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Catalog 1st International Contest Unlimited Photo 2017


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Catalog of photography

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Catalog 1st International Contest Unlimited Photo 2017

  1. 1. 1st International Contest Unlimited Photo Montenegro 2017
  2. 2. 2017-007 L1700362017-009 Unlimited Photo1st International Contest of Photography MONTENEGRO Photo Travel Nature Water Lines Open Color Open Monochrome SECTIONS
  3. 3. 2017-007 2017-009 L170036
  4. 4. The Best Author of Unlimited 2017 FIAP Blue Badge Mr. Kerekes István Kerekes István (1977) - Hungary- EFIAP/diamond1 The standing editor of hungarian A Földgömb (The Globe) magazine. In the last ten years he won over 1100 prizes and awards in different in- ternational and national photo contests and competitions. Since 2009 he takes part regulary in different international and national photo contests as a jury member or as a president of the jury. His most valuable picture is “Yelena”. With this picture to this day he won 255 prizes in 39 coun- tries / 5 continents! Absolute unique record result is the history of the Hungarian photography of all time! webpage:
  5. 5. Grand Prix Unlimited 2017 Salon Best Photography Mr. Petar Sabol Petar Sabol „Sharpeye“ was born in 1981 in town Čakovec, Republic of Croatia, Europe. He started his photogra- phy work in 2007. In the same year he joined the Photo Club Čakovec and became its active member. From the very beginning of his photographic work he was fascinated with nature and its beauty, especially in the area of mac- ro photography. In addition he professionally photographed events (weddings, various celebrations and public events). His photographic images display and evoke moments in the life of nature that most people find difficult or almost im- possible to see in reality because of constant and increasing human alienation from nature. Thanks to devoted and very systematic work, he captures incredible shots in which the main compositional ingredient is beautiful natural light. By idealizing beauty of nature, he stands on his solid positive attitude towards the beauty and wonders of nature. Since the beginning of 2012 to date, he has participated in many international exhibitions of artistic photography un- der high patronage of FIAP (Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique) for 288 times. He has won 322 awards (168 medals and 154 honorable mentions) in more than 30 countries. He also participated in international exhibi- tions under the patronage of the PSA (Photographic Society of America) where he is also rewarded many times. He has been awarded in other specialized photographic competitions around the world. The total number of awards surpass- es 400. He won the 1st prize at 1x Photo Awards 2015. He holds honorary photographic titles EFIAP/s and EPSA. His famous photo “Natural abstract” has been awarded with the FIAP gold medal in the macro category at the 7th Sa- lon of photography in the United Arab Emirates 2012/116 and permanently stored at the National Library in Paris. This photo was among the top 10 on the Sony World Photography Awards. At that competition he was the winner in the cat- egory of National Award 2015, where he was also placed in the top 50 with another of his photo. On www.fotowedstrijd. eu he won the first prize in the category of macro with photograph “Only love matters” in 2014. Five years in a row, he was awarded on the American National Insect Salon under the patronage of the PSA. He is a winner of the gold medal for the best PSA author of salon twice. He won the first and second prize in 2014 at the National Insect Week in England, which is held biennially. Recently he won 2nd prize at 6th HIPA Season ‘The Challenge’ in General Color category in Dubai, UAE. In less than four years, Petar Sabol became the most awarded Croatian photographer. His work has been published in many journals (Mirror, Telegraph, The Sun, The Dailymail, Meridians). So far he held three solo exhibitions. At the end of 2014 in Zagreb presented his first solo exhibition Butterflies. The second solo exhibition Kingfisher held in April 2016 in Negova in Slovenia under the high patronage of FIAP, in one of six world-renowned exhibition centers of FIAP. The third solo exhibition Kingfisher presented in Bor, Serbia, early October 2016. He is a member of the jury in international exhibi- tions and photographic competitions. He use SONY ALPHA equipment from 15-400mm  and is SONY ambassador of Croatia.
  6. 6. Introduction: Song Yilan HongKong, China PSA member, freelance photographer. I will exert myself in pursuit of exploiting the miracle of pho- tography in order to find the splendidness in life. Special Chairman Choice Award Mrs. Song Yilan
  7. 7. Unlimited Photo Association was established to achieve the following objectives • affirmation and popularization of art and creative photography to support and preserve cultural heritage, national history, customs and traditions, protecting the environment and natural beauty of Montenegro through the medium of pho- tography • creation, support, encouragement and continuous improvement of the photog- raphymedium in Montenegro, then its comprehensive promotion at home and abroad • we are co-operating with schools and professional associations in the country and abroad who are engaged in the medium of photography • we publish books and other publications in the field of photography media • we are organizing national and international photo exhibitions, under the patron- age of domestic and international alliances, federations and associations We Create Unlimited Photography Experience
  8. 8. FIAP badge of the best author Mr. Kerekes István, Hungary Grand Prix Salon for best photography Special Chairman Choice award Mr. Petar Sabol, Croatia Mrs. Song Yilan FIAP Gold Yury Pustovoy, Kashmir India, Russia PSA Gold Roberto Tagliani, t2 for ten dollars daily, Italy GPU Gold Petar Sabol, First light, Croatia Salon Gold Gabriele Dellanave, Stormy Venice, USA Salon Silver Roger Jourdain, Sowing In India, France Salon Bronze HW CHAN, A3Rain Day Street 13, Hong Kong FIAP Mention Albert Peer, Oia before sunset, Austria FIAP Mention Hong Li, The shepherd and his sheep, China PSA Mention Manfred Kluger, Meditative 1, Germany PSA Mention YONGHONG JIN, Hotair Balloons, China PSA Mention Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Visit To Sultan Qaboos Mosque, Qatar GPU Mention HUIFEN WANG, Inherit, China GPU Mention SADEQ HASHIM, Its my day, Kuwait Salon Mention Zee Kek HENG, Porter, Singapore Salon Mention Zvonko Radicanin, Herself, Croatia Salon Mention WENGUANG LU, Little Boy, China Salon Mention Istvan Kerekes, Life in the mud, Hungary Salon Mention Joseba Ibarra, Peregrino, Spain Salon Mention Nagy Stefan, River, Austria Theme A Photo Travel
  9. 9. Theme B Nature FIAP Gold Petar Sabol, The kingfisher, Croatia PSA Gold YI WAN, Indomitable, China GPU Gold Bob Devine, Lion love, United Kingdom Salon Gold Lakshitha Karunarathna, Friends forever, Sri Lanka Salon Silver Barbara Seiberl Stark, Lightpoints, Austria Salon Bronze Roger Jourdain, Chacals A Chabraque No1, France FIAP Mention Prashant Meswani, Bellowing Stag Deer, United Kingdom FIAP Mention Leonid Zakrevskiy, Fog river, Ukraine PSA Mention Tin Sang Chan, Graet Gray Owl Landing, Canada PSA Mention Yury Pustovoy, Sunrise Greenland, Russia PSA Mention Kam Chiu Tam, Watching, Canada GPU Mention Hamad Bouresli, D66R10671080, Kuwait GPU Mention John Chapman, Jejekangphu Sunset, Australia Salon Mention Albert Peer, Fennek, Austria Salon Mention Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Desert Lines, Qatar Salon Mention Marc Anagnostidis, Anthocharis Et Fougere, France Salon Mention RUPAK DE, PARENTAL CARE 2, India Salon Mention Koon Nam CHEUNG, Golden Eagle Fighting 01, Hong Kong Salon Mention JIANQIANG CHEN, Running Deer, China
  10. 10. Theme C Water FIAP Gold YILAN SONG, Trading on the Water3, Hong Kong PSA Gold MISHAL ALRYHAN, Blue collision, Saudi Arabia Salon Gold Calvin Downes, Bruarfoss 7, England GPU Silver Roger Jourdain, Bali Salter, France Salon Silver Roy Smith, Storm Wave, Scotland Salon Bronze Gerhard Boehm, Shipwreck, Germany FIAP Mention PING XU, Cross, China FIAP Mention Ignac Dusan, Combat with water, Slovakia PSA Mention JIN LIN, Return, China PSA Mention YAOHUA ZENG, Sunset, China PSA Mention Francis King, Icebergs Glow In Sunset, Canada GPU Mention Erkki Toivanen, Ice drop, Finland GPU Mention Agis Taramides, Ice toys, Cyprus Salon Mention Howard Ashton Jones, Splash6602Mono, United Kingdom Salon Mention Manh Cuong Vu, MEN AND SEA, Vietnam Salon Mention Jozsef Szabo, Three globes, Hungary Salon Mention Biggio Roberto, GRAN SALAR DE UYUNI BOLIVIA, Italy Salon Mention ALBERT BUSQUETS, SHARK, Spain Salon Mention Josef Franc, Magic cave Stopica, Czech Republic
  11. 11. Theme D Open Monochrome / Tema D Slobodna Monohrom Theme D Lines FIAP Gold Daniel LYBAERT, Gecorrigeerde vlucht, Netherlands PSA Gold Howard Ashton Jones, Bourbon, United Kingdom Salon Gold Roberto Tagliani, L1windows, Italy Salon Silver Joseba Ibarra, Bakio, Spain GPU Bronze Roger Jourdain, Dune 45, France Salon Bronze Ruslan Bolgov, Orbites of the Venus, Lithuania FIAP Mention Yury Pustovoy, Lines of Sahara, Russia FIAP Mention Giuseppe TOMELLERI, Kiklades nr 3, Italy PSA Mention Igor Debevec, BW One, Slovenia PSA Mention Kalman Holocsi, Stairs, Hungary PSA Mention Marcel van Balken, D4Winding staircase, Netherlands GPU Mention Partha Roy, Arrow, Singapore GPU Mention Peter Skuta, Colored carpet, Slovakia Salon Mention Thomas Holm, TH20151569, Denmark Salon Mention Xiaomei Xu, Gold ripples, China Salon Mention Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Long Way, Qatar Salon Mention Yin Wong, Second Floor stairs 3, United Kingdom Salon Mention Ignac Dusan, Autumn field 2, Slovakia Salon Mention Renja Laskowski, Tiger und Turtle, Germany
