Tempo July 1-15, 2010


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A fortnightly magazine published in Abu Dhabi, serving residents and tourists.

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Tempo July 1-15, 2010

  2. 2. cONTENTS VOLUME12 | JULY 1-15, 2010 FROM THE EDITOR Hello Abu dhabi, sometimes life deals you a rare hand, an opportunity to take stock of what you have and to realize ENTERTAINMENT that there are others so close to you who are vulnerable and yet so invisible. 4 USPAcE I had a spare bed that my son outgrew, and I decided (as I do with all my things) to give it away to someone in need. I sent out a message through the grapevine that anyone wanting the bed should 6 wHAT’S HOT bring their own car and pick it up from my home. 8 bEAT wITH AIcH A young shy teenager showed up at my home, along with a friend, to help carry the bed. I was impressed with the young boy’s politeness and his quiet dignity. I learned that he lived with his 10 FOOTbALL FUN QUOTES widowed mother and younger siblings and that they depended completely on handouts. 11 FOOTbALL TENT something about his thin awkward gait moved me, and I called him back. I handed him Dh 500 and told him to make sure he gave it to his mother. A day later I called a friend of his mother’s to make sure the boy delivered the money. The lady I spoke to told me that he had indeed given the money to his FASHION mother who then bought him his insulin shots. I almost cried when I heard this. 12 TRENDSETTER Look around, Abu Dhabi. reach out to those who may be in need, even if they are too dignified to reach out to you. If anyone wants to help this boy’s family, please let me know, and we’ll put you in 13 MY STYLE bLUEPRINT touch with them. respect and humanity, FOOD 14 cITY bITES LIFESTYLE EDITOR MAgAzINE DESIgNER EDITORIAL cONTRIbUTORS SANA bAgERSH PRAvEEN PRAbHAKARAN AIcHA DIOP 20 RAISINg THE bAR FARAH g jDID FEATURES EDITOR wEbSITE DESIgNER 21 MAKINg A DIFFERENcE RIzwAN PERvAIz jALAL LUQMAN ALMA KADRAgIc NOORI PASSELA 22 YANK IN SANDLAND MARKETINg cOORDINATOR RANDY PARKER EDITORIAL cOORDINATOR MANjUL AbHISHEK 23 TEcH TALK vENITA SUbRAMANIAN RIzwAN TARMOHAMED PRODUcTION cOORDINATOR 24 MY AbU DHAbI RIzwANA SHAHID 26 PEOPLE METER Address 27 SOcIAL NET To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: editorial@abudhabitempo.com If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 6673349 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. ARTS 28 ART-IcULATE NoTe To ADverTIsers: Advertisers get free brand tagging with all advertisements. To reach advertising call 02 6673349 or email: advertising@abudhabitempo.com 29 cULTURE TALK disclAimer: Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure the 30 cLASSIFIEDS authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part 31 FUN PAgE of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher. Published by: MEDIA LIcENcE NO. 1/105866/24295 3 easy steps to use mobile tags Click on tag beside Download run each article to have www.gettag.mobi Application fun with online to your smart phone content, videos and Visit abudhabitempo.com cool tags! on your mobile phone. Download www.gettag.mobi to scan this tag on your mobile. 3
  3. 3. Dear ed, SPACE REVIEW what’s your take on the sitcom show Maryam Fahad and Abbas, both students, review the latest TV hit. I am loving the new look of the magazine! It is clean, neat, and How I Met Your Mother? Maryam: I love it! It has such a great much easier to navigate than the previous issues. storyline which begins in the future with this ordinary main character telling his My only concern is that it is becoming too standard and kids about how he met their mother. neutral, I would like to see some funky pages that will attract Self-explanatory. people my age (17) to it more! Angie Abbas: It’s basically the latest answer to Friends but with more romance and an interesting plot. Dear ed, Maryam: Not that Friends was bad. But I really appreciate the section of Tamakkan: it is a great HIMYM is nice for a change. It has some opportunity for Emirati youth to express and show what they really funny and unique characters like are capable of. Keep up the good work and great inspiring Ted and Barney. articles! Abbas: Especially Barney. He could Hajr honestly give Joey Tribbiani a run for his money. Joey had only one signature catchphrase, “Hey, how ya Dear ed, doin’?”, throughout the whole series I am a 16 year old guy who is very interested in technology; whereas Barney comes up with new in your last issue you talked about the new 4GS iphone and ones in literally