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Abu Dhabi Tempo Magazine (Issue 1)


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A magazine published in Abu Dhabi, serving residents and tourists.

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Abu Dhabi Tempo Magazine (Issue 1)

  1. 1. FUN | FAMILY | FOODS | FRIENDSHIP | FASHION | FITNESS the rhythm of your city OCTOBER 2009 A mith, erosJamiroquai e& Beyonc nd 1 YAS Isla ulao rm t FoComingabi ROCK h D Abu Timbaland up the Jam HE on the CORNIC FREE ENTRY Get your Abu Dh a Tourist Guid bi e inside! e Art  Oud THE MIDDLE EAST INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OPENS Rocking Abu Dhabi How to experience, use and appreciate Arabian perfumes DJ Adnan Balushi IN ABU DHABI !
  2. 2. VOLUME 1 | OCTOBER 2009 it’s tempo - it’s about you! this week 4 Your Say Well heeeello Abu Dhabi ! 5 ShopCall 5 What’s Hot in Abu Dhabi In your hand is Tempo, the snazziest, handiest little magazine you'll ever find. It is monthly, and will focus on Abu Dhabi--the 6 Shop Call city, its people and its soul. Yes, we revel in celebrating the v everday, the mediocre, the run-of the-mill. As long as it relates 7 City Bites to Abu Dhabi. We offer an odd mix of useless trivia, periodic insight, slivers of inspiration, buckets of hope, loads of drama, and oodles of community warmth. To borrow the words of 8 My Abu Dhabi a wiseman, "it is of you, for you and by you" and that really means that we want to hear from you: what you're doing, what you're thinking... 9 People Meter What an auspicious time for us to launch! So much happening 10 Making a difference in our wonderful city. Welcome to the film festival and Formula One, to Beyonce and Aerosmith, Timbaland and Jamiroquai, Ragheb Alama and Faris Karam and especially, to 11 Handy helper all our guests coming from near and far to share the magic with us. 12 Workitude Welcome to Abu Dhabi, the land of plenty. 13 Alive & Kicking Media Licence No. 1/105866/24295 14 My Style Blueprint Editor: Sana Bagersh, Editorial Coordinator: Kulsoom Zakir, Design Coordinator: Praveen Prabhakaran, Marketing Coordinator: Ahmad Al-Dajani, Production Coordinator : Joel Flores Editorial Contributors: Genevieve Colaco, Aicha Diop, Ruth Burrows, Samantha Davis. 15 Trendsetter Disclaimer: Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any 16 On the Beaten Path responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher. 17 Funny thing about life Address: To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: To reach advertising call 02 6673349 or email: 18 Culture Talk If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 6673349 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. See us at: 19 Ask Um Saif 20 Lifecoach Couch To advertise in Abu Dhabi Tempo magazine or the website:, call 02 6673349 or 050 7827575 22 The Beat with Aich Published by:
  3. 3. Dear Tempo, Just wanted to say I loved the whole Abu Dhabi Ramadan scene and am going to miss it. People are so serene and detached. Although I had a couple of run ins with shop keepers who were impatient with me, by and large, the transformation in most people was very nice--a palpable sense of calm. I wish people had this sense of spirituality all year round. Amy C How true, Amy! Ramadan is a great way to ‘realign’ Dear Tempo, one’s soul. The real truth is to keep that feeling alive not just over a period of a month, but throughout the year. What's with parking out here? And can Ed someone explain why it gets worse on week- ends? I spend at least 20 minutes in front of my work place to find a parking space. Almost all of our spaces are filled late night by the cars of other residents who come to our area because they cannot find parking in front of their own buildings. I think there should be an understanding, a protocol that The internet is abuzz with vibrant discourse. Here we all go by, that you cannot scrounge in are selected tweets about Abu Dhabi: someone else's parking space. Find a space in your own neighborhood. Stick to your • Mmm, kebab and hummus, by candle light, watching the boundaries. Be creative! city scape of Abu Dhabi from the window of my new place – bliss Ahmed .T I hear you A.T. ! Now try convincing the rest of the five million people who make up the population. • Arrived in Abu Dhabi Sunday night. We r already adjusted Ed to the time change. Loving the variety of people here!!! Dear Tempo, • Spent a really interesting evening at Souks in Port Zayed, I live near the Khaleej-al-Arabi Street and I Abu Dhabi. Ostriches and peacocks in the livestock market! see a number of stray cats and dogs roaming Still 37C by 22h00. around my locality and also in other areas of Abu Dhabi. And there's always a bunch of • gosh, waiting in Abu Dhabi Airport is really boring. kids on roads who take pleasure in mistreat- ing them. It’s really sad--it shows that kids are not growing up with the right values about • We're in the Abu Dhabi Hilton and the food costs a for- kindness to animals. Stray dogs should be tune... cheaper to take a taxi to the mall & eat there. removed from the street and placed in proper shelters. And parents, please teach your kids • Abu Dhabi launches encrypted sports channel http://url4. kindess! eu/JBAG Asim Ali I know of people here who are doing amazing things to save stray pets. They need all of our By the way you can tweet with us on support. Join the conversation! Ed We'd love to hear from you. Write to us at 4 Tempo October 2009
