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Catalog 2nd Unlimited 2018


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Catalog 2nd Unlimited 2018

  1. 1. 2nd International Contest Unlimited Photo Montenegro 2018
  2. 2. We Create Unlimited Photography Experience
  3. 3. 2018-014 L1800042018-008 Unlimited Photo 2nd International Contest of Photography MONTENEGRO Photo Travel Nature Water Lines Open Color Open Monochrome SECTIONS 2018-020
  4. 4. 2018-014 2018-008 L180004 2018-020
  5. 5. The Best Author of Unlimited 2018 FIAP Blue Badge Mr. Luis Alberto Franke Luis Franke, MFIAP, EFIAP/d1, EsFIAP, GMPSA, MFAF, EFAF/p Director of the FIAP Biennial Service Oficial de Enlace FIAP / FIAP Liaison Officer PSA Membership Director
Argentina He was born in Argentina in 1963. He is an industrial engineer and an amateur photog- rapher. Since 1988 he has been travelling round the Southern Patagonia in Argentina, where he has done several photographic reports on rural establishments of that area. His photography shows the natural sceneries, the people and especially they show the rural life of the vast southern farms. He is an active member of the Grupo Fotografico Parque, an important photo club of Buenos Aires. He also is an honorary member of Photo Club Elema from Skopje (Mace- donia). Since 2003 he has taken part in national and international salons of photogra- phy and has obtained more than 13000 acceptances and 2400 awards in more than 60 countries. Regularly receives invitations to judge National and International Exhibitions. The FIAP distinguished him as “Master FIAP” in 2014, the PSA as “Grand Master in Pho- tography” (GMPSA) in 2012 and the FAF (Argentine Federation of Photography) distin- guished him as “Master” (MFAF) in 2014. In 2012 and 2013 was awarded as the “Best of tht Best” author by FIAP. Since 2014 he is serving as FIAP Liaison Officer for Argentina. Since 2017 is a member of the Directory Board of FIAP and Director of the Biennial Service.
  6. 6. Unlimited Photo Association was established to achieve the following objectives • affirmation and popularization of art and creative photography to support and preserve cultural heritage, national history, customs and traditions, protecting the environment and natural beauty of Montenegro through the medium of pho- tography • creation, support, encouragement and continuous improvement of the photog- raphymedium in Montenegro, then its comprehensive promotion at home and abroad • we are co-operating with schools and professional associations in the country and abroad who are engaged in the medium of photography • we publish books and other publications in the field of photography media • we are organizing national and international photo exhibitions, under the patron- age of domestic and international alliances, federations and associations We Create Unlimited Photography Experience
  7. 7. Theme A Photo Travel FIAP Gold Sergey Agapov, Survival, Russia PSA Gold Luis Alberto Franke, En la caballeriza, Argentina GPU Gold Graeme Watson, Lake George Dawn 1, Australia IAAP Gold Chan Onn Fong, Start of Work Day, Malaysia Salon Gold Yan Luo, Bull market 1, China Salon Silver Zhihui Shi, Cook, China Salon Bronze Leonid Goldin, In private, Israel Special Chairman’s Choice Cagri Isbilir, Yolunu gozlemek, Turkey FIAP Mention Bob Devine, Whos watching who, United Kingdom FIAP Mention Dingfeng Zheng, Pray 2, China PSA Mention Deying Huang, Freedom, China PSA Mention Huifen Wang, Live on the Sea 3, China PSA Mention Roald Synnevaag, Gatemusikant i Malmo, Norway GPU Mention Hussain Alabdullatif, Tailor1, Saudi Arabia Salon Mention Franco Fratini, Sunset on the bridge, Italy Salon Mention Giorgos Tsigkas, A3 sunrise in the Agia Triada, Greece Salon Mention Gunther Riehle, three plus seven 101, Germany Salon Mention Joseba Ibarra, Molinos, Spain Salon Mention Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Visit To Sultan Qaboos Mosque, Qatar Salon Mention Ole Suszkiewicz, Car Repair, Denmark FIAP Blue badge of the best author Mr. Luis Alberto Franke
  8. 8. Theme B Nature FIAP Gold Thomas Vijayan, Paws Of Death, Canada PSA Gold Prashant Meswani, Kingfisher on Bullrush, England GPU Gold Hussain Alabdullatif, Mountains and Clouds, Saudi Arabia Salon Gold Shashidharswamy Hiremath, Scorpion, India IAAP Silver Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Desert Lines, Qatar Salon Silver Tommy Teh, Dinosaur, Malaysia Salon Bronze Giovanni Fabbri, Kingfischer Discussion1, Italy Special Chairman’s Choice Lizzie Wallis, Herring Gull Walking on Water, England FIAP Mention Ali Saifaldeen, Happy Family, Qatar FIAP Mention Gunther Riehle, two plus one 300, Germany PSA Mention Burr Preston, Emperor penguin parents with chick, USA PSA Mention Joseba Ibarra, Sin miedo, Spain PSA Mention Steffen Jung, Gimmefive, Germany GPU Mention Marc Anagnostidis, Accouplement Bicolore 2, France Salon Mention Bob Devine, Osprey with fish, United Kingdom Salon Mention Chan Onn Fong, Surrender, Malaysia Salon Mention Fabienne Mondie, l offrande, France Salon Mention Luis Alberto Franke, Cerros iluminados, Argentina Salon Mention Willem Kruger, Weaver spectators, South Africa Salon Mention Gaute Froeystein, Solnedgang, Norway
  9. 9. Theme C Water FIAP Gold Tommy Teh, Splash 2, Malaysia PSA Gold Martin Fry, The Tempest, United Kingdom Salon Gold Thigh Wanna, Culture of inlay, Singapore GPU Silver Mathew Sze, Through The Tunnel, Australia Salon Silver Miguel Augusto Fierro, Cataratas, Argentina IAAP Bronze IAAP Bronze, Lanfeng Chen, Tribal people37, China Salon Bronze Luis Leandro Serrano, C1 La concha, Spain Special Chairman’s Choice Luis Alberto Franke, Dos tempanos, Argentina FIAP Mention Aleksandar Tomulic, Step, Croatia FIAP Mention Rob Boehle, Little Green Bag, Netherlands PSA Mention Mishal Alryhan, Blue Collision 2, Saudi Arabia PSA Mention Thang Huynh Tan, Luoi Xiep, Vietnam PSA Mention Nils Erik Jerlemar, Shades of Blue, Sweden Salon Mention Istvan Huisz, How are you herakleitos IV, Hungary Salon Mention Sergey Agapov, Kirkjufell, Russia Salon Mention Yury Pustovoy, Ireland II, Russia Salon Mention Xinxin Chen, Elephant cross the river4, China Salon Mention Lihe Zhou, Pick lotus root, China Salon Mention Marcel van Balken, Lifting, Netherlands
  10. 10. Theme D Open Monochrome / Tema D Slobodna Monohrom Theme D Lines FIAP Gold Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, My Dog, Qatar PSA Gold Xiaoping Chang, Wuben Bridge 1, China Salon Gold Zhong Cheng, Super Shadow, China Salon Silver Cagri Isbilir, Sari bolge, Turkey GPU Bronze Marcel van Balken, Diagonal, Netherlands Salon Bronze Steffen Jung, Energy, Germany Special Chairman’s Choice Shenghua Yang, Mountain terrace, China FIAP Mention Calvin Downes, Autumn fence, England FIAP Mention Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Time is running out, Slovenia PSA Mention Klaus Stock, The iced chainlink fence, Switzerland PSA Mention Mario Mirabile, Spoken, Australia PSA Mention Rob Boehle, Guilemins muss auch einmal wieder sauber werden, Netherlands GPU Mention Yury Pustovoy, Provence, Russia IAAP Mention Philip Westwood, Bottom Lines, United Kingdom IAAP Mention Sara Gabriels, Cube houses, Belgium Salon Mention Jasmina Gorjanski, Misty morning, Croatia Salon Mention Thigh Wanna, Beautiful scenery 1, Singapore Salon Mention Sok Choung Pyo, Go to the heven, South Korea Salon Mention Will Verheesen, Triangle, Netherlands Salon Mention Joseba Ibarra, Galindo, Spain Salon Mention Roberto Soares Gomes, Tower, Brazil
  11. 11. Theme E Open Color FIAP Gold Sergey Agapov, Man from Karo tribe, Russia PSA Gold Daniel Lybaert, E3Groep kuifmakaken 2, Netherlands Salon Gold Alexander Hochhaus, Shoetime, Germany Salon Silver Luis Alberto Franke, El pan nuestro de cada dia, Argentina Salon Bronze Jan Thomas Stake, Bongeline 7109, Sweden Special Chairman’s Choice Ole Suszkiewicz, Two Women in Motion, Denmark FIAP Mention Dr Sanjib Basak, The Look, India FIAP Mention Manfred Kluger, Primaballerina 6, Germany PSA Mention Yury Pustovoy, Sunrise in Patagonia, Russia PSA Mention Chan Seng Tang, Boxing 16, Macau PSA Mention Deying Huang, Grandpa and Grandson, China GPU Mention Jef Lemmens, Old times, Belgium GPU Mention Soon Seng Leong, Fish seller 524, Malaysia IAAP Mention Karoly Barakonyi, Sundeck 4, Hungary IAAP Mention Alois Bernkopf Dr, Sargis1, Austria Salon Mention Thomas Vijayan, Snowy Bear, Canada Salon Mention Veniero Rubboli, Stoker, Italy Salon Mention Xiping An, Ten thousand steeds gallop 1, China Salon Mention Yeokkian Koh, Robber fly with prey 29, Malaysia Salon Mention Alexey Suloev, Chat up at the ChumYamal, Russia Salon Mention Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Tante Julika, Slovenia
  12. 12. Theme F Open Monochrome FIAP Gold Luis Alberto Franke, Espera del mas alla, Argentina PSA Gold Thomas Vijayan, Arctic Light, Canada Salon Gold Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Take Me Home Bw, Qatar Salon Silver Graeme Watson, Womens Rugby Union 2, Australia Salon Bronze Ole Suszkiewicz, Free Hugs, Denmark Special Chairman’s Choice Desheng Xu, Warm Himself, China FIAP Mention Chan Onn Fong, Financial Hub, Malaysia FIAP Mention Gunther Riehle, Two plus huddle ss 100 bw, Germany PSA Mention Kai Lon Tang, Boxing 28, Macau PSA Mention Nhan Le Hoang, Hoc Kinh 6, Vietnam PSA Mention Rongguang Ye, Working Hard, China GPU Mention Nils Erik Jerlemar, Man and Horse, Sweden GPU Mention Sara Gabriels, My lord, Belgium IAAP Mention Ilhan Kilinc, The Testican, Turkey IAAP Mention Ping Lu, Passion flying, China Salon Mention James Wat, Grandpa In His Dream, USA Salon Mention Malcolm Sowdon, Boy in the Flatcap, England Salon Mention Sasa Preradovic, Tension 10, Serbia Salon Mention Veniero Rubboli, Romanian funeral 1, Italy Salon Mention Bob Goode, Best Buddies, England Salon Mention Shin Woo Ryu, Desert 07, South Korea
