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VOLUME 10 | MAY 16 - 31, 2010

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Abu Dhabi Tempo Magazine  (Issue 10)
Abu Dhabi Tempo Magazine  (Issue 10)
Abu Dhabi Tempo Magazine  (Issue 10)
Abu Dhabi Tempo Magazine  (Issue 10)
Abu Dhabi Tempo Magazine  (Issue 10)
Abu Dhabi Tempo Magazine  (Issue 10)
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Abu Dhabi Tempo Magazine (Issue 10)


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A magazine published in Abu Dhabi, serving residents and tourists.

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Abu Dhabi Tempo Magazine (Issue 10)

  1. 1. Free ISSUe FUN | FAMILY | FOOD | FRIENDSHIP | FASHION | FITNESS the rhythm of your city M AY 16 - 31, 2 010 Tale s Islam of embr Ic oIde ry The Talented eemdirati b hin Jalal Luqman ZU FiLm FeSTivaL joins Tempo For the USpace your page where Free love oF movies Ureview, UaSk Abu DhAbi pg 8 and UvoTe pg 11 Pullout guiDe
  2. 2. VOLUME 10 | MAY 16 - 31, 2010 th e r h y th m o f your this month city hello Abu Dhabi !! As temperatures rise, the capital braces for the arrival of summer, the promise of vacation, and a welcome slowing down. 4 Mail Box At Tempo we take summer to take stock of the past and see how we can 5 ShopCall 5 Shop Call reinvent and improve. I’m pleased to announce that a wonderful addition to Tempo is a new column by one of the foremost artists in the Emirates. He is 6 What’s Hot in Abu Dhabi bold, brilliant and yes often incorrigible. He is Jalal Luqman—a good friend and an amazing inspiration. Welcome aboard, Jalal. 8 My Abu Dhabi Seeing as Abu Dhabi Tempo is about you (the community) we introduce USpace, a page dedicated to your voice—whether you would like to review an 10 City Bytes outlet, a product, a service, whether you have a question, or have an opinion to share. USpace is inspired by all the young people who tell us they have ideas 11 U Space and issues that they would like to express through our magazine. Welcome to the exciting concept of community journalism. 12 People Meter & Meet your Neighbour So kick back Abu Dhabi, enjoy the warmer climes and rejuvenate your soul. 13 Making a Difference Serenity and peace, 14 Handy Helper & ART-iculate 15 Workitude Media Licence No. 1/105866/24295 16 Alive & Kicking Editor: Sana Bagersh, Editorial Coordinator: Kulsoom Zakir, Magazine Designer: Praveen Prabhakaran, Website Designer: Rizwan Pervaiz, Marketing Coordinator: Manjul Abhishek, Ahmad Al-Dajani and Venita 17 Beat with Aich Subramanian, Production Coordinator : Joel Flores, Editorial Contributors: Aicha Diop, Samantha Davis, Randy Parker and Alma Kadragic. 18 My Style Blueprint Disclaimer: 19 Trendsetter Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and 20 On the Beaten Path & Arablish no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher. 21 Funny thing about Life Address: To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: 22 Culture Talk To reach advertising call 02 6673349 or email: If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 6673349 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. 23 Ask Um Saif & A Yank in Sand Land 24 Lifecoach Join Us @ 25 Live Smart 26 Classifieds This is Abu Dhabi Tempo’s youtube channel. Watch out for regular video 27 Tempo Fun Page updates! Published by: Please recycle this magazine: locations include Spinneys, Al Mamoura Building and behind Riyada Clinic.
