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Tempo - July 16-31, 2010


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Abu Dhabi Tempo
Issue: July 16-31, 2010

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Tempo - July 16-31, 2010

  2. 2. cONTENTS VOLUME14 | JULY 16-31, 2010 FROM THE EDITOR Hello Abu dhabi, summer has come to Abu Dhabi with children and adolescents pining for fun ENTERTAINMENT and challenging things to do. Having visited some of the choices around town, my conclusion is that Abu Dhabi needs a heavy weight permanent entertainment 4 USPAcE centre that offers fun, education and challenging pursuits. As a long time resident 6 wHAT’S HOT of the Pacific Northwest of the United states, I present two amazing examples that 8 bEAT wITH AIcH once provided endless entertainment my own family: oMsI—the oregon Museum of science and Industry, which is located in Portland, oregon, and the Pacific 10 VIEw POINT science Centre in downtown seattle. Both are huge, vibrant and highly interactive; offering endless opportunities for fun and real learning. They have amazing FASHION science labs, laser shows, dinosaur exhibits, educational games, teen challenges 12 TRENDSETTER and an excellent platform of teacher engagement. 13 MY STYLE bLUEPRINT Abu Dhabi could do well to think of setting up an oMsI or a PsC here. It would appeal to young and old, residents and tourists, and yes, it should be here FOOD - all year around. Get creative Abu Dhabi! 14 cITY bITES LIFESTYLE 20 RAISINg THE bAR EDITOR MAgAzINE DESIgNER EDITORIAL cONTRIbUTORS SANA bAgERSH PRAVEEN PRAbHAkARAN AIcHA DIOP 21 MAkINg A DIFFERENcE FEATURES EDITOR wEbSITE DESIgNER FARAH g jDID 22 YANk IN SANDLAND RIzwAN PERVAIz HESSA AL ROMAITHI ALMA kADRAgIc jALAL LUqMAN 23 TEcH TALk MARkETINg cOORDINATOR EDITORIAL cOORDINATOR RANDY PARkER 24 MY AbU DHAbI MANjUL AbHISHEk VENITA SUbRAMANIAN PRODUcTION cOORDINATOR 26 PEOPLE METER RIzwANA SHAHID 27 SOcIAL NET Address To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: ARTS If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 6673349 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. 28 ART-IcULATE 29 FEATURE STORY NoTe To ADverTIsers: Advertisers get free brand tagging with all advertisements. To reach advertising call 02 6673349 or email: 30 cLASSIFIEDS 31 FUN PAgE disclAimer: Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher. Published by: MEDIA LIcENcE NO. 1/105866/24295 3 easy steps to use mobile tags Click on tag beside Download run each article to have Application fun with online to your smart phone content, videos and Visit cool tags! on your mobile phone. Download to scan this tag on your mobile. 3
  3. 3. Dear Ed, SPACE THE wINNER OF FIFA 2010: wHO gOT IT RIgHT? (well, almost...) TEMPO’S THE wINNER OF OUR wORLD cUP My friends and I were getting back home after the devastating loss to Germany PREDIcTIONS cONTEST: HUMAID AbDALLA when the cops suddenly stopped us and showed us signs to come to their car. Free ISSUe We ran the World Cup competition through the Out of curiosity we walked over to the cop when he suddenly said “Hey, I know Argentina lost the game tonight, but one thing’s for sure, Argetina and Brazil ENTERTAINM ENT I FOOD I FASHION entire competition. Tempo received a little over I 150 entries. obviously the later entries were closer LIFESTYLE are on the same flight back home”. It is overwhelming that the entire country, I ARTS irrespective of the place your from or whether your country is represented in to being correct than the earlier predictions. the World Cup or not, the sheer beauty of the game, bring people from different None of the entries were totally correct. However parts of the world together. th e rh yt hm of your city we call Humaid Abdalla the winner because he Nelson Davis J U LY 1 - 15 , 2 01 0 had the CLosesT correct answer. Humaid predicted the following: Dear Ed, Winner of FiFA 2010: spain Prize: six months free membership bILE TAgS I really appreciate the section about social net. It exposes young undiscovered Final game: spain vs Germany at World Gym in Abu dhabi talent, which gives them an opportunity for people to know them and their The score 2-1 w wITH MO work. It also gives the talent a motivation to work harder. So kudos on your encouragement to them! “I think Spain was a strong team and had the confidence to win this Amal