  4. 4. What's Hbohti in A u D ab asaalIam Y Y s sland Live on News on the Ferrari World Concert line-up Beyonce, Aerosmith and Jamiroquai will bring Yas Island alive with their music at the end of this month! ‘Single Ladies’ singer, Beyonce will be setting the stage on fire with all her latest songs on Thursday October 29. Next, the Brit band – Jamiroquai will deliver an electrifying performance live on Friday, October 30. The best is saved for last for soon after the Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2009 has ended on Sunday (November 1), US band, Aerosmith will rock the Ferrari World Arena with their signature energetic on-stage presence. So my advice to all rock fans... don’t miss out on this one! Tickets will be available only to those attending the grand prix. Those who have bought a three-day pass will be able to see all four acts. Another celebrity entertainer is all set to thrill us on Saturday, October 31. However the media gurus have keep it all hush hush! So tune up your hearing music lovers, a name might be announced pretty soon! Yasalam Live on the Corniche Free concerts will WOW Abu Dhabi Beats on the Beach will be a series of beach front concerts leading up to the Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2009. US rap star Timbaland accompanied by Soul II Soul, The Wailers, as well as Lebanese artists Myriam Fares and Fares Karam, will be performing at Corniche Beach in a series of free concerts running from October 27 to 31. Arabian entertainers like Myrian Fares and Fares Karem will get you swaying to their tunes from 7.30pm - 1am on October 27. They will be joined by Freshly Ground, a band which plays original mix of indigenous African sounds. The evening of October 29 will feature acts by Grammy Award winning group, Soul II Soul followed by Beat Antenna and Hussein Al Jasmi. The world famous trance music group, Above and Beyond will dazzle you from 7.30pm till midnight. Next, in the musical festival lineup, will be Timbaland, bringing the house down with his unique rap style on October 30. Accompanying performanc- es include Abri and Raghab Alame. The show will run from 9pm to 2am. The closing night (October 31) will feature Jamaican reggae group, The Wailers. Arabian artists, Mohamed Hamaki and Dahab will also delight Middle Eastern fans to popular tunes from 7.30pm to 1am. Beats on the Beach is estimated to attract more than 30,000 people each day. So get ready to dance to the music and BE THERE! 5
  5. 5. Danke Deutschland ! Danke Deutschland! Welcome retail diversity! In a UAE mall world long dominated by the British, the Americans and the Spaniards, we now bid Willkommen to Germany’s own Tchibo, which has opened its doors in Khalidiya Mall. Just like Japanese 'Daiso’ has its own funky products (tiny res opening up! houseware items made for midget hands Mazyad Mall, more sto and an endless array of paper handicrafts) Tchibo brings its own Germanic quirk to retailing. There are things here that you For those who have not been there as yet, Mazyad Mall is may not be able to find anywhere else the spanking new mall in Musaffah, and technically the (except their larger store in Dubai Outlet first mall in Mohamed Bin Zayed City. The mall is quite nice Mall). Check out the self massage products, from the outside, and provides a whole slew of retail outlets the portable paper shredder, the almond that are very welcome for the long mall-starved ‘burbs. A toasting pan, and the handy ice crusher. And large number of the fashion stores have opened up, there’s a cute cotton padded draught offering everything from sporting goods to toys, blocker that must work miracles cosmetics, jewellery, books, home furnishing Tempo Tip! in long German winters and and electronics. What the kids love most is might help stem the leak of the vibrant Sparky's children's activities air conditioning in the UAE. at shops centre which has opened a few weeks Don't get carried away s. als' and sale ago. Anchoring the mall is a Lulu when you see 'great de into the hype le are sucked hypermarket which covers all the main A lot of peop ying things erspend, bu and often ov e returning departments. But we have also heard a Ed Harvey ve a hard tim that they ha yer remorse , keep few community voices lament its small later on . To avoid bu it. If t and stick to size... Glitz Hits Home a shopping lis amount ep a small necessary ke e 'surprise' aside for thos T-shirts finds. est outlet in most malls so why a la Madonna A supermar ket is the busi isn't Lulu in a bigg er area in Maz yad Mal in the area at l, especially si the mom nce ent?” says If you’re a Marina Mall regular you will hypermarket Bin Zayed Ci ty. it is the only Mohamed have noticed that FCUK has long closed Ms. Ali, a resident of (strange how those FCUK branded t-shirts never did take off in the Emirates, don't you think?) Well the store has been replaced by Ed Hardvey of Christian Audigier fame; a “Now I won’t have to fancy Hollywood-hyped store with pricey drive to Dubai to ea Applebee’s!” says Sa t at designer jeans and t-shirts. How ‘pricey,’ ra, a young student excited about the op who is you say? A ‘few-hundred-dees-for-a-t-shirt’ ening of the first Ap the capital. Source: plebee’s in pricey. Well, OK you concur, as long as it puts you in the company of Madge, Kanye and Britney. 6 Tempo October 2009
