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Catalog Shadow 2015


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photography, shadow, serbia, catalog

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Catalog Shadow 2015

  1. 1. 1 2nd International Salon Shadow Serbia DrugiInternacionalniSalonSenka 2015
  2. 2. 2015/262 L150024-M3G2S2B PID/PPD Recognition 2015-218 2015/49 Shadow 2015 2nd International Salon of Photography Drugi Internacionalni Salon Fotografije Sections / Teme Beograd, 2015 A/Shadow/Senka B/Macro/Makro C/Nature/Priroda D/Religion/Religija E/Open Color PRINT F/Open Monochrome PRINT 2015/47
  3. 3. L150024-M3G2S2B 2015-218 2015/47
  4. 4. The Best author of Shadow 2015 FIAP Blue Badge Yin Wong is a resident in the United Kingdom. His passion for photography was ignited when he bought his first film SLR camera in 1992. Yin joined one of the top Photographic Societies in the south of England, Amersham Photographic society, in that year. Mentorships from other photographers helped him develop a style of photography which are usually humorous, witty, colourful, and sometimes surreal. He enjoys taking pictures of people and seeks out un- usual subjects whenever he can. Most of his pictures are of alternative creativity, outdoor and street portraiture. He loves combining different elements in Photoshop to produce his unusual images. Recently he has taken a keen interest in nature photography and has begun submitting images in that category to international salons. Currently Yin holds the distinction of EFIAP/s, obtained in 2015. His other distinctions include ARPS and DPAGB ( Distinction of the Pho- tographic Alliance of Great Britain). Both were obtained in 2004. Yin holds a B. Sc in science from London University and M Sc. in Management. Having spent a major part of his career in the electronics industry, he is now enjoying his retirement. This is allowing him more time to indulge in his passion for photography. Mr. Yin WONG
  5. 5. GRAND PRIX Shadow 2015 Salon Best Photography Mr. Mohammed Arfan Asif Mohammed Arfan Asif, 50 years of age is a resident in Dubai since 1994 and a native of Bangalore in India. His primary forte is pictorial por- traiture and landscapes. He was awarded the distinctions AFIAP and ARPS in 1994, AICS in 2000, FICS and PPSA in 2012, EFIAP in 2013, EFIAP/ bronze, EPSA and Hon.FSWAN in 2015. Arfan has exhibited his photographs in International photography salons spread over 39 countries and won many awards. He has lectured, presented workshops, judged contests and has been a columnist on the art of photography. He mentors a small group of passionate photographers through ‘Shutter Bugs Creative Forum’ in Dubai, UAE. With the recent creation of the Dubai Chapter of The Royal Photographic Society, UK, Arfan was appointed as its Chapter Organiser. He is also the Country Representative of ICS International (USA). Arfan has a postgraduate degree in Pharmacology and a postgraduate diploma in clinical research. He is married and has two daughters. Currently, he is a Senior Principal Pharmacist and Head of Unit in the Pharmacy Department of Dubai Health Authority. For Arfan, photography is a passion and he aspires to reach out to a wider audience and share knowledge acquired through three decades of extensive photography.
  6. 6. REWARDS / NAGRADE FIAP badge of the best author by Salon / FIAP značka za najboljeg autora, Yin Wong, United Kingdom GRAND PRIX Salon for best photography / GRAND PRIX Salona za najbolju fotografiju Mohammed Arfan Asif, United Arab Emirates Gold FIAP medal dmitry chastikov, Russia, In a schoolyard Gold PSA medal mohammed arfan asif, united arab emirates, Rhythm of the Dunes Gold RPS medal volodimir norba, Ukraine, MaxKruh Gold UPI medal antonio persano, Italy, The question Gold FSS medal milan markovic, Serbia, Shadows 10 Gold SALON medal daniella gorotyak, Hungary, number four Silver PSA medal klea kyprianou, Cyprus, Jump like Me Silver SALON medal tinseau sylvie, france, Arachnid shy Bronze PSA medal micky poh, Singapore, Children Heaven Bronze UPI medal roald synnevaag Norway Man in Valencia Bronze SALON medal vojislav vojo pesterac, Serbia, Shadows 3450 FIAP Mention yury pustovoy, Russia, To prayer FIAP Mention francesca salice, Italy, CAMBODIAN SHADOWS PSA Mention ola allouz, united arab emirates, Camels PSA Mention holger goehler, Germany, Pear meets onion PSA Mention dave whitson, USA, Emily 3 RPS Mention giorgos tsigkas, Greece, A1shadows in captivity RPS Mention john larry, England, Walking in the Light RPS Mention roger towell, England, Tate Shadows UPI Mention jan valo, Serbia, Fotograf na delu UPI Mention radoje elez, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Niz padinu UPI Mention joao taborda, Portugal, After the Storm UPI Mention catherine bushe, Ireland, Consultation FSS Mention vladimir jovanovski, Macedonia, Prilep biker FSS Mention ursula bruder, Germany, Light and Shadow FSS Mention andreas theophanous, Cyprus, Basket scoring SALON Mention lubomir schmida, Slovakia, Lightimpressions tree Slovakia w SALON Mention bodry gaston, Luxembourg, Lumire et ombre SALON Mention khoa vukim, Vietnam, 03 SCHILDHOOD NR7 SALON Mention blaz janezic, Slovenia, Grass Theme A Shadow / Tema A Senka
  7. 7. Theme B Macro / Tema B/ Makro Gold FIAP medal yousef alhabshi, united arab emirates, Red Palm Weevil Gold PSA medal francis king, Canada, Prairie Smoke With Dews Gold RPS medal vanechelpoel rene, Belgium, Koninginnepage Gold FSS medal beate kulpa, Germany, Tub splash Gold SALON medal laszlo kallay, Hungary, THE GUEST Silver PSA medal kam chiu tam, Canada, Maple leaf Silver UPI medal lubomir schmida, Slovakia, Famili Silver Salon medal chen you li, Taiwan, Hunting 48 Bronze PSA medal md Tanveer H.R.,bangladesh,Water Droplets On Compound Eyes Bronze SALON medal goran bendelja, Serbia, B1.Ladybug FIAP Mention mishal alryhan mishal, Saudi Arabia, DEMSEL FLY FIAP Mention snezana lukic, Serbia, Mashrooms PSA Mention diksen ngu, Malaysia, Mating in ActionMC3500 PSA Mention paulo guerra, Brazil, Monarca PSA Mention vincent liew, Singapore, Sunset Red Hopper RPS Mention geoff smith, England, Whites Tree Frog RPS Mention sasa preradovic, Serbia, Bee 01 RPS Mention jan valo, Serbia, Mreza UPI Mention miodrag veselinovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, paucina UPI Mention ursula bruder, Germany, tender white FSS Mention petar sabol, Croatia, Red rivals FSS Mention branimir radovanovic, Serbia, 1.Frosting No4084 FSS Mention dragan cerovic, Serbia, MAKRO 3 SALON Mention sandor hodos, Hungary, Family SALON Mention borislav milovanovic, Serbia, Flower SALON Mention mykola potsko, Ukraine, weaver SALON Mention dmitry chastikov, Russia, Chicory
