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Veloxity: Best Locations For Cell Phone Charging Stations


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Veloxity identifies some of the top locations for cell phone charging stations. The list of includes the best venues events for cell phone charging stations such as hospitals, universities, airports, restaurants, and bars.

Veloxity is leading provider of cell phone charging stations in the USA.

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  • Seems like this cell phone charging station could be placed in even more locations such as airports, hotels, malls, and car dealerships. Great idea Veloxity!
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Veloxity: Best Locations For Cell Phone Charging Stations

  1. 1. The Best Locations for Cell Phone Charging Stations Presented by Veloxity
  2. 2. Trade Shows People usually stay longer at events longer when tradeshow managers or event planners offer cell phone charging stations.
  3. 3. Universities Students are constantly attached to their phones. A charging station on campus offers a way for students to stay connected with one another and the university.
  4. 4. Hospitals Visiting a hospital can at times cause anxiety. Many hospitals are curing dead battery anxiety by providing charging stations for visitors, patients and staff.
  5. 5. Restaurants Many different restaurants are offering charging stations to their customers so they can feel more comfortable knowing that their phone will not die.
  6. 6. Clubs and Bars These venues are offering charging stations to help people stay as long as they can. Clients can enjoy the night stress free without leaving early to go home to charge their phones.