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Catalog 4th singidunum 2018


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Catalog 4th singidunum 2018

  1. 1. 4th International Salon Singidunum 4.InternacionalniSalonSingidunum2018
  2. 2. About us We are gathered out, attracted by the game of light and shadows, as fragile as butterfly wings over the flame of a candle. We`ll never forget the magic kaleidoscope, such as bees never forget how to build honeycombs. Come together to experience the light, challenging the darkness.  Serbia PHOTO Association was established to achieve the following objectives: - affirmation and popularization of art and creative photography, to support and preserve Serbian cultural heritage, national history, customs and traditions, protecting the environment and natural beauty of Serbia through the medium of photography - creation, support, encouragement and continuous improvement of the medium of photography in Serbia, then its comprehensive promotion at home and abroad - we are co-operating with schools and professional associations in the country and abroad who are engaged in the medium of photography - we publish books and other publications in the field of photography media - we are organizing national and international photo exhibitions, under the patronage of domestic and international alliances, federations and associations
  3. 3. L180005 2018-007 PID/ND/PTD/PJD Recognition Singidunum 2018 4th International Salon of Photography Četvrti Internacionalni Salon Fotografije Themes / Teme Srbija, Beograd, 2018 A/Street/Ulica B/Portrait/Portret C/Macro/Makro D/Creative/Kreativna E/Open Color/Slobodna Kolor F/Open Monochrome/Slobodna Monohrom G/ Nature/Priroda H/ Birds/Ptice I/ Flowers/Cveće J/ Photo Travel/Foto Putovanje K/ Photojournalism/Photo Žurnalizam L/ Sport/Sport 2018/019
  4. 4. L1800052018-007 2018/019
  5. 5. Serbia PHOTO Grand PRIX Award Valerie Duncan, United Kingdom, The City Gent mono
  6. 6. GRAND PRIX Salon Award for best photography / GRAND PRIX Salona za najbolju fotografiju Valerie Duncan, United Kingdom Theme A Street / Tema A Ulica PSA Gold Avishek Das, Colourful Walk, India PSA Silver Aleksandar Tomulic, Run away, Croatia PSA Bronze Udayan Sankar Pal, Innocent peddler of death, India PSA Mention Zhesheng Zhuang, Dream, China PSA Mention Wolfgang Lin, Businessman, Hong Kong GPU Gold Wenguang Lu, Keep Company, China Salon Gold Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Zebra Lines, Qatar Salon Silver GODFREY WONG, Finally Done, USA Salon Bronze Yan Luo, Bull market 1, China Salon Mention Marina Krstic, Skating, Macedonia Salon Mention Xiaoqing Chen, Roadside tailor, China Salon Mention Xiaomei Xu, In the road corner, China Salon Mention Vladimir Maltsev, My street, Ukraine Salon Mention Stanislav Sitnikov, Stairs, Russia Salon Mention Graeme Watson, Beautiful Music, Australia Grand Prix Award Valerie Duncan, The City Gent mono, United Kingdom Special Chairman Choice Joachim Schmitt, Luftschnappen, Germany
  7. 7. Theme B Portrait / Tema B Portret PSA Gold Ruslan Bolgov, She, Lithuania PSA Silver Normante Ribokaite, Violinist, Lithuania PSA Bronze Sergey Anisimov, Portrait of a reindeer herder 2, Russia PSA Mention Jianxun Wu, Dull Looking, China PSA Mention ABBAS ALKHAMIS, Angry boy M, Saudi Arabia GPU Mention Subrata Bhattacherjee, Sadhu at Babughat 2776, India Salon Gold Kam Chiu Tam, A red Indian girl, Canada Salon Silver Yury Pustovoy, Painting of Surma tribe Ethiopia, Russia Salon Bronze Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Shakur, Qatar Salon Mention Arup BhattAacharjee, Gaze, India Salon Mention Istvan Kerekes, Gipsy clan, Hungary Salon Mention Wenyuan Li, Smoking with smoke, USA Salon Mention Ole Suszkiewicz, Naima Portrait, Denmark Salon Mention Chenglin Zheng, On the Street 2, China Salon Mention Guixiang Huang, Tribal Imprint, China Special Chairman Choice Manfred Kluger, Spring of life 1, Germany
  8. 8. Theme C Macro / Tema C Makro PSA Gold Rene Van Echelpoel, Glanville fritillary, Belgium PSA Silver Paulo Guerra, Amadeus, Brazil PSA Bronze Soon Seng Leong, Hurry up 615, Malaysia PSA Mention Ka Chon Chiang, Dryadula phaetusa, Macau PSA Mention Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Beautiful Butterfly, Singapore GPU Mention Birgit Pustelnik, Swallowtail on Wild Carrot, Germany Salon Gold Yeokkian Koh, Fly mating 1, Malaysia Salon Silver Valerie Duncan, Red Eye Tree Frog 03, United Kingdom Salon Bronze MISHAL ALRAYHAN, Bee 4X, Saudi Arabia Salon Mention Ann Smallegange, Purple Dahlia and Drop, Australia Salon Mention Joachim Schmitt, Schmetterlingsgeburt, Germany Salon Mention Chun Cheng Kuo, Friends forever, Taiwan Salon Mention Mofeed Abu Shalwa, The Brown Damselfly, Saudi Arabia Salon Mention Tommy Teh, Gotcha 36, Malaysia Salon Mention Asim Kumar Chaudhuri, Eye Of a House Fly, India Special Chairman Choice Haiyan Wu, Static, China
  9. 9. Theme D Creative / Tema D Kreativna PSA Gold Ole Suszkiewicz, Foggy Walk, Denmark PSA Silver Luis Leandro Serrano, D4 Paso de cebra, Spain PSA Bronze Harry Buenger, Stop the time, Germany PSA Mention Vladimir Maltsev, Wait for the house, Ukraine PSA Mention Thigh Wanna, The apartment, Singapore IAAP Gold Pantelija Ilic, Memories, Serbia Salon Gold Manfred Kluger, Black beauty1, Germany Salon Silver Ruslan Bolgov, Sister of Mercy, Lithuania Salon Bronze Hanina Aljufaili, Lets decover the world, Oman Salon Mention Valerie Duncan, Two Doors, United Kingdom Salon Mention Halbach Willem, Last melody, Netherlands Salon Mention Sandor Horosnyi, Survivor, Hungary Salon Mention Moortgat Wim, Some Tea My Dear, Belgium Salon Mention Kai Lon Tang, Magical Mirror Walkers, Macau Salon Mention Daniele Franceschini, The Giant Causeway, Italy Special Chairman Choice Csilla Bolvari, Protection, Hungary
  10. 10. Theme E Open Color / Tema E Slobodna Kolor PSA Gold Igor Debevec, Modern pyramid, Slovenia PSA Silver Graeme Watson, Lake George Dawn 2, Australia PSA Bronze Shicong Xiao, Childhood, China PSA Mention Gerhard Boehm, High Jump 2017, Germany PSA Mention Xiping An, Pastoral 2, China IAAP Silver Daniel Lybaert, 53Groep kuifmakaken 2, Netherlands Salon Gold Manfred Kluger, Primaballerina 6, Germany Salon Silver Thomas Vijayan, Glacier Boy, Canada Salon Bronze Danh Do Trong, Clear fishingnet, Vietnam Salon Mention Prashant Meswani, Tate Modern Stairs, England Salon Mention Soon Seng Leong, Fish seller 524, Malaysia Salon Mention Manolis Metzakis, Iulicas house, Greece Salon Mention Alexander Hochhaus, Shoetime, Germany Salon Mention Chan Seng Tang, Boxing 14, Macau Salon Mention Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Confusing, Qatar Special Chairman Choice Gunther Riehle, Caring 101, Germany
  11. 11. Theme F Open Monochrome / Tema F Slobodna Monohrom PSA Gold Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Long Way, Qatar PSA Silver Istvan Magdo, Still water, Romania PSA Bronze Daniel Lybaert, 62Verveling in ZwW, Netherlands PSA Mention Graeme Watson, Car Park Coffee, Australia PSA Mention Gerhard Boehm, Table Top SW4, Germany IAAP Bronze Desheng Xu, Warm Himself, China Salon Gold Igor Debevec, BW One, Slovenia Salon Silver Gunther Riehle, Stuttgart library 7 bw, Germany Salon Bronze Thomas Vijayan, Arctic Light, Canada Salon Mention Ole Suszkiewicz, Downstairs, Denmark Salon Mention Alexey Suloev, Summer style, Russia Salon Mention Ka Chon Chiang, Left Blow, Macau Salon Mention Yi WAN, Yiantian marine culture 17M, China Salon Mention Lee Eng Tan, Mahout Emotion, Singapore Salon Mention Yury Pustovoy, Venice, Russia Special Chairman Choice Ping Lu, Passion flying, China
  12. 12. Theme G Nature / Tema G Priroda PSA Gold Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Desert Lines, Qatar PSA Silver Wing Chung Kenneth Leung, Mandrill with infant BW, Hong Kong PSA Bronze Roberto Soares Gomes, Sandfall, Brazil PSA Mention Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Winged Beauty, Singapore PSA Mention Sergey Anisimov, Ice of Greenland 20, Russia IAAP Mention Yury Pustovoy, Marine constellation, Russia Salon Gold Gunther Riehle, Two plus one 101, Germany Salon Silver Dre Van Mensel, Two brownies with dew drops, Belgium Salon Bronze Xu Lv, Intimacy, China Salon Mention Marc Anagnostidis, Anthocharis Et Filicaria 3, France Salon Mention Soon Seng Leong, Enjoy in the morning 070, Malaysia Salon Mention Thomas Vijayan, Harbour Seal Iceberg, Canada Salon Mention Valerie Duncan, Two Red Eye Tree Frogs 05, United Kingdom Salon Mention Lung Tsai Wang, Changlong7, Taiwan Salon Mention Chenglin Zheng, Struggle, China Special Chairman Choice Bob Devine, Lioness with cub 1, United Kingdom
  13. 13. Theme H Birds / Tema H Ptice PSA Gold Bob Devine, Great grey owl lands at dusk, United Kingdom PSA Silver Gunther Riehle, One plus four 401, Germany PSA Bronze Enrico Galbiati, On the fly, Italy PSA Mention Prashant Meswani, Kingfisher on Bullrush, England PSA Mention Yong Huang, Thirsty, China IAAP Mention Fabienne Mondie, l offrande, France Salon Gold Hamad Bouresli, D66R9227yellow1080, Kuwait Salon Silver Chan Seng Tang, Kingfisher Fighting 2, Macau Salon Bronze Koon Nam Cheung, Great Grey Owl A23, Hong Kong Salon Mention Joachim Schmitt, Kronenkranich, Germany Salon Mention Albert Peer, Golden eagle, Austria Salon Mention Chenglin Zheng, Flamingo 3, China Salon Mention Marc Anagnostidis, Coupling And Beakfull, France Salon Mention Chidi Chen, Kingfishers Fight, Taiwan Salon Mention Robert Deglin, In aantocht met buit, Belgium Special Chairman Choice Istvan Magdo, Wow, Romania
  14. 14. Theme I Flowers / Tema I Cveće PSA Gold Iwona Czubek, Still alive, Poland PSA Silver Sandor Horosnyi, Saffronbokeh, Hungary PSA Bronze Ka Chon Chiang, Lotus, Macau PSA Mention Ira Nemeroff, Iris 48, USA PSA Mention Chidi Chen, Exploring, Taiwan IAAP Mention Jim Hagan, Dianthus and Lacewing, USA Salon Gold Pietro Bugli, Strelitzia, Italy Salon Silver Goran Kulezic, 1, Serbia Salon Bronze Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Back to Life, Saudi Arabia Salon Mention Vladimir Alekseev, The Scarlet Flower, Russia Salon Mention Birgit Pustelnik, Pulsatilla Sundown, Germany Salon Mention Peter Teuschel, New life, Germany Salon Mention Jinghui Chen, Cymbidium, China Salon Mention Min Sheng Ku, Slipper Orchid 1, Taiwan Salon Mention Francis Kennedy, Aquilegia, Australia Special Chairman Choice James Wat, A smiling Lotus, USA
  15. 15. Theme J Travel / Tema J Putovanje PSA Gold Thigh Wanna, Throught the net 6, Singapore PSA Silver Graeme Watson, Lake George Dawn 1, Australia PSA Bronze Zhihui Shi, Cook, China PSA Mention TUCK YEONG LOH, Monk, Malaysia PSA Mention Yury Pustovoy, Children of Buddha, Russia IAAP Mention Ka Chon Chiang, Red and Circle, Macau Salon Gold Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Visit To Sultan Qaboos Mosque, Qatar Salon Silver Zhihua Hou, Sunset Fishing1, China Salon Bronze Antonio Aragon Renuncio, Childhood Lost in Burkina Faso Artisanal Gold Mines, Spain Salon Mention Igor Debevec, Towards the top, Slovenia Salon Mention Lee Eng Tan, Desert convoy, Singapore Salon Mention Manfred Kluger, Window seat1, Germany Salon Mention Ngoc An To, 4G9A3534EL1R, USA Salon Mention Nhan Le Hoang, Cat Xiep 2, Vietnam Salon Mention Yong Huang, Desert camels, China Special Chairman Choice Avishek Das, Sequence at Work, India
  16. 16. Theme K Photojournalism / Tema K Fotožurnalizam PSA Gold Avishek Das, The Tough Ritual, India PSA Silver Joachim Schmitt, Saubermann, Germany PSA Bronze Sasa Popovic, Sashapopoivczurnalizam1, Spain PSA Mention Almando Reggio, Ribbon 10, Italy PSA Mention Abbas Alkhamis, Twin Sado M, Saudi Arabia IAAP Mention Bogdan Bricelj, Orange Jumper, Slovenia Salon Gold Gerhard Boehm, Ramstein, Germany Salon Silver Dr Rashid Un Nabi, Look, Bangladesh Salon Bronze Thigh Wanna, The traveller, Singapore Salon Mention Klaus Strehlke, 11Window clener 096, Germany Salon Mention Haiyan Huang, Life1, China Salon Mention Aleksa Stojković, Pictures at an Exhibition 2, Serbia Salon Mention Jianxun Wu, Brickfield 2, China Salon Mention Istvan Kerekes, Migrant life, Hungary Salon Mention Leonid Goldin, Kiss with mobile phone, Israel Special Chairman Choice Antonio Aragon Renuncio, Boraka. Gasoline Traffickers, Spain