  6. 6. Ci ty b ites Mamma Mia! It's BriccoCafe! Italian food has massive appeal to all nationalities--yes probably even more than burgers. And if you love good quality Italian food that is not affected (and doesn't take you to the cleaners) then BriccoCafe is the place to go to. Trouncing many fancy-schmancy Italian restaurants BriccoCafe hands down serves the better 'margherita' pizza. The crust is just right with a fragrant sauce, plump tomatoes on buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil. Bellisima! Their "putanesca" (excuse the language) penne is another perennial BC favourite, but then everything else on the menu is just as good. BriccoCafe is not new news, you say. Yes, but their expanding home delivery is. So now you can enjoy all their goodies in the comfort of your home, while watching the Sopranos. Get ready for spicy! Golden Crown Restaurant is located in the downtown, near the Electra and Najda Streets, behind the Al-Mariah Mall. It serves Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes in a comfortable environment, with private sections avaliable. The service is prompt and the food tastes great. Their speciality is Indian dishes, particulary their butter chicken is delicious (make sure you order it with butter naan). Kebabs are another dish really worth a try. The plus point is that a filling dinner for two costs about Dhs 70, including drinks and sweets -- a great deal to be sure! Suggestion: Their drink servings however, could be a bit bigger than they are. Apart from that, everything seems perfect, from serving the usual starters with pickles and curd, to the mouth freshners at the end. Recommended for less formal dining. Do you have your own restaurant pick? Fancy or simple? Share it with us and tell us what you like about it. 7
  7. 7. MyABU DHABI Sahil Latheef, a tourist from India visits The Sheikh Zayed Mosque and speaks about his experience... “The grand mosque is clearly the biggest in the country though I am a bit skeptical of the claim that it's the third largest mosque in the world (after Masjid al-Haram in Mecca and Al-Masjid al-Nabawi in Medina).This mosque seems far smaller than the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta; Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca; and Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan. But I could be wrong. “As you enter the mosque you enter an unusual entry hall, which is covered in marble bass relief in floral patterns that are quiet uncharacteristic of a mosque structure. Unlike other dominant Islamic buildings and mosques here, the strict use of a geometric framework for all the patterns is noticeably missing. “In my opinion, it is the restrictions imposed by the strict geometric ordering that has always made decoration in Islamic religious buildings so interesting! “It is one of the few mosques in the country that is open to tourists of all religious orientation and one of the few instances were the state's money has been lavishly used on a ‘public’ building. I think it is surely worth a visit if you happen to be in Abu Dhabi!” eetYOUR MNEIGHBOUR MEET.... Mohammed Ali I have been living in Abu Dhabi for almost fifteen years, so this feels like home to me. I am from a small town in India where there are not many opportunities for me to make enough money for the family. I have struggled for many years to establish my own shop and it is good to me. Mohammad Ali, 40, is a shop owner who has been in Abu Dhabi My biggest dream is to provide a better living to my for fifteen years. Mohammad shared a few moments of his time family so that my brothers don’t face as many hardships with Tempo. This account translated from Hindi. in their lives as I have. Being the eldest in the family, I dream to see my younger brothers begin their work lives soon. I miss my country and more than that, I miss my family, friends and home. The feeling of missing their company is more in times when I need to share my joys and sorrows. My father passed away a few years after I came to Abu Dhabi and I could not attend his funeral because I did not have enough money to go back. I am grateful about my life here but I miss all the time that has gone by. In the future, I see myself living here with my own family and my brothers working side by side with me in my shop. Who knows, if Allah graces me, maybe I will open another shop. My dream is to spend the rest of my life close to my loved ones. 8 Tempo October 2009
  8. 8. PEOPLE METER PeopleMeter is an offbeat way to learn more about our community and its people, who come from ur Yolse Pu different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life. This month, we invite Kelly King, a Marketing Excecutive and Rizwan Perveiz, a Designer, to participate in PeopleMeter. Quick Questions Q. What would you do if you were invisible for a day? Rizwan: I will go to my country without ticket. Kelly: I’ll go s’ dipping! Q. If you are lost on a distant island, who would you like to be with? Rizwan: My fiancée Rizwan Perveiz, 27 Kelly King, 26 Kelly: My sister Pakistani British Q. Share the most painful experience of your life. What first word comes to your mind when I say...? Rizwan: Oh! Forget about bad experiences. I don’t want to recall. Kelly: When I fell from the Home Relax Home London monkey bars and sprained my Energy Passion Energy Freshness arm at the age of 11. Peace Calm Peace Abu Dhabi Safe Happy Safe Lock Q. What is your annoying habit? Holiday Refresh Holiday Vacation Rizwan: I am very quiet Value Devalue Value Added sometimes. Comfort Tension Free Comfort Cosy Kelly: I keep losing my things all the time! Shopping Change Shopping Sale Planet Circle Planet Earth Q. Share the happiest moment of Sweet Cute Sweet Tooth your life. Friend Trustworthy Friend Lisa Rizwan: When I got engaged to Mother Care Mother Love the girl I like. Happy Enjoy Happy Contentment Kelly: My graduation. 9
