Complete Abu Dhabi City Guide focuses on events, lifestyle and more Abu Dhabi updates


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Abu Dhabi Guide Tempo targets on community, events lifestyle, travel, restaurants, parks, malls, fashion, shopping, culture and lots more.

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Complete Abu Dhabi City Guide focuses on events, lifestyle and more Abu Dhabi updates

  1. 1. FREE ISSUE FUN | FAMILY | FOOD | FRIENDSHIP | FASHION | FITNESS the rhythm of your city J A N UA RY 2 010 Go Green: Get your Gift Ideas Enter TEMPO 2010 Calendar NEW 2010 TRENDS Contest Pull out Inside! and much more inside Win fab prizes
  2. 2. VOLUME 4 | JANUARY 2010 Advertisement it’s tempo - it’s about you! this month 4 Your Say 5 ShopCall Heeello Abu Dhabi !! 5 What’s Hot in Abu Dhabi What an eventful year 2009 has been, so many exciting events, many 6 Shop Call new projects announced and lots of new faces in the capital. We truly are fortunate that in a global downturn Abu Dhabi has not only grown 7 Lifestyle but flourished. This is testament to the innovation, resilience, and fortitude of policy makers, industry leaders and professionals. 8 My Fave Recipe The start of the year is always a good time to take stock of the past and think about how to make the world better. Abu Dhabi Tempo 9 City Bites has produced a calendar poster that offers 40 ways to save the planet, not just as a pullout in this issue, but also for download from 10 My Abu Dhabi & Meet your Neighbour as a poster and as a screensaver that offers daily reminders. 11 Home Smart Happy New Year Abu Dhabi! 12 People Meter May 2010 be a year of health, wealth, happiness and kindness to all. 13 Making a Difference 14 Handy Helper & Art of the Oracle 15 Workitude Media Licence No. 1/105866/24295 Editor: Sana Bagersh, Editorial Coordinator: Kulsoom Zakir, Magazine Designer: Praveen 16 Alive & Kicking Prabhakaran, Website Designer: Rizwan Pervaiz, Marketing Coordinator: Ahmad Al-Dajani, Production Coordinator : Joel Flores Editorial Contributors: Genevieve Colaco, Aicha Diop, Samantha Davis, Mariam Bukair, Randy Parker, Farrukh Naeem and Riddhi Doshi. 17 The Beat with Aich Disclaimer: Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure 18 My Style Blueprint the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any 19 Trendsetter means without the permission of the publisher. Address: 20 On the Beaten Path & Arablish To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: To reach advertising call 02 6673349 or email: If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 6673349 or check out the 21 Funny thing about life list of Tempo distribution points on our website. 22 Culture Talk Join us at: Abu Dhabi country club offers you the first and only indoor 23 Webwatch Abu Dhabi & Abu Dhabi Diaries skydiving facility in the Middle East., search for Abu Dhabi Tempo 24 Lifecoach Here you will experience the thrill of a lifetime! we offer a fully adjustable wind speed to accommodate children on up to grandparent , and wall to wall air flow so there is no 25 Ask Um Saif & A Yank in Sand Land danger from falling out of the wind stream. To advertise in Abu Dhabi Tempo magazine Space walk provides maximum flight enjoyment. or the website:, 26 Classifieds call 02 6673349 For reservation callus on Abu Dhabi Country Club Spacewalk is your solution to an Tel:- + 971 2 44 63 653 27 Tempo Fun Page exciting adventure to enjoy , from age 3 up to 103 , they Fax:- +971 2 44 30 311 Published by: are all welcome.