  17. 17. Theme L Sport / Tema L Sport PSA Gold Almando Reggio, Synchronized swimming 5, Italy PSA Silver Gerhard Boehm, Sprint 9, Germany PSA Bronze Istvan Kerekes, Situation, Hungary PSA Mention Graeme Watson, Womens Rugby Union 2, Australia PSA Mention Janez Kramar, 12aChampion, Slovenia IAAP Mention Bogdan Bricelj, YellowBlack Ski Jumper, Slovenia Salon Gold Ka Chon Chiang, Heavy Punch 10, Macau Salon Silver Kai Lon Tang, Boxing 50, Macau Salon Bronze Luis Leandro Serrano, L1 Paso de vallas, Spain Salon Mention Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Iron Man, Saudi Arabia Salon Mention Wei Fu, Thai sport, Canada Salon Mention Alois Bernkopf Dr, Gojko 4, Austria Salon Mention Ann Smallegange, Farr Faster, Australia Salon Mention Robin Luo, Race In The Dust, Canada Salon Mention Jos Cuppens, Omkijken, Belgium Special Chairman Choice Chan Seng Tang, Fight for Rugby 5, Macau
  18. 18. Serbia PHOTO / Srbija FOTO Jury / Žiri Vladimir Jovanovski, PPSA, RISF4, GPUCR3, Macedonia Nenad Nikolic AFIAP, Aphrodite GPU, Serbia Zoran Stojiljkovic EFAIAP, Serbia
  19. 19. 19 STREET / ULICA THEME / TEMA A
  20. 20. 20 STREET/ULICA Avishek Das, India, Colourful Walk PSA Gold
  21. 21. 21 STREET/ULICA Wenguang Lu, China, Keep Company GPU Gold
  22. 22. 22 Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar, Zebra Lines STREET/ULICA Salon Gold
  23. 23. 23 Aleksandar Tomulić, Croatia, Run away STREET/ULICAPSA Silver
  24. 24. 24 Godfrey Wong, USA, Finally Done STREET/ULICA Salon Silver
  25. 25. 25 Udayansankar Pal, India, Innocent peddler of death STREET/ULICAPSA Bronze
  26. 26. 26 Yan Luo, China, Bull market 1 STREET/ULICA Salon Bronze
  27. 27. 27 Joachim Schmitt, Germany, Luftschnappen STREET/ULICASpecial Chairman Choice
  28. 28. 28 STREET/ULICA Zhesheng Zhuang, China, Dream PSA Mention
  29. 29. 29 STREET/ULICA Wolfgang Lin, Hong Kong, Businessman PSA Mention
  30. 30. 30 STREET/ULICA Marina Krstic, Macedonia, Skating Salon Mention
  31. 31. 31 STREET/ULICA Xiaoqing Chen, China, Roadside tailor Salon Mention
  32. 32. 32 STREET/ULICA Salon Mention Xiaomei Xu, China, In the road corner
  33. 33. 33 STREET/ULICASalon Mention Stanislav Sitnikov, Russia, Stairs
  34. 34. 34 STREET/ULICA Salon Mention Vladimir Maltsev, Ukraine, My street
  35. 35. 35 STREET/ULICASalon Mention Graeme Watson, Australia, Beautiful Music
  36. 36. 36
  38. 38. 38 PORTRAIT/PORTRET PSA Gold Ruslan Bolgov, Lithuania, She
  39. 39. 39 PORTRAIT/PORTRETSalon Gold Kam Chiu Tam, Canada, A red Indian girl
  40. 40. 40 PORTRAIT/PORTRET PSA Silver Normante Ribokaite, Lithuania, Violinist
  41. 41. 41 PORTRAIT/PORTRET Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Painting of Surma tribe Ethiopia Salon Silver
  42. 42. 42 Sergey Anisimov, Russia, Portrait of a reindeer herder 2 PORTRAIT/PORTRET PSA Bronze
  43. 43. 43 Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar, Shakur PORTRAIT/PORTRETSalon Bronze
  44. 44. 44 Manfred Kluger, Germany, Spring of life 1 PORTRAIT/PORTRET Special Chairman Choice
  45. 45. 45 Abbas Alkhamis, Saudiarabia, Angry boy M PORTRAIT/PORTRETPSA Mention
  46. 46. 46 Jianxun Wu, China, Dull looking PORTRAIT/PORTRET PSA Mention
  47. 47. 47 Subrata Bhattacherjee, India, Sadhu at Barughat 2776 PORTRAIT/PORTRETGPU Mention
  48. 48. 48 Guixiang Huang, China, Tribal Imprint PORTRAIT/PORTRET Salon Mention
  49. 49. 49 PORTRAIT/PORTRETSalon Mention Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Naima Portrait
  50. 50. 50 Wenyuan Li, USA, Smoking with smoke PORTRAIT/PORTRET Salon Mention
  51. 51. 51 Arup Bhattacharjee, India, Gaze Salon Mention PORTRAIT/PORTRET
  52. 52. 52 Istvan Kerekes, Hungary, Gipsy clan PORTRAIT/PORTRET Salon Mention
  53. 53. 53 Salon Mention Chenglin Zheng, China, On the Street 2 PORTRAIT/PORTRET
  54. 54. 54
  55. 55. 55 MACRO /MAKRO THEME / TEMA C
  56. 56. 56 PSA GoldMACRO/MAKRO Rene Vanechelpoel, Belgium, Glanville fritillary
  57. 57. 57 Yeokkian Koh, Malaysia, Fly mating 1 MACRO/MAKROSalon Gold
  58. 58. 58 Paulo Guerra, Brazil, Amadeus MACRO/MAKRO PSA Silver
  59. 59. 59 Valerie Duncan, United Kingdom, Red Eye Tree Frog 03 MACRO/MAKROSalon Silver
  60. 60. 60 Soon Seng Leong, Malaysia, Hurry up 615 MACRO/MAKRO PSA Bronze
  61. 61. 61 Mishal Alrayhan, Saudiarabia, bee 4X MACRO/MAKROSalon Bronze
  62. 62. 62 MACRO/MAKRO Haiyan Wu, China, Static Special Chairman Choice
  63. 63. 63 Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Singapore, Beautiful Butterfly MACRO/MAKROPSA Mention
  64. 64. 64 Kachon Chiang, Macau, Dryadula phaetusa MACRO/MAKRO PSA Mention
  65. 65. 65 MACRO/MAKROGPU Mention Birgit Pustelnik, Germany, Swallowtail on Wild Carrot
  66. 66. 66 MACRO/MAKRO Salon Mention Ann Smallegange, Australia, Purple Dahlia and Drop
  67. 67. 67 MACRO/MAKROSalon Mention Joachim Schmitt, Germany, Schmetterlingsgeburt
  68. 68. 68 MACRO/MAKRO Salon Mention Chun Cheng Kuo, Taiwan, Friends forever
  69. 69. 69 MACRO/MAKROSalon Mention Mofeed Abushalwa, Saudiarabia, The Brown Damselfly
  70. 70. 70 MACRO/MAKRO Salon Mention Tommy Teh, Malaysia, Gotcha 36
  71. 71. 71 MACRO/MAKROSalon Mention Asim Kumar Chaudhuri, India, EYE OF A HOUSE FLY
  72. 72. 72
  74. 74. 74 PSA Gold Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Foggy Walk CREATIVE/KREATIVNA
  75. 75. 75 Pantelija Ilic, Serbia, Memories CREATIVE/KREATIVNAIAAP Gold
  76. 76. 76 Manfred Kluger, Germany, Black beauty 1 CREATIVE/KREATIVNA Salon Gold
  77. 77. 77 PSA Silver Luis Leandro Serrano, Spain, D4 Paso de cebra CREATIVE/KREATIVNA
  78. 78. 78 Ruslan Bolgov, Lithuania, Sister of Mercy CREATIVE/KREATIVNA Salon Silver
  79. 79. 79 PSA Bronze Harry Buenger, Germany, Stop the time CREATIVE/KREATIVNA
  80. 80. 80 Hanina Aljufaili, Oman, Lets decover the world CREATIVE/KREATIVNA Salon Bronze
  81. 81. 81 CREATIVE/KREATIVNA Csilla Bolvari, Hungary, Protection Special Chairman Choice
  82. 82. 82 CREATIVE/KREATIVNA Thigh Wanna, Singapore, The apartment PSA Mention
  83. 83. 83 CREATIVE/KREATIVNA Vladimir Maltsev, Ukraine, Wait for the house PSA Mention
  84. 84. 84 CREATIVE/KREATIVNA Daniele Franceschini, Italy, The Giant Causeway Salon Mention
  85. 85. 85 Salon Mention CREATIVE/KREATIVNA Sandor Horosnyi, Hungary, Survivor
  86. 86. 86 Salon MentionCREATIVE/KREATIVNA Kai Lon Tang, Macau, Magical Mirror Walkers
  87. 87. 87 Salon Mention CREATIVE/KREATIVNA Moortgat Wim, Belgium, SOME TEA MY DEAR
  88. 88. 88 Salon MentionCREATIVE/KREATIVNA Halbach Willem, Netherlands, Last melody
  89. 89. 89 Salon Mention CREATIVE/KREATIVNA Valerie Duncan, United Kingdom, Two Doors
  90. 90. 90
  92. 92. 92 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR PSA Gold Igor Debevec, Slovenia, Modern pyramid
  93. 93. 93 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR Manfred Kluger, Germany, Primaballerina 6 Salon Gold
  94. 94. 94 Graeme Watson, Australia, Lake George Dawn 2 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR PSA Silver
  95. 95. 95 Daniel Lybaert, Netherlands, 53 Groep kuifmakaken 2 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLORIAAP Silver
  96. 96. 96 Thomas Vijayan, Canada, Glacier Boy OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR Salon Silver
  97. 97. 97 Shicong Xiao, China, Childhood OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLORPSA Bronze
  98. 98. 98 Danh Do Trong, Vietnam, Clear fishingnet OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR Salon Bronze
  99. 99. 99 Gunther Riehle, Germany, Caring 101 OPEN / SLOBODNA COLORSpecial Chairman Choice
  100. 100. 100 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR PSA Mention Xiping An, China Pastoral 2
  101. 101. 101 Gerhard Boehm, Germany, High Jump 2017 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLORPSA Mention
  102. 102. 102 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR Salon Mention Prashant Meswani, England, Tate Modern Stairs
  103. 103. 103 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLORSalon Mention Soon Seng Leong, Malaysia, Fish seller 524
  104. 104. 104 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR Salon Mention Alexander Hochhaus, Germany, Shoetime
  105. 105. 105 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLORSalon Mention Manolis Metzakis, Greece, Iulicas house
  106. 106. 106 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR Salon Mention Chan Seng Tang, Macau, Boxing 14
  107. 107. 107 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLORSalon Mention Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar, Confusing
  108. 108. 108
  110. 110. 110 OPEN MONOCHROME PSA Gold Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar, Long Way
  111. 111. 111 OPEN MONOCHROMESalon Gold Igor Debevec, Slovenia, BW One
  112. 112. 112 PSA SilverOPEN MONOCHROME Istvan Magdo, Romania, Still water
  113. 113. 113 OPEN MONOCHROME Gunther Riehle, Germany, Stuttgart library 7 bw Salon Silver
  114. 114. 114 OPEN MONOCHROME Daniel Lybaert, Netherlands, 62Verveling in ZwW PSA Bronze
  115. 115. 115 OPEN MONOCHROME Desheng Xu, China, Warm Himself IAAP Bronze
  116. 116. 116 OPEN MONOCHROME Thomas Vijayan, Canada, Arctic Light Salon Bronze
  117. 117. 117 OPEN MONOCHROME Ping Lu, China, Passion flying Special Chairman Choice
  118. 118. 118 Graeme Watson, Australia, Car Park Coffee OPEN MONOCHROME PSA Mention
  119. 119. 119 Gerhard Boehm, Germany, Table Top SW4 OPEN MONOCHROMEPSA Mention
  120. 120. 120 Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Downstairs OPEN MONOCHROME Salon Mention
  121. 121. 121 OPEN MONOCHROMESalon Mention Alexey Suloev, Russia, Summer style
  122. 122. 122 OPEN MONOCHROME Salon Mention Kachon Chiang, Macau, Left Blow
  123. 123. 123 OPEN MONOCHROMESalon Mention Yi Wan, China, Yiantian marine culture 17M
  124. 124. 124 OPEN MONOCHROME Salon Mention Lee Eng Tan, Singapore, Mahout Emotion
  125. 125. 125 OPEN MONOCHROMESalon Mention Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Venice
  126. 126. 126
  128. 128. 128 PSA GoldNATURE/PRIRODA Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar, Desert Lines
  129. 129. 129 NATURE/PRIRODA Gunther Riehle, Germany, Two plus one 101 Salon Gold
  130. 130. 130 Wing Chung Kenneth Leung, Hong Kong, Mandrill with infant BW PSA SilverNATURE/PRIRODA
  131. 131. 131 Dre Van Mensel, Belgium, Two brownies with dew drops NATURE/PRIRODASalon Silver
  132. 132. 132 Roberto Soares Gomes, Brazil, Sandfall PSA BronzeNATURE/PRIRODA
  133. 133. 133 Xu Lv, China, Intimacy NATURE/PRIRODASalon Bronze
  134. 134. 134 Bob Devine, United Kingdom, Lioness with cub 1 NATURE/PRIRODA Special Chairman Choice
  135. 135. 135 Sergey Anisimov, Russia, Ice of Greenland 20 PSA Mention NATURE/PRIRODA
  136. 136. 136 PSA MentionNATURE/PRIRODA Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Singapore, Winged Beauty
  137. 137. 137 IAAP Mention NATURE/PRIRODA Yury Pustovoy, Rssia , Marine constellation
  138. 138. 138 Salon MentionNATURE/PRIRODA Thomas Vijayan, Canada, Harbour Seal Iceberg
  139. 139. 139 Salon Mention NATURE/PRIRODA Marc Anagnostidis, France, Anthocharis Et Filicaria 3
  140. 140. 140 Salon MentionNATURE/PRIRODA Soon Seng Leong, Malaysia, Enjoy in the morning 070
  141. 141. 141 Salon Mention NATURE/PRIRODA Valerie Duncan, United Kingdom, Two Red Eye Tree Frogs 05
  142. 142. 142 Salon MentionNATURE/PRIRODA Lung Tsai Wang, Taiwan, Changlong 7
  143. 143. 143 Salon Mention NATURE/PRIRODA Chenglin Zheng, China, Struggle
  144. 144. 144
  145. 145. 145 BIRDS/PTICE THEME / TEMA H
  146. 146. 146 PSA GoldBIRDS/PTICE Bob Devine, United Kingdom, Great grey owl lands at dusk
  147. 147. 147 BIRDS/PTICE Hamad Bouresli, Kuwait, D66R9227yellow1080 Salon Gold
  148. 148. 148 Gunther Riehle, Germany, One plus four 401 PSA SilverBIRDS/PTICE
  149. 149. 149 Chan Seng Tang, Macau, Kingfisher Fighting 2 Salon Silver BIRDS/PTICE
  150. 150. 150 Enrico Galbiati, Italy, On the fly PSA BronzeBIRDS/PTICE
  151. 151. 151 Koon Nam Cheung, Hong Kong, Great Grey Owl A23 Salon Bronze BIRDS/PTICE
  152. 152. 152 BIRDS/PTICE Special Chairman Choice Istvan Magdo, Romania, Wow
  153. 153. 153 PSA Mention Prashant Meswani, England, Kingfisher on Bullrush BIRDS/PTICE
  154. 154. 154 Yong Huang, China, Thirsty BIRDS/PTICE PSA Mention
  155. 155. 155 BIRDS/PTICEIAAP Mention Fabienne Mondie, France, l offrande
  156. 156. 156 Albert Peer, Austria, Golden eagle BIRDS/PTICE Salon Mention
  157. 157. 157 BIRDS/PTICE Joachim Schmitt, Germany, Kronenkranich Salon Mention
  158. 158. 158 Salon MentionBIRDS/PTICE Chenglin Zheng, China, Flamingo 3
  159. 159. 159 Salon Mention BIRDS/PTICE Chidi Chen, Taiwan, Kingfishers Fight
  160. 160. 160 Salon MentionBIRDS/PTICE Robert Deglin, Belgium, In aantocht met buit
  161. 161. 161 Salon Mention BIRDS/PTICE Marc Anagnostidis, France, Coupling And Beakfull
  162. 162. 162