  8. 8. Theme C Nature / Tema C Priroda Gold FIAP medal vladimir jovanovski, Macedonia, Crow watch Gold PSA medal francis king, Canada, Flamingo Flock Taking Off Gold RPS medal petar sabol, Croatia, The Kingfisher Gold FSS medal milan markovic, Serbia, Winter landscape 34 Gold SALON medal istvan kerekes, Hungary, Magic of March Silver PSA medal rosalie wang, USA, Night Sky at Spitzkoppe Silver SALON medal vojislav vojo pesterac, Serbia, Up to the waist 9377 Bronze PSA medal majid alamri, Oman, Sad Bronze UPI medal roger jourdain, france, Jackal With Hare Bronze SALON medal pantelija ilic, Serbia, Jutarnja mistika FIAP Mention mehmet gokyigit, Cyprus, whirlwind at sea FIAP Mention kasun ranamuka, Sri Lanka, THE TREE NEXT DOOR PSA Mention volodimir norba, Ukraine, Borzha lines PSA Mention marc anagnostidis, france, Anthocharis Et Fougere PSA Mention abdulla almushaifri, qatar, Tree of life RPS Mention daniella gorotyak, Hungary, nebula RPS Mention yury pustovoy, Russia, Before the storm RPS Mention bodry gaston, Luxembourg, Rencontre UPI Mention borislav milovanovic, Serbia, Lost in Mist UPI Mention balla arpadzoltan, romania, Summer FSS Mention lubomir schmida, Slovakia, Start FSS Mention ali alhajri, united arab emirates, Yellow Eye FSS Mention zeljka gavrilovic, Serbia, Morning fog on the river SALON Mention oleg semiokhin, Ukraine, canyon SALON Mention jackie campbell, Ireland, Turtle curiosity SALON Mention mojmir klimek, czech republic, Moravian field SALON Mention judit ruprech, Hungary, Foggy haiku
  9. 9. Theme D Open Monochrome / Tema D Slobodna Monohrom Theme D Religion / Tema D Religija Gold FIAP medal sasa preradovic, Serbia, Zadusnice 02 Gold PSA medal mehmet gokyigit, Cyprus, blessing Gold RPS medal nazes afroz, India, Praying in the crowd Gold FSS medal istvan kerekes, Hungary, women on the liturgy Gold SALON medal novica stankovic, Serbia, Bdenje Silver PSA medal feridun kismet, Turkey, mevlana Silver UPI medal olga shiropaeva, Russia, Pilgrim Silver SALON medal aleksa stojkovic, Serbia, 4.Mati Bronze PSA medal phillip kwan, Canada, D4Walking Up in Snow Bronze SALON medal mykola potsko, Ukraine, Reading is zhyttya FIAP Mention alex ribowski, Germany, dervish dance FIAP Mention carlo corsini, Italy, 01thoughts and prayers PSA Mention francesca salice, Italy, BURMESE PRAYER PSA Mention yury pustovoy, Russia, Children of Buddha III PSA mention rosalie wang, USA, Blessing RPS Mention john larry, England, The Cross RPS Mention geoff smith, England, In My Prayers RPS Mention petar sabol, Croatia, GV1 UPI Mention sandor hodos, Hungary, praying hand UPI Mention holger goehler, Germany, Blows away FSS Mention balla arpad zoltan, romania, Alone FSS Mention deirdre murphy, Ireland, The Tombstone FSS Mention angiolo manetti, Italy, Door to heaven SALON Mention leonid goldin, israel, Memorial SALON Mention volodimir norba, Ukraine, Cross SALON Mention judit ruprech, Hungary, spring SALON Mention dmitry chastikov, Russia, Soldiers of the church
  10. 10. Theme E Open Color PRINT / Tema E Slobodna Kolor PRINT Gold FIAP medal julayne luu, USA, LOST IN LOVE Gold PSA medal maria menze, Germany, parachute Gold RPS medal min tan, Malaysia, My Icebergs Gold UPI medal mykola potsko, Ukraine, Looking Back Gold FSS medal ola allouz, united arab emirates, Home Gold SALON medal elek papp, Hungary, E4Artificer Silver PSA medal ole suszkiewicz, Denmark, E4Simone 4 Silver FSS medal zeljka gavrilovic, Serbia, A garden flowers of our grandmothers Silver SALON medal borislav milovanovic, Serbia, Zagubica2010 8536 Bronze PSA medal antal szaszko, Hungary, Evropa 20153 Bronze SALON medal pedro luis ajuriaguerra saiz, Spain, Jump FIAP Mention mohammad radi, Jordan, CMYK FIAP Mention yiu ka chong, Hong Kong, Awesome Sky Show PSA Mention herbillon christian, Belgium, Le grand puits PSA Mention feridun kismet, Turkey, window PSA mention dmitry chastikov, Russia, Her two best friends RPS Mention kan keung ho, Hong Kong, 2 Rhythm Of Circles RPS Mention milan markovic, Serbia, Carnival 21 RPS Mention mveysi boran, Turkey, hallucination UPI Mention roberto tagliani, Italy, dont look me UPI Mention ovi d. pop, romania, Macri FSS Mention wafa yareemi, Saudi Arabia, Fashion FSS Mention vojislav vojo pesterac, Serbia, Shop window 103 FSS Mention ozgur kilicarslan, Turkey, testici5365 SALON Mention xing fang su, Hong Kong, Buddha Back SALON Mention volodimir norba, Ukraine, Svydovets SALON Mention siu hi kwok, Hong Kong, Repair SALON Mention ursula bruder, Germany, enchanted sea
  11. 11. Theme F Open Monochrome PRINT / Tema F Slobodna Monohrom PRINT Gold FIAP medal sasa preradovic, Serbia, Tension 06 Gold PSA medal bing sheng guo, China, Hope Gold RPS medal wafa yareemi, Saudi Arabia, boy 3 Gold UPI medal elek papp, Hungary, F2Going to the market Gold FSS medal milan markovic, Serbia, Road Gold SALON medal ole suszkiewicz, Denmark, F1On that Time Silver PSA medal hoiyan fong, Hong Kong, 1Time to work 1 Silver FSS medal maria menze, Germany, Buhne Silver SALON medal klea kyprianou, Cyprus, Sad Look Bronze PSA medal dave whitson, USA, Trisha Stretching 8 Bronze SALON medal vojislav vojo pesterac, Serbia, Encounter 1320 FIAP Mention jan valo, Serbia, Bekstvo iz grada FIAP Mention pantelis kranos, Cyprus, DESCENDING PSA Mention julayne luu, USA, LONELY PSA Mention roald synnevaag, Norway, Roy PSA Mention jintao zhang, China, Hear RPS Mention ursula bruder, Germany, old gnarled Olive tree RPS Mention cyril mazansky, USA, Dune and Tree 1 RPS Mention torejohan birkeland, Norway, In the Doorway UPI Mention kwan leung cheung, Hong Kong, No3 TRY MY BEST UPI Mention mykola potsko, Ukraine, Heathand peace dushi FSS Mention goran kojadinovic, Serbia, Mira FSS Mention jinrong wu, China, Yuhe FSS Mention leonid goldin, israel, 1 Life as zebra SALON Mention zeljka gavrilovic, Serbia, Mischievous lady SALON Mention nizamettin duzgun, Turkey, Devi 3 SALON Mention aleksa stojkovic, Serbia, 2.Litija SALON Mention borislav milovanovic, Serbia, Behind
  12. 12. Serbia PHOTO / Srbija FOTO Jury / Žiri Branislav Strugar, MF FSS (Master Photographer – Photo Association of Serbia), ULUPUDS (The Applied Artists and Designers Association of Serbia), Belgrade, Serbia The FSS representative: Božidar Vitas, KMF FSS, (Candidate for the Master of Photography, Photo Association of Serbia), AFIAP Belgrade, Serbia István Virág, F1 FSS (First Class Photograph Photo Association of Serbia), EFIAP (Excellence FIAP), Sombor, Serbia Zoran Pavlović, KMF FSS (Candidate for the Master of photography Photo Association of Serbia), AFIAP Belgrade, Serbia
  13. 13. 13 SHADOW/SENKA FIAP Gold Dmitry Chastikov, Russia, In a schoolyard
  14. 14. 14 PSA Gold SHADOW/SENKA Mohammed Arfan Asif, UAE, Rhythm of the Dunes
  15. 15. 15 Volodimir Norba, Ukraine, Max Kruh RPS GoldSHADOW/SENKA
  16. 16. 16 Antonio Persano, Italy, The question UPI Gold SHADOW/SENKA
  17. 17. 17 FSS GoldSHADOW/SENKA Milan Markovic, Serbia, Shadows 10
  18. 18. 18 Daniella Gorotyak, Hungary, Number four SALON Gold SHADOW/SENKA
  19. 19. 19 Klea Kyprianou, Cyprus, Jump like Me PSA SilverSHADOW/SENKA
  20. 20. 20 Tinseau Sylvie, France, Arachnid shy Salon Silver SHADOW/SENKA
  21. 21. 21 Micky Poh, Singapore, Children Heaven PSA BronzeSHADOW/SENKA
  22. 22. 22 Roald Synnevaag, Norway, Man in Valencia UPI Bronze SHADOW/SENKA
  23. 23. 23 Vojislav Vojo Pešterac, Serbia, Shadows_3450 Salon BronzeSHADOW/SENKA
  24. 24. 24 FIAP Mention, Yury Pustovoy, Russia, To prayer FIAP Mention, Francesca Salice, Italy, Cambodian Shadows PSA Mention, Ola Allouz, UAE, Camels PSA Mention, Holger Goehler, Germany, Pear meets onion SHADOW/SENKAMentions