  14. 14. 14 PHOTO TRAVEL FIAP Gold Sergey Agapov, Russia, Survival
  15. 15. 15 PSA Gold Luis Alberto Franke, Argentina, En la caballeriza PHOTO TRAVEL
  16. 16. 16 Graeme Watson, Australia, Lake George Dawn 1 GPU GoldPHOTO TRAVEL
  17. 17. 17 Chan Onn Fong, Malaysia, Start of Work Day IAAP Gold PHOTO TRAVEL
  18. 18. 18 Yan Luo, China, Bull market 1 Salon GoldPHOTO TRAVEL
  19. 19. 19 Salon Silver Zhihui Shi, China, Cook PHOTO TRAVEL
  20. 20. 20 PHOTO TRAVEL Leonid Goldin, Israel, In private Salon Bronze
  21. 21. 21 PHOTO TRAVELSpecial Chairman Choice Cagri Csbilir, Turkey, Yolunu gozlemek
  22. 22. 22 FIAP MentionPHOTO TRAVEL Bob Devine, United Kingdom, Whos watching who
  23. 23. 23 PHOTO TRAVELFIAP Mention Ding Feng Zheng, China, Pray 2
  24. 24. 24 PHOTO TRAVEL PSA Mention Huifen Wang, China, Live on the Sea 3
  25. 25. 25 PHOTO TRAVELPSA Mention Deying Huang, China, Freedom
  26. 26. 26 PHOTO TRAVEL PSA Mention Roald Synnevaag, Norway, Gatemusikant i Malmo
  27. 27. 27 GPU Mention PHOTO TRAVEL Hussain Alabdullatif, Saudiarabia, Tailor 1
  28. 28. 28 Salon MentionPHOTO TRAVEL Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar, Visit To Sultan Qaboos Mosque
  29. 29. 29 Salon Mention PHOTO TRAVEL Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Car Repair
  30. 30. 30 Salon MentionPHOTO TRAVEL Franco Fratini, Italy, Sunset on the bridge
  31. 31. 31 Salon Mention PHOTO TRAVEL Gunther Riehle, Germany, Three plus seven 101
  32. 32. 32 Salon MentionPHOTO TRAVEL Joseba Ibarra, Spain, Molinos
  33. 33. 33 Salon Mention PHOTO TRAVEL Giorgos Tsigkas, Greece, A3sunrise in the Agia Triada
  34. 34. 34
  35. 35. 35 B NATURE
  36. 36. 36 FIAP Gold Thomas Vijayan, Canada Paws Of Death NATURE
  37. 37. 37 PSA Gold Prashant Meswani, England, Kingfisher on Bullrush NATURE
  38. 38. 38 Hussain Alabdullatif, Saudiarabia, Mountains and Clouds GPU GoldNATURE
  39. 39. 39 Shashidharswamy Hiremath, India, SCORPION Salon Gold NATURE
  40. 40. 40 Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar, Desert Lines IAAP SilverNATURE
  41. 41. 41 Salon Silver Tommy Teh, Malaysia, Dinosaur NATURE
  42. 42. 42 Salon BronzeNATURE Giovanni Fabbri, Italy, Kingfischer Discussion 1
  43. 43. 43 Special Chairman Choice NATURE Lizzie Wallis, England, Herring Gull Walking on Water
  44. 44. 44 FIAP MentionNATURE Gunther Riehle, Germany, Two plus one 300
  45. 45. 45 FIAP Mention NATURE Ali Saifaldeen, Qatar, Happy Family
  46. 46. 46 PSA MentionNATURE Steffen Jung, Germany, Gimmefive
  47. 47. 47 PSA Mention NATURE Burr Preston, USA, Emperor penguin parents with chick
  48. 48. 48 PSA MentionNATURE Joseba Ibarra, Spain, Sin miedo
  49. 49. 49 GPU Mention NATURE Marc Anagnostidis, France, Accouplement Bicolore 2
  50. 50. 50 Salon MentionNATURE Luis Alberto Franke, Argentina, Cerros iluminados
  51. 51. 51 Salon Mention NATURE Fabienne Mondie, France, l offrande
  52. 52. 52 Salon MentionNATURE Willem Kruger, Southafrica, Weaver spectators
  53. 53. 53 Salon Mention NATURE Bob Devine, United Kingdom, Osprey with fish
  54. 54. 54 Salon MentionNATURE Chan Onn Fong, Malaysia, Surrender
  55. 55. 55 Salon Mention NATURE Gaute Froeystein, Norway, Solnedgang
  56. 56. 56
  57. 57. 57 C WATER
  58. 58. 58 FIAP Gold Tommy The, Malaysia, Splash 2 WATER
  59. 59. 59 PSA Gold Martin Fry, United Kingdom, The Tempest WATER
  60. 60. 60 Salon Gold Thigh Wanna, Singapore, Culture of inlay WATER
  61. 61. 61 Mathew Sze, Australia, Through The Tunnel GPU Silver WATER
  62. 62. 62 Salon Silver Miguel Augusto Fierro, Argentina, Cataratas WATER
  63. 63. 63 Lanfeng Chen, China, Tribal people 37 IAAP Bronze WATER
  64. 64. 64 Salon BronzeWATER Luis Leandro Serrano, Spain, C1 La concha
  65. 65. 65 Special Chairman Choice WATER Luis Alberto Franke, Argentina, Dos tempanos
  66. 66. 66 FIAP MentionWATER Rob Boehle, Netherlands, Little Green Bag
  67. 67. 67 FIAP Mention WATER Aleksandar Tomulic, Croatia, Step
  68. 68. 68 PSA MentionWATER Mishal Alryhan, Saudiarabia, Blue Collision 2
  69. 69. 69 PSA Mention WATER Thang Huynh Tan, Vietnam, LUOI XIEP
  70. 70. 70 PSA MentionWATER Nils Erik Jerlemar, Sweden, Shades of Blue
  71. 71. 71 WATERSalon Mention Istvan Huisz, Hungary, How are you herakleitos IV
  72. 72. 72 Salon MentionWATER Marcel Van Balken, Netherlands, Lifting
  73. 73. 73 Salon Mention WATER Lihe Zhou, China, Pick lotus root
  74. 74. 74 Salon MentionWATER Sergey Agapov, Russia, Kirkjufell
  75. 75. 75 Salon Mention WATER Xinxin Chen, China, Elephant cross the river 4
  76. 76. 76 Salon MentionWATER Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Ireland II
  77. 77. 77 D LINES
  78. 78. 78 FIAP Gold Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Qatar, My Dog LINES
  79. 79. 79 PSA Gold Xiao Ping Chang, China, Wuben Bridge 1 LINES
  80. 80. 80 Salon Gold Zhong Cheng, China, Super Shadow LINES
  81. 81. 81 Cagri Isbilir, Turkey, Sari bolge LINESSalon Silver
  82. 82. 82 Marcel Van Balken, Netherlands, Diagonal LINES GPU Bronze
  83. 83. 83 Steffen Jung, Germany, Energy LINESSalon Bronze
  84. 84. 84 Special Chairman ChoiceLINES Shenghua Yang, China, Mountain terrace
  85. 85. 85 FIAP Mention LINES Calvin Downes, England, Autumn fence
  86. 86. 86 FIAP MentionLINES Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Slovenia, Time is running out
  87. 87. 87 LINESPSA Mention Mario Mirabile, Australia, Spoken
  88. 88. 88 LINES PSA Mention Rob Boehle, Netherlands, Guilemins muss auch einmal wieder sauber werden
  89. 89. 89 LINESPSA Mention Klaus Stock, Switzerland, The iced chainlink fence
  90. 90. 90 LINES GPU Mention Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Provence
  91. 91. 91 LINESIAAP Mention Sara Gabriels, Belgium, Cube houses
  92. 92. 92 IAAP MentionLINES Philip Westwood, United Kingdom, Bottom Lines
  93. 93. 93 LINESSalon Mention Thigh Wanna, Singapore, Beautiful scenery 1
  94. 94. 94 LINES Salon Mention Joseba Ibarra, Spain, Galindo
  95. 95. 95 Salon Mention LINES Roberto Soares Gomes, Brazil, TOWER
  96. 96. 96 Salon MentionLINES Will Verheesen, Netherlands, Triangle
  97. 97. 97 Salon Mention LINES Sok Choung Pyo, Southkorea, Go to the heven
  98. 98. 98 Salon MentionLINES Jasmina Gorjanski, Croatia, Misty morning
  100. 100. 100 FIAP Gold Sergey Agapov, Russia, Man from Karo tribe OPEN COLOR
  101. 101. 101 PSA Gold Daniel Lybaert, Netherlands, E3Groep kuifmakaken 2 OPEN COLOR
  102. 102. 102 Salon Gold Alexander Hochhaus, Germany, Shoetime OPEN COLOR
  103. 103. 103 Luis Alberto Franke, Argentina, El pan nuestro de cada dia Salon Silver OPEN COLOR
  104. 104. 104 Salon Bronze Jan Thomas, Stake sweden Bongeline 7109 OPEN COLOR
  105. 105. 105 Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Two Women in Motion OPEN COLORSpecial Chairman Choice
  106. 106. 106 FIAP MentionOPEN COLOR Dr Sanjib Basak, India, THE LOOK
  107. 107. 107 OPEN COLORFIAP Mention Manfred Kluger, Germany, Primaballerina 6
  108. 108. 108 PSA MentionOPEN COLOR Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Sunrise in Patagonia
  109. 109. 109 OPEN COLORPSA Mention Deying Huang, China, Grandpa and Grandson
  110. 110. 110 PSA MentionOPEN COLOR Chan Seng Tang, Macau, Boxing 16
  111. 111. 111 OPEN COLORGPU Mention Soon Seng Leong, Malaysia, Fish seller 524
  112. 112. 112 GPU MentionOPEN COLOR Jef Lemmens, Belgium, Old times
  113. 113. 113 IAAP Mention OPEN COLOR Karoly Barakonyi, Hungary, Sundeck 4
  114. 114. 114 IAAP MentionOPEN COLOR Alois Bernkopf dr, Austria, Sargis 1
  115. 115. 115 Salon Mention OPEN COLOR Thomas Vijayan, Canada, Snowy Bear
  116. 116. 116 Salon MentionOPEN COLOR Veniero Rubboli, Italy, Stoker
  117. 117. 117 Salon Mention OPEN COLOR Yeokkian Koh, Malaysia, Robber fly with prey 29
  118. 118. 118 Salon MentionOPEN COLOR Xiping An, China, Ten thousand steeds gallop 1
  119. 119. 119 Salon Mention OPEN COLOR Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Slovenia, Tante Julika
  120. 120. 120 Salon MentionOPEN COLOR Alexey Suloev, Russia, Chat up at the Chum Yamal
  121. 121. 121 F OPEN MONOCHROME
  122. 122. 122 FIAP Gold Luis Alberto Franke, Argentina, Espera del mas alla OPEN MONOCHROME
  123. 123. 123 PSA Gold Thomas Vijayan, Canada, Arctic Light OPEN MONOCHROME
  124. 124. 124 Salon Gold Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar, Take Me Home Bw OPEN MONOCHROME
  125. 125. 125 Graeme Watson, Australia, Womens rugby Union 2 Salon Silver OPEN MONOCHROME
  126. 126. 126 Salon Bronze Roger Jourdain, France, Sowing In India OPEN MONOCHROME
  127. 127. 127 Desheng Xu, China, Warm Himself Special Chairman Choice OPEN MONOCHROME
  128. 128. 128 FIAP MentionOPEN MONOCHROME Chan Onn Fong, Malaysia, Financial Hub
  129. 129. 129 FIAP Mention OPEN MONOCHROME Gunther Riehle, Germany, Two plus huddle ss 100 bw
  130. 130. 130 PSA MentionOPEN MONOCHROME Kai Lon Tang, Macau, Boxing 28
  131. 131. 131 PSA Mention OPEN MONOCHROME Nhan Le Hoang, Vietnam, HOC KINH 6
  132. 132. 132 PSA MentionOPEN MONOCHROME Rong Guang Ye, China, Working Hard
  133. 133. 133 GPU Mention OPEN MONOCHROME Nils Erik Jerlemar, Sweden, Man and Horse
