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Oak Lodge School was awarded Artsmark Gold award.

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Arts mark oak lodge school

  1. 1. "This is an outstanding application for Artsmark Gold. Arts are clearlycentral to the schools work with the pupils and the impact of this isclearly understood due to the effective evaluation."Stephen Rudder, Artsmark Assessor
  2. 2. Students are encouraged to think creatively- out ofthe box. Our staff are encouraged to identify andreward this thinking.
  3. 3. Collaborative teaching means we arecollaboratively learning, we are sharing ourskills and how we teach, so we improve ourpractice.
  4. 4. "Digital arts is a very strong artform inaddition to the four arts areas"Stephen Rudder, Artsmark Assessor
  5. 5. The arts allow our students to explore their identity and give them a voice to express themselves.
  6. 6. Working thematically provides a springboard forcreative thinking and allows teachers to experiencesuccess in delivering content in new ways.
  7. 7. Architecture in Schools winners were treated to a visit to the top ofBT Tower. This is a rare opportunity.They were on thetop of the world!
  8. 8. “It has been a wonderful challenge that I willalways remember. The children especiallyhave made us feel very welcome and theteachers are very enthusiastic and work veryhard at their jobs.”Brit School Student“Oak Lodge is a school that has made a positive commitment to deliveringarts education of the highest quality. Through their relationship with the BRITSchool they have been able to develop projects that use and developtheatre, dance and music skills. They have ambition and a desire to bringexciting and innovative arts delivery into the experience of the students oftheir school.”Simon StephensAssistant Director of TheatreCommunity Arts Practice Course Coordinator
  9. 9. "Young people united in a shared commitment and passion forcreating art can overcome all difficulties of communication tocreate theatre of the highest quality."Simon StephensAssistant Director of Theatre - Brit School
  10. 10. I was so confident when we started to act and I was exhilarated when I saw thatthe audience gave us an applause when our play finished. I was so inspired bySimon teaching us how to act. Maybe we could learn more in the future.’Anya (year 9)Mid Summers Night Dream Brit School Collaboration
  11. 11. Mid Summers Night Dream Brit School Collaboration
  12. 12. "The exhibition was fantastic! Alot of people said I was talentedand they asked me how Idesigned my t-shirts. I sold a lotof my work. My mum cried a littlebit when she came to theexhibition, she had never seenmy artwork before, she was soproud of me. She hugged me, Iwas very happy."Harrison - Year 11
  13. 13. The “Nightingale Lane” ceramicproject saw students renovate aneglected part of theneighbourhood, they workedwith Duncan Hooson to createceramic tiles in response to avisit to the William de MorganGallery. The project also sawthe acquisition of a kiln, alegacy that continues to inspire.
  14. 14.  "Working outside the school in the public realmalways brings meaning and a sense of "real" workbeing done."Julia Rowntree Nightingale Lane Ceramic Project
  15. 15. "Oak Lodge staff are passionate and excited about thepossibilities of art in their teaching and the impact that thiscan have for the wider community. There is a culture ofencouragement and support of the pupils in their artisticexpression and this produces an enjoyment and highstandard of work and thinking around the arts subjects."Stephen Rudder, Artsmark Assessor
  16. 16. Do we simply ‘identify’ gifts or do wewant to help create and nurture them?
  17. 17. The presence of engaging Artsexperiences within our curriculumdevelop our students communicationskills and creative/problem solving skills.Oak Lodge aims to develop these skillsin order to empower its students to be lifelong learners and effectivecommunicators.
  18. 18. The arts feature prominently in our EnquiringMinds curriculum, providing year 7 and 8 studentsopportunities to research, design and perform.
  19. 19. “I learned many things aboutclay work, and deaf people, Inever knew they couldinteract as well as they do, Ialso didnt know many thingsabout syntax and grammar insign language. I lovedintroducing myself and havinga game of football with all thestudents, I will value meetingso many new people! I reallywant to continue learning signlanguage and to be able tocommunicate with deafpeople.Thanks so much forthe visit!”Louis (Year 7) ISL Surrey Student
  20. 20. Our focus is childcentred, weencourageindividualresponses andour studentsexcel in the arts.
  21. 21. "The skills I haveacquired sinceattending the staffart club haveenriched my interestin art and also givenme the opportunityto pass on myknowledge to otherpeople whoattended, and alsopupils I support inart classes."Sandra Brown (TA)
  22. 22. Oak lodge extends its arms to thecommunity and encourages creative exchanges.