every few episodes. You the blackberry curve 8900, it is nice to know this information, should’ve heard this one: “Legen – Wait but mobile phones are not the only things that people are for it! – dary!” interested in. I think we have had enough of smart phones already! I think there are a lot of great technologies out there Maryam: Definitely one show to start which are alien to us that we would be more interested in. watching if you haven’t filled that Thank you. Friends-shaped hole in your life Moussa FAcEbOOK & TwITTER QUOTES ASK Abbie d’silva cyril Guneratne Looks good, guys! I matt smith Faiz Ali Hope the content is as cool as it looks. why is it hot in summer Can’t wait til this is warm off the press and am looking forward to reading it in my free Yayy, it’s that time of the month! Can’t wait seems like a good read and I wanna see and cold in winter? for it! As always ;) what features you on my desk... time. Cover pic guys have come up is interesting! with. Usually doesn’t disappoint so… Because the earth’s axis is tilted It is all about the tilt of the earth’s axis. Many people believe that Vote Vote D the temperature changes because the earth is closer to the sun in summer and farther from the sun in winter. In fact, the earth is farthest from the sun in July and is closest to the sun in January! During the summer, the sun’s rays hit the earth at a steep In last issue Tempo asked angle. The light does not spread out as much, thus increasing the amount of energy hitting any given spot. Also, the long Do you think the new cameras in do you think football players daylight hours allow the earth plenty of time to reach warm the streets are a good solution for have lost their sportmanship? temperatures. Visit Abu Dhabi drivers to stay safe? Tempo’s website During the winter, the sun’s rays hit the earth at a shallow angle. on your mobile phone. Yes - 54.5% These rays are more spread out, which minimizes the amount of Download www.gettag.mobi energy that hits any given spot. Also, the long nights and short Yes No to scan this tag on your mobile. No - 45.45% days prevent the earth from warming up. Thus, we have winter! 4 Tempo July 1 - 15, 2010 5
  4. 4. What’sHOT Happenings in Abu Dhabi by venita Subramanian bEAcH ROTANA SUMMER cAMP 13 june – 5 August 2010 Beach rotana Abu Dhabi has a summer camp for kids 5-12 years old at the Beach Club until August 5. Activities from 9 to 2 pm include arts and crafts, water games, treasure hunts, singing, dancing, painting, and much more. The camp also includes educational games such as saving the environment by creating toys out of recycled materials. For more   information on the camp, contact 971 (0)2 697 9302 or bodylines.beach@rotana.com ExPLORINg PATTERNS PLAYINg wITH PATTERN The workshop on exploring Patterns is primarily focused This workshop can be enjoyed by the entire family. on the teens. Participants attend a two hour stand-alone Participants attending will learn about a collection of session between 3.30pm to 5.30 pm. The workshop motifs from existing textiles in the exhibition. They focuses on the principles of harmonious design that attend only once, for a two-hour stand alone session make up the beautiful textiles we see in the traditional and then create their own textile work to take home bUSHRA PROgRAM Make the best of Abu Dhabi’s summer camps for children. The Women’s Union is organizing summer activities for children nomadic display. The students will use this opportunity to design their own piece to take home with them. with them. 13 june - 8 july Kids summer activities between 5-15 years of age. organized by women’s Union For more information, contact 02-4475333. wORKSHOP wITH THE PRINcE’S ScHOOL OF TRADITIONAL ARTS SUMMER IN 11-15 july, gallery One Education Room, AbU DHAbI Emirates Palace 24 June - 4 August organized by ADNeC and Abu Dhabi Tourism exploring Traditional Design Principles in Nomadic Textiles Authority, summer in Abu Dhabi is for the The workshop is an introduction to the visual languages of entire family. summer in Abu Dhabi will spill geometry and “nabati” ornamentation. Participants will attend in to six shopping centres - Abu Dhabi Mall, five days of the workshop from 10am to 12pm and will need to Marina Mall and Al Wahda Mall in Abu Dhabi, as attend all ten hours of the workshop in order to complete the well as Al Jimi Mall, Al Ain Mall and Bawadi Mall workshop projects. Participants will learn the principles behind in Al Ain. traditional designs and work towards completing their own traditional nomadic design.   6 Tempo July 1 - 15, 2010 7