  163. 163. 163 FLOWERS/CVEĆE THEME / TEMA I
  164. 164. 164 PSA GoldFLOWERS/CVEĆE Iwona Czubek, Poland, Still alive
  165. 165. 165 FLOWERS/CVEĆE Pietro Bugli, Italy, Strelitzia Salon Gold
  166. 166. 166 Sandor Horosnyi, Hungary, Saffronbokeh FLOWERS/CVEĆE PSA Silver
  167. 167. 167 Goran Kulezić, Serbia 1 FLOWERS/CVEĆESalon Silver
  168. 168. 168 Ka Chon Chiang, Macau, Lotus FLOWERS/CVEĆE PSA Bronze
  169. 169. 169 Mofeed Abushalwa, Saudiarabia, Back to Life FLOWERS/CVEĆESalon Bronze
  170. 170. 170 James Wat, USA, A smiling Lotus FLOWERS/CVEĆE Special Chairman Choice
  171. 171. 171 Ira Nemeroff, USA, Iris 48 PSA Mention FLOWERS/CVEĆE
  172. 172. 172 FLOWERS/CVEĆE PSA Mention Chidi Chen, Taiwan, Exploring
  173. 173. 173 Jim Hagan, USA, Dianthus and Lacewing IAAP Mention FLOWERS/CVEĆE
  174. 174. 174 FLOWERS/CVEĆE Salon Mention Vladimir Alekseev, Russia, The Scarlet Flower
  175. 175. 175 Salon Mention FLOWERS/CVEĆE Birgit Pustelnik, Germany, Pulsatilla Sundown
  176. 176. 176 Salon MentionFLOWERS/CVEĆE Peter Teuschel, Germany, New life
  177. 177. 177 Salon Mention FLOWERS/CVEĆE Francis Kennedy, Australia, Aquilegia
  178. 178. 178 Salon MentionFLOWERS/CVEĆE Min Sheng Ku, Taiwan, Slipper Orchid 1
  179. 179. 179 Salon Mention FLOWERS/CVEĆE Jing Hui Chen, China, Cymbidium
  180. 180. 180
  182. 182. 182 PSA Gold Thigh Wanna, Singapore, Throught the net 6 TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  183. 183. 183 Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar Visit To Sultan Qaboos Mosque Salon Gold TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  184. 184. 184 PSA Silver Graeme Watson, Australia, Lake George Dawn 1 TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  185. 185. 185 Zhihua Hou, China, Sunset Fishing 1 Salon Silver TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  186. 186. 186 Zhihui Shi, China, Cook PSA BronzeTRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  187. 187. 187 Antonio Aragon Renuncio, Spain, Childhood Lost in Burkina Faso Artisanal Gold Mines Salon Bronze TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  188. 188. 188 Avishek Das, India, Sequence at Work Special Chairman ChoiceTRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  189. 189. 189 Tuck Yeong Loh, Malaysia, Monk PSA Mention TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  190. 190. 190 PSA Mention Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Children of Buddha TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  191. 191. 191 Ka Chon Chiang, Macau, Red and Circle IAAP Mention TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  192. 192. 192 Yong Huang, China, Desert camels Salon MentionTRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  193. 193. 193 Salon Mention Ngocan To, USA, 4G9A3534EL1R TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  194. 194. 194 Salon Mention Igor Debevec, Slovenia, Towards the top TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  195. 195. 195 Salon Mention Nhan Lehoang, Vietnam, CAT XIEP 2 TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  196. 196. 196 Salon MentionTRAVEL/PUTOVANJE Lee Eng Tan, Singapore, Desert convoy
  197. 197. 197 Salon Mention TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE Manfred Kluger, Germany, Window seat 1
  198. 198. 198
  200. 200. 200 PSA GoldPHOTOJOURNALISM Avishek Das, India, The Tough Ritual
  201. 201. 201 PHOTOJOURNALISM Gerhard Boehm, Germany, Ramstein Salon Gold
  202. 202. 202 PSA Silver Joachim Schmitt, Germany, Saubermann PHOTOJOURNALISM
  203. 203. 203 Dr Rashid Un Nabi, Bangladesh, Look PHOTOJOURNALISMSalon Silver
  204. 204. 204 PSA Bronze Sasa Popovic, Spain, Sashapopoivczurnalizam1 PHOTOJOURNALISM
  205. 205. 205 Thigh Wanna, Singapore, The traveller PHOTOJOURNALISMSalon Bronze
  206. 206. 206 Antonio Aragon Renuncio, Spain, Boraka. Gasoline Traffickers PHOTOJOURNALISM Special Chairman Choice
  207. 207. 207 Abbas Alkhamis, Saudiarabia, Twin Sado M PSA Mention PHOTOJOURNALISM
  208. 208. 208 PSA MentionPHOTOJOURNALISM Almando Reggio, Italy, Ribbon 10
  209. 209. 209 Bogdan Bricelj, Slovenia, Orange Jumper PHOTOJOURNALISMIAAP Mention
  210. 210. 210 Salon MentionPHOTOJOURNALISM Leonid Goldin, Israel, Kiss with mobile phone
  211. 211. 211 PHOTOJOURNALISMSalon Mention Klaus Strehlke, Germany, 11Window clener 096
  212. 212. 212 Salon MentionPHOTOJOURNALISM Aleksa Stojković, Serbia, Pictures at an Exhibition 2
  213. 213. 213 PHOTOJOURNALISMSalon Mention Istvan Kerekes, Hungary, Migrant life
  214. 214. 214 Salon MentionPHOTOJOURNALISM Jian Xun Wu, China, Brickfield 2
  215. 215. 215 PHOTOJOURNALISMSalon Mention Haiyan Huang, China, Life 1
  216. 216. 216
  217. 217. 217 SPORT / SPORT THEME / TEMA L
  218. 218. 218 PSA GoldSPORT Almando Reggio, Italy, Synchronized swimming 5
  219. 219. 219 SPORT Ka Chon Chiang, Macau, Heavy Punch 10 Salon Gold
  220. 220. 220 PSA Silver Gerhard Boehm, Germany, Sprint 9 SPORT
  221. 221. 221 Kai Lon Tang, Macau, Boxing 50 Salon Silver SPORT
  222. 222. 222 PSA Bronze Istvan Kerekes, Hungary, Situation SPORT
  223. 223. 223 Luis Leandro Serrano, Spain, L1 Paso de vallas SPORTSalon Bronze
  224. 224. 224 Special Chairman Choice Chan Seng Tang, Macau, Fight for Rugby 5 SPORT
  225. 225. 225 Janez Kramar, Slovenia, 12a Champion SPORTPSA Mention
  226. 226. 226 SPORT PSA Mention Graeme Watson, Australia, Womens Rugby Union 2
  227. 227. 227 Bogdan Bricelj, Slovenia, YellowBlack Ski Jumper SPORTIAAP Mention
  228. 228. 228 Salon MentionSPORT Mofeed Abushalwa, Saudiarabia, Iron Man
  229. 229. 229 Salon Mention SPORT Jos Cuppens, Belgium, Omkijken
  230. 230. 230 Salon MentionSPORT Wei Fu, Canada, Thai sport
  231. 231. 231 Salon Mention SPORT Ann Smallegange , Australia, Farr Faster
  232. 232. 232 Salon MentionSPORT Robin Luo, Canada, Race In The Dust
  233. 233. 233 Salon Mention SPORT Alois Bernkopf dr, Austria, Gojko 4
  234. 234. 234 Wenguang Lu, Keep Company Xiaomei Xu, In the road corner Xiaomei Xu, Seasons Xiaoqing Chen, Come back Xiaoqing Chen, Roadside tailor Xiaoqing Zhang, Across Xiaoqing Zhang, Childhood Time 2 Xiaoqing Zhang, Crowd Xinmin Zhang, Fair 3 Xinmin Zhang, Vendor 1 Xinmin Zhang, Vendor 2 XINXIN CHEN, In the rain4 XINXIN CHEN, Rain Lane8 XIPING AN, Little rest XIPING AN, Old street xinchuan Yan Luo, Bangladesh 47 Yan Luo, Bangladesh 48 Yan Luo, Bull market 1 Yi WAN, Road 2 Yong Huang, Childrens Happiness Yong Huang, Girl Yong Huang, Mothers back Yun Lin, Kick Yun Lin, Longterm Partners Yun Lin, Waiting in the Street Zhesheng Zhuang, Dream Zhesheng Zhuang, Sewing Zhesheng Zhuang, Waiting at Train Station 1 Croatia Aleksandar Tomulic, Exit 2 Aleksandar Tomulic, Hands free Aleksandar Tomulic, Run away Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz, Bums Ole Suszkiewicz, Car Repair Ole Suszkiewicz, Harmo Players Ole Suszkiewicz, Metro Germany Heinz Peks, zum Markt Joachim Schmitt, Die Schlange endet hinten Joachim Schmitt, Luftschnappen Joachim Schmitt, Mittagspause Joachim Schmitt, Raucherpause Karl Markloff, Marathon Wolfgang Schweden, On Street 2 C Greece NESTOR FANOS, coffee time Hong Kong H W CHAN, 12Rain night 10 H W CHAN, 13Street with rain 1 H W CHAN, 14Transport 3 Loretta Yat WONG, Passerby5 Wolfgang Lin, Businessman Wolfgang Lin, Men on Street Hungary Istvan Kerekes, Life in the mud Istvan Kerekes, Made in Harghita Istvan Kerekes, Playground in Balkan Joseph Vida, footpath Joseph Vida, Forest Road Joseph Vida, musicians Joseph Vida, the way of hope Sandor Horosnyi, Urban reflection Theme A/ Street Australia Graeme Watson, Beautiful Music Graeme Watson, Daddys Little Angel Graeme Watson, Inside McDonalds Sharron Leppien, City Women 1628 Sharron Leppien, Hunter Street Austria Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, At the crossroads Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Street works Bangladesh Dr RASHID UN NABI, CROSSSING Dr RASHID UN NABI, LIFE AND LINES Dr RASHID UN NABI, PARADE Dr RASHID UN NABI, SMOKE MAN Belarus BASIL TITOV, OLD PHOTOSALON BASIL TITOV BASIL TITOV, TOWN NEWS Basil TITOV Belgium Cochain Vincent, Courageux Jacky Panhuyzen, Laundry Street Jacky Panhuyzen, Moc Chau Raindrops Jacky Panhuyzen, Sweet Mamas Jacky Panhuyzen, White Calf Brazil Ricardo Fernandes Francisco, Hall Ricardo Fernandes Francisco Brazil Ricardo Fernandes Francisco, Mist Ricardo Fernandes Francisco Brazil Ricardo Fernandes Francisco, Waiting Ricardo Fernandes Francisco Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, NUNS ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, PERUANA ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, TROCADERO Canada Kam Chiu Tam, In a hurry Kam Chiu Tam, Night Market Phillip Kwan, A1Boys Running Down Phillip Kwan, A2Maasai Game Phillip Kwan, A3Monk at Shwedagon ROBIN Luo, Outdoor Dentist China Guixiang Huang, Go back with Fruitful Guixiang Huang, Little Brother and Sister Guixiang Huang, Run Guixiang Huang, Run 1 Hongbing Ye, Different Happy Hongbing Ye, The streets of Ethiopia 1 Huifen Wang, Cyclo 3 Huiqian Yang, Happy Childhood 2 Huiqian Yang, The Story Of Time Jiajun Chai, Cuba13 Jiajun Chai, Cuba23 Jurong Yu, Life in Daliangshan 6 LI WANG, Begging PING LU, Centennial Cake PING LU, Old street old man PING LU, Partner Rong Xiang, Street 1 Siyuan Huang, Childhood Siyuan Huang, Childhood 1 Wenguang Lu, Age India ARUP BHATTACHARJEE, CHICKEN VEN- DOR 1 ARUP BHATTACHARJEE, ORANGE SELLER ARUP BHATTACHARJEE, SALOON ARUP BHATTACHARJEE, ZEBRA CROSS- ING Avishek Das, Colourful Walk Avishek Das, Composition at work Avishek Das, Faith of Life Avishek Das, Pattern Work sanjoy sengupta, palawan market 3 SOURAV SHIT, LIFE PARTNER SOURAV SHIT, LIFE VS DOLLS SUBRATA BHATTACHERJEE, EID 2017 SUBRATA BHATTACHERJEE, TRAVELLER 3 Udayan Sankar Pal, Innocent peddler of death Udayan Sankar Pal, Worlds apart Israel Genadi Brodsky, In a street cafe. LEONID GOLDIN, Male and female LEONID GOLDIN, The Story LEONID GOLDIN, To the walk LEONID GOLDIN, Yhis cinema Rachel Algom, street cleaning Italy Pier Giuseppe Grolla, 1 GROLLAPG 6358 Pier Giuseppe Grolla, 2GROLLAPG 6358 Pier Giuseppe Grolla, 3GROLLAPG 6358 Lithuania Alfredas Motiejunas, End of the summer Alfredas Motiejunas, Good feeling Alfredas Motiejunas, In The Silence Alfredas Motiejunas, Oh why Macedonia Marina Krstic, Skating Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Chicken Bazar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Election News Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Zebra Lines Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Hens Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Six Rolls Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Walking Romania Fulger Magda, frames Istvan Magdo, Boot problem Istvan Magdo, Home alone Istvan Magdo, Into the future Istvan Magdo, Overweight Raceala Elena, eye Raceala Elena, hatman Raceala Elena, looking Raceala Elena, window Russia Sergey Anisimov, In Uganda 6 Sergey Anisimov, Vietnam 11 Sergey Anisimov, Vietnam 12 Stanislav Sitnikov, Another Prague Stanislav Sitnikov, Mexican wall fund Stanislav Sitnikov, Stairs Saudi Arabia ABBAS ALKHAMIS, baby sitter 2 ABBAS ALKHAMIS, No leg M Firas Abussaud, Ignored Firas Abussaud, Taxi VS bus Naif Ahmed Almasoud, Family Life Naif Ahmed Almasoud, Laughter Lifts The Spirit Serbia Aleksa Stojkovic, a walk Aleksa Stojkovic, walk in the rain Bogdan Gugleta, Two way lane Dragan Cerovic, Ulica 01 Dragan Cerovic, Ulica 03 Goran Kulezic, Fog Goran Kulezic, Morning service Goran Kulezic, Uno Pantelija Ilic, Clovn vladan nikolic, entertainer 1 vladan nikolic, girrl with flute mono vladan nikolic, street music vladan nikolic, street music 1 Singapore Giap Chiu TEO, 10000 won for one lobster Thigh Wanna, At work Thigh Wanna, Traveller in the train Zee Kek HENG, West vs East Slovenia Bogdan Bricelj, Through the darkest Night Janez Kramar, 1bWalking on the street Janez Kramar, 1cIn world of darkness Spain Sasa Popovic, osakastreet Sasa Popovic, shadow Sasa Popovic, streethavana Sasa Popovic, Ujedinjeje Franja i Kirila Taiwan CHIDI CHEN, Night Mountain Road Chun Cheng Kuo, assault Chun Cheng Kuo, Hold up an umbrellar for you Chun Cheng Kuo, lights meandering Lung Tsai Wang, Betelnut Beauty Lung Tsai Wang, For sale Lung Tsai Wang, Lianzhou2 Turkey huseyin opruklu, cadirhayati huseyin opruklu, duman Ukraine Vladimir Maltsev, Communication with the past Vladimir Maltsev, Elder brother Vladimir Maltsev, Latest news Vladimir Maltsev, My street United Kingdom Peter Elliston, Asleep on the job Peter Elliston, Cant beat the real thing Peter Elliston, Man time in Old Delhi Valerie Duncan, Late Again mono Valerie Duncan, Ron Valerie Duncan, Street Party Huangang Valerie Duncan, The City Gent mono