  3. 3. YourSay Dear Ed, Dear Ed, What's Hbohti in A u D ab Festive Chuckles Jan 12, Abu Dhabi Crowne Plaza The Laughter Factory comedy show is all set to entertain and amuse audiences in Abu Dhabi. UK’s Duncan Edwards will be packing punches or rather punch lines Your feature on Ann Russo Petit came just in time. I had I don't know if I'm the only person totally annoyed by this along with Atlanta born -Louis Ramey and the Irish no idea what to wear to my brother’s Christmas party. A but I don't understand why many TV stations have no nomad - Mark Walker. Louis Ramey has opened for many week ago, I visited their shop and found a divine pastel concept of 'prime time.' Some of the best shows on TV run Musical Legends such as Ray Charles, Whitney Houston, gown and within my budget too! Thank you Tempo. far too late in the night. Case in point: ‘Admen'--one of the The Temptations and Donna Summer. hottest shows--runs on Channel 4 at midnight! I know it airs Alice B. for audiences in the entire region but it is still very late for So hang tight, these master blasters will tickle your all time zones. funny bone and have you rolling on the floor before you can say ‘lol’. TV Addict, Bateen l 10 Al Dhaona Festivaca20 k fr the beauty twal Camels Who’s got the Dibs on Tips? DANCE TO THE TUNE Last month, one of our readers inquired about the portion of service charge which goes to the servers, or rather, if any of OF MASTERS it goes to them at all. We visited a few well-know restaurants Jan 14, Emirates Palace (Auditorium) and this is what their employees had to say: “Whatever the customer leaves is pooled and at the end of One of the world’s leadings orchestras, London’s the day we divide the tips equally amongst all the waiters.” Philharmonia, associated with conducting legends Manager of an upscale Asian restaurant such as Wilhelm Furtwängler, Herbert von Karajan, Otto Klemperer and Carlo Maria Giulini, will perform “The management takes a huge chunk of the tips, say 50%, under the direction of celebrated Finnish maestro as insurance for any crockery we damage and the rest is Jukka-Pekka Saraste. He conducted a memorable divided amongst us waiters.” Server of an Asian eatery 2010 Abu Dhabi Golf Championship and melodious musical performance at last season’s The Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage Jan 21 -24, Abu Dhabi Golf Club Abu Dhabi Classics. This year he will present the (ADACH) is organizing "Al Dhafra Festival 2010", a “All of us are assigned different tables and the reservation system ensures that all of us have a steady flow of customers. Sports fans worldwide have been waiting with bated most famous of all symphonies, Beethoven’s world-renowned cultural event focusing on camels, powerful and dynamic Fifth, along with Mozart’s So we get to keep whatever tips are left on our table. If the breath for this championship and with three of the which runs from January 30 until February 8, 2010 in dinning party is big, we share the work with other servers world’s top 10 golfers already confirmed to battle it out in magnificent Piano Concerto, the genius’ first bold Madenat Zayed in Al Gharbia (The Western Region). January’s 2010 Abu Dhabi Golf Championship, they have and then divide the tips equally.” Waitress from an Italian masterpiece and a work that paved the way for restaurant not waited in vain. The championship will have world Beethoven’s concertos. Al Dhafra Festival, which typically attracts thousands number four and two-time Abu Dhabi Golf Championship of locals and tourists to many of the events, “You’d be surprised at the small tips people leave for fast winner, England’s Paul Casey return to Abu Dhabi to battle will include many important events such as the food joint servers. We work as hard as the other uptight it out with Abu Dhabi stalwart – the fiery Spaniard and traditional market, competitions on poetry, dates and waiters in the fancy places. I take whatever is left for me.” world number eight - Sergio Garcia, who will again be photography and many new heritage events that will Waiter for Fast Food joint looking to show off his remarkable talents on The National be announced later. Course at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club. The National Authority for Consumer Protection renewed a The Organising Committee announced the launch of warning on 26th December that restaurants are not to add A new addition this year is the world number 10, Geoff a new contest for the first time at the Dhafra Festival service charges according to Consumer Protection Law # 26 Ogilvy. He could be the one to watch out for. The 6’ called “Al-Hallab” This new contest seeks to choose the . (2006). The Ministry of Economy is considering taking strict 2” imposing Aussie powerhouse is familiar with his camel that produces the most milk. The competition action against restaurants that violate this law. So heads opponents, having beat Casey earlier in the year to win seeks to attract attention to this category in camel up everyone, don’t let fancy dinnerware dupe you, and tip the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona, breading and encourage camel owners to acquire generously! USA. This year, you’ll be amazed by the championship’s ‘milky’ camels, especially as these camels have been depth of field. Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority looks to offering a great economic value for centuries. attract a wide diversity of golfing greats and the 2010 Log on our website championship is no different. So what are you waiting for? Book your front row seats to the action now! and watch Tempo TV’s latest We'd love to hear from you. Write to us at video updates on Abu Dhabi 4 5 Tempo January 2010
  4. 4. N W5IUSB CELLS! Cool Lifestyle Lemon-Aid Gift Ideas 2010 GET L’Occitane Verbena is formulated from a The Prize premium quality Verbena extract from Corsica, which is particularly fine and Ekotribe and Abu Dhabi Tempo have paired up to bring pure. The lemon fragrance energizes LIFTED! you a contest in which you can win 5 revolutionary new and revives the senses, thereby helping rechargeable batteries that can be used like normal batteries to banish tiredness and stress. Inside and be recharged simply by plugging into a USB port of a the gift hamper: a shower gel, shower Desktop, Laptop, Monitor, Powered Hubs, Keyboard USB ports, duo, cleansing hand wash, hand lotion, scented sachet and a couple of Playstation or XBOX and NiMH mains chargers. Slendertone Face, the latest age-defying verbena scented, leaf shaped soaps. technology Sinful luxury and lemony freshness The Uses in one package, you have to try it! You can conveniently recharge the wireless mice, Digital This revolutionary product harnesses Electronic Price upon request. cameras, Wireless keyboards, Home gaming devices, MP3 Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology – the speakers or other personal devices. Just top-up the charge for same safe patented method used by doctors, a few minutes to provide several hours of use. physiotherapists and athletes word-wide every day. After 8 weeks into the program, muscle volume will Eco Benefits generally have increased by about 18% and the user · USB Cell is the ultimate eco-friendly battery. It is tested will start noticing a lifting effect. Big Love up to 500 charge cycles to guarantee optimum reusable performance. “Slendertone Face topped the most wanted beauty L’Occitane has designed a holiday hamper for its Middle Eastern Prestige Men’s items lists at both Harrods UK and Sephora France. customers and this one is big. · The battery can be re-used hundreds of times. ·Each USB Cell can save 7 kgs of CO2 and 3 kgs of toxic waste. The British Harpers Bazaar in September 2009 called it ‘the missing link in the quest of youthful looking We mean BIG. It consists of home fragrances and essential winter body Collection care products. Basically it consists This is the ultimate metro-sexual man’s skin’. We have set up a pre-order mechanism on our grooming gift with L’Occitane’s Cade How to Win of lotions and potions for complete Middle-East website to fulfill the expected demand indulgence. Beware; you might not skincare line products. This gift definitely Simply answer the question: How much CO2 and toxic waste Anna Gedman, Managing Director want to give this gift away! Price: packs an impressive punch and includes: a does each USB Cell save? Dh 1586 shower gel, shaving stick (no more messy shaving cuts), deo, shaving cream, scrub, Beauty aficionados in the Middle-East will be able Send in your answers along with your name and mobile number to with USB Cell to join the waiting list and pre-order Slendertone Maternity Gift balm and an eau de toilette. Go ahead ladies, gift it to that special man in your Face with 10% launch offer by contacting L’OCCITANE has harnessed the firming and elastic life and watch him transform. Disclaimer: Contest in the subject line. / +97150 7089993 / +97150 properties of the Almond to create a natural body Results might be addictive! Price: Dh 795 9126742. To find out more details log on to care line of beauty products. Sourced from Provence, this bestseller gift basket includes: firming and smoothing milk concentrate body cream, exfoliating Slendertone Face retails at Dh 2,000 and soothing body scrub, supple skin oil, shower oil and tummy firming cream called Delicious tummy cream (don’t look at us, we didn’t name the products). But this is the perfect maternity gift as if helps refresh the skin and it also enriches the natural glow which accompanies motherhood. It’s fab! Price: Dh 903 TO ADVERTISE IN Prestige Rose ABU DHABI TEMPO Collection L’Occitane has assembled a special gift basket for CALL 02 667 3349 its Middle Eastern customers. It consists of Rose scented delights so that you enjoy the festivities of the season even more! Enjoy the bath and shower EMAIL gel, rose velvet hand and body cream, body milk, two bars of soap, and two eau de toilette perfumes. Price: Dh 680 6 7 Tempo January 2010