  5. 5. Beat withaich by Aicha Diop This summer will sizzle from more than just the effects of the sun. Colombian sensation Fatiniza has slowly crept into the Dubai music scene and hit us with a bang on the launch of her album Confusion. Her emotional songs are influenced by her Columbian roots that made her who she is and borrow from classic rock which she loves. Fatiniza is loaded with energy. she combines this and her ever feisty character creating an energetic and alluring on-stage presence. Now Dubai-based, Fatiniza was born in the Colombian mountains and raised to the beat of Latin rhythms. she has come a long way from the days when she would scribble down lyrics and hum melodies. Her debut album Confusion, a work of original material including “out of Control” and”Babe Come on” features an eclectic mix of rock & Pop with a contemporary Latin edge in “Hard to Be Your Woman” and “Fortune Teller” which echoes mystical Asia. she composes the lyrics and develops the melodies for all of her work. she also stays very involved in the arrangement and production of every song Fatiniza says, “Music is my life. everything I do has a melody sewn into it and I just try to express this through my songs.” Fatiniza has enjoyed considerable media attention, the highlight of which was to be nominated for a Time out Dubai Nightlife Award for Best Local Band in Dubai 2010. Catch Fatiniza’s next live performance at “rock Nation” in The Music room, Majestic Hotel on July 9. she will also be performing in selected virgin Megastores through the summer where her album Confusion is available across the UAe and Middle east courtesy of Daxar Music Middle east. No confusion here, she is headed for great things! see Fatiniza on your mobile phone. Download www.gettag.mobi to scan this tag on your mobile. 8 Tempo July 1 - 15, 2010 9
  6. 6. FunQuotes FootballTent about Football some people tell me that we professional players are Text and photos by venita Subramanian soccer slaves. Well, if this is slavery, give me a no s is rd life sentence. There is something for everyone this football ces a suc . It is h nce, Iw e ever season. Nahtam social responsibility has set ent evera g, I’d dec nt y Bobby id acc , pers udyin f all, sch tel eivin away time charlton up an air conditioned tent for friends and rk st o str oo l he g m I w wo rning, most doing ee tp l, b r I ut wa y m as family on the Corniche. lea e, and ou are ha layin I’d b s go um. rific ty do. d a g f e o in sac of wha ng to ba oot ut g to e lov r lear ni ro ll on mball. I aon the It will be open through the World Cup o e na y fe lwa Pel ldo et. ys Final on July 11 to celebrate art, culture, and football! The tent has large screens for everyone to enjoy live matches. Women can also enjoy the beautiful UAe The goalkeeper is the Fail handicrafts made by local women from t jewel in the crown and pre o pre the sheikha Fatima’s Foundation that are par p getting at him should e to are, showcased in the tent. be almost impossible . It’s roy fail . the biggest sin in foo tball to Kea make him do any wo ne skillfully designed items reflect UAe culture, rk. I am history, and heritage. Children can have fun and buildin George Entrance to Nahtam’s family tent is on the Corniche, with educational games on the environment, g Graham I add every d a fire, the mor ay e fue I train, tba ll is opposite the Al Ain Palace Hotel. road safety, and UAe culture. righ t mo l. At Foo pera ju o the ment, I st the ple . mat ch. light peo of the mia r d Ham ffo am m stanboth gi He All gre mak good at e m at tha on i h t m es stak letes ist lear es; t ak e o n to he ra nly ma ul on ke lo ce other c pez . ountrie s have their his tory. Uru guay ha it’s footb s all. Ondino Viera Paintings and works donated by various artists. Sunil Kumar, an artist at the tent, paints the portrait of H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Sunil is a resident of Abu Dhabi for the last three years and says working at the Nahtam tent has been unique and exciting. Tempo’s 2010 FIFA World Cup Contest The free membership prize is provided by For more info on Fifa World Cup schedule and players, visit www.fifa.com/world cup or scan tag with your mobile phone now: Ole,Ole,Ole, all you have to do is tell Download www.gettag.mobi us the names of the two final teams, to scan this tag on your mobile. the score and the winners of the 2010 FiFA World cup. The first person to send in the correct answers before July 11 will receive a Free single 6 months membership to Khalidiya Branch, World Gym, Khalidiya. rush your answers to: Dana Plaza, Abu Dhabi, contest@abudhabitempo.com Tel: 02 667 5779 or editorial@abudhabitempo.com The arts and crafts exhibition displays paintings by children from the Future Football fans enjoying a match on the big screen. With over 2 million views on youtube.com, is this the best soccer goal ever? send your suggestions to Center for Special Needs. Paintings are available for sale to benefit the Center. editorial@abudhabitempo.com. 10 Tempo July 1 - 15, 2010 11