  235. 235. 235 Guixiang Huang, Tribal Imprint Haiyan Huang, old man12 HAIYAN Wu, Hold up the sun HAIYAN Wu, Pleased to HAIYAN Wu, The joy of autumn HAIYAN Wu, The snow was MuGui Hongbing Ye, India Girl Huiqian Yang, Fostering Huiqian Yang, Love on the Back Huiqian Yang, Sun Bathe Jianxun Wu, Dulllooking Jianxun Wu, Going Fair 1 Jianxun Wu, Tribe 1 Jurong Yu, Life in Daliangshan 19 Li Sun, Soldier Li Sun, Tribal Guitarist LI WANG, NIFTY Maosheng Chen, Tribal imprint 1 Mei Guo, Ethiopian tribes 14 Mei Guo, Innocence 2 Peiyang Wang, Melancholy PING LU, Corn flavor PING LU, Melancholy Tibetan girl PING LU, the graveyard Rong Xiang, Old man Shicong Xiao, Fisherman on the Li River 2 Shicong Xiao, Peek Shicong Xiao, The Ethiopia 4 Shicong Xiao, Tribal Man Tieqiang Li, Power of Belief 2 Wenguang Lu, African Girl Wenguang Lu, Companion Wenguang Lu, Indonesian Tribal People Wenguang Lu, Innocent Child Xiaodong Cheng, Eyes Xiaodong Cheng, Guarder Xiaodong Cheng, Tribe inprint Xiaoguang Cao, The Little Girl Xiaoguang Cao, Years 1 Xiaomei Xu, Persian beauty Xiaoqing Chen, Look Xiaoqing Chen, Thinking Xiaoqing Chen, With Big Eyes and Bushy eyebrows Xiaoqing Zhang, Ethiopias Primitive Tribal People 25 Xiaoqing Zhang, Ethiopias Primitive Tribal People 38 Xiaoqing Zhang, Guard 1 Xiaoqing Zhang, Tribal Headdress 2 Xiaoyun Qi, Eager Xiaoyun Qi, Primitive Tribes People 10 Xiaoyun Qi, Primitive Tribes People 11 Xiaoyun Qi, Watch XINXIN CHEN, Tajik Girl7 XINXIN CHEN, Tajik old man5 Yan Luo, In India 2 Yan Luo, In Iran 11 Yan Luo, In Kenya 6 Yan Zhang, African Women 2 Yan Zhang, Ascetic monk 4 Yanhua Liu, Gaze Yanhua Liu, State of mind Yi WAN, Andrea 3 Yi WAN, Devin Yi WAN, salesclerk Yilan Song, Tribal Clothes 1 Yun Lin, Signs of Aging Yun Lin, The Stamp of the Age Zhesheng Zhuang, Stay Zhesheng Zhuang, Tribal Woman 4 Zhihua Hou, Charming USA Burr Preston, Cape Town BoKaap 5 GODFREY WONG, Finally Done GODFREY WONG, Muscle Beach 3 James WAT, MUSICIAN W HIS PATRIOT James WAT, Reflection of my future James WAT, The Entertainer James WAT, The Old Man and His Pal JIM HAGAN, Friends. JIM HAGAN, Three Bikers Wenyuan Li, boys playing BW Wenyuan Li, Me Wenyuan Li, shout Wenyuan Li, Yes Vietnam NHAN LE HOANG, DUONG CON XA NHAN LE HOANG, GANH NANG NHAN LE HOANG, RA CHO Theme B/ Portrait Argentina Marcelo Insaurralde, el retrato Marcelo Insaurralde, linyera Australia Sharron Leppien, Flores Woman Sharron Leppien, Sumatra Man 9973 Austria Alois Bernkopf Dr, Portrait1 Alois Bernkopf Dr, Portrait2 Alois Bernkopf Dr, Portrait5 Alois Bernkopf Dr, Zufrieden Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Blue Smoke Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Enigmatic Smile Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Sunny Belgium Cochain Vincent, Innocence 2 Cochain Vincent, Les yeux de ladoles- cence Cochain Vincent, Vieille dame Jacky Panhuyzen, Pink Turban Jacky Panhuyzen, Side Look Brazil Ricardo Fernandes Francisco, Senhora do Asilo Ricardo Fernandes Francisco Brazil Ricardo Fernandes Francisco, Smoking Pipe Ricardo Fernandes Francisco Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, CHILDHOOD ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, COVER Bulgaria dinamir predov, Young Man Canada Kam Chiu Tam, A red Indian girl Kam Chiu Tam, Maria ROBIN Luo, Indian Boy China Chenglin Zheng, Back of Mother Chenglin Zheng, Old Man Chenglin Zheng, On the Street 2 Chenglin Zheng, Protector Daming Liang, Perseverance Desheng Xu, Dependence Desheng Xu, Kid Guixiang Huang, Tribal Headdress 3 Zhihua Hou, Old man Zhihui Shi, Child In Daliangshan Zhihui Shi, Mothers Love Zhihui Shi, With Grandma Zhihui Shi, Yi Old Man Cyprus KLEA KYPRIANOU, Sad Look KLEA KYPRIANOU, Touch of Soul Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz, Aminas Hat Ole Suszkiewicz, Amina in Tunnel Ole Suszkiewicz, Naima Portrait France ALAIN MORATA, DEB 12 ALAIN MORATA, MED 17 PLAGE Germany Alexander Hochhaus, Cinderella Birgit Pustelnik, A Sentimental Mood Birgit Pustelnik, Blues Legend Birgit Pustelnik, Clarinette Player Birgit Pustelnik, Emotional Harry Buenger, Ice eye Harry Buenger, Longing Harry Buenger, Mahlet3 Heinz Peks, Apatani Heinz Peks, Kopfjaeger5 Herdis Halvas Nielsen, Zambian Kid Joachim Schmitt, Breakdown Joachim Schmitt, Kinnbart Klaus Strehlke, 2Hirs 103 Manfred Kluger, eyes Manfred Kluger, have a look2 Manfred Kluger, spring of life1 Peter Teuschel, delusion Peter Teuschel, samarus Wolfgang Schweden, Charming Woman 1 BW Wolfgang Schweden, Emotions 5 C Wolfgang Schweden, Gaucho 1 BW Wolfgang Schweden, Memories 4 C Greece George Baladakis, Anogeianos aetos George Baladakis, portrait 2 MANOLIS METZAKIS, 1955 MANOLIS METZAKIS, EL GRECO MANOLIS METZAKIS, Thekla MANOLIS METZAKIS, the youth inside NESTOR FANOS, Memories NESTOR FANOS, old woman Hong Kong Loretta Yat WONG, Hongkong3 Hungary Csilla Bolvari, Litle madcape Csilla Bolvari, Vica Istvan Kerekes, Fate Istvan Kerekes, Gipsy clan Istvan Kerekes, Resting Sandor Horosnyi, Displaced Sandor Horosnyi, High Keyvita Sandor Horosnyi, Honest regard India ARUP BHATTACHARJEE, ATTENTION ARUP BHATTACHARJEE, GAZE ARUP BHATTACHARJEE, RAJASTHANI MAN ARUP BHATTACHARJEE, WRINKLED FACE PROSENJIT DAS, INNOCENT PROSENJIT DAS, Lines of age SOURAV SHIT, HIDE AND SEAK SOURAV SHIT, HUNGRY CHILD SOURAV SHIT, LOOK FOR A MOMEMT SOURAV SHIT, SMILE FROM DEEP SUBRATA BHATTACHERJEE, BASANA SUBRATA BHATTACHERJEE, MANASI 4581 SUBRATA BHATTACHERJEE, MOUSTACHE 2796 SUBRATA BHATTACHERJEE, SADHU AT BABUGHAT 2776 Udayan Sankar Pal, A beautiful smile Udayan Sankar Pal, Roving eyes Ireland Paul Gaffey, Webp.netresizeimage.jpg Eleanors Smile Paul Gaffey, Webp.netresizeimage copy. jpg Ashling Paul Gaffey, Webp.netresizeimage copy 15.jpg Last One Israel Genadi Brodsky, On the service. Genadi Brodsky, Slavka. Genadi Brodsky, Strong. Hedva Boger, Couple Hedva Boger, Friends Hedva Boger, Old Man Italy Pier Giuseppe Grolla, IMG6610 ABC Pier Giuseppe Grolla, MELANCHOLY 2 A B Pier Giuseppe Grolla, PORTRAIT SIX KK Pier Giuseppe Grolla, XTHE TIME FINALE gg Kuwait Bahaadeen AlQazwini, Farm Lady on the Road Bahaadeen AlQazwini, OLD WOMEN from India Bahaadeen AlQazwini, Student Girl MESHARI ALMUTAIRI, mystery look MESHARI ALMUTAIRI, The power of man Lithuania Alfredas Motiejunas, A look Alfredas Motiejunas, A stare Normante Ribokaite, 1960 and after 57 year Normante Ribokaite, Mood Z Normante Ribokaite, Violinist Ruslan Bolgov, Born to be real Ruslan Bolgov, She Ruslan Bolgov, The poetry of nature Ruslan Bolgov, Viktorija Macau Kai Lon Tang, Miro Girl 2 Oman Hanina Aljufaili, Innocent eyes Hanina Aljufaili, Red Hanina Aljufaili, the story of her eyes Hanina Aljufaili, The story of her eyes 2 Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Aya Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Mubark
  236. 236. 236 Spain Sasa Popovic, Portretsashapopovicpho- tography4 Sasa Popovic, Portretsashapopovicpho- tography5 Sasa Popovic, Portretsashapopovicpho- tography6 Switzerland Urs Albrecht, Camel man Urs Albrecht, Joy of smoking Taiwan CHIDI CHEN, Flute Master Lung Tsai Wang, Lanyu1 Ukraine Vladimir Maltsev, Eyes charm Vladimir Maltsev, Flight long in life Vladimir Maltsev, Interlacing of thoughts and feelings Vladimir Maltsev, The lady with a lilac United Kingdom Peter Elliston, Lizzie Valerie Duncan, A Cold Look mono Valerie Duncan, Carla in White Furs bw Valerie Duncan, Matilda mono USA Burr Preston, young male dancer Papua New Guinea Dave Whitson, Closeup of Breanna 9 Dave Whitson, Courtney 7 Ira Nemeroff, Baby Gardens 11 James WAT, A BRIDE IN ONES DREAM James WAT, WHATS YOUR QUESTION AGAIN JIM HAGAN, Lucy JIM HAGAN, Maestro Napierala Wenyuan Li, black head girl Wenyuan Li, grand smile Wenyuan Li, look through charvar Wenyuan Li, smoking with smoke Vietnam DANH DO TRONG, Natural bonds NHAN LE HOANG, NGUYEN CAU NHAN LE HOANG, SUY NGAM Theme C/ Macro Australia Ann Smallegange, Brown Flower Beetle Ann Smallegange, Damselflies On Leaf Ann Smallegange, Purple Dahlia and Drop Ann Smallegange, Viola and Drops Neville H W Foster, Defencive Position 3538 Austria Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Baby spider Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Moonlight flight Belgium Gino Symus, Juvenile filefish Gino Symus, Ladybug Rene Van Echelpoel, Gebandeerde Libellen Rene Van Echelpoel, Glanville fritillary Rene Van Echelpoel, Libel op dophei Rene Van Echelpoel, Papilio corydon Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Shakur Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Village Women Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, My Dog Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Yellow Net Romania Istvan Magdo, George Istvan Magdo, The Missing Link Liviu Pascalau, Selfportrait Russia Alexey Suloev, The gracious Sadhu Sergey Anisimov, Ksenia Sergey Anisimov, Nina 18 Sergey Anisimov, Portrait of a reindeer herder 2 Sergey Anisimov, Yana 29 Stanislav Sitnikov, Eyes of Old Havana Stanislav Sitnikov, Eyes of Old Havana 2 Stanislav Sitnikov, Havana artist portrait Stanislav Sitnikov, woman from Old Havana Yury Pustovoy, Painting of Surma tribe Ethiopia Yury Pustovoy, Tibetian girl Saudi Arabia ABBAS ALKHAMIS, Angry boy M ABBAS ALKHAMIS, litti Read M Fatimah Alsabeeha, man at the window- last Fatimah Alsabeeha, nepali smile Fatimah Alsabeeha, sadhu man Mofeed Abu Shalwa, An angel behind the mask Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Moments of hope Mofeed Abu Shalwa, sharp look Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Victim of war Serbia Bogdan Gugleta, Hat Dragan Cerovic, Portret 02 Dragan Cerovic, Portret 03 Goran Kulezic, Monah Pantelija Ilic, Ivana 01 Pantelija Ilic, My friend Vlada Djinic vladan nikolic, grandmother 1 vladan nikolic, little girl 2 vladan nikolic, tatoo artist 1 Singapore Chin Foo See, Girl Portrait 210118 BW1 Chin Foo See, Girl Portrait 210118 C2 Chin Foo See, Girl Portrait 210118 C3 Lee Eng Tan, Long Neck Lady Portrait Lee Eng Tan, Naxi Old Lady Lee Eng Tan, Tibetan Male in House Myo Win, Baby Princess Myo Win, Smile Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Elder Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Morning Coffee Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Young Lady Thigh Wanna, Padong woman Thigh Wanna, The lady 7M Zee Kek HENG, Mysterous beauty Slovenia Igor Debevec, Artist in the Studio Igor Debevec, Nordic Beauty mating Brazil Carlos Asanuma, mosca Carlos Asanuma, sauva Paulo Guerra, Amadeus Paulo Guerra, Blue Paulo Guerra, Mechanitis ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, CARANGUE- JEIRA Canada DANY CHAN, Red Beetles Mating Phillip Kwan, C2Broken Dragonfly Phillip Kwan, C3Grasshoppers Mating ROBIN Luo, Taste wei fu, do not drop wei fu, mating on flower China HAIYAN Wu, fight HAIYAN Wu, Good morning HAIYAN Wu, Of insect HAIYAN Wu, static Yi WAN, Butterfly 2 France LEHERPEUR Martine, BUTTERFLY COLIBRI Germany Birgit Pustelnik, Forest Edge Birgit Pustelnik, Sand Wasp Birgit Pustelnik, Sun goes down Birgit Pustelnik, Swallowtail on Wild Carrot Heinz Peks, Raupe2 Joachim Schmitt, Eins und eins geben drei Joachim Schmitt, Schmetterlingsgeburt Peter Teuschel, autumn flower Peter Teuschel, hoverfly Peter Teuschel, mating flies Hungary Joseph Vida, on the way India ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, EYE OF A HOUSE FLY ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, TEMPERATURE REGULATION OF HOUSE FLY 1 Macau Ka Chon Chiang, Dryadula phaetusa Ka Chon Chiang, Flower and Butterfly2 Ka Chon Chiang, Heliconius Hewitson Ka Chon Chiang, Jumping Spider Malaysia soon seng leong, got catch 538 soon seng leong, hurry up 615 soon seng leong, share together 084 soon seng leong, share with me 495 Tommy Teh, Gotcha 36 Tommy Teh, Gotcha 37 Tommy Teh, Meal Close Up Tommy Teh, Moulting Yeokkian Koh, Delicacies 15 Yeokkian Koh, Fly mating 1 Yeokkian Koh, Got it Yeokkian Koh, Lunch Time 3 Poland Iwona Czubek, Heathland Iwona Czubek, Ladybug Iwona Nabzdyk, on the wave Romania Istvan Magdo, Ecograph Istvan Magdo, Love is in the air Saudi Arabia ABBAS ALKHAMIS, Group Ladybird MISHAL ALRAYHAN, bee 4X MISHAL ALRAYHAN, fisherman spider 3x MISHAL ALRAYHAN, green Grasshopper MISHAL ALRAYHAN, red degonfly 2 Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Butterfly twin Mofeed Abu Shalwa, locust Save me Mofeed Abu Shalwa, The Brown Damsel- fly Serbia Dragan Cerovic, Kapi 02 Dragan Cerovic, kapi 03 Stanko Prvanovic, Grasshopper Singapore Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Beautiful Butterfly Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Beetle in Yellow Slovenia Bogdan Bricelj, Caterpillar twisting Bogdan Bricelj, Dew Drops on Pine Bogdan Bricelj, Spider in the Middle of the Net Milan Zolnir, Rose mallow seed Taiwan CHIDI CHEN, Dripping Crown Chun Cheng Kuo, coupling Chun Cheng Kuo, Friends forever Chun Cheng Kuo, Up In Line Min Sheng Ku, Bulb. Orchid 1 United Kingdom Valerie Duncan, Harvest Mouse Eating Wheat Valerie Duncan, Harvest Mouse on Seed Head Valerie Duncan, Red Eye Tree Frog 03 Valerie Duncan, Two Mice on Reed Mace USA Alexander Rasputnis, Mating Tetraopes Singidunum18 Alexander Rasputnis, Papilio polyxenes Sigindunum18 Ira Nemeroff, Tobacco Hornworm Head 41 Theme D/ Creative Argentina Marcelo Insaurralde, espectros Marcelo Insaurralde, un lugar Austria Albert Peer, Burano Albert Peer, Gondolas
