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Tempo magazine October 2011

  2. 2. Tempo turns two years this month, and what a journey it’s been! We started with baby steps in our first year, but have taken immense strides in our second.The last few weeks have been exceptionally eventful! We wrapped up the “I LOVE UAE” video competition with a big bang, declaring the winners of the contestand talking about ways to nurture our homegrown talent (see the main feature on page 14). With the UAE’s National Day around the corner, Tempo still casts itsspotlight on celebrations of the UAE’s big 40th anniversary; you can see it in this issue’s roundtable with Manar (on page 22) and can check out the outpouringof dedications on our website (www.tempoplanet.com).The “I LOVE UAE” competition showed us two things: how much enthusiasm and energy there is in the community (not to mention boundless creativity), andhow it is possible to get organisations and companies to work together for the larger good. Tempo embraces partnership and exciting collaboration, and we arealways open to big ideas.On the subject of big ideas Tempo launches this month the “Heart and Soul Community Bazaar” which will be held at the One to One Hotel on October 29. Thisis a family event focused on bringing together the capital’s communities on lazy Saturdays once a month, and on getting to know each other. It also reflectsour belief in the principles of recycling and re-using, so if you have stuff you don’t need book your table early, otherwise stop by for fun bargain shopping andto say hello.Tempo looks forward to an incredible year ahead, filled with more community and togetherness.Sana BagershManaging Editorbagersh@tempoplanet.com letters to the editor 04 18 people calendar MANAGING EDITOR uspace 05 20 riding the wave | got phunk Sana Bagersh what’s hot 06 22 round table FEATURES EDITOR Alma Kadragic the bottom bottom line 07 24 social meets EDITORIAL COORDINATOR tech talk | game hedz 08 25 doc in the house | live well Sharon Carvalho tempo top 10 songs 09 26 dedications to tempo MAGAZINE DESIGN 10 Mark De Castro making a difference 28 articulate | just handcrafted 11 WEB DESIGNcity bites | dishes for dummies 29 sudden deception Ricklen Abellera my style blueprint 12 30 media MARKETING COORDINATOR cover story 14 31 tamakkan | social net Manjul Abhishek Laskar Laipubam youth talk 16 32 yank in sandland | just a thought DISTRIBUTION COORDINATOR resuscitation theatre 17 33 horoscope Melaku Muluneh EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORSADDRESS DISCLAIMER Angeli Castillo Shahid SaeedTo reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: editorial@tempoplanet. Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine Dave Solomon Layla Ezzedeencom. If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 667 does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents,3349 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and Neena Rai Blakniss inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no Preethi Janice D’Sa Manar Al HinaiNOTE TO ADVERTISERS part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any meansAdvertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. without the permission of the publisher. Shamma Al Suwaidi Ahmad SamirTo reach advertising call 02 667 3349 or Alia Youssef Rohith Bhatemail: advertising@tempoplanet.com. MEDIA LICENCE NO. 1/105866/24295 Lean Abadi Randy Parker download www.gettag.mobi Scan the QR CODE using your smart phone to your smart phone Published by } run application for Blackberry this is done through BBM click on tag beside each article to have fun with for iPhone download BeeTag or Neo Reader online content, videos & cool tags! www.tempoplanet.com
  3. 3. I attended the “I LOVE UAE” event and I loved every minute of the energy and the enthusiasm of the competitors, the audience and the judges - Dina Reyes Cafe Arabia in Ramadan is so beautiful! I love it, and its atmosphere. Thank you for the recommendation - Azza El Masri Another great issue :) Thank you for the great work Tempo team! You’re fabulous! - Manar Al Hinai Tempo please make sure you distribute in the universities. I go to NYU and sometimes I see Tempo magazines and sometimes they’re all gone - Mariam Ahmed I saw my article in Tempo! :) Thanks! - Lean Abadi The Sennara review in Tempo was great! Thanks for coming over and trying out our new restaurant! - One to One Hotel Happy Birthday fellow Libran! You have come a long way. Well done. - Priyanka Tawde Omgee! Happy 2nd anniversary TEMPO! Keep up the good work! - Jason D’souza I really like reading Tempo has been Tempo has done a great job in its magazine, and gone beyond just reporting. The sky’s the limit Tempo! Tempo magazine. I think an inspiration for - Hussain Aluzri I’ve gotten every issue the youth who love since i first found out to write and just There is no magazine that could compare to about it. It’s a good way express themselves by Tempo, as no magazine can capture the details for me to see up and giving words to their so concisely. Keep up the great work! - Fatima Aluzri coming or established feelings. And it’s very artists, musicians or just nice that you guys give Looking forward to reading more of Bhat’s articles. I the latest news. And them a chance to put see my thoughts written on paper whenever I read his articles - Sean Brent it’s FREE so that’s even it on paper. Love what better! Keep it up guys! :) you guys are doing. God It’s only been 2 years and this is the result! Tempo looks - Tino Mupambo Bless! - Ethan E AWESOME! Happy 2nd birthday, Tempo :) - Simone CarvalhoQUESTION RESULTS OF LAST MONTH’S VOTE:DO YOU THINK THERE WILL BE Q: What form of social media do you use the most?ANOTHER RECESSION?a) Yes, I think sob) No, I think it’s just talk 76% 8% 8% 8% SAID SAID SAID SAIDc) I don’t really care, it doesn’t affect FACEBOOK TWITTER GOOGLE + OTHERme anyway Go to tempoplanet to vote ( I wonder what “other” is)