  12. 12. Theme E Open Color FIAP Gold Istvan Kerekes, Gabor gipsy, Hungary PSA Gold Hong Li, Hard study 01, China GPU Gold Petar Sabol, Macro wonderland, Croatia Salon Gold Viesturs Links, RESCUERS, Latvia Salon Silver Roger Jourdain, Faty, France Salon Bronze Ed Cooley, Majestic McKinley, USA FIAP Mention Kam Chiu Tam, Do not overtake me, Canada FIAP Mention Marcel van Balken, E3Balloons, Netherlands PSA Mention Manfred Kluger, Peacock dance1, Germany PSA Mention Lanfeng Chen, Beautiful magnificent, China PSA Mention Andreas L Andreou, WHITE HARMONY, Cyprus GPU Mention Alexey Suloev, White dance, Russia GPU Mention Hemmo Ristimaki, Northern lights, Finland Salon Mention Koon Nam CHEUNG, Golden Eagle 02, Hong Kong Salon Mention Stojan Gorup, Magic light, Slovenia Salon Mention Atle Sveen, Raphaella III, Norway Salon Mention Andy Fryer, Past Champion, England Salon Mention Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Aya, Qatar Salon Mention Ivo Borko, The Fates 1, Slovenia
  13. 13. Theme F Open Monochrome FIAP Gold Josef Franc, Winter Romance, Czech Republic PSA Gold Daniel LYBAERT, F3Stiekem, Netherlands GPU Gold Hong Li, Child on Daliang mountain 13, China Salon Gold Joseba Ibarra, Camino a la Cima, Spain Salon Silver Istvan Kerekes, Shepherd girl, Hungary Salon Bronze Nagy Stefan, Geometrie, Austria FIAP Mention Kam Chiu Tam, Revenging, Canada FIAP Mention Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Take Me Home Bw, Qatar PSA Mention Gerhard Boehm, Patrick, Germany PSA Mention HUIQIAN YANG, Feeding, China PSA Mention Linda Bell, The Lighthouse, Wales GPU Mention Gabriele Dellanave, High heels, USA GPU Mention Atle Sveen, Fredau XIII, Norway Salon Mention Richard Prior, Tonle sap girl, United Kingdom Salon Mention Albert Peer, Waterski, Austria Salon Mention Nenad Martic, Two eggs, Croatia Salon Mention Malcolm Rapier, Eye to Eye, United Kingdom Salon Mention Nikos Kikakis, O agonas, Greece Salon Mention John Bell, The Boxer, Wales
  15. 15. 15 PHOTO TRAVEL FIAP Gold Yury Pustovoy, Russia, The girl from Kashmir
  16. 16. 16 PSA Gold Roberto Tagliani, Italy, t2 for ten dollars daily PHOTO TRAVEL
  17. 17. 17 Petar Sabol, Croatia, First light GPU GoldPHOTO TRAVEL
  18. 18. 18 Gabriele Dellanave, USA, Stormy Venice Salon Gold PHOTO TRAVEL
  19. 19. 19 Roger Jourdain, France, Sowing In India Salon SilverPHOTO TRAVEL
  20. 20. 20 H.W. Chan, Hong Kong, A3Rain Day Street 13 Salon Bronze PHOTO TRAVEL
  21. 21. 21 Hong Li China, The shepherd and his sheep MentionsPHOTO TRAVEL
  22. 22. 22 Albert Peer Austria Oia before sunset Manfred Kluger Germany, Meditative1 PHOTO TRAVELMentions
  23. 23. 23 Mentions Yonghong Jin China, Hotair Balloons PHOTO TRAVEL
  24. 24. 24 Abdulla Almusaifri Qatar, Visit To Sultan Qaboos Mosque Mentions PHOTO TRAVEL
  25. 25. 25 MentionsPHOTO TRAVEL Zee Kek Heng Singapore, Porter Sadeq Hashim Kuwait, Its my day Huifen Wang China, Inherit
  26. 26. 26 Mentions PHOTO TRAVEL Nagy Stefan Austria, River Wenguang Lu China, Little Boy
  27. 27. 27 Istvan Kerekes Hungary, Life in the mud Zvonko Radicanin Croatia, Herself PHOTO TRAVEL Mentions Joseba Ibarra Spain, Peregrino
  28. 28. 28 B NATURE
  29. 29. 29 NATURE FIAP Gold Petar Sabol, Sroatia, The kingfisher
  30. 30. 30 NATUREPSA Gold Yi Wan, China, Indomitable
  31. 31. 31 Bob Devine, United Kingdom, Lion love GPU GoldNATURE
  32. 32. 32 Lakshitha Karunarathna, Srilanka, Friends forever NATURESalon Gold
  33. 33. 33 Barbara Seiberlstark, Austria, Lightpoints Salon SilverNATURE
  34. 34. 34 Roger Jourdain, France, Chacals A Chabraque No1 NATURESalon Bronze
  35. 35. 35 Prashant Meswani, United Kingdom, Bellowing Stag Deer NATURE Mentions Leonid Zakrevskiy, Ukraine, Fog river
  36. 36. 36 NATUREMentions Tinsang Chan Canada, Graet Gray Owl Landing
  37. 37. 37 Yury Pustovoy Russia Sunrise Greenland Kam Chiu Tam Canada, Watching NATURE Mentions
  38. 38. 38 John Chapman Australia, Jejekangphu Sunset Hamad Bouresli Kuwait D66R10671080 Albert Peer, Austria, Fennek Mentions NATURE
  39. 39. 39 Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar, Desert Lines Marc Anagnostidis France, Anthocharis Et Fougere Jianqiang Chen China, Running Deer NATURE Mentions
  40. 40. 40 Koon Nam Cheung Hong Kong, Golden Eagle Fighting 01 Mentions NATURE
  41. 41. 41 Rupak De, India Parental Care 2 NATURE Mentions
  42. 42. 42 C WATER
  43. 43. 43 WATER FIAP Gold Yilan Song, Hong Kong, Trading on the Water 3
  44. 44. 44 WATERPSA Gold Mishal Alryhan, Saudiarabia, Blue collision
  45. 45. 45 Calvin Downes, England, Bruarfoss 7 WATER Salon Gold
  46. 46. 46 GPU Silver Roger Jourdain, France, Bali Salter WATER
  47. 47. 47 Salon SilverWATER Roy Smith, Scotland, Storm Wave
  48. 48. 48 Gerhard Boehm, Germany, Shipwreck WATERSalon Bronze
  49. 49. 49 WATER Mentions Ignac Dusan Slovakia, Combat With water Ping Xu, China, Cross
  50. 50. 50 WATERMentions PSA Mention Jin Lin, China, Return Francis King Canada, Icebergs Glow In Sunset Yaohua Zeng, China, Sunset
  51. 51. 51 WATER Mentions Erkki Toivanen Finland, Ice drop Agis Taramides Cyprus, Ice toys
  52. 52. 52 WATERMentions Biggio Roberto, Italy, Gran Salar De Uyuni Bolivia Manhcuong Vu, Vietnam, Men and Sea Jozsef Szabo, Hungary, Three globes
  53. 53. 53 Josef Franc Czech Republic, Magic Cave Stopica Howard Ashton Jones, United Kingdom, Splash6602Mono WATER Mentions Albert Busquets, Spain, Shark
  54. 54. 54 D LINES
  55. 55. 55 FIAP GoldLINES Daniel Lybaert, Netherlands, D4 Gecorrigeerde vlucht
  56. 56. 56 PSA Gold Howard Ashton Jones, United Kingdom, Bourbon LINES
  57. 57. 57 Roberto Tagliani, Italy, Windows LINES Salon Gold
  58. 58. 58 LINES Joseba Ibarr, Spain, Bakio Salon Silver
  59. 59. 59 Roger Jourdain, France, Dune 45 LINES GPU Bronze
  60. 60. 60 Ruslan Bolgov, Lithuania, Orbites of the Venus LINESSalon Bronze
  61. 61. 61 LINES Mentions Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Lines of Sahara Giuseppe Tomelleri Italy, Kiklades nr 3
  62. 62. 62 LINESMentions Marcel Van Balken, Netherlands, Winding staircase Kalman Holocsi, Hungary, Stairs Igor Debevec, Slovenia, BW One
  63. 63. 63 LINES Mentions Peter Skuta, Slovakia, Colored carpet Partha Roy, Singapore, Arrow Xiaomei Xu, China, Gold ripples
  64. 64. 64 LINESMentions Renja Laskowski, Germany, Tiger und Turtle Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar, Long Way Ignac Dusan, Slovakia, Autumn field 2
  65. 65. 65 Yin Wong United Kingdom Second Floor stairs 3 LINES Mentions Thomas Holm, Denmark, TH20151569
  67. 67. 67 FIAP GoldOPEN COLOR Istvan Kerekes, Hungary, Gabor gipsy
  68. 68. 68 OPEN COLORPSA Gold Hong Li, China, Hard study 01
  69. 69. 69 Petar Sabol, Croatia, Macro wonderland GPU GoldOPEN COLOR
  70. 70. 70 Viesturs Links, Latvia, Rescuers OPEN COLORSalon Gold
  71. 71. 71 Roger Jourdain, France, Faty Salon SilverOPEN COLOR
  72. 72. 72 Ed Cooley USA, Majestic McKinley OPEN COLORSalon Bronze
  73. 73. 73 OPEN COLOR Mentions Kam Chiu Tam Canada Do not overtake me Marcel Van Balken Netherlands, E3Balloons
  74. 74. 74 Mentions OPEN COLOR Lanfeng Chen, China, Beautiful magnificent Manfred Kluger, Germany, Peacock dance 1 Andreas L Andreou, Cyprus, White Harmony
  75. 75. 75 OPEN COLOR Mentions Alexey Suloev, Russia, White dance Koon Nam Cheung, Hong Kong, Golden Eagle 02 Hemmo Ristimaki, Finland, Northern lights
  76. 76. 76 Mentions OPEN COLOR Stojan Gorup, Slovenia, Magic light Andy Fryer, England, Past Champion Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar, Aya
  77. 77. 77 Ivo Borko, Slovenia, The Fates 1 Atle Sveen, Norway, Raphaella III OPEN COLOR Mentions
  78. 78. 78 F OPEN MONOCHROME
  79. 79. 79 FIAP GoldOPEN MONOCHROME Josef Franc, Czech Republic, Winter Romance
  80. 80. 80 OPEN MONOCHROMEPSA Gold Daniel Lybaert, Netherlands, F3 Stiekem
  81. 81. 81 Hong Li, China, Child on Daliang mountain 13 OPEN MONOCHROME GPU Gold
  82. 82. 82 Joseba Ibarra, Spain, Camino a la Cima OPEN MONOCHROMESalon Gold
  83. 83. 83 Istvan Kerekes, Hungary, Shepherd girl OPEN MONOCHROME Salon Silver
  84. 84. 84 OPEN MONOCHROMESalon Bronze Nagy Stefan, Austria, Geometrie
  85. 85. 85 OPEN MONOCHROME Abdulla Almushaifri Qatar, Take Me Home Mentions
  86. 86. 86 Kam Chiu Tam, Canada, Revenging OPEN MONOCHROMEMentions
  87. 87. 87 Huiqian Yang, China, Feeding OPEN MONOCHROME Mentions
  88. 88. 88 Gerhard Boehm Germany, Patrick OPEN MONOCHROMEMentions
  89. 89. 89 Gabriele Dellanave, USA, High heels Linda Bell, Wales, The Lighthouse Atle Sveen, Norway, Fredau XIII OPEN MONOCHROME Mentions
  90. 90. 90 Richard Prior, United Kingdom, Tonle sap girl Nikos Kikakis, Greece, O agonas Nenad Martic, Croatia, Two eggs OPEN MONOCHROMEMentions
  91. 91. 91 John Bell, Wales, The Boxer OPEN MONOCHROME Mentions
  92. 92. 92 Albert Peer Austria, Waterski Malcolm Rapier United Kingdom Eye to Eye OPEN MONOCHROMEMentions