  23. 23. “Personally the project has opened my eyes more and enabled tosee the cross curricula links between maths and art (my weakestsubject!) and actually, I learnt a couple of things about ‘modelmaking’ and developed new ideas to teach maths concepts such asscales, shapes, spaces, symmetry and so on which I will beincluding in future maths lessons. I will certainly be including thisproject as part of the maths curriculum in the future as well!!!”Karthik Vijayanandam (Maths Teacher)
  24. 24. The event was the most resounding success and I can honestly say one of the mostexciting I have been to since becoming a councillor some eighteen years ago!I loved the concept of involving all the youngsters in art, music, and creative dance whileemphasising their cultural differences, drawing together their communities cohesiveness.I found the whole evening thrilling and am the work that went into the final event will have alasting impression on the youngsters that took part.Councillor Kathy Tracey
  25. 25. "I feel that because I’mpart of the EnquiringMinds Team….I feelmore confident in beingable to apply thoseskills. If I weren’t part ofEnquiring Minds I wouldnever be able to do this.So Thank you for puttingme in Enquiring Minds."Karthik Vijayanandam (Maths Teacher)
  26. 26. Team Challenges
  27. 27. Creativity is valued very highly, and as a result ourstudents offer creative ideas freely.
  28. 28. The arts are utilised to engage and fireimaginations, offering dynamic ways tolearn and communicate.
  29. 29. "We made the deaf club lookmodern. A place for deaf people,made by deaf people!”Year 8 Student Architecture in Schools Competition- Designing Deaf Spaces
  30. 30. Experiential learning helps our studentsbuild a better understanding of the world.
  31. 31. Tamar Community ProjectParticipating in project work builds a senseof community and encourages inclusion.
  32. 32. “It was great to visit Oak Lodge and to see the spectacular creativearts exhibition.  The scale and range of work is truly outstanding andcommunicates individual students expressiveness very powerfully.”Parent comment
  33. 33. Our video documentingthe “What on Earth is Clay”project has been shownnationally andinternationally. JuliaRowntree points out, “theoutstanding vision andskills brought to theseprojects have gone on tomake a significantcontribution in terms ofcontent, approach andenquiry to other projectswe are leading at aregional, national andinternational level.”  
  34. 34. "For the first time at the BRITSchool we had a mixedcompany of deaf andhearing student actorsworking and performingtogether. They had found aunique performancelanguage of their own."Simon StephensAssistant Director of TheatreBrit School
  35. 35. Arts projects contribute towards our schools identity,sharing outstanding achievements throughperformances, presentations and video screeningsforge a sense of belonging and promote inclusion.
  36. 36. Cross curriculum project work has a strong emphasis onrecording learning and experiences through many differentmedium, this often complements and drives our student’svocabulary and literacy development.
  37. 37. New curriculum delivery has enabled us to workcollaboratively with other teachers, to team teach, toexperiment with teaching approaches that embrace artsactivities as vehicles of expression as springboards for newideas and as ways of physically, emotionally andintellectually connecting with thematic learning. Resulting indeep and rewarding learning experiences for all involved.Staff and students alike!
  38. 38. The arts are utilised to engage and fire imaginations, offering dynamicways to learn and communicate. Cross curriculum project work has astrong emphasis on recording learning and experiences through manydifferent medium, this often complements and drives our student’svocabulary and literacy development.
  39. 39. "It helped so much withtheir understanding ofworld, helped them gainconfidence in workingwith hearing peers anddefinitely establishedthem as consummateperformers. A greatexperience for all andone they still remember."Cathie Campbell- English teacher
  40. 40. "Oak Lodge is a school that hasmade a positive commitment todelivering arts education of thehighest quality. Through theirrelationship with the BRITSchool they have been able todevelop projects that use anddevelop theatre, dance andmusic skills. They have ambitionand a desire to bring excitingand innovative arts delivery intothe experience of the studentsof their school."Simon StephensAssistant Director of Theatre - Brit School
  41. 41. The arts are utilised to engage and fireimaginations, offering dynamic ways tolearn and communicate.
  42. 42. "Oak Lodge students have an almost tangible love for the arts andenthusiasm for learning and self-expression through the arts. Theyalso display a confidence and pride in their achievements."
  43. 43. The considerable breadth and balance of thecurriculum adds significantly to pupils’
  44. 44. "The skills I have acquired sinceattending the staff art club haveenriched my interest in art andalso given me the opportunity topass on my knowledge on topupils I support in art classes."Sandra Brown (TA)
  45. 45. Innovation is the fuelthat drives the globaleconomy and it must befostered in our nationsschools.
  46. 46. "All were involved in the creativeprocess. It proved a greatsource of inspiration for creativewriting and thinking and was afantastic way of extending thepupils vocabulary. Studentswere extremely motivated and itimproved their self-confidence.The acting motivated thestudents during literacy sessionsto read more Greek stories. Theythen planned, created and wrotetheir own creative story. Thepupils were empowered in theirown learning." Lets Create- Brit SchoolBen Turner, English Co-ordinator collaboration
  47. 47. We pride ourselves on creating a curriculum whichgrows the gifts in our learners and unearths talentspreviously unrecognised.
  48. 48. Criteria for ability identification includes practical skills and creative characteristics such as:• Can depict or describe in an illuminating or revealing way.• Has an ability to persevere and work independently.• Is sensitive to materials or processes.• Displays a great deal of curiosity about many things.• Generates a large number of ideas or solutions to problems and questions; often offers unusual (‘way out’) unique responses.• Is uninhibited in expressions of opinion.• Is a high risk taker; is adventurous and speculative.