Mustafa tournament. They had what it took to win this time.” E UAE NO We tip our hats to shamsudheen Narath who also predicted a spain win, but SAVE zINE IN TH Dear Ed, TURTLTHE he predicted the opponent as Korea republic (score 3-2 ), who exited the ES game earlier than Germany. Every time I read Tempo magazine I feel like I know everything about Abu EST MAgA Dhabi! Because I work a lot, I don’t follow a lot of news around here. Your OTHER PREDIcTIONS: won 10 reasons why you think Spain magazine is my savoir! ALL ABO FATINIZAUT FOOTBA THE cOOL FUN QUO LL YOUNG ME rama Krishna predicted Netherlands Jack Bader p.8 TE S LEADER DIA p.10 GRADUA S winning over spain by 2-1 TE the World Cup p.24 Kumaran predicted Brazil beating Argentina by 5-4 saYVuVu....WHAT?!! 1. Zeeshan Khan: They play to win 6. sujith Jayagopal: They had Angelo sator predicted Brazil beating that’s why. a good strategy and amazing spain players. 2. infant rosario: Paul the octopus Karin200 predicted Germany beating 7. shaun Joesph: The main reason spain, by 2-1 said so! haha ;) why I supported spain all the How about them vuvuzelas?! They certainly took over the 2010 world cup! I’m pretty sure it caught more media attention Karen Franzen predicted Germany 3. danica Antao: They played well way long was because of great than the players and teams themselves! Before the world cup no one outside of south Africa even knew what a vuvuzela beating spain by 2-1 from the start of the world cup, it precision in their passes. was. Now people either hate them or they are crazy about them! Apparently the UAe now sells vuvuzelas in some gas seemed like they would make it. Kunal Bhatia predicted Germany beating station shops and i’ve recently noticed that they’re being sold in early Learning Centre??!! remember ‘the wave’? They 8. Priyanka dubey: I think they spain have them in stadiums when the audience does synchronised standing and sitting? That was invented in seattle (I know just got really lucky! because I lived there). The south Africa world cup crowd has changed that to vuvuzela blowing. Now that were all here in 4. Farida daruwalla: They have Pariv K predicted the final two as the UAe we should start our own tradition, some sort of crowd applause thing, that we develop, refine, and get ready for great players! 9. runil Athauda: Pure passion for Argentina Brazil the next world cup. Just an idea. the game. 5. mnetarwala: They had ball Nadeer Narath predicted Portugal Karam Bukair 10. Fallon lobo: They have beating Germany by 3-2 possession at most times. amazing team spirit! FAcEbOOk & TwITTER qUOTES Vote Vote D In last issue Tempo asked Do you think teenagers should do you think the new cameras in the streets are a good Twitter follower raka Galih sarath sreekumar be monitored while using the solution for drivers to stay safe? My first mag thing Visit Abu Dhabi I love Abu Dhabi Tempo’s hello all nice to meet u... (July1 – 15) thank you Internet? Tempo’s website DP with MJ and Jabulani in i luv tempo magazine” – raka it ☺respect! Galih on Facebook Abu Dhabi Tempo on your mobile phone. Yes: 66% on Facebook Yes No Download to scan this tag on your mobile. No: 34% 4 Tempo July 16 - 31, 2010 5
  4. 4. What’sHOT THE ART OF THE AFgHAN RUbAb july 22, 7pm, Manarat Al Saadiyat, Saadiyat Island Happenings in Abu Dhabi July23 Afghan rubab sensation Homayun sakhi, stars in a musical by Venita Subramanian performance with percussionists salar Nader on tabla and Abbos Kosimoy on doyra – a Central Asian frame drum. LIwA DATE FESTIVAL After a huge success last year with more than 60,000 people The performance is devoted to the traditional Kabuli style of Indian raga in a musical question and answer (sawaal- July17 - 26 attending, the sixth Date Festival takes place from July jawaab) between drums and other instruments. Nader 12-26 in the town of Liwa. This event celebrates the rich and Kosimoy will answer sakhi’s questions throughout the heritage of Liwa and aims in particular to promote date performance, by transferring the rhythmic patterns of his palm trees which have a prominent place in UAe’s heritage. rubab to their drums. This performance is a showcase of The Festival includes cultural events and the competition North Indian and Afghan musical traditions. entrance is free. of Mazayin Al ratab (half ripe dates), which helps improve the quality of the dates