  93. 93. 93 HONGBING YE Master of Desert HONGBING YE Proof of Love HONGBING YE The Love of Beauty HUIFEN WANG Compare HUIFEN WANG Grassland HUIFEN WANG Inherit HUIFEN WANG Seda HUIQIAN YANG Near HUIQIAN YANG Show HUIQIAN YANG Tribal Game JIANGUANG ZHOU Meticulous Job JIANGUANG ZHOU Set Out JIANGUANG ZHOU Tea Market JIANGUO BAI Road JIANQIANG CHEN Baptism JIANQIANG CHEN Father and Son JIANYONG WANG Catch Fish JIANYONG WANG Work at Sunrise JIN LIN Clothes Washing Workshop JIN LIN Focus on Jinming Pan Queen Head Jinming Pan Sunlight shining on morning mist JUN YE Fishermans Life JUN YE Quiet Night JUN YE Return Home JUN YE Woman Weaver JUNHUA LIN Devote Lanfeng Chen Dragon 1 Lanfeng Chen Way home2 Li Fang Gilr with her cook mother Li Fang Monther and daughter doing needle work 2 LI SUN Light LI SUN Red Hairpin LI YUAN Lines LIQUAN SHENG Check LIQUAN SHENG Clean LIQUAN SHENG Flying LIYU ZHANG Cast a Net Longxing MENG Impression of the Beautiful Lake Longxing MENG Sail MINGCAI LU Dharma Assembly PEIYANG WANG Perform PEIYANG WANG Sisters PEIYANG WANG Yi Style PING XU Craft PING XU Wrestling QIN WANG Tireless Learning QIN ZHANG Spring Scenery QIN ZHANG Strenuous QIONGSHENG YANG Craftman QIONGSHENG YANG Curious RENYONG ZHUO Buddhist College RENYONG ZHUO Huian Women RENYONG ZHUO Pray RONGGUANG YE Ascetic Monk RONGGUANG YE Farewell RONGGUANG YE Love RONGGUANG YE Young Business- man Shenghua Yang Tuo river morning SIYUAN HUANG Look SIYUAN HUANG Vendor SIYUAN HUANG Waiting Australia Annette Kirby Hornfleurs marina Anthony PW Yap LonePrayer Anthony PW Yap ThreeBlessing charles chow 4 lovely kids charles chow One more Up BW Elizabeth Kodela Grotfjord Norway Elizabeth Kodela IcelandPanorama Elizabeth Kodela Reine Lofoten Elizabeth Kodela Reykjavik Iceland John Chapman Bryce Striped Hoo- doos John Chapman Gorge Prayer Flags John Chapman Kephu Valley John C NORTH Walking in the Rain Linda K Y Wei LestWeForgetMono Linda K Y Wei Mornigncook1 Linda K Y Wei VillegeHC2 Michael Ioannou Amsterdam Night Michael Ioannou At Attention Vicki Moritz Belvedere morning fog Vicki Moritz Louvre triangles Vicki Moritz Mont St Michel farmer Austria Albert Peer Huskys 3 Albert Peer Masks in Venice Albert Peer Oia before sunset Alois Bernkopf Dr Donkeyride1 Barbara Seiberl Stark Clouds on fire Barbara Seiberl Stark Shibuya Johann Schrittwieser Lunch Johann Schrittwieser Rasterlocken Nagy Stefan River Nagy Stefan Silent Nagy Stefan Vulcansee WOLFGANG HABRINGER 1 Windmuehlen 904 WOLFGANG HABRINGER 4 Different 89 Azerbaijan Ilgar Jafarov Pushkar Belgium Marie Claire Dylst Chicks Marie Claire Dylst Return Canada DANY CHAN Headstrong 103 Francis King Harmonica Player in Bolo- gna Francis King Praying In The Temple Phillip Kwan A1Soccer 11 Phillip Kwan A2Monk at Shwedagon Phillip Kwan A3Inle Rower and Net China DEZUAN LIN Sunrise FENG NI Assembly FENG NI Fisherman Hong Li Mother and children Hong Li Old street 20 Hong Li The shepherd and his sheep Hong Li Village barbershop HONGBING YE Dancing Race TIEQIANG LI African Adult Ceremo- ny TIEQIANG LI Refugee Camp TIEQIANG LI Shipping WEIJING YANG City WENGUANG LU Little Boy XIAODONG CHENG Brickyard Work- ers XIAODONG CHENG Carter XIAODONG CHENG Taking XIAODONG CHENG Unknown Jour- ney Xiaomei Xu Fairyland Xiaomei Xu Time on his face Xinxin Chen Beautiful beard5 Xinxin Chen Charming Lady Xuezhong Chai AFTERTASTE YAN ZHANG The South Pole YAN ZHANG Watch Whale YANPING QIU Fisherman YANPING QIU Mind YANPING QIU Prayer YANPING QIU Use Whip to Urge Horse Forward YAOHUA ZENG Little Monk YAOHUA ZENG Pray YAOHUA ZENG Return YI WAN ask the way YONGHONG JIN Catch Fish Festival YONGHONG JIN Hotair Balloons YONGHONG JIN The Most Beautiful Deco- rations YONGHONG JIN Tribal Ritual Croatia Biljana Knebl A1City through Clouds Biljana Knebl A3Red Bridge Nenad Martic At the memorial Nenad Martic Early breakfast Petar Sabol Dream land Petar Sabol First light Petar Sabol Golden sunset 2 Petar Sabol Rolling moon Zvonko Radicanin A Dogs Life Zvonko Radicanin Funeral Zvonko Radicanin Herself Zvonko Radicanin Windy Day Cyprus Agis Taramides Presidential Guard Alexis Saveriades Hong Kong Eye 1 Despina Anastasis Stranded Tevfik Ulual Basket Maker Tevfik Ulual Gondollas Czech Republic Ivan Miksik Gullss street Josef Franc On the way to the top Denmark Henrik Ramsing Kristensen Sailing between ice floes john Vestergaard old sailing chip England Andy Fryer Cliff Lift Salturn Beryl Heaton Harris Cottage Calvin Downes English day out Godrevy bay Calvin Downes godafoss spectators Calvin Downes Refuge Iceland Tom Richardson Landing in the Selous Game Reserve Tom Richardson mending the nets benguerra island Tom Richardson school teacher benguerra island Finland Antti Seppala Guide dog Eero Siltanen rules and politic Hemmo Ristimaki Ruderboot Ilpo Pohjonen Ho Chi Minh City Lassi Tuominen Spurring France Cacheux Daniel Capadoce Guy B Samoyault Montains reflects Jean Pierre SIMON Laundry Jean Pierre SIMON Picking of flow- ers Jean Pierre SIMON The brahman Jean Pierre SIMON The Cheeses Mar- ket Roger Jourdain Masais In Sunset Roger Jourdain Sowing In India Roger Jourdain Suku Bajo Benteg Chil- dren Roger Jourdain Wild Namib Desert Germany Gerhard Boehm Salinen Sal Gerhard Boehm Salz Guenter Kleber ChapelleNotreDame- delagarde Guenter Kleber FairyPools Guenter Kleber ValdOrcia Gunter Scholtz Blaue Lagune Kopie Gunter Scholtz San Giorigo Herdis Halvas Nielsen After prayer Herdis Halvas Nielsen Ciragan Palace Istanbul Herdis Halvas Nielsen Salinas Swakop- mund Manfred Kluger daily work3 Manfred Kluger meditative1 Manfred Kluger old trade1 Manfred Kluger on sightseeing tour1 Greece Chris Pantazis Junk shop road Chris Pantazis The shepherd 5 Iannis Skotiniotis 1. Meteora II NIKOLAOS BASIAS Budapest NIKOLAOS BASIAS Budapest Christmas train NIKOLAOS BASIAS Shoes on the Danube Bank nikos kikakis To xirokrotima PELAGIA VRENTZOU Dance PELAGIA VRENTZOU Tea time PELAGIA VRENTZOU Window light Hong Kong HW CHAN A2 The fishing village of Greenland 2 HW CHAN A3Rain Day Street 13 HW CHAN A4Glacier of Greenland 2 Man Wo KWOK Victoria Harbour MAN YU, ALEX FUNG Gondolas A/PHOTO TRAVEL
  94. 94. 94 shops LEONID GOLDIN 2 Greek orthodox- es LEONID GOLDIN 3 Alcazar Italy angelo gatti assisi angelo gatti donne di premana angelo gatti giocare col fuoco angelo gatti val cavargna GIUSEPPE FERRATI Cycling in the park 4 GIUSEPPE FERRATI Landscape with horses 7 Giuseppe TOMELLERI A1High water nr.1 Giuseppe TOMELLERI A2High water nr.5 Giuseppe TOMELLERI A3High water nr.6 Pasquale Vitale PAS- SODELLESTREGHE Pietro Bugli Carnival in Venice Pietro Bugli Romito coast Roberto Cella Paris in love Roberto Tagliani t1 To the pastures Roberto Tagliani t2 for ten dollars dai- ly Roberto Tagliani t3 Padanggalak KITE FES- TIVAL1 Kuwait SADEQ HASHIM follow me SADEQ HASHIM its my day SADEQ HASHIM this is my work SADEQ HASHIM work is fun Lithuania Normante Ribokaite Morning Ruslan Bolgov TheSurfers Macedonia Marina Krstic Mocak Marina Krstic Towards the light Zaklina Stefanovska Kadinjaca Zaklina Stefanovska Osogovo Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT A1Winterochtend Daniel LYBAERT A3Scherpenheuvel Daniel LYBAERT A4Berijpt land- schap Marcel van Balken A2Cottoncandy Marcel van Balken A3Segways Marcel van Balken A4Butchery1 Will VERHEESEN Penny Lane Will VERHEESEN the Guggenheim at night Norway Roald Synnevaag Lighthouse on Smo- la Qatar Abdulla Al Mushaifri Empty Quarter Abdulla Al Mushaifri Open Sesames Abdulla Al Mushaifri Pink City Post Abdulla Al Mushaifri Visit To Sultan Qaboos Mosque Romania Cantemir Aron Mandru Old man Octavian Silaghi the shepherd life MAN YU, ALEX FUNG Railway busi- ness WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG Autumn colour 2 WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG Autumn scenic WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG Horses Splash 3 WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG Step on it YILAN SONG African Adult Ceremo- ny YILAN SONG Play Mud YILAN SONG Return Hungary Dora Csorogi Guests arrival Dora Csorogi Rooster trainer Imre Farkas Mountain tram in Lis- bon Istvan Kerekes Life in Balkan Istvan Kerekes Life in the mud Istvan Kerekes Playground in Bal- kan Istvan Kerekes Varanasi Jozsef Szabo Currier Kalman Holocsi Festive Girl Kalman Holocsi In the Street India Avishek Das Colourful Walk Avishek Das Gangasagar Vibes 1 Avishek Das Struggle for Food 2 Avishek Das The Dangerous Play Pramod govind Shanbhag Iguazu 2 copy Pramod govind Shanbhag Masai Mara Pramod govind Shanbhag The boats copy 2 Pramod govind Shanbhag View to a kill Prasanta Mohanty Serpentine Sarang Bhand Banaras SATHYANARAYANA C R A2 CHEETAH ON VANTAGE POINT SATHYANARAYANA C R A3 NO PLASTICS PLEASE SATHYANARAYANA C R A4 TRAFFIC JAM Sounak Banerjee Desert Horizons Sounak Banerjee Streets of blue Sounak Banerjee The Monk Walk SURYAPRAKASARAO VADDADI 3. Fishing Boats SURYAPRAKASARAO VADDADI 4. Vaporizing River Ireland Sigita Playdon blue boats and fisher- man Sigita Playdon dinner time Sigita Playdon Lofoten in the au- tumn Israel Efraim Shpringer In the Reichstag Efraim Shpringer On the bridge Joseph Vida River LEONID GOLDIN 1 On street of Russia Alexey Suloev Toroweap Alexey Suloev TwointheUniverse Dmitry Chastikov Memories of that war Dmitry Chastikov Veteran granny with her dog Yury Pustovoy Kashmir India Yury Pustovoy The girl from a fishing village Yury Pustovoy The girl from Kash- mir Yury Pustovoy The meal time Scotland Roy Smith Steam in the Cumbrian Fells Singapore Chin Foo See Elephants Showtime Chin Foo See Painting Demo Class Chin Foo See Tanjong Pagar Termi- nal Edward Chee Hong Cheong Productivi- ty Edward Chee Hong Cheong Storm Lee Eng Tan Fairy in bamboo forest Partha Roy Bintan Serinity Partha Roy Dubai Skyline Partha Roy Spiral Dubai Sen Fong Lai Folk Culture of Touring gods Teck Boon Lim HongHe Fire Festival One Teck Boon Lim Lantern Festival Teck Boon Lim Run Along Teck Boon Lim Shepherd On the Move Yuk Kong Chung Misty Morning 3Myan- mar Yuk Kong Chung Morning Assembly Myan- mar. Yuk Kong Chung Morning Prayers Myan- mar. Yuk Kong Chung Our MonasteryMyan- mar Zee Kek HENG Porter Slovakia Peter Skuta Bad weather Peter Skuta Old town Slovenia Andreja Ravnak arabian portraits 4 Andreja Ravnak erg Chebbi 4 Bogdan Bricelj Sunset in Venice 2 Daniel Mauko Confidential Hedvika Gumilar Castle Hedvika Gumilar Im coming to you Hedvika Gumilar Provence Igor Debevec Lavender fields IV Igor Debevec Tuscany Fields Ivo Borko At bushmans home Ivo Borko On the market at noon Ivo Borko Preparation of red pep- pers Ivo Borko Traditional salt producer Rafael Podobnik A1Columbine Cave Rafael Podobnik A4Rime Stojan Gorup Plowing in the mist Stojan Gorup Salt pools 1 South Korea Jong Il Lee A Sea Route Spain ALBERT BUSQUETS BULLS 1 ALBERT BUSQUETS BULLS 2 ALBERT BUSQUETS BULLS 3 Javier Munoz Tubet A01Carretero Jordi Reig Diables Jordi Reig Guita Joseba Ibarra Grua1 Joseba Ibarra Panorama Joseba Ibarra Pastor Joseba Ibarra peregrino Sri Lanka Lakshitha Karunarathna Curious three Lakshitha Karunarathna Early riser Lakshitha Karunarathna Just opened Lakshitha Karunarathna Long way back Sweden Goran Garberg Going home Goran Garberg Meditation Mikael Bengtsson Lestander Sitting In Window Switzerland Klaus Stock Marina Bay Singapore Klaus Stock Metro Paris Klaus Stock The shepherd and his dogs Klaus Stock Tracks in the night Taiwan CHING YU LU Lanterns HSIU CHIN LEE Eagle Hunter HSIU CHIN LEE Good evening HSIU CHIN LEE Ztype oak rack Min Sheng Ku Gold Netting 2 Min Sheng Ku Nakuru Lake 03 Turkey Kenan Kahraman Two Colorful Bal- loons Kenan Kahraman Half Balloon Ukraine Igor Lander From above Igor Lander Lighthouse Igor Rabiner Oleshki desert Kherson region Leonid Zakrevskiy Home Leonid Zakrevskiy In the meadow Yevhen Samuchenko Smoky sunrise on the Ganges river United Arab Emirates khalid alhemeiri DSC6025 khalid alhemeiri patan square Prachi Ganoo arches of the grand mosque Prachi Ganoo communityiftar in the streets United Kingdom Cliff Spooner Street Photgraphers Cliff Spooner Three Amigos Malcolm Rapier Cruising Svalbard Malcolm Rapier Icefield Greenland Marion Rapier Allalinhorn