  9. 9. Making a Each of us can in his, or her, own way make a difference in our world. Sometimes this can be a simple gesture, and sometimes it is a kind word. This page is dedicated to the hero that resides in each and every one of us, and to the sharing of great news that will make our planet a better place for us all. The spirit of volunteering: Did you know that the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD), launched at the start of the year, a wonderful programme called 'Kindness Heals’ that encourages members of the public to volunteer for a programme that helps the elderly The Healing Power of Doing Good: in the emirate? The programme invites primarily “The Health and Spiritual Benefits young people, of all nationalities to sign up to of Helping Others” by Allan Luks volunteer work at hospitals in the capital city. Activities include and Peggy Payne. This book states the educating the community on health related issues and providing obvious (we think): if you do good for valuable services such as wheel-chair assistance and providing office and administrative assistance. To participate visit , others, good flows back to you. This, email or call 02-6104505. incidentally, is a strong Islamic tenet, and one that is no doubt echoed Green Hotels: Jinan Al Dhafrah Hotel & Resort, being built in universally by other religions as well. Zayed City in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi will be the first hotel In this book, Luks and Payne show in the UAE to follow Abu Dhabi’s new ‘Estidama’ standards, intended through research, that helping others to create more sustainable communities, cities and global regularly produces significant health enterprises. The four-star hotel will feature 84 duplex apartments and benefits to the giver, and creates the six suites, and cover 50,000 sq.m. The management says it plans to kind of ‘health buzz’ one experiences build seven to tenhotels by 2012. after exercise. Humanitarian ALERT: Government funding available! A great guide for those considering The Emirates Foundation for Philanthropy has announced that the noble act of volunteering. Includes substantial funding will be offered to improve UAE’s educational and advice on how to choose the right social development. Licensed civil society organizations can apply kind of activity that's right for you, for grants of up to Dh. 500,000. The closing date for applications is how to optimize the rewards, and how November 8, 2009. Send in your proposals and enquiries to to manage your time. Helping Hand or visit brigade’) (aka ‘the Rahma Save energy! U A group of women in Abu Dhabi have teamed up se washing mach your and regularly gather school supplies and other in washer wisely e and dish- resources for distribution to families in need. They talk to the families and then deliver packages of .W water wheneve ash with cold items most needed. Sometimes these are school r wash and dry possible and supplies, and other times, food staples such as milk full loads onl powder, rice, sugar etc. Contact us if you would like y! to help and we can provide their contact details. Making a Difference is a celebration of good people and good deeds. Please share with us your ideas, activities and community ‘public-good ‘ stories. Send them to 10 Tempo October 2009
  10. 10. handy handyhelper FOOD SAFETY Food poisoning can be a serious health problem if food is poorly handled, stored or cooked. In severe cases, food poisoning can even cause death. Often, food poisoning BEmed! bacteria are naturally present in food when favorable conditions are there. A single bacterium can multiply into more than two million bacteria in just seven hours! Here we share simple precautions that should be part of your daily routine: 1. Beware the Danger Zone In f o r Danger zone is referred to the temperature range in which food bacteria can grow. The range is typically between 40º F and 140º F. Always make sure your food is stored either below 40º F or above 140º F! Warm up H1N1 FLU AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT cooked food to above 140º F before consuming. There has been much coverage in the news about the H1N1 virus. The fact is there is little cause for alarm 2. Cleanliness as there are precautions you can take to mitigate the Make sure that your hands and cutting equipment spread of the flu. are clean and not used for raw meat when you handle The symptoms of H1N1: cooked food. If the same hands or tools are then used to - Cough prepare ready-to-eat or cooked food, without first being - Throat irritation properly washed, then this food can easily become - Fever (above 38˚C) contaminated with bacteria. Use different cutting boards - Runny nose - Watery eyes for meats and vegetables. Always wash your hands Keep this information handy for your own safety. Cut out and paste on your fridge - Headache thoroughly with soap and water after handling raw meat - Aches before handling anything else. - Diarrhea - Nausea & vomiting 3.Storage - Fatigue Bacteria from raw food can contaminate ready-to-eat - Loss of appetite food if they come in contact. Even in your fridge, make sure you thaw out meats in the lower rungs so dripping H1N1 Precautions: juices do not contminate other foods, such as fruit and - Whenever you sneeze or cough, cover your nose read-to-eat veggies. and mouth with a tissue. Throw it in the trash can immediately after use. 4. High-Risk Foods Some foods are likely to catch bacteria faster than - Get used to washing your hands with hot running others. They include