and educate farmers on ways of modern farming. several competitions such as “the best heritage dish” draw the participation of chefs from top DO YOU wANT TO bE A FILM cRITIc AT THE hotels. educational programs help children become familiar with the dates industry. AbU DHAbI FILM FESTIVAL? THE DEADLINE If so, here’s your chance, but you don’t have much tim to apply. FOR APPLIcATION For the first time, Abu Dhabi Film Festival is running a film IS jULY 31. YAS TRAck DAY journalism workshop called Nisimazine Abu Dhabi as part of the Festival from october 14-23. They are looking for 8 people - 7 Tempo readers, you have two weeks to apply if you are reading Tempo the first July23 film critics and 1 photographer. day it’s available. If you pick it up later, If you are 18-35, Arab or european, you should apply. Four don’t wait. Download the application form of the eight people selected will be from Arab countries at including the UAe, four will be european. The first Nisimazine was created in 2006 This international editorial team, along with two professional at the Cannes Film Festival by a european tutors, will create daily issues of Nisimazine Abu Dhabi, a network of young cinema professionals newsletter covering the Abu Dhabi Film Festival and distributed and fans called NIsI MAsA. since then, their to audiences during the Festival. workshops have taken place at festivals in Italy, Iran, Finland, Turkey, Netherlands, eight issues of Nisimazine Abu Dhabi, printed in english and Arabic, Peru, and Brazil. Check out nisimazine- will contain film reviews, interviews, articles, news, and photos from the festival. The electronic version will be available on the Nisimazine website The Abu Dhabi Film Festival began three years ago as the Middle east International Film Festival. The aim was to help create a Yas Track Day offers you a chance to drive your car on performance. Instructors however, reserve the right vibrant film culture throughout the region. the Grand Prix circuit. If you are an inexperienced driver, to refuse entry to a participant. If you’re an adrenaline Under its new name, a strong focus on the the Yas racing school’s instructors will be available for junkie - and a licensed driver - take a shot and enjoy bold new voices of Arab cinema connects driving tips and instruction. You can start by following being a racer for one day !   with Abu Dhabi’s role as a cultural capital the pace cars for a few laps to get accustomed to the Visit Abu dhabi Film Festival in the region and marks the festival as Prices start from 120 Aed. call 800 YAs (927) or +971 track and the corners. sessions include half and full website for more info on a place for the world to explore Arab 02 446 0384 for more information. your mobile phone now day on the track to test your racing skills and your car’s Download filmmaking. to scan this tag on your mobile. 6 Tempo July 16 - 31, 2010 7
  5. 5. Beat withaich by Aicha Diop DJ sHAF-rAIsI also known as shaf raisi, was Meet the new summer sensational DJ. Yes, infatuated with music long before he fell in love he’s here to entertain you and show you with the art of Djing. In his early stages DJ shaf the new face of music. Please welcome raisi focused on mixing colorful House tunes, DJ Shaf Raisi! but later evolved to incorporating the stylistic effects of dance anthems, commercial house and r&B. His magic is immortalized in his first album entitled, “sHAF rAIsI reMIXeZ” pumped up with top-notch r&B and House tracks. Asked how he differentiates himself from other DJ’s, he replies, “I have a very deep strength in reading people’s body language, and I use this skill to enhance my performance, sound, and learning, more so than other artists.” DJ shaf rasi’s experience has planted him alongside international and local DJ’s such as: Adnan Balushi (Auckland), Humaid Al Amri (radio 1), Haneef raisani (raisani records, Dubai),victor simonelli (West side records, New York), DJ Antoine (House Works, switzerland), Lenny Fontana (New York) and simon B (Legendary radio1 DJ) to mention a few. He says, “The passion I feel, I want to share with my audience, the beats I play, I want to pound in people’s memory, and I want my music to speak for itself.” He has kicked off in many events such as the Pearls and Caviar, sho sho, GT1 World Championship, red Bull kickoff party and many others. He will be performing in November at the etihad Airways Grand Prix Formula 1 with more than 10 million viewers around the world. You can catch him in the coming months in Croatia, New Zealand, and Miami. Watch dJ shaf raisi’s video on your mobile phone now Download to scan this tag on your mobile. 8   Tempo July 16 - 31, 2010 9