  237. 237. 237 Joseph Vida, abstract Joseph Vida, caravan Sandor Horosnyi, Alley Sandor Horosnyi, Branches Sandor Horosnyi, Returners Sandor Horosnyi, Survivor Zoltan Lokos, Brick wall Zoltan Lokos, Dream 22 Zoltan Lokos, Last hour Zoltan Lokos, Smog 33 India SOURAV SHIT, BIRTHDAY OF TIME Ireland James Mahon, Headlines James Mahon, Missing Peace James Mahon, Smashing Shot Israel Hedva Boger, Another Planet Rachel Algom, hanging breast Italy Daniele Franceschini, Lost Daniele Franceschini, ShatteredDream Daniele Franceschini, TheGiantCauseway Pietro Bugli, Birds of prey 1 Pietro Bugli, Birds of prey 2 Pietro Bugli, My cats 1 Pietro Bugli, My cats 2 Japan Chihiro Mori, longwalkonclouds Lithuania Normante Ribokaite, Male Dreams 10 Normante Ribokaite, Male Dreams 15 Normante Ribokaite, Male Dreams 5 Normante Ribokaite, Male Dreams 9 Ruslan Bolgov, Daughter of the Apoca- lypse Ruslan Bolgov, Rendezvous Ruslan Bolgov, Sister of Mercy Ruslan Bolgov, Theater of the Mind Macau Kai Lon Tang, Magical Mirror Walkers Kai Lon Tang, Strange Surprise Netherlands Halbach Willem, Last melody Halbach Willem, My world Halbach Willem, Veste rouge Oman Hanina Aljufaili, Broken Dreams Hanina Aljufaili, lets decover the world Hanina Aljufaili, The queen of water Hanina Aljufaili, when i dont have to be a princess Qatar Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Jar Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Relax Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Stress Release Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Tissue Romania Daniela Rogobete, Dissipation Daniela Rogobete, The little prince Istvan Magdo, Dark Valley Belgium Cochain Vincent, Tableau Cochain Vincent, Une frite Cochain Vincent, Violoncelle en apesen- teur Moortgat Wim, COMING HOME Moortgat Wim, FISH IN THE WATER Moortgat Wim, SOME TEA MY DEAR Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, AFRESCO Bulgaria dinamir predov, Throcs China China Daming Liang, Wilderness Dejie Miao, Hope Guixiang Huang, Ships in the Desert 2 Guixiang Huang, Thunder Jianxun Wu, Shadow Terrace 1 Mei Guo, Fisherman in Rhine Lake Mei Guo, Starry Sky PING LU, Ink cents cents PING LU, Lightly row Xiaoguang Cao, Iran in the Dream 1 Xiaoguang Cao, Shanxi Waist Drum 4 Xiaoqing Zhang, Colorful Intertidal Zone Xiaoqing Zhang, Look up into Sky Yan Zhang, Fantasy Africa 2 Yanhua Liu, Charm of Winter 2 Yanhua Liu, Golden Mud Flat 1 Cyprus KLEA KYPRIANOU, Dreams In Blue Czech Republic Alzbeta Chalivopulosova, From the sketchbook I Alzbeta Chalivopulosova, From the sketchbook II Alzbeta Chalivopulosova, From the sketchbook III Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz, Airport Meeting Ole Suszkiewicz, Foggy Walk Ole Suszkiewicz, Leave Me Alone Germany Alexander Hochhaus, Atlantis Alexander Hochhaus, Dream room Alexander Hochhaus, Pisces Alexander Hochhaus, Solitude Harry Buenger, Peace of the world Harry Buenger, stop the time Harry Buenger, The belief Harry Buenger, The flow of being Heinz Peks, AffeM Joachim Schmitt, Beutetunnel Joachim Schmitt, Fruchtiges 2 Manfred Kluger, black beauty1 Manfred Kluger, dark world1 Manfred Kluger, mystic4 Manfred Kluger, to bathe in light1 Peter Teuschel, after dinner Hungary Csilla Bolvari, Back to the Future Csilla Bolvari, Protection Csilla Bolvari, Reflection Csilla Bolvari, Sureal Istvan Magdo, Heavymetal 2 Istvan Magdo, Minimalism Raceala Elena, bridge Raceala Elena, connection. Russia Stanislav Sitnikov, Color forms Stanislav Sitnikov, portrait with a towel Serbia Aleksa Stojkovic, and left and right Aleksa Stojkovic, in my hands Aleksa Stojkovic, in the mirror Dragan Cerovic, Art Dragan Cerovic, Spektar boja Goran Kulezic, Entry Goran Kulezic, Oda Daliju Pantelija Ilic, Bermuda Triangle Pantelija Ilic, Memories Pantelija Ilic, Time machine Singapore Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Flight to Nebula Thigh Wanna, The apartment Zee Kek HENG, Beauty Five Zee Kek HENG, Fairies 7 Zee Kek HENG, Tattoo reflections Spain LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, D1 Punto de mira LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, D2 Paisaje surrealista LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, D3 Meditacion LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, D4 Paso de cebra Switzerland Denis Dion, Steampunk dandy Taiwan CHIDI CHEN, Exorcist CHIDI CHEN, Light Dance Flying CHIDI CHEN, Through Different Time and Space Chun Cheng Kuo, bounce Chun Cheng Kuo, Mystery Ukraine Kateryna Krasnytska, autumn Kateryna Krasnytska, beginning Kateryna Krasnytska, flight Vladimir Maltsev, Arianrod Vladimir Maltsev, House collider Vladimir Maltsev, Secret room Vladimir Maltsev, Wait for the house United Kingdom Peter Elliston, Boys and their Valerie Duncan, But I Am Not The Only One Valerie Duncan, Two Doors USA GODFREY WONG, CreativeGodfrey Wong- Double Circle Game GODFREY WONG, Father and Son James WAT, Celebrate w dancing wine James WAT, HIGH DIVE WITH HAPPY FACE James WAT, How We Welcome Spring JIM HAGAN, Bon Voyage JIM HAGAN, Locomotive in Fall JIM HAGAN, Shiloh Remembered JIM HAGAN, Snow Monster Theme E/Open Color Argentina Marcelo Insaurralde, saboreando la vida Australia Graeme Watson, Lake George Dawn 2 Graeme Watson, Tea For Two Sharron Leppien, Merewether Morning 3428 Austria Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, At the museum 3 Bangladesh Dr RASHID UN NABI, COLOURFUL DREAM Dr RASHID UN NABI, HEAVENLY LIGHT Belgium Cochain Vincent, Plafond 1 Cochain Vincent, Regard 4 Gino Symus, Blue shark Gino Symus, Finding nemo Jacky Panhuyzen, Runaway Child Jacky Panhuyzen, Traffic cone robert deglin, rode kite Brazil Carlos Asanuma, crown Carlos Asanuma, splash Ricardo Fernandes Francisco, Bake Ricar- do Fernandes Francisco Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, BEAUTY ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, NUDES ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, PORTAL Bulgaria dinamir predov, Violist and Ancient Girl copy Canada Kam Chiu Tam, Walton accident PHILIP CHAN, Frozen Branches Phillip Kwan, E1Aurora Over Mountain 43 Phillip Kwan, E2Horse Round Up 55 Phillip Kwan, E4Horse Race 63 Thomas Vijayan, Glacier Boy Thomas Vijayan, King of the beach Thomas Vijayan, Serenity Thomas Vijayan, Snowy Bear China Bin Xu, Dusk Bin Xu, Upward Desheng Xu, Buddhism 2 Desheng Xu, Love of Mother Dingfeng Zheng, Bouddhas Place Dingfeng Zheng, Colorful Xiapu 2 Dingfeng Zheng, Inle Lake Fishermen 1 Dingfeng Zheng, Pray 5 Guixiang Huang, My Friends 5 Guixiang Huang, Preach Guixiang Huang, Tribal People 1 Haiyan Huang, A happy childhood9 Haiyan Huang, Girl3 Haiyan Huang, Seda Buddhist Institute 6 HAIYAN Wu, After the blizzard
  238. 238. 238 HAIYAN Wu, At the top of the faith HAIYAN Wu, have ones head shaved HAIYAN Wu, Lift the Buddha2 HANJU ZHU, Blue Goddess HANJU ZHU, Light and shadow mask Hongbing Ye, Maze over lake 7 Hongbing Ye, Waiting Jiajun Chai, Xiapu2 Jianxun Wu, Childhood 3 Jianxun Wu, Crowd JINGHUI CHEN, RED DESERT NO9 Jurong Yu, Spectacular views in Xinjiang 9 LI WANG, godliness LI WANG, old lady LI WANG, The choose and buy LISHENG HUANG, Penguin on ice floe PING LU, Elf on grassland PING LU, Magnificent Plateau PING LU, Strive to be the first Rong Xiang, Comb hair Rong Xiang, Family Rong Xiang, People on the train ruihong zhang, back way in desert ruihong zhang, horses galloping Shicong Xiao, Childhood Shicong Xiao, Pals Xiaomei Xu, Discovery Xiaomei Xu, Lonely planet Xiaomei Xu, Moonlight Xiaoqing Zhang, Partner XINXIN CHEN, Coppersmithing1 XINXIN CHEN, Wetland wildhorse4 XIPING AN, Pastoral 2 XIPING AN, soip of life XIPING AN, Tian Yun Yan Luo, In India 19 Yan Luo, Sheep grabing race 5 Yan Luo, Shogun Bahar Festival 2 Yan Zhang, Pass Through 1 Yan Zhang, The Portraits of Africa 4 Yi WAN, Call It A Day 24 Yi WAN, Call It A Day 8 Yi WAN, hanging net 2 Yi WAN, nanwan marine culture 3 Croatia Aleksandar Tomulic, Cyclist 6 Aleksandar Tomulic, Man with pigeons Aleksandar Tomulic, Worker Cyprus KLEA KYPRIANOU, Shipwreck at Akrotiri KLEA KYPRIANOU, Trichonida Lake Thanasis Hadjipavlou, Look up Czech Republic Josef Franc, Icy hand England Prashant Meswani, Tate Modern Stairs France ALAIN MORATA, NAV 6 CHAUME Fabienne MONDIE, Barque a deux Fabienne MONDIE, composition vert et rose Fabienne MONDIE, l arbre de Saint Andeol Fabienne MONDIE, reves d oiseaux Stone Cold At Dawn Israel Hedva Boger, Backyard of a Church Rachel Algom, wind and water Italy Daniele Franceschini, Alone Daniele Franceschini, TheStorm Enrico Galbiati, Dont stand so close to me Enrico Galbiati, Silence Franco Marchi, Heron at sunset Pier Giuseppe Grolla, 1 Grolla P.G6358 cc Pier Giuseppe Grolla, 4 Grolla P.G6358 Pier Giuseppe Grolla, IMG8646 DD Pier Giuseppe Grolla, piccola chiesa K Pietro Bugli, Colors of the countryside 5 Pietro Bugli, Landscape with homestead Pietro Bugli, Landscape with tractor Kuwait MESHARI ALMUTAIRI, Early Start Grow Smart Lithuania Alfredas Motiejunas, Aromas Alfredas Motiejunas, The End Normante Ribokaite, Chucker out Normante Ribokaite, Late day 2 Normante Ribokaite, Upstairs 3 Normante Ribokaite, With mannequin 2 Ruslan Bolgov, Bodylanguage Ruslan Bolgov, Lips of desire Ruslan Bolgov, Sailing the fields of gold Ruslan Bolgov, The tale of two roses Macau Chan Seng Tang, Boxing 12 Chan Seng Tang, Boxing 14 Chan Seng Tang, Boxing 18 Kai Lon Tang, Overflowing Dance Kin Keong Fu, Follow the circle Kin Keong Fu, Kitchen Lovers Kin Keong Fu, Lost in maze Kin Keong Fu, Morning Sail Macedonia Marina Krstic, 3 windows Marina Krstic, Conection Malaysia soon seng leong, enjoy in the morning 079 soon seng leong, fish seller 524 soon seng leong, hard working 41 soon seng leong, old scavenger 630 Tommy Teh, Climbing 2 Tommy Teh, Fancy Dress Tommy Teh, Splash 2 Tommy Teh, Splash 6 Yeokkian Koh, A delicious meal 44 Yeokkian Koh, Beetle 817 Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, 51Aanvliegende uil Daniel LYBAERT, 52Balancerend Daniel LYBAERT, 53Groep kuifmakaken 2 Daniel LYBAERT, 54Boerenlandschap Halbach Willem, Between concrete Halbach Willem, Dame met hoed Halbach Willem, Het trappenhuis Halbach Willem, Whats app Germany Alexander Hochhaus, Expecting Alexander Hochhaus, Shoetime Birgit Pustelnik, Autumn Calls Birgit Pustelnik, December Birgit Pustelnik, First Frost Birgit Pustelnik, Waiting for Winter Gerhard Boehm, Duo 7 Gerhard Boehm, High Jump 2017 Gerhard Boehm, Mutterstadt 2017 Gerhard Boehm, White Dress gunther riehle, caring 101 gunther riehle, huddle 700 gunther riehle, two plus four ss 100 gunther riehle, two plus six 102 Harry Buenger, Red bag Harry Buenger, The last light of the day Harry Buenger, The most beautiful place in the world Heinz Peks, Priester Heinz Peks, Pushkar Heinz Peks, Zenash1 Joachim Schmitt, Drei am Punkt Joachim Schmitt, Fenster zum Flur Joachim Schmitt, Garcon Manfred Kluger, golden beauty7 Manfred Kluger, primaballerina6 Manfred Kluger, sandmeer8 Peter Teuschel, chestnuts and flowers Peter Teuschel, childhood Wolfgang Schweden, Entdeckt 3 C Wolfgang Schweden, Four in a row 1 C Greece George Baladakis, Tampakaria 550 MANOLIS METZAKIS, Iulicas house MANOLIS METZAKIS, wood house Hong Kong H W CHAN, 53Bullfighting 35 H W CHAN, 54Desperate to flee 3 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Great Grey Owl A22 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Hawk Owl A08 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Hawk Owl A15 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Snowy Owl A01 WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Light