  25. 25. 25 MentionsSHADOW/SENKA PSA Mention, Dave Whitson, USA, Emily 3 RPS Mention, Giorgos Tsigkas, Greece, Shadows in captivity RPS Mention, John Larry, England, Walking in the Light RPS Mention, Roger Towell, England, Tate Shadows
  26. 26. 26 Mentions SHADOW/SENKA UPI Mention, Jan Valo, Serbia, Fotograf na delu UPI Mention, Radoje Elez, BiH, Niz padinu UPI Mention, Joao Taborda, Portugal, After the Storm UPI Mention, Catherine, Bushe, Ireland, Consultation
  27. 27. 27 Salon Mention, Khoa Vukim, Vietnam, 03 SCHILDHOOD NR7 SHADOW/SENKA Mentions FSS Mention, Andreas Theophanous, Cyprus, Basket scoring FSS Mention, Ursula Bruder, Germany, Light and Shadow
  28. 28. 28 Salon Mention, Lubomir Schmida, Slovakia, Light impressions tree Slovakia w Salon Mention, Bodry Gaston, Luxembourg, Lumire et ombre Salon Mention, Blaz Janezic, Slovenia, Grass SHADOW/SENKAMentions FSS Mention, Vladimir Jovanovski, Macedonia, Prilep biker
  29. 29. 29 Yousef Alhabshi, UAE, Red Palm Weevil MACRO/MAKRO FIAP Gold
  30. 30. 30 PSA Gold Franc King, Canada, Prairie Smoke With Dews MACRO/MAKRO
  31. 31. 31 RPS Gold Vanechelpoel Rene, Belgium, Koninginnepage MACRO/MAKRO
  32. 32. 32 FSS Gold Beate Kulpa, Germany, Tub splash MACRO/MAKRO
  33. 33. 33 Salon Gold Laszlo Kallay, Hungary, The Guest MACRO/MAKRO
  34. 34. 34 PSA Silver Kam Chiu Tam, Canada, Maple leaf MACRO/MAKRO
  35. 35. 35 UPI Silver Lubomir Schmida, Slovakia, Famili MACRO/MAKRO
  36. 36. 36 Salon Silver Chen You Li, Taiwan, Hunting 48 MACRO/MAKRO
  37. 37. 37 PSA Bronze Md Tanveer Hassan Rohan, Bangladesh, Water Droplets On Compound Eyes MACRO/MAKRO
  38. 38. 38 Salon Bronze Goran Bendelja, Serbia, B1.Ladybug MACRO/MAKRO
  39. 39. 39 Mentions FIAP Mention, Mishal Alryhan, Saudi Arabia, Demsel fly FIAP Mention, Snezana Lukic, Serbia, Mashrooms PSA Mention, Diksen Ngu, Malaysia, Mating in Action MC3500 PSA Mention, Paulo Guerra, Brazil, Monarcahan MACRO/MAKRO
  40. 40. 40 MACRO/MAKROMentions PSA Mention, Vincent Liew, Singapore, Sunset Red Hopper RPS Mention, Geoff Smith, England, Whites Tree Frog RPS Mention, Saša Preradović, Serbia, Bee 01 RPS Mention, Jan Valo, Serbia, Mreža
  41. 41. 41 Mentions UPI Mention, Miodrag Veselinović, BiH, Paučina UPI Mention, Ursula Bruder, Germany, Tender white FSS Mention, Petar Sabol, Croatia, Red rivals FSS Mention, Branimir Radovanović, Serbia, 1. Frosting No4084 MACRO/MAKRO
  42. 42. 42 FSS Mention, Dragan Cerović, Serbia, Makro 3 Mentions Salon Mention, Borislav Milovanovic, Serbia, Flower Salon Mention, Mykola Potsko, Ukraine, weaver Salon Mention, Sandor Hodos, Hungary, Family Salon Mention, Dmitry Chastikov, Russia, Chicory MACRO/MAKRO
  43. 43. 43 Vladimir Jovanovski, Macedonia, Crow watch FIAP GoldNATURE/PRIRODA
  44. 44. 44 NATURE/PRIRODA Francis King, Canada, Flamingo Flock Taking Off PSA Gold
  45. 45. 45 RPS Gold Petar Sabol, Croatia, The Kingfisher NATURE/PRIRODA
  46. 46. 46 Milan Marković, Serbia, Winter landscape 34 FSS Gold NATURE/PRIRODA
  47. 47. 47 Istvan Kerekes, Hungary, Magic of March Salon GoldNATURE/PRIRODA
  48. 48. 48 Rosalie Wang, USA, Night Sky at Spitzkoppe PSA Silver NATURE/PRIRODA
  49. 49. 49 Vojislav Vojo Pešpterac, Serbia, Up to the waist 9377 Salon SilverNATURE/PRIRODA
  50. 50. 50 Majid Alamri, Oman, Sad PSA Bronze NATURE/PRIRODA
  51. 51. 51 UPI Bronze Roger Jourdain, France, Jackal With Hare NATURE/PRIRODA
  52. 52. 52 Salon Bronze Pantelija Ilić, Serbia, Jutarnja mistika NATURE/PRIRODA
  53. 53. 53 Mentions FIAP Mention, Mehmet Gokyigit, Cyprus, Hirlwind at sea FIAP Mention, Kasun Ranamuka, Sri Lanka, The Tree next door PSA Mention, Volodimir Norba, Ukraine, Borzha lines PSA Mention, Marc Anagnostidis, France, Anthocharis Et Fougere NATURE/PRIRODA
  54. 54. 54 Mentions PSA Mention, Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Qatar, Tree of life RPS Mention, Daniella Gorotyak, Hungary, nebula RPS Mention, Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Before the storm RPS Mention, Bodry Gaston, Luxembourg, Rencontre NATURE/PRIRODA Salon Mention, Judit Ruprech, Hungary, Foggy haiku
  55. 55. 55 Mentions UPI Mention, Borislav Milovanović, Serbia, Lost in Mist UPI Mention, Balla Arpad Zoltan, Romania, Summer FSS Mention, Lubomir Schmida, Slovakia, Start FSS Mention, Ali Alhajri, UAE, Yellow Eye NATURE/PRIRODA
  56. 56. 56 Mentions Salon Mention, Jackie Campbell, Ireland, Turtle curiosity Salon Mention, Oleg Semiokhin, Ukraine, canyon Salon Mention, Mojmir Klimek, Czech Republic, Moravian field FSS Mention, Željka Gavrilović, Serbia, Morning fog on the river NATURE/PRIRODA
  57. 57. 57 RELIGION/RELIGIJA FIAP Gold Saša Preradović, Serbia, Zadusnice 02
  58. 58. 58 RELIGION/RELIGIJAPSA Gold Mehmet Gokyigit, Cyprus, Blessing
  59. 59. 59 RPS Gold Nazes Afroz, India, Praying in the crowd RELIGION/RELIGIJA
  60. 60. 60 FSS Gold Istvan Kerekes, Hungary, Women on the liturgy RELIGION/RELIGIJA
  61. 61. 61 Salon Gold Novica Stanković, Serbia, Bdenje RELIGION/RELIGIJA
  62. 62. 62 PSA Silver Feridun Kismet, Turkey, Mevlana RELIGION/RELIGIJA
  63. 63. 63 UPI Silver Olga Shiropaeva, Russia, Pilgrim RELIGION/RELIGIJA
  64. 64. 64 Salon Silver Aleksa Stojković, Serbia, Mati RELIGION/RELIGIJA
  65. 65. 65 PSA Bronze Phillip Kwan, Canada, Walking Up in Snow RELIGION/RELIGIJA
  66. 66. 66 Salon Bronze Mykola Potsko, Ukraine, Reading is zhyttya RELIGION/RELIGIJA
  67. 67. 67 Mentions FIAP Mention, Alex Ribowski, Germany, Dervish dance FIAP Mention, Carlo Corsini, Italy, 01 thoughts and prayers PSA Mention, Francesca Salice, Italy, Burmese Prayer PSA Mention, Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Children of Buddha III RELIGION/RELIGIJA
  68. 68. 68 Mentions PSA Mention, Rosalie Wang, USA, Blessing RPS Mention, John Larry, England, The Cross RPS Mention, Geoff Smith, England, In My Prayers RPS Mention, Petar Sabol, Croatia, GV1 RELIGION/RELIGIJA
  69. 69. 69 Mentions UPI Mention, Sandor Hodos, Hungary, Praying hand UPI Mention, Holger Goehler, Germany, Blows away FSS Mention, Balla Arpad Zoltan, Romania, Alone FSS Mention, Deirdre Murphy, Ireland, The Tombstone FSS Mention, Angiolo Manetti, Italy, Door to heaven RELIGION/RELIGIJA
  70. 70. 70 Mentions Salon Mention, Leonid Goldin, Israel, Memorial Salon Mention, Judit Ruprech, Hungary, Spring Salon Mention, Volodimir Norba, Ukraine, Cross Salon Mention, Dmitry Chastikov, Russia, Soldiers of the church RELIGION/RELIGIJA
  71. 71. 71 FIAP GoldOPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR Julayne Luu, USA, Lost in Love
  72. 72. 72 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR Maria Menze, Germany, Parachute PSA Gold