  6. 6. ViewPoint After graduation a new salutation is added to your name and will be mentioned every time you are introduced to someone: Ambassador. How honored you feel after that! After graduating from Zayed University with a bachelor Malaysian ladies came forward and asked for permission to touch me. “Are you real?” they asked. At first it sounded very weird to me, but then I realized that they always see us in photos or Tv but never had the chance to meet us in by Hessa Al Romaithi degree, I joined ADTA as International Promotion person. OUT THE UAE executive. This new position is my second step to be an My second mission was to Germany where again our work LD Ab ambassador. even though the core duty is to participate involved cultural exchange with professionals during the Ng THE wOR in organizing the Abu Dhabi stand at international trade exhibition and people on Frankfurt’s streets. The next TELLI fairs and tourism exhibitions, I meet many people from mission is to russia, and I’m sure it is going to be full of various backgrounds, religions, races, nationalities, ages, adventures as well. and educational levels. Travelling teaches many things about cultures and It is a challenging career to represent your country each traditions of the host nation, but my job requires me to time you pack your bag and travel to these exhibitions teach people when I’m travelling about my country and because once you are there, wearing your traditional dress answer all their curious questions. Not only that, but after and working at the Abu Dhabi stand, many people will all the information I gained through the Ambassador come over to ask about your culture and traditions or even program and what I’m learning in my new job, I have to take a photo with you. become a tour guide and ambassador for my country even when I’m not abroad. People are always keen to know more about other cultures and meet natives who can speak their language I believe every person is an ambassador for their country and provide them the right information. I remember on and should work for free as a tour guide all the time. my first mission to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a group of rious pe ople from va I meet many ces, national ities, igions, ra ADTA . Photos from arning about the U AE from Hessa bac kgrounds, rel els. ucational lev Malaysians le ages, and ed I took the first step toward my dream by joining the Abu Dhabi Ambassador Program which is an initiative of Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA). This program is only three years old, and I was lucky enough to be a It has been always my dream to represent my graduate the second year. country worldwide by sharing, with passion, the UAE’s essence and values. It gives me a The Abu Dhabi Ambassador Program is a lifetime great feeling to talk about our inspirational chance for any emirati to gain lots of valuable soul Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan and the wise information about the capital and its main tourist leaders of my country. attractions. Not only that, but it gives knowledge in etiquette and many workshops which help you to A few years back, when I was studying discover your strengths and weaknesses. Tourism and Special Events Management at Zayed University, I discovered my dream Many field trips were organised by ADTA through job which allows me to use all my strengths the program to different places in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and interests. Ambassador, yes, being an mpur and the Western region. one of the most important ysians in Kuala Lu ambassador for my country is the only job oung Mala lessons of the program was how to be an effective and Talking with Y which can satisfy my desires. r General informative tour guide for our country, taught by a DTA Directo H essa with A l Muhairi Mubarak A number of specialists and professionals. 10 Tempo July 16 - 31, 2010 11