meat, poultry, dairy products, water and soap more often in a day, and especially seafood, cooked rice, pasta, prepared salads and fruit after sneezing or coughing. You can also use Anti- salads. bacterial hand sanitizers as well. If not possible, avoid touching your mouth, nose, or eyes. That’s how germs 5. Keep it dry spread. Moisture helps bacteria grow. If there is no moisture, the growth can slow down or stop. This is why drying is an - Try to avoid being near others that might be sick. effective way to preserve food. - If you have any symptoms of a mild flu, limit contact with others and stay at home. 6. Keep it fresh Always check food for freshness and throw out anything - If those symptoms get worse, visit your nearest that has expired. Beware of restaurant bought food; eat hospital. right away and handle left overs with care, heating to over 140º F and disposing of it quickly (most restaurant For more information visit: bought foods should be thrown out after a day or two). Remember the popular maxim: ‘if in doubt, throw it out.’ 11
  11. 11. An office is often referred to as a second home as it is where you spend the greatest part of your day. And so, it is essential to identify and overcome the little workplace problems that can sometimes throw a wrench in the smooth whirr of your busy day. Make it positive! Great Time Management Tip #1 * Prepare a daily to-do list and stick by it. Ideally you can put this together the day before so that you are already primed into action from the get go the follow- ing morning. Take pleasure in ticking off tasks done Check your posture on time and reward yourself with rejuvenating breaks before you get into your next work activity. How you sit at work is vitally * Part of a 12 issue series important for spine health If you sit all day at a desk, don't sit with your legs It’s a Team! straight out in front of you. This puts too much pressure on the lower spine and will cause a back ache. Don't cross your legs. This too causes strain No one can deny the advantages of teamwork in on the lower spine. Change your sitting position any organization. Truly effective teamwork can about every fifteen minutes. Rotate your head in a lead to improved productivity, better morale and circular motion to relieve neck strain. great cooperation. There are certain practices to keep in mind while working in a team: Make sure you have an ergonomically designed chair. The right kind of chair is critical in the health Brainstorm: Many minds can think from various of your spine. If your company does not provide it, angles on a particular task. Everyone in the group it may be worth it for you to invest in one yourself. should contribute to ideas for streamlining Talk to your HR department, you may actually efficiency and improving the workflow process. find them quite amenable to this. Win-win Situation: A clear, safe and unbiased procedure for conflict resolution and complaints is integral when working in a team. This creates a mutual good will among co-workers and the employer. Socialize: Socializing outside of workplace allows employees to view each other more as people and less as adversaries, especially when tensions are running high in the office. 12 Tempo October 2009
  12. 12. Many of us are couch potatoes who Let's eternally procrastinate about exercising. We make ambitious resolutions from time to time; we often start, we usually falter and then we just quit. And more often than not we try to rationalise, get m making endless excuses that we just oving don’t have the time. The most typical ! excuse is that of not having enough time, or difficult access to a gym. But in reality physical movement should be a way of life. The big problem in the UAE is that most of us have house help and are doubly lazy—we do nothing in the way of exercise, and do minimal housework— and that goes for stay at home mothers as well. Don't have time to exercise? How about changing your daily routine, even just a little...? Start thinking of using daily home chores to stay fit. And try to take the same mindset to work as well... Don't underestimate the calorie burning effects of • Take the stairs whenever you can. sweeping the porch, doing some gardening (if you • Take advantage of lunch breaks to move away from have a garden), vacuuming, wiping the counter tops, your work station. Perhaps making it a 'healthy break' mopping the floor, dusting the curtains, and polishing by going for a brisk walk around the block and maybe the furniture. picking up some water or green tea along the way. Change your mindset and your lifestyle...perhaps • Park your car a distance away so you get a brisk walk sharing the workload with your housemaid? to and from your office Calorie Burning Counter You can calculate how many calories you are burning in your everyday activities using various online tools. A good one we recommend is at So get off the couch and move about! Naturally Gorgeous Mix a few drops of lemon juice with one table spoon of milk. Add a few drops of rose water and apply on your face. Wash after ten minutes and you will have a revived, soft and glowing skin in a few days! 13