  4. 4. SHAMIMSCENEON GETTING A SKIN FACIALSHAMIM: I got to experience the AquaRadiance facial at the Kaya Skin Clinic.Actually, when it comes to my skin, THE START OF A NEW ACADEMIC YEAR:I am usually not that big on facials ADVICE TO FRIENDShowever the aqua radiance facial is By Lean Abadiall about air and water; two essential Living in the UAE, you must knowelements that keep the skin looking that a friend isn’t going to lastyouthful and beautiful. forever. This is a sad truth for many people and especially the youth of today. People leave for differentSo here’s my beauty experience on reasons. Many students, whenvideo….check it out. they reach that age when they begin thinking about college and university, usually consider studyingCAMPUS VIEW By Rohith Krishna Bhat abroad. Also, when people come here from western countries, most of them are bound to be here for only a few years. Along with that, think about how many people try to immigrate to other countries. So there are many situations thatTOP 10 CRASS SONGS OF MY GENERATION usually force people to leave. I love the UAE with all my heart and mind, and I’m sure many of you do too. But the decisions and choices people make are theirs, are in God’s hands. If I left, or if my friends leave theAKA: SONGS THAT INCREASED THE NUMBER OF PERVS I KNOW UAE, I will most definitely miss them, however, I will also most certainly not give up making new friends. And I will not be afraid to open up to, share, and establish new relationships.Crass songs: Those with bad words, racial slurs and themes about women so bad thatour grandmothers would surely have washed our mouths out with soap and antiseptic My advice to everyone starting school or university is to always have hope in new friendships. Manyfor humming them under our breath. This is a list dedicated to the songs we hide in people long to be your close friends, so don’t push them away. Be open to making friends and you’ll seeour iPods ; listen to when no one’s around, yet publicly condemn (like the good little that each person has a special trait or personality, and always keep in mind that there’s no such thing ashypocrites we are). a one and only best friend. Remember, “A gift of friendship is priceless, especially when it comes from YOU.” Have a good beginning this school year! Send me some feedback? lynntempo@live.comNumber 10: Tig o’l bitties by “Your Favourite Martian”| Now I’m 100% sure that most of you Photo courtesy: Ethan Ebenezer, Jared Sawaya, and Tino Mupambo.have never even heard of this song but soon this 2011 web phenomenon will be educating youngminds everywhere about the simple universal truth... Like Godzilla said, “Size Does Matter” (it waseither that or RAWWWW, but I thought I’d go with this)Number 9: The Santa Claus song | Although technically there’s nothing dirty about this song, it’s WHY DO GUYS LIKE SEINFELD ?still a gentle reminder to kids everywhere why Santa only comes once a year when daddy’s away and By Aditya Jainwhy he never uses the front door. It’s not a show which is packed with action like 24. ThereNumber 8: Shake Your Bonbons by Ricky Martin | This was one of golden shower boy’s greatest is no storyline like Friends where the characters evolve. Ithits during the time, teaching kids everywhere that bonbons are not just a tasty French dessert. doesn’t have the bro quality of Entourage. Californication trounces it in terms of nudity. No twisted storylines like Lost.But sadly (read, gladly) this song, like the former Latin superstar, has gone the way of the Taco Bell Hell, even Two & a Half Men is funnier (maybe not anymoreChihuahua tune. with Ashton Kutcher). But when it comes right down toNumber 7: Thong Song by Sisqo | Even though the lyrics are forgotten and the singer finally it, Seinfeld has that indefinable quality that makes it onedeclared black (despite his best efforts to be called a computer software instead) his message about of the best loved comedies of the nineties. Yet, curiouslykeeping your priorities straight lives on. enough, it does not appeal to everyone. Ask a female friend if she likes Seinfeld. Invariably, the answer comes back, “No! It’s just not that funny. I mean I understandNumber 6: The Alice song by Smokie | This is probably every non redneck’s first intro into the the jokes, I just don’t find them funny. It’s kind of lame.” Dozens of other females will confirm their dislikeworld of country music; and it also turned out to be a nifty way of pissing off anyone named Alice . for Seinfeld, and his gang of apathetic New Yorkers (George, Kramer and Elaine). Seinfeld’s polarizing effect can be traced back to the whole basis of the show: it’s a show about nothing. Of course, thereNumber 5: D.K Bose | This song clearly commemorates the spirit of Delhi in all its glory, that, and have been plenty of shows about nothing in the past, but Seinfeld’s situational comedy and exaggeratedit’s a fun way to learn every abusive term in the Delhi handbook in a way that makes you go, so that’s side characters are what keep the show going... from Newman who manages to encapsulate all thatwhat my boss was saying! is evil about the world in just a few sentences, to the Soup Nazi who bans Elaine from sampling hisNumber 4: That’s What I Go to School For by Busted | This was probably one of the most ground Mulligatawny soup for a year.breaking songs of its time inspiring kids everywhere to stay in school and for schools to hire hot I’m sure many of us know a Close Talker, have a few friends with crazy parents, and generally have ateachers. Seinfeld, Elaine or a George in our group. If you know someone like Kramer, well then respect. You clearlyNumber 3: Sutta by those Guys I could never name | Smoking kills and so does this song, have way more adventures than the rest of us. That is what makes the show so amazing. It captures the very essence of everyday life. While we all secretly (or openly) aspire to be Ari Gold from Entourage, webut in a completely different way... this song made by those guys in IIT is still considered sacred by can all relate to the situations and characters in Seinfeld, because we encounter them on a daily basis. Theengineering students all over India. nothingness of the show is actually its best quality.Number 2: Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne | This song gave a whole new angle to the Guys are generally content with watching shows about nothing; there is no need for the characters tocommandment “Love Thy Neighbour” and gave me hope every time the house next door was up for progress or evolve. We’re happy with the ways things are. And there we get to the fundamental differencesale. between men and women; men enjoy the status quo, while women look towards the future. As guys, weNumber 1: Baby Got Back by Sir Mix a Lot | This rocking song of the 80’s was one of the first really don’t care if Carrie finds her true love in Mr. Big. We have no idea what Gilmore Girls is all aboutintroductions of my generation into the kingdom of perv; teaching guys everywhere that it was OK because all the characters talk so fast. Very few guys have even seen Oprah’s grand finale. Seinfeld is a show which has no future, and that’s just fine by us!to set their sights low.