  7. 7. TrendSetter My Style BLUEPRINT In this issue, Tempo brings the best of trendsetter with two smart yet casual looks from Laura Ashley Tempo spots fashionable and smart dressers around Age: en the ecity. h : aide gre Namn Ham 21 e ne? ema lity: lim s anyo Nation na net a syri fish Shirt Zara Dh 70 Vest Zara big Dh 99 s are ral r! gREEN LEAVES flo umme s SkIRT DH 312 this s ant withp What do you do? senior student t grea studying civil engineering Your most valued fashion possessions? OUr FAsHiON my lV bag eXPerT sAYs: The one Thing I regret Buying: A nice well put RED AND Jeans Forever 21 together look. cut off wHITE FLORAL short dresses since Dh 128 sweaters and jeans FORMAL DRESS i cant wear them in look great together. SkIRT DH 288 DH 572 public The colour of the hijab coordinates nicely with the other for The one Thing I Dream colours. And the ready of Buying: Shoes Vennici shoes... well we need gREEN AND get e-mania A Valentino Dh 85 a full page just to l baub evening dress talk about the shoes! ORANgE FLORAL style inspiration: PRINTED DRESS PURPLE bEADED eliissa, Queen rania DH 436 NEckLAcE DH 104 My style Philosophy: at dress to impress and gre ps always look elegant um no matter where u’re with p going. 12 Tempo July 16 - 31, 2010 13
  8. 8. City Bites Text and photos by Venita Subramanian Visit chillax website on your mobile phone now Download to scan this tag on your mobile. cHILLAx As the name suggests, this downtown café   in Khalidiya has a huge teen following. With plenty of comfy sofas and armchairs, Chillax has a lot to offer its young and enthusiastic customers. You will be quick to notice the eager staff and the friendly atmosphere that the café has to offer. Most people come here to enjoy sheesha and snacks that include Lebanese food, sandwiches, and salads. The café is surrounded by television screens that play football games and music channels at all times. Chillax also offers private spaces for a cover charge of Dh 50 to enjoy some quality time with your friends. Friends hanging out at Chillax suraj, one of the regulars at Chillax, said “This is definitely a cool place to hang out and is different compared to other sheesha places around Abu Dhabi. I usually come here to rating have the spicy chicken sandwich along with my regular mint sheesha.” Food Ambience Bill for Two: dh 105 Value for money Overall Mint Sheesha Dh 25 • Watermelon juice Dh 22 • Arabic salad Dh 18 • Spicy chicken sandwich with drinks Dh 40 cHI cHI’S A popular restaurant at Le Meridien , Chi Chi’s looks like an old fashioned Mexican eat out. The first thing that awaits you after getting seated is a large bowl of nachos and a watery salsa dip. For starters, chili fries come in good-sized portions reasonably priced. For those of you looking for spicier options on the menu, try the spicy burrito. Most portions are fairly Chi Chi’s has atmosphere and lots of food to share large and can challenge your appetite. If you’re in for a light dinner, share the portions. rating Bill for Two: dh119 Bottomless ice tea Dh 15 • Chilli fries Dh 26 Texas Nachos small dh 25 (large is dh 32) Food Ambience Grilled chicken burritos dh 53 Value for money Overall 14 Tempo July 16 - 31, 2010
  9. 9. Raising the by Venita Subramanian Bar Making a by Venita Subramanian Difference Each of us can in his or her own way make a difference in our world. Sometimes this can be a simple gesture, and sometimes it is a kind Dr. rachel shaw is a veterinary surgeon for the word. This page is dedicated to the hero that resides in each of us, and to the sharing of great news that will make our planet a better place TEMPO VOTES FOR American veterinary Clinic (AvC), Abu Dhabi, and for everyone. Glide the Trikke runs strays of Abu Dhabi, also known as sAD. I asked her about her typical day at sAD. TEMPO LOVES My working day consists of juggling my full time Water savers job as assistant veterinarian at the AvC with my It’s amazing what a tiny gadget can do to help save water. The UAe many sAD duties. At breakfast I check through my government has recently launched a campaign to fit water savers sAD e-mails and deal with any pressing matters and on taps of every home and work place in the UAe. enquiries before starting work at the clinic at 8am. According to the eWs-WWF, this campaign is one of the most Mornings are spent either doing consultations until ambitious and effective water saving campaigns in the world. The 12 midday or the mornings surgical operations. water