  3. 3. V Raising the Bar SHOPCALL Health First: Al Ahli Holding Group, the holding GeT sparklInG wITh The face shop laura’s arm of the leading multi-disciplined organization based in the United Arab Emirates, and Gold’s Gym International, the world’s leading authority The face shop, an international brand for toiletries and cosmetic products inaugurated in Town! their first outlet in Abu Dhabi on 13th May. on health and fitness, have recently announced Located on the first floor of Khalidiya Mall, the signing of a master franchise agreement the face shop offers modern products with to open 26 gyms in major Arabian Peninsula natural elements in them. With a range of markets. The initial schedule is to develop within products in skin care, make up, fragrance, the UAE, with a heavy emphasis on the capital, shampoos, conditioners and other cleansers, Abu Dhabi, then to proceed onto other Emirates. the face shop is a must try for those who With this announcement, couch-potatoes will value health and beauty, and passionately become a dying breed. pursue to serve everyday beauty needs. Khalidiyah Mall is the new haven for homemakers in the city ever Dreams Come Alive: The play “Zayed and the since the Laura Ashley store opened up about a week ago inside its Dream” continues to be shown outside the premises. Laura Ashley is a British brand renowned for designing UAE, following its great success in Abu Dhabi stylish, and quality home furnishings and fashion wear founded by and Beirut. This work is an illuminating artistic Welsh designer, Laura Mountney. vision inspired by the march of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founder of UAE, Their new spectacular collection will appeal to the tastes of both Dear Ed, and validated by the authenticity of the region’s the local as well as expat community. Store workers revealed that I buy a lot of things at IKEA and I’m sure most of their staff heritage and roots. Two essential values have the new range will be available across various categories including recognizes me. But there is one thing that bothers me every been achieved through the performance of all kinds of furniture, soft furnishings, lighting, beds, mattresses and time. At the restaurant check-out counter in Marina Mall, they this play: artistic value and historical value. linen, curtains and blinds, rugs and runners, paint, wall paper, fabric, have mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise in squeeze bottles. The piece carries traditional values that were children’s room sets, accessories and gift items. While mustard and ketchup can be kept at room temperature inserted artistically into the play for the benefit for a while, mayo can’t. IKEA should do something to keep the The company has growing franchise operations all over the world, of society, which in turn will reform itself through mayo cool. including the Far East, Australia, Scandinavia and South America, upholding these values and appreciating this One idea: keep the bottle in a small container with ice cubes. as well as increasing numbers of licensing projects for products art. The theatrical work “Zayed and the Dream” is More work, but you’ll get more appreciation from your including carpets, eyewear, scarves and bed linen. creatively produced by the Caracalla Theatre and customers. just last month, was shown to audiences in Paris. ida (i-still-love-ikea) Dear Editor, SPAIN IN A bottle Why is it that mothers and fathers think that it is OK for their children to misbehave in public?? It drives me crazy when I go with my own (well behaved children I might add) to the cinema and we come across families with unruly young children, monkeying around and disturbing other viewers. Add the aroma of the Spanish countryside Come on people; get your children under control! Or just stay to your favourite dishes with Azada’s at home with them. wonderfully natural extra virgin olive oils. l.D Made exclusively from nutty Arbequina olives, hand-picked with love and cold- Dear Tempo, pressed the very same day, the flavoured I had a nice experience at a hotel in Dubai recently. It was called oils are extra special as the olives are the Media Rotana. Everything was nice—including the price. crushed and pressed together with fiery And the customer service was exceptional. But…the water in chillies, zesty Mediterranean lemons, my bathroom took a long time to come out hot.This is a shame fragrant hand-picked thyme or selected because I had to wait for a long time until the hot water came Arabica coffee beans, capturing all their out for my shower. I confess that I wasted so much water and flavour and nutrients to help keep you I didn’t enjoy it. I hope the hotel, and all others, eliminate this “Zayed And The Dream” the play attracts more than , happy and healthy. Available at The One problem. 6500 audience in Paris. outlets in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Olé! mark D. 4 Tempo May 16 - 31, 2010 5