  7. 7. TrendSetter My Style BLUEPRINT In this issue, Tempo brings the best of trendsetter with two smart yet casual looks from Le chateau Tempo spots fashionable LIME gREEN and smart dressers around EvENINg DRESS theea Gair :city. Age: Sweater: Theory Dh 1,524 DH 359 Namn i 40 mar on ality: ican r Natiatian-Ame RED NEcKLAcE cro bRIgHT PINK DH 49 DRESS DH 399 Necklace: Uno de Dh 50 Handbag: Louis Vuitton Dress : Theory Expensive Dh 1,010 What do you do? gOLD SEQUENcE Professor at st. Francis University, cLUTcH PURSE Pennsylvania, visiting DH 139 Abu dhabi Your most valued fashion possessions? Handbags The one Thing I regret Buying: A really expensive pair of boots that hurt my feet OUr FAsHiON PINK AND gOLD eXPerT sAYs: bANgLES DH 39 The one Thing I Dream Shoes Clarks of Buying: marina shows Dh 165 that less is more A great leather jacket when it comes to style. Her outfit is style inspiration: affordable except classy women in for the louis Vuitton general classic handbag. she knows that one of the secrets My style Philosophy: of dressing well is bRIgHT PURPLE simplicity, elegance, one outstanding and a splash of color SHOES DH 149 accessory. 12 Tempo July 1 - 15, 2010 13
  8. 8. City Bites by venita Subramanian HANOI lOcATiON: KHAliFA BiN ZAYed sTreeT, ABU dHABi Hanoi is perhaps one of the best far eastern restaurants in the city, and for good reason. An authentic vietnamese eatery by heart, there is no getting away from the liveliness of the place. Although the restaurant is not much to look at from outside, the pho (rice noodle soup), goi (vegetable vinegar pickle), and other authentic dishes are indications of genuine vietnamese cuisine. The noodle soups start at around Dh 25 and are the best way to start your meal. The spring rolls rating are likewise delicious, but be sure to try some vermicelli salads on the side. A meal for two Food Ambience costs less than Dh 100 and is well worth a visit. Value for money Overall MOTI MAHAL lOcATiON: sAlAm sTreeT What Moti Mahal manages is traditional Tandoori food served in a decorative wooden interior setting. The friendly atmosphere with soft lantern lighting and Mughal hangings on the wall all come together to give you a relaxed feel. Hidden in the chasms of salam street, this popular Indian restaurant is pleasantly cheap and cheerful. start with a plate of paneer tikka, essentially grilled cottage cheese with vegetables, but so much more than it seems. equally compelling are the Tandoor prawns, served with spicy mint chutney. special mention goes to the assorted naan (Indian bread) basket that can be enjoyed with a variety of curries that the restaurant rating offers. You will leave keen to come again. Food Ambience Value for money Overall 14 Tempo July 1 - 15, 2010
  9. 9. Raising the Bar Making a by venita Subramanian Difference TEMPO LOvES TEMPO INTRODUcES DOMINIc Each of us can in his or her own way make a difference in our world. Sometimes this can be a simple gesture, shelter for destitute cats and dogs gOTHARD, THE MAN bEHIND and sometimes it is a kind word. This page is dedicated to the hero that resides in each of us, and to the sharing THE gREEN FOUNDATION of great news that will make our planet a better place for everyone. The Abu Dhabi government is creating a haven for destitute cats and dogs, in an effort to promote animal welfare in Abu Dhabi. The shelter will be the first of its kind in the emirate by venita Subramanian and is said to be capable of housing about 200 animals. The HELPINg HAND government ensures that all animals will be treated with care in accordance with international standards. save a Turtle All stray cats and dogs in the shelter will be implanted with a microchip, details of which are entered into a database. In a 2006 report, the International Association of The database helps people find their pets in case they are For over five thousand years marine turtles electronics recyclers estimated that three billion have provided food to coastal dwellers in the lost. The shelter will neuter these animals. Although units of electronic waste will be discarded by 2010. Gulf. Here is your chance to address