  95. 95. 95 01 Nagy Stefan Agame Nagy Stefan Butterfly Nagy Stefan Dragonfly Nagy Stefan Reiher WOLFGANG HABRINGER 2 Spinnennetz 13 WOLFGANG HABRINGER 3 Fischotter 73 WOLFGANG HABRINGER 4 Haubenlangur 42 Azerbaijan Ilgar Jafarov Mountain Daridagh Belgium Claude SIMON Hippo Kwando river 2 LEGRAND Jean Luc Surveillant Marie Claire Dylst Soft sand Canada DANY CHAN Big Fresh Fish DANY CHAN Great Catch 102 DANY CHAN Start of Borealis Transforma- tion Francis King Hyaenas Patrolling For Food Francis King Juvenile Elephants Play- ing Francis King Red Crown Cranes Touch Down Francis King Zabriski Point of Death Val- ley Kam Chiu Tam Lions 77 Kam Chiu Tam Tenderly Kam Chiu Tam Watching Phillip Kwan B2Penguin Mating Tin Sang Chan Barred Owl Hunting Tin Sang Chan Flying Barred Owl Tin Sang Chan Graet Gray Owl Land- ing China Hong Li Bashang Winter 04 Hong Li Morning Danxia3 JIANQIANG CHEN Chase JIANQIANG CHEN Running Deer Jinming Pan Air beautiful figure Lanfeng Chen A song of praise5 Lanfeng Chen Fight Lanfeng Chen Rushed to the attack LI SUN Cute LI SUN Feeding LI SUN Fight LI SUN Polar Gentleman LIQUAN SHENG Back LIQUAN SHENG Look back LIQUAN SHENG Scare LIQUAN SHENG Toss LIYU ZHANG No End in Sight Longxing MENG Beautiful Mountain Longxing MENG Flying Longxing MENG Song Fog Longxing MENG Winter in XiHai Moun- tain Shenghua Yang Mountains in the mist Shenghua Yang Steep cliffs in Bajiao village Marion Rapier Life on the Amazon Marion Rapier Magdalena Fjord Raymond Bridges Crossing Ribble- head Raymond Bridges Its Right on Time Richard Prior hanoi recycling Ron Tear Contours of gypsum copy Ron Tear Mists of dawn copy Ron Tear Opalecent tones copy Sandra Crook Late for Prayers Sandra Crook Lethal Combination Simon Hill Bread Sellers Marrakech Mo- rocco Yin Wong Waiting for a ride USA Daniel Pham FoodCollectors Daniel Pham HardLife Daniel Pham PowerOfLove Ed Cooley Dreams of Venice Ed Cooley Fisherman and Friend Ed Cooley Solitude Gabriele Dellanave Stormy Venice Gabriele Dellanave The Valley Ira Nemeroff Kinderdijk 024 Jingru Luo Smiling Yan Tsang Little helper Yan Tsang Making fish nests Vietnam Huu Hung Truong 1Truonghuuhungjpg On the way back Huu Hung Truong 3Truonghuuhungjpg Handicraft Huu Hung Truong 4Truonghuuhungjpg Old Town Manh Cuong Vu GREEN ACRES NHAN LE HOANG CHAN VIT No 2 Wales john Bell Concerts over at the Royal Albert Hall john Bell Karlskirche Vienna john Bell Safargo Market Linda Bell On the streets of Madrid Linda Bell Turkish cobbler Australia Elizabeth Kodela Curious Baby Harp Seal Elizabeth Kodela Feed Me Elizabeth Kodela Painful Bite John Chapman Jejekangphu Sunset John C NORTH Ibis Waiting Austria Albert Peer American eagle Albert Peer departure Albert Peer Fennek Albert Peer volcanic landscape Barbara Seiberl Stark Lightpoints Barbara Seiberl Stark The Tree Johann Schrittwieser Dragonfly pair- ing Johann Schrittwieser Green tree 1 Johann Schrittwieser Live ran Johann Schrittwieser Rotkehlchen Xiaomei Xu Cute bird Xiaomei Xu Way to go Xinxin Chen Drinking milk 2 Xinxin Chen Elephant cross the riv- er4 Xinxin Chen Lions 1 Xinxin Chen Stay alert3 Xuezhong Chai MOTHER AND SON YAN ZHANG Lingering Charm YI WAN Catch worms 2 YI WAN indomitable Croatia Biljana Knebl B4Yellow in Blue Neda Racki Natural textures Nenad Martic Landing Petar Sabol Farewell Petar Sabol Quadrimaculata Petar Sabol Swallowtail beauty Petar Sabol The kingfisher Zvonko Radicanin Alpine Idyll Zvonko Radicanin Growing up Zvonko Radicanin Ibex Zvonko Radicanin King of Height Cyprus Agis Taramides Look at me Agis Taramides Pelican portrait Alexis Saveriades Family argument Despina Anastasis Thoughts in the sand Despina Anastasis When horns meet Tevfik Ulual Big Burden Tevfik Ulual Rocky Passage Thanasis Hadjipavlou Gym time Denmark Henrik Ramsing Kristensen Red deer in morning mist Henrik Ramsing Kristensen Roe with off- spring john Vestergaard lion England Andy Fryer Red Deer Stag Andy Fryer Red Deer Stags Spar- ring Calvin Downes Fissure vents Calvin Downes Svartifoss 2 David Mortimer Cloud Rings at Sun- set David Mortimer Male Ibex Tom Richardson running zebra Finland Antti Seppala Black viper Antti Seppala Fasing Erkki Toivanen Aglais io Erkki Toivanen Calopteryx splen- dens Hemmo Ristimaki Goldcrest Hemmo Ristimaki The third wheel Ilpo Pohjonen Picaflor 2843Rk Lassi Tuominen At the node Lassi Tuominen Waxwing 2 Lassi Tuominen White Lassi Tuominen Whooper Swans France Cacheux Daniel Migrations Cacheux Daniel PinkLove Guy B Samoyault Chapeau de neige Guy B Samoyault Dans les griffes Guy B Samoyault Fiscal flycatcher Jean Pierre SIMON King pinguins at the waters edge Jean Pierre SIMON Mandarin Duck Marc Anagnostidis Accouplement De Mantes Marc Anagnostidis Agrion Jouvencel- le Marc Anagnostidis Anthocharis Et Foug- ere Marc Anagnostidis Majuscula Et Calopter- yx Roger Jourdain Chacals A Chabraque No1 Roger Jourdain Elephants Testing Taran- gire Roger Jourdain Mating Pink Flamingos 2015 Roger Jourdain Offering In Pont De Gau Germany Gerhard Boehm Reiher Gerhard Boehm Submarine Gerhard Boehm Weisskopfseeadler Gunter Scholtz Burning Sky Gunter Scholtz Little Skellig Gunter Scholtz Outlook Herdis Halvas Nielsen A young lion Herdis Halvas Nielsen Flying Yellowbilled Stork Renja Laskowski Durst Greece Chris Pantazis Erithacus rubecula 5 NESTOR FANOS back to back NESTOR FANOS jellyfish 1 NIKOLAOS BASIAS crystal flower NIKOLAOS BASIAS ECHEVERIA nikos kikakis Maridaki Lixnistis nikos kikakis Notia Kriti nikos kikakis xtapodi PELAGIA VRENTZOU The deserts light Guernsey Tony Wills king bird Tony Wills serengeti lions Tony Wills spotted hyena Hong Kong HW CHAN B1Brown Bear 1 Alaska HW CHAN B2Polar Bear 13 HW CHAN B3Brown Bear 33 Alaska Koon Nam CHEUNG Eagle Confronting 09 Koon Nam CHEUNG Golden Eagle Fighting 01 Koon Nam CHEUNG Golden Eagle Fighting 02 Koon Nam CHEUNG Golden Eagle Landing 02 MAN YU, ALEX FUNG Couple 3 MAN YU, ALEX FUNG Couple 4 MAN YU, ALEX FUNG Landing on the snow MAN YU, ALEX FUNG Nestle 7 B/NATURE
  96. 96. 96 YILAN SONG A Family YILAN SONG Harmonious YILAN SONG Mysterious YILAN SONG Warm Family Hungary Imre Farkas Synchronously Istvan Kerekes Angels Istvan Kerekes Bearded reedling Istvan Kerekes Face Istvan Kerekes Reflection with dragon- flies Jozsef Szabo Pulsatilla Jozsef Szabo Start India Pramod govind Shanbhag Mating Lions 2 Pramod govind Shanbhag Trail of blood Prasanta Mohanty Annapurna South Peak Prasanta Mohanty The Savage Beau- ty RUPAK DE PARENTAL CARE 2 RUPAK DE Perched on Dads Snout RUPAK DE RIDING ON DADS BACK 2 SATHYANARAYANA C R B1 CHEETAH CHASE SATHYANARAYANA C R B2 RIVERTERN MATING 1 SATHYANARAYANA C R B3 AFRICAN ELE- PHANTS SPARRING 1 SATHYANARAYANA C R B4 DUAL AT- TACK shirish jhaveri Lion Cubs shirish jhaveri Trusha Sounak Banerjee Ecstacy Sounak Banerjee Mating Lions Sounak Banerjee Paths crossed Sounak Banerjee The Art of Peli- cans Israel Efraim Shpringer Cactus Joseph Vida Cranes Italy Alberto Carati Fight for a female Alberto Carati Heated discussions Biggio Roberto CORMORANS Biggio Roberto ORIX gianluca afflitti sunrise Giuseppe TOMELLERI B1Flamingos 117 Giuseppe TOMELLERI B2Flamingos 217 Giuseppe TOMELLERI Flamingos 317 Pietro Bugli Fleur de champ Pietro Bugli Passion flowers 8 Pietro Bugli The group and the exclud- ed Roberto Cella Skeletal hauntings Roberto Tagliani N4towers Kuwait Hamad Bouresli D66R10671080 Hamad Bouresli D66R75751080 Hamad Bouresli D66R94071080 Lithuania Normante Ribokaite Touch the sun Ruslan Bolgov SandCastles Ruslan Bolgov Stormguardian Ruslan Bolgov TheKingdomofIce Ruslan Bolgov Tobreaththeinfinity Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT B1Wat kom je doen Daniel LYBAERT B2Gierenkop in ZwW Daniel LYBAERT B3Groep kuifmakak- en Daniel LYBAERT B4Lantaarntje in de regen Franke de Jong Hunting the star- lings Franke de Jong Stag family Franke de Jong Winterochtend Marcel van Balken B1Stumps Marcel van Balken B3Pillarrock Marcel van Balken B4Macaque Norway Atle Sveen Bear with an itch Atle Sveen egret in rain Atle Sveen Little owls Atle Sveen poledancer Roald Synnevaag Atlantic tern 4 Qatar Abdulla Al Mushaifri After TheRain Abdulla Al Mushaifri Desert Lines Abdulla Al Mushaifri The Quite Des- ert Abdulla Al Mushaifri Tree Of Life Romania Cantemir Aron Mandru Face to face Cantemir Aron Mandru Fight club Cantemir Aron Mandru Lord Octavian Silaghi an autumn tale Octavian Silaghi the forest king Russia Alexey Suloev AutumnSunTemple Alexey Suloev FirstdayofwinterinPatago- nia Alexey Suloev Tsingy de Bemaraha Yury Pustovoy Greenland Yury Pustovoy Laguna Colorada Boliv- ia Yury Pustovoy Red World Bolivia Yury Pustovoy Sunrise Greenland Saudi Arabia Firas Abussaud Two Swans MISHAL ALRYHAN callichroma velutinum 2x MISHAL ALRYHAN GREEN THE DEMSEL- FLY MISHAL ALRYHAN Homoderus melleyi 1.5x MISHAL ALRYHAN the dinner meal Scotland Norma McDowall Face of a Long Tailed Tit Norma McDowall Red Veined Darter Fe- male Robert Quig Common Blue on Eye- bright Robert Quig Orange Tips on Cuckoo Flow- er Robert Quig Orange Tip Male Roy Smith Plume Veined Agate Roy Smith Snowy Owl in Snow Singapore Chin Foo See Dinner Time Chin Foo See Monkeys Intimacy Chin Foo See Sharp Eyes Edward Chee Hong Cheong 128 Spi- der Edward Chee Hong Cheong 54 Loving Pair Edward Chee Hong Cheong 58F Grasshop- per Edward Chee Hong Cheong 59F Huge Teck Boon Lim 2 Birds Taking Flight Teck Boon Lim Baboon Intimate Zee Kek HENG Morning feeding Slovakia Ignac Dusan