  134. 134. 134 GPU MentionOPEN MONOCHROME Sara Gabriels, Belgium, My lord
  135. 135. 135 IAAP Mention OPEN MONOCHROME Ilhan Kilinc, Turkey, The Testican
  136. 136. 136 IAAP MentionOPEN MONOCHROME Ping Lu, China, Passion flying
  137. 137. 137 Salon Mention OPEN MONOCHROME James Watm, USA, GRANDPA IN HIS DREAM
  138. 138. 138 Salon MentionOPEN MONOCHROME Veniero Rubboli, Italy, Romanian funeral 1
  139. 139. 139 Salon Mention OPEN MONOCHROME Shin Woo Ryu, Southkorea, Desert 07
  140. 140. 140 Salon MentionOPEN MONOCHROME Saša Preradović, Serbia, Tension 10
  141. 141. 141 Salon Mention OPEN MONOCHROME Bob Goode, England, Best Buddies
  142. 142. 142 Salon MentionOPEN MONOCHROME Malcolm Sowdon, England, Boy in the Flatcap
  143. 143. 143 Chongfeng Wu, Company Chongfeng Wu, Desert Chongfeng Wu, Throw Up Desheng Xu, Ascetic Monk Desheng Xu, Huian Woman 6 Desheng Xu, Lines Deying Huang, Freedom Deying Huang, Prosperous City Dingfeng Zheng, Pray 2 Dingfeng Zheng, Rite Fei Xie, Reincarnation Fei Xie, See a new world Fei Xie, Storm Guocheng Qiu, Budhha Guocheng Qiu, Expose Haiyan Huang, A happy childhood1 Haiyan Huang, devout9 Haiyan Huang, Seda Buddhist Institute 6 Haiyan Huang, The old tea house3 Hanju ZHU, Green Road Hanju ZHU, Pray Huifen Wang, Live on the Sea 3 Huifen Wang, Tour Huijun Liang, Peace Jiahu She, Dawn pastoral Jiahu She, Neverland Jiajun Chai, Bangladesh15 Jiajun Chai, Churchill3 Jianxun Wu, Dance 1 Jianxun Wu, The Miao Girl Jurong Yu, Life in Daliangshan 20 Ke Xu, Moon Night Ke Xu, Morning Song Ke Xu, Up Lanfeng Chen, Tribal people27 Lanfeng Chen, Tribal people28 LI WANG, Rhythm LI WANG, Set sail Liansan Yu, Beijing Dream Limin Wu, Across Milin Ji, Umbrella Makers Ming Li, Morning of the slum 5 Mingcai Lu, Devout PING LU, Tourist destination Rongguang Ye, Pray Shenghua Yang, Ancient town charm 1 Shenghua Yang, Gallop on the battle- field Shenghua Yang, Night tour of Stilted buildings Shenghua Yang, Smile Xian Liu, Farewell Xiaohui Qiu, The Light Of The City Xiaohui Qiu, The Tulous Feast 2 Xiaomei Xu, Splendid legacy Xiaoping Chang, The Night on Bian City 1 Xiaoqing Chen, Anthropophagi Tribesmen 9 Xiaoqing Chen, Tribal Style 1 Xiaoyun Qi, Holyland in My Heart Xinmin Zhang, Big Day XIPING AN, Old towering 1 Xiu Liu, Haircut Argentina Luis Alberto Franke, Encuentro en la es- quina Luis Alberto Franke, En la caballeri- za Luis Alberto Franke, La carniceria de Pachin Luis Alberto Franke, Uchisar nevado Miguel Augusto Fierro, paraisoencatama- rca Australia Ann Smallegange, Pinnacles Standing Stones Elizabeth Slezak, The Vatican Spiral Graeme Watson, In The V and A Graeme Watson, Lake George Dawn 1 Graeme Watson, Womens Rugby Union 3 Mario Mirabile, Blue Venice Mario Mirabile, En passant Mathew Sze, Determine To Win Mathew Sze, The Show Sharron Leppien, Lone Stockman Vicki Moritz, Hida sweeping Austria Alois Bernkopf Dr, Handicraft Johann Schrittwieser, lightning and thun- der Bangladesh Dr RASHID UN NABI, SANTORINI EVE- NING Belgium Cochain Vincent, Promenade matina- le Jef Lemmens, Village ceremony Sara GABRIELS, Dordrecht by eve- ning Sara GABRIELS, Urk Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, GAS STA- TION ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, ROUTE US 66 02 Canada Kam Chiu Tam, Night Market Kam Chiu Tam, Toronto in Winter Phillip Kwan, A2Norway Mountain 32 Thomas Vijayan, Melting Arctic China Bin Li, Devout Monks Chaoyang Cai, Picturesque Mud Flat Chaoyang Cai, Terrace Yan Luo, Bull market 1 Yan Luo, Shogun Bahar Festival 4 Yi Wan, Call It A Day 17 Yi Wan, look over 5 Yibing Mai, Chhildren Yibing Mai, Crowded Train Yibing Mai, Head Skill Yifan Wang, Camel Shadow Yiliang Yang, Pious Believer3 Yixiao Huang, Go Home Zhihui Shi, Behind The Scenes 2 Zhihui Shi, Cook Croatia Biljana Knebl, A4Winter Morning Fog JASMINA GORJANSKI, Jasmina Gorjanski AT THE END OF TRAVEL Zvonko Kucellin, the race Cyprus ANDREAS L ANDREOU, Around the ta- ble TEVFIK ILERI, CYPRIOT VILLAGER 2014 Thanasis Hadjipavlou, Historical memo- ries Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz, Car Repair England Calvin Downes, Chureito Pagoda MALCOLM JENKIN, Yellowstone View Tom Richardson, Bamburgh Castle Northum- berland Tom Richardson, Beinn Eighe from Coulin Lodge France BELLIARD BRUNO, la nuit au Havre BELLIARD BRUNO, Mtro Fabienne Mondie, 2 enfants himbas Francoise Morio, dune 45 MORATA ALAIN, GAZTELUGAXTE SCHEIBEL Bruno, Whats this Germany gunther riehle, five little chicks 100 gunther riehle, one plus four 201 gunther riehle, three plus seven 101 gunther riehle, two plus five Jochen Foeller, Prayer Klaus Strehlke, ASantorin587 Manfred Kluger, andacht1 Manfred Kluger, blue lane1 Manfred Kluger, window seat1 steffen jung, upanddown Ursula Bruder, Myanmar tribe 6 Ursula Bruder, prayer 1 Greece George Baladakis, attack waves of the sea George Baladakis, the union of Crete GIORGOS TSIGKAS, A3sunrise in the Agia Triada Nektaria Girvalaki, Three worlds Nektaria Girvalaki, Unknown soldier mon- ument PELAGIA VRENTZOU, Gipsys house Stefanos Paterakis, Venezia Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Towers of Papigo Astraka No 01 Hong Kong HW CHAN, A1Xiapu 4 China HW CHAN, A2Running of the Bulls 8 HW CHAN, A3Beginning of the night HW CHAN, A4Lake Bled Ljubljana Jeanny Tang, Burmese kid in a tem- ple KAM WING LAM, ENCLOSURES KAM WING LAM, ENCOUNTER KAM WING LAM, TREASURE HUNT Loretta Yat WONG, Kunqu opera28 Loretta Yat WONG, Kunqu opera5 Hungary Csilla Bolvari, Betwen stones DANIELLA GOROTYAK, jewish dome DANIELLA GOROTYAK, soldier Gabriella Jerszi, Pails IBOLYA STIPSITS, Louis IBOLYA STIPSITS, Marcella Istvan Huisz, Way to Home Bled Slove- nia Karoly Barakonyi, Iranian traders Karoly Barakonyi, Street musician Laszlo Papp, Budapest Laszlo Papp, Ceremony Laszlo Papp, Under the Ice Sandor Horosnyi, Contemplation Sandor Horosnyi, Honest regard3 India Dr Sanjib Basak, DANGEROUS RITU- AL SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB, GOD IS ONE SOURAV SHIT, WOMEN AT WORK Israel Hedva Boger, Massai Home LEONID GOLDIN, In a month of sun- days LEONID GOLDIN, In private Italy Daniele Ficarelli, KELPIES Daniele Ficarelli, the travellers Franco Fratini, Gran Prismatic Franco Fratini, Sunset on the bridge Roberto Tagliani, Prayers under the snow A/PHOTO TRAVEL
  144. 144. 144 nio Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Blue Dress Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Five Boats Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Six Rolls Ali Saifaldeen, Celebration Romania Rosu Anca, Morning walk Valentina Stan, Colors in the Rain Valentina Stan, Winter in Istanbul 2 Russia Sergey Agapov, Ritual of taking blood 1 Sergey Agapov, Ritual of taking blood 2 Sergey Agapov, Survival Stanislav Sitnikov, Eyes of Old Hava- na Yury Pustovoy, Children of Buddha Yury Pustovoy, Sad mood Saudi Arabia HUSSAIN ALABDULLATIF, Makkah 4 HUSSAIN ALABDULLATIF, Tailor1 HUSSAIN ALABDULLATIF, The old image 7 Scotland Roy Smith, Approaching the Sum- mit Roy Smith, On the Tarmachan Ridge Roy Smith, Summit Bid Serbia Aleksa Stojkovic, Venice 1 Sasa Preradovic, Kalemegdan 03 B Sasa Preradovic, Vasar Ruma 1 Sasa Preradovic, Zadusnice 03 vladan nikolic, girrl with flute mono vladan nikolic, street music 1 Singapore Chin Foo See, 3 Steps 1 Bow III Chin Leong Teo, Fishermen at Dawn kimpheng sim, FIREWORKS kimpheng sim, REPARING COFFIN kimpheng sim, THE BRIDGE kimpheng sim, YELLOW BALLS Lee Eng Tan, Awesome on Muddy Race Thigh Wanna, Incense maker 1 Thigh Wanna, The pure love Yit Yen Liew, The Vast Slovenia EMIL BOZNAR, LAND IN Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Black kitch- en Stefi Praprotnik Borko, On a fish market 2 Vinko Lavtizar, a1 FROST Vinko Lavtizar Roberto Tagliani, The ceremony Veniero Rubboli, Merry Cemetery 7 Veniero Rubboli, Stan House 1 Kuwait Meshari ALMutairi, Early Start Grow Smart Macau Sherman Cheang, SC T02 Follow The Light Sherman Cheang, SC T03 Washing Fishing Net Sherman Cheang, SC T04 Across Stone Bridge Malaysia Chan Onn Fong, Cop at Work Chan Onn Fong, Start of Work Day FOO SAY BOON, Look Back FOO SAY BOON, Muaythai 6 FOO SAY BOON, Prayer soon seng leong, fish seller 546 soon seng leong, joy of life 165 soon seng leong, woven rattan basket 89 Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, A3Krommeweg Daniel LYBAERT, A4Boerenland- schap de Jong Franke, Winter landscape with gees Halbach Willem, House of Hunderdwass- er 2 Karine van der Werf, AmsterdamCa- nal Marcel van Balken, Segways2 Marcel van Balken, Winter Flachau Will VERHEESEN, Feeling Very Small Will VERHEESEN, Out of Order Will VERHEESEN, Saint Stefano Square New Zealand Jiongxin Peng, Ancient City at Night Northern Ireland judy boyle, kids on the street judy boyle, sitting at the corner Norway Gaute Froeystein, Tree at Deadvlei Roald Synnevaag, Gatemusikant i Mal- mo Roald Synnevaag, Old man in Banana pub Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Pink City Post Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Visit To Sultan Qaboos Mosque Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban, CityLights Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban, Sou- Vinko Lavtizar, a3 SALSA Vinko Lavtizar South Africa Willem Kruger, Quiver tree hill 1 Willem Kruger, Shadow South Korea Shin Woo Ryu, Desert 04 SOK CHOUNG PYO, song of farewell SOK CHOUNG PYO, The life left be- hind SOK CHOUNG PYO, waiting2 Spain Joseba Ibarra, 02 Conjunto Joseba Ibarra, Calzadas Joseba Ibarra, Molinos LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, A1 Cuba LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, A2 El tren de la Pobla LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, A3 Vanara- si Taiwan Chun Cheng Kuo, Firework Fishing Lung Tsai Wang, Tekesi13 Turkey Cagri isbilir, yolunu gozlemek Eray Kara, cowboy Eray Kara, thesahara FATIH AKTAS, Stairs ILHAN KILINC, Parachute Ukraine Aleksandr Sinelnikov, The travelers Igor Lander, Evzones United Kingdom bob devine, whos watching who CORINNE KOZOK, Making Fire the Masai way John D Tillotson, Lincoln Cathedral Quire Martin Fry, Pier Lights Peter Wells, coming home Peter Wells, Market Lady USA Frederick Doerfler, Pittsburgh at Night Gabriele Dellanave, Stormy Venice JAMES WAT, Lamma Bridge Hong Kong JAMES WAT, NEW SKYLINE OF HONG- KONG QUAZI SADIQUE ATAHER, Leisure at Louvre QUAZI SADIQUE ATAHER, Rowing in the clouds Vietnam NHAN LE HOANG, DANH XIEP 2 NHAN LE HOANG, MUA REU 2 Argentina Luis Alberto Franke, Cerros ilumina- dos Luis Alberto Franke, Frente del gla- ciar Luis Alberto Franke, Las Adelas y el Torre Luis Alberto Franke, Vicunias en Laguna Brava Miguel Augusto Fierro, apasionadas Australia Ann Smallegange, Parrot On The Move Graeme Watson, Silvereye Eating Berries 4 Mario Mirabile, Blue attitude Mario Mirabile, Watchful Mathew Sze, Dangerous Resting Place Mathew Sze, Good Morning Honey Vicki Moritz, SM its snowing Austria Johann Schrittwieser, Big fish Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Dragonfly Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Family Ties Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Peekaboo 2 Bangladesh Dr RASHID UN NABI, KRAVIC FALLS Belgium Francois Loyens, Im gone Francois Loyens, My baby and I Gino Symus, Squirrel in reflection Jef Lemmens, Morning light Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, MONUMENT VALLEY ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, SAND- FALL Canada Kam Chiu Tam, Flying away Phillip Kwan, B2Wildebeest Leaping Phillip Kwan, B3Devils Teeth 33 Thomas Vijayan, An Astonishing Chase Thomas Vijayan, Harbour Seal Ice- berg Thomas Vijayan, Morning Stretch Thomas Vijayan, Paws Of Death China Chongfeng Wu, Fly Chongfeng Wu, Look back Deying Huang, Fall Deying Huang, Tender Care 3 HONGMEI XIE, BE WITH ME B/NATURE
  145. 145. 145 3 Marc Anagnostidis, Femelle Taurica Marc Anagnostidis, Lineola Et Tettigo- nia MORATA ALAIN, AIGLE DAMERIQUE MORATA ALAIN, PYGARGUE MORATA ALAIN, SUR LE BEC SCHEIBEL Bruno, Oops Germany Alexander Hochhaus, Demoiselle Alexander Hochhaus, Duo gunther riehle, four plus three 104 gunther riehle, one plus four 100 gunther riehle, three little chicks 100 gunther riehle, two plus one 300 Jochen Foeller, Spring Colours Jochen Foeller, Spring Flowers16 Jochen Foeller, Spring Flowers 01 Klaus Strehlke, Take of steffen jung, gimmefive steffen jung, luckymushrooms Greece nikos kikakis, kampos nikos kikakis, maridospilia nikos kikakis, psari PELAGIA VRENTZOU, The deserts light Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Frogs No 04 Hong Kong HW CHAN, B1Snow wild ape 53 HW CHAN, B2Dancing in the snow 3 HW CHAN, B3Polar Bear 7 HW CHAN, B4Crowned Crane 2 Jeanny Tang, Mother and Child Jeanny Tang, Wonderland Koon Nam CHEUNG, Great Grey Owl A23 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Great Grey Owl A26 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Osprey Fish Catching 04 Hungary Bertold Nagy, Balance Bertold Nagy, Feeding Csilla Bolvari, Deep forest DANIELLA GOROTYAK, nebula Gabriella Jerszi, Dragonfly love Gabriella Jerszi, Keeker Gabriella Jerszi, Kitty Gabriella Jerszi, Resting dragonflies Karoly Barakonyi, Bryce Canyon 3 Sandor Horosnyi, Carpathian saf- fron Sandor Horosnyi, Checkered tulip Sandor Horosnyi, Saffronbokeh Sandor Horosnyi, Touch the sky India Dr Sanjib Basak, MAGICAL MAWL- LINNONG HONGMEI XIE, peacefull HONGMEI XIE, SHADE Huifen Wang, Rest Jiajun Chai, Western America3 PING LU, Sky cloud shadow Rongguang Ye, Lean on Shenghua Yang, Bird paradise Xiaomei Xu, Starry night over the Arch Xiaoyun Qi, Compete for Champion- ship Xinmin Zhang, Clean and Clear XINXIN CHEN, Delta wild elephant7 XIPING AN, Namjagbrawa XIPING AN, Soft stacked trough Yibing Mai, Harmonious Yiliang Yang, Coexist Yiliang Yang, Pair Off Croatia Zvonko Kucellin, concert2 Cyprus Despina Anastasis, Wild poppy Thanasis Hadjipavlou, Connection Thanasis Hadjipavlou, Three in a row England Calvin Downes, Hartland Quay rocks Lizzie Wallis, Herring Gull Walking on Water Lizzie Wallis, Mating Chalkhill Blues Lizzie Wallis, Plump water vole Lizzie Wallis, Red Kite Diving MALCOLM JENKIN, A Trio of Red Eyed Tree Frogs MALCOLM JENKIN, Chameleon About to Feed MALCOLM JENKIN, European Kes- trel Prashant Meswani, Kingfisher on Bull- rush Prashant Meswani, Stag Deer Richmond Park Tom Richardson, Old Warrior Finland Johanna Lyomila, Combat Timo Ahonpaa, Takeoff 2 France BELLIARD BRUNO, Plican Fabienne Mondie, faucons accouplement 1 Fabienne Mondie, l offrande Fabienne Mondie, martin impatient Fabienne Mondie, pie grieche ecorcheur Francoise Morio, chouette lapone Guy B Samoyault, Cheetah three Guy B Samoyault, Tso Kar 1 Marc Anagnostidis, Accouplement Bicolore 2 Marc Anagnostidis, Anthocharis Et Filicaria SHASHIDHARSWAMY HIREMATH, SCOR- PION SHASHIDHARSWAMY HIREMATH, YELLOW BUTTERFLY MATING Italy Franco Fratini, The drink Giovanni Fabbri, Evolution17 Giovanni Fabbri, Kingfischer Discus- sion1 Giovanni Fabbri, love between flamin- gos01 Giovanni Fabbri, River Kingfisher2 Roberto Tagliani, Lovers Veniero Rubboli, Eating Hyles Luxembourg Jeanny Hostert Marx, c1 Die rote Kappe im Wald Macau Chan Seng Tang, Kingfisher 27 Chan Seng Tang, Kingfisher 28 Kai Lon Tang, Flying Bird 7 Kai Lon Tang, Magpie 7 Kai Lon Tang, Sunbird 24 Kai Lon Tang, Sunbird 25 Sherman Cheang, SC N01 To Swing Sherman Cheang, SC N02 Looking At You Sherman Cheang, SC N03 MaMa I Am Hungry Sherman Cheang, SC N04 I Like This Flower Malaysia Chan Onn Fong, Leapings2 Chan Onn Fong, Leapings4 Chan Onn Fong, surrender Chan Onn Fong, Surrounded FOO SAY BOON, Enjoy Together FOO SAY BOON, Robber Fly with Meal 3 FOO SAY BOON, Snake with prey FOO SAY BOON, Take Care soon seng leong, carry 519 soon seng leong, enjoy in the morning 070 soon seng leong, share together 084 soon seng leong, share with me 495 Tommy Teh, Dinosaur Tommy Teh, Gozilla Tommy Teh, Mating 11 Tommy Teh, Relaxing 2 Yeokkian Koh, Big catch 11 Yeokkian Koh, Delicious 9 Yeokkian Koh, Got it Yeokkian Koh, Lunch Time 3 Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, B1Genegenheid in ZwW Daniel LYBAERT, B2Blauwgroene lief- de Daniel LYBAERT, B3Kuifmakaakpor- tret Daniel LYBAERT, B4Verveling in ZwW de Jong Franke, Stag with roe deers rob boehle, flying back to your tree rob boehle, lekker effkes pauze zo Will VERHEESEN, Giant Tree Trunk New Zealand Jiongxin Peng, Motherly Love Norway Gaute Froeystein, Angel wings Gaute Froeystein, Fighting eagles Gaute Froeystein, Kongevinger Gaute Froeystein, Solnedgang Roald Synnevaag, Nigardsbreen Poland Agnieszka Szafirska, froginlove Agnieszka Szafirska, silence Agnieszka Szafirska, walkaaway Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, After The Rain Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Desert Lines Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Elephant In- fant Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Milky Way Flow- er Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Who are You Ali Saifaldeen, Happy Family Ali Saifaldeen, In The Middle Ali Saifaldeen, SuperWildebeest Ali Saifaldeen, Three Brothers Romania Rosu Anca, Foggy hill Russia Sergey Agapov, A Large Migration of Wil- debeest Sergey Agapov, A Large Migration of Wilde- beest 2 Sergey Agapov, In the vastness of Arc- tic Sergey Agapov, The Great Migration of Wildebeest 2 Yury Pustovoy, New Zealand Yury Pustovoy, Red World Bolivia Saudi Arabia HUSSAIN ALABDULLATIF, Mountains and Clouds MISHAL ALRYHAN, callichroma velutinum 2x MISHAL ALRYHAN, crap spider MISHAL ALRYHAN, red degonfly 2 Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Face long legged Mofeed Abu Shalwa, locust Save me