  49. 49. Oak Lodge schools curriculuminitiatives have been recognisedby OFSTED as “cutting edge”.
  50. 50. "I learned many things about clay work, and deaf people, I never knewthey could interact as well as they do, I also didnt know many thingsabout syntax and grammar in sign language. I loved introducingmyself and having a game of football with all the students, I will valuemeeting so many new people! I really want to continue learning signlanguage and to be able to communicate with deaf people.Thanks so much for the visit!" Deaf Awareness visit and ceramic workshopLouis (Year 7) International School of London
  51. 51. Lunch with the Oak Lodge students wasdifferent, because it was quiet, but peoplefirst offered food to others before they tookfor themselves. A respectful way of eating!Max (Year 7) International School of London- Surrey Deaf Awareness visit and ceramic workshop
  52. 52. Architect- Martin Glover communicated his passion for ‘DeafSpaces’ throughout his presentations. He commented: “ As thestudents became more confident, they became self-assessors,they were able to change and modify ideas. At the end of theprocess they created really informed designs. I hope I haveencouraged them to become involved in the world of design." Open City Architecture in Schools
  53. 53. "This project has enabledpupils to think outside thebox, to be creative andimaginative. It was a veryvisual project and ourpupils were able to relateto that due to having avery visual language(BSL). Not only werethey able to work well inteams, they were alsoable to be individualswith their ideas andcontributions."Teaching Assistant Open City Architecture in Schools
  54. 54. "Oak Lodge School is nothing less than a national asset asfar as the arts go. Its skill and experience in working withoutside partners means that it has become, in the case ofClayground Collective, a kind of laboratory in which ideashave been tested that have now gone on to inspire manyother children and teachers."Julia Rowntree
  55. 55. "The entire school staff from Head Teacher to teaching assistants, to kitchen staff, to the caretaker, tostaff responsible for timetabling, the cleaners and people working on reception, do everything to helpexciting, sometimes challenging, arts projects happen for Oak Lodge students" Julia Rowntree
  56. 56. "Oak Lodge school is a truly extraordinary creativelearning laboratory.”Julia Rowntree
  57. 57. "Oak lodge schools overall commitment to learningvia the arts meant that our work together reallycreated something of huge value to all involved."Julia RowntreeCo-director Clayground Collective Clayground
  58. 58.  A project to explore clay across the curriculum and tocelebrate this amazing material throughout time andacross cultures.
  59. 59. "There was an air of family, and real mutual affectionabout the way students and staff worked together."Ellie Doney- Artist
  60. 60. "I would recommend Oak Lodge as a great place for artlearning and art making. I wish my school had been morelike this!"Ellie Doney- Artist
  61. 61. "Oak Lodge enables its students to access information as directly as possible.The students express their opinions really clearly, they are engaged. Andwhen OLS staff work with the students I was really impressed at how theystretch them and expect only the best."Jonathan Huxley - Artist
  62. 62. "On many levels I feel that this school is a good example of best practicefor both hearing and non hearing schools and clearly demonstrates thepower of art to change lives. I have no issue with recommending OakLodge School for Artsmark Gold."Stephen Rudder, Artsmark Assessor
  63. 63. "For us working with Oak Lodge was a very high qualitypartnership which fully engaged staff, students and participatingartists. Through Oak Lodge students and staffs generoussharing of ideas ReachOutRCA gained valuable insights intoexperiences of being deaf. ReachOutRCA staff leant some basicsign language and were fired up to learn more!"Celia PymReachOutRCARoyal College of Art
  64. 64. "Their excitement at thebuilding exploration wastangible and It wasfantastic and a hugeaccolade to the staff andstudents at Oak Lodgethat their entry to theArchitecture in Schools:Secondary Awards wonthe Overall Prize for theinter-school competition,competing againstmainstream schools – itwas fantastic to see thestudents’ tangible pride atthe awards ceremony."Fiona McDonaldOpen City
  65. 65. "The group struggled at the beginning of the projectto work together as a team, however, now they arehappy to compromise with each other and pulltogether so that the whole group can shine."Laura, Handprint Theatre Handprint theatre
  66. 66. "When OLS staffwork with thestudents I was reallyimpressed at howthey stretch themand expect only thebest."Jonathan Huxley- Artist
  67. 67. "We had our staff discussion at the end of each session which has reallyassisted our planning and contributed towards the completion of asuccessful project. I think thats what we should all take from thisprocess.. That it is a shared partnership, its not just someone visiting."Lucy Roberio- National Portrait Project
  68. 68. “It has been a wonderful challenge that I willalways remember. The children especially havemade us feel very welcome and the teachers arevery enthusiastic and work very hard at their jobs.”Brit School Student Brit school
  69. 69. Design for a Purpose: Garden Mobile Project"Thank you year 8/9 for the magical, colourful mobile. The childrenlove playing with it and keep practicing signing the names of theanimals. we would love more sign language workshops please!" Teddies
  70. 70. Enjoyment = Involvement = Achievement