  13. 13. My Style Tempo spots Hair: Chez Nicola Dh: 120 fashionable and Earrings: Accessorize Dh: 40 smart dressers Make Up: L’oreal around the city. Dh: 200 Scarf: Stradivarius SPOTTING... Dh: 60 Top: Stradivarius Name: Naamet Abbas Dh: 30 Age: 24 years Nationality: Columbian What I do for a living: Exhibitions Co-ordinator My Most Valued Fashion Possession: Dress: Le Chateau Armani Exchange Dh: 330 Leather Jacket The One Thing I Regret Buying: Things I bought without trying at the store The One Thing I Dream of Buying: Designer Leather Shoes: Pull n’ Bear OUR FASHION Bag Dh: 250 EXPERT SAYS: Great confidence, girl! A cool outfit, ideal for My Style Inspiration: smart everyday office James Dean wear. Here a brighter My Style Philosophy: coloured scarf may If it looks good on the mannequin, I can work better to lift up definitely make it look good on me. the full ensemble. Would you like to be featured on My Style Blueprint? If you do contact: 026673349, 14 Tempo October 2009
  14. 14. TrendSETTER Tempo's very own Trendsetter brings you the latest fashion in the capital. Judith Jack Leverback teardrop Marcasite Earrings A mix of class Bulova and colour, in this Ladies Crystal issue we combine vintage couture fashion with stunning accessories that give your personal style a little something that makes it stand ABS Allen out. Shwartz Gathered Neck Two-fer dress Steven Judith Jack Rhapsody Orbit Bangle shopper Christin Michaels black pumps 15
  15. 15. On Of techno-twits and blackberry brats By Rantan Rave I don't Arablish know how you all An irreverent look at the idiosyncrasies of language, and tips on how you can enjoy feel about all this communicating in our crazy multicultural mobile technology world. stuff, and specifically the 'Blackberry' phenomenon. Recognizing that even lazy people need a Sure it's great that we can break now and then, we will through this column try to pass on bits of wisdom (some all keep in touch all the time useful, some totally inane) that will help you and keep up with work even pepper your English speech with foreign when we're not at work. Yep, I love words and phrases, so you can exude the air my Blackberry. Is it pervading my life? of the 'intellectual urban sophisticate'. Absolutely. But nothing (this) good in life Chosen phrase: “Shu hatha ! ” comes without some compromise. My spin on (pronounced “shooo hadda" with a bit this is that some people can handle the Blackberry more emphasis on ‘shoo’ ) intrusion (and thrive on it) while others can't (and don't). Preferably spoken with a tad of derision The disturbing twist is its insidious inroads into our youth. as well, for maximum effect. Literally, this My friend (quite casually) told me that her kids are home this phrase translates into “what the ...!” This can be used to communicate with almost all summer and mostly 'hanging out with friends'. Interpretation: nationalities that have lived here for a long they all sit together (or 'hang'), each one with Blackberry in time, and can be adapted for a wide range of hand, not talking to each other-- but Blackberrying en masse situations. (to each other) and other friends. Repeat, these are not adult This phrase shows that you are truly professionals here; these are mostly preteens and tweens! disappointed beyond words. Example: when a taxi driver drops you off on the opposite And what would young Blackberrites (or is it 'blackberries'?) side of the road, say "Shu hatha!?" and he be communicating about? That's what I wanted to know.... may gather you up from the sidewalk and so I asked my friend (a your typical Facebooker connected transport you to the other side. Or, when with half the world) and she told me that most of the times it someone cuts in front of you in a queue; is people keeping their 'statuses' alive with Facebook, Twitter "Shu hatha!" and the person may apologise profusely and facilitate your movement to etc. Many of them (she says), update their status continuously the front of the line. ad nauseum. Like, "I am going into my car," "have just arrived and will be entering the building," "heading for my office." My Usage notes: This phrase can be used message to all these techo twits: don't update me because by all genders. Disclaimer: Technically ... I don't care! And for those super-young high octane it can be used by all ages as well, but we don’t encourage your children to say this phoneofiles: GO GET A LIFE! (said literally, not derogatively). as they may end up getting beaten up. You first have to live it to be able to share it. Phraseology: harsh but not vulgar. Comments? Send them to Send us your feedback, questions, or just simply tell us about your linguistic (mis)adventures. Send to: 16 Tempo October 2009
  16. 16. FUNNYTHING ABOU T LIFE it happened The other day I walked into a store in Marina Mall. I wanted to get more information about the to me... sale they were having so I asked a saleswoman nearby who seemed to be organizing the shelves. She looked at me and said "Do I look like a saleswoman to you?" She walked off in huff before I could apologize. I remembered a similar incident that happened to me when I was a teenager and it made me think of the irony. I was shopping in a women’s store and a lady walked up to me and asked me where a certain item was. I thought she just needed help and, knowing the store quite well, I took her to where I thought the item was. She asked me if there were bigger sizes, and I told her that I didn’t know because I didn’t work there. She looked annoyed and said, "So why didn’t you just say that in the first place?" S.Maher, Marketing Professional. How would you feel and what would you say if someone came up to you in a store and talked to you thinking you Over were the salesperson? “It would depend on how someone asked the question. Some to people are just so uppity and have an arrogant attitude towards others with lower paying jobs. If it was someone who acted obnoxious then I’d probably answer the same way.” You A. Davis, Engineer “There’s nothing wrong with being confused for a salesperson. At the end of the day we are all salespeople, marketing a product or service. Some of us do it on a shop floor, some of us do it over the phone, while some of us do it in an office setting. I would not be offended at all, I would simply point them over to the salesperson.” Netti B. , Teacher “The same thing happened to me one time. A man came up to me with a long list of things he was looking for, and when I explained that I was a customer just like him, we both just had a good laugh over it. So it’s not really a big deal.” Ramzi H. , Office Administrator Send your stories to 17
