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Wild Survival Kit Work Samples 2012


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Transition unit of work based upon the text, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE

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Wild Survival Kit Work Samples 2012

  1. 1. + Student Work Samples Where the Wild Things Are
  2. 2. + Wilderness Survival Kit ACADEMIC EXTENSION PART ONE   A representation of the wild thing inside of you.   We all have wild emotions and the desire to fit in. When Max runs away and ends up in the land of the Wild Things, he encounters lots of new friends but has very different relationships with each of them.   Discover what makes you who special.
  3. 3. + STUDENT ONE   The object that I have chosen to aid me in the wild is a coin.   I have a lot of trouble making up my mind and if I had difficulty deciding in which direction to go, what I needed to do or change I would flip it and decide on the outcome. Rather like tossing the coin at the beginning of a cricket match to see who bats first. Another use of the coin could be an urban myth; however Sydney Harbour Bridge workers have been reported to throw down a coin ahead of their fall when they have accidently fallen to break the surface tension of the water: thereby allowing safe entry into the water. So perhaps a coin could enable me to jump off a high cliff and survive if faced with danger and I needed to escape. But my coin is even better it can save me from all sorts of impacts. All I would need to do is drop the coin on any surface whilst falling and it would break the ground softening my fall like a massive pile of plump cushions. My coin is also a weapon that when thrown becomes a lethal shot to overcome dangerous creatures. But rather like a boomerang if thrown will return to my hand. My precious coin endowers the holder with the power of hope imparting protection and safety in any situation giving me more than a fighting chance. Because it is metal and can heat up with the sun’s rays, the coin can be used to make fire for warmth and to cook food. The coins shininess can be used as a beacon for deflecting the sun’s rays and sending S.O.S signals to passing boats. Passing boats that might rescue me if required, hopefully not marauding pirate ships terrorizing the high seas. My coin can change colour turning from shiny to dark with the approach of danger. It also changes appearance with the weather conditions shiny when the sun is bright and dull with bad weather. There are probably even more qualities that my coin is yet to reveal to me. I wonder if the reader might think of other possibilities?
  4. 4. + STUDENT TWO Penguin Board Game
  5. 5. + STUDENT THREE   My object is a flare because I think that the flare represents me and it is also a good object to have if you’re to survive in the wild. This object represents me because it is fast when you fire it into the sky. It is unique to me because it lights the way and it signals for help. It is a leader like it and me gives people hope. It is fearless because it can take on any kind of weather. It is happy because it lights everything up and it is red which is a happy color. It is sleepy because it is only awake when it’s lit. It lights the way to all the people I know and love and it’s always ready for action. It is unique to me because I like to give everybody hope if they’re in serious trouble. It will help me to survive because I can use it if I need help or if I am lost and I don’t know how to get back home.
  6. 6. + STUDENT FOUR
  7. 7. + STUDENT FIVE   The object that I have chosen to take to the wild to represent me is: a ball of golden orb weaving spider silk. I have chosen this object because it has lots of uses as it is so strong (it is the strongest natural fiber known to man and is more flexible and robust than bullet-proof Kevlar). In the wild it could be used to make animal traps, hammocks, fishing lines/nets and bow strings & slings or rope for many tying uses: binding rafts and shelters, or for using as safety lines and whips. It represents me as I am mentally strong, having been through hard and upsetting times. It is also made by my favourite animal, a spider, who, like me, is sensitive and can detect the slightest vibration in the threads. Metaphorically speaking, it captures emotions to help me remember and learn from my life experiences. I can catch knowledge with it, it is valuable & unique like me.    
  8. 8. + STUDENT SIX   My Guiding Light My object to help me in the metaphorical wild (a.k.a. high school), is a guiding light that looks exactly like a normal torch and helps show me what to do. It is powered by friendship. My light is powered by friendship because in high school you need friends to help you get through everything and if you dont have friends you dont have help or power. Another thing my light does is play music out of two little speakers out of the bottom of the handle or if you just want to listen by yourself you can put earphones in at an input that is between the speakers. My light also has a little screen on it that tells me what I have coming up next, sort of like a planner, or if I have forgotten something it flashes upon the screen and tells me what it is.
  9. 9. + Wilderness Survival Kit ACADEMIC EXTENSION PART TWO   A study of the wild.   Max travels to a land very different from the one he knows. It is full of new creatures, new abilities, new friends, and it is a place where Max rules as king. Use your imagination to create a world where you would like to live.
  10. 10. + STUDENT ONE