  73. 73. 73 Min Tan, Malaysia, My Icebergs RPS GoldOPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  74. 74. 74 Mykola Potsko, Ukraine Looking Back UPI Gold OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  75. 75. 75 FSS Gold Ola Allouz, UAE, Home OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  76. 76. 76 Elek Papp, Hungary, E4 Artificer Salon Gold OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  77. 77. 77 Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, E4 Simone 4 PSA SilverOPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  78. 78. 78 Željka Gavrilović, Serbia, A garden flowers of our grandmothers FSS Silver OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  79. 79. 79 Borislav Milovanović, Serbia, Žagubica2010 8536 Salon SilverOPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  80. 80. 80 Antal Szaszko, Hungary Evropa 20153 PSA Bronze OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  81. 81. 81 Salon Bronze Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz, Spain, Jump OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  82. 82. 82 Mentions FIAP Mention, Mohammad Radi, Jordan, CMYK PSA Mention, Herbillon Christian, Belgium, Le grand puits FIAP Mention, Yiu Ka Chong, Hong Kong, Awesome Sky Show PSA Mention, Feridun Kismet, Turkey, Window OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  83. 83. 83 Mentions PSA Mention, Dmitry Chastikov, Russia, Her two best friends RPS Mention, Kan Keung Ho, Hong Kong, 2 Rhythm Of Circles RPS Mention, M Veysi Boran, Turkey, hallucination RPS Mention, Milan Marković, Serbia, Carnival 21 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  84. 84. 84 Mentions UPI Mention, Roberto Tagliani, Italy, Dont look me UPI Mention, Ovi D. Pop, Romania, Macri FSS Mention, Wafa Yareemi, Saudiarabia, Fashion FSS Mention, Vojislav Vojo Pešterac, Serbia, Shopwindow 103 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  85. 85. 85 Mentions FSS Mention, Ozgur Kilicarslan, Turkey, testici5365 Salon Mention, Volodimir Norba, Ukraine, Svydovets Salon Mention, Siuhi Kwok, Hong Kong, Repair Salon Mention, Ursula Bruder, Germany, Enchanted sea OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  86. 86. 86 Saša Preradović, Serbia, Tension 06 FIAP Gold OPEN MONOCHROME
  87. 87. 87 PSA GoldOPEN MONOCHROME Bing Sheng Guo, China, Hope
  88. 88. 88 RPS Gold OPEN MONOCHROME Wafa Yareemi, Saudi arabia Boy 3
  89. 89. 89 UPI GoldOPEN MONOCHROME Elek Papp, Hungary, F2 Going to the market
  90. 90. 90 FSS Gold OPEN MONOCHROME Milan Marković, Serbia, Road
  91. 91. 91 Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, F1 On that Time OPEN MONOCHROME Salon Gold
  92. 92. 92 PSA Silver Hoiyan Fong, Hong Kong, 1 Time to work 1 OPEN MONOCHROME
  93. 93. 93 Maria Menze, Germany, Buhne OPEN MONOCHROME FSS Silver
  94. 94. 94 Klea Kyprianou, Cyprus, Sad Look OPEN MONOCHROMESalon Silver
  95. 95. 95 Dave Whitson, USA, Trisha Stretching 8 OPEN MONOCHROME PSA Bronze
  96. 96. 96 Vojislav Vojo Pešterac, Serbia, Encounter 1320 OPEN MONOCHROMESalon Bronze
  97. 97. 97 MentionsOPEN MONOCHROME FIAP Mention, Jan Valo, Serbia, Bekstvo iz grada FIAP Mention, Pantelis Kranos, Cyprus, Descending PSA Mention, Julayne Luu, USA, Lonely PSA Mention, Roald Synnevaag, Norway, Roy
  98. 98. 98 Mentions OPEN MONOCHROME PSA Mention, Jintao Zhang, China, Hear RPS Mention, Ursula Bruder, Germany, Old gnarled Olive tree RPS Mention, Cyril Mazansky, USA, Dune and Tree 1 RPS Mention, Torejohan Birkeland, Norway, In the Doorway
  99. 99. 99 MentionsOPEN MONOCHROME UPI Mention, Kwan Leung Cheung, Hong Kong, No 3 Try my best UPI Mention, Mykola Potsko, Ukraine, Heathand peace dushi FSS Mention, Goran Kojadinović, Serbia, Mira FSS mention, Leonid Goldin, Israel, 1 Life as zebra FSS Mention, Jinrong Wu, China, Yuhe
  100. 100. 100 Mentions OPEN MONOCHROME Salon Mention, Željka Gavrilović, Serbia, Mischievous lady Salon Mention, Nizamettin Duzgun, Turkey, Devi 3 Salon Mention, Aleksa Stojković, Serbia, 2.Litija Salon Mention, Borislav Milovanović, Serbia, Behind
  101. 101. 101 Gorotyak Daniella light and shadow Ujhelyi Zsolt Hair screw Ujhelyi Zsolt Raindrops Ruprech Judit Bus stop India Sengupta sanjoy the woodcutter Iraq Saadi Faris Darkness Ireland Bushe Catherine Consultation Bushe Catherine Shadow walk Murphy Deirdre Murphy The Tulip Murphy Deirdre Murphy Seedhead Bushe Catherine Walking on shadows Israel Goldin Leonid Ghosts of the past Goldin Leonid Friens Goldin Leonid On a Bicicle Italy Persano Antonio The question SALICE FRANCESCA CAMBODIAN SHAD- OWS Manetti Angiolo The cyclist Corsini Carlo 01parallel worlds SALICE FRANCESCA CUBAN SHADOWS Manetti Angiolo Dune mosse Persano Antonio Moonlight Cella Roberto Skeletal hauntings 2 tavaroli paolo tribute to giacomelli 01 SALICE FRANCESCA CUBAN MELODIES Lithuania Dailide Ricardas going back to the childhood Luxembourg Gaston Bodry Lumire et ombre Gaston Bodry Emma Macedonia Jovanovski Vladimir Morning shooting Jovanovski Vladimir Prilep biker Malaysia TAN MIN The Yak TAN MIN Shadow layers TAN MIN Foggy Bromo Norway Synnevaag Roald Man in Valencia Synnevaag Roald Skater I Synnevaag Roald Bukkene bruse Synnevaag Roald Worker in Helsinki Oman AL Farsi Haitham dubai colors 2 AL Farsi Haitham shade Poland Podwysocka Beata Cyclist Podwysocka Beata Passage Podwysocka Beata Stopoover Portugal Taborda Joao After the Storm Taborda Joao Shadow of my Bath Romania Sekulic Dragoslav survivor Sekulic Dragoslav walkoffframe Russia Chastikov Dmitry In a schoolyard Chastikov Dmitry Behind the curtain Pustovoy Yury To prayer Chastikov Dmitry Uglich shadows Pustovoy Yury Lines of Sahara Chastikov Dmitry I see you Shiropaeva Olga Leave Kanunnikov Viktor People and shadows 6 Pustovoy Yury Rhythms of Sahara Serbia Markovic Milan Shadows 10 Pesterac Vojislav Vojo Shadows 3450 Valo Jan Fotograf na delu Markovic Milan Fence Drazic Tihomir Setnja Valo Jan Oni dolaze Stankovic Novica Koincidencija Mijailovic Vladimir Hand Preradovic Sasa Gate entrie Mijailovic Vladimir New Day Australia Steytler Georgina Saharan Shadow2 Steytler Georgina Stilted Shadow Bangladesh Rohan MD Tanveer Hassan Fun Bath Rohan MD Tanveer Hassan Street Workers Bosnia and Herzegovina Elez Radoje Niz padinu Veselinovic Miodrag Trg 1 Veselinovic Miodrag Trg 2 Canada Tam Kam Chiu The shadows Kwan Phillip A2Great Egret At Sunrise Cyprus KYPRIANOU KLEA Jump like Me Gokyigit Mehmet bicycle Theophanous Andreas Phantom in the blue room Theophanous Andreas Basket scoring Theophanous Andreas Basket board and ball ANDREOU ANDREAS L Light journey Gokyigit Mehmet intersection ANDREOU ANDREAS L Window light Theophanous Andreas To the beach on a bicycle KYPRIANOU KLEA Shapes and Shadows Denmark Suszkiewicz Ole A3Winter Time Suszkiewicz Ole A4Happiness England Larry John Walking in the Light Towell Roger Tate Shadows Mead Ann SHADOW WRITING Smith Geoff City Joggers Towell Roger Urban Walk Towell Roger Langham Place W1 Larry John Shadow in the Subway Mead Ann PRISONER Towell Roger Four Shadows Finland Sami Sami Kontto Sami Kontto Boxer 1 Sami Sami Kontto Sami Kontto wedding ring France Sylvie TINSEAU Arachnid shy Tardy Emmanuel Fog Storm Germany Goehler Holger Pear meets onion Brotzler Thomas Stuttgartat Night Shadow 01 Bruder Ursula Light and Shadow Bruder Ursula shadow game Goehler Holger Autumn fever Brotzler Thomas Stuttgart at Night Shadow 02 Bruder Ursula Santorini shadow Laskowski Renja Illusion Brotzler Thomas Stuttgart at Night Shadow 04 Greece TSIGKAS GIORGOS A1shadows in captivity TSIGKAS GIORGOS A3shadow and geom- etry on the deck Hong Kong CHAN H W A2Shadow of stroller 1 Hungary Gorotyak Daniella number four Hodos Sandor mystic forest Ruprech Judit Homewards Ruprech Judit On bright streets Gorotyak Daniella insideout Kallay Laszlo DANCES PLEASURE