  4. 4. What's Hot Happenings in Abu Dhabi maGIcforesT TexTIle Teens Ideredor pre- 12 – 25 May, Qibab Art Gallery The Qibab Art Gallery welcomes viewers to witness “Magic embroshop f mirate s Pala ce workeenaGers Forest” an event on the inspirational works of Ikuko , 30 may – e and 23 may Deguchi-Peters, an artist of Japanese origin, who has been painting for over 30 years. and T Ikuko does not sketch but paints directly on to the canvas producing fascinating abstract art. Her series of painting include themes of Flight, Origin and, Moon and Water Art educator Deborah Coffey will conduct a workshop for pre-teens and among many others. She started painting ‘water’ after she teenagers on embroidered textiles –traditional and non-traditional in ‘Gallery went diving in the Red Sea. Underwater she felt isolated One Education Room’ of the Emirates Palace. from the real world and a freedom to move without thinking of body weight. The paintings of Water transform This workshop will focus on transforming an article of clothing, like a pair of the beauty of the underwater world for preservation. She jeans, into an artwork of embroidery using traditional and non-traditional uses her work to inspire others to avoid destruction of embroidery techniques and materials. Workshop participants will learn nature. directly from the diverse works of embroidered textiles in ‘A Story of Islamic Embroidery in Nomadic and Urban Traditions’ exhibition. Participants will develop inspiration from textiles on exhibit, noting that the materials used Using old traditional Japanese painting materials were determined by the conditions in which the nomads in the desert lived. combined with acrylic colours and many other multi media, she will conduct a live performance of her new Traditional materials, such as, embroidery threads, horse hair, small sea shells technique letting the viewer’s imagination to take over in and grasses with non-traditional materials such as photographs, text, wire interpreting her work. Her work is solitary but it reaches and scraps of cloth - they will be all sewn into the garment using traditional out to the world. The colours and the movements have to stitchery techniques. be seen and experienced. So all you art lovers should head This one day session, to be held on 23 May and 30 May will start at 5pm and to the Qibab Art Gallery and enjoy being absorbed in the end at 7pm. Those who wish to participate, it is essential to register in advance. Magic Forest, a treat worth your time. Hurry up folks before time stitches your chances up. abu Dhabi Swimming Festival may 22, Corniche IslamIc embroIderIes The Abu Dhabi Swimming Festival will feature individual and team relay races over a series of distances, the longest of which is the 1 mile distance. dIscussIons 27 may – emirates Palace Swimmers will swim towards the Heritage Village An evening of talks will be held in Gallery One of the Emirates Flagpole and turn at a designated point to return back Palace on 27 May 2010, starting 6.30pm. to Corniche Beach. Manon Six, curator of Medieval Art and Islamic Art, Agence France-Museums will discuss on medieval Islamic embroideries Team race categories will include corporate relays, in the French public collections. school club relays, mother-child relays and father-child relays. Sounds fun! Race packs will be available for pick Vincent Lefevre, curator of Asian Arts, Agence France-Museums up at the Park Rotana (Abu Dhabi) on Friday May 21 will talk on the Riboud Collection at the Guimet Museum, Paris. between 12 noon and 4pm. For relay events and the splash and dash, the village will be open from 6am Konstantinos Chatziantoniou is a textile conservator of the on the day of the event, at which time race packs can Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar and he will enlighten on the be collected. Proceeds go to Abu Dhabi Special Care embroidered ethnographic textiles and costumes in the Centre and Donate a Brick Campaign. So it’s all for a collection of the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar. great cause folks and a fun day at the beach too. 6 Tempo May 16 - 31, 2010 7
  5. 5. MyABU DHABI For the love of movies up to me I would have picked him a long time ago. Regarding my signature touch, I think I’m still trying to figure that one out. t: How was it like finally seeing the ZU Film Festival 2010 come alive? Tell us a little about your film do in my chosen professional field, but they always selection process. advised me to be careful and cautious, and always stand up for my beliefs. r: It was like a dream come true. I couldn’t believe that there were a huge number of celebrity guests and t: How did you get the idea to organize a film festival? Who else was involved in the process? important people in the media industry who came to support this event and the young filmmakers involved. r: Last fall, I worked as a publicist assistant in the The film selection process started by contacting the mbers of ZUFF Middle East International Film Festival. It was the Reema (right) with jury me universities that offer film courses around the Middle first time I got involved in the world of films and East and North Africa. Then as we started to receive filmmaking. It triggered something inside me, like I films, the media faculty in ZU sat down to watch the wanted to learn more and I didn’t want my experience t: What is your aim in life? Where do you see yourself in entire collection we got from all around the Arab to end with the festival. One day, out of nowhere it just the coming decade? world. We ended up with 12 final films which were sent hit me, ‘why don’t I create my very own film festival?’ to three professional judges in the film industry who After thinking about it for a long time and researching r: I would like to complete my masters in film directing, choose three deserving winners. And that’s how we got for hours, I decided that it should be a film festival and maybe make a really good film like those that to the final films! (Smiles) for students exclusively. When I knew exactly what I I enjoy watching today. I really don’t know what to wanted, I went to group of friends, who I knew where expect, but I hope it will be something meaningful. t: Many youngsters today find it hard to juggle studies going to be supportive and helpful. My project partner, I also imagine Zayed University Film Festival becoming and creative endeavours. What would be your advice Reema Al Majed is a busy body - when she is not Alyazyah helped me with the initial stages of planning one of the most important festivals not only in the to them? studying media sciences at Zayed University, process, and I also was able to get so much help and Middle East but also around the globe. she has her hands full organizing and planning support from a group of guys and girls who worked r: My advice would be the exact words one of my out film festivals like the recent Zayed University very hard in making this festival possible. I would like t: Who are your favourite filmmakers of our time and favorite professors told me once - School is important Film Festival (ZUFF) which focused on providing to mention a few names and also state the fact that I a platform for young filmmakers to exhibit their which of their movies are your favourites? Any recent to get you through life, but there is more to life then couldn’t have done it without their hard work: Maisoon, craft. How does she do it all? Tempo sat with her films you really liked? just focusing only on your final grades. Now I don’t Noura, Waleed, Rahed and Fahmi. They all assisted for a bite and found out why she is so passionate want anyone to get me wrong because I do believe me throughout the process of making this festival a about the art of filmmaking. r: My favorite director of our time would definitely be school is important, however, I think that you only successful one. Baz Luhrmann. Although he has directed a few films, get practical know-how when you are out there tempo: Tell us a little bit about yourself. t: Why, in your opinion, was it necessary to have a he has managed to stun me every single time. His best experiencing and learning from life. Students should university based film festival portraying the work of work to date would be Moulin Rouge - my all time care about their final grades, but their lives shouldn’t reema Al majed: I am 21 years old. I’m an Emirati girl, young filmmakers? favourite film- and Australia which is another favourite. revolve around grades only. That’s just my personal born in Abu Dhabi, but I have lived in Dubai for the I’m also a big fan of Tim Burton. I feel like he has a crazyopinion. most part of my life. I moved to Abu Dhabi when I r: The reason why I thought this festival should be for imagination which I absolutely love, and finally Steven started university which was almost four years ago. students is the fact that there is hardly any event that is Spielberg. I recently watched The Hurt Locker by members of ZUFF Kathryn Bigelow and I really liked the realness Reema (left) with some of the jury dedicated to support ONLY young filmmakers around t: Did you always wish to become a professional in the the Middle East and North Africa. There is so much of the film. field of Media Sciences? Were your parents supportive young talent in the Arab world, and I wanted all the of your decision? students to feel like this is the place that will support t: If you could re-make one movie which one would it them through their journey in becoming professionals be? Would you choose different actors to play the title r: Ever since I started school I knew I wanted to do in the industry. roles? How would you give it your signature touch? something great. I just never knew exactly what it was t: What do you like to do in your free time? r: Honestly I think about that all the time, but right that I wanted to do. Although my family didn’t expect me to come up with such a huge project, when they now I really feel like changing the latest James Bond r: Watch films! I love watching really good films, films. Daniel Craig just doesn’t strike me as someone saw Zayed University Film Festival actually happening sometimes to learn something new and other times embodying a James Bond persona! I would really love they were so proud and extremely supportive. They just for the pleasure of watching a good movie. to see George Clooney playing Mr. Bond, and if it was never told me that there was something I couldn’t 8 Tempo May 16 - 31, 2010 9