  17. 17. Culture Aromatic Arabia: Explore the Talk What exactly is ‘Oud’? fragrances The concept of fragrance is an important part of Arabian society and is widely used in vari- ous forms. Although you may find some of the fragrances overpowering, you could acquire the appreciation of the fragrances, and begin to enjoy the subtleties in the scents that depend on the various concoctions. The fragrances vary Technically, ‘Oud’ is made from the fragrant resin found in depending on their contents and which country the Aquilara trees. It is also referred to as Agarwood, they are from. You can buy a simple Arabic per- Aloeswood and Eaglewood. It has been treasured and enjoyed for thousands of years for both beautification and fume for as little as Dh 20 for a small bottle, for for use in spiritual rituals and is recognized by some as a up to Dh 5000 for the same size bottle of a more strong aphrodisiac. In the Middle East, Arabs and Muslim concentrated high end quality of ‘Dehn Al Oud’ populations are huge consumers of ‘Oud,’ burning it (that is fit for a king). especially at festivals and celebrations. Oud now comes from India, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines... and as the tree supplies dwindle, demand grows unabated, with quality Agarwood oil or ‘Dehn Al Oud’ commanding prices of up to USD $50,000 per pound! Indeed, the demand for oud has been so great that in many parts the Agarwood trees are near extinction. But the good news is that Agarwood nurseries have sprung up in parts of India, and plan- tations are nurtured to fill demand. These plantations use organic, sustainable harvesting methods that are kinder to the environment. Another positive development Try Arabian perfume: is that new techniques such as CO2 extraction are being used, To burn either of 'Oud' or 'Bakhoor', you instead of distillation, to cut out would need an 'Oud' or 'Bakhoor' burner, the need for toxic solvent commonly termed as a Medkhan, coal, and chemicals. some sort of tongs to handle the coals. You can buy fairly decent 'Bakhoor' from the Arabic fragrance shops, such as those in Madinat Zayed, but good quality oud is quite pricey. Start off with bakhoor. As you Bakhoor burn it, walk into the smoke and let it settle into your clothing and hair. To really lock in the scent, buy a good quality Arabic perfume (there are good inexpensive ones at Lifestyle in Centrepoint, Ajmal, Rasasi and any Nayomi Bakhoor is a mixture of scents all together and shop, as well as other fragrance shops usually looks like round pieces of coal about the size around town). Arabic perfume tends to be of a thumb. This sort of scent is used to burn in the quite concentrated, so dab on a little bit at home and perhaps you have smelt it burning in the first and add more if you need to. malls. 'Dehn Al Oud' is a fragrance made out of 'Oud' steeped in concentrated perfume oils. 18 Tempo October 2009
  18. 18. Ask Um Saif Dear Terry, Dear Um Saif, I had this same problem when my child was growing up. Since we had a two storey apartment, I made sure “I don’t know if I’m the only person who has the stairs were gated upstairs so he couldn’t open the noticed this, but I have found most of the door and leave the house at night. I also had a carpen- ter fix a chain high up the door so my son wouldn’t slip apartments here have low doorknob heights. out in the daytime either. I realise this is not an issue for most people, but it is a concern for families with young I found your question “is there a standard doornob kids as little ones can easily open doors and height?” intriguing and I thought to ask around. I should lock themselves out. My biggest concern is add that this is not definitive research, but casual data that my four year old child sometimes wakes gathering. up disoriented in the middle of the night, and In the UAE there doesn’t seem to be a standard I have even caught him sleep walking a few height—it depends on the manufacturer and whether times as well. My fear is that he may get up the door is internal or external. Some external doors do one night and walk right out of our house, seem to have low doornobs and handles. without anyone realising this. Am I paranoid? It in the old days that there was a tendency to keep Is there such a thing as a standard height for door handles at shoulder height (I think we can see doorknobs and do other people share this examples of that in old black and white movies), but problem?” now doors are usually located at an adult’s waist/hip height. Internal bedroom door handles are sometimes Terry B. kept even lower to enable kids to reach. I did a quick search on the internet and got '36’' (from the floor? Or from the top of the door?); 'normally 3/4 the way up the door'; '120 cms'--which goes to prove that there may not be an 'international standard.' I would imagine that this would vary depending on the country, as the average height of a population varies from country to country and the doors are likely to be adjusted accordingly. In the UAE there seems to be variation depending on the manufacturer of the home/ the door. Off topic, isn’t it funny in some US action movies the chairs are pulled against the doornob to stop an intruder? Those chairs must either be high or the door- nobs very low. So back to your question Terry, I would suggest you talk to your ‘natour’ (watchman) and ask about getting someone in who can fix a chain high up so your youngster can’t reach it (I doubt if your landlord will agree to move the handles up). Any questions for Um Saif: 19