Kerekes Istvan made in Transylvania Ruprech Judit Workday Pesterac Vojislav Vojo From school 0097 Bendelja Goran A4.Eight Pesterac Vojislav Vojo Sing from shadow 0327 Borojevic Nenad Walking in the dark Jovanovic Aleksandar Cacak 3 Mijailovic Vladimir The shadows and rays Valo Jan Fantom iz muzeja Radovanovic Branimir 1.Folk Dance No0720 Lukic Snezana Stairs with hearts Radovanovic Branimir 2.Viewpoint No4487 brkljacic branislav Serbia opstanak Stankovic Novica Porodino Gavrilovic Zeljka Shadow whom I love brkljacic branislav suma Bendelja Goran A3.Morning Pesterac Vojislav Vojo Sing from shadow 0319 Stojkovic Aleksa 2.sesir profesora Babovica Jovanovic Aleksandar Cacak 1 Singapore poh Micky Children Heaven Chung John Yuk Kong Back from market poh Micky Children World Liew Vincent Frozen Gaze HENG Zee Kek Walking in corridor TAY David Poey Cher A2Great morning Slovakia SCHMIDA Lubomir Light impressions tree Slovakia w SCHMIDA Lubomir Tree in fog SCHMIDA Lubomir Tree in light Janezic Blaz Grass Sri Lanka Ranamuka kasun THE GUARDIAN Sweden Lestander Mikael Bengtsson Pedestrian Nr 2 Turkey urel cigdem UZAK HOSGOR RIDVAN seaside urel cigdem sokak Ukraine Norba Volodimir Max Kruh Semiokhin Oleg spiral Norba Volodimir Krosno Trio Norba Volodimir Light lines United Arab Emirates Asif Mohammed Arfan Rhythm of the Dunes Asif Mohammed Arfan Shadow Allouz Ola Camels Al Zaabi Muna lots of shadows Asif Mohammed Arfan The Photographers of Dubai Al Hajri Ali Bird Allouz Ola Alattar Asif Mohammed Arfan ROmancing the Dunes Al Hajri Ali Dry United Kingdom Wong Yin Evening shadows 2 Lanstone Donald Shadows Wong Yin Seattle Music museum Wong Yin Line shadows Wong Yin Chariot of bullocks USA Whitson Dave Emily 3 Lin Kah Wai Fire Wave C Whitson Dave Meredith in the Light BW Wang Rosalie Feed Hen Lin Kah Wai Building Abstract C Wang Rosalie Sister and Little Brother Whitson Dave Melancholy Blonde BW Vietnam vu kim khoa 03 SCHILDHOOD NR7 vu kim khoa 02 SHADOW vu kim khoa 04 SAME MOON vu kim khoa 01SAD SONG B/Macro Australia Steytler Georgina Eagle Eye Steytler Georgina Entombed Bangladesh Rohan MD Tanveer Hassan Water Drop- lets On Compound Eyes Belgium Rene Van Echelpoel Koninginnepage Rene Van Echelpoel Jonge Vuurlibel Rene Van Echelpoel Brentis Daphne Rene Van Echelpoel Banded Dragonfly wife Bosnia and Herzegovina Veselinovic Miodrag paucina Veselinovic Miodrag maslacak Elez Radoje Kupina Brazil Guerra Paulo Monarca Salomon Sandro Ant Canada King Francis Prairie Smoke With Dews Tam Kam Chiu Maple leaf Tam Kam Chiu Water drop Tam Kam Chiu Blooming Kwan Phillip B1Black and Yellow Argiope Kwan Phillip B4Grasshoppers Mating Sabol Petar Red rivals Sabol Petar Natural abstract 3 Sabol Petar Butterfly wing Sabol Petar Dragonfly eye Cyprus Theophanous Andreas Orchid math pattern Gokyigit Mehmet butterfly Gokyigit Mehmet inner beauty England Smith Geoff Whites Tree Frog Hoyle Roger Ladybird Hoyle Roger Blue damselflies laying Mead Ann SPHAEROP ON BUTTERCUP Larry John Spider with wrapped Bee France Sylvie TINSEAU arachnid frank Germany Kulpa Beate Tub splash Kulpa Beate Splash with mirroring Bruder Ursula tender white Goehler Holger Seahorses Laskowski Renja Verschluss Goehler Holger Spirals Bruder Ursula Magnolia Laskowski Renja Refraktion2 Bruder Ursula tender blue Goehler Holger On the run Hungary Kallay Laszlo THE GUEST Hodos Sandor Family Kallay Laszlo DEWY WORLD Ruprech Judit Guitar waves Kerekes Istvan grasshopper face Ruprech Judit Violet Hodos Sandor Dragonfly Kerekes Istvan ladybird India Solur Krishnamurthy Manjunath Damsel fly with Feed Roy Choudhury Sanak Cluster Iraq Saadi Faris Star flower Ireland Murphy Deirdre Murphy Large White Female Bushe Catherine Clouded yellow on purple Murphy Deirdre Murphy Large Red Damselfly Murphy Deirdre Murphy Common Spread- A/Shadow
  102. 102. 102 moore adrian common wasp USA Lin Kah Wai Red flower Lin Kah Wai Purple flower Lin Kah Wai Pink flower C/Nature Australia Steytler Georgina Endangered Bangladesh Rohan MD Tanveer Hassan Dominating Belgium Rene Van Echelpoel Cervus elaphus Rene Van Echelpoel Duo Flight Rene Van Echelpoel Young Blackheaded Gull Rene Van Echelpoel Flying Dragonfly Bosnia and Herzegovina Elez Radoje Balans Veselinovic Miodrag domaci zabac Elez Radoje Oprez Brazil Salomon Sandro Waterfall Guerra Paulo Jabiru Guerra Paulo Pe vermelho Canada King Francis Flamingo Flock Taking Off King Francis Grizzly In Pursuit King Francis Siblings Love Tam Kam Chiu Cheetah in tree Tam Kam Chiu Tenderly Siu PATRICK w Owl in flight Tam Kam Chiu Flying in snow Siu PATRICK w Dancing grebes Kwan Phillip C1Bear Catching Fish 5 King Francis First Come First Served Croatia Sabol Petar The Kingfisher Sabol Petar Wolf Sabol Petar Long winter Cyprus Gokyigit Mehmet whirlwind at sea Gokyigit Mehmet wonderland Metaxas Nikos Vulture Czech Republic klimek mojmir Moravian field klimek mojmir Ducke England Smith Geoff Red Deer In Snowstorm Larry John Oxpecker on Giraffe Hoyle Roger Zebra Larry John Red Lichen 2 Namibia Smith Geoff Red Kite Calling France Jourdain Roger Jackal With Hare Anagnostidis Marc Anthocharis Et Fougere Jourdain Roger Chacals A Chabraque No1 Jourdain Roger Elephants Fighting Tarangire BACLE jean claude 4Bee eater putting Anagnostidis Marc Accouplement Bicolore 2 Anagnostidis Marc Majuscula Et Calopter- yx Jourdain Roger Offering In Pont De Gau Anagnostidis Marc Agrion Jouvencelle Germany Goehler Holger Octopus Hausdoerfer Frank Champangerpool 1200 Hausdoerfer Frank Andensee Brotzler Thomas French Alps Nature 04 Laskowski Renja Giants Causeway2 Hausdoerfer Frank N1 Fjordland Bruder Ursula butterfly Greece TSIGKAS GIORGOS C3Loggas cape TSIGKAS GIORGOS C2yellow detail Krasoulis Evangelos sunset I wing Luxembourg Gaston Bodry Chrysope1 Gaston Bodry Et maintenant Gaston Bodry Marienkfer Malaysia Ngu Dik Sen Mating in ActionMC3500 Ngu Dik Sen Predator in Action MC5488 Teh Tommy Happy Meal 111 Ngu Dik Sen Predator in ActionMC5618 Teh Tommy Happy Meal 112 Teh Tommy The Curve Worm 2 Ngu Dik Sen Predator in ActionMC4890 Teh Tommy Mating 7 Russia Chastikov Dmitry Chicory Saudi Arabia MISHAL MISHAL ALRYHAN DEMSEL FLY MISHAL MISHAL ALRYHAN face fly Serbia Bendelja Goran B1.Ladybug Milovanovic Borislav Flower Preradovic Sasa Bee 01 Gavrilovic Zeljka The graceful flower Gavrilovic Zeljka Eye of bud Lukic Snezana Mashrooms Radovanovic Branimir 1.Frosting No4084 Valo Jan Mreza Cerovic Dragan 3 Suzic Jaksa Kivi fruit Stojkovic Aleksa 1. Ateriranje Preradovic Sasa Yellow beetle 01 Stojkovic Aleksa 2. Trpeza je spremna Preradovic Sasa Platycnemis pennipes 01 Valo Jan Blue Lazarevic Vesna Stidljivi cvet Suzic Jaksa Bee Cerovic Dragan 2 Singapore Liew Vincent Sunset Red Hopper Lim Leong Kiat Red Tulip Flower HENG Zee Kek Fly mating Liew Vincent Green Hopper HENG Zee Kek Beetle Slovakia SCHMIDA Lubomir Famili SCHMIDA Lubomir Ice 2 Slovenia Rajbar Ludvik arulja Janezic Blaz Bubbles 153b Rajbar Ludvik ibica Bricelj Bogdan Red Anemone in Red Sea Rajbar Ludvik Vodne kapi na Gerberi Bricelj Bogdan Grashopper Sri Lanka Ranamuka kasun THE DUTY Switzerland Stock Klaus Raindrops Stock Klaus Tautropfen Taiwan Li Chen-You Hunting 48 Li Chen-You Ant 12 Li Chen-You Hunter 62 Li Chen-You Couple 