  6. 6. CITY moka cafe: seafood salad kInG! Uspace U Space is where people write to us their queries and reviews about any product, book, movie or anything interesting. Please share with us your concerns and send them to To vote, visit our website Mall hopping is very taxing and often mall-goers need refueling in between the flurry of shopping activity. Moka Cafe in Abu Dhabi Mall is one such food haven where prices are reasonable and the food is great. Well, almost. Whether you select a sea Uask view seat or sit at the entrance towards the mall shops, you can’t escape the feeling that a delectable treat is coming your way. Friends had informed us of their global menu. And it Mexican nachos, Chinese spring rolls, Indian batata vada, and UreVIew Singaporian delicacies. Alas, we diet conscious (read picky) eaters chose the Seafood salad. The pasta was warm, the sauce was thick and creamy and their the APPle is white chocolate really portions were pretty large for us gals. Mind you we were hungry so we did finish it all! The café is worth iPAD chocolate? (sara b) reviewed by Karam bukair, 15 and mohammed Kamali, a visit if you are in the mall and feel the need to try 15, from Khubairat school Well, technically white chocolate is NOT out something new. really chocolate! White chocolate contains Karam: Isn’t the iPad just an oversized iPod? I mean there are no cocoa butter, which is a product of the cocoa other benefits, right? bean that is also used to produce chocolate. mo: It has more memory, a bigger screen so it’s easier to use the Most chocolates are made up of cocoa CINNAMON CITY CAFÉ internet browser and there’s less chance of typing errors. It’s more like a computer and an iPod. Karam: But, whatever ‘touch’ products Apple make seems to be solids which contain a chemical compound called ‘theobromine’. Theobromine is what’s responsible for the brown colour, ranging LOCATION: MARINA MALL fragile. Does the iPad break/damage as easily as the other products? from light brown in milk chocolate to mo: Actually its very strong for its size, I’ve dropped it a few times darker shades in dark chocolate. Since white Far from being a flash in the pan, for already and no damage was made to it. chocolate contains cocoa butter instead of those of you who think café food is Karam: But when laptops where made, they were built so that the cocoa solids derived from chocolate liquor meant for the usual pizza and pasta screen is protected. Does the iPad screen get dirty at times? (an essential part of all chocolate), the US pit stoppers, you’re in for a big surprise mo: Not very dirty, maybe a few finger prints but that can easily be Food and Drug Administration does not at Cinnamon City Cafe! This small and cleaned. define it as chocolate. Still, why deprive cozy Canadian café has managed to Karam: So what’s the deal? Would you recommend people to buy it? yourself of a good thing? Last time we maintain their high standards of food checked, Milky Bars were top sellers at local mo: Yes, I would totally recommend it, especially to all of those and friendliness to the hilt. With a great groceries. gadget lovers. It’s an innovative version of the common laptop, it’s an introduction to a fully fledged dining amazing creation. option, Cinnamon City has newly U VoTe introduced 25 great additions to their menu. The new upsized combo meals offer fairly big lunch and dinner portions so be sure to work up a healthy appetite before you go. With the specially baked cinnamon Panini bread, the café offers delicious new varieties of chicken and beef burgers which is a must try in the should minors be Yes menu. The scrumptious desserts also allowed to go to concerts include different types of cinnamon rolls on their own? with the special dates cinnamon roll highly recommended by the chef. No Download Abu Dhabi Tempo’s 40 ways to Save the Planet Screensaver and Calendar from To vote, visit: 10 Tempo May 16 - 31, 2010 11
  7. 7. peOpLe MeTeR Making a People Meter is an offbeat way to learn more about our community and its people, who come from different Each of us can in his, or her, own way make a difference in our world. Sometimes this can be a simple gesture, and sometimes it backgrounds, cultures and walks of life. is a kind word. This page is dedicated to the hero that resides in each and every one of us, and to the sharing of great news that Meet will make our planet a better place for us all. eco GReeN FIsHING Dry eraser board: Use a dry erase voice board instead of paper, this works Overfishing is one of the biggest threats to marine ecosystems. Today, over 80% of the great for messages and makes for YOUR great homework helpers. world’s fish stocks are fully exploited, overexploited, depleted or recovering from depletion. NeIGHBOUR Coffee Cup sleeve: Make a coffee cup cozy The UAE has a large appetite for fish, with many species being Awad Mohd. Al-Busairy or sleeve from two layers of denim. Reduce taken out well beyond sustainable levels. Studies show that the overall number of commercial fish in the country has declined the number of paper sleeves you use at your “I have lived in Abu Dhabi for four years now. local cafe or slip on your own cups or mugs to by 80% in the last 30 years. And I am happy to report that my family has protect your hands. Measure around the cup, Hamour, a highly favoured fish in the UAE, is being overfished Jair Zambrano recently joined me in the Capital city so I am cut and sew with a standard seam allowance. 