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Verizon FiOS vs. Cable


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Is there a difference between Cable Internet service and Verizon FiOS?

This brief slideshow breaks down why Verizon's Fiber-Optic Network is better than Cable Internet service.

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Verizon FiOS vs. Cable

  1. 1. Is there a difference between Cable Internet service and FiOS?
  2. 2. <ul><li>Answer: YES </li></ul>
  3. 3. Cable Internet Connection 500 other users in a neighborhood… typical Shares Bandwidth With
  4. 4. Cable & Peak Hours During specific times, many more people access the Internet (i.e. when people come home from work, in the morning, etc.) During these PEAK hours, EVERYONE shares that LIMITED Bandwidth
  5. 5. CABLE NODE Think of bandwidth as WATER and Cable Internet as a bucket that can hold only a LIMITED amount of water (i.e. bandwidth). What does that mean?
  6. 6. CABLE NODE The MORE users you have dipping their bandwidth cup into that bucket, the LESS you have to go around.
  7. 7. The Speed Boost Myth Claimed Speed Boost by Cable Companies are TEMPORARY If you’re downloading a 4GB HD movie, for example, cable’s speed burst would be gone before you’ve downloaded 1 percent of the movie. Some cable companies claim they can offer a SPEED BOOST service, but this isn’t the case.
  8. 8. What about Fiber Optics?
  9. 9. Think of Fiber as a Lake with a FRACTION of the number of users filling their bandwidth bucket
  10. 11. The FiOS Optical Network typical serves NO MORE than 32 customers
  11. 12. <ul><li>At the same time, FiOS delivers 15x the downstream bandwidth capacity of Cable’s DOCIS 3 technology </li></ul>