84 Turkey HOSGOR RIDVAN Amandas blue Potsko Mykola weaver United Arab Emirates Al Habshi Yousef Red Palm Weevil Al Habshi Yousef Ensign Wasp Al Zaabi Muna twisted Al Habshi Yousef Colorful Al Zaabi Muna elephant lashes Al Habshi Yousef Longhorned Beetle Al Hajri Ali Eyes Al Zaabi Muna white threads Al Hajri Ali Green Eyes Al Hajri Ali Robberfly United Kingdom Wong Yin Cherry fork Wong Yin Venus Comb Shell Wong Yin Three smoked garlic Sapounakis Pantelis Eagle Krasoulis Evangelos dawn I TSIGKAS GIORGOS C1spotlight in the sky Hong Kong CHAN H W C3Breastfeed 12 CHEUNG Koon Nam Osprey Caught a Fish 2 CHAN H W C4Gather to join 5 CHAN H W C2Parents of children 1 CHAN H W C1What do you say Hungary Kerekes Istvan Magic of March Gorotyak Daniella nebula Ruprech Judit Foggy haiku Kerekes Istvan bearded reedling Gorotyak Daniella fifty shades of gray Kerekes Istvan pastel with tufted ducks Huisz Istvan vitality Kallay Laszlo WRANGLING GOLDFINCHS India Solur Krishnamurthy Manjunath Rivertern Courtship Behavior Solur Krishnamurthy Manjunath Blue Tailed Bee Eaterswith Feed Roy Choudhury Sanak Sunset On the rocks Indonesia Soetarto Irsam Rim crater Soetarto Irsam Bromo Crater Soetarto Irsam Morning View Ireland Campbell Jackie Turtle curiosity Campbell Jackie Hairy stare Ni Dheaghaidh Christina gannet head Campbell Jackie Barracuda Stack Murphy Deirdre Murphy Gannet Building the nest Campbell Jackie Molting Crab Israel Vida Joseph snail Segev Hanoch Noki Desert BarON Michael Exhibition 210.1 Segev Hanoch Noki The Sea Italy Manetti Angiolo On the fly Manetti Angiolo Godafoss Corsini Carlo 02Lights feathers Corsini Carlo 04real flight Tagliani Roberto the herd tavaroli paolo fox appennine 3 Tagliani Roberto the king of sea lions Tagliani Roberto sunrise at bromo vulcan Corsini Carlo 01lemure Tagliani Roberto towers Jordan RADI MOHAMMAD I am busy RADI MOHAMMAD LOOK Luxembourg Gaston Bodry Rencontre Macedonia Jovanovski Vladimir Crow watch Jovanovski Vladimir Izmaglice 02 Jovanovski Vladimir Mersin wave Malaysia PHUA SENG HUAT Feeding 4 PHUA SENG HUAT Love You PHUA SENG HUAT Passing Food Teh Tommy Stink Bug Teh Tommy Happy Meal 95 Ngu Dik Sen Predator in ActionND5655 Teh Tommy Happy Meal 79 Teh Tommy Happy Meal 89 Norway Synnevaag Roald Atlantic tern Synnevaag Roald Atlantic puffins Synnevaag Roald Skjervefossen Oman ALAMRI MAJID Sad ALAMRI MAJID Mating ALAMRI MAJID ALHOTA3 Portugal Taborda Joao The Litlle Boy AL Mushaifri Abdulla Tree of life AL Mushaifri Abdulla The quite desert AL Mushaifri Abdulla Behind The Lines Romania Arpad Zoltan Balla Summer Dancoglu Constantin IS POPPY TIME Russia Pustovoy Yury Before the storm Pustovoy Yury Before the thunderstorm Kanunnikov Viktor Birch forest Kanunnikov Viktor Misty morning 2 Saudi Arabia Alnassar Abdullah Hungrybirds MISHAL MISHAL ALRYHAN drops Scotland Wolfenden David Autumn Squirrel Serbia Markovic Milan Winter landscape 34 Pesterac Vojislav Vojo Up to the waist 9377 Milovanovic Borislav Lost in Mist Gavrilovic Zeljka Morning fog on the river Ilic Pantelija Jutarnja mistika Milovanovic Borislav Little One Jovanovic Aleksandar Povlen 70 Jovanovic Mirjana Gradac autumn Gavrilovic Zeljka River Gradac near City of Valjevo Mijailovic Vladimir Passing through the meanders Jovanovic Aleksandar Povlen 244 Valo Jan Koviljska rapsodija Preradovic Sasa Panurus biarmicus 01 Markovic Milan Forest 03 Jovanovic Mirjana Maljen 6 Cerovic Dragan U POTRAZI ZA HRANOM Markovic Milan Forest 04 Drazic Tihomir Predeo sa vrbama Jovanovic Aleksandar Impression 2 Drazic Tihomir Trava Cerovic Dragan ALPI Singapore Yeo Eng Siong Hunting Cheetahs Yeo Eng Siong Swans Liew Vincent Hidden in Shadows Yeo Eng Siong Courting Tanchos 3 Yeo Eng Siong Kick HENG Zee Kek Enjoying nectar Liew Vincent Holding On Lim Leong Kiat Monkey in Deep Thought HENG Zee Kek Fantails Slovakia SCHMIDA Lubomir Start SCHMIDA Lubomir Etheric energy Slovenia Bricelj Bogdan Carp under the Plants Bricelj Bogdan Brown Bear Playing Njivar Mateja Into the sunset Rajbar Ludvik Nevera Rajbar Ludvik Zalazak sunca South Africa Kriek Kobus get of my back Sri Lanka Ranamuka kasun THE TREE NEXT DOOR Ranamuka kasun MISTY MOUNTAINS Switzerland Stock Klaus Eagle Eye Taiwan Li Chen-You Peace 6 Li Chen-You Hunting 51 Turkey KISMET FERIDUN end of day KISMET FERIDUN migration Fatma Selma ORANSAY Parrot Ukraine Norba Volodimir Borzha lines Semiokhin Oleg canyon Semiokhin Oleg predator Norba Volodimir Borzha autumn Semiokhin Oleg at the top Norba Volodimir Summer
  103. 103. 103 Hodos Sandor praying hand Ruprech Judit spring Ruprech Judit passion play Hodos Sandor pray in Little Tibet Kerekes Istvan learning the Quran Koncz Desi Church pews India Afroz Nazes Praying in the crowd Sengupta sanjoy sheikh zayed mosque Afroz Nazes Soleful prayer to Rumi Ireland Murphy Deirdre Murphy The Tombstone Murphy Deirdre Murphy Ireland Crosses Murphy Deirdre Murphy Liscannor Israel Goldin Leonid Memorial Goldin Leonid Alcazar Segev Hanoch Noki A Psalm Goldin Leonid On the road of faith Segev Hanoch Noki A pray Italy tavaroli paolo unrealistic disciple Corsini Carlo 01thoughts and prayers tavaroli paolo talking with the mistery Cella Roberto Christ the Redeemer SALICE FRANCESCA BURMESE PRAYER Manetti Angiolo Door to heaven Manetti Angiolo Refuge of the spirit SALICE FRANCESCA NEPALESE PRAYER Tagliani Roberto golden rock devotion tavaroli paolo little brethren Manetti Angiolo The church Tagliani Roberto in the name of confucio Malaysia TAN MIN My temple PHUA SENG HUAT Little Monk Norway Synnevaag Roald Praying in the chapel Synnevaag Roald Funeral Oman ALAMRI MAJID Holy Quran school ALAMRI MAJID with shadows Romania Arpad Zoltan Balla Alone Arpad Zoltan Balla Evening Dancoglu Constantin IN MEMORIAM Russia Shiropaeva Olga Pilgrim Shiropaeva Olga Nuns Pustovoy Yury Children of Buddha III Chastikov Dmitry Soldiers of the church Pustovoy Yury Children of Buddha I Pustovoy Yury Children of Buddha IV Shiropaeva Olga Inside Pustovoy Yury Children of Buddha II Saudi Arabia Alnassar Abdullah makkah yareemi wafa Makkah 1 Alnassar Abdullah Pilgrimage Serbia Stankovic Novica Bdenje Preradovic Sasa Zadusnice 02 Stojkovic Aleksa 4.Mati Stojkovic Aleksa 3.Olazak na molitvu grujicic petar The Resurrection Valo Jan Povratak Stankovic Novica Kisni dan Stojkovic Aleksa 1.Sila krsta Ilic Pantelija Lomljenje slavskog kolaca Stankovic Novica Duhovno treganje Stojkovic Aleksa 2.Spasovdan u Prizrenu Milovanovic Borislav Afternoon prayer 2 Milovanovic Borislav Afternoon prayer 3 Mijailovic Vladimir Detail of the holy place Bendelja Goran D4.Russia Preradovic Sasa Krusedol 01 Valo Jan Religion Stankovic Novica Duhovno uzdizanje Valo Jan Ritam Ilic Pantelija Molitva Markovic Milan In the church Pesterac Vojislav Vojo Krstenje 3473 United Arab Emirates Al Hajri Ali Yellow Eye Al Zaabi Muna desert crack Al Habshi Yousef Saw Scaled Viper Al Habshi Yousef Dont leave me behind Asif Mohammed Arfan Greater Flamingo Pair United Kingdom Wong Yin Regal Angel fish devine bob osprey with fish moore adrian mycena inclinata clustered bonnet Wong Yin Two Pekin Robins Wong Yin Humboldt penquins underwater devine bob great grey owl about to land devine bob elephant dominance Wong Yin