7 times beyond its sustainable level, with a decline of 87-92% Mala Bhatia Colombia Indian busy showing them around. It took me a span since 1978, putting it at the top of the overfished species list. Communications Home-maker of four years to find suitable (read affordable) Denim Coasters: Cut two squares from the Engineer legs and insert a layer of quilt batting between Emirates Wildlife Society, in association with the World Wide lodgings for them in the city. Fund for Nature, has produced the first consumer guide to the denim. Turn under raw edges and sew What first word comes to your mind when i say: sustainable fish in the country, and in the region ! In it we closed. Stitch a decorative shape in the middle classified 19 popular fish types into 3 categories, based on “I don’t have big dreams to conquer the world; of the coaster to keep batting in place. stock assessment studies that have been carried out by Mirror Truth Mirror Myself I just hope to be a successful person in life. My fisheries scientists and biologists. The guide assigns a colour TV Movies dream is to build house of my own in Sudan reuse take-out container: When you eat out to each of those categories with the colour red (shown below) TV Distraction and take something with you, more and likely distinguishing overfished types that include many of the Tree Nature Tree Green and then of course invest, run and own a popularly consumed fish. You can pick it up from any EWS office, you have gotten containers. These containers Door Entry Door Lock business. and you can also download it from their website work great to organize your nails, screws and other small objects. “Living in Abu Dhabi is great! The city well 1) if you could record a song in your voice, which one would it be and why? planned, and major locations are convenient to buy green smart Cookware: Many big name reach but what really worries me is rising prices companies are making greener and smarter Jair: 3 Doors Down - Here mala: If given a choice, I would cookware. This is often cookware that is made and increased housing rents. I guess every • Hamour • FersH • Kanaad • Qabit • saFi arabi Without You. I love this song! like to record the title song of from petroleum free ceramics and other It reminds me of a very expat worries about such things. chemical free while staying non-stick. • sHaari • YemaH • Zuraidi Titanic in my voice. My Heart important person in my life. Will Go On is one of the most HelpingHand beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. “I must add though, the city provides some Tempo’s excellent opportunities to see major events and 2) Which movie is the best remake of our times in your vote! opinion and why? also meet renowned personalities with whom we can’t rub shoulders back home. I am talking gade’) (aka ‘the rahma bri Jair: Clash of the Titans, mala: The best remake of about global events like Formula 1, European because I am an action fan our times, I feel, is King Kong. and the special effects in this It has the best graphics and Cup etc. An innovative new ion Arsenia De J. Baliloa, aged 47, is a single of mother of movie were superb. captivating camera work. Construction and Demolit two sons, aged 13 and 14, and suffers from the effects cially “In my free time, I like to do some photography Waste Recycling Plant offi wrought by Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease. In addition, Dhabi and one good thing about living in Abu Dhabi opened in Al Dhafra, Abu she has been affected by Glomerulonephritis, a disease 3)Why is the sky so high? 10. The plant, which on May which causes the inflammation of the blood vessels for an amateur photographer like me is that ndly uses environmentally frie in the kidney. She has been residing in Dubai for the Jair: Ever wondered that they get to meet world-famous photographers technology, will process and past seven years working in a beauty salon and was maybe the sky is just exactly mala: The sky is high, so that in the cultural workshops organized by arts and recycle building waste to diagnosed with the illness in April 2004. Although she where it’s suppose to be and als that maybe, just maybe, we are birds don’t bump their heads. cultural societies. I had the pleasure of meeting produce aggregate materi is currently undergoing dialysis thrice a week, she has too down below? Mr. Steve McCurry, my favourite photographer. which can be re-used in the no source of finance for further treatment and for her the It was a memorable experience. construction industry. It has return to her native country the Philippines than 4) What is the one thing about guys/girls which irritates capacity to handle more reach you the most? 5,000 tons and hopes to “I would like to leave you with these words: tons in the future. Cash donations as well as any potential kidney donors are welcome and can contact her 15,000 Jair: I detest self-centred mala: One characteristic It’s not how much we have but how much we via this number: 050-9477162. girls. Why does everything which really irritates me in have to be about them all the men is their possessiveness. I enjoy life, which contributes to our happiness.” time? It’s like a disease. Once think it is due to lack of trust! Making a Difference is a celebration of good people and good deeds. Please share with us your ideas, activities and community they catch it, it just spreads. ‘public-good ‘ stories. Send them to 12 Tempo May 16 - 31, 2010 13
