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3d internet

  1. 1. Presented By:Presented By: Subhashree MallaSubhashree Malla CSE IICSE II Roll No: 101112Roll No: 101112 Presented To:Presented To: Asst. ProfessorAsst. Professor Mr. Sankarsan SahooMr. Sankarsan Sahoo Dept of CSEDept of CSE Seminar On 3D INTERNET
  2. 2. CoNTENTsCoNTENTs What is 3D Internet ?What is 3D Internet ? Why now ?Why now ? What is changed ?What is changed ? Evolution of InternetEvolution of Internet How does it work ?How does it work ? Advantages of 3D TechnologyAdvantages of 3D Technology Applications of 3D InternetApplications of 3D Internet Examples of 3D TechnologyExamples of 3D Technology Obstacles to success in 3D WorldsObstacles to success in 3D Worlds The Future of 3D InternetThe Future of 3D Internet ConclusionConclusion ReferencesReferences
  3. 3. WhaT Is 3D INTERNET?WhaT Is 3D INTERNET? Combination of two powerful forcesCombination of two powerful forces • InternetInternet • 3D graphics3D graphics The result: Interactive, real timeThe result: Interactive, real time 3D graphics delivered3D graphics delivered over the web.over the web.
  4. 4. Why NoW ?Why NoW ? Until recently, there were two problems:Until recently, there were two problems: • slow computersslow computers • slow connectionsslow connections Downloading 3D content took a long timeDownloading 3D content took a long time and once downloaded, it ran very slowlyand once downloaded, it ran very slowly Quality of the graphics was poorQuality of the graphics was poor
  5. 5. WhaT Is ChaNgED ?WhaT Is ChaNgED ? Increased bandwidthIncreased bandwidth • Cable modemsCable modems • DSLDSL Increased processor speedIncreased processor speed • 1 GHz and beyond1 GHz and beyond Graphics acceleratorsGraphics accelerators • Installed on all new machinesInstalled on all new machines • able to provide fast, high-quality graphicsable to provide fast, high-quality graphics
  6. 6. Evolution of intERnEtEvolution of intERnEt Immersive Interactive Static Text UI Basic graphical UI Rich, interactive graphical UI 3-D digital experience Hybrid virtual/real- world experience Pre-Web Internet World Wide Web Internet 2.0 Internet 3D Internet XD Interactivity Richness of user experience
  7. 7. How doEs it woRk ?How doEs it woRk ? *3D internet basically deals with the virtual world*
  8. 8. AdvAntAgEs of 3dAdvAntAgEs of 3d intERnEtintERnEt Participants have control throughout theParticipants have control throughout the virtual space.virtual space. Content is readily available.Content is readily available. Participants have a choice in whether toParticipants have a choice in whether to interact with an offering.interact with an offering.
  9. 9. ApplicAtionsApplicAtions E-commerceE-commerce • Product visualizationProduct visualization • 3D virtual shops3D virtual shops • Interact in virtualInteract in virtual workspacesworkspaces
  10. 10. contd…contd… EducationEducation • Web-based trainingWeb-based training using interactive 3Dusing interactive 3D • Virtual experimentsVirtual experiments for physical sciencesfor physical sciences *Teach, learn, and*Teach, learn, and practice in a way thatpractice in a way that feels “real”*feels “real”*
  11. 11. CONTD…CONTD… EntertainmentEntertainment • Multi-player, fully 3D gamesMulti-player, fully 3D games • Streaming 3D animation (much lowerStreaming 3D animation (much lower bandwidth than video, can run fullbandwidth than video, can run full screen, can have interactivity)screen, can have interactivity) Social InteractionSocial Interaction • 3D chat spaces3D chat spaces
  12. 12. CONTD…CONTD… Collaborative designCollaborative design and engineeringand engineering • ArchitectureArchitecture • Product designProduct design • 3D visualization of3D visualization of data for various fields.data for various fields. 24 meters 12 images
  13. 13. ExamplEs Of 3DExamplEs Of 3D TEChNOlOgyTEChNOlOgy Google Goggles:Google Goggles: Anyone putting "theAnyone putting "the Goggles“ will beGoggles“ will be immersed in a 3Dimmersed in a 3D "stereo-vision" virtual"stereo-vision" virtual reality called 3dLife.reality called 3dLife.
  14. 14. CONTD…CONTD… 3D Shopping:3D Shopping: 3DInternet dedicated3DInternet dedicated years of research andyears of research and developed world’s firstdeveloped world’s first fully functional andfully functional and interactive shoppinginteractive shopping mall where users canmall where users can navigate and findnavigate and find themselves in a Virtualthemselves in a Virtual shopping environment.shopping environment.
  15. 15. ObsTaClEs TO suCCEss iNObsTaClEs TO suCCEss iN 3D WOrlD3D WOrlD Complexity of the space made it expensiveComplexity of the space made it expensive business to get into.business to get into. Slow acceptanceSlow acceptance • players too large and buggyplayers too large and buggy • bandwidth too limited for serious contentbandwidth too limited for serious content • Slow systems to play content in realtimeSlow systems to play content in realtime
  16. 16. Contd…Contd… Advertisers, marketers and organizationsAdvertisers, marketers and organizations have yet to capitalize on the vast potentialhave yet to capitalize on the vast potential of the 3D Internet.of the 3D Internet.
  17. 17. FUtURE oF 3d IntERnEtFUtURE oF 3d IntERnEt Using the web and controlling information will beUsing the web and controlling information will be very easy and effective by using 3D internet.very easy and effective by using 3D internet. * Right now this might seem like FANTASY, but* Right now this might seem like FANTASY, but ten years in the future this might be a seriousten years in the future this might be a serious invention !!invention !!
  18. 18. ConClUsIonConClUsIon One venue that stands out for its ability to attractOne venue that stands out for its ability to attract highly motivated audience is -highly motivated audience is - the 3D Internetthe 3D Internet.. Immediacy of TV + Versatile content of WebImmediacy of TV + Versatile content of Web + Relationship building strengths of social+ Relationship building strengths of social networking sites =networking sites = INTERACTIVE 3D INTERNETINTERACTIVE 3D INTERNET
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  20. 20. tHAnK YoU…tHAnK YoU…