  5. 5. WHEN THEDEVILSCAME TOTOWNBy Ayman Bukair DUBAI FASHION WEEK: SPRING/ SUMMER 2012 SEASONWhen word of Duke basketball team coming to the UAE recently got around, all of us bballershere knew we had to head over to Al Wasl Club in Dubai to watch the game. It was the Division Dubai Fashion Week (DFW) has announced the lineup of designers participating in theOne NCAA/ACC basketball team, the Blue Devils, who came along with coach Mike Krzyzewski Spring/Summer 2012 Collections, to be held at The Arena, Dubai World Trade Centre from(Coach K) for an exhibition match against the UAE national team. 20 to 24 October 2011. Leading designers from UAE, Bahrain, Lebanon, Qatar and Egypt are scheduled to take part in the event alongside international designers from India, Pakistan,The University of Duke has been home to one of the most elite teams of all the Division One- London and Australia. The current lineup includes Aarshika, Amber Feroz, Barjis, Cartas,basketball teams in America. They always stir up excitement every time they step foot on the Dabya, Furne One, Jaya Misra, Jelin George, Maisha Creations by Mehwish Afzal, Malakhardwood. They have a solid fan base across the world. But who could have guessed that they El Ezzawy, Mapxencars, Mumbai Se, Meher & Riddhima, Nabrman, Riimple and Mayyuralso have a large band of supporters right here in the UAE! Duke fans chanted loudly for every Girotra, Sakina Mohsin, Shrekahnth, USH DESIGN by Abeer Al Suwaidi, Wafa Al Kathiri andbasket that went in but still, the majority of the crowd was also loyal to the home team. There Zori Couture.was a roaring cheer by the crowd as the home team entered the court to warm up before thematch, and lots of counter-cheering throughout the game. Under the direction of Simon P Lock who was recently-appointed to lead the show, DFW hopes to play a more important role on the international fashion week circuit and followThe tip-off commenced with 6’4 guard Austin Rivers scoring the first two points of the game, the footsteps of the major fashion weeks of London, New York, Milan and Paris. Dubaifollowed by baskets from Mason Plumlee and Andre Dawkins and then others. From then on Fashion Week’s new plans for this year include a complete redesign of the event venuethe Duke squad pretty much controlled the tempo of the game. The scoring was distributed to include new spaces for designers to showcase their collections and a grand openingfairly evenly amongst the Duke players, who showed a high level of teamwork and execution ceremony for the event.of plays. The UAE responded with many effective plays beyond the three-point line to keep thescore as close as possible. The UAE national team was trailing for the majority of the game andkept it very close in the first half. In the end, they fell short, losing by twenty points with a final COMEDY KNOCKOUT: K BROSAS AND KIM IDOL LIVE IN ABU DHABI!score of 66-86. The UAE nationals showed a lot of heart throughout the game and never gave Events ‘R Us is hosting the musical comedy event “Comedy Knockout: K Brosas & Kim Idolup despite the score difference. Live in Abu Dhabi” for the Filipino community on 21st October 2011 at the Abu Dhabi CityAlthough the match was only an exhibition game, there was excitement with every basket Golf Club.Organisers say that the event will feature three hours of non-stop laughter andscored from either side. Both teams are considered professionals in their respective divisions songs that promise to both tickle and dazzle audiences. K Brosas is known as a comedienne,and regions and in their level of expertise, and both teams carried themselves with a high a TV hostess, an actress and also as a gifted singer. Apart from her prowess in impersonatinglevel of sportsmanship. famous singers such as Celine Dion and Britney Spears, K Brosas is also known for her funny interpretation of songs using sign languages. The other big star of the show, Kim Idol, was aBasketballers in the UAE appreciated the Duke-UAE game and we think it will help spark an former host of ‘Eat Bulaga,’ the Philippines’ longest running noontime TV show. He appearedinterest and love for the game of basketball (as it is not commonly played in the UAE). The last in many shows in various countries including Hong Kong, Australia, Dubai and Europe. Atime I attended a basketball game that had me jumping out of my seat was when the ‘And1 well known sing-along master, Kim Idol is a sought-after performer in various comedy barsMixtape’ tour came to the Al-Wasl Club a few years ago. Basketball fans may have had to wait in Manila.a while for the next major basketball event to happen, but it was definitely worth it. (Still I dohope organizers won’t make us wait too long for the next big game). For more information, please contact Kristine- 050-5269750.
  6. 6. • The glossy multi-page menus delivered to your homes? The kind with photos of layered juices, hamburgers and shawarma dishes... I’ve been told that several restaurants are using the same photos; perhaps they come from a shared photo bank, or from the same ad agency. That means that from the restaurant’s point of view, the dishes in their menu are more aspirational (what they want you to hope they are) rather than representative (what they really are). • Did Google’s brief outage of its Google Docs on September 8 affect you? Now, what if, God forbid, a meteor dropped on Google HQ (or say a rogue employee turned off the switch) and you (and half of the planet) end up losing all your mail and valuable data? “Global downturn” could give way to a new term, ’economic armaggedon’. • Heard IBM’s announcement of the next-generation computers out in 2013 which will be 1,000 times faster than what we have today? Then check out Ray Kurtzweil’s theory of singularity... maybe even more freakish than the Google thing. • Anwar sends a message to his bankers: “Stop plying me with credit cards. I don’t want them and I didn’t ask for them....and ohBHS HOME OPENS AT RAHA MALL! yeah, if I give in and use them and they’re all maxed out, don’t complain when you’re out of pocket - remember, you forced yourFollowing the success of its stores in Al Ain, BHS Home has opened its first store in Abu cards on me.”Dhabi at Raha Mall. Located on the ground floor and open from 10 am - 10 pm, BHSHome opened it’s doors to the public on September 11. • Maybe no one has said anything about this yet, but someone should. Kudos to Masafi for their cool line of healthy, lessWith a wide range of products that include cutlery and crockery, linens, cute stuff for sweetened juices (and healthier chips too). Not always easy beingthe kids and decor to suit every taste, BHS home want to be the first place you turn to a trailblazer in a sickly diabetes-inducing nectar juice industry. Trywhen you need to brighten up your home. their pomegranate acai juice. • A super rave: Dubai’s Green Line which has taken the entire lengthSAFE AND SOUND 2011: of the driverless, remote-controlled system to about 75km,IN SUPPORT OF BREAST CANCER AWARENESS making it the longest automated driverless metro in the world (a Guinness World Record). A regional blueprint for progress.Safe and Sound, BurJuman’s breast cancer awareness programme is back every • And the big rant: Katrina Kaif and her co-stars debuted “Mereweekend of October for a line-up of events, culminating in the ‘Pink Walkathon’ which Brother Ki Dulhan” in the capital, but perhaps they shouldn’t havewill take place on the last Friday of the month – October 28. The annual charitable, bothered coming at all. Apparently Miss Kaif was all airs, andnon-competitive event is a 3.6 km walk with sideline activities. The event includes the even worse, the winners of a competition promised time with the‘Pink Book Sale’ on the first Friday of the month with more than 15,000 books donated stars were barely allowed to meet them. Brutal!by the community up for grabs. The entire event’s revenue is being donated towardsfree mammogram check-ups, patient care and other awareness-raising drives. • Tempo is looking for a place to rent. We found out that some realtors advertise incredible deals in the paper as bait. You call andOn Thursday, 13 October, BurJuman will host ‘Cakes for a Cause’ – a bake sale featuring then they tell you the place just got rented out, and then they takedelicious sweet treats from some of Dubai’s leading bakeries such as Kitsch and Sweet your telephone number and say they’ll call you for the next one.Lane Cakes and hotels such as Movenpick Hotel , Jumeirah Beach and Al Maha Desert Not honest, guys! So, if you’re a real realtor, and you have a realResort – much of proceeds donated to the campaign. The annual ‘Pink Survivor Fashion fabulous place (think large and cheap) of say about 250-300sqmShow’ will take place the following Friday, 21 October at BurJuman, with breast cancer (eg. warehouse/ penthouse/ shell+core) then drop me a line.survivors modeling a collection of high fashion garments offered by mall retailers in ashow of solidarity for the campaign’s message and goal. The ‘Pink Walkathon’ will take And that, folks, is the bottom, bottom line.place the following Friday. Write to me: concierge@tempoplanet.comFor more information, go to www.safeandsound.ae The Concierge
  7. 7. TECH TALK Shahid Saeed | Talker for the Non-Techies GAME HEDZ Blakniss | Original game head from Atari to XBox!SAMSUNG LAUNCHES NEW GALAXY TAB 7.7 COMICS N’ BOOKS N’ GAMESSamsung is not letting Apple relax and they are turning the heat with the (Don’t you just love words joined by an “n”? They’re just so cute).slimmest phone, the Galaxy Tab 7.7. It’s 7.89mm thick! Packed with two 1.4GHzprocessors, it touts WXGA (1280 x800) resolution on a spectacular Super AMOLED Anyhoo, it’s all the rage to convert and supplement the story (and value) of aPlus screen. What I don’t get is, where in that ultra-slim body did the Korean game through printed material - most delightfully with comics, and books. Wemanufacturer manage to fit a 5,100mah battery? I doubt the 3 megapixel and already looked at the Gears of War novels (see the blog for a review), but there are2 megapixel cameras will be any good and I’ve found that even the very latest more games that have comics and novels you can enjoy in hard copy and digitalversion of the android (Honeycomb, V3.2) isn’t quite up to its standard of iOS formats.in terms of responsiveness and utility enhancing applications. The price andavailability have yet to be announced. Hither are some of the more popular titles:SONY LAUNCHES XPERIA MINI IN MIDDLE EAST HALO - Halo has a series of books by a varietySony has launched the Xperia Mini smartphone in the Middle East. The phone of authors, but Gears of War novelist, Karenis powered by 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 3-inch scratch-resistant Traviss, is now working on the Halo series,and multi touch glass screen, and runs on Google’s Android Gingerbread 2.3. It so if those books are anywhere as good asalso combines with Mobile BRAVIA Engine and 720p HD video recording. It comes the Gears work, they›ll be worth the coin.preloaded with Office Suite and McAfee antivirus software, allowing consumers Traviss, after all, turned the Gears series intoto securely manage documents and email instantly while on the move. Xperia a series of bestselling books. (Hard copiesis designed to provide social media integration with improved user interface to and ebooks)allow the display of up to 16 Apps on the home screen. MASS EFFECT - a series of novels existMORE DATA WITH (DU) for Mass Effect, written primarily by DrewDU has introduced the new recharge option that gives you easy and affordable Karpyshyn, with the next one due out theaccess to data on your mobile. “More data” gives you data upon recharging on end January 2012 (by William C. Dietz) -the go while in the UAE. It is similar to previously available recharge options around the same time of the Mass Effect“more credit & more time”. To avail this facility just dial *131*, the card number, 3 release date. But there are also graphic BATMAN: ARKHAM CITYfollowed by the # and press the call key to recharge. “more data” gives you a novels out there courtesy of Dark Horse.variety of data bundles that depend upon your recharging amount e.g. AED 100 (Hard copies and ebooks)brings you 750MB for 30 days. WARCRAFT - yes for you Warcraft junkies,HOW TO LIMIT 3G DATA USAGE ON ANDROID AND SAVE? you can get the comics! But you probablyAre you facing problem of big bills (overage charges) from your mobile network already know that - that’s why you’re adue to data usage? Don’t worry there is the solution. The app Onavo Lite for Junkie. (Hardcopies and ecomics)Android tracks data consumption and provides users with tips based on theirmonthly data usage patterns. Onavo Lite helps you control your 3G data and BATMAN - course there has always been amanage your data plan to avoid overage. The app is free and simple to use. steady flow of material from the Dark Knight, but there are two arcs of comics courtesy of SAMSUNG NEW GALAXY TAB 7.7 DC that were written specifically to fill in the gaps between the first and second parts of the Arkham game series. (Hardcopies and ecomics) PORTAL 2: LAB RAT UNCHARTED - yes Drake fans, you can watch him climb, shoot, and smoulder in word form. But you will have to wait. The first work of fiction isn’t released yet, though there is a behind-the-scenes book written Follow me on @shahidaasi by Nolan North (voice of Drake) due out this fall. (TBA) MY FAV APP ASSASSIN’S CREED - a few of these out My favourite app is Instagram. It’s a photo app that helps you already with the next title due in November. enhance your photographs and then post them on Facebook (Hardcopies and ebooks) and Twitter. I like this app because of the extra features it provides that normal camera apps don’t have. I’m outta real estate so check out other titles - Tempo reader Ankit Lodha like Bioshock, Dead Space, Portal 2, and Deux Ex! DEUX EX
  8. 8. View the #1 SONG IN THE UAE GIVE ME EVERYTHING Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer TOP 10 SONGS by Simone Carvalho A 16 year old high school student who loves photography and the LIGHTERS | Bad Meets Evil ft. Bruno Mars arts and cannot stand heavy metal music. MOVES LIKE JAGGER | Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera 1. Lost- Coldplay 2. Dream on- Aerosmith IN THE DARK | Dev 3. Oh Hum Dum/ Say My Name- The Cheapmunks RAIN OVER ME | Pitbull ft. Marc Anthony 4. 5. Far Away- Nickelback Power- Kanye West STEREO HEARTS | Gym Class Heroes 6. Imagine- GleeLAST FRIDAY NIGHT | Katy Perry 7. Turning Tables (Acoustic version)- Adele 8. I Feel Pretty/ Unpretty- GleeHOW TO LOVE | Lil Wayne 9. Your Body is a Wonderland- John MayerNEXT TO YOU | Chris Brown ft. Justin Bieber 10. Poison and Wine- Civil Wars SET FIRE TO RAIN | Adele All About Tonight | Pixie Lott Moves Like Jagger | Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera All Fired Up | The Saturdays Collide | Leona Lewis and Avicii Someone like you | Adele Stay awake | Example Moves Like Jagger | Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera Heart Skips a Beat | Olly Murs ft. Rizzle Kicks Pumped Up Kicks | Foster The People Feel So Close | Calvin Harris Party Rock Anthem | LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett and GoonRock Jar of Hearts | Christina Perri Super Bass | Nicki Minaj Party All Night (Sleep All Day) | Sean Kingston You and I | Lady Gaga You Need Me, I Don’t Need You | Ed Sheeran Lighters | Bad Meets Evil ft. Bruno Mars You Make Me Feel | Cobra Starship ft. Sabi Give Me Everything | Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer Last Friday Night | Katy Perry