  19. 19. LIFECOACH COUCH By Samantha Davis Downsized But Upbeat Have you lost your job? Are you looking for work and growing increasingly frustrated? Break down your challenges into doable parts. Manage your finances well. This may be a good time Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by ‘washes to have a qualified financial advisor look at your of emotion’ but take practical steps to survive the finances and advise ways to keep yourself afloat downturn. financially. The fees you will pay an advisor will almost always pay itself back in savings and wise decisions. Make a daily task list in order to maintain order in your life. Keep your chin up and try to stay positive (however hard that may be). Recognise that there are many around you who share your plight. Don’t cocoon yourself from friends and family. On the contrary, get out and meet people. Keep yourself busy and connected to others. Volunteer if you can. Keep your faith in the Supreme Being and don’t give up hope; believe in a higher power and in the power of goodness Remember that most jobs come by way of word of mouth or a referral so tell people you know that you are on the lookout for work so they can keep an eye I strongly recommend reading “The Power of Now” open out for you. by Ekhart Tolle to keep you focused on the moment and away from self defeatist thinking. Connect to someone else who is going through a similar experience as yourself so you will be able to support each other and compare notes and Do you have a comment, or a problem you want to learning. And be a sounding board for each other. share? Write to WHERE IN Have you seen this part of Abu Dhabi? If you have, send us your answer, with your name and telephone number, to 2 winners will be picked out to recieve Dh 500 shopping vouchers. 20 Tempo October 2009
  20. 20. It is not about large budgets or big spending It is not about dazzling creative or clever copy It is not about quick returns or immediate gratification Rather, it is about taking the long and broad view to long term viability It is about optimizing your marketing and sustaining your returns It is about aligning your brand message and strategic communication It is about making intelligent choices and nurturing valuable resources It is about striving for higher peaks of performance and business excellence It is about building a strong platform for healthy growth and sustainable success BrandMoxie It is all about intelligent marketing ���������������������
  21. 21. with E EAT TH B Aich Cool The first DJ of Al Ain & Artsy Adnan Balushi got into music early 2000 after being inspired by the ‘’Lord of Dance’’ Pete Tong. His love for House music made him want to become a DJ, treading ground and rocking crowds in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Iran, Auckland, Sydney and London. Adnan now travels and networks with clubs around the world. He was one among the semi-finalists in the Palme DJ Competition in early 2009. He battled it out with 40 world class DJs and grabbed hearts with his energetic, confident style. Tempo caught up with Adnan. Describe yourself: Funky t-shirts Prince of Dance. The message you try to convey: Peace, love and happiness. How was your first performance as a DJ? My first gig was a à la Abu Dhabi disaster, I switched off the music 3 times, and my mixing was not perfect. On Tempo found these great top of it a girl next to the DJ booth accidentally poured her drink in the mixer and the cross fader did not work for 45 minutes. The pressure was building looking t-shirts at up and I thought the mixer might just blow up. Eventually I made it though Hemisphere Art Gallery. my first gig and impressed the crowd. Your favorite artist? DeepDish. They come in a couple of If you could meet any DJ/artist/composer who would it be and why? designs and sizes. Swedish House Mafias. I’ll get all their unreleased productions and spread them in clubs and parties around Abu Dhabi. It’s great to see funky The #1 piece of advice that you would offer another musician? designs coming up that What I learned from Danny Rampling: never give up. brand our fine city. If you could learn to play an instrument which one would it be and why? Digital Piano so I could start producing great Get them from Hemisphere dance tunes. Gallery, near the Russian Where do you see yourself musically in the coming Embassy near Khalifa Street. years? I would be producing music with great DJs all around the world and I will be touring great clubs They’re going fast! everywhere. Are you planning to release an album? I Tel. 02-6768614 have been compiling music for the past 3 years and soon, I will be releasing my album translated in Ibiza which will include tunes from great artists such as David Guetta, Laidback luke, DJ Sharam (Deep Dish) and dizzie Rascal. 22 Tempo October 2009
  22. 22. �������������������������������������������� ����� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������