Show 2 WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Three Monks praying Wolfgang Lin, Boat and Beach Wolfgang Lin, Counting Hungary Csilla Bolvari, Doroti Csilla Bolvari, Timzones Sandor Horosnyi, Dreamings Sandor Horosnyi, The persistent Sandor Horosnyi, Water mirror India ARUP BHATTACHARJEE, REAL AND VIRTUAL PROSENJIT DAS, BRICKKILN PROSENJIT DAS, PREPARATION PROSENJIT DAS, Riverbed SOURAV SHIT, LOST CHILDHOOD SOURAV SHIT, RED BEAUTY SUBRATA BHATTACHERJEE, RELIGIOUS CHILDHOOD 1639 Ireland Paul Gaffey, Webp.netresizeimage.jpg Oman Hanina Aljufaili, A Child Night Fears Hanina Aljufaili, lonely game said albadi, the girl Poland Iwona Czubek, Dandelion and old letter Iwona Czubek, Potato harvest Iwona Nabzdyk, still life with a dandelion Iwona Nabzdyk, still life with flowers 1 Iwona Nabzdyk, still life with flowers 2 Iwona Nabzdyk, still life with sunflowers Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Blinding Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Blinking Eye Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Confusing Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Lovely Story Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban, pencils Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban, spices Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban, Tanoura Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban, Tanoura 2 Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Blue Water Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Grandfather Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Mud Balls Romania Daniela Rogobete, Daydreaming Istvan Magdo, Frozen family Istvan Magdo, The Tree of Life Istvan Magdo, White balance Russia Alexey Suloev, Bath Alexey Suloev, Chat up at the ChumYa- mal Alexey Suloev, On the turnYamal Sergey Anisimov, Meeting in the wood Sergey Anisimov, With the best friend 23 Stanislav Sitnikov, Cafe dog Stanislav Sitnikov, Contact Stanislav Sitnikov, in museum Vladimir Alekseev, Drift among the ice Vladimir Alekseev, In Yamal Vladimir Alekseev, Lighting3 Vladimir Alekseev, Volcano1 Yury Pustovoy, Ireland Yury Pustovoy, Ireland III Yury Pustovoy, UK Yury Pustovoy, UK 1 Saudi Arabia ABBAS ALKHAMIS, human works01 Fatimah Alsabeeha, Liwa camels Fatimah Alsabeeha, motherdaughter Fatimah Alsabeeha, sisters MISHAL ALRAYHAN, Amazing collisions MISHAL ALRAYHAN, Blue Collision 2 MISHAL ALRAYHAN, Collision 4 MISHAL ALRAYHAN, umbrella of water Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Copper Flower Beetle Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Red Stag Beetle Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Spilled Love Serbia Dragan Cerovic, Tvrdjava Goran Kulezic, 2 Goran Kulezic, 3 Goran Kulezic, 4 vladan nikolic, girrl with flute vladan nikolic, making sand
  239. 239. 239 vladan nikolic, rtanj 3 Singapore Giap Chiu TEO, Beatrice Lin Lin In Black Giap Chiu TEO, Tamra Wong Eng In Gold Lee Eng Tan, Dongzhulin Lama Sweep Floor Lee Eng Tan, Lama Making Butter Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Net Casting Thigh Wanna, Amazing nature Thigh Wanna, beauty of fishing net Thigh Wanna, The fisher Zee Kek HENG, Surge forward Slovakia Jaroslav Moravcik, Fireman Jaroslav Moravcik, Inferno Tomas Mlynarik, Sunset loneliness Slovenia Bogdan Bricelj, Black Ski Jumper Igor Debevec, Autumn mornings Igor Debevec, Fisherman on river I Igor Debevec, Modern pyramid Janez Kramar, 5aTrio Vinko Lavtizar, 53 Vinko Lavtizar LAMP Spain Antonio Aragon Renuncio, Blue Shoes LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, E2 Caminante LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, E4 Tren correo Switzerland Denis Dion, 1000 yard stare Denis Dion, Before the Game Denis Dion, Boxing Training Denis Dion, Runner Urs Albrecht, Camel and woman Urs Albrecht, Horse herd2 Taiwan Chun Cheng Kuo, Back spin Chun Cheng Kuo, Blacksmith spark Chun Cheng Kuo, Family gathering Chun Cheng Kuo, Fighting Lung Tsai Wang, Highway Lung Tsai Wang, STEEL MAKE Lung Tsai Wang, Story Telling Min Sheng Ku, Morning Patrol Min Sheng Ku, Netting in The Morning 1 Turkey huseyin opruklu, ekmek huseyin opruklu, evedons huseyin opruklu, yolda Ukraine Vladimir Maltsev, Forbidden love Vladimir Maltsev, On a cemetery Vladimir Maltsev, Sharp bend United Kingdom Valerie Duncan, Aviation Apocalypse USA Burr Preston, Namibia Kolmanskop 41 hospital Burr Preston, Namibia Kolmanskop blue room fallen roof 3 Burr Preston, Namibia Kolmanskop red blue orange rooms Burr Preston, Perspective with eyes Dave Whitson, Reclining Trica 3 GODFREY WONG, Air Show 12 GODFREY WONG, Falling 8 James WAT, A FRUITFUL HEFT OF CATCH James WAT, Unusual Sky Fringing Green NgocAn To, 4G9A5483EL2R NgocAn To, 4G9A7408EL2R Vietnam DANH DO TRONG, Burn pottery DANH DO TRONG, Clear fishingnet DANH DO TRONG, Reap salt NHAN LE HOANG, DOT LUA NUNG NHAN LE HOANG, GIO HOC CHU NHAN LE HOANG, THANH TAM Theme F/ Open Monochrom Australia Graeme Watson, Car Park Coffee Graeme Watson, Early To Work Graeme Watson, So Many Years Austria Alois Bernkopf Dr, Ariane2 Alois Bernkopf Dr, Gespannt Alois Bernkopf Dr, Riceterrace Alois Bernkopf Dr, Winding stairs Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Upstairs Belarus BASIL TITOV, OKSANA BASIL TITOV Belgium Gino Symus, Mating time Gino Symus, Turtle in the sun Jacky Panhuyzen, Having Diner Jacky Panhuyzen, White Shoe Jos Cuppens, Kindje trapje af Jos Cuppens, Langs de weg Jos Cuppens, Roken VERELST GRETA, ASHON VERELST GRETA, CONDUCTOR VERELST GRETA, SIMPLE Brazil Ricardo Fernandes Francisco, Time Tunnel Ricardo Fernandes Francisco Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, FACES ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, PERTRAN- SICAO ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, STILL LIFE Bulgaria dinamir predov, Body Canada Kam Chiu Tam, Food stall Kam Chiu Tam, Looking for help Kam Chiu Tam, Ropping the calf Phillip Kwan, F3Horse Round Up 51 BW ROBIN Luo, Flamenco Melody2 ROBIN Luo, The Morning Of Terrace Thomas Vijayan, Arctic Light Thomas Vijayan, A Beautiful Family in Arctic Thomas Vijayan, Strength China Bin Xu, Install Bin Xu, Three points and one line Daming Liang, Silent Dejie Miao, Traffic jam Desheng Xu, Warm Himself Desheng Xu, Yawn Dingfeng Zheng, Fishing Dingfeng Zheng, Pray 1 Guixiang Huang, On the street Guixiang Huang, Sadness Guixiang Huang, Scared Guixiang Huang, Shadows Haiyan Huang, devout22m HAIYAN Wu, The years HANJU ZHU, Elf mind Hongbing Ye, Believers in the Rock Church 7 Hongbing Ye, Helpless Hongbing Ye, Shaving Hongbing Ye, Waiting 2 Jiajun Chai, Cuba11m Jiajun Chai, Western America2m Jianxun Wu, Camel Businessman 1 Jianxun Wu, For Sale Jianxun Wu, Greedy JINGHUI CHEN, RUNNING HORSE NO1 JINGHUI CHEN, THINKING Jurong Yu, Canoeing alonem Li Sun, Light Road Li Sun, Shadows under the tree LI WANG, Fisherman LI WANG, Together LI WANG, Under the banyan tree LI WANG, Village Barber PING LU, Beauty send PING LU, Passion flying Rong Xiang, Big fish Rong Xiang, Dull Rong Xiang, Terrified Shicong Xiao, Believer 4 Siyuan Huang, Himmas Siyuan Huang, Mothers back Siyuan Huang, Rope skipping Tieqiang Li, Play Football 6 Xiaoguang Cao, Bashang Scenery 6 Xiaoguang Cao, Coast Guard 1 Xiaoguang Cao, Tribal Portrait Xiaoqing Chen, Crowded Train Xiaoqing Chen, Tribal Protector 4 Xiaoqing Zhang, Coal unloading port 1 Xiaoqing Zhang, Step by Step Xiaoqing Zhang, Work Together XINXIN CHEN, Shepherd Churchm XINXIN CHEN, The Bangladesh village Schoolm Yan Luo, Bangladesh 51m Yan Luo, Daliangshan 31m Yan Luo, In India 5m Yan Zhang, Carriers in the Wharf 3 Yan Zhang, Labour Yi WAN, xiapu marine culture 7M Yi WAN, yiantian marine culture 17M Yilan Song, Gaze 1 Croatia Aleksandar Tomulic, Faces Aleksandar Tomulic, Segway Cyprus KLEA KYPRIANOU, Woman in the Dustbin Czech Republic Josef Franc, Winter Plain Josef Franc, Winter Romance Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz, Crosses Ole Suszkiewicz, Downstairs Ole Suszkiewicz, Lady and Two Trees Ole Suszkiewicz, My Place England Prashant Meswani, Art Nude Pose Prashant Meswani, Low Key Tower Bridge Prashant Meswani, St Pauls with Milleni- um Bridge France ALAIN MORATA, MED 10 CLOITRE LEHERPEUR Martine, GALLERY OF MIR- RORS Germany Alexander Hochhaus, To emote Birgit Pustelnik, Bass Passion Birgit Pustelnik, Cathedral of Spring Birgit Pustelnik, Hand Gerhard Boehm, Patrick Gerhard Boehm, Sousse SW Gerhard Boehm, Table Top SW4 Gerhard Boehm, Table Top SW gunther riehle, adult and two chicks 102 bw gunther riehle, stuttgart library 7 bw gunther riehle, sunny but storm ap- proaching 7 bw gunther riehle, thre chicks ss 100 bw Heinz Peks, 2 Fischerinnen Heinz Peks, Waschtags Joachim Schmitt, Graue Eminenzen Joachim Schmitt, Nachhause fahrn Joachim Schmitt, Wendemanoever Wolfgang Schweden, La belle 2 BW Greece George Baladakis, the generetions George Baladakis, the wheel chair saxo- phonist 16 MANOLIS METZAKIS, AFTER WORK MANOLIS METZAKIS, door and window MANOLIS METZAKIS, in the church MANOLIS METZAKIS, working in the fields NESTOR FANOS, alone in the gallery Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, La petite Larisa No 04 Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Night walker Hong Kong H W CHAN, 63Old woman Koon Nam CHEUNG, Crested Kingfisher 10 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Great Grey Owl in Flight 01 BW Koon Nam CHEUNG, Hawk Owl A10 Loretta Yat WONG, Kunqu opera25m WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Two Mandrills BW Hungary Csilla Bolvari, Solitude Joseph Vida, cranes Joseph Vida, smoke on the mountain Sandor Horosnyi, Alone Sandor Horosnyi, Contemplation India Avishek Das, Shelter Avishek Das, Siblings
  240. 240. 240 Malaysia soon seng leong, old man with fish 407 soon seng leong, painting 872 Yeokkian Koh, Seaweed farm Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, 61Isendica in het wit in ZwW Daniel LYBAERT, 62Verveling in ZwW Daniel LYBAERT, 63Kuifmakaken in tegen- licht in ZwW Daniel LYBAERT, 64Baby Orang Oetan in ZwW Halbach Willem, Between concrete 4 Halbach Willem, Het trappenhuis 2 Halbach Willem, To the basement Halbach Willem, Up stairs 4 Oman Hanina Aljufaili, Intrusive woman Hanina Aljufaili, la ballerena Hanina Aljufaili, Surrenderring said albadi, the brother Poland Iwona Czubek, Freedom Iwona Nabzdyk, in a shelter for homeless animals Iwona Nabzdyk, still life with bottles Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Bedwani Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Juma Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Long Way Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Take Me Home Bw Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban, abstract Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban, Cooper- ation Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban, Son Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Fog Bridge Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Highlight Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Holy Quran BW Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, The Cord Romania Fulger Magda, football Fulger Magda, Man in geometry Istvan Magdo, Going home Istvan Magdo, Sketch Istvan Magdo, Still water Istvan Magdo, Watchtower Liviu Pascalau, Keyhole Liviu Pascalau, The Giant Raceala Elena, against Russia Alexey Suloev, Dawn in the Canyon Alexey Suloev, Summer style Sergey Anisimov, Greenland 47 Sergey Anisimov, Polar bear 71 Stanislav Sitnikov, Empire State Stanislav Sitnikov, From Below Stanislav Sitnikov, Structure Yury Pustovoy, Moeraki Boulders Yury Pustovoy, Spine Yury Pustovoy, Vinece Saudi Arabia ABBAS ALKHAMIS, Bado Women Fatimah Alsabeeha, buddist boy Fatimah Alsabeeha, eyes Fatimah Alsabeeha, innocent eyes Avishek Das, Summer Thirst Avishek Das, The 3D Walk PROSENJIT DAS, Maintenance SOUMEN KUMAR GHOSH, LEAFLESS TREE SOUMEN KUMAR GHOSH, WITNESS TO PAST SOURAV SHIT, FREEDOM SOURAV SHIT, GOAT AND CHILDREN SOURAV SHIT, LIFE OF SHADOW SUBRATA BHATTACHERJEE, DIVINE COUPLE SUBRATA BHATTACHERJEE, HANDICRAFT- WOMAN 4 SUBRATA BHATTACHERJEE, TRAVEL TIME 1 Udayan Sankar Pal, Bowled over Udayan Sankar Pal, Still water Udayan Sankar Pal, The last mile Israel Galia Gitliz, Dreaming of summer Galia Gitliz, Girl with flower Hedva Boger, Against gravitation Italy Almando Reggio, Ball 10 Almando Reggio, Synchronized swimming 6 Almando Reggio, To the last 3 Daniele Franceschini, PeaceOfMind Daniele Franceschini, TributeToEscher Franco Marchi, Avocet in flight BW Franco Marchi, Black