  9. 9. BREAST CANCER AWARENESSWHEN POLO AND PINK COMBINEBy Sharon CarvalhoBreast cancer is a disease that affects one in eight women and when Carrie McNeil realisedthat only 30% of cases were detected in the early stages, she knew she wanted to dosomething to raise awareness in the UAE. So she decided to bring her love for sports andher desire to make a difference together, and organise an event called Pink Polo. Carrie McNeilA fan meeting a Pink Polo player Carrie McNeil with visitorsTEMPO: Tell us about yourself. TEMPO: What makes Pink Polo different from other breast cancer awarenessCarrie: I’ve always had a great passion for sports. I was an elite athlete in my youth and programmes?in my career I spent 10 years in the field of sports marketing. In the UAE I used to work for Carrie: I wanted to make Pink Polo a fun, family event. I want the community toan agency involved with Etihad Airways sponsorships managing brands like Ferrari F1 and be able to talk about breast cancer and not treat it like the taboo that people thinkChelsea Football etc. Recently I started my own business, Scott & Scandi, which is all about it is. I want it to be a platform to allow not only companies but individuals to feelevents designed to give back to the community. I also manage the marketing for Ghantoot comfortable enough to support the event, talk about it, and spread the word. I decidedRacing and Polo Club with HH Sheikh Falah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan as the patron of the property that the event would be like a day out with the family. It would definitely be aboutand the Polo Team. raising awareness about breast cancer but apart from the polo game, it would feature picnic grounds, free children’s activities, pony and camel rides and even an award forTEMPO: How did Pink Polo come about? the guest dressed in the most striking pink outfit of the day! The event also got ourCarrie: I learnt from living in the Emirates about the Islamic tradition of giving back to the sponsors to raise awareness among staff and clients.community and I kept trying to figure out how I could do this in a creative way. I knew I wantedto do something different and that I didn’t want to just raise money, as so many other charities TEMPO: How can our readers make a difference?do this very well. I wanted to create awareness about this important issue but do it in a manner Carrie: I guess the most important thing would be to increase awareness about thethat was fun. It was while doing some research that I came across the shocking facts about disease. Whether it be feeling free to talk about it or encouraging your mother, sisters,breast cancer in the UAE. That was when I decided to launch ‘Pink Polo’. cousins, best friends etc. to get themselves checked. Another point would be to not be scared of the situation. In 80% of the time, lumps found are non cancerous, so it isTEMPO: Tell us about ‘Pink Polo’ always better to get yourself checked out and be sure.Carrie: Well, once I knew what I wanted to do, I approached Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club The shocking fact is that one out of eight women suffers from breast cancer and thatand Health Authority Abu Dhabi. They liked the idea and that got me speaking to sponsors and only 30% of cases are discovered in the early stages here in the UAE. The point is thatindividuals and, in turn, helped spread the word about my campaign. We ended up finding early detection can save up to 98% of cases and the only way to catch it is to keepreally good support from the community within Abu Dhabi and found committed sponsors checking.as Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and Abu Dhabi Airports Company as well as internationalsponsors such as Estée Lauder, among others. Thanks to our the patron, HH Sheikh Falah Bin We hope to see as many as possible join us at the event on October 29 at the GhantootZayed Al Nahyan, the event could feature its main attraction, a polo match including both Racing and Polo Club. The event is free so please spread the word to family andinternational polo and Emirati polo players, at the Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club. friends!
  10. 10. JEWELZ By Dana Joulani CUPCAKES Cupcakes with an essence of Arabia Jewelz is a charming boutique and a cupcake café that offers a vast variety of drinks and desserts that will most certainly attract every age. Jewelz gives an original twist to their cupcakes, desserts and drinks.The idea took the owner, Manal Al-Binali, two years to implement. Unlike other By Sunita Carvalhocupcake places, this one is based on an Arabian concept with the cupcakes namedafter jewels in Arabic, and a logo that juxtaposes Jewelz and Jawahr, to give AbuDhabi its first authentic Arabian-inspired cupcake place. INGREDIENTS (For 2 people) 1 tomato- sliced 1 capsicum- slicedThis ‘cupcakery’ offers a selection of original flavors of cupcakes such as green tea 1 onion- cut in ringsand chai along with honey frosting. It also offers a variety of cookies and petit fours 8 mushrooms- slicedin different colours, along with cakes and reusable trays filled with desserts for 2 sausages- sliced (skip if you’re vegetarian, obviously)birthdays, gifts and casual events. The cupcakes are offered in three different sizes: 2 eggsregular, medium and small. Their signature hot chocolate is brought to you in ateapot of hot milk and a stick with a perfectly cut chocolate cube at the end of it so DIRECTIONScustomers can customize their drinks to their own personal preferences. • Fry all the ingredients individually except for the eggs. • Put all the fried items in to a pan large enough to snugly fit them all • Crack the eggs over them in such a way that the white of the eggsJewelz’s reusable trays come in four different colours and are filled with petit fours, connect all the food.mini cupcakes, chocolate truffles and anything else you might like. You can pre-order • Cover and cook till the eggs are done to your likingyour trays or get one that’s already prepackaged. You can re-fill the tray and even, get • Serve with bread for breakfast!this, modify the colour of the dessert to match the colour of the tray.Jewelz is located in Al Moroor Road amid banks and schools which makes it accessible RATING SCALE:for passers-by, students, and business people. Their prices are quite reasonable,especially when compared to many other pastry shops, while the ambience is good LEVEL 1: SUPER EASYenough to make it a great ‘hang out’ place. Future plans for Jewelz include opening LEVEL 2: RELATIVELY EASYmore branches in the UAE, introducing chocolate fondue and possibly adding a few LEVEL 3: MEDIUM SKILLS REQUIREDsavory dishes to the menu. LEVEL 4: COOKING SKILLS A MUST LEVEL 5: ARE YOU SURE YOU WANNA DO THIS?
