Summer Camp 2012


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Kids Camp Sponsorship Proposal.

Summer Camp 2012

  1. 1. July 1st to 7th, 2012Sponsorship Proposal
  2. 2. VISION:• Kids-Camp, a Guwahati - Assam based start-up, aims to foster as the prominent brand in the field of Kids’ activities and events.• Aims to touch the life-styles of all the school-going kids and their parents as well, across the entire country over a period of time with a sustainable effort. And ‘Summer Camp 2012’ is such a step forward.
  3. 3. ABOUT:• ‘Summer Camp 2012’ is an initiative by Kids- Camp to establish a repute of an array of events for Kids.• ‘Summer Camp 2012’ by Kids-Camp is the biggest organized camp for kids ever in this region of North-Eastern states.• ‘Summer Camp 2012’ by Kids-Camp holds the motto of “non-stop learning, non-stop fun…”
  4. 4. FEATURES:• ‘Summer Camp 2012’ by Kids-Camp is the biggest organized camp for kids ever in this region of North- Eastern states.• The camp will witness more than 30+ top schools from the Guwahati city.• The camp in its 7 days activities will cater to 300+ kids of the age group 3 – 12 years on a daily basis.• The camp will also experience a 1000+ footfalls of parents and teachers during the special activities like “Mothers’ Games”.
  5. 5. Activities for Kids:‘Summer Camp 2012’ by Kids-Camp will be full of variousactivities to fit best to the motto “non-stop learning, non-stop fun…”1. Art & Craft: Daily interactive group-wise lessons/workshops on art & craft items by NID Alumnus,2. Drawing & Painting: Interactive drawing & painting lessons/work- shops,3. Magic Tricks: Group-wise magic tricks workshops by ITC Sonar in- house magician Raven,4. Games: Different games to strengthen their team spirit and to develop their leadership skills,5. Singing & Dancing,
  6. 6. Activities for Kids:6. Visit to the Planetarium: Know your planets,7. Visit to the Regional Science Center,8. Traditional & Cultural: Activities stressing upon tradition &culture.9. National Integrity Specials: National Anthem, Importance of theNational Flag, Secularism etc.
  7. 7. The Schedule:‘Summer Camp 2012’ by Kids-Camp, being a 7 days activity basedcamp, will stick to a schedule as follows:• Day 1 : Inaugural speech from Kids-Camp welcoming all the Kids, their Parents and teachers along with Lighting up the Lamp and distribution of the Camp Kits to all the kids thereafter.• Day 2 : Starts at 8 am with children taking part in various National Integrity special activities like National Anthem, prayers, activities to teach them the customs & traditions. Same day includes the learning activities from an Art & Craft session for 2 hrs.• Day 3 : Starts at 8 am with fixed morning activities like prayers, and the day continues with the lessons in Art & Craft and a Magic Show.• Day 4 : Starting at the same time and with the morning prayers the day would witness a drawing competition, lessons on drawing & painting, art & craft along with educative magic tricks.• Day 5 : Visit to the Regional Science Centre for 3 hrs.
  8. 8. The Schedule:• Day 6 : Visit to Guwahati Planetarium for a workshop on KNOW YOUR PLANET.• Day 7 : Last day of the event starts with the Sand Art performance by India’s 2nd best Sand Artist B. Kaushik, followed by a workshop on Child Nutrition with an interactive session for parents, interacting with the nutritionist. And finally, the distribution of Certificates and Prizes.“Each day, we have the provision of a healthy breakfast as per the guidance fromthe renowned nutritionist we are inviting for the Child Nutrition Workshopon the last day of the summer camp.”
  9. 9. The Camp Kit:The Camp-Kit that would be distributed on the day ofregistration will contain:1. A School Bag with customized logo,2. Customized T-Shirts,3. Caps,4. Water Bottles,5. Hand Towels,6. Badges.
  10. 10. The Venue:The venue for ‘Summer Camp 2012’ by Kids-Camp is aplace of good repute in the entire area.Venue: The Auditorium of Directorate of DistrictLibrary Services.Being an auditorium with a centralized AC system, itwould be a place fulfilling the concern of safety &security of the kids involved.
  11. 11. Sponsorship: Title Sponsor Rs. 2,00,000(Rs. Two Lakhs Only)
  12. 12. Sponsorship Benefits:1. Sponsors logo on each of the items in the Camp Kit,2. Company recognition on each of the staff apparels (T-shirts),3. Logo visibility on each of the 20 standies (flexes), cut-outs, interiorsignages, cartoon cut-outs and the main Banner,4. Company recognition in the auditorium decoration (with balloons),5. Distribution of product samples, leaflets etc. to the kids and theirparents,
  13. 13. Sponsorship Benefits:6. Visibility in the stationary items that would be used on a daily basis(paper items only),7. Company recognition through banners and customized staff apparels (T-shirts) on the day of Child Nutrition Workshop,8. Company recognition on each of the gifts, certificates that would beissued to the kids towards the successful completion of the Camp.9. Company stalls/booths (max. 2) for visual/product display,
  14. 14. Sponsorship: Associate Sponsor Rs. 75,000(Rs. Seventy Five Thousand Only)
  15. 15. Sponsorship Benefits (Assct.) :1. Logo visibility on 10 standies (flexes), cut-outs, interior signages, cartooncut-outs and the main Banner,2. Company recognition in the auditorium decoration,3. Distribution of product samples, leaflets etc. to the kids and theirparents,4. One Company stall/booth for visual/product display.
  16. 16. That’s all from Kids-Camp… Thanks for your time.
  17. 17. CONTACT:For any query, concern or feedback, please contact us at: Syed (+91-9435*****9) –