  11. 11. + The areas include: Description: • Freezing Thorns is a place where memories are inaccessible and frozen. • Frustration furnace is a volcano that represents accumulating and erupting anger and it’s destructive forces. • Thunder Falls resembles the burst of adrenalin when something dangerousMy land is inhabited by feelings, emotions, and happens to me (like breaking my arm). • The Fountain of Youth is the origin of all of my original thoughts.abstract nouns. The four races are: good-blue, bad- • Tickle Knee Hill resembles a knee, my most ticklish, neutral-green, and subconscious-purple. • Oasis Hill is a hill surrounding a water reservoir like a shield deflecting anyHowever spiders also inhabit the world to represent love for them. Each surreal place in my land • Viewing Pool is surrounded by Oasis Hill; it is pared with a window that isrepresents a section of my mind. ‘viewing’ it. From the windows perception the Viewing pool’s reflection warps time and shows the past for one to be able to reflect. • The Mouth of Mourning is a dark cave where I retreat to when I mourn lost relatives.The inhabitants include: • The plunge pool is a pile of thoughts that are stored until necessary.GOOD • The Rapid Rapids is a fast moving flow that causes excitement. • The Flow of Thought is literally a flow of thought represented by a river.•  Peace •  Fun • Enquiry Vortex shows I have a questioning mind and don’t hesitate to ask about something I don’t understand. • The Surf of Surging Joy shows my love for the sea. • Forever Fresh Air Forest depicts my connections to nature. • Diversity Wood is a multicultural place with absolutely no segregation. • The Subconscious Sands are uncharted and mysterious, as I don’t know everything about my subconscious. • The Nightmare Realm is a prison for the horrors of the mind.•  Joy •  Calm • I love math and logic and that is why there is a logic point, a maths tree and a•  Courage •  Happiness mathematics wood.•  Creativity •  Helpfulness • Finally there is Creativity Corner, My area where I live. It is an area where anything is possible. Everyday a new product is built and the same thing will•  Excitement •  Friendship never be repeated showing originality. Scientists invent and this is also whyBAD •  Anger there is a creativity corner as I love science.•  Doubt •  Lost The world grows when I learn something but when I forget something, it•  Fear •  Destruction shrinks.•  Sorrow NEUTRAL•  Anticipation •  ImaginationSUBCONSCIOUS •  Dreaming•  Thought •  Nightmare
  12. 12. + STUDENT TWO   Jarkaster is a large continent that has been split through religion and customs. Of the races, the Centaurs and Phoenix of The Greenland’s are the strongest and most intelligent people in all of Jarkaster. The Frostbites (spiky ice colossi or ice giants) and Yeti of the Dread Mountains can adapt to most climates due to the random weather changes. The inhabitants of the Shadow lands are the most brutal and in-humane in the land. These dark creatures of dread include Shavnars (fleshy centaur creatures with colourless eyes) and the Shadow Sworn (faceless monsters looking like men with a hood and cloak of black fleshy fabric that some say is their skin).   The most common plant life is Sather bushes bearing plump red berries poisonous when raw but if boiled in high temperatures become a beautiful sweet drink that can be kept for almost an eternity. Due to its commonness Sather berries are used mostly by peasants. Another very common plant is a Smik fern, large spiny trees that bear a potato like fruit.   The land is mostly hills and mountain ranges except in the shadow lands where there is no light and the land is dusty and desolate. The Greenland’s are mostly hilly lush prairies with freshwater rivers and lakes surrounded by green forests. The Dread Mountains are dangerous to any traveller unlucky enough to be trapped out in its harsh unforgiving weather from the icy cliffs to the rocky crumbling peaks.   The land has been under much repair over the last few years after the Great War between the three lands. It started 1000 years ago and has left the land in utter ruins after 700 years of fighting. Travellers often bypass the immense grave yards and ruins of temples and cities. During the war most of the humans were either destroyed or captured as slaves. Others with magical abilities escaped and are in hiding in tribes all around the Jarkaster.   The largest standing city and stronghold is Aknor a centaur run city carved into a great white stone mountain. It is one of the only places with a proper sewerage system. A great waterfall flows down the centre of the city starting from the high palace down a channel and into the ground. Each town of Jarkaster has a leader appointed by the King or Queen of that race.   Each of the different societies and/or races has their own set of rules that needs to be respected and carried out. Failure to do so usually means banishment, incarceration or in the worst cases death. After the war a constitution was made by the peace and justice committee involving the greatest of generals from each race and land. The constitution was based on the various war crimes and if a soldier were to be convicted of one he would be executed.
  13. 13. + STUDENT THREE
  14. 14. + STUDENT FOUR   Robbieotopia is a very old piece of land that stretches back millenniums. It is currently run by the one and only King Simon.   There has always been a war raging between the bandits of Alkarhaid desert and the trolls of Pollenesia.   Laram the lands of the tropics provide Arhie, the Kings land, with fruit and vegetables.   There are two main fishing villages Camptin and Garrile they both provide fish to Ahrie. Rellika is a more independent, living off the lake and the woodland around it.   Tusken has a low population but is a helpful place because it can provide animal skins for the winter. The fur of the animals in Tusken is thicker than anywhere else because it is so cold.
  15. 15. + STUDENT FIVE