saver technician takes just few minutes to install the gadget at your home at no cost to you. This simple gadget can prevent I break for lunch between 12 and 2pm and more millions of liters of water from going to waste. often than not I have sAD appointments scheduled. How it works These are either to health check and vaccinate a even though we may not notice the difference in water new dog we are taking in, finalise the adoption of a fluctuations, water comes out of the tap at a constantly changing sAD dog and do the last set of vaccines and meet rate. This usually happens when more than one tap is used to draw water from the same source. An example of this would be when the new owners, or attend to one of our current sAD you have your shower and the washbasin tap on at the same time; dogs that has a medical problem. you will soon notice that the tap starts running more slowly. Dr. Rachel’s photo of her and Miracle Max I return to work to do an afternoon of appointments A water saver helps regulate the flow of water, ensuring that the water flows at a constant rate. For you it means that whether the between 2pm and 6pm ranging from everything and pressure is high or low, you will still have the same flow of water. anything from routine check-ups and vaccinations to Q How long does it take for a stray dog to find a How can this help save water? Well, believe it or not, an incredible Trikke, a three wheel transporter, can be vomiting dogs, itching cats and limping hamsters! new home? amount of water and energy is saved in the process. manually powered by the rider or by a long- lasting lithium battery. These new generation Want to be a Water saver? Call 800 WATer to find out if the At 6pm I rush home and enjoy a good hour walk with This varies immensely between each dog and is cycles are foldable and with their three wheel Water saver can be fixed in your neighborhood. send an email to the dogs to reflect and distress! to find out more about Water savers. design are said to be stable and safe for riders. dependent on a whole variety of factors. Puppies Manually powered, Trikke works by the shift are relatively quick to get homed as they have the Volunteers needed of body weight from side to side. After a little I have 3 of my own dogs. rJ - a 12 year old rescue cute factor on their side and people like to adopt practice, this action becomes intuitive and Yorkie terrier and PeG, a 10 year old rescue border Part of the ongoing Water savers campaign, Heroes of the UAe has a project this summer. volunteers are required to conduct a market delivers a speed up to 28 km/h. The design of terrier mix both whom I shipped over with me young dogs they can train themselves from a pup. survey in your emirate. send your contact information and details Trikke allows you to get maximum momentum when I first came to Abu Dhabi. My latest addition is We average 1-2 months to home puppies. small to Anjana Kumar at as you move in different directions. MIrACLe MAX, a rescue saluki mix from sAD who I breed dogs and pedigree dogs of any age are homed For those of you who are keen on an effortless adopted when he was just 4 weeks old. He was found instantly in most cases. We have people on our lists ride home, the lithium battery operated Trikke abandoned in a garbage bin! waiting to adopt small dogs. These dogs are suited to Visit Heroes of the UAe website on your mobile comes with an accelerator and brake on the the apartment living lifestyle of the UAe residents. phone now handlebars to give you better control. Battery Download operated Trikkes can last around 30 km and to scan this tag on your mobile. require two hours to charge the battery.   Trikke looks cool and fun but most Q How can someone get a dog from sAd? importantly reduces carbon emissions and non-renewable resources released every day All the sAD dogs we have available for adoption can by cars. Trikke gives out no emissions and can be viewed on our website www.straysofabudhabi. easily take you to work without being stuck in Visit sAd website on your com, or drop into the sAD shop at the American vet traffic or having to worry about parking. mobile phone now Download Clinic and fill out a form in person (Friday 9-10am and to scan this tag on your mobile. Wednesday 6-7pm). Making a Difference is a celebration of good people and good deeds. Please share with us your ideas, activities, and community public-good stories. Send them to 20 Tempo July 16 - 31, 2010 21