  8. 8. • handyhelper Art-iculate WHO’s THe BOss? Fixing a Slow Jalal luqman by (parT Two) Computer Office Ergonomics is the utmost thing to be 4.Reduce your dependence on the mouse and use Is your computer stalling, freezing, crashing, and bombarding considered for maintaining good ergonomics more of shortcut keys. For example, you can use Ctrl+S you with popups and error messages? Learn how to eliminate at the office. An example of Office Ergonomics is to save, Ctrl+P to print etc. Certain jobs do require more these problems by following the steps below: I just opened my latest solo exhibition this Thursday at to have a better view of the monitor and see the dependence on the mouse. Users in such professions Tashkeel in Dubai and considering the last few exhibitions images clearly if you take good care in selecting should learn to use more shortcut keys. Step 1: Defragment your hard drive. This will organize your I had, I anticipated a large crowd show up for the opening, hard drive, allowing your computer to spend less time but that did not happen. There was enough tv coverage, the right level of illumination and place it accessing files. There is a free tool built into Windows that media and press, but still this did not contribute to a great appropriately. 5.Jobs that involve more repeated tasks or prolonged allows you to defragment. number of people coming to the exhibition. static postures may lead to muscular strain. The users I tried to investigate briefly what the reason was, and it should forcefully take several short breaks or relaxed Step 2: Clean your temp directory. Files are placed into this directory by your operating system, but instead of staying hit me, there were way too many events happening at the pauses. The users should stand, stretch, and move in there temporarily, they often just don’t delete like they’re same time, the poor art lovers don’t have enough time to around during such breaks. This increases blood supposed to, and they bog down your system. Navigate to C:/ go to each and every event they want to go to, and on the other hand Galleries do spend the time or have dialogue circulation and gives enough time for the muscles Documents and Settings/(Your User Name)/Local Settings/ with one another to work on a certain schedule to at least to relax. Temp and delete everything, and then empty your Recycle work together on their openings rather than each cast their Bin. line at the same time and see who gets the bigger fish. 6.Try to mix computer tasks and non-computer tasks Step 3: Clean your registry. Your registry is a collection of Assuming all the artwork on exhibition is good (including alternately in all possible situations. This encourages keys that contain settings pertinent to the operation of every mine), and all the galleries have amply marketed their the movement of different parts of the body by using aspect of your computer. Over time, it becomes bloated events, then what is the reason for the low number of and unorganized, and it can cause your computer to hang, different muscle groups. attendees? Could it be the hundreds of events that are freeze, and crash. You can get a free scan of your registry at being held, that the viewer is bombarded with all this visual debris that he or she no longer sees or reads these office ergonomics environment Quick tips invitations, or is it that the art has nothing to do with the 1.You should design your office in such a way that the Step 4: Install anti-virus software. Everybody knows that opening, where in fact it is the service and drinks offered by viruses are bad, yet many people fail to adequately protect the hosting gallery. glare from overhead lights, desk lamps, and windows is themselves. Just search on Google for antivirus software, reduced to a maximum. Keep this information handy for your own good. Cut out and save it in a folder. you can usually download it directly from the manufacturer’s Have we only used art as an invitation card to free drinks website, without any waiting for CDs. A lot of them use where people come to the openings but never really see 2.Your office room should be designed in such a way as McAfee, but there are lots of options out there. the art but see who serves the better drink? Or is just too much of one thing making it not important? to maintain appropriate air circulation. Step 5: Remove spyware and adware. Spyware and adware Jl Feasible solutions of office ergonomics Disorders : 3.Do not sit directly under air conditioning vents that are programs that sit on your computer, can deliver ads when you don’t want them, or even worse, compromise your 1.Try to vary your tasks and Office Ergonomics, so that push air right on top of you. personal information and help someone steal your identity. you get ample time to recover from the outcome of Often, a user does not even know if their your activity. Different ways are being practiced to Time management Tip # 10* computer is infected. provide recovery time for overused muscles. 