  11. 11. “Never underestimate the power of dressing well! Dress to impress! Show inner confidence, posture, elegance, femininity, simplicity, and individualism” Describe your personal style: I have an incredibly eclectic attitude towards fashion. I love mix ‘n’ matching to get the right balance between a fashionable, elegant, classic and romantic look while also adding a bit of excitement with a personal touch. The UAEAbu Dhabi resident weather and cosmopolitan scene are definitely a source of inspiration. My philosophy isMargarita Cejudo-Perdomo to never copy looks straight of the catwalk; fashion is down to each individual. Trends are there to inspire you and guide you to make your own statement. Fashion is the language of the clothes you are wearing! Fav buy of the past month: A gorgeous pink and golden bracelet from Aftershock. Which is your fave store in AD? Top places to shop in AD? Being Spanish I trust Massimo Dutti, Zara and Mango’s latest runway trends for much of my work and leisure clothing. Their fitted fashionable lines are always a safe bet. However I also try to venture out to other stores in search of exotic Arabic/Indian inspired costumes. For cocktails or eveningwear I turn to Reiss or Bebe. A tip, invest in colours this season! Remember shoes must always stand out more than the outfit. Use accessories to show you are on top of trends! Does Abu Dhabi have style? Yes it does, but it is rather a melting pot of international flavours. I tried to import my Spanish style but it did not work. Abu Dhabi has its own essence and you cannot ignore it. Blend it into your own fashion personality and you will be a winner! Do you have any fashion hates? Regardless of clothes or occasion there are two important rules to take into account: walking a perfect posture and showing femininity as both reflect on the clothes worn.
  12. 12. “I LOVE UAE” VIDEO COMPETITION A COMPETITION THAT GAVE THE COMMUNITY A VOICE When Tempo and the New York Film Academy Abu Dhabi decided to launch a film competition to celebrate UAE’s 40th anniversary, and give members of the community an opportunity to express their love and appreciation in short videos. The response was phenomenal! The event was held at Mamoura Auditorium and attended by film enthusiasts, industry experts, educationists and members of the public. The winner of the “Me” category was Alina Mustafina, and the winner of the “Me and My School Category” was Shabari Shankar from Abu Dhabi Indian school. Held alongside the awards ceremony was a debate on “How to nurture talent in film making in the UAE.” “It was great fun bringing the community together with educationists and film experts talking about how to nurture talent in film making. I thank NYFA, Imagenation, Abu Dhabi Media Company, Zayed University, British School Al The films were all of an extremely high calibre and the Khubairat and the American Community School for being fair in their judging and decision to award was very hard. I congratulate all the generous in sharing their insight and knowledge. It is through collaboration and filmmakers and the supporters of the event for expressing partnership that we can transform communities and incite positive change.” what they truly love about the UAE.” Sana Bagersh Simon Hunter Managing Editor, Tempo President of the New York Film Academy Abu Dhabi Billy Stewart Saadiq Nujam Daniel MalakFinalist - ME and MY SCHOOL Category Finalist - ME Category Finalist - ME Category ME- (OVER 18 YEARS) ME AND MY SCHOOL CATEGORY WINNER: CATEGORY WINNER: Alina Mustafina, 27, works Shabari Shankar, 16, studies at for Hyper Sun as a journalist. the Abu Dhabi Indian School.
  13. 13. ME- (OVER 18 YEARS) CATEGORY: Alina Mustafina, 27, works for Hyper Sun as a journalist. She has lived in the UAE for three years and hopes one day to become a film maker. As winner of the ME category she receives a 12 week intensive film making course at the New York Film Academy Abu Dhabi. “I work for a community magazine in Dubai and one day we wrote about the ‘I love UAE film competition’ organized by Tempo. I brainstormed with my husband, my friends, my mum and dad and I also spent about three days watching the best short movies from all over the world to get some sort of inspiration but the idea I used was the idea that came to me the moment I decided to participate. My aim was to show people – simple, happy and smiling. I then began looking for a shape to combine all the characters together and I found it in a simple heart. So I shot people who work at the fish market, white collar workers, boxer, artist, Asians, Europeans, and Africans. It was hard to find music as well. AtPanelists and organizers of the “I LOVE UAE” video competition the ceremony my friends and I were really nervous. I was sweating and shaking and when“I was amazed about the quality of the videos from all the young participants. They were the envelope was finally opened and I heard my name, I couldn’t believe it! I was so happyprofessional -grade pieces which showcased excellent storytelling and technical skills, and and kept shaking hands with all the jury members. And I’m going to study in one of thereflected the unique perspective of each director. Educators understand the importance of best film academies in the world!’equipping students with 21st century skills to prepare them for life after school. I washonoured to have been a part of this wonderful opportunity to help further the creativity ME AND MY SCHOOL (11- 18 YEARS) CATEGORY:of young minds in the UAE, and look forward to more film-making opportunities for our Shabari Shankar, 16, studies at the Abu Dhabi Indian School. “I’ve always dreamtstudents”. of being a singer/ song-writer and I feel this is something like a milestone which willJesse Remington, Technology Systems Coordinator, American Community help turning my dreams into a magical reality. My muse and my inspiration for this songSchool Abu Dhabi was UAE. Since I’ve been born and brought up here, I wanted to pass a tribute so I tried expressing my love for UAE through a medium I’m really passionate about and I am really“I was overwhelmed by the level of enthusiasm and passion in all who participated at grateful to Tempo for giving us an opportunity to express our love for this country. I’m alsothe TEMPO-NYFA contest. I applaud their efforts and applaud the leaders in this industry very much thankful to my band members, Sneha, Neha, Saee and Kayan and my school.”who are committed to embrace and nurture talent. I am pleased to see a burgeoning film Shabari put together the video, along with an original song, with her four band mates.community that is brave and willing to get their ideas expressed visually and make the She received a video camera from Tempo and a workshop from NYFA Abu Dhabi for herprocess fun! I made new friends and I hope to see them be part in the efforts of developing school.a motion picture industry in the UAE.”Mohamed Al Otaiba, Head