  5. 5. MycFateeCRkecipe v ae City bites Choola a W ZE t ZaatHEr EW MeNiU N This month, Zainab Shafi reveals one of her all time favourite holiday recipes: “I have always loved desserts. I read somewhere that you TRY T worth a mention and it is indeed a ‘tummy-satisfying’ addition. Although Djeij W Our favourite branch of this Lebanese eatery is located can’t enjoy making food with an “I must” attitude; rather Jebneh and Mish Falafel wraps on a cosy and quiet corner on Al Salam Street (there are all time favourites and you should have an “I want to” attitude. For me, the time aren’t many of those left on Salam!). Once you enter into thankfully, they are still present spent in researching new recipes and shopping for the its pristine space, you are hooked! It’s just hard to figure on the new menu. Manakeesh, out why? You figure maybe it’s the snug lakeside cabin ingredients is an enjoyable experience. This chocolate their traditionally fluffy Lebanese look or maybe it’s the vibrant, seemingly hand-painted cake recipe is one of my favourites and I have made it Preparation: wallpaper, perhaps even the subtle variety of tasteful flatbread is presented with a delightful twist in the form of Aarouss Labneh and Jebneh Moutabbal on sun- numerous times both for family and friends.” Lebanese food but then it strikes you; it’s the people. For Cake: dried tomato bread. Makes you wonder what it tastes Their staff makes you feel right at home and they truly are 1) Mix soft butter and like, doesn’t it? The dessert menu has definitely come brown sugar until fluffy. a friendly bunch. 2) Gradually beat the egg a long way as it now includes a sinful chocolate cake Ingredients: s and add apricot jam. and an equally tempting cheese cake in addition to the 3) Mix flour, baking sod Let’s come back to the food though. The revamped menu a and cocoa powder and traditional milk-based, Ashtalieh Overmoze... oh and into the butter mixture. fold of ZWZ consists of delectable treats like the must-try For Cake Jello too! 4) Gradually add milk. Halloumi cheese sticks breaded with crumbs and served Butter = 150g 5) Pour the mixture into with a dip on the side. Caution: This teaser will completely 300g a baking dish. For this chilly winter month, we recommend popping Brown sugar = 6) Bake at 160 ° for 50 flatten diet plans and you may have cravings for it later in for a light meal (two can eat well under Dh 100) and to 55 minutes or until Eggs =3 mixture sets. the on. Moving on to salads, Z Fattoush is a rich combination eserve= 75g of nutritious veggies, recommended by most of its some hot chocolate to experience hospitality the ZWZ Apricot Jam/ Pr For Syrup: way. What’s more? They deliver for free. Do we hear an Flour= 225g customers. The new ‘Spizy chicken wrap’ is Amen? Baking soda= 8g 1) In a pan, mix cream, milk, condensed milk and Milk= 150ml sugar. Get Cosi 50g Cocoa powder= 2) Bring the mixture to a gentle boil, stirring occasionally for 30 min For Syrup a, which ever utes. The syrup will sta trawberry/banan thickening. rt Cream (vanilla/s e) = 100ml 3) Pour the hot syrup on flavour you desir top of the baked cake. Condensed milk= 1/2 tin “Share the cake with lov ed ones and begin 201 Milk= 150 ml sweet memory of time spent with those you che 0 with the Renowned for its crackly crust flatbread baked in an Sugar= 150g most.” Zainab rish the e open-flame stone oven, Cosi offers a pleasant French sweet to balanc rup is immensely dinning experience in a refreshing, laid-back style. We Caution: This sy . So if you want used in the cake settled in for breakfast at its branch in Al Wahda Mall and the brown sugar and add sugar chose their signature hearth-baked, square bagel along you can omit condensed milk with English tea from their wide tea selection. We know rsa. instead, or vice ve they have a wide selection because it was presented to us in a well organized box to choose from. We left wishing we had tried the monstrous Italiano sandwich instead as its delicious aroma from the adjacent table continuously Donate A Brick Campaign tempted us to try it. Fairly light on the pocket and easy on the stomach, Cosi also offers you the ambience for truly Flash Entertainment has pledged its support for the Special enjoying the eating experience. They have a catering service Care Centre in its bid to build a new campus for those in to satisfy your dinning needs at home as well. Pay them a need of special care and rehabilitation. It will take five million visit and get cosi. bricks to build the new Special Care Centre campus, which at full capacity will enrol 420 students from early detection and diagnosis through to adulthood and independence. Tempo encourages you to pledge now: SMS the word ‘Brick’ to 9050 (Etisalat) or 9100 (du) and Dh 5 will be donated from your account towards the good cause. For more information about the ‘Donate a Brick’ campaign, visit 8 9 Tempo January 2010