  146. 146. 146 Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Red dragonfly Serbia Samuel Almasi, Pelargonium seed Samuel Almasi, Twins Singapore Chin Foo See, Lotus And Bee Chin Foo See, Pelican Splashing III BW Chin Leong Teo, Mother and Child Chin Leong Teo, Reflection Chin Leong Teo, Surfing the Waves Chin Leong Teo, Volcanic Mud kimpheng sim, CICADA SHED SHELL kimpheng sim, HOLD ON kimpheng sim, TREEFROG WAIT- ING kimpheng sim, YELLOW TREEFROG Yit Yen Liew, White Tiger In the wa- ter4090 Slovenia Stefi Praprotnik Borko, In dead val- ley Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Lonely tree Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Morning in Na- mib South Africa Willem Kruger, Owl at dawn Willem Kruger, Weaver spectators South Korea Shin Woo Ryu, Bamboo Grove Spain Joseba Ibarra, Bardenas 04 Joseba Ibarra, Lince Joseba Ibarra, Sin miedo Sri Lanka Jayakantha Amerasinghe, Delicacy on top of the tree Jayakantha Amerasinghe, Drama at Masai river Sweden Jan Thomas Stake, Fighting Zebras Switzerland Urs Albrecht, Sympetrum vulgatum Urs Jenzer, B1 Basstoelpel 2 Urs Jenzer, B2 Alaska Walrosse 2 Urs Jenzer, B3 Mohn 2 Urs Jenzer, B4 Weissbartgnus 9 Taiwan Lung Tsai Wang, Love Moment Lung Tsai Wang, mating 2 Lung Tsai Wang, PAIRING United Kingdom bob devine, cheetah with 3 cubs bob devine, heron catches fish bob devine, lion cub attacks bob devine, osprey with fish CORINNE KOZOK, Wildebeest Panic LAURA KNOWLES, LION IN TORRENTIAL RAIN LAURA KNOWLES, THE BATTLE WON Martin Fry, Broad Bodied Chaser Peter Wells, Amazon Milk Frog Peter Wells, Panther Chameleon Peter Wells, Peacock Tree Frogs Ray Kilham, Hunting USA Burr Preston, Emperor penguin parents with chick Burr Preston, Nearly mature Emperor pen- guin chick Burr Preston, Trio of Adelie pen- guins Burr Preston, white pelican landing on water Erbi Wan, Romance JAMES WAT, EAGLE ROCK ANTELOP USA QUAZI SADIQUE ATAHER, Good morning neighbour C/WATER Argentina Luis Alberto Franke, Dos tempanos Luis Alberto Franke, En busca de los rieles perdidos Luis Alberto Franke, la cascada Luis Alberto Franke, La ultima luz Miguel Augusto Fierro, cataratas Australia Ann Smallegange, Purple Dahlia and Drop Annette Kirby, Fear in their eyes Annette Kirby, Reflections in rock pool Graeme Watson, Reflected Australian Pelican 1 Graeme Watson, Reflected Tern Jacqueline Hammer, Nocturne Jeffrey Venning, Splash Mario Mirabile, Making a splash Mario Mirabile, Rain variations Mathew Sze, Sail Hanging Mathew Sze, Through The Tunnel Sharron Leppien, Border ranges 2997 Sharron Leppien, Merewether Bather 3494 Sharron Leppien, Merewether Morning 3428 Vicki Moritz, Honfleur harbour Vicki Moritz, Paris reflections Austria Johann Schrittwieser, Landing Belarus Peter Yanchevsky, The sunset Belgium Claude SIMON, Crossing the river 1 Jef Lemmens, Leaves Jef Lemmens, Military Genk PONSAERTS EUGENE, BRUME SUR LE CANAL PONSAERTS EUGENE, HALONG BAY AND THE SKY PONSAERTS EUGENE, SUCRE Sara GABRIELS, Waterbrekers Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, CEPIL- HO Canada Kam Chiu Tam, Against the waves Kam Chiu Tam, Rafting 3542 Phillip Kwan, C3Penguin Out of Wa- ter Thomas Vijayan, I am melting China Chaoyang Cai, Fishing family of Liji- ang1 Chaoyang Cai, Sowing Seeds Chongfeng Wu, Stand Chongfeng Wu, Sunset Dingfeng Zheng, Boating Dingfeng Zheng, Fishing Family2 Dingfeng Zheng, Silent Jiahu She, Beautiful landscape Jiahu She, landscape in dream Jiahu She, LikeaDream Jianxun Wu, Sunset Jurong Yu, In Xiapu 1 Ke Xu, Encircle on Sea Ke Xu, Working Hard Lanfeng Chen, Dancer under water CX Lanfeng Chen, House over the sea Lanfeng Chen, Tribal people37 Lihe Zhou, Cast net Lihe Zhou, Old fisherman Lihe Zhou, Pick lotus root Rongguang Ye, Go out to sea Rongguang Ye, Waterfall Xia Pang, Across Xia Pang, Sea Circle Xiaohui Qiu, The Polar Scenery 10 Xiaomei Xu, Aurora Mirage Xiaoqing Chen, Wharf 4 Xinmin Zhang, Reflection XINXIN CHEN, Black sand beach5 XINXIN CHEN, Boating 5 XINXIN CHEN, Elephant cross the riv- er4 XIPING AN, soip of life Croatia Aleksandar Tomulic, Step Aleksandar Tomulic, Storm Biljana Knebl, C3Seashore JASMINA GORJANSKI, Jasmina Gorjanski SILENT Cyprus CHRISTOS KONSTANTINOU ACHERIOTIS, Sailing Despina Anastasis, In a spin Despina Anastasis, Tides Thanasis Hadjipavlou, Energy at Sea Denmark Finn E Larsen, At the edge Finn E Larsen, Fishing coast England Bob Goode, Heeling to the Breeze Bob Goode, Sea of Silver Bob Goode, Storm Surfer Calvin Downes, Hartland swirls Tom Richardson, The Hidden Clough Finland Johanna Lyomila, Wet Timo Ahonpaa, Splash Timo Ahonpaa, Splash 2 France BELLIARD BRUNO, Bleu Vert BELLIARD BRUNO, Danseuse BELLIARD BRUNO, Goutte BELLIARD BRUNO, Orange Francoise Morio, torrent SCHEIBEL Bruno, Bain de lait SCHEIBEL Bruno, Coupure Germany Alexander Hochhaus, Sailing gunther riehle, iceberg detail 2 Jochen Foeller, Storm 3 steffen jung, maelstrom Ursula Bruder, Lofoten evening beach Ursula Bruder, Lofoten shore Ursula Bruder, Lofoten waves Ursula Bruder, natural beauties 1 col Greece GIORGOS TSIGKAS, C2Breaking the waves NESTOR FANOS, jellyfish 5 NESTOR FANOS, journey in imagina- tion NESTOR FANOS, lonely rock PELAGIA VRENTZOU, Argiroupoli falls PELAGIA VRENTZOU, under the tunel Stefanos Paterakis, PlayingWithWa- ter
  147. 147. 147 Stefanos Paterakis, shower Stefanos Paterakis, Waves Stefanos Paterakis, Wild Sea Hong Kong Jeanny Tang, Bountiful Jeanny Tang, Lost Jeanny Tang, Sunset Boulevard Jeanny Tang, Waiting Loretta Yat WONG, Changbai Moun- tain5 Hungary Bertold Nagy, Curtain Bertold Nagy, Time stream DANIELLA GOROTYAK, hamburg in hdr Gabriella Jerszi, Fishermen Gabriella Jerszi, Swans IBOLYA STIPSITS, An absolute necessi- ty IBOLYA STIPSITS, Toiletries Istvan Huisz, How are you herakleitos IV Karoly Barakonyi, Grand Prismatic Springs 3 Karoly Barakonyi, Mammoth Hot Springs 6 Laszlo Papp, Hallowed by Laszlo Papp, Ride Laszlo Papp, Wet Village Sandor Horosnyi, Dreamings Sandor Horosnyi, The persistent Sandor Horosnyi, Watermirror Sandor Horosnyi, Without tear drops India Dr Sanjib Basak, DREAM RUN Dr Sanjib Basak, SERENITY Dr Sanjib Basak, TRANQUIL SOURAV SHIT, BATH TIME SOURAV SHIT, LIFE VS DOLLS Ireland Catherine Bushe, Boats in the Bay Catherine Bushe, Painted shore Israel LEONID GOLDIN, Rain for happi- ness LEONID GOLDIN, Work for firefight- ers Italy Daniele Ficarelli, The Race Daniele Ficarelli, Winter 5 Franco Fratini, Raunafossar2 Roberto Tagliani, buffalo cooler Roberto Tagliani, indian bathroom Roberto Tagliani, indian shower 3 Veniero Rubboli, Color Vibe 2125 Macau Chan Seng Tang, Waterfall 8 Chan Seng Tang, White Water Raft- ing Kai Lon Tang, Sailing In Foggy Mountain 3 Malaysia Chan Onn Fong, Harvesting2 Chan Onn Fong, Harvesting Glow Chan Onn Fong, The Way FOO SAY BOON, waterpolo in action FOO SAY BOON, Water wave Tommy Teh, Reflection 10 Tommy Teh, Splash 2 Tommy Teh, Splash 6 Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, C1Vuurtoren Marken Daniel LYBAERT, C3Waterspiegeling Daniel LYBAERT, C4Het grote gat Halbach Willem, Bruisend Marcel van Balken, Lifting Marcel van Balken, Littlerocky Marcel van Balken, Waterollie rob boehle, Little Green Bag rob boehle, my blue lagoon now Will VERHEESEN, Waterfall New Zealand Jiongxin Peng, Boulders Covered by Water Clouds Jiongxin Peng, Ultimate Drifting Norway Gaute Froeystein, Running water Gaute Froeystein, Stream Roald Synnevaag, Waterfall in Flaam Poland Lukasz Gurdak, nataly in brook Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Natural Salt Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Salmi Water Fall Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Turtal water fall Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban, drops Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Hard Work- ers Ali Saifaldeen, Fish Tank Ali Saifaldeen, Freezing Russia Alexey Suloev, Padun Waterfall Alexey Suloev, The rivers of Patago- nia Sergey Agapov, Fishing village Sergey Agapov, Kirkjufell Sergey Agapov, Kirkjufell 2 Sergey Agapov, Lofoten Hennings- vaer Yury Pustovoy, Ireland Yury Pustovoy, Ireland II Yury Pustovoy, UK 1 Yury Pustovoy, Waterfalls of Iceland Saudi Arabia HUSSAIN ALABDULLATIF, Beach imagina- tion HUSSAIN ALABDULLATIF, Landscape 3 HUSSAIN ALABDULLATIF, SUNSET MISHAL ALRYHAN, Amazing colli- sions MISHAL ALRYHAN, Blue Collision 2 MISHAL ALRYHAN, Collision inside bubble soap MISHAL ALRYHAN, umbrella Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Cold and Hot Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Combined heat and cold Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Spilled Love Serbia Sasa Preradovic, Sparrowhawk 01 Singapore Chin Foo See, Teams Rowing Practice II Chin Leong Teo, Devils Throat at Iguas- su Chin Leong Teo, Force of Nature kimpheng sim, GOOD DAY Thigh Wanna, culture of inlay Thigh Wanna, The direction Thigh Wanna, The fisher man 2 Slovenia Bogdan Bricelj, Fishes in Medusas Schel- ter Daniel Mauko, Quickly home EMIL BOZNAR, ALONE Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Colourful pool 1 copy Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Glen canyon Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Rescue 1a Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Water gar- den South Africa Willem Kruger, Lion reflection 2 South Korea Hak Young Lee, Mesangie Working Hak Young Lee, Morning Fishing Shin Woo Ryu, Jellyfish Swimming Shin Woo Ryu, Missing SOK CHOUNG PYO, go to the home SOK CHOUNG PYO, shower3 SOK CHOUNG PYO, thirst SOK CHOUNG PYO, water jar Spain LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, C1 La con- cha Sweden Jan Thomas Stake, From heavy rain Jan Thomas Stake, Water 2246 Nils Erik Jerlemar, Blue Car in Rain Nils Erik Jerlemar, Bridge and Bench Nils Erik Jerlemar, Shades of Blue Nils Erik Jerlemar, The Pool No 3 Switzerland Urs Jenzer, C1 Arktis Eisberg 1 Urs Jenzer, C3 Arktis Eisscholle 1 Taiwan Lung Tsai Wang, stream Lung Tsai Wang, Torrent Turkey ILHAN KILINC, Ilica Ukraine Igor Lander, Car wash Igor Lander, Shower room Igor Lander, The last day of Alushta United Kingdom Malcolm Rapier, Against the Flow Malcolm Rapier, Teamwork Martin Fry, The Apparition Martin Fry, The Tempest Martin Fry, Wall of Water Martin Fry, Who Cares USA Erbi Wan, Warship Frederick Doerfler, Seljalandsfoss FE Gabriele Dellanave, Melting Antarcti- ca QUAZI SADIQUE ATAHER, The day you left QUAZI SADIQUE ATAHER, Will she come Vietnam NHAN LE HOANG, DUOI MUA NHAN LE HOANG, THAM LUOI CA THANG HUYNH TAN, GANH HANG RONG THANG HUYNH TAN, LUOI XIEP D/LINES Argentina Luis Alberto Franke, Bandas Luis Alberto Franke, Reflejos del col- or Luis Alberto Franke, Rieles oxidados Luis Alberto Franke, Simetria Australia Ann Smallegange, Tulip Curves Annette Kirby, Lines Annette Kirby, Marching around the bush Annette Kirby, Orange centre Elizabeth Slezak, Ibis Hotel