2.Design your Ergonomic Office in such a way that you can easily change your working postures according to get a faster computer. your convenience. It is always safe to select adjustable How much time have you spent watching that little furniture for the workstation that allows you to shift to hourglass mouse pointer while the machine crunches different seated postures every time you want to. This a big chunk of information or waiting for your ancient helps different muscle groups to provide support while modem to download a web page from the Internet? If you still have a slow computer and modem, all the others rest. time you spend waiting could easily add up to several 3.Your work area should be spacious enough to let you hours every month. This is time down the drain. Do yourself (and your customers and clients) a favor, and use the mouse with either hand alternately. Thus the get a faster computer and modem. tendons and muscles of the free hand get enough relaxation. *Part 10 of a 12 issue series Jalal Luqman at work 14 Tempo May 16 - 31, 2010 15
  9. 9. kicking the Beath Ieber eating for Two nutritional Tips During pre gnancy with Aic b anIa Being pregnant may bring a lot of changes to your daily life. One of the most common and major changes are dietary habit changes. Even if you had a healthy diet prior to becoming pregnant, you • Remember the food pyramid? It’s a great place to start, eat more foods from the bottom (grains), then add vegetables and protein, fruits, dairy and finally sparingly use fatty foods. Many places have free handouts. It’s a great tool to have for reference on m the refrigerator. Justin Bieber has taken the world by may begin to look at what you eat and how you storm! The extremely talented, young eat different now that you’re expecting. Here are • Variety in your diet is very important. It helps Canadian musician is earning rave reviews some tips to ensuring your diet is what it needs to ensure that you’re gathering the daily doses of from the who’s who in the music industry recommended vitamins and minerals every day be during pregnancy. from the foods you eat. It also helps prevent ever since his debut hit single “One Time” boredom with your diet which can lead to straying. began dominating air waves. Bieber rose to fame purely by YouTube references and has • Bring on the water! Staying hydrated has many totaled over 10,000,000 views of his spin on benefits for the healthy pregnancy, including hits by Ne-Yo, Stevie Wonder and most avoidance of early labor, healthier skin (meaning notably, Usher. more elastic), and general decrease in pregnancy symptoms that are annoying (constipation, swelling, etc.). Juice has a time and a place but The Grammy award winning Usher, the majority of your fluids should be water. Other who heard Bieber’s take on his drinks like soda, coffee, etc. should not be included own classics, had Bieber flown into in your daily count of 6-8 eight ounce glasses a day. Atlanta, Georgia for a meeting from his hometown of Stratford, Ontario • Eat foods that remember where they came from! and was immediately taken in by The closer to the source of the original food the Bieber’s massive talent. Usher was better. For examples: green beans that are fresh contain more of the good stuff than those in a can; beyond impressed taking Bieber bananas are better than fried banana chips or a under his wing and immediately banana split! signing him to a record deal, beating out Justin Timberlake. Since then, • Protein is the building block of every cell in your Bieber-mania took off and has never baby’s body. Some studies have indicated that looked back. adequate protein intake (defined as 75 grams a day or more) can protect you against problems with ecclampsia, pregnancy induced hypertension and Bieber’s debut album,“My World” drove , other disorders. It also ensures a great start teeny-boppers into a frenzy and went for your baby. certified platinum in the United States and Canada. It also featured 7 hits on By Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE Billboard’s top 100 chart, a first for any artist Pregnancy Guide via their debut album. The 15 year old Bieber performed for US President Barack Obama at the White House for Christmas, took part in Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve Programme and was even invited to provide his vocals for To adverTise in We Are The World 25, featuring an ensemble of today’s top musicians, recreating the abu dhabi Tempo Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie hit for Haiti Earthquake relief. Being described as CALL 02 667 3349 a ‘’Prodigy” by his tremendously gifted and celebrated mentor, Usher, we expect to see Bieber mania around for a long time! 16 Tempo May 16 - 31, 2010 17