Alone Ignac Dusan Its suny day Ladislav Pollak Dragonfly Martin Ondko Puffin Martin Ondko Seal Peter Skuta Three friends Slovenia Andreja Ravnak bride I Bogdan Bricelj Portrait of Green Liz- ard Igor Debevec Bird and Ice Ivo Borko Dead guard Ivo Borko Dead valley Ivo Borko Glen canyon Ivo Borko Winding brook Rafael Podobnik B3Delusive Desert Rafael Podobnik B4Wonderful Na- ture Stojan Gorup Water cycle South Korea Chae Chun Hwang family Chae Chun Hwang mealtime Jong Il Lee A Crane Family Jong Il Lee A Linely Tree Jong Il Lee Red Dune Spain ALBERT BUSQUETS ASTOR Javier Munoz Tubet B01Flor de loto Javier Munoz Tubet B04Gorbeian ura ere ez Joseba Ibarra Lince Iberico I Joseba Ibarra MG0155 Joseba Ibarra Pelicano II d Sri Lanka Alphonsus Roshan Rajaratnam Break- fast Alphonsus Roshan Rajaratnam Todays Catch amila gunathilaka Double barrelled amila gunathilaka Moral victory amila gunathilaka Pray amila gunathilaka Scarlet waves Lakshitha Karunarathna Eye in the Wood Lakshitha Karunarathna Flying fisher- man Lakshitha Karunarathna Friends forev- er Lakshitha Karunarathna Roller and Ze- bras Sweden Goran Garberg Proud Mikael Bengtsson Lestander Eyes of an Owl Mikael Bengtsson Lestander Screaming Gulls Mikael Bengtsson Lestander Swan Lake Taiwan HSIU CHIN LEE butterfly HSIU CHIN LEE Swan fly03 HSIU CHIN LEE White ear thrush Turkey Kenan Kahraman Traveling With Fish- es Ukraine Igor Lander Ancient dragon Igor Lander Here I am Leonid Zakrevskiy Fog river Leonid Zakrevskiy Waiting for the wind Yevhen Samuchenko Calmness of eter- nity Yevhen Samuchenko Gold of Manaslu II Yevhen Samuchenko Milky way above the clouds ocean United Kingdom bob devine great grey owl hunting at dusk bob devine lioness with cub 1 bob devine lion love bob devine osprey flies with fish Cliff Spooner Redwing Eating Berry Cliff Spooner Red Eyed Tree Frog Cliff Spooner Red Eyed Tree Frog on Leaf Prashant Meswani Bellowing Stag Deer Prashant Meswani Comforting Little Owls Prashant Meswani Short Eared Owl Ray Kilham Kiss and tell Ray Kilham Wet Tried and board Richard Prior The Deceiver Laccaria lac- cata Ron Tear Formation Flying Sandhill Cranes Ron Tear Lookout little bee eater copy Ron Tear Shark fin Starlings copy Sandra Crook Red Eyed Tree Frogs Sandra Crook Tiger Leg Tree Frog Yin Wong Mara mother and baby USA Brian Grant Roseate Spoonbill in Flight Daniel Pham Cascade Daniel Pham TheFishtailWaves Daniel Pham Waterlilly Ed Cooley A Mysterious Land Ed Cooley Dreams of Alaska
  97. 97. 97 Ed Cooley Iceberg No 2 Ed Cooley Longevity Gabriele Dellanave Antarctica landscape copy Gregory Daley I will Feed You When I am Ready Ira Nemeroff Bird Of Paradise 4 Jingru Luo Ballet Jingru Luo ok My Love Peter Gedeon B2 Cleaning3243 Peter Gedeon B4 The Baby Ele- phant Tuan Tran Blue Heron A043 Tuan Tran Bringing Food Home 12 Yan Tsang Birds fight in the air Yan Tsang Love kiss Vietnam Huu Hung Truong 4Truonghuuhungjpg Feeding Wales john Bell Asiatic lions john Bell Female Mandrill john Bell Peacock Pigion john Bell Red Kite Linda Bell Harvest mouse Linda Bell Mandrill Linda Bell Preying mantis cleaning anten- nea Linda Bell Silver studded blues C/WATER Australia Annette Kirby Reflections in rock pool Elizabeth Kodela Hole In Heaven Elizabeth Kodela Iceland Waterfall Elizabeth Kodela Snow Sea and Sun- set Elizabeth Kodela Waterfall Norway 2 Hung Kam Yuen Fail to hold 2 Hung Kam Yuen Golden Beach Hung Kam Yuen Jet ski run Jeffrey Venning Slow Waves John Chapman Midi Ossau Pic John Chapman Rinchin Zoe Lake Linda K Y Wei TheWall3 Linda K Y Wei Water9 Vicki Moritz Canal rocks sunset Vicki Moritz Elephant rocks dawn Austria Albert Peer tower of strength Alois Bernkopf Dr Skogafoss Water- fall1 Barbara Seiberl Stark Splash Barbara Seiberl Stark Vintgar Barbara Seiberl Stark Wasseramsel Barbara Seiberl Stark Wasserfall Johann Schrittwieser in the halong Bay 01 Johann Schrittwieser in the holong Bay 02 Nagy Stefan Ice Nagy Stefan Ice02 Nagy Stefan Lake Belgium LEGRAND Jean Luc Les 3 tours brlent Marie Claire Dylst Bleu door Marie Claire Dylst Geyser Marie Claire Dylst Water veil Canada DANY CHAN Alaskan Raw Land- scape Francis King Icebergs Glow In Sun- set Francis King Icebergs Of Antarctica Francis King The Man The Sea Phillip Kwan C2Penguin Out of Wa- ter Phillip Kwan C3Grizzy at Brooks Falls Phillip Kwan C4Booby Diving China DEZUAN LIN Go out to the Sea DEZUAN LIN Resplendent GUOQING GAO Broken Homeland Hong Li Starting sailing1 Hong Li xiapu27 Hong Li Xiapu4 HUIFEN WANG Dongjiang Ship HUIFEN WANG Knitmesh HUIFEN WANG Live on the Sea4 HUIFEN WANG Sunset Glow HUIQIAN YANG Melt HUIQIAN YANG Radiate Brilliant Light HUIQIAN YANG Shipping HUIQIAN YANG Torrent JIANGUANG ZHOU Beach Comb JIANGUANG ZHOU Dawn Breaks JIANGUANG ZHOU Fisherman JIANGUANG ZHOU Fishing Ground JIANGUO BAI Wash Clothes JIANQIANG CHEN Cattle Race JIANQIANG CHEN Shipping JIANQIANG CHEN Swimming JIANYONG WANG Fisherfolk JIANYONG WANG Fishing Ground JIANYONG WANG Go Out to Sea JIN LIN Go back with Fruitful JIN LIN Return Li Fang Lake Muztag2 Li Fang Sunrise above the Muztag2 Li Fang The valley in the morning4 LI SUN Morning Fishing LI SUN Shipmaster LI SUN Sunset Longxing MENG Fog on DongJiang Riv- er Longxing MENG Go Forward Longxing MENG the Tide Came in NING WANG Autumn Scenery NING WANG Blaack Beach NING WANG Fairyland PING XU Cross PING XU Sunrise PING XU Tour RENYONG ZHUO Beach Comb RENYONG ZHUO Fishing Village RENYONG ZHUO Rail of Sea Shenghua Yang Charm of Tuojiang Shenghua Yang Charm of Tuo river Shenghua Yang Xiapu morning WENGUANG LU Dragon Boat Race WENGUANG LU Floating Market WENGUANG LU Water Intaking Xiaomei Xu Future Water World Xiaomei Xu On the water side Xiaomei Xu Tide rises tide ebbs Xinxin Chen Floating Market Xinxin Chen Play on the Water Xinxin Chen Sneaking Xinxin Chen Trestle twilight Xuezhong Chai Dongan fish row Xuezhong Chai RANCH ON THE SEA YANPING QIU Casting Net YANPING QIU Glistening YANPING QIU Surfing YAOHUA ZENG Draw Net YAOHUA ZENG Shipping YAOHUA ZENG Stream Fog YAOHUA ZENG Sunset YONGHONG JIN Clean River YONGHONG JIN Prayer ZHESHENG ZHUANG Sailing ZHESHENG ZHUANG Waterfall Croatia Biljana Knebl C4One Red Umbrella Neda Racki Scarecrow Petar Sabol Umbrella Petar Sabol Underwater fishing Zvonko Radicanin Dilemma Zvonko Radicanin Spare Time Cyprus Agis Taramides Ice toys Agis Taramides River bend Alexis Saveriades Staircase to frozen lake 1 Czech Republic Josef Franc Magic cave Stopica Josef Franc Waterfalls Sopotnice Josef Franc Waterfall 1 Josef Franc Waterfall 2 Denmark Finn E Larsen Water and ice 2 Thomas Holm TH20162010 England Alison J Fryer Fading Light Alison J Fryer Winter Serenity Andy Fryer Church in the Sea Andy Fryer Loch Etive Reflections Beryl Heaton Sunset Calvin Downes Beached Ice Calvin Downes Bruarfoss 7 Calvin Downes Jokulsarlon Ice scul- pure David Mortimer Ring of Bright Wa- ter Tom Richardson deep blue sea Finland Antti Seppala Storm Erkki Toivanen Cold day 5 Erkki Toivanen Forest brook 10 Erkki Toivanen Ice drop Lassi Tuominen Morning Mood Lassi Tuominen Water on the road Taru Makimartti Autumn reflection France Cacheux Daniel Grandes Mares Jean Pierre SIMON Ice of Torres Del Paine Jean Pierre SIMON Mountain of Antarcti- ca Jean Pierre SIMON Pontoon Jean Pierre SIMON Waterfalls of Kuang Si Roger Jourdain Bali Salter Roger Jourdain Surf No6 Roger Jourdain Water Pleasure Germany Gerhard Boehm Shipwreck Gerhard Boehm Wave Gerhard Boehm Windsurfer 3 Guenter Kleber boatinheaven Guenter Kleber GollingerWaterfall Guenter Kleber mystic waterfall Guenter Kleber Rakotzbruecke Gunter Scholtz Frozen Water Gunter Scholtz Iceland Foss Gunter Scholtz North Atlantic Gunter Scholtz Water Line Peter Ludwig Wasserkante Renja Laskowski auf dem Sambesi1 Renja Laskowski Giants Causeway2 Greece Chris Pantazis Rock ballad 30 Chris Pantazis Waterland 4 Chris Pantazis Waterland 5 NESTOR FANOS the rock nikos kikakis drosostalides nikos kikakis Pexnidi tou nerou nikos kikakis To galazoprasino tis Ella- das PELAGIA VRENTZOU Autumn PELAGIA VRENTZOU Carpets Guernsey Tony Wills gusting force 12 Hong Kong Man Wo KWOK Autumn fall MAN YU, ALEX FUNG Gondolas shiu Gun Wong C1. Across the Water Fall 1 shiu Gun Wong C2. Water Battle YILAN SONG Stilt Fishing YILAN SONG Trading on the Water1 YILAN SONG Trading on the Water3 Hungary Dora Csorogi Mystic Dora Csorogi Surf flight Dora Csorogi Water carrier Imre Farkas Craterlake Istvan Kerekes Ironman Super Cup Istvan Kerekes Made in Harghita Istvan Kerekes Pilgrim bathers Jozsef Szabo Formation Jozsef Szabo Planets Jozsef Szabo Secession Jozsef Szabo Three globes India Avishek Das Crisis of Water Avishek Das Crossing point