  148. 148. 148 Elizabeth Slezak, Pedestrians 2 Graeme Watson, Barangaroo Reflec- tion Jacqueline Hammer, Into the Shad- ows Jacqueline Hammer, Pink Light Tun- nel Jacqueline Hammer, Urban Metallics Jacqueline Hammer, Walking Up High Mario Mirabile, Crossing the line Mario Mirabile, On reflection Mario Mirabile, Spoken Mathew Sze, Pigeonhole Sharron Leppien, Merewether Bath 3406 Austria Johann Schrittwieser, Lines 01 Johann Schrittwieser, Sharp lines Azerbaijan Ilgar Jafarov, Athletes before the start Ilgar Jafarov, Sinchronized swimming 2 Belgium Jef Lemmens, Poles Sara GABRIELS, Cube houses Sara GABRIELS, Guillemins Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, ARCHITEK- TUR ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, TOWER Canada Kam Chiu Tam, A long way Kam Chiu Tam, The passage China Bin Li, Muben Bridge Chaoyang Cai, Go Upstairs Chaoyang Cai, Tulou2 Chaoyang Cai, Veins of the earth2 Chaoyang Cai, 1Tea garden scen- ery1 Dingfeng Zheng, Enclosure on the Sea 1 Dingfeng Zheng, Walking In the Field Guocheng Qiu, Path Huijuan Li, Tranquil Grassland Huijun Liang, Pass Jiahu She, Blue sea and golden beach Jiahu She, Rhythm Jiahu She, Seashore Rhythm Ke Xu, Midnoon Ming Li, Labor concerto1 PING LU, attract Shenghua Yang, Beautiful scenery Shenghua Yang, Mountain terrace Shenghua Yang, Staff Xiaoping Chang, Moonlight Mono- logue Xiaoping Chang, Sunset Xiaoping Chang, Wuben Bridge 1 XIPING AN, home 3 Yi Wan, catch fish 2 Yi Wan, yiantian marine culture 3 Zhong Cheng, Across Zhong Cheng, Leisure Older Zhong Cheng, Super Shadow Croatia Aleksandar Tomulic, Dog Aleksandar Tomulic, Man and dog Aleksandar Tomulic, Run away Biljana Knebl, D2Red Verticals Biljana Knebl, D3Romboid Windows Biljana Knebl, D4White Windows JASMINA GORJANSKI, Jasmina Gorjanski Misty morning Zvonko Kucellin, lines5 Cyprus ANDREAS L ANDREOU, Lines Despina Anastasis, Spoon Czech Republic Jaroslav Mares, big dilemma England Bob Goode, Natures Curves Bob Goode, Vertigo Bob Goode, Vivid Ascent Calvin Downes, Autumn fence Calvin Downes, Rooflines of Himeji Finland Hypen Kai, Birchforest Marjatta Laineenkare, Sacred lines France BELLIARD BRUNO, Colimaon BELLIARD BRUNO, Gomtrie Fabienne Mondie, labyrinthe Guy B Samoyault, Hava mahal Guy B Samoyault, Miroirs Defense Guy B Samoyault, Tour Total 1 LACALM Marie, Arenes de Barcelone LACALM Marie, Escalateurs MORATA ALAIN, BARRIERE Germany gunther riehle, tekesi ls horses 11 steffen jung, cubesandshadows steffen jung, energy steffen jung, moderngallery Ursula Bruder, bodyscape 13 Ursula Bruder, lines Ursula Bruder, trace of light Greece George Baladakis, Karlovy Vary 01 Iannis Skotiniotis, Scaffolding Nektaria Girvalaki, Lines and shad- ows Nektaria Girvalaki, Men in suits Nektaria Girvalaki, Upside down Stefanos Paterakis, Curves Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Basketball lines Hong Kong HW CHAN, D1Street with rain 13 Jeanny Tang, Lines and Dots Jeanny Tang, Rays of Light Jeanny Tang, Walking in lines Victor Poon, Suspension bridge in Vladivo- stok Victor Poon, Winding road Hungary Bertold Nagy, Birch forest Bertold Nagy, Spinakker Csilla Bolvari, On the road Csilla Bolvari, Prohibited road Gabriella Jerszi, Among the pylons Istvan Huisz, On the roof Joseph Vida, SSSSS Karoly Barakonyi, Reichstag Cupola 16 India Dr Sanjib Basak, DOWN MEMORY LANE Dr Sanjib Basak, JOHAR VALLEY jyoti prakash sahani, crisscross jyoti prakash sahani, the floor Israel Hedva Boger, Library Hedva Boger, Light rays LEONID GOLDIN, Grey Cat LEONID GOLDIN, Life as a Zebra Italy Daniele Ficarelli, The bridge 6 Franco Fratini, Dynamic lines Giovanni Fabbri, landscape val dor- cia Giovanni Fabbri, tricolour arrows1 Roberto Tagliani, terraces Roberto Tagliani, vineyard lines Veniero Rubboli, Paris LD 4094 Macau Kai Lon Tang, Magical Mirror Walk- ers Malaysia Chan Onn Fong, Day of Rest Chan Onn Fong, Returning Home Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, D2Vluchtende haas Daniel LYBAERT, D3Isendica Experi- ment Daniel LYBAERT, D4Creavrouwtje achter raam de Jong Franke, Memory in red de Jong Franke, Power lines Halbach Willem, Exit 3 Halbach Willem, Not so fast Halbach Willem, Strepen Halbach Willem, Up stairs 5 Marcel van Balken, Blue apartment Marcel van Balken, Bridgelines Marcel van Balken, Diagonal Marcel van Balken, Twilight rob boehle, Guilemins muss auch einmal wieder sauber werden Will VERHEESEN, Colourful Will VERHEESEN, Four Gables Will VERHEESEN, Office Reflection Will VERHEESEN, Triangle New Zealand Jiongxin Peng, Lines and Concave Jiongxin Peng, Trial Norway Roald Synnevaag, Houses in Malmo Poland Lukasz Gurdak, dew Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Zebra Lines Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban, Fork Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban, skyscrap- ers Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Desert Lines Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, My Dog Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Rows of Pot- tery Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Travel- ling Ali Saifaldeen, Crossing Ali Saifaldeen, Rocky Beach Ali Saifaldeen, Wavy Sand Romania Valentina Stan, Spider Man 2 Russia Alexey Suloev, Colorful rivers Stanislav Sitnikov, Brooklin Bridge Stanislav Sitnikov, Looking up 2 Stanislav Sitnikov, Steps Yury Pustovoy, Provence Yury Pustovoy, Singapore Saudi Arabia HUSSAIN ALABDULLATIF, Childhood pris- on HUSSAIN ALABDULLATIF, go ahead to the future Scotland Roy Smith, Pool Patterns Serbia Samuel Almasi, High noon 2 Sasa Preradovic, Jeca Lavica 15 02 04 02 Singapore Chin Foo See, Pots Patterns I Chin Leong Teo, Dubai Cityscape Chin Leong Teo, White Forest of
  149. 149. 149 Rome Thigh Wanna, Beautiful scenery 1 Thigh Wanna, Hunging net 8 Thigh Wanna, The line and composition 2 Slovenia Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Soho 3 Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Time is running out South Africa Willem Kruger, Chain shadow Willem Kruger, Striped triangle South Korea Shin Woo Ryu, Fisherman Life Shin Woo Ryu, Horseshoe Bend SOK CHOUNG PYO, go to the heven Spain Joseba Ibarra, 02 BBVA Joseba Ibarra, Cebra II Joseba Ibarra, Cortina Joseba Ibarra, Galindo LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, D1 Cami- nante LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, D2 La esta- cion LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, D3 Luces y sombras Sweden Jan Thomas Stake, Marie in red Jan Thomas Stake, No 5 Nils Erik Jerlemar, In the Escalator Nils Erik Jerlemar, Open Door Nils Erik Jerlemar, Pedestrian Crossing No 4 Switzerland Klaus Stock, The iced chainlink fence Taiwan Chun Cheng Kuo, Hold up an umbrellar for you Chun Cheng Kuo, lights meandering Chun Cheng Kuo, Up In Line Turkey Cagri isbilir, duello Cagri isbilir, kirmizli kadin Cagri isbilir, kizi kes Cagri isbilir, sari bolge Eray Kara, green ILHAN KILINC, Beyond the line ILHAN KILINC, Blind ILHAN KILINC, Sari araliktan Ukraine Igor Lander, Bell tower United Kingdom Malcolm Rapier, Contrasting Lines Valen- cia Malcolm Rapier, Rows of Lavender Marion Rapier, Sky Lines Marion Rapier, Worcester Library Martin Fry, Storm Line Martin Fry, The Pier Peter Wells, Lines at the Lowry Peter Wells, Sun Umbrellas Philip Westwood, Bottom Lines Philip Westwood, Lines and curves Philip Westwood, Net Bottom USA Burr Preston, Blue parallelograms Frederick Doerfler, Up at the PPG Building M1 Gabriele Dellanave, Vertical lines JAMES WAT, CEILING OF TRAIN STA- TION JAMES WAT, SONY BUILDING BER- LIN E/OPEN COLOR Argentina Luis Alberto Franke, El pan nuestro de cada dia Luis Alberto Franke, Mateando con Os- car Luis Alberto Franke, Monte Fitz Roy Miguel Augusto Fierro, pasion de tan- go Australia Ann Smallegange, Alert Water Drag- on Graeme Watson, Lake George Dawn 2 Graeme Watson, Tea For Two Jacqueline Hammer, The Joy of Spring Jacqueline Hammer, Winter Crystals Austria Alois Bernkopf Dr, Gojko4 Alois Bernkopf Dr, Sargis1 Johann Schrittwieser, I love you Azerbaijan Ilgar Jafarov, Emotions of a weightlift- er Ilgar Jafarov, Moment in handball Belgium Jef Lemmens, Old times Jef Lemmens, Smoking soldier Jef Lemmens, Young farmer Sara GABRIELS, Centraal station Antwer- pen Sara GABRIELS, Foggy Forest Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, BEAUTY ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, PORTAL Canada Kam Chiu Tam, Flying dragons Kam Chiu Tam, Following Phillip Kwan, E1Aurora Over Mountain 43 Phillip Kwan, E2Horse Round Up 12 Thomas Vijayan, King of the beach Thomas Vijayan, Serenity Thomas Vijayan, Snowy Bear China Desheng Xu, Custom shot Deying Huang, Grandpa and Grand- son Deying Huang, Neighbor Fei Xie, Dream Fei Xie, Drunk Haiyan Huang, Students in Nepal 1 Hanju ZHU, Teenage dream2 HONGMEI XIE, KEEP WATCH HONGMEI XIE, MOTHER AND SON Jiahu She, fisherman song Jiahu She, Sunshine Jiajun Chai, Polar bear Jianxun Wu, Leisure Jianxun Wu, Selling Newspaper Jurong Yu, Canoeing alone Jurong Yu, Life in Daliangshan 3 LI WANG, Begging Liansan Yu, Study Lihe Zhou, Childhood Lihe Zhou, Joy in a good year Ming Li, Country conductor Ming Li, Guard PING LU, Ink cents cents PING LU, The glow of rosy clouds dyed gold Rongguang Ye, Liangshan Woman Rongguang Ye, Temptation Shenghua Yang, Horses running togeth- er Shenghua Yang, The galloping hors- es Xian Liu, Staring Xiaohui Qiu, Once A Complaint Xiaohui Qiu, The Return Of Beachcombing 2 Xiaomei Xu, Lonely planet Xiaomei Xu, Reach out Xiaoping Chang, Cook 4 Xiaoqing