  10. 10. Yank insandland TechTalk by Noori Passela Text and Photos by Randy Parker PS3 Move The Second city Like the Wii remote, the Ps3 Move appears to be nothing more than what it First stop was the oasis in town. This was hard to find looks like: a device resembling a microphone which can be strapped to the Much as Chicago is known as the second city to New York in the U.s., Al Ain has the same relationship to and when we did we were vexed as the entrance was user’s wrist. But like its popular predecessor, the Ps3’s answer to interactive Abu Dhabi city. As Abu Dhabi city gets the lion’s share unmarked and the pathways seemed too narrow for gaming aims to achieve more. The spherical end of the microphone-shaped of attention, Al Ain remains relatively unknown as the a car. Undaunted, we drove the alleyways and found a controller contains an LeD reader that senses its wielder’s movements cultural and historical center of the emirate. The late, place to park. We spend a relaxing two hours wandering and provides feedback as vibrations or changing LeD colors. The wireless great sheikh Zayed bin sultan Al Nayed, father of the the oasis. Hint: the place is a maze, so don’t lose your Bluetooth technology ensures no tripping over any pesky wires during U.A.e., hailed from Al Ain. The town was his ancestral way. There are also some surprises to be found among the date palm groves! playtime. one Ps3 system can support up to 4 of these controllers. home and headquarters for the founding of this country. It was the discovery of the once lucrative pearl Next was Jebel Hafeet, an improbable rocky mountain The Move also comes with the Playstation eye, a camera that tracks the collecting business that shifted attention to the coast. south of Al Ain jutting 1300 meters above the flat desert movements of each player and enables voice interaction while gaming floor. The steep multilane road to the top had more with the help of some built-in microphones. It allows up to 6 players to play twists and turns than a rattlesnake and offered several at a time over a wireless network. even better, the camera works just as well turnouts to park and admire the view. Make sure you car is in fine tune as it will be tested. I saw many radiator with minimal lighting. geysers on the way to the summit. To get the fans going, sony is currently developing some new games We rewarded ourselves with eggrolls in the Mercure designed especially for the Move. slider sounds quite appealing: “Be an Grand hotel at the top of the mountain. This 4 star venue armchair warrior, punching away to glory as you wile away those boring serves as a good weekend getaway from the city. moments on your office chair or work desk.” I recommend Al Ain as a diversion from the Abu Dhabi summer doldrums. You may not escape the heat, but the change of scenery is mentally refreshing! xbox 360 kinect Now here’s something truly original and mindboggling at the same time. True, the Kinect does borrow heavily from the Wii’s motion-detecting sensors but here’s an additional twist to the mix: it will apparently navigate recently, I took a day trip to Al Ain with a friend from panels and access functions using hand movements and France. It is a short, pleasant 150KM trip from Abu voice control. Dhabi on the butter-smooth motorway. stark desert “Xbox, play music.” turned into green trees on the side of the road as we approached Al Ain, reminding me of my home in Florida. voila! You get the point. originally unveiled as Project Natal, the device had its official premiere at this year’s electronic entertainment expo with 15 titles already announced alongside 4 original titles created exclusively for Kinect: Kinect Adventures, Kinect Joy ride, Kinect sports, and Kinectimals. And since all gamers, casual and hardcore alike, love a good dose of celebrity in their games, the new Michael Jackson The Game is scheduled for release for the Kinect later this year, featuring many of the singer’s cult classic hits like “Beat It” and “Billie Jean.” Like the Ps3 Move, the Kinect is already built to work with its home console, the Xbox 360 so the costs of obtaining one for your console should be almost equivalent to an upgrade as opposed to purchasing a brand new one 22 Tempo July 16 - 31, 2010 23