the decline the location of the shelter is not of turtles, an irreplaceable ecological resource finalized, it is said to be a With further advances in technology, this number is in the Gulf region and beyond. By adopting full-fledged facility housed most likely to go higher than expected. a turtle, you contribute to the efforts of the in seven buildings. The eWs-WWF in the Gulf region. The proceeds shelter also includes Acknowledging the pressing need for electronic from the project will focus on eWs-WWF Marine surgery and treatment Turtle satellite project and help identify the rooms, as well as a Gothard is currently running a project recycling, Dominic Gothard, an expatriate from the quarantine station. turtles’ nesting and feeding grounds in the UK founded the Green Foundation in 2009. The Green at The Capital Club in Dubai to collect Gulf. Adoption costs dhs 200 which includes Foundation claims to be the first regional electronic an adoption certificate, a cuddly soft toy turtle, mobiles and laptops for the benefit product recycling company for all powered items a sticker, and complete information about the of Operations Smile – a charity that including mobile phones, laptops, printers, Tvs, music program you are supporting. raises money to surgically repair lip systems, and so on. and mouth deformity in children. Gothard says he established the Green Foundation to For more information on the Marine Conservation EcOFUND The Green Foundation has also done Fundraiser for the Gulf coast Oil spill Fund bridge the gap for consumers and companies looking Turtle Project visit electronic collection in local schools www.gulfturtles.com not only to achieve Csr objectives but also to help Where: Left Bank @ souk Qaryat Al Beri and educational institutes in the UAE those less fortunate. When: Thursday, July 1st to raise awareness of environmental Time: 6.30 pm to 9 pm issues. The Green Foundation works with regional and local Download www.gettag.mobi to scan this tag on your mobile. charities to collect mobile phones and laptops on As the world watches what may be the worst U.s. their behalf. The Foundation recently launched the environmental disaster in decades, the Greater New orleans Foundation has established the Gulf Coast oil spill Fund “cash for mobiles” and “cash for laptops” initiatives in to help support organizations providing critical services to conjunction with emax, to encourage mobile phone fishermen and their families and helpp the communities most and laptop recycling with an instant cash incentive to affected by the oil spill. consumers. Donate Dh 50 and receive a free welcome drink from Left Bank. Win door prizes, including brunch for two at the Belgian Gothard believes that UAe must work towards Café, beach access at Intercontinental, and more. All funds collected will be sent to the communities in need. introducing legislations that ban the use of landfills for electrical items to increase responsible If you miss the fundraiser, you can contribute on the website below. recycling practices. Green Foundation boasts about maintaining the highest possible environmental and more information at: industry standards in electronic recycling. http://www.gnof.org/gulf-coast-oil-spill-fund/disaster-on-the-gulf-coast// Making a Difference is a celebration of good people and good deeds. Please share with us your ideas, activities, and community public-good stories. Send them to editorial@abudhabitempo.com 20 Tempo July 1 - 15, 2010 21
  10. 10. Yank insandland TechTalk by Noori Passela TANNED AND RESTED by Randy Parker Tumblr I am back in Abu Dhabi from my month-long annual leave born and raised in the area that is directly threatened by With the threat of Facebook in the United states and have a new perspective on things the sludge. When I was in Northwest Florida, I went to the advancing onwards to global for a while anyway. It was a fun but sometimes hectic trip domination, it should have been beach and took some photos because the tarballs were as I traveled from the Northeastern cities to the southwest safe to guess that we were done not there yet and wanted to capture the pristine beauty of deserts to the southern Gulf Coast and back again. The with social-networking sites and the sugar white sands before it was too late. At that time, severe jet lag I had for a few days upon return to the UAe their ilk for the time being. And the oil slick was reported to be just offshore. of course, we have once again is finally gone. Travel can be cruel sometimes. been proven wrong. According to Let me tell you, the local residents