Chen, Tribal People of Ethiopia 4 Xiaoyun Qi, Cook XINXIN CHEN, Locksmith key XINXIN CHEN, Read Bible12 XIPING AN, Ten thousand steeds gallop 1 Yi Wan, Face painting 7 Yi Wan, monkey 80 Yi Wan, xiapu marine culture 7 Yibing Mai, Stare Yiliang Yang, Family 21 Yiliang Yang, Originality2 Yiliang Yang, Tribal Kids 3 Yiliang Yang, Tribal People 7 Yixiao Huang, Ancient Building Yixiao Huang, Dig Zhihui Shi, Hold The Family Zhong Cheng, Boating Compete Zhong Cheng, looking forward Zhong Cheng, Stare Croatia Aleksandar Tomulic, Green umbrel- la JASMINA GORJANSKI, Jasmina Gorjanski FROM ANOTHER WORLDa JASMINA GORJANSKI, Jasmina Gorjanski In red coat JASMINA GORJANSKI, Jasmina Gorjanski LAST STATION JASMINA GORJANSKI, Jasmina Gorjanski TRACK IN SNOW Zoran Makarovic, Alfons Zoran Makarovic, D Man Zoran Makarovic, Man from Bilye 4 Cyprus Despina Anastasis, People of today TEVFIK ILERI, PAVEMENT CONSTRUC- TION Denmark Finn E Larsen, Fish shoal Ole Suszkiewicz, Blue Hour Ole Suszkiewicz, Lady with Bags Ole Suszkiewicz, Two Women in Mo- tion England Bob Goode, Pepper number seven Lizzie Wallis, Jump Lizzie Wallis, Sanderlings Asleep MALCOLM JENKIN, Carla with Gloves and Net MALCOLM JENKIN, Danni Malcolm Sowdon, Away with the Birds Malcolm Sowdon, On Patrol Prashant Meswani, Tate Modern Stairs Finland Hypen Kai, Saxicola rubetra Timo Ahonpaa, Bad cards France BELLIARD BRUNO, Lorenzo BELLIARD BRUNO, Nature morte Fabienne Mondie, composition vert et rose Francoise Morio, Glace et feu Francoise Morio, orage sur Tennvik- en Guy B Samoyault, Good backhand Guy B Samoyault, Solitary effort SCHEIBEL Bruno, Bris de verre SCHEIBEL Bruno, perdu de vu Germany Alexander Hochhaus, Alleyway Alexander Hochhaus, Cinderella
  150. 150. 150 Alexander Hochhaus, Lost in time Alexander Hochhaus, Shoetime gunther riehle, arctic fox behind tail 2 gunther riehle, four plus two 100 gunther riehle, huddle 700 Klaus Strehlke, fairylike5552 Manfred Kluger, black beauty2 Manfred Kluger, primaballerina6 steffen jung, ignorance steffen jung, shecomesincolours Wolfgang Schweden, Tres Chic 3 C Greece Iannis Skotiniotis, I see you nikos kikakis, mparmpas nikos kikakis, stratantonakis PELAGIA VRENTZOU, Absence PELAGIA VRENTZOU, Sorrow Hong Kong HW CHAN, E4Snow fly 5 Jeanny Tang, Win or Lose Koon Nam CHEUNG, Hawk Owl A08 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Hawk Owl A09 Loretta Yat WONG, Kunqu opera24 Loretta Yat WONG, Xian1 Hungary IBOLYA STIPSITS, Indigenous IBOLYA STIPSITS, Jusztina IBOLYA STIPSITS, Sparks Istvan Huisz, Archer Istvan Huisz, SCurve Karoly Barakonyi, Sundeck 4 India Dr Sanjib Basak, KRISHNAKALI Dr Sanjib Basak, THE HOLY MAN OF VRIN- DAVAN Dr Sanjib Basak, THE LOOK SASWATA CHANDRA, C.STITCHING SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB, SHAKUNTA- LA SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB, SILENT BEAU- TY SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB, TALE OF SHAPES Israel LEONID GOLDIN, Ideal Figure Rachel Algom, antelope rose Italy Daniele Ficarelli, Metro 2 Enrico Palma, Open Color Confessionope- nair Enrico Palma, Open color Indianwork- er Veniero Rubboli, Four friends Veniero Rubboli, Green window Veniero Rubboli, Orthodox Church Veniero Rubboli, Stoker Luxembourg Jeanny Hostert Marx, A1 Weichei Jeanny Hostert Marx, A2Der Schlssel 1 jpg Jeanny Hostert Marx, A4 Ech stinn op der Kopp Macau Chan Seng Tang, Boxing 15 Chan Seng Tang, Boxing 16 Kai Lon Tang, Boxing 47 Kai Lon Tang, Miro Girl 2 Kai Lon Tang, Snake Angel Kai Lon Tang, Strange Surprise Sherman Cheang, SC C02 Three Happy Childs Sherman Cheang, SC C03 Playing Time Sherman Cheang, SC C04 Red An- gel Malaysia FOO SAY BOON, Lady Love FOO SAY BOON, Morning Lighting 3 FOO SAY BOON, Work together soon seng leong, enjoy in the morning 079 soon seng leong, fish seller 524 soon seng leong, hard working 41 soon seng leong, mask painting 120 Tommy Teh, Climbing 2 Tommy Teh, Fancy Dress Tommy Teh, Gotcha 12 Tommy Teh, Happy Meal 173 Yeokkian Koh, A delicious meal 44 Yeokkian Koh, Robber fly with prey 29 Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, E1Met paard en kar Daniel LYBAERT, E2Waarschuwing Daniel LYBAERT, E3Groep kuifmakaken 2 de Jong Franke, Breaking the clouds de Jong Franke, Look at that Halbach Willem, Whats app Halbach Willem, Het trappenhuis Marcel van Balken, Snowwalking Marcel van Balken, Three umbrellas New Zealand Jiongxin Peng, Thriller through the tor- rent Northern Ireland judy boyle, holy mary judy boyle, STRAWBERRY WELLIES Norway Gaute Froeystein, Skyline and auro- ras Poland Lukasz Gurdak, hells plying field Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Blinking Eye Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Confusing Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban, spic- es Ali Saifaldeen, Acting Dead Ali Saifaldeen, Mam Can We Play Romania Rosu Anca, Alone in winter Valentina Stan, Winter Time Russia Alexey Suloev, Chat up at the ChumYa- mal Sergey Agapov, Man from Karo tribe Sergey Agapov, XENIA 2 Stanislav Sitnikov, in museum Stanislav Sitnikov, Reflections Yury Pustovoy, Scotland Yury Pustovoy, Sunrise in Patagonia Yury Pustovoy, UK Saudi Arabia HUSSAIN ALABDULLATIF, boy o.x HUSSAIN ALABDULLATIF, mohmad 87 Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Blue Longhorn Beetle Face Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Butterfly Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Green lace- wing Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Hover Fly Serbia Aleksa Stojkovic, Belgrade wet street Sasa Preradovic, Amra 15 07 25 01 Sasa Preradovic, SFRJ 2016BG01 Sasa Preradovic, Simke vladan nikolic, girrl with flute vladan nikolic, making sand Singapore Chin Foo See, Girl Portrait 210118 C4 Chin Foo See, Thai Cultural Dance Perfor- mance Chin Leong Teo, Colourful Joss Sticks Chin Leong Teo, Fishermen Returning Home kimpheng sim, BEAUTY INDAH WATY kimpheng sim, BEAUTY SHEILA kimpheng sim, CHANGE FACE kimpheng sim, HOLY VIOLET Lee Eng Tan, Circular Nets Xiapu Lee Eng Tan, Monks and Surin Ele- phant Lee Eng Tan, Yang Village Morning Bull Rays Thigh Wanna, Culture performance 3 Thigh Wanna, Lady in the forest Slovenia Bogdan Bricelj, Caterpillar on a Grass Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Dairyman 1 Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Grandmothers companion Stefi Praprotnik Borko, On the stairs Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Tante Julika Vinko Lavtizar, e3 LAMP Vinko Lavtizar Vinko Lavtizar, e4 SPARKS Vinko Lavtizar South Africa Willem Kruger, Hurdle challenge South Korea Hak Young Lee, Morning Ceremony SOK CHOUNG PYO, treasure Spain Joseba Ibarra, 02Calvario Joseba Ibarra, Camino a casa Joseba Ibarra, Regreso LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, E1 El rodil- lo LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, E2 Paso de cebra LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, E4 El surfis- ta Sweden Jan Thomas Stake, Bongeline 7109 Jan Thomas Stake, Bongeline in gold No2 Jan Thomas Stake, Newborn Nils Erik Jerlemar, Mine Worker No 6 Ulf Norenius, E4 The monk at Os- trog Switzerland Klaus Stock, The shepherd and his dogs Urs Albrecht, Camel man Urs Albrecht, Joy of smoking Taiwan Chun Cheng Kuo, Osprey Carrying Fish Lung Tsai Wang, Vietnam11 Turkey Eray Kara, Sadness Eray Kara, thepottery ILHAN KILINC, Making Bread Ukraine Aleksandr Sinelnikov, Evening by the window Aleksandr Sinelnikov, Mirror Aleksandr Sinelnikov, Urban frag- ment
  151. 151. 151 United Kingdom CORINNE KOZOK, Playing with Mum in the Masai mara EJ Lazenby, Shall We Dance John D Tillotson, Door detail LAURA KNOWLES, FLAMING FLAMIN- GO Malcolm Rapier, In the Tram Shed Martin Fry, Atlantic Force Peter Wells, Contemplation Peter Wells, The Boilerman Peter Wells, The Foundryman Trevor Hupton, Creating a Splash USA Burr Preston, Pier 24 Photo Museum 3 Erbi Wan, Cooking Dinner QUAZI SADIQUE ATAHER, Stairwell stare Vietnam NHAN LE HOANG, HOC CHU NHAN LE HOANG, TUNG CHAI 4 THANG HUYNH TAN, DAY MUOI THANG HUYNH TAN, HOANG HON DAI NGAN F/OPEN MONOCHROME Argentina Luis Alberto Franke, El poblador Luis Alberto Franke, Espera del mas alla Luis Alberto Franke, La simpatia de Paz Australia Elizabeth Slezak, Climing Up Graeme Watson, Beautiful Music Graeme Watson, So Many Years Graeme Watson, Tasting the Air Graeme Watson, Womens Rugby Union 2 Jacqueline Hammer, Beware of the Own- er Jacqueline Hammer, The Eye Mathew Sze, Memory Austria Alois Bernkopf Dr, Altbaeurin Alois Bernkopf Dr, Good Lift Sargis Alois Bernkopf Dr, Riceterrace Alois Bernkopf Dr, Surprise Johann Schrittwieser, Rambo 01 Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Upstairs Azerbaijan Ilgar Jafarov, Coach gymnasts Ilgar Jafarov, Finish Ilgar Jafarov, Tennis court3 Belarus Peter Yanchevsky, Two and the sea Belgium Claude SIMON, Himba beauty Claude SIMON, Himba woman Kaoko- land Claude SIMON, Very old Bushman mama Cochain Vincent, Sherlock Holmes Cochain Vincent, Vers la mer Gino Symus, Mating time Gino Symus, Turtle in the sun PONSAERTS EUGENE, Vietnam Market NB Sara GABRIELS, My lord Sara GABRIELS, Piercing look Sara GABRIELS, Straatmuzikant Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, FACES ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, PERTRANSI- CAO Canada Kam Chiu Tam, I will win Phillip Kwan, F1Horse Round Up 16 BW Phillip Kwan, F4Wheelchair Rugby 4 BW Thomas Vijayan, Arctic Light Thomas Vijayan, A Beautiful Family in Arctic Thomas Vijayan, Savanna King Thomas