Telehealth patient education


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  • Telehealth patient education

    1. 1. By Enda Edward
    2. 2. What is Telehealth? A Telehealth consultation is similar to a regular videoconferencing whereby a meeting is run through a camera between a specialist in his/her clinic, and you in the comfort and privacy of your home .
    3. 3. The Telehealth Process1. Scheduling: provides you with a confirmed appointment2. Consult Day: Patient is registered Medical records retrieved All necessary forms signed Videoconference connects Fifteen minute interval for triage by the nurse
    4. 4. The Telehealth Process Then the consultation begins with physician discussing your treatment plan Medication and follow up test and procedures Schedule follow up exam as needed
    5. 5. The Telehealth Process
    6. 6. The Telehealth Process
    7. 7. Suitability and Safety You are responsible for your health care at home Telehealth’ s unique system assist you by using technologies to improve your health and safety It also address the issue of providing quality health care in inaccessible areas because of cost or geographic locationNot all consultations are suitable for telehealth Only when there are barriers to face to face contact
    8. 8. Suitability and Safety Telehealth can improve compliance and adherence to treatment plan It provides greater access It increases productivity of nurses – no more delays in health care especially in rural areas
    9. 9. Technologies to be Used There are many different technologies used in telehealth including:Telephones videophones videoconferencing systems specialized telemedicine workstations personal computers store and forwarding systems
    10. 10. Technologies to be Used
    11. 11. Technologies to be Used
    12. 12. Security and Privacy Privacy and patient confidentiality should be maintained and respected at all times Privacy requirements are the same as face to face consultation the health care provider should make use of secure infrastructure and encryption
    13. 13. Legal Considerations There are three general categories of legal issues associated with telehealth:1. Traditional medico – legal issues2. Conflicts with State Laws3. Issues unique to telehealth
    14. 14. Legal ConsiderationsLicensure: Is the health care provider licensed? Ensures that the facility meets quality standardsAccreditation: Ensures that medical staff are competent in their practice areas
    15. 15. Legal ConsiderationsMalpractice Liability: The facility owes you a duty to prevent harm negligentlyReimbursement: for the most part telehealth services are not reimbursed by government insurance agencies However granted in special cases, if medical necessity can be demonstrated
    16. 16. ICT Requirement and CostThe cost of using telehealth services would depend on: Location Services provided The individual service provider However it has been shown that the overall cost is much less than traditional in hospital consults
    17. 17. ICT Requirement and CostTechnical requirement for the routine telehealth exchange are:Simple messaging/ monitoring devices VideotelemonitorsVideophonesAll telehealth users need to be educated about the systems and trained how to use them properly to avoid fustration
    18. 18. ClosingYour medical telehealth team is committed to providing you with the best care as close to home as possibleThe choice is yours, telehealth has the capacity to improve your health while also lowering expense