winged stilts against BW Franco Marchi, Egret hunting 4 BW Pier Giuseppe Grolla, IMG1055ABCd Pier Giuseppe Grolla, VIVERONE OK Pietro Bugli, December 19 at Ardenza Pietro Bugli, Silence on the beach 3 Pietro Bugli, To the sea of winter 4 Pietro Bugli, To the sea of winter 7 Kuwait MESHARI ALMUTAIRI, class mate MESHARI ALMUTAIRI, now i know Lithuania Alfredas Motiejunas, Silence 01 Ruslan Bolgov, Beauty is a light Ruslan Bolgov, Bodyform Ruslan Bolgov, Embrio Ruslan Bolgov, Shades of sensuality Macau Chan Seng Tang, Boxing 39 Chan Seng Tang, Dangerous Tackle Chan Seng Tang, Paso Doble 2 Chan Seng Tang, Tackle 5 Ka Chon Chiang, Dong Jiang Ka Chon Chiang, Left Blow Ka Chon Chiang, Stomach Punch Ka Chon Chiang, The Smoking Man 10 Kai Lon Tang, Break Through 9 Kai Lon Tang, Charming Viola Kai Lon Tang, Dried Time Kin Keong Fu, Farmhouse Kitchen 12 Kin Keong Fu, Set Sail Kin Keong Fu, Simple Life Simple Smile 10 Kin Keong Fu, Which one do you like Macedonia Marina Krstic, Inevitability Fatimah Alsabeeha, orphan girl Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Alone in the mosque Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Hopes of an old man Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Prayers are bright Naif Ahmed Almasoud, Supplication and Hope Serbia Dragan Cerovic, Senke Dragan Cerovic, U prolazu Singapore Chin Foo See, Inside Pagoda II BW Chin Foo See, Store of Animal Faces BW Edward Chee Hong Cheong, Bathing Time Edward Chee Hong Cheong, Communi- cating Giap Chiu TEO, Meng Taking photo Nine bw Lee Eng Tan, Mahout Emotion Lee Eng Tan, Xiapu Mend Nets BW Lee Eng Tan, Young Mahout Takes Aim Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Navigating The Channels Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Shajiang Thigh Wanna, Flying net 1M Thigh Wanna, The journey never end Slovakia Jaroslav Moravcik, Life after dead Jaroslav Moravcik, Pray Slovenia Igor Debevec, Acte Noir I Igor Debevec, BW One Igor Debevec, Fairyland VII1 Igor Debevec, Family Janez Kramar, 6aFields Vinko Lavtizar, 61 Vinko Lavtizar ARCHS Vinko Lavtizar, 63 Vinko Lavtizar PIERCE Spain LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, F1 Siembra LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, F2 Travesia LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, F3 Luces y sombras Switzerland Denis Dion, Cyclist Denis Dion, Emily Urs Albrecht, 3Boats Taiwan CHIDI CHEN, Mining in the Rain CHIDI CHEN, Tai Chi Drum Master CHIDI CHEN, The Face of Time Chun Cheng Kuo, Up In Line Monochrome Chun Cheng Kuo, Whose feathers Mono- chrome Lung Tsai Wang, Traditional industry4m Lung Tsai Wang, Traditional industry7m Min Sheng Ku, Netting M8 Turkey huseyin opruklu, gezinti huseyin opruklu, sehirde huseyin opruklu, tekbasina United Kingdom bob devine, lion aggressive love bw Valerie Duncan, Drunk Again bw USA Burr Preston, Disney Concert Hall 4 bw Burr Preston, Pier 24 Photo Museum 3 bw Dave Whitson, Laura Climbing 3 BW Dave Whitson, Nude in the Wind 3 BW Frederick Doerfler, Up at the PPG Building M1 GODFREY WONG, Ballet Dancer 4 GODFREY WONG, Monk of Fushimi Inari 5 GODFREY WONG, Owl in Flight James WAT, GRANDPA IN HIS DREAM James WAT, Swirling Beauty in her mist Wenyuan Li, Horse Three Wenyuan Li, houses run back BW Wenyuan Li, Lights BW Wenyuan Li, old man siting Vietnam DANH DO TRONG, Fast run DANH DO TRONG, Near but far DANH DO TRONG, Worry NHAN LE HOANG, GIU CHAI 3 NHAN LE HOANG, HOC THEU NHAN LE HOANG, VA CHAI 2 Theme G/ Nature Australia Graeme Watson, Humpback Whale Calf Breeching Susan Slack, Ambitious nestbuilder Susan Slack, Red eyed tree frog Austria Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Peekaboo 2 Belgium Dre Van Mensel, Kijken Dre Van Mensel, On Three Buttons Dre Van Mensel, Two brownies with dew drops Dre Van Mensel, With a nut Francois Loyens, Focus Francois Loyens, My baby and I Gino Symus, Mysterious Gino Symus, Squirrel in reflection Gino Symus, The love of toads Jos Cuppens, Boom Jos Cuppens, Bruintje Jos Cuppens, Butterfly Rene Van Echelpoel, Bronstig edelhert Rene Van Echelpoel, Parende edelherten Rene Van Echelpoel, Reiger met kikker Rene Van Echelpoel, Sciurus vulgaris robert deglin, monnikskapgier robert deglin, scherpe tanden Brazil Carlos Asanuma, lanche Paulo Guerra, catiazul Paulo Guerra, Cock tailed ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, BEACH ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, DESERT ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, HORSESHOE BEND ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, SANDFALL Canada DANY CHAN, Got One 102 DANY CHAN, The Colony DANY CHAN, Waiting For The Seal PHILIP CHAN, Humming Bird Dance
  241. 241. 241 PHILIP CHAN, Winner And Looser Phillip Kwan, G3Cubs Playing 32 Phillip Kwan, G3Devils Teeth 33 Phillip Kwan, J1Aurora Over Devils Teeth 26 ROBIN Luo, Caterpillar In The Air Thomas Vijayan, An Astonishing Chase Thomas Vijayan, Harbour Seal Iceberg Thomas Vijayan, Paws Of Death wei fu, horseshoe bend China Chenglin Zheng, Struggle Dejie Miao, Relative standing Hongbing Ye, Dance fight Hongbing Ye, Homeland Hongbing Ye, Sandy desert 5 Huiqian Yang, Home 3 Huiqian Yang, Passion Moment Huiqian Yang, Sunshine on Snow Moun- tain Jiajun Chai, Polar bear14 Jiajun Chai, Polar bear8 Jianxun Wu, A Family Jianxun Wu, Observe Mei Guo, Sweet Moment PING LU, Magical soil2 PING LU, Sky cloud shadow PING LU, The waves of fog Xiaoguang Cao, Return 1 Xiaomei Xu, Conversion Xiaomei Xu, Golden africa Xiaoyun Qi, Migration 4 Xiaoyun Qi, The Origin of Life Xinmin Zhang, Flamingoes Xinmin Zhang, Quiet 6 XINXIN CHEN, A Walking bear7 XINXIN CHEN, Fighting12 XINXIN CHEN, White Clouds7 Xu Lv, Fly Xu Lv, Intimacy Xu Lv, Play Xu Lv, Running Yan Zhang, Bushbuck 2 Yan Zhang, Pink Seashore 1 Yanhua Liu, hlidonias hybrida 16 Yi WAN, Tianshan Grassland 2 Yi WAN, Tianshan light and shadow 19 Yilan Song, A Family Yilan Song, Mysterious Yilan Song, The Polar Elves 10 Yilan Song, The Polar Elves 2 Yong Huang, Cross the river Yong Huang, Stretch Yong Huang, Whisper Zhesheng Zhuang, Love of Highland 3 Zhesheng Zhuang, Spirit of the Polar 8 Cyprus Thanasis Hadjipavlou, Three in a row England Prashant Meswani, Short Eared Owl Slow Wings Prashant Meswani, Stag Deer Richmond Park France Fabienne MONDIE, le roi a table Fabienne MONDIE, sauterelle rose Fabienne MONDIE, soif de leopard Marc Anagnostidis, Anthocharis Et Filicaria 3 Marc Anagnostidis, Capture Conocephalus Marc Anagnostidis, Femelle Scitulum Marc Anagnostidis, Mantes Et Plantain Germany Birgit Pustelnik, Blue in Light Circles Birgit Pustelnik, Little Wilderness Birgit Pustelnik, Robberfly with Prey Birgit Pustelnik, Spot gunther riehle, adult and young 103 gunther riehle, four plus three 104 gunther riehle, two plus five 401 gunther riehle, two plus one 101 Heinz Peks, ausgetrocknet Heinz Peks, Rangordnungsw Herdis Halvas Nielsen, Cheetah with prey Joachim Schmitt, Damaged Ice Joachim Schmitt, Teambesprechung Klaus Strehlke, 7Take of Greece NESTOR FANOS, Lake Karla 5 Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Frogs No 04 Hong Kong H W CHAN, 71Lrosalia 1 H W CHAN, 73Proboscis monkey 1 H W CHAN, 75Dancing in the snow 5 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Hawk Owl A09 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Snowy Owl A03 WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Inspect BW WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Kiss WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Mandrill with infant BW WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Mommy love Hungary Joseph Vida, forest India ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, Calotes catch- es a dragon fly Italy Enrico Galbiati, Its mine Franco Marchi, Dragonflys in love 3 Franco Marchi, Heron in bathroom 2 Kuwait Bahaadeen AlQazwini, Shap and Colors Bahaadeen AlQazwini, Sunrise and animals Hamad Bouresli, D66R10671080 Hamad Bouresli, D66R7141 1080 Hamad Bouresli, D66R9227yellow1080 Hamad Bouresli, D66R92281920 Macau Ka Chon Chiang, Leiothrix II Ka Chon Chiang, Sunbird Ka Chon Chiang, Zosterops Japonicus 2 Kai Lon Tang, Fighting Snake 4 Kai Lon Tang, Sunbird 24 Kai Lon Tang, Sunbird 25 Malaysia soon seng leong, carry 519 soon seng leong, enjoy in the morning 070 soon seng leong, in love 571 soon seng leong, jump 520 Tommy Teh, Dinosaur Tommy Teh, Gozilla Tommy Teh, Mating 11 Tommy Teh, Relaxing 2 TUCK YEONG LOH, Let It Go Its Mine TUCK YEONG LOH, Love You TUCK YEONG LOH, Mating Yeokkian Koh, A delicious meal 35 Yeokkian Koh, Big catch 11 Yeokkian Koh, Delicious 10 Yeokkian Koh, Hunting Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, 713 Canadese ganzen Daniel LYBAERT, 72Gierenkop in ZwW Daniel LYBAERT, 73Genegenheid in ZwW Daniel LYBAERT, 74Lantaarntje op clematis Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, After The Rain Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Desert Lines Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Milky Way Flower Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, The Grass Romania Istvan Magdo, Double the trouble Istvan Magdo, Nest sweet nest Istvan Magdo, The early bird gets the worm Russia Alexey Suloev, HarmonyMoeraki Alexey Suloev, On the Sunset Sergey Anisimov, Greenland 41 Sergey Anisimov, Ice of Greenland 20 Sergey Anisimov, Ice of Greenland 46 Sergey Anisimov, Rabbits Yury Pustovoy, Laguna Colorada Bolivia Yury Pustovoy, Marine constellation Yury Pustovoy, New Zealand Yury Pustovoy, New Zealand II Saudi Arabia ABBAS ALKHAMIS, Camels love ABBAS ALKHAMIS, goldendesert2 ABBAS ALKHAMIS, Monkey and mom MISHAL ALRAYHAN, beautiful sunset Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Damselfly bokeh Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Damselfly twin Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Hovering fly Naif Ahmed Almasoud, Black Beach Naif Ahmed Almasoud, Desert Lake Naif Ahmed Almasoud, White Tiger Serbia Goran Kulezic, 1 Singapore Edward Chee Hong Cheong, 59F Huge Edward Chee Hong Cheong, Monkey Myo Win, Swimming Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Beautiful Common Mime Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Feeding Time Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, My Favourite Flowers Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Winged Beauty Slovakia Jaroslav Moravcik, Model fox Slovenia Janez Kramar, 7dLife energy Vinko Lavtizar, 72 Vinko Lavtizar BROOK Switzerland Urs Albrecht, Bashang sunrise4 Taiwan CHIDI CHEN, Sit on the Sideline Chun Cheng Kuo, Cross Chun Cheng Kuo, Erliao sunrise Chun Cheng Kuo, Repair The Nest Chun Cheng Kuo, Water Spray Of Osprey Lung Tsai Wang, Changlong7 Lung Tsai Wang, Changlong8 Lung Tsai Wang, Climbing Ant Lung Tsai Wang, Love over the Leaf United Kingdom bob devine, cheetah stand off bob devine, lioness with cub 1 bob devine, lion cub attacks Valerie Duncan, Borneo Eared Frog Valerie Duncan, Harvest Mice on Teasel Valerie Duncan, Two Red Eye Tree Frogs 05 USA Alexander Rasputnis, Barn Spider with Prey 03 Singidunum18 Burr Preston, Male polar bear with paw on drift Burr Preston, Quiver trees at sunset James WAT, EAGLE ROCK ANTELOP USA James WAT, GIGANTIC MARGENE GLA- CIER James WAT, LOWER ANTELOPE ARIZONA JIM HAGAN, Painted Turtle Norman Johnson, Cubs Following Mom Norman Johnson, Staying Close to Mom Norman Johnson, Two Cubs with Mom Theme H/ Birds Australia Francis KENNEDY, Pelican Francis KENNEDY, Soaring seagull Graeme Watson, Silvereye Eating Berries 4 Neville H W Foster, Cisticola Calling 4202 Neville H W Foster, Hi Dad 8266 Susan Slack, Hummingbird sips from red flower Susan Slack, Mynah sipping nectar Austria Albert Peer, departure 2 Albert Peer, golden eagle Albert Peer, Kernbeisser 2 Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Flyrobics Belgium Cochain Vincent, Mouette Dre Van Mensel, Buizerd Met Knaagdier Dre Van Mensel, Get Rid Of Plumes Dre Van Mensel, Stern with young Dre Van Mensel, Tasty Meat Francois Loyens, Just Waiting Francois Loyens, My Song