  98. 98. 98 Avishek Das Summer Thirst Avishek Das Thirsty Pramod govind Shanbhag Little Egret Taking off Pramod govind Shanbhag Neelgai on the run Pramod govind Shanbhag Zebras cross- ing Prasanta Mohanty Silky Flow RUPAK DE CHAMBAL LANDSCAPE 4 RUPAK DE DIP SATHYANARAYANA C R C1 AMAZING NUBRA VALLEY SATHYANARAYANA C R C2 CLOUD BURST EFFECT SATHYANARAYANA C R C3 THIRSTY LEOP- ARD SATHYANARAYANA C R C4 AFRICAN LION REFLECTION Sounak Banerjee Niagara at dusk Ireland Catherine Bushe Fog on the river Catherine Bushe Mountain stream Catherine Bushe The bridge at night Des Daly FamousRock Des Daly LongStrand3 Des Daly Night Angler Des Daly OnTheRocks Sigita Playdon decisive moment Sigita Playdon tulip Sigita Playdon waterfall Israel Efraim Shpringer Into the Unknown Galia Gitliz Diver and eel Joseph Vida cormorants Joseph Vida Surf LEONID GOLDIN 2 Evening Flight LEONID GOLDIN 3 Start sunrise LEONID GOLDIN 4 Bridge in Lisbon Michael BarOn Exhibition 210.1 Italy Biggio Roberto GRAN SALAR DE UYUNI BOLIVIA Biggio Roberto LAGUNA COLORADA BO- LIVIA gianluca afflitti abyss gianluca afflitti cave gianluca afflitti drinking Giuseppe TOMELLERI C1Going to Bura- no Giuseppe TOMELLERI C2Comacchios lagoon Giuseppe TOMELLERI C3Snowfall in Bor- ghetto Giuseppe TOMELLERI C4Flamingos 114 Pietro Bugli Sunset on the shoreline Roberto Cella Fishing at sunrise Roberto Cella Marsala 2 Roberto Tagliani W2Indian bath- room Roberto Tagliani W3ice on the beach Roberto Tagliani W4thirsty Lithuania Normante Ribokaite The Rain Normante Ribokaite Thirsty Normante Ribokaite Thirsty 6 Ruslan Bolgov Thestorm Macedonia Marina Krstic Light house Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT C1Bevroren waterp- las Daniel LYBAERT C4Rotweer Huub Bink Camargue 081617 Marcel van Balken C1Freehorse Marcel van Balken C2Redwalk Marcel van Balken C3Font Magica New Zealand Ann Bastion Liquid Autumn Norway Atle Sveen Heron in rain Atle Sveen Winter waterfall Roald Synnevaag Fyrlykt paa Bud II Roald Synnevaag Golta Roald Synnevaag Hummelfossen 2 Roald Synnevaag Ice 7 Terje Kolbeinsen Chasing the wind 1 Qatar Abdulla Al Mushaifri Wadi Bine Khaled Romania Cantemir Aron Mandru Dancing Cantemir Aron Mandru Double Cantemir Aron Mandru Serenity Cantemir Aron Mandru Wild thing Octavian Silaghi morning dew Rodica Tanase Little islands are all large prisons Rodica Tanase The dialog 2 Rodica Tanase The lonely carrelet Rodica Tanase The wall Russia Alexey Suloev Godafoss Alexey Suloev Iceland Colored river Alexey Suloev Loneliness Alexey Suloev The cycle Dmitry Chastikov Crying sky Dmitry Chastikov Moon over Black Sea Saudi Arabia MISHAL ALRYHAN Blue collision MISHAL ALRYHAN challenge of Wa- ter MISHAL ALRYHAN dancing drops MISHAL ALRYHAN Ice Cream Scotland Robert Quig Frozen in Time Roy Smith No Trains Today Roy Smith Storm Wave Singapore Chin Foo See Fishing Village Chin Foo See Water Fun II Guan Kwee YAP Sunset At El Nido Lee Eng Tan Phatthalung Dip Partha Roy Dusk Partha Roy Freezing Water Partha Roy Lost Teck Boon Lim Along the Terrace Teck Boon Lim Foot Paddle Teck Boon Lim HongHe Reflection on Terrace Teck Boon Lim Symentrical Splash Zee Kek HENG Jump down the water- fall Zee Kek HENG Wet and happy Slovakia Ignac Dusan C1 Ignac Dusan Combat with water Ladislav Pollak Frozen Ladislav Pollak Natural lollipops Ladislav Pollak Strawberry Ladislav Pollak The drop Martin Ondko Red Martin Ondko Sparking water II Peter Skuta Late autumn Slovenia Andreja Ravnak at the ocean Andreja Ravnak room with a view Andreja Ravnak sweet dreams Ven- ice Bogdan Bricelj Small boat in Venice 2 Bogdan Bricelj Starfish on the Sand Daniel Mauko Blue and red boat Hedvika Gumilar Reflection Igor Debevec Diamond beach Igor Debevec Iceberg Igor Debevec Kirkjufellsfoss II Igor Debevec Seljalandsfoss Rafael Podobnik C1Spring 05 Stojan Gorup Blue ice 2 Stojan Gorup Socha river South Korea Jong Il Lee Water Ski Spain ALBERT BUSQUETS CALA DEL PI ALBERT BUSQUETS FRARES ALBERT BUSQUETS ILLA ROJA ALBERT BUSQUETS SHARK Jordi Reig Barques Jordi Reig Veler Joseba Ibarra Contemplacion Joseba Ibarra Goleta Joseba Ibarra Sat Jean de Luz Sri Lanka Lakshitha Karunarathna Evening bath Sweden Mikael Bengtsson Lestander Fast Div- ing Switzerland Klaus Stock Reissender Bergbach Taiwan Min Sheng Ku Children with Water 2 Ukraine Yevhen Samuchenko Frozen sunrise Yevhen Samuchenko Two ice cream Yevhen Samuchenko Walking on wate- rII United Arab Emirates khalid alhemeiri black and whit 1 of 1 khalid alhemeiri b 1 of 17 Prachi Ganoo refraction United Kingdom Cliff Spooner Rocks Awash Howard Ashton Jones Splash6602Mo- no Howard Ashton Jones SplashIMG9345Edi- tIOM Howard Ashton Jones SplashM4A0686E- dit2 Malcolm Rapier Baillie and Stott Raymond Bridges Before the Storm Raymond Bridges Saturated Steam Raymond Bridges Taking on Water at Porth- madog Raymond Bridges The Torrent Richard Prior Breakers Ron Tear Cool Blue copy Ron Tear Opalecent tones copy Ron Tear Tide Rush copy Sandra Crook Dawns First Glow Sandra Crook Morning Glory Sandra Crook Suncatcher Simon Hill Gulfoss Iceland Simon Hill Jokulsarlon Iceland BW USA Daniel Pham NorthFalls Gabriele Dellanave Blue ice Gabriele Dellanave Cierva cove Gabriele Dellanave Melting ice Jingru Luo Dead Horse Yan Tsang Flying fishing nests Yan Tsang Sunset fishing Vietnam Huu Hung Truong 4Truonghuuhungjpg Morn- ing on the river Manh Cuong Vu MEN AND SEA Manh Cuong Vu OFFERING SWEETNESS FOR LIFE NHAN LE HOANG DANH DAM NHAN LE HOANG TUNG CHAI No 2 Wales john Bell Surfin to the finish john Bell Surf championship john Bell The race is on Linda Bell Talacre Lighthouse sun- set D/LINES Australia Hung Kam Yuen Galaxy track Jeffrey Venning Hanging About John C NORTH Light At The end Linda K Y Wei EarlyBird2 Linda K Y Wei TheFate Linda K Y Wei Waitingforstorm1 Linda K Y Wei Water7 Michael Ioannou Flower Dome Vicki Moritz Louvre locked out Vicki Moritz Vatican spiral Austria Albert Peer Auditorio de Teneriffa 2 Albert Peer bridge Barbara Seiberl Stark Transport
  99. 99. 99 Johann Schrittwieser Dune lines Johann Schrittwieser Fields Azerbaijan Ilgar Jafarov Pole vault Ilgar Jafarov Skier at the finish line Belgium Claude SIMON Festin Marie Claire Dylst Globules Marie Claire Dylst Guillemins in pink Canada DANY CHAN Sky Painting 103 Francis King Chair Francis King Curvatures Francis King Curves Mono Phillip Kwan D1Journey in Desert China Hong Li Yuanyang01 Hong Li Yuanyang02 Hong Li Yuanyang03 JIANGUANG ZHOU Fishing Village JIANGUANG ZHOU Love of Extrathin Noo- dles JIN LIN Tour JIN LIN Winding Dragon Jinming Pan Different Ways Jinming Pan Zebra crossing JUN YE Come and Go JUN YE Hand in Hand JUN YE Star Track Li Fang Red rocks6 Li Fang Shadows and lights in the des- ert Longxing MENG the Impression of the Terrace Longxing MENG Working in Qi Du RONGGUANG YE Woman of the Time Shenghua Yang Spring song Xiaomei Xu Gold ripples Xiaomei Xu Lines of life YANPING QIU Desert YI WAN Tianshan road 3 ZHESHENG ZHUANG Sunset Croatia Biljana Knebl D2View from Above Biljana Knebl D3Romboid Windows Neda Racki Between the lines Neda Racki Circles Neda Racki The third dimension kvad- rat Neda Racki Waiting man Nenad Martic Lines on the balcony Petar Sabol Ways Zvonko Radicanin Enter or Exit Zvonko Radicanin Homage to Fan Ho Zvonko Radicanin Rainy Day in Assi- si Cyprus Agis Taramides Red meets blue and white Agis Taramides Stairs Agis Taramides Unexpected view Agis Taramides Walking down the stairs Alexis Saveriades Thessaloniki promenade 1 Andreas L Andreou Absence Andreas L Andreou CYPRUS AndreasLAn- dreouEFIAPpHonEFIAPGMICS1Quad- rant Despina Anastasis Birds on lines Despina Anastasis Dubai skyline Despina Anastasis In line Denmark Finn E Larsen Chain Henrik Ramsing Kristensen Tree trunks Thomas Holm TH20151569 Thomas Holm TH20161918 Thomas Holm TH20162018 England Calvin Downes Spokes Calvin Downes Stairway to the skies Calvin Downes Who left the light on Finland Antti Seppala Beach sand Hemmo Ristimaki Around the Polar- is Hemmo Ristimaki Kiwi Hemmo Ristimaki Starlings Ilpo Pohjonen Form and figure 1 Lassi Tuominen Drops 4 France Cacheux Daniel Les Lignes Cacheux Daniel Tokyo Htel Guy B Samoyault Graphics in red Guy B Samoyault Kaleidoscope Guy B Samoyault La Foce Jean Pierre SIMON Harvest of the flow- ers Jean Pierre SIMON The tree and the lav- ender Jean Pierre SIMON Yellow lines Roger Jourdain Dune 45 Roger Jourdain Fertility No01 Germany Doelz Hans Martin grey tartan track Doelz Hans Martin straight ahead. Doelz Hans Martin the seating arrange- ment Gerhard Boehm Model Guenter Kleber lines Guenter Kleber QuestionMarkStairwayMarien- platz 28 Arch.BrunoBiehler1952 Guenter Kleber thewave Gunter Scholtz Brug van Vroen- hoven Gunter Scholtz Leica Treppe Gunter Scholtz Lines Gunter Scholtz Shopping Center Peter Ludwig autumn II Peter Ludwig beach XX Renja Laskowski Begegnung Renja Laskowski Energie Renja Laskowski Tiger und Turtle Renja Laskowski Typewriter III Greece Iannis Skotiniotis 4. Diagonal wall NESTOR FANOS lonely NESTOR FANOS valencia 3 NIKOLAOS BASIAS Danae NIKOLAOS BASIAS Lines1 NIKOLAOS BASIAS umbrellas Thessalon- iki nikos kikakis skepsis k grames PELAGIA VRENTZOU Admire PELAGIA VRENTZOU Standing Vasilis Kazepidis Railway lines No 01 Vasilis Kazepidis Traces on snow No 01 Guernsey Tony Wills brighton skyline Tony Wills intertwined Hong Kong MAN YU, ALEX FUNG Inle in action shiu Gun Wong D4. Sailing Through Hungary Dora Csorogi Eddy Dora Csorogi The moon of Siena Imre Farkas Ropes and bars Imre Farkas Skyscraper Istvan Kerekes Jingjang Istvan Kerekes Reflection in balck and white Istvan Kerekes The flamenco danc- er Janos Gyongyosi Bridge over the Saine Jozsef Szabo Air show Jozsef Szabo Guest Jozsef Szabo Rhombuses Kalman Holocsi Blue Window Kalman Holocsi Stairs Kalman Holocsi White line India Avishek Das The 3D Walk Avishek Das The Lonely Walk RUPAK DE THE PATH SATHYANARAYANA C R D2 SPEC TACULAR SHOW SATHYANARAYANA C R D3 WELL STEPS shirish jhaveri Parallel Stripes shirish jhaveri Pearls in Wine Glass- es shirish jhaveri Three Blind Men shirish jhaveri Zebra Glasses Sounak Banerjee In the Trail of Desert Stars Sounak Banerjee Questions Sounak Banerjee Stripes of Nature Sounak Banerjee Woman in the fields Ireland Catherine Bushe City cycle Catherine Bushe Lingering leaves Catherine Bushe Towards the light Sigita Playdon light Israel Efraim Shpringer Pergola Efraim Shpringer Stairs Efraim Shpringer The bridge Joseph Vida Light flower Joseph Vida SSSSS LEONID GOLDIN 2Yellw sand LEONID GOLDIN 3 In the couryard Italy Biggio Roberto FIELDS Biggio Roberto STEPS SHADOW Biggio Roberto TUSCANY HILLS ITA- LY Giuseppe TOMELLERI D1Kiklades nr 3 Giuseppe TOMELLERI D2Kiklades nr 5 Giuseppe TOMELLERI D3Kiklades nr.7 Giuseppe TOMELLERI D4Kiklades nr.8 Pietro Bugli President Hotel Pietro Bugli Urban forms 10 Pietro Bugli Urban lines Pietro Bugli Urban lines 2 Roberto Cella Palais Royal n4 Roberto Tagliani L1windows Roberto Tagliani L2in the night Kuwait SADEQ HASHIM gold and blue Lithuania Normante Ribokaite Hundertwasser Normante Ribokaite Lines of sky 1 Normante Ribokaite Upstairs Ruslan Bolgov OrbitesoftheVenus Macedonia Marina Krstic Into the future Marina Krstic To the top Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT D2Glooiend land- schap Daniel LYBAERT D3Isendica Experiment 2 Daniel LYBAERT D4Gecorrigeerde vlucht Franke de Jong Over the hill Franke de Jong Reflection no2 Marcel van Balken D1Lightning Marcel van Balken D2Stonelines Marcel van Balken D3Wayup Marcel van Balken D4Windingstair- case Will VERHEESEN iron stairs Will VERHEESEN magic Will VERHEESEN shadow stairs Will VERHEESEN zig zag New Zealand Ann Bastion Let There be Light Ann Bastion Light Through the Slats Norway Atle Sveen traffic at Westminster Roald Synnevaag Labyrinth on the beach Roald Synnevaag Lines Roald Synnevaag Valencia II 2014 Terje Kolbeinsen French Presission Qatar Abdulla Al Mushaifri Behind The Lines Abdulla Al Mushaifri Long Way Romania Cantemir Aron Mandru Moment