Copperband butterfly fish moore adrian parasols USA Wang Rosalie Night Sky at Spitzkoppe CAI HUZHONG That is my fish not yours CAI HUZHONG I got big one CAI HUZHONG Tast of Blood Vietnam vu kim khoa 01 WHITE STORK BUI MAI THIEN ROCK AND SEA D/Religion Bahrain Hujairy Raja a girl reading quraan Hujairy Raja a boy reading quraan Bosnia and Herzegovina Elez Radoje Krstenje Veselinovic Miodrag Porodicno slavlje Brazil Guerra Paulo Abandono Canada Kwan Phillip D4Walking Up in Snow King Francis Worship King Francis Offering 102 King Francis Offering 101 Tam Kam Chiu Worship Tam Kam Chiu Worshiper Kwan Phillip D2Cover Up Croatia Sabol Petar GV1 Cyprus Gokyigit Mehmet blessing Gokyigit Mehmet holy man Gokyigit Mehmet whirling for peace Metaxas Nikos Apocalupse Temple Czech Republic klimek mojmir Blessing England Larry John The Cross Smith Geoff In My Prayers Smith Geoff Morning Prayer Hoyle Roger Ironing the alter cloth Larry John The Brotherhood Germany Ribowski Alex dervish dance Goehler Holger Blows away Ribowski Alex little goddess Bruder Ursula your eyes Ribowski Alex little shiva Hausdoerfer Frank R2 Strasbourg Ca- thedral Ribowski Alex fireceremony Bruder Ursula heavy cross Greece Sapounakis Pantelis Monk TSIGKAS GIORGOS D3inside abandoned church Sapounakis Pantelis Santorini Hungary Kerekes Istvan women on the liturgy Kerekes Istvan lightbar Drazic Tihomir Krst Radovanovic Branimir 4.Wooden church No0189 Milovanovic Borislav Prayer Cerovic Dragan CRKVENO VENCANJE Milovanovic Borislav Afternoon prayer Ilic Pantelija AMIN Cerovic Dragan VECERNJA MOLITVA Radovanovic Branimir 3.Church No3046 Singapore Lim Leong Kiat Tibetan Prayer Flags Liew Vincent Light in the Dark Lim Leong Kiat Young Tibetan Monk TAY David Poey Cher B2Incense offering Slovenia Bricelj Bogdan Church under Moutains 2 Sri Lanka Ranamuka kasun THE LOTUS Sweden Bengtsson Lestander Mikael Stone Wall Icons Bengtsson Lestander Mikael Lights and White Wings Turkey KISMET FERIDUN mevlana Fatma Selma ORANSAY praying 2 KISMET FERIDUN hand and religion Ukraine Potsko Mykola Reading is zhyttya Potsko Mykola Vnchannya Norba Volodimir Cross Semiokhin Oleg the gaze Norba Volodimir In Uzhok church Mamina Svitlana IMGSpain.Semana Santa1 United Arab Emirates Al Zaabi Muna around the mosque Al Hajri Ali Grand Mosque Al Zaabi Muna Allah Al Hajri Ali Teacher Al Habshi Yousef Holy reading Al Habshi Yousef Mosque Asif Mohammed Arfan Grandeur of a Mosque Allouz Ola Sheikh Zayed Masjed Wong Yin A Monk by prayer wheel Wong Yin In the chapel Wong Yin Before the service Wong Yin Chinese temple maiden USA Wang Rosalie Blessing Dao Larry Child Praying Wang Rosalie Prayer 2 Wang Rosalie Prayer at Shrine of Hazrat Ali Lin Kah Wai New Mosque Vietnam vu kim khoa 02 ROATSIDE E/Open Color PRINT Australia Douglas Kym Still Hanging On Douglas Kym Wellington Point Tree Belgium christian herbillon Le grand puits Cuppens Jos Met krant Canada Kwan Phillip E2Bald Eagle Catching Fish China Ouyang Xiangshan Thatcher mountains Ouyang Xiangshan Wild peach stands Guo Bingsheng Chatting Zhang Jintao cynthia Zhang Hui Early spring 1 Guo Bingsheng boy in the train Guo Bingsheng Jinshan 1 Zhang Jintao star Wu Jinrong Flower Voices Guo Bingsheng Wonderland of Crane Croatia Kolaric Zoran yellowhouse Cyprus KRANOS PANTELIS UNDERWATER SUNRAYS KYPRIANOU KLEA Meteora is Awesome Gokyigit Mehmet ghost ship5 Gokyigit Mehmet pile of copper Denmark Suszkiewicz Ole E4Simone 4 Suszkiewicz Ole E3Old Farm Suszkiewicz Ole E2Poetry England Hoyle Roger Edale Derbyshire Germany Menze Maria slug Menze Maria parachute Kulpa Beate Orgyia antiqua Bruder Ursula enchanted sea Menze Maria white stairs Bruder Ursula Silence Hong Kong CHEUNG KWANLEUNG PAINTER CHOW Tsun Ip Patrick Dont Cry CHONG Yiu Ka Awesome Sky Show KWOK SIUHI d03 OUYANG Heidi Happy Moment LAU HOIWAI 2.WASH TANG MINGFAI 2 Icecaves EyeTang Ming Fai Koon Keung Cheung Jump the fire heroes OUYANG Heidi Spirit in Union TANG MINGFAI Starry Northern Light CHAN Hung Chasing WONG Yvonne Got my Meal CHEUNG Banly Feeding FONG HOIYAN 1Under Moms Protection Wong Sau Shun umbrella master CHOW Tsun Ip Patrick Marble Sculptors CHONG Yiu Ka Hunting TANG MINGFAI 3 Iranian WOman CHAN Hung Solumn 2 LAU HOIWAI 3.COLOR SQUARE SU Xing Fang Buddha Back YUEN Chi Wai Claude Lonely HO KANKEUNG 3 Geese MarchingHo kankeung HO KANKEUNG 2 Rhythm Of Circles YUEN Chi Wai Claude The Big Catch CHAN Hung Fighting Lau Barry Give Way OUYANG Heidi Prayer Wong Sau Shun never miss FONG HOIYAN 4Szechenyi Chain Bridge 1 CHAN Yue Yun Mom I want it OUYANG Heidi Joy of Butter Tea YUEN Chi Wai Claude Morning Grazing KWOK SIUHI Kwo Siu Hi Hungary Papp Elek E3The last pair of boots Szaszko Antal Evropa 20153 Papp Elek E2Gregory Papp Elek E4Artificer Huisz Istvan Giselle Hodos Sandor Denial Huisz Istvan Moon Water Dance II Huisz Istvan Girl in Violet Hodos Sandor Entertainers Papp Elek E1Walking on water India Sengupta sanjoy the scissorhand Ireland Ni Dheaghaidh Christina Icelandscape Murphy Deirdre Murphy Guggenheim Mist Murphy Deirdre Murphy Sunflowers Israel
  104. 104. 104 YENMEZ AHMET SUDAOYNAYANCOCUK- LAR Fatma Selma ORANSAY status Kilicarslan Ozgur testici5365 YENMEZ AHMET KALDIRIM Duzgun Nizamettin Spiral Muradi Hasan Hulki master Duzgun Nizamettin Dokumcu2 YENMEZ AHMET TASKALE COCUKLARI Fatma Selma ORANSAY melancholy KISMET FERIDUN window Boran M Veysi spook Ukraine Potsko Mykola Ded with the Bukovynka Norba Volodimir Storm Potsko Mykola Verhovinsky Life Potsko Mykola Looking Back Norba Volodimir Svydovets United Arab Emirates Allouz Ola Alkasaba Allouz Ola Home Allouz Ola The Blue Pearl United Kingdom Pamphilon Derwood Dancer and the Passage of Time USA LUU JULAYNE The day you left away lee bon liang innocent and lively girl LUU JULAYNE LOST IN LOVE Whitson Dave Becky on White Cube 50 Whitson Dave In a Red Robe Mazansky Cyril First Rays on Lake Louise Vietnam vu kim khoa 4 BUI MAI THIEN LIGHTS ON THE RIVER vu kim khoa 2 vu kim khoa 1 BUI MAI THIEN SALT HARVEST F/Open Mono PRINT Australia Douglas Kym FMX Ipswich Rock Solid Douglas Kym Old Truck Bahrain ALKHALIFA HANAN HASSAN AFTERNOON MARKET Bangladesh Rohan MD Tanveer Hassan Spirit of life Belgium christian herbillon merlin 1 Cuppens Jos Man2012 Cuppens Jos Sidecar81 christian herbillon Zafira 1 Canada Kwan Phillip F1Polar Greeting Kwan Phillip F3Wildebeest Chaos China Guo Bingsheng Hope Guo Bingsheng Children 1 Zhang Hui Running water Wu Jinrong Miho Zhang Hui Snow Zhang Jintao Confrontation Zhang Jintao Bronze Guo Bingsheng Children 2 Zhang Jintao Hear Wu Jinrong Yuhe Croatia Kolaric Zoran life in the shadow Cyprus KYPRIANOU KLEA Sad Look KRANOS PANTELIS DESCENDING KRANOS PANTELIS A MUSIC OF BUBBLES KYPRIANOU KLEA Happpy Family Denmark Suszkiewicz Ole F1On that Time Suszkiewicz Ole F2Roof Runner Goldin Leonid 4 And Mona Lisa Italy Cella Roberto Deadvlei 1 Persano Antonio His way Tagliani Roberto dont look me SALICE FRANCESCA OLD CAMBODIAN Woman Manetti Angiolo Blue ice Tagliani Roberto the bubbles maker COLUCCIA DANIELA STOLEN INFANCY Persano Antonio The door 2 COLUCCIA DANIELA SCHOOL KENIOTA 3 Manetti Angiolo Kirkjufell mountain Jordan RADI MOHAMMAD CMYK RADI MOHAMMAD RED WALL Malaysia TAN MIN Winter Serenity TAN MIN