of Imagenation Abu Dhabi“Media doesn’t know an age. Children, young people are always interested in watchingtelevision and learning more about the world. This passion for TV and media, especiallyin film making, starts where everything begins – home. Parents need to strengthen andenhance the child’s interest in the media and the social media. They can do simple stepsto make their children curious about the media. They can for instance, buy them a simple Shabari Shankar receiving her prizes from Tempo and NYFAcamera and download a free editing program on their computer. [There are] simple toolsthat can build a great and new media generation who are passionate about the world ofjournalism and the power that comes from the media”.Mohamed Farah, Project Production Manager, Abu Dhabi Media Company“It was a truly inspirational evening and I am delighted to be part of such an amazingevent.” Judges watching NYFA presentation Hana Makki presiding over the eventMichelle Flemington, Head of Media StudiesBritish School Al Khubairat Abu Dhabi“The I Love UAE film competition empowered many to express themselves creatively. tempoplanet.com’s chatboxTempo did an excellent job attracting a diverse crowd in the ongoing effort to represent Shabz: Oh sure! I’m really thankful to all you lovely viewers and voters out therethis quickly growing and developing city. There is no magic formula for great film or who made my dreams come true. And to my band members whose support keptcinema, but in many of the films we saw glimpses of magic. Please continue to bring me going. I really admire you guys :) :Dpeople together and more magic will happen.” Alan: Competition isn’t only about winning, it is about sportsmanship. ParentsDr. Nezar Andary, Assistant professor of Film and Literature, Zayed University shouldn’t get upset when their children lose!Hana Makki, film producer, and presenter of the event. “What a night! Great to see Alina: Thank you very much everybody!!! I am so happy and I believe that all dreams come true!!! Just wish and do!such fantastic mix of film enthusiasts in one room! There were guys from the Abu DhabiFilm Commission, film producers as well as all the young filmmakers and their parents. I Saadiq: It was a wonderful experience.....well done Alina and Daniel...it was greatpersonally think at such a young age Billy Stewart has found his career, and Saadiq Nujam to share the stage with you people.seriously impressed and sparked all our minds with his mini documentary. Daniel Malek,wow, his cinematography is beautiful. I hope each of the finalists remembers to never Ahmadfalafel: Whoever is judging this competition hopefully is judging it baseddoubt themselves, to be proud of their work, and to keep trying. They have seriously on creativity. Good luck to all the creative videos!impressed.”
  14. 14. I’M A TEENAGER, THINKING:DON’T PATRONIZE ME! THE BIG WHYS OF LIFEBy Ahmed Samir By Shamma Al Suwaidi“Teenager!” The word carries an overwhelmingly negative It’s funny how life always seems to hit us withconnotation, doesn’t it? It’s as though it carries a probablyunintended but nonetheless pernicious assumption that a series of unexpected events; sometimes good,teenagers are “stupid”. In all probability, the word also forms sometimes bad. But they just keep on coming. Wean image in the back of your head of an immature dolt who’s end up thinking, “Is this ever going to end?” eventoo vain and too inept to be taken seriously by anyone. though deep down inside we know it won’t.Why is that? More often than is necessary, I find myself talked down to, People respond to incidents in different ways, and it’s important to keeptaken for someone who is of below par intelligence, and for nothing other in mind that the way we respond to things can either make ‘life’ easier orthan being a teenager! It’s as if the fact that I’m a teenager implies that harder, acceptable or unbearable. Looking at people, you always find themI am too stupid to understand what is said to me and necessitates that I ‘thanking God’ when something good happens in their life. On the othereither not be talked at all, or be given a watered down version; one that hand, when something bad happens, they either end up blaming Him ormy puny teenage brain can handle. And that is something that I contest. cursing themselves for their luck. Why isn’t it possible for us to enjoy what’sVehemently! sweet while we can, and thank God for whatever is “sour” because, whether we know it or not, it makes us stronger and better people if we ‘respond’ toFor the sake of the argument, let’s say that the assumptions are true; which, the situation in the right way.more often than not, isn’t the case. But let’s say that teenagers really aredense and daft dimwits, does talking down to them help? (Note the What breaks my heart is to see people throwing their lives away in responsemasterful use of alliteration in the three Ds) to a tragedy that takes place in their lives, or enter a dark tunnel that they don’t know how to get out of. There’s always a light at the end. It’s just aThe thing is, condescension only exacerbates things. Talk down to someone matter of figuring out. The way I see it, you should ask yourself:long enough and eventually they get used to it. It can only have negativeeffects on the person; and it certainly won’t help them in any way…. Take 1. How did I get here?these two examples: 2. How badly do I want to get there? “What you’re trying to say is...” and “let me see if I can put this in terms Once we realize this, we stop reacting in a way that hurts others andsimple enough for you.” To me, they translate to: “I’m better, you’re inferior. ourselves, and we begin to send out more of a positive reaction that willYou’re too thick to form coherent thought.” leave us feeling better and leave the people around us feeling inspired.This way of communicating is annoying at best, exceptionally detrimental I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason why we react the way we do isat worst. Granted, whoever does that may not necessarily have offending at because as soon as we get hit, beaten down and fall, we ask that ultimateheart, but it’s painful all the same. question “WHY?” Why did this happen to me? Why do I have to go throughSo can we please stop doing that? Please? If this? Why can’t the good outlast the bad? Why can’t life hand me a chocolatenot for maintaining common decency then sundae with hot fudge and sprinkles instead of constantly throwing lemons?for conserving the collective sanity of the The reality of the situation is: there is no answer. You can come up withnext generation! theories of why it might have happened but you will never really know why.#ThingsIWishFor If we had all the answers to life’s questions then what’s the point of lifeFollow me on Twitter or email itself? Would the words “faith”, “hope’”, “wish’”, or “dream’”, hold the sameAhmedSamirSalama@yahoo.com meaning? Contemplate that.