are plenty angry but one thing I noticed is that when I was in the Us, Abu statistics taken in March this year, Dhabi seemed a far away, dim memory, and the reverse is they are determined to do anything to prevent damage to Tumblr averages at about 2,000,000 true. It’s as if the country I am not currently in hardly exists. the environment. Many people are volunteering their time posts and 15,000 new users per day. I wonder if other expats and travelers experience this and efforts to help the cause. The citizens have mobilized! phenomenon. Kind of freaks me out. Tumblr allows users to post a variety of content to their tumblelog, a short-form blog which seems like a mash-up of Twitter’s 140 character specific tweets and Blogger’s online journal entries. Users can also follow other tumblelogs, updates of which appear together in one stream similar to the former and which can “liked” or “reblogged.” Facebook much? so far, not the most original of concepts but Tumblr’s UsP relies more on how easy it is to use as opposed to its content. The “reblog” feature which allows content from one blog to be shared on another has proven to be especially popular, adding on to Tumblr’s 85% user retention rate as compared with Twitter’s 40%. sharable content falls into seven different categories: Text, Photo, Link, Quote, Chat, Audio, and video. A highly sophisticated email system allows users to upload content directly to their own blogs via their desktop or mobile phone. Whether it’s the latest snapshot from your vacation portfolio or the latest video sensation, Tumblr seems to have it covered with an easy-to-follow uploading system for each format. Music lovers and sharers will enjoy the audio post publisher which cuts down on time spent in uploading files to sites like Mediafire and Megaupload as Tumblr allows direct posts of all content. sign up for a free account on www.tumblr.com Photos by Randy Parker of beach before oil slick in Northwest Florida Another is that the joy and happiness of seeing family and friends after a long period of absence is tempered by the There are many BP branded gas stations in that area and they were all devoid of customers. No one wants to be Editing Restrictions Relaxed on wikipedia sadness of having to leave them again for another year. seen purchasing BP products. To enhance their user-friendly policy, Wikipedia has opened up to 2,000 of their most such is the balance of life I guess, bittersweet. controversial articles for editing. The list includes pages on former Us president George W. I am off the soapbox now. It is good to get back to my job Bush, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and Iceland. oddly enough, “homework” was also You see, the tax laws of my home country limit me to and friends here. After all, Abu Dhabi is where I hang my mentioned as one of the more touchy issues on the same list. only 30 days per annum back home or I will get taxed on hat now and it is time to get back into the routine. every any foreign earned income so my time is limited with my Previously, new or anonymous users were prevented from making any changes to articles day can’t be a holiday or the thrill would fade. important people back home. It is unfair, don’t get me deemed by Wikipedia administrators as “semi-protected” As Jimmy Wales, one of Wikipedia’s . Yin and Yang! cofounders, put it so adroitly, “These have had to be semi-protected for years just because they started! are too tempting for naughty people to try something funny.” Anyway, I had a great time and was able to do most of The changes should make it easier for these users to edit such items in a bid to encourage the things I had planned. I saw big cities, snow covered “thoughtful and sincere newcomers” to add their own wealth of knowledge to the mix. only mountains, gambled in Las vegas, spent quality time with http://expatuae.blogspot.com 0.1% of the 3.3 million articles on the english Wikipedia are under edit protection at present. my mother and brother and reconnected with my friends. see more of randy’s photos one can’t ask for much more. on your mobile phone now. For the duration of the two month trial, Wikipedia viewers will notice a small magnifying glass icon in place of the usual padlock on some articles. By clicking on it, edits can be suggested and Download www.gettag.mobi on a negative note, I am upset about the BP oil spill. I was to scan this tag on your mobile. placed on the “pending changes” page for further review by the main editorial team. 22 Tempo July 1 - 15, 2010 23