  242. 242. 242 jean claude BACLE, 4Cornus and hupps Marc Anagnostidis, Ardea Cinerea Marc Anagnostidis, Coupling And Beakfull Marc Anagnostidis, Trio Agressif Germany gunther riehle, adult and chick snow storm 400 gunther riehle, little emp buddy 3 gunther riehle, one plus four 401 gunther riehle, sunny but storm ap- proaching 10 Joachim Schmitt, Auf dem Wasser gehen Joachim Schmitt, Geierblick Joachim Schmitt, Kronenkranich Wolfgang Schweden, Abfliegender Graureiher 1 C Hong Kong Koon Nam CHEUNG, Great Grey Owl A23 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Osprey Fish Catching 04 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Snowy Owl A02 WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Blue Peafowl 3 WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Catch fish WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Feeding WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, In Love BW India sanjoy sengupta, in Sync bnw SOUMEN KUMAR GHOSH, FLYING WITH SNAKE Israel Galia Gitliz, Cormorants Italy Enrico Galbiati, Bee Eater with prey Enrico Galbiati, Look on the left side Enrico Galbiati, On the fly Franco Marchi, Rallus Narcissus Franco Marchi, White wagtail take off at sunset Kuwait Hamad Bouresli, D66R10671080 Hamad Bouresli, D66R7141 1080 Hamad Bouresli, D66R9227yellow1080 Hamad Bouresli, D66R92281920 Macau Chan Seng Tang, Kingfisher 4 Chan Seng Tang, Kingfisher Fighting 2 Ka Chon Chiang, Leiothrix Argentauris Kai Lon Tang, Bird on The Cotton Tree 2 Kai Lon Tang, Flying Bird 7 Kai Lon Tang, Hunting Birds 2 Kai Lon Tang, Magpie 7 Malaysia TUCK YEONG LOH, Not In The Good Terms TUCK YEONG LOH, Where were you yesterday Qatar Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Angry Bird Romania Istvan Magdo, Air catch Gino Symus, Kingfisher in the snow Gino Symus, Little owls Gino Symus, Ready to fly Rene Van Echelpoel, Eating hawk Rene Van Echelpoel, Vissende reiger robert deglin, in aantocht met buit robert deglin, klapekster met muis Brazil Paulo Guerra, Bailloni Paulo Guerra, Benedito Paulo Guerra, Scale Paulo Guerra, Tipio Canada DANY CHAN, Checking Its Quarry DANY CHAN, Lilac Breasted Roller PHILIP CHAN, Eyes on You PHILIP CHAN, Get Set PHILIP CHAN, Great Horned Owl in Flight PHILIP CHAN, ShortEared Owl in Flight ROBIN Luo, Tern Airborne Food Thomas Vijayan, Marshal Art Thomas Vijayan, Together we can scan the sea Thomas Vijayan, Winged Beauty wei fu, bird singing wei fu, white fly China Chenglin Zheng, Flamingo 3 Chenglin Zheng, Ostrich 1 Guixiang Huang, African Wildlife 12 Guixiang Huang, Flamingo Hongbing Ye, Fly high Hongbing Ye, Homeland 1 Huifen Wang, Charactizing A Fine Spring Huifen Wang, Feeding JINGHUI CHEN, SING NO2 Li Sun, Cute Li Sun, Polar Gentleman PING LU, Singing in a loud voice Xiaoguang Cao, Follow Xiaoguang Cao, Play Snow Xiaoyun Qi, Fight 1 Xiaoyun Qi, Fight 2 Xiaoyun Qi, fly together XINXIN CHEN, Dancing of flamingo2 Xu Lv, Fight for 1 Xu Lv, Fly 1 Xu Lv, Snowy owl Yan Zhang, Ostrich 3 Yanhua Liu, Feeding Nestling 1 Yanhua Liu, Flying Compete 1 Yong Huang, Absorb Yong Huang, Follow Yong Huang, Share Yong Huang, Thirsty England Prashant Meswani, Great White Egret in Flight Prashant Meswani, Kingfisher on Bullrush Prashant Meswani, Settling down France Fabienne MONDIE, faucons accouple- ment 2 Fabienne MONDIE, l offrande Fabienne MONDIE, parades de grues couronnees jean claude BACLE, 1Bills crossing jean claude BACLE, 3Collecting penguins Istvan Magdo, Bird talk Istvan Magdo, Last fly Istvan Magdo, Wow Russia Vladimir Alekseev, Bullfinch Yury Pustovoy, Dancer Yury Pustovoy, Gallants Yury Pustovoy, Triangle Singapore Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Flying Egret Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Old Red Face Taiwan CHIDI CHEN, An Osprey Fishing CHIDI CHEN, Kingfishers Fight CHIDI CHEN, Parenting CHIDI CHEN, Wild Kingdom Chun Cheng Kuo, kinship Chun Cheng Kuo, Osprey Lung Tsai Wang, bluebird11 Lung Tsai Wang, CATCH2 Lung Tsai Wang, Haliastur indus Lung Tsai Wang, kingfisher5 United Kingdom bob devine, great grey owl lands at dusk bob devine, great tit flight bob devine, heron catches fish bob devine, osprey flies with fish Valerie Duncan, Eagle Owl in the Woods 04 Valerie Duncan, Eagle with Rabbit USA Burr Preston, Emperor penguin group Burr Preston, Nearly mature Emperor penguin chick Burr Preston, white pelican landing on water 3 Ira Nemeroff, Flamingo 80 Theme I / Flowers Australia Francis KENNEDY, aquilegia Francis KENNEDY, Orange begonia Neville H W Foster, Colour In Barren Land 8648 Neville H W Foster, Kangaroo Paw 5097 Neville H W Foster, Leaping Spider Orchid 5166 Neville H W Foster, WA Emeral Orchid 5039 Susan Slack, Amorphophallus Susan Slack, Entwined Austria Albert Peer, after the rain Albert Peer, Gentiana pannonica Albert Peer, willow gentian Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Frangipani Brazil Paulo Guerra, flor da marambaia Paulo Guerra, Magenta Paulo Guerra, solitaria ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, CAMPO FLORIDO Canada DANY CHAN, Chicory After Frost ROBIN Luo, Flower and Seed ROBIN Luo, One Leaf One Flower China JINGHUI CHEN, CYMBIDIUM JINGHUI CHEN, WIND COLOR Peiyang Wang, Pure and immaculate Peiyang Wang, Pure and immaculate 1 Xiaomei Xu, Accompany Yi WAN, Lotus4 France Fabienne MONDIE, coquelicot 1 Fabienne MONDIE, keria japonica Fabienne MONDIE, tournesol LEHERPEUR Martine, BUTTERFLY Marc Anagnostidis, Borage 2 Marc Anagnostidis, Coquelicots Marc Anagnostidis, Sauge Des Pres 2 Marc Anagnostidis, Willow Branch Germany Birgit Pustelnik, Orchis militaris Birgit Pustelnik, Pulsatilla Sundown Birgit Pustelnik, Wood Anemones Heinz Peks, Baumbluete Heinz Peks, Die Gelbe Joachim Schmitt, Fleischfresser Peter Teuschel, columbines Peter Teuschel, new life Greece George Baladakis, poppy Hungary Csilla Bolvari, Checkered lily Csilla Bolvari, Wind wings Sandor Horosnyi, Carpathian saffron Sandor Horosnyi, Checkered tulip Sandor Horosnyi, Saffronbokeh India sanjoy sengupta, lily sanjoy sengupta, sparkling dewdrops Israel Galia Gitliz, Butterfly on flower Italy Pietro Bugli, Passion flowers 7 Pietro Bugli, Passion flowers 8 Pietro Bugli, Strelitzia Macau Chan Seng Tang, White Lotus 8 Ka Chon Chiang, Calla Lily Ka Chon Chiang, Lotus Ka Chon Chiang, Lotus2 Malaysia TUCK YEONG LOH, Gigantea TUCK YEONG LOH, Monkey Face Poland Iwona Czubek, Still alive Iwona Czubek, Sunshine
  243. 243. 243 Iwona Czubek, Wild flowers and huck- leberry Iwona Nabzdyk, poppies Romania Istvan Magdo, Flower bud Istvan Magdo, Magic light Istvan Magdo, Rain melancholy Russia Vladimir Alekseev, Apple blossom Vladimir Alekseev, Drops Vladimir Alekseev, Primrose in the forest Vladimir Alekseev, The Scarlet Flower Saudi Arabia MISHAL ALRAYHAN, daisy flower Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Back to Life Mofeed Abu Shalwa, bokeh Tulip Serbia Dragan Cerovic, cvet 02 Dragan Cerovic, cvet 03 Dragan Cerovic, cvet 04 Goran Kulezic, 1 Goran Kulezic, 3 Goran Kulezic, 4 Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, Alone Singapore Myo Win, A Flower Myo Win, Together We Are Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Pretty in Pink Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Red Tulip Seng Yam Lawrence Chua, Royal Blooms Taiwan CHIDI CHEN, Exploring Chun Cheng Kuo, Kapok answer Chun Cheng Kuo, LAVENDER MOOD Chun Cheng Kuo, Sakura shrimp Min Sheng Ku, Moth Orchid 1 Min Sheng Ku, Slipper Orchid 1 USA Burr Preston, impession of spring 2 erbi wan, Honey Pollination erbi wan, Stubborn GODFREY WONG, Lotus 9 Ira Nemeroff, Dali 24 Ira Nemeroff, Escondido 110 Ira Nemeroff, Iris 48 Ira Nemeroff, White Flower 193 James WAT, A Red Rose for My Love James WAT, A smiling Lotus James WAT, Bauhinia Flower of Hong- kong James WAT, Orchid in the moonlight JIM HAGAN, Cardinal Flower JIM HAGAN, Dianthus and Lacewing JIM HAGAN, Turks Cap Lily Vietnam DANH DO TRONG, Couple DANH DO TRONG, Supple Theme J / Travel Australia Ann Smallegange, Pinnacles Standing Stones Graeme Watson, In The V and A Graeme Watson, Lake George Dawn 1 Austria Alois Bernkopf Dr, Curious trio Alois Bernkopf Dr, Dugmarch Alois Bernkopf Dr, Handicraft Alois Bernkopf Dr, Solitarity Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Wild wild west Bangladesh Dr RASHID UN NABI, FISHING IN SEA Dr RASHID UN NABI, SANTORINI Belgium Cochain Vincent, On arrive Cochain Vincent, Promenade matinale Jacky Panhuyzen, Purple Chariot Jos Cuppens, Groot gezin Jos Cuppens, Kleistampen robert deglin, meisje met water VERELST GRETA, GRANNY VERELST GRETA, TRIO Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, GAS STATION Canada DANY CHAN, Long Neck Lady Weaving DANY CHAN, Putting On Head Scarf PHILIP CHAN, Foggy Vancouver Down- town PHILIP CHAN, Low Tide at White Rock PHILIP CHAN, The Golden Light of Dawn in Vancouver PHILIP CHAN, Wheatland in Palouse WA Phillip Kwan, J1Aurora Over Devils Teeth 26 Phillip Kwan, J2Norway Mountain 32 Phillip Kwan, J3Stetind Mountain 14 Thomas Vijayan, Melting Arctic wei fu, lonely walk China Chenglin Zheng, Take a Bath Chenglin Zheng, Tribe Children Daming Liang, Blue dream Daming Liang, Desert camel shadow Daming Liang, Devout Desheng Xu, Have Great Originality Dingfeng Zheng, Inle Lake Fishermen 2 Dingfeng Zheng, Sacred Place 2 Dingfeng Zheng, Spin Guixiang Huang, Tribal Imprint 3 Haiyan Huang, Life57 Haiyan Huang, Nepal2 Hongbing Ye, Curious 1 Hongbing Ye, Morning herd 1 Hongbing Ye, My Pets and I Huifen Wang, Beautiful Glassland Huifen Wang, Resultant Force Huiqian Yang, Surfing Jiajun Chai, Cuba6 Jianxun Wu, Crowded Jianxun Wu, Fisherman Jianxun Wu, Going Fair 3 Jianxun Wu, Yak Hold Sheep In Mouth 12 Jurong Yu, Yuanyang terraces 1 Li Sun, Camel Team Li Sun, Return Li Sun, Song of Desert 2 LI WANG, Rhythm LI WANG, Set sail LISHENG HUANG, Fast Furious LISHENG HUANG, Homing LISHENG HUANG, The tribal welcome dance Maosheng Chen, Desert camel team Mei Guo, Ethiopian tribes 12 Mei Guo, Sunset Love Peiyang Wang, Classic Earth building Peiyang Wang, Clean Peiyang Wang, Sisters Shicong Xiao, The East River Scenery 1 Shicong Xiao, The Ethiopia 9 Shicong Xiao, Xiapu 1 Siyuan Huang, Innocent playmates Siyuan Huang, Long hair Siyuan Huang, Tired Tieqiang Li, A Person With Flowers 12 Wenguang Lu, Dragon Boat Race on the Sea Wenguang Lu, Tribal Carnival 2 Xiaodong Cheng, Shabby classroom Xiaodong Cheng, Street peddler Xiaoguang Cao, Believers on Rock church 10 Xiaoguang Cao, Tribal Carnival 2 Xiaomei Xu, Rhythm of Winter Xiaomei Xu, Starry night over the Arch Xiaoqing Chen, Carnival of the Horde 6 Xiaoqing Chen, Set out Xiaoqing Chen, Tribal Spirit 14 Xiaoqing Chen, Tribal Style 7 Xiaoqing Zhang, Blue Town 1 Xiaoqing Zhang, Floating Market Xiaoyun Qi, Head Kongfu Xiaoyun Qi, Holyland in My Heart Xiaoyun Qi, Sailing Xinmin Zhang, Fisherman Xinmin Zhang, Together XINXIN CHEN, Boiling Water2 XIPING AN, Galloping horse XIPING AN, green yearn Yan Luo, Daliangshan 2 Yan Luo, Pink mosque 11 Yan Luo, Xinjiang tajiks 36 Yan Zhang, Masai Yan Zhang, Red Clay Figurine 5 Yi WAN, balcony Yi WAN, Fountain square Yi WAN, The street 5 Yilan Song, Choose A Wife Yilan Song, Chorus of Tribes Yilan Song, Pray Yilan Song, Trading on the Water 3 Yong Huang, Desert camels Yong Huang, Family Yong Huang, Grab Sheep Yong Huang, Stare Yun Lin, Ignore Zhesheng Zhuang, Liangshan Woman 3 Zhihua Hou, Blessing Zhihua Hou, Monk Zhihua Hou, Sunset Fishing1 Zhihui Shi, Cook Croatia Aleksandar Tomulic, Passenger Aleksandar Tomulic, Valencia 2 Aleksandar Tomulic, Valencia 3 Cyprus Thanasis Hadjipavlou, Energy at Sea England COLIN HOSKINS, OXFORD ENGLAND France jean claude BACLE, 2Mursi with baby jean claude BACLE, 3Cement ambiance 1 jean claude BACLE, 4Cement ambiance 8 Germany Heinz Peks, Ganges Heinz Peks, Norwegen Joachim Schmitt, Besucherparzelle Joachim Schmitt, Sirmione Klaus Strehlke, 10On the beach Manfred Kluger, daily work4 Manfred Kluger, on sightseeing tour1 Manfred Kluger, window seat1 Peter Teuschel, in the cloister Peter Teuschel, munich city hall Greece George Baladakis, Karlovy Vary 01 George Baladakis, Meteora monastery MANOLIS METZAKIS, Grand Mosque MANOLIS METZAKIS, milling Hong Kong Loretta Yat WONG, Kunqu opera28 WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Three Monks Hungary Csilla Bolvari, Betwen stones Csilla Bolvari, Four wheels Csilla Bolvari, In fog Csilla Bolvari, Traveller India ARUP BHATTACHARJEE, CARAVAN 1 ARUP BHATTACHARJEE, FIRE ON ICE Avishek Das, Sequence at Work Avishek Das, Thirsty Child PROSENJIT DAS, SLEEPING BUDDHA TONGLU SOURAV SHIT, BASKET MAKER SOURAV SHIT, COLOURFUL JOURNEY Udayan Sankar Pal, Sailing sadhu Udayan Sankar Pal, Shade Udayan Sankar Pal, Stop and stare Ireland James Mahon, Day Dreaming James Mahon, Fish Market James Mahon, White Gold Israel LEONID GOLDIN, In a month of sundays LEONID GOLDIN, Road works Macau Ka Chon Chiang, Boating In the Fog Ka Chon Chiang, Casting a Fish Net Ka Chon Chiang, Red and Circle Kin Keong Fu, Bumper Harvest Kin Keong Fu, Fishing in Morning Fog Kin Keong Fu, Sunrise at Terrence Field Macedonia Marina Krstic, Redblue