  15. 15. REVIVING ART AT THE RESUSCITATION THEATRE:STAGING T.S. ELLIOT’S “THE COCKTAIL PARTY”By Sharon Carvalho THE ACTORS SHARON THOMPSON- I’ve been involved with dramatics since an early age and it’s great to be involved with such an enthusiastic and talented cast who so obviously love the “craft”. DEBORAH LOUSON- I play the role of Julia and I’m the older member of the play and cast. This is my first play with Resuscitation Theatre and I’ve been with it since May. This is also my first regular acting part after many years. I acted in plays in university and I had a part in a musical with the Abu Dhabi Choral Group when we did The Music Man in 2009. PRABHATH DHEVINDRA- I play the role of Peter. I heard of The Resuscitation Theatre and heard about this play through a casting call. I auditioned for the part and got selected. I think Maggie is a good leader; she is enthusiastic and full of ideas and I’m really glad to be working with such a wonderful team.Resuscitation Theatre, a group of thespians based in Abu Dhabi,are staging The Cocktail Party by T.S. Elliot on the 1, 6, 7 and 8 of KSENIA GIORNO- I’ve been in Abu Dhabi for four years and acting is my profession.October. Tempo met with the Resuscitation Theatre troupe and its I play one of the four shades in the story. As shades, we just perform, we have no dialogue. We guide the characters through the story and the interesting part is thatdirector, Maggie Hannan, to talk about art, theatre and inspiration. they don’t see us. We’re the magical part of the play, I guess. Each of the four of usTEMPO: Tell us about your background in theatre. represents a different colour and different part of the story and I think that makes theMAGGIE: I grew up in an arts family. My grandmother was an actress, as were my aunt story unique.and uncle. My mother was an opera singer and my stepfather a painter (fine arts, nothouses, ha-ha). From the earliest memories I have, all the games I played with my cousins SHIVA KOJAKI- I met Maggie at NYFA and was impressed with the approach she tookrevolved around making a play, movies or TV shows. My first professional show was at the with her last play, The Seagull, so when she asked me to be part of The Cocktail partyage of 15 in an Off-Off Broadway production of Ionesco’s The Leader. I have a BA in theatre- I agreed right away. What I love about this play is that it’s very audience oriented,dance and went on to a long dance career in Las Vegas, Broadway Tour and international especially the shades who interact with the audience on a metaphysical as well ascabaret. In fact, I was in Abu Dhabi during the mid-eighties and started the Abu Dhabi physical level.Dance Theatre that performed for private functions in a variety of hotels. When I got tooold to dance I turned back to theatre and for 15 years was director of drama and dance in a SIMONE GROBBELAAR- I play the pink shade and my name is “Silene”. I met Maggievariety of schools in the UK. My inspiration for Resuscitation Theatre came whilst teaching through the New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi, and she convinced me to become aA Level in Crawley. I applied for an “Awards for All” grant to create community projects part of the play. The shades seemed really interesting to me, and the more I delved intothat put students onstage with community performers and so Resuscitation Theatre was the movement sequences and the character itself, the more I fell in love with it. One ofborn. In Abu Dhabi, I taught drama at British School Al Khubairat and I now lecture at the the things I love most about the part, is that it showed me where my restrictions as anNew York Film Academy. actress lies, and with that knowledge, I continually gain more and more confidence.TEMPO: How do you characterize Resuscitation Theatre?MAGGIE: Its purpose is to reinterpret classic texts into modern theatre forms. I love the FATIMA ARB- This is my second opportunity to act with Maggie. The first time waslanguage of the classics, but modern audiences, especially young people, demand the when she directed The Seagull and I think it was pretty successful. One thing I realisedvisual as well as the aural. My background in dance affords me the ability to use movement was that my role in The Seagull was more attached to my reality as compared to myas a metaphor. Resuscitation plays are full of symbolism and metaphor. I choose plays role with this play that is more in tune with my personality.that are still relevant or have important messages. IBRAHIM AL KHUMIRI- I’m a student at NYFA…I play one part of Edward and ITEMPO: What can the audience expect of The Cocktail Party? believe Maggie’s vision of splitting the role made it a very diverse character, sort ofMAGGIE: In this production the audience will be treated to spectacle. They will also like yin and yang, the opposites of the personality. When you’re an acting studentparticipate, as it is in the style of promenade theatre which requires the audience to follow it’s difficult to decide if you like film or theatre more, but through these experiencesthe actors. The audience is not expected to sit throughout the play and instead they may you get a chance to be in both worlds and personally I like theatre more because withstand or lean against the wall. There will also be chairs and sofas. The doors open at 7:30 theatre you are not confined to a screen but you are literally performing in front of anfor drinks and snacks, to create a party atmosphere. Only 50 invitations (tickets) will be audience. It is also an amazing opportunity for me especially since I am an Emiratisold for each performance and tickets most definitely will need to be ordered in advance.They are available from the One to One Hotel reception desk. playing a leading role in an English play.
  16. 16. sun mon tue October 30 31 MY OCTOBER ECO PLEDGE ! Lun g Month Healthy Halloween today!!! Stefanie Machado Zeeshan Razzaqi 2 3 4 Alaa Mohamad Arjun Suria International Day E@ Telecom World M s 3-6 of Non- Violence Jumeirah Emirates Tower eon @ IBWG Networking Lunch Beach Rotana Hotel Ankit Lodha 9 10 11 Chris Xaviour Sign age, Show Imaging @ AD and M Davina Lewis NEC 9 edia -11 High 3rd Annual Operational Risk T Erwi ension- n Ola Art E f @ C xhibi Management @ Amwaj Rotana, arbo t n12 ion by Dubai 10-11 Duba Cherin Kim i 16 17 18 World Food Day International Jewelry and ME Manufacturing Exhibition Watch Show @ ADNEC 17-21 @ ADCNEC 16-18 Kyla Sollano Lorraine Lowell Aquino 23 24 25 Ramez Najarine Petal Prince Ray Regilme Ruar Inde x Wor / InRet LPUL T ld Tr ail E Buildin edial ade xhib g MENA Future Educ abi M -25 Cen ition OU GE h ter 2 @ ADN at EC 25- ion Abu D ress 23 2-2 @ 26 PA 5 Co ng