  11. 11. MyABU DHABI TODAY’S gRADUATES, TOMORROw’S MEDIA LEADERS? by Alma Kadragic Thirty-five Emirati students representing all the At the graduation ceremony at the Yas Hotel last major. He’s graduating now from Abu Dhabi Men’s, but he Amena Al Hosani from Zayed University was the presenter national universities completed the Young Media month, the graduates heard Mrs. Hoda Al Khamis- hopes to attend more workshops at twofour54 to prepare during the ceremony. she has another semester before Kanoo, founder of ADMAF, say, “Inspiration is the himself for becoming a print journalist. Meshal’s goal: to she graduates and is planning to work in public relations. Leaders program sponsored by the Abu Dhabi Music key to unlocking the talent that lies within each explain emirati culture to western expats and to other “I’m graduating as a Pr major,” she said, “and that & Arts Foundation (ADMAF). Most of them were individual. With this in mind, we have been able to Arabs. should be where my career begins. When I start being a female with only four males in the group. They spent introduce these young apprentices to a panorama of professional, then I’ll see.” Both Ali and Meshal attended the workshops and events experiences and a plethora of leading figures.” the academic year attending monthly workshops they covered along with female members of the group. Duaa Fahmi Mukhayer, also from Zayed, said, “I would at twofour54 Tadreeb on website design and Keynote speaker sultan sooud Al Qassemi pointed since their higher education has been male-only as is the like to work somewhere where I can apply all that I have to what lies ahead for the group. “The establishment rule at the national universities, how do they feel about learned.” she will graduate in January and is thinking of development, photojournalism, video journalism, art of twofour54, the inauguration of CNN’s fourth learning with girls? “Privileged,” said Ali, smiling. Meshal publishing, printing, photojournalism, perhaps making of writing, how to cover an event, how to write for a global hub in Abu Dhabi, the launch of The National, said he found the experience “normal” and added, “we can films for the future. magazine, presentation skills, and video production and the future creation of News Corp regional office get a lot of ideas from girls.” Cica Al Attas, the only married Young Media Leader, is for websites. in the UAe capital will all demand that journalistic Two of the girls are already looking forward to working majoring in international relations at Zayed University and standards be constantly upgraded,” he explained. as journalists for Al Bayan daily newspaper in Dubai. enjoys doing interviews and writing. she wrote the only After the workshops came assignments to cover, to “The Young Media Leaders graduates will certainly They don’t have jobs secured yet, but they have applied opinion piece on the website. Her husband who attended be in a great position to work in this industry as a design, to photograph, to film, to present out of which and know that “they want locals.” Klaithen Al Darmaki the graduation said he has seen Cica’s interests expand result of this educational opportunity.” they would learn. What the students did can be seen and Iman Al shekely are graduating from UAeU in Al Ain, since she has been studying journalism and hopes she will Ali Al Afeefi from Abu Dhabi Men’s College was an majors in journalism. Having to come to Abu Dhabi from keep on writing. on the website www.mynews.ae that shows their engineering student who entered the program and Al Ain for the training workshops was more difficult for work and allows them and the public to interact Young Media Leaders was founded in 2007. In the last has now switched to a major in media. He’s “not sure them, but they were happy to get the training. Both said three years, more than 90 young nationals have gained through journalism and comment. yet” if he wants to go into journalism, but he has that their parents support their becoming journalists. a unique understanding of global media through been writing in english and Arabic and has three of However, when asked if parents would agree to her a comprehensive and highly intensive program of his pieces on the My News website. becoming a Tv presenter, Iman shook her head, maybe, workshops, lectures, travel, and hands-on experiences. eventually. His colleague Meshal Bin Amro is an IT and business From left, Cica Al Attas, Duaa Fahmi Mukhayer, Ali Al Afeefi, Meshal Bin Amro Young Media Leaders, Representatives of National Universities, ADMAF, and twofour54. Photos from ADMAF 24 Tempo July 1 - 15, 2010 25