  6. 6. MyABU DHABI homesmart Sara Svensson, a resident of Abu Dhabi a point of view on a potent view That’s a Wrap! Gift wrapping is an art form but let’s be honest, most of us stink at gift packing, wrapping, decorating or any other gift-embellishment-synonym that comes to mind. Not anymore! Tempo brings you some fresh and easy gift wrapping ideas for 2010: city has an interesting suggestion It's a ... about the Corniche sidewalk... “While walking along the breakwater sidewalk towards Marina Mall, I made an observation. Besides being almost run over by an excited little boy on a big bicycle, I was actually standing at a spot from where I could enjoy both the sea view and the Decorate with Origami GoodThing city skyline. Since it was evening time, it was pretty dark. Yet, I was enjoying the feel- If you are good with paper ing of depth and calm only a breathtaking sea view can give. folding, here’s a Tempo creative tip: Make an origami object “However, I could not get used to the loud sounds of traffic from the road. I began with colourful paper and stick to consider whether a see-trough, plastic (re-cycled ofcourse) wall could be set-up it on top of a gift box. Make sure between the road and the pavement to decrease the sound. Technically, it could even that the gift box does not have prevent fuel fumes from reaching us pedestrians. Maybe people would rather keep intricate patterns on it otherwise the exposed pathway and don’t want another wall, as a friend pointed out when I it might overshadow your creation. told her about this plastic wall. But here’s what I think, maybe people will actually like This is a nice way of giving a personal the calm and get more enjoyment out of their walk. Who knows, they may even go touch to a store-bought gift item. out for longer walks! “As the former mayor of Bogotá, Enrique Peñalosa, who won wide praise for making his city a model of enlightened planning said, “As birds must fly, man must walk.”” Pants for Wine Bottles! Send us your opinion on Sara’s plastic wall: We know we’ve got your complete attention now! The idea is to dress up a wine bottle with an old denim MeetYOUR or corduroy pant leg. All you need is a pair of pants (denim, dress or corduroy), scissors, fabric glue or YO the good ol’ sewing machine. Carefully cut the legs off about 12 inches from the bottom of the pants NEIGHBOUR MEET.... …Purvi Gokani Fresh! Ziploc to Keep itcination with (length may vary for different pant sizes). Turn them inside-out and sew ends together or attach them with fabric glue. You can cut out the pant od fas Give your childho r w twist this winte pocket and attach it to the front. Tuck “Originally, I am from Bombay, India and I’ve lived in UAE for well snow globes a ne ts in tissue paper a wine opener or a holiday greeting en over 14 years. To tell you the truth, I have lived and worked in other season. Wrap pres with inside Ziploc bags ips card in the pocket. Now slip a bottle emirates of this wonderful country but none of them compare to and place them ones, ribbon str of wine or champagne inside. Your pinec Abu Dhabi. I feel it is the best place to raise a family and I wouldn’t some trimming, be e ‘em a ‘snow glo friends will laud your inventive- trade it for any other country in the world. and confetti to giv und the open end ness for look’. Tie a ribbon aro ila! Your g in place and Vo years to come. to secure the ba gift is ready to be presented. “I run a henna design centre in partnership with my sister and things are going pretty well for us. We have been in business for over 7 years now and each day has been a blessing. Our parlour, Handy Cloth Beautiful Henna Centre is much more than just a business to me. It is the fruit of our sincere hard work. Setting it up in Abu Dhabi was Comic Wrapping Paper Wrapping a good decision from a monetary standpoint. This place provides Recycle those old comics Running out of ideas of such financial security to entrepreneurs like us. to put a smile on a how to wrap an oddly- loved one’s face as shaped gift for a dear he or she opens one? Tempo “I live here with my husband and son while my parents live in your gift. All you suggests that you keep Dubai. So you see almost my entire family is here. We visit them it simple; use a fancy over the weekend and have lots of fun gatherings like trips to Al need is a comic piece of cloth. Just make Ain and other emirates. page (the bigger the sure it is circular so that better as it will wrap all you can place the gift in the way around your the centre. Next, bring the This month Tempo introduces you to enterprising “At the end of the day, however, I love coming back to the peace present), some tape, colourful circumference of the cloth entrepreneur, Purvi Gokani. and serenity of Abu Dhabi. To me, Abu Dhabi will always be the ribbons, and you are together and tie it up with prosperous land of Baba Zayed. The only place where I find inner good to go! decorative ribbons of peace and tranquility.” different hues. 10 11 Tempo January 2010
