arts3:30 PM- Fine arts5:30 PM- Snack Time6:00 PM- Bon fire activities, songs, Talent Night8:00 PM- Dinner/ Story Telling
  8. 8. 8:30 PM- Letter writing and Circle Time9:00 PM- Sleep time/ movie timeWhats the food like?Delicious meals--served buffet style-- Courtyard picnic tables-- Varied options—hygienic & healthy served style hygienic healthy--fruits and Salad--all time severed——Parents expected to provide us with the dietary details of theparticipants—Planned by our own dietician.Where will my child be sleeping?Beds are indoor comfortable arrangements, 24hr electricity, and mosquito screens, larger cabinshave 1 counsellors and 5 -10 campers. Toilets, and individual shower stalls. Boys and girls have 10separate cabins and bathrooms, but all activities are co-ed. coHow is Grannys courtyard different from other summer Camps? suOur staff understands that a child first needs to feel secure before they will explore and try newthings. Grannys Courtyards non-regimented sessions foster independence and give campers the regimentedresponsibility of choosing all their own activities. Through daily interaction with fellow campers and activities.staff, children learn to problem solve and help others. Camp gives them a true sense of who they areand how they can contribute to the community around them.Tell us about your counsellors?All our counsellors have previous experience working with children. They range in ages from 18 to 35 unsellorsand the average age is 25. The camp director personally interviews each staff member. We alsocheck references by phone and perform a criminal background check and they have sound skill and theyknowledge in the various activities.Team UAS • Vineet Singh • Reenu Vijayakumar • Ashwini Naidu (Nikey) • Deepti Agrawal • Praveen Gupta • Raghupati Jha • Prasanna SP • Archana Yuvakumar • Karthik P.
  9. 9. Contact UAS: Call: +91- 9738350098/ 9845604550 Email: Website: www.unitedartssociety # 5206, Anriya Dwellington, RMV 2nd Stage, Dollars Colony Bangalore- 560094, India -