Vijayan, Strength China Bin Li, Lost Bin Li, Waterfall Chongfeng Wu, Mourn 2 Desheng Xu, camel businessman Desheng Xu, Warm Himself Deying Huang, Playmate Deying Huang, Years1 Dingfeng Zheng, Moms Back Dingfeng Zheng, Old Craft Hanju ZHU, Charming mermaid Huijuan Li, Little Sheep Boy Huijuan Li, Siblings Jiahu She, Ten thousand steeds gallop BW Jianxun Wu, Camel Businessman 2 Jianxun Wu, Greedy Jianxun Wu, ruminate Jurong Yu, Traditional teahouse 3m Jurong Yu, Yuanyang terraces 1m Lanfeng Chen, Among the oiled paper um- brellas CX3m Lanfeng Chen, Autumn scenerym Lanfeng Chen, Understand tacitly CX2m Lanfeng Chen, Waiting cm LI WANG, Elderly and osprey LI WANG, joy LI WANG, Village Barber Liansan Yu, Focus On Liansan Yu, Pot Maker Liansan Yu, Read2 Lihe Zhou, Childhood on the back Ming Li, Good craftsmanship PING LU, Passion flying Rongguang Ye, Reflection Rongguang Ye, Working Hard Shenghua Yang, Dreamland Shenghua Yang, Expect Shenghua Yang, Happy smiling face Shenghua Yang, The years of time Xia Pang, Wanted Eyes Xiaohui Qiu, The Most Beautiful Coastline 7 Xiaohui Qiu, The world in the pipe Xiaomei Xu, Little housekeeper Xiaomei Xu, Two kinds of Connection 2 Xiaoping Chang, Cross 2 Xiaoqing Chen, Little Teacher Xiaoyun Qi, Confesser in the Wailing Wall5 Xiaoyun Qi, Primitive Tribes People7 Xiaoyun Qi, Sister and Brother2 Xiaoyun Qi, Toward to Light XINXIN CHEN, Firewood womanm XINXIN CHEN, In the rain2 Yiliang Yang, Curious Yiliang Yang, Totem 2 YUANFEI YOU, DAYBREAK Zhihui Shi, Market 17 Croatia Aleksandar Tomulic, Life passes 3 Aleksandar Tomulic, Segway Zoran Makarovic, Alfons 2 Zoran Makarovic, D Man 2 Zoran Makarovic, Man from Bilye 3 Zoran Makarovic, Man from Bilye 7 Zvonko Kucellin, musician3 Cyprus CHRISTOS KONSTANTINOU ACHERIOTIS, In Simos barber shop Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz, Ballerina Ole Suszkiewicz, Free Hugs Ole Suszkiewicz, Tree of Life Ole Suszkiewicz, Upstairs 5 England Bob Goode, Best Buddies Bob Goode, The Boatman Calvin Downes, Making chains Lizzie Wallis, Waiting MALCOLM JENKIN, Box 5 MALCOLM JENKIN, Rope Pull 2 MALCOLM JENKIN, Softly Softly Malcolm Sowdon, Boy in the Flat- cap Malcolm Sowdon, In the Line of Fire Malcolm Sowdon, Veteran Prashant Meswani, Art Nude Pose Prashant Meswani, Duo Lyra Ring Prashant Meswani, Low Key Tower Bridge Prashant Meswani, St Pauls with Millenium Bridge Tom Richardson, Dead Vlei France Fabienne Mondie, Buron en Aubrac LACALM Marie, Folies Bergeres MORATA ALAIN, MED 17 PLAGE SCHEIBEL Bruno, Artisans Germany Alexander Hochhaus, Faraway Alexander Hochhaus, To emote gunther riehle, three chicks ss 102 bw gunther riehle, two plus huddle ss 100 bw gunther riehle, two plus one 100 bw gunther riehle, two plus one 101 bw Jochen Foeller, Hafermagazin 18 Jochen Foeller, Landing Stage Klaus Strehlke, Solo Klaus Strehlke, Ti. and Tu.2430 Peter Ludwig, body IX steffen jung, misterk steffen jung, thepoorpoet Ursula Bruder, queen 1 sw Wolfgang Schweden, Florian mit Schal BW Greece George Baladakis, the generetions George Baladakis, the wheel chair saxophon- ist 16 GIORGOS TSIGKAS, F1Unknown Man Nektaria Girvalaki, Expectation Nektaria Girvalaki, Eyelashes NESTOR FANOS, alone in the gal- lery nikos kikakis, meroula 3 nikos kikakis, sevasmos PELAGIA VRENTZOU, Evi Stefanos Paterakis, Smoke Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Dancers No 02 Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, La petite Larisa No 04 Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Night walker Hong Kong HW CHAN, F1Water village 1 HW CHAN, F24 brothers Bw HW CHAN, F4Pedestrian zebra line 9 Bw Jeanny Tang, Queuing for lunch Koon Nam CHEUNG, Great Grey Owl in Flight 01 BW Loretta Yat WONG, Passerby4m Hungary Bertold Nagy, Basking shark Csilla Bolvari, My mirror Csilla Bolvari, Vica
  152. 152. 152 DANIELLA GOROTYAK, absorption Gabriella Jerszi, Sarah and the horse IBOLYA STIPSITS, Mariska Istvan Huisz, 80 years Joseph Vida, Mountin Karoly Barakonyi, Icy day 1 India SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB, ETHNIC BEAUTY SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB, SCARED SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB, SIMPLY BEAU- TY SOURAV SHIT, FREEDOM SOURAV SHIT, LOOK FOR A MOMEMT Ireland Catherine Bushe, A matter of taste Israel LEONID GOLDIN, Lonely old man Italy Daniele Ficarelli, Devotion Franco Fratini, Shapes Roberto Tagliani, african subbuteo 2 Roberto Tagliani, Table soccer Veniero Rubboli, Devotional women 1 Veniero Rubboli, Imprint of time Veniero Rubboli, Old kitchen Veniero Rubboli, Romanian funeral 1 Luxembourg Jeanny Hostert Marx, B3 Gemeiss schnep- pelen1 Macau Chan Seng Tang, Boxing 47 Chan Seng Tang, Boxing 7 Chan Seng Tang, Kid Rugby 13 Chan Seng Tang, Tackle 3 Kai Lon Tang, Boxing 28 Kai Lon Tang, Boxing 46 Kai Lon Tang, Zombie Marriage Sherman Cheang, SC M01 Drying Noo- dles Sherman Cheang, SC M02 Going Home Sherman Cheang, SC M03 Farmer Going Home Malaysia Chan Onn Fong, Curvy Living Chan Onn Fong, Ferris Wheel Chan Onn Fong, Financial Hub Chan Onn Fong, Towers Glow FOO SAY BOON, Girl 3 FOO SAY BOON, Muaythai 3 soon seng leong, hard working 79 Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, F1Kuifmakaken in tegenlicht in ZwW Daniel LYBAERT, F2Koereiger in de mist in ZwW Daniel LYBAERT, F3Berenruzie in ZwW Daniel LYBAERT, F4Mono Contpiep de Jong Franke, Stairway Halbach Willem, Between concrete 4 Halbach Willem, Het trappenhuis 2 Marcel van Balken, Circles Northern Ireland judy boyle, Scarey sarah judy boyle, THE TRAVELLERS IN THE CART Norway Gaute Froeystein, In between lay- ers Gaute Froeystein, The thinker Roald Synnevaag, Ghost cycling Roald Synnevaag, Horse lady 2 Roald Synnevaag, Running Poland Lukasz Gurdak, morskie oko Lukasz Gurdak, rock hollow Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Batan Face Bw Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Juma Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Long Way Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Take Me Home Bw Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Holy Quran BW Hassan Thabet Sadek, Toward Creativi- ty Romania Rosu Anca, Yesterday mood Russia Alexey Suloev, Summer style Sergey Agapov, Girl from Karo tribe 2 Sergey Agapov, Great Migration Wildebeest 2 Yury Pustovoy, Spine Saudi Arabia HUSSAIN ALABDULLATIF, Baby Math 2 HUSSAIN ALABDULLATIF, child 3 Scotland Roy Smith, Mining Silhouette Serbia Sasa Preradovic, Dragan Tanasijevic 2 Sasa Preradovic, Tension 10 Sasa Preradovic, Tension 12 vladan nikolic, little girl 2 vladan nikolic, rtanj 1 mono Singapore Chin Foo See, Girl Portrait 210118 BW1 Chin Foo See, Inside Pagoda II BW Chin Leong Teo, Brick Factory Worker BW Chin Leong Teo, Leading the Buffalo kimpheng sim, BALLET DANCE 02 kimpheng sim, BEAUTY ALICE kimpheng sim, HAPPY JOHN kimpheng sim, MY PRETTY EYES Lee Eng Tan, Monk Read Standing BW Lee Eng Tan, Tibetan Aunt and Niece bw Thigh Wanna, Padong woman 1M Thigh Wanna, Through the net 1M Slovenia Bogdan Bricelj, Para Skier 45 bw Bogdan Bricelj, Runner in the Rain bw Daniel Mauko, Fall pain Daniel Mauko, Line in the vineyard Daniel Mauko, Winter Idylle1 Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Dairyman 5 Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Deep thoughts Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Kingdom of man Vinko Lavtizar, f1 PIERCE Vinko Lavtizar South Africa Willem Kruger, The Smoker 2 BW South Korea Hak Young Lee, Last Desire Hak Young Lee, Last Jumping Hak Young Lee, Music on grass Shin Woo Ryu, Castle in Mist Shin Woo Ryu, Desert 07 SOK CHOUNG PYO, Birth SOK CHOUNG PYO, heart to heart Spain Inigo Bravo Saez, Lao Girls Inigo Bravo Saez, Through The Win- dow Joseba Ibarra, Mirador Joseba Ibarra, Zubizuri LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, F2 Siem- bra LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, F3 Atrapa- da Sweden Jan Thomas Stake, Bongeline black beauty No2 Jan Thomas Stake, Kajsa white hat Jan Thomas Stake, Mother and daugh- ter Nils Erik Jerlemar, Gaze Nils Erik Jerlemar, Man and Horse Switzerland Klaus Stock, Trio Urs Albrecht, 3Boats Taiwan Chun Cheng Kuo, BURST OUT Mono- chrome Lung Tsai Wang, Burma7m Lung Tsai Wang, Burma8m Lung Tsai Wang, Polar bear rival- ry1m Lung Tsai Wang, Traditional indus- try16m Turkey Cagri isbilir, cami avlusunda2 FATIH AKTAS, mend ILHAN KILINC, Balls ILHAN KILINC, Shepherd ILHAN KILINC, The Testican Ukraine Aleksandr Sinelnikov, Memories United Kingdom EJ Lazenby, Always By My Side EJ Lazenby, the dying of the light John D Tillotson, Lincoln nave LAURA KNOWLES, IN SEARCH OF A MATE Martin Fry, Friends Martin Fry, The Stowaway Martin Fry, Unseen Peter Wells, Roadie Philip Westwood, Expecting USA Burr Preston, Pier 24 Photo Museum 3 bw Gabriele Dellanave, High heels JAMES WAT, GRANDPA IN HIS DREAM JAMES WAT, Mirage to my Future Vietnam NHAN LE HOANG, HOC KINH 6 THANG HUYNH TAN, HANH PHUC TUOI GIA
  153. 153. 153 Unlimited Photo Montenegro Jury Borislav Milovanovic, EFIAP/b, APSA, Serbia Nenad Nikolić, AFIAP, Aphrodite GPU, Serbia Zoran Stojiljkovic, EFIAP, Serbia
  154. 154. 154
  155. 155. 155
  156. 156. 156
  157. 157. 157 2nd International Contest Unlimited Photo 2018 Salon Chairman Branko Lazarevic Organizer Unlimited Photo Publisher Unlimited Photo Organizing Committee Branko Lazarevic Aleksandar Cvijanovic Cover photo © Desheng Xu, China, Warm Himself Design Ljiljana Vrzic Nenad Nikolic Montenegro, 2018
  158. 158. 158 Unlimited Photo