  7. 7. PEOPLE METER Making a People Meter is an offbeat way to learn more about Inside Each of us can in his, or her, own way make a difference in our world. Sometimes this can be a simple our community and its people, who come from gesture, and sometimes it is a kind word. This page is dedicated to the hero that resides in each and different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life. The every one of us, and to the sharing of great news that will make our planet a better place for us all. truth This month, one adventurous tourist and one zesty VOLUNTEER NEW AGE resident of Abu Dhabi city give us their unique perspective on life. TO FOR TAKE MY ROBINHOOD JUNK UAE My top new Now here’s a charity which really demonstrates the true meaning of the saying: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Founder, If you have ever wanted to make a year’s Faisal Khan is a Canadian citizen who moved to UAE two years ago. Upon discovering the plight of labourers in camps, he initiat- contribution to something significant and really make a difference in peoples’ resolutions: ed a campaign to collect and re-distribute office and household items which would normally be discarded as trash. This includes: Clothes, electronics, food, and even used items you wish to sell. lives, here’s your chance. The good folks at Take My Junk are on the lookout for volunteers. Here are some ways in which All you have to do is send an email to takemyjunkuae@gmail. you can help: Raymund Gerard com or call 050 1794045 and they will schedule a pick-up (some- times it only takes them 20 minutes). If you wish to cover fuel Flyer distribution, organizing distribution expenses you can do so by making a donation. Pick-up points dates and events in community schools, • Work-out more are located in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Duabi. So if you are willing to contribute, stop throwing away junk which setting up workshops to increase • Pray harder is in fairly good condition. Help Faisal bring a smile to someone’s awareness about the suffering of lower Raymund Gerard Marium Zakir face today! income families, and if you have the flair Filipino Pakistani • Sleep better for advertising, you can test your skills by All this stuff is not really expensive for someone who has a nice The Tourist The Resident • Cry less job. But this is just what we need. It goes very quickly when we marketing the charity to schools and community centres. • Find a sweetheart distribute it. Faisal Khan What first word comes to your mind when I say...? • Be happier For more information visit: Contact: World Airport World Peace Marium Zakir Tem HelpingHand Vote!po’s de’) Water Evian Water Refreshing • Earn more moolah (aka ‘the Rahma briga Night Abu Dhabi Lights Night Romantic • Decrease intake of Sand Camel Sand Velvet carbs in my diet Screensavers Start the New Year with a pledge to help Muzamel. He is a Sudanese man Nation Philippines Nation Prosperity • Become assertive by monitors; do not reduce energy use who has inherited a terrible eye disease and needs immediate surgery off is always manually turning monitor worth Dh 45,000. At 35 years, he has gone through enough. He lost his job Poor Money Poor Homeless • Reconnect with old strategy. But the better energy-saving s due to this condition and has a family to support, he underwent a failed cornea transplant and has also developed cataract in he his left eye. As you Root Beer Root Strong friends saver downlo if you have to use a scree read this his right eye is rapidly loosing vision which can be remedied if he Land Trees Land Divided • Switch to eco-friendly a Like our ‘40 W d an eco-friendly one! n- undergoes surgery. Currently, Muzamel is on visit visa which also expires screensaver. ays to Save the Planet’ soon. Take out some time (and money) from all that partying and search Ring Married Ring Engagement mode your heart to find an amount which you can contribute towards helping this Yellow Favorite Yellow Sick • Contribute to a social in calendar You can also download it determined man. Your smallest contribution can enlighten his entire world. Magic Love Magic Eyes Visit: www.ab form from our website. Contact Yassmeen on to find out where to send cause udhabitempo your contributions. .com Map Lost Map Lost Ship Captain Ship Wreck Making a Difference is a celebration of good people and good deeds. Please share with us your ideas, activities and community ‘public-good ‘ stories. Send them to 12 13 Tempo January 2010