Brians Anaglyphs 1


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Anaglyphs created by me with related text.. Music added to presentation. Need Red/Cyan filtered 3D glasses to view these anaglph images.

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Brians Anaglyphs 1

  1. 1. The following 3D stereo images are called Anaglyphs Anaglyphs require 3D (red/cyan) filtered glasses for viewing three dimensional depth! Get your 3D glasses and (Click to begin) Brian’s Anaglyphs #1 Nov. 2008
  2. 2. Amid darkness, gloom, and despair…
  3. 3. A window of opportunity may appear… Shedding the light of hope through and through.
  4. 4. Emerging from the darkness… A rainbow of possibilities come true.
  5. 5. Life is often an uphill climb… Sometimes it’s one step forward and two steps behind.
  6. 6. And when we’ve struggled to the top… We’re often shot down on the spot.
  7. 7. We feel alone, waiting for the rain to begin… Thinking we’ve missed the boat, one more time again.
  8. 8. Take the time to look around… You may discover your ship is found!
  9. 9. Listen carefully, to the signals, as they are softly spoken… Like a child’s imagination before their innocence is broken.
  10. 10. Even a brick wall… Prevents nothing from growing tall!
  11. 11. Shed the fears of doubt, when it’s time to stay afloat.
  12. 12. Allow your friends to throw you a line… And safely tow your boat.
  13. 13. The seasons change, so we must too…
  14. 14. A sense of humor will help you through!
  15. 15. There are times we need our own private space.
  16. 16. And times we miss a familiar face.
  17. 17. There’s times we need to feel secure…
  18. 18. And times we’re trapped without a door.
  19. 19. We all have our weaknesses… and also our Joy!
  20. 20. We aspire to fly… Not be a decoy.
  21. 21. Give us the courage to stand alone… When our liberties have been overthrown.
  22. 22. Learn to think outside the box… If you come from the school of hard knocks…
  23. 23. Be proud, walk tall… Not much is gained from thinking small.
  24. 24. Learn to swim against the current if need be… And not be worried who will and will not see me.
  25. 25. Find what it is you do best… Then DO IT! Make it your passion… Then pursue it!
  26. 26. However unconventional… Be yourself… Your soul is your wealth… Material things are unintentional.
  27. 27. We all search for the same light in hopes that it might guide us. Disparity flows high and low as the sea tide must…
  28. 28. The next time you think your luck is disproportionate… Think about those who are truly much less fortunate.
  29. 29. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall… All you’ve got to do is call… And I’ll be there… You’ve got a friend. The End