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Kpn & Vodafone social network comparison


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Kpn & Vodafone social network comparison.

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Kpn & Vodafone social network comparison

  1. 1.  Free and Paid Specific or various media types Country based
  2. 2. Ranking Vodafone KPN Twitter 31 15 Hyves 5 20 Facebook 4 50 YouTube 2 Linkedin 4 7 Community 18 Total 1 41 61.57 27Bron: 6 dec. 2011
  3. 3.  1 chief blogger for 24 hours  Webcare team 4 per week / Chief of communication 12 hours persons per week. open 24/7 Platform costs lower then  Intranet with overview the personel newsletter social media profiles costs for a year. Twitter, LinkedIn,  Vodafone Way Cafe Facebook/Hyves combined Ask, profesional answer on one platform.  Combination online/ Management active online. offline Do have blackberry app but Idea box with recorder no iPhone app.KPN Vodafone
  4. 4. KPN site doesn’t show social media sites active.• -KPN on Facebook:Has a Facebook page but is not active:• -KPN on Twitter:KPN Tweets, 167 Followers, 4.032KPN Mediarelaties Tweets, 206 Followers, 3.296KPNwebcare Tweets, 8.888 Followers, 4.988KPN mobile Tweets, 244 Followers, 2.232• -KPN on Hyves:Three Hyves pages but no sign of purpose.• -KPN (111.131)• -KPN (1.868)• -KPN (1.043)
  5. 5. Customer service through social media .-Vodafone on Facebook:• Vodafone Egypt 1.091.000 likes, 24.000 talking about it• Vodafone UK 350.000 likes, 12.000 talking about it• Vodafone IT 1.080.000 likes, 16.000 talking about it• Vodafone ES 170.000 likes, 5.600 talking about it• Vodafone Qatar 110.000 likes, 1.700 talking about itCustomer service, Information, Games, news, video interaction, facebook SMS, travel opportunities toVodafone locations, online shop, links to twitter and youtube.-Vodafone on Twitter:• Vodafone Egypt 35.000 tweets, 90.000 followers• Vodafone UK 99.000 tweets 36.000 followers• Vodafone IT 10.000 tweets, 120.000 followers• Vodafone ES 12.000 tweets, 34.000 followers• Vodafone Qatar 3.000 tweets, 7.000 followers-Vodafone on Hyves:Looks nice enough but it is outdated. (last post in august)
  6. 6.  Well organized and  Customer service linked. through social media . -KPN on Facebook:  -Vodafone on Small and ineffective Facebook : -KPN on Twitter: Big and well organized Mediocre to small  -Vodafone on Twitter: Big and well organized. -KPN on Hyves:  -Vodafone on Hyves: Big but unorganized looks nice but and outdated. outdated.KPN Vodafone
  7. 7. Used software: Vodafone: Buzzcapture, Radian6 KPN: Buzzcapture
  8. 8. Vodafone Clear goal; open a dialog with the customer Youtube: products LinkedIn: small business Facebook: announcements, respond to customers Twitter: webcare
  9. 9. KPN Clear goal, webcare LinkedIn: business Facebook: Multiple accounts; announcements, webcare Twitter: Multiple accounts; announcements, webcare Multiple forums
  10. 10.  Vodafone:  Gamification  Social television  Personalisation KPN:  Personalisation
  11. 11.  Internal social media training / social media manager Social Media Marketing Recruitment via social media Research and development Social television Gamification