My Icebergs TAN MIN Surin Princess Norway Birkeland Tore Johan Man and Camels Synnevaag Roald Isfisker IV Synnevaag Roald Der ingen kunne bu ROmania Pop Ovi D. Macri Pop Ovi D. Russian Love Pop Ovi D. Judy Russia Chastikov Dmitry At the brown rocks Chastikov Dmitry Her two best friends Saudi Arabia yareemi wafa Fashion Serbia Markovic Milan Carnival 21 Milovanovic Borislav Zagubica2010 8536 Kojadinovic Goran Autumnsonata Valo Jan Magic horses Stojkovic Aleksa 1.Pricest Markovic Milan Dragodol 1 Pesterac Vojislav Vojo Kotor 004 Borojevic Nenad Homeless Markovic Milan Carnival 24 Gavrilovic Zeljka Splendor after rain Mijailovic Vladimir Trail Pesterac Vojislav Vojo Shopwindow 103 Preradovic Sasa Ramiza 15 08 11 03 Kojadinovic Goran Winter forest magic Markovic Milan Fira 1 Preradovic Sasa Jovana 14 11 21 04 Gavrilovic Zeljka A garden flowers of our grandmothers Preradovic Sasa Tension 04C Milovanovic Borislav P 3570 Pesterac Vojislav Vojo Spa 375 Valo Jan Lociranje Pesterac Vojislav Vojo Shopwindow 108 Milovanovic Borislav Cerovo08 Singapore Lim Leong Kiat Couple in Venice Seaside HENG Zee Kek Lina with golden net Slovenia Janezic Blaz My hands Spain Ajuriaguerra Saiz Pedro Luis Jump Ajuriaguerra Saiz Pedro Luis Diver and Guggenheim Sri Lanka Gurusinghe Mohan COME BUY FLOWERS Ranamuka kasun AGAINST THE GRAVITY Gurusinghe Mohan BALLOONS NOT FOR ME Gurusinghe Mohan MARY POPPINS AT GALLE FORT Taiwan WANG Lung Tsai Boring in Black WANG Lung Tsai Family Feeding Turkey urel cigdem oyun Boran M Veysi hell Boran M Veysi hallucination GUNER SULTAN long exposure2 England Hoyle Roger Flying swans 2 France Sylvie TINSEAU remoteness Germany Menze Maria lend me your bicycle Menze Maria Buhne Bruder Ursula Lifelines Menze Maria windowcleaner Bruder Ursula old gnarled Olive tree Hong Kong CHOW Tsun Ip Patrick Knockout OUYANG Heidi Steam of Journey Lau Barry Ox Fighting WONG Yvonne Circles CHEUNG KWANLEUNG FALLEN HORSE CHAN Yue Yun Worship OUYANG Heidi Light and Shadow FONG HOIYAN 4Worker 1 Lau Barry Boxer 2 SU Xing Fang Grandma in work CHEUNG KWANLEUNG TRY MY BEST LAU HOIWAI 2.CARE Wong Sau Shun content is gold CHAN Hung Transport WONG Yvonne Work of Fishermen CHONG Yiu Ka Rainy Day FONG HOIYAN 1Time to work 1 Koon Keung Cheung Six riders Koon Keung Cheung Buffalo racing LAU HOIWAI 1.LONELY YU CHINGYAN BRIAN No2 YU ChingYan BrianSprint CHEUNG KWANLEUNG No4 Cheung Kwan Leung MISTY RIVER3 SU Xing Fang Uncle YU CHINGYAN BRIAN No3 YU ChingYan Brian Silent Ripple OUYANG Heidi Caged Body Free Spirit FONG HOIYAN 2Working in the misty morning SU Xing Fang Funny Day YUEN Chi Wai Claude Making Straw Strings YUEN Chi Wai Claude Fatal Strike CHEUNG KWANLEUNG LOSE CONTROL OUYANG Heidi Hair Salon in Nepal YUEN Chi Wai Claude Happy Jumps LAU HOIWAI 4.MEDITATION CHAN Yue Yun Side Kick Hungary Papp Elek F3Why Papp Elek F2Going to the market Koncz Desi Homeless Huisz Istvan Observer Papp Elek F1The gipsy chief Huisz Istvan Camber India Sengupta sanjoy standing tall Ireland Murphy Deirdre Murphy Guggenheim Windows Israel Goldin Leonid 2 Today I Am Lonely Goldin Leonid 1 Life as zebra Italy SALICE FRANCESCA PARKOUR COLUCCIA DANIELA CLASS PRIMARY MALINDI Tagliani Roberto jack Cella Roberto Swing ride Manetti Angiolo Signs on earth Jordan RADI MOHAMMAD shdo Malaysia TAN MIN Big Wave TAN MIN Zigzag lines TAN MIN Little Monk Norway Synnevaag Roald Roy Birkeland Tore Johan In the Doorway Synnevaag Roald Om litt er kaffen klar Saudi Arabia yareemi wafa boy 3 yareemi wafa Reflection Serbia Pesterac Vojislav Vojo Arena 319 Borojevic Nenad Work in the orchard Milovanovic Borislav Behind Gavrilovic Zeljka Empathy Pesterac Vojislav Vojo Encounter 1320 Milovanovic Borislav Pottery Gavrilovic Zeljka Mischievous lady Pesterac Vojislav Vojo City shadows 3703 Milovanovic Borislav Grinding Markovic Milan Orphan Kojadinovic Goran Imitation of life Mijailovic Vladimir Caught Markovic Milan Communication Pesterac Vojislav Vojo Fog 8643 Stojkovic Aleksa 2.Litija Markovic Milan Road Preradovic Sasa Tension 07 Preradovic Sasa Tension 06 Kojadinovic Goran Mira Valo Jan Bekstvo iz grada Singapore HENG Zee Kek Jump down the waterfall Lim Leong Kiat Pagoda and CloudBW Slovenia Rajbar Ludvik Viljuke Janezic Blaz Ghost house 3 Spain Ajuriaguerra Saiz Pedro Luis Dialogos en la ciudad Ajuriaguerra Saiz Pedro Luis Diver riding the skies of Bilbao Ajuriaguerra Saiz Pedro Luis Niemeyer 002 Sri Lanka Gurusinghe Mohan AGED CARING AN AGED Ranamuka kasun THE FLOATING ROOM Switzerland Zivadinovic Radojko Dervish Dance Taiwan WANG Lung Tsai Fish Harvest WANG Lung Tsai Buddies Turkey Fatma Selma ORANSAY trapped couple GUNER SULTAN lightandshade Kilicarslan Ozgur sobaci9194 KISMET FERIDUN day is going Kilicarslan Ozgur sobaci2359 Boran M Veysi manic bw YENMEZ AHMET MULTECI KIZ Muradi Hasan Hulki rest time Duzgun Nizamettin Devi 3 kocaman sibel demiryolu icisi Duzgun Nizamettin Kucuk Anne GUNER SULTAN road and shade YENMEZ AHMET COCUK ANNE BW Ukraine Potsko Mykola Heathand peace dushi Potsko Mykola Little sheepman Norba Volodimir Borzha United Arab Emirates Allouz Ola Al Ayala Dance United Kingdom Pamphilon Derwood Trapped 1.1 USA LUU JULAYNE KORAN STUDIES LUU JULAYNE HOI AN CITY LUU JULAYNE LONELY Whitson Dave Breanna with Fabric 51 BW Dao Larry Hard Work Mazansky Cyril Dune and Tree 1 Whitson Dave Trisha Stretching 8 Dao Larry Awaiting Vietnam vu kim khoa O3 BUI MAI THIEN FISHING 4
  105. 105. 105
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  108. 108. 108 About us We are gathered out, attracted by the game of light and shadows, as fragile as butterfly wings over the flame of a candle. We`ll never forget the magic kaleidoscope, such as bees never forget how to build honeycombs. Come together to experience the light, challenging the darkness.  Serbia PHOTO Association was established to achieve the following objectives: - affirmation and popularization of art and creative photography, to support and preserve Serbian cultural heritage, national history, customs and traditions, protecting the environment and natural beauty of Serbia through the medium of photography - creation, support, encouragement and continuous improvement of the medium of photography in Serbia, then its comprehensive promotion at home and abroad - we are co-operating with schools and professional associations in the country and abroad who are engaged in the medium of photography - we publish books and other publications in the field of photography media - we are organizing national and international photo exhibitions, under the patronage of domestic and international alliances, federations and associations
  109. 109. 109 2nd International Salon Shadow 2015 Drugi Internacionalni Salon Senka 2015 Salon Chairman / Predsednik Salona Ljiljana Vrzić Organizer / Organizator Serbia PHOTO / Srbija FOTO Publisher / Izdavač Serbia PHOTO / Srbija FOTO Organizing Committee / Organizacioni odbor Ljiljana Vrzić Nenad Nikolić Aleksandar Cvijanović Cover photo / Fotografija na naslovnoj strani © Rosalie Wang, USA, Night Sky at Spitzkoppe Design / Dizajn Ljiljana Vrzić Nenad Nikolić Printing by / Štampa “Grafostil” Kragujevac Copies / Tiraž 400 Beograd, 2015
  110. 110. 110 Serbia PHOTO / Srbija FOTO