  100. 100. 100 Cantemir Aron Mandru The eye Cantemir Aron Mandru The tube Octavian Silaghi spiral Octavian Silaghi towards hope Rodica Tanase 3 feet Rodica Tanase A breathless point of time Rodica Tanase Hidden Russia Dmitry Chastikov Tricky lines Yury Pustovoy Lines of Sahara Yury Pustovoy Provence Saudi Arabia Firas Abussaud Colors Of Life Firas Abussaud Yellowish MISHAL ALRYHAN Softness Scotland Norma McDowall Alpine Trails Norma McDowall Tiled Floor Robert Quig Lochan Lines Robert Quig Lochan Lines 2 Singapore Chin Foo See HDB Void Deck Chin Foo See Marching Line Edward Chee Hong Cheong Circular Lines Edward Chee Hong Cheong Straight Lines Edward Chee Hong Cheong Vertical Lines Partha Roy Arrow Partha Roy Lines Partha Roy Up Teck Boon Lim Between the Weeds Teck Boon Lim Monk and Flower Sell- er Teck Boon Lim SCurve Yuk Kong Chung Walking In The Lines 1 Yuk Kong Chung Walking In The Lines 2 Zee Kek HENG Curves Slovakia Ignac Dusan Autumn field 1 Ignac Dusan Autumn field 2 Ignac Dusan Autumn field 3 Ladislav Pollak Pozdrav z Viedne Peter Skuta Autumn impressions Peter Skuta Colored carpet Peter Skuta Field guard Peter Skuta My vineyard Slovenia Andreja Ravnak nowy stripes Bogdan Bricelj Arranged Wineyard Daniel Mauko Checking the vine Daniel Mauko Chrine on the field Daniel Mauko The lines Igor Debevec BW One Igor Debevec Family Igor Debevec Lavender fields V Igor Debevec Only Pipes left Ivo Borko Study place Ivo Borko Winter graphic Rafael Podobnik D2Wilderness Cut Stojan Gorup Casstelluccio 8 Stojan Gorup Castelluccio 1 South Korea Chae Chun Hwang Night Vehicle Trail Chae Chun Hwang The trace of car light Spain Joseba Ibarra Bakio Joseba Ibarra Escaparate Joseba Ibarra Simetria Sweden Goran Garberg Bro 2AA Goran Garberg Bro 5AA Mikael Bengtsson Lestander Follow Me Mikael Bengtsson Lestander Hotel Balco- nies Mikael Bengtsson Lestander Man In Mo- tion Mikael Bengtsson Lestander White Stair Switzerland Klaus Stock Air Show Patrouille Su- isse Taiwan Min Sheng Ku Sea Farm 2 Ukraine Igor Lander Capital Leonid Zakrevskiy Loneliness Yevhen Samuchenko Connected Yevhen Samuchenko Paints of Himala- yas United Arab Emirates khalid alhemeiri b 1 of 121 khalid alhemeiri b 1 of 122 khalid alhemeiri green 1 of 115 United Kingdom Cliff Spooner Apex Cliff Spooner Poolside Howard Ashton Jones AcroPSB4084EditE- ditEdit Howard Ashton Jones BourbonIMG0663E- dit Howard Ashton Jones GridIMG9745EditE- ditEdit Howard Ashton Jones SphereIMG9048E- dit Marion Rapier Lining Up Marion Rapier Steel Arch Raymond Bridges Dawn Boardwalk Raymond Bridges Shadows and Rosean- na Raymond Bridges Stairway to the Sky Ron Tear Lines of shadows copy Simon Hill Brooklyn Bridge New York USA Simon Hill Chicken Tannery Marrakech Morocco Simon Hill Fork in the Road Barkleycove Ireland Simon Hill Harriet with Stripes BW Yin Wong Second Floor stairs 3 USA Brian Grant Amber Waves of Fire Daniel Pham TheWave3 Daniel Pham TheWaves Gabriele Dellanave Vertical lines copy Ira Nemeroff Jerome 4 SA KIM TRAN Wild Flowers Tuan Tran Upper Antelope Canyon 077 Yan Tsang Mother and daughter Yan Tsang Walk within lines and shad- ows Vietnam Huu Hung Truong 1Truonghuuhungjpg Afternoon Wales john Bell Senedd Building Cardiff Wales Linda Bell Sunset Lines E/OPEN COLOR Australia Anthony PW Yap GoldenValley charles chow Almost there charles chow A Day to Remenber charles chow Legs In the Air Elizabeth Kodela Aurora lights Elizabeth Kodela Escape Elizabeth Kodela Fruit and Flowers Hung Kam Yuen Golden rowing part- ners Hung Kam Yuen Memories Hung Kam Yuen The race is on Hung Kam Yuen Waiting Ian Stuart Tomato Reflection John C NORTH We Connected Linda K Y Wei CowBoyC4 Linda K Y Wei Grandma2 Linda K Y Wei Ihaveadream5 Vicki Moritz Sugarloaf rock pano Vicki Moritz Venice textures Austria Albert Peer gondolas Albert Peer Griffon Vulture Alois Bernkopf Dr Gojko2 Alois Bernkopf Dr Indigenous por- trait2 Alois Bernkopf Dr Susi2 Barbara Seiberl Stark Bluntausee Barbara Seiberl Stark Leuchtturm Johann Schrittwieser Behind grid 01 Johann Schrittwieser Blue jug Johann Schrittwieser on the way to the market Johann Schrittwieser With blue rib- bon Nagy Stefan Nude Nagy Stefan red Shoes Azerbaijan Ilgar Jafarov In the shade of the stands Ilgar Jafarov omposition before the jump Ilgar Jafarov On the tennis court1 Belarus Tatsiana Tsyhanova Katerina Tatsiana Tsyhanova Shhh Tatsiana Tsyhanova Wind Tatsiana Tsyhanova Wreath Belgium Claude SIMON Catway Canada DANY CHAN Going After The Ball DANY CHAN Lost Control 102 DANY CHAN Sunset On Uyuni Salt Flat 104 Francis King Canyonland Washboard Lady Francis King Seeking A Place In The Sun Kam Chiu Tam Do not overtake me Kam Chiu Tam Falling headlong Kam Chiu Tam The turn Kam Chiu Tam Welland race Phillip Kwan E4Net Casting 3 Tin Sang Chan Morning Mist With White Swan Tin Sang Chan RedFoxInSnowShow- er Tin Sang Chan snowy owl landing China DEZUAN LIN Procession DEZUAN LIN Transmit FENG NI Company FENG NI Through GUOQING GAO Prosperous Hong Li First teacher Hong Li Hard study 01 Hong Li Village Class HUIFEN WANG Generation HUIFEN WANG Live on the Sea 3 HUIFEN WANG Mystery Dongjiang HUIQIAN YANG Care HUIQIAN YANG Herd Kid JIANGUANG ZHOU Stairs JIANGUO BAI Head For JIN LIN Childhood JIN LIN Moms back JIN LIN Reading JINCHENG ZHOU Douli Dance JINCHENG ZHOU Return Home JINCHENG ZHOU Sea of Clouds Jinming Pan Nowhere to Hide JUN YE Alone JUN YE Fisherman JUN YE Reading JUNHUA LIN Belief Road JUNHUA LIN Cattle Race Lanfeng Chen Back home3 Lanfeng Chen Beautiful magnifi- cent Lanfeng Chen Grazing home Lanfeng Chen Shoals02 Li Fang Three siblings LI SUN A Family LI SUN Camels LI SUN The Children of Cannibal Tribe LI SUN The world in the lens LIQUAN SHENG Climb LIQUAN SHENG Patrol NING WANG Life Songs
  101. 101. 101 PEIYANG WANG Pick up PING XU under ancient banian QIN WANG Good Brothers QIN WANG Indulge QIN ZHANG Fairyland QIN ZHANG Making QIONGSHENG YANG Mountain RENYONG ZHUO Save RENYONG ZHUO Tibetan Girls RONGGUANG YE Eye to Eye RONGGUANG YE Sit Around RONGGUANG YE Study Shenghua Yang Tulou in the rain SIYUAN HUANG Life SIYUAN HUANG Sleeping TIEQIANG LI Miss Parents TIEQIANG LI Return WEIJING YANG Love WEIJING YANG Miss WEIJING YANG Take a Rest WENGUANG LU Curiosity WENGUANG LU Far Away WENGUANG LU Study XIAODONG CHENG Chuckle to One- self XIAODONG CHENG Confused XIAODONG CHENG Sleeping Xiaomei Xu Family on the trip Xinxin Chen Bangladeshi rickshaw 5 Xinxin Chen Grab sheep on horse 2 Xinxin Chen Through and passing YAN ZHANG aurora borealis YAN ZHANG Prairie YANPING QIU Golden Sea YANPING QIU Outside World YANPING QIU Take off YAOHUA ZENG Go Home YAOHUA ZENG Harvest YAOHUA ZENG Shadow YI WAN City Tower YI WAN Red earth5 YONGHONG JIN Gaze 1 YONGHONG JIN View ZHESHENG ZHUANG Eyes ZHESHENG ZHUANG Go to Fair ZHESHENG ZHUANG In the Icy Wind ZHESHENG ZHUANG Keep Compa- ny Croatia Neda Racki War and Peace Nenad Martic Passenger Nenad Martic Tame the beast Petar Sabol Clouds over Guillestre Petar Sabol Golden sunset Petar Sabol Macro wonderland Petar Sabol Unreal Zvonko Radicanin Hypocrisy Zvonko Radicanin Jellyfish Zvonko Radicanin Mimicry Cyprus Agis Taramides Shapes Agis Taramides Summer colours Agis Taramides Unsuccessfully parked Alexis Saveriades Fresh Wash 1 Alexis Saveriades Onions and chilly pep- pers Alexis Saveriades Street Art 2 Andreas L Andreou Kid s Expression Andreas L Andreou Motion in the street Andreas L Andreou TRIANGLE Andreas L Andreou WHITE HARMO- NY Despina Anastasis At your service Despina Anastasis Some small change Denmark Henrik Ramsing Kristensen Mud blue eyes Henrik Ramsing Kristensen Seagul um- brella john Vestergaard break Thomas Holm TH20151810 Thomas Holm TH20162036 Thomas Holm TH20162061color England Alison J Fryer The Barge Man Andy Fryer Past Champion Andy Fryer Sarah Beryl Heaton The Minister Calvin Downes Keeping an eye Calvin Downes Kirkjufell 2 Calvin Downes Landmannalaugar grasses 2 Calvin Downes Tenderness Finland Antti Seppala Broom man Hemmo Ristimaki Northern lights Lassi Tuominen The red covered with frost Taru Makimartti His ladies France Cacheux Daniel MontMartre Cacheux Daniel Surfing a Lacanau Guy B Samoyault Diede 15 Guy B Samoyault Ladakh light Guy B Samoyault Virage BMX 4 Roger Jourdain Dracula Fiancee Roger Jourdain Faty Roger Jourdain Free Wheels 2011 No01 Roger Jourdain Pirate Eyes Germany Doelz Hans Martin book temple III. Doelz Hans Martin mystic wood. Gerhard Boehm On the Chair Gerhard Boehm Sprint 2015 Gerhard Boehm Sunset Sylt Guenter Kleber checkered Guenter Kleber Regenschirm Guenter Kleber Zylinderr Gunter Scholtz Black Beauty Gunter Scholtz Library Gunter Scholtz Pink Cadillac Gunter Scholtz Spiegelung Herdis Halvas Nielsen An arabian dream Herdis Halvas Nielsen Namib Coast- line Herdis Halvas Nielsen Puffin Manfred Kluger golden light4 Manfred Kluger meditative2 Manfred Kluger peacock dance1 Manfred Kluger sunset glow2 Peter Ludwig in front of Greece Chris Pantazis The sound of silence 2 Iannis Skotiniotis 1. Walking Iannis Skotiniotis 2. Agonizing ef- fort Iannis Skotiniotis 3. Calla Lily NIKOLAOS BASIAS Antithesis2 NIKOLAOS BASIAS Holi Fest nikos kikakis Arxontiko nikos kikakis Sto spiti tis giagias 1 PELAGIA VRENTZOU Crying PELAGIA VRENTZOU Lost Hong Kong HW CHAN E1Prey to the mouth 3 HW CHAN E2Sky in the water 3 HW CHAN E3Cannot get away 6 HW CHAN E4Crane in morning fog 2 Koon Nam CHEUNG Golden Eagle 02 Koon Nam CHEUNG Golden Eagle 06 Koon Nam CHEUNG Golden Eagle in Flight 01 MAN YU, ALEX FUNG Catch on the sun shiu Gun Wong E2.. The Twin shiu Gun Wong E3. No Photo shiu Gun Wong E4. Catching Three Hors- es WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG Autumn colour 3 WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG Autumn scenic 2 WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG Couple Dancing YILAN SONG Devout Believers1 YILAN SONG Lie Hungary Dora Csorogi Eruption Imre Farkas Color act of spring Imre Farkas Countryside landing Istvan Kerekes Gabor gipsy Istvan Kerekes Maramuresan tale Istvan Kerekes The yawning Istvan Kerekes Yelena Janos Gyongyosi Et dawn Janos Gyongyosi Riding school Jozsef Szabo Footpath Kalman Holocsi Blue wall Zsolt Ujhelyi Complementary India Avishek Das Firey Eye Avishek Das Little Radha Prasanta Mohanty Born Free SATHYANARAYANA C R E2 BACK HOME SATHYANARAYANA C R E3 TEA PLANTA- TION SATHYANARAYANA C R E4 POT MAK- ER Sounak Banerjee Blue Mountains Sounak Banerjee Men who stare at goats Sounak Banerjee The Handyman SURYAPRAKASARAO VADDADI Sad- hu Ireland Catherine Bushe Chapter and verse Catherine Bushe Viewpoint Des Daly SkimmingLight Des Daly SunbeamIII Sigita Playdon blue eyes Sigita Playdon dragons eye Israel LEONID GOLDIN 1 Fashionable shoes LEONID GOLDIN 4 Feet Italy GIUSEPPE FERRATI IBRAHIM.30 GIUSEPPE FERRATI Saeid.11 GIUSEPPE FERRATI The tailor Giuseppe TOMELLERI E1Like a modern Burano nr.1 Giuseppe TOMELLERI E2Like a modern Burano nr.2 Giuseppe TOMELLERI E4Like a modern Burano nr.4 Pietro Bugli Two and two Roberto Cella Deadvlei 1 Roberto Cella The three fishermen Roberto Cella When the sun is set- ting Roberto Tagliani C1PINK TOUCH Kuwait SADEQ HASHIM future gate SADEQ HASHIM more light SADEQ HASHIM peace Latvia Viesturs Links AUTUMN OF PATRI- ARCH Viesturs Links CAT WALKS ALONE Viesturs Links REPROACH Viesturs Links RESCUERS Lithuania Normante Ribokaite The first ice 1 Normante Ribokaite Thirsty 1 Normante Ribokaite Woman with Pump- kins Macedonia Marina Krstic Singing in the rain Zaklina Stefanovska Zaklina Stefanovska memorial Zaklina Stefanovska Zaklina Stefanovska The reaper and the rice Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT E1Landschap en fiets- er Daniel LYBAERT E2Drie schapen in kleur Daniel LYBAERT E3Nee Ja Wat Daniel LYBAERT E4Ik wil het niet zien Franke de Jong Dunes and clouds Huub Bink Bottles and flowers 4
  102. 102. 102 Huub Bink Father and son Bink Marcel van Balken E1Red reading hat Marcel van Balken E2Snow climber Marcel van Balken E3Balloons Marcel van Balken E4Baywatch New Zealand Ann Bastion colour freedom Ann Bastion Honesty Ann Bastion illusion Norway Atle Sveen Ilva in the river II Atle Sveen Ivory Flame in ivy Atle Sveen Raphaella III Roald Synnevaag Fyrlykt i Floro Roald Synnevaag In the old atelier 3 Qatar Abdulla Al Mushaifri Aya Abdulla Al Mushaifri Blinking Eye Abdulla Al Mushaifri Shakur Romania Cantemir Aron Mandru Battlefield Cantemir Aron Mandru Gypsy chief Cantemir Aron Mandru Prince of the forest Octavian Silaghi first lines of dawn Octavian Silaghi quiet morning Octavian Silaghi red bridge Rodica Tanase FarewellHydn Rodica Tanase I dont like borders I love the escapes Rodica Tanase The merroir 1 Rodica Tanase The merroir 2 Russia Alexey Suloev Baikal Alexey Suloev Somewhere on Mars Alexey Suloev White dance Yury Pustovoy Scotland Yury Pustovoy Scotland I Yury Pustovoy Scotland II Yury Pustovoy Scotland IV Saudi Arabia MISHAL ALRYHAN Rhynchophorus ferru- gineus MISHAL ALRYHAN star trails copy Scotland Norma McDowall Blue Poppy with Buds Norma McDowall Mt Blanc Dawn Norma McDowall Winter Seedheads Robert Quig Autumnal Frost Robert Quig Buachaille Etive Beag Robert Quig Frozen Rannoch Roy Smith Afterlight Roy Smith Blue Smoke Roy Smith Heavy Seas Roy Smith Pulsatilla Singapore Chin Foo See Colorful SuperTrees Chin Foo See Dawn At Lion City Edward Chee Hong Cheong Harvest- ing Edward Chee Hong Cheong In Line Lee Eng Tan Bali fairy Lee Eng Tan Bali Painter Lee Eng Tan the throw Partha Roy Buring City Partha Roy Color Flow Partha Roy Nature Color Partha Roy Sunrise reflection Teck Boon Lim At A Corner Teck Boon Lim Dual Net Casts Two Teck Boon Lim Shadow Dance Kick One Teck Boon Lim Three Sails at LiShui Zee Kek HENG Alert Zee Kek HENG Dance with umbralla Zee Kek HENG Dancing with water Slovakia Ignac Dusan Hockey U182 Ignac Dusan Shorttrack abstract 5 Martin Ondko Milos Sarakainiko Slovenia Andreja Ravnak not same story Andreja Ravnak zeitgeist Bogdan Bricelj Cafe on St. Marcos Square Bogdan Bricelj Mists on Square Bogdan Bricelj Skier with Shadow Daniel Mauko Color blocks Daniel Mauko White shoe Hedvika Gumilar Dunes Hedvika Gumilar Meeting Igor Debevec Fields and trees III Igor Debevec Field in summer Igor Debevec Leaf Igor Debevec Modern pyramid Ivo Borko The Fates 1 Ivo Borko Vineyard in heart Stojan Gorup Late autumn 1 Stojan Gorup Magic light Stojan Gorup Red hat Stojan Gorup Vitaleta in mist South Korea Jong Il Lee Fighting Jong Il Lee Frogs Spain ALBERT BUSQUETS HOOPOE ALBERT BUSQUETS SUPERCOPA 1 Javier Munoz Tubet E01Mujer en rojo Joseba Ibarra Escoba Joseba Ibarra Giraseoles Joseba Ibarra Isla Sri Lanka Lakshitha Karunarathna Curious Lakshitha Karunarathna Scary Sweden Mikael Bengtsson Lestander Biker Nr 2 Mikael Bengtsson Lestander Danger Zone Mikael Bengtsson Lestander Red Car In Motion Mikael Bengtsson Lestander Trapped In a Bubble Switzerland Klaus Stock The hero with only one leg Taiwan Cheng Hsiang Wang Trained horses CHING YU LU A little red CHING YU LU Busy kitchen HSIU CHIN LEE Offshore04 HSIU CHIN LEE Swan fly01 Min Sheng Ku Dancing 26 Min Sheng Ku Fighting Egrets 8 Min Sheng Ku Slipper Orchid 1 Min Sheng Ku Sunrise from the Sea 2 Turkey Kenan Kahraman Colorful Building Ukraine Igor Lander Extrovert Igor Lander Still life with telephone Igor Rabiner Red skirts Leonid Zakrevskiy At sunrise Yevhen Samuchenko Breath of Manas- lu Yevhen Samuchenko Fairytale night United Arab Emirates khalid alhemeiri DSC79181 khalid alhemeiri man and horse khalid alhemeiri zz 1 of 122 Prachi Ganoo pillars f2 United Kingdom Carol McNiven Young Strings Carol McNiven Young The Illusionist Cliff Spooner Vocano Sunset Raymond Bridges Autumn in the For- est Raymond Bridges The Last Good- bye Richard Prior sarahs dream Richard Prior summer Dress Ron Tear Lightning 2 copy Sandra Crook Under the Bridge Simon Hill Icelandic Road Yin Wong John Stickman USA Ed Cooley Enchanted Ed Cooley Majestic McKinley Ed Cooley Tapestry Ed Cooley The Tree Gabriele Dellanave Acrobatic surf- ing Gabriele Dellanave Dripping paint Jingru Luo Great Wall 3 SA KIM TRAN Wild Flowers 205a SA KIM TRAN Wild Flowers 511a Tuan Tran Dragonfly 120 Yan Tsang Time flies Yan Tsang Where are you Vietnam Huu Hung Truong 1Truonghuuhungjpg Look Huu Hung Truong 2Truonghuuhungjpg Early morning NHAN LE HOANG GIO HOC KINH KO- RAN NHAN LE HOANG TAP PHAT AM No 3 Wales john Bell Battle for first john Bell Falling john Bell Superbikes Oulton Park john Bell Their names liveth forever Linda Bell Dark skies Linda Bell Dirt bikers Linda Bell unlucky for some F/OPEN MONOCHROME Australia Annette Kirby Ageing in style Annette Kirby Where does it go 2 Anthony PW Yap Blessing Anthony PW Yap MonkPet Anthony PW Yap QuickPeek charles chow Anger horse BW charles chow Crazy Bull BW Elizabeth Kodela Stork Leaves Baby Jeffrey Venning Clipsal Girls 2 Jeffrey Venning Dogs at Play 2 Jeffrey Venning Wrong Way 2 Linda K Y Wei CowBoyB3 Linda K Y Wei Moring12Mono Linda K Y Wei QuietDay1 Linda K Y Wei Water3 Michael Ioannou Amsterdam Canal Vicki Moritz Street performer Mel- bourne Austria Albert Peer forbidding coastline Albert Peer Rialto Bridge Mc Albert Peer Vulture Albert Peer Waterski Alois Bernkopf Dr Fascinating TT Alois Bernkopf Dr Winding stairs Barbara Seiberl Stark Der Blick Barbara Seiberl Stark Punk Barbara Seiberl Stark Vienna Op- era Barbara Seiberl Stark Watzmann Johann Schrittwieser Bicker with dog Johann Schrittwieser Chinese 03 Johann Schrittwieser Large vase Nagy Stefan Geometrie Nagy Stefan Play Nagy Stefan Triangle WOLFGANG HABRINGER 1 Ennsberg 66 WOLFGANG HABRINGER 2 Einfrie- dung WOLFGANG HABRINGER 3 First Morning Light Azerbaijan Ilgar Jafarov BalerinaM Ilgar Jafarov Height Belarus Tatsiana Tsyhanova Father Tatsiana Tsyhanova Girl Tatsiana Tsyhanova Owl Belgium Claude SIMON Young and muddy LEGRAND Jean Luc Le salut Marie Claire Dylst Mobile Canada Francis King First Wife Of Hamer Tribe Mono
  103. 103. 103 Francis King Shooting For The Chan- nel Kam Chiu Tam Revenging Kam Chiu Tam Speed Kam Chiu Tam Speeding Kam Chiu Tam Steer wrestling Phillip Kwan F2Five Cubs on Mount BW Phillip Kwan F3Snowy Owl13 BW Phillip Kwan F4Zebras Running BW China FENG NI Flying Thought FENG NI Gaze Hong Li Child on Daliang mountain 13 Hong Li Country school1 Hong Li Rangeland Hong Li Tianpusa and his granddaugh- ter HONGBING YE Chase HONGBING YE Smiling girl HONGBING YE Thinking HUIFEN WANG Bayao Kid 2 HUIFEN WANG Bayao Kid 3 HUIQIAN YANG Feeding HUIQIAN YANG Mums Arm HUIQIAN YANG Tear JIANGUANG ZHOU Alone JIANGUANG ZHOU Camel Team JIANGUANG ZHOU Pilgrimage Road JIANGUANG ZHOU Pious Heart JIANGUO BAI Full Speed JIANGUO BAI Long Way Ahead JIANQIANG CHEN Pledge JIANQIANG CHEN Receive Baptism JIN LIN Get on JIN LIN Heavy Burden Jinming Pan Morning fog Jinming Pan Taipei 101 after the rain JUN YE Explorer JUN YE Focus On JUN YE Slow Down Lanfeng Chen Desert desire21 Lanfeng Chen Sheet music Lanfeng Chen Transition a Li Fang Back to home2 Li Fang Pottery workshop11 LI SUN Cannibal Tribe Carnival 2 LI SUN Cannibal Tribe Carnival 4 LI SUN Light Road LIQUAN SHENG Little Girl LIYU ZHANG Electric Welding Longxing MENG Impression of Qi Du Longxing MENG Pictureque Winter Moun- tain PEIYANG WANG Little Boy PING XU Artist QIONGSHENG YANG Circumanbula- tor RENYONG ZHUO Share RONGGUANG YE Light of Faith RONGGUANG YE See Him Off Shenghua Yang In the rain Shenghua Yang Shadow SIYUAN HUANG Carry SIYUAN HUANG Watch TIEQIANG LI Little Boy on the Garbage Field TIEQIANG LI Take Water WEIJING YANG Children in the Facto- ry WEIJING YANG Sister and Brother WEIJING YANG Thinking WENGUANG LU Guard Home XIAODONG CHENG Pose XIAODONG CHENG Washing Dishes Xiaomei Xu Man of highland Xiaomei Xu Outside of the window Xiaomei Xu Sparkling water Xinxin Chen contemplate Xinxin Chen grabing sheep race 6 Xinxin Chen Mother and son 2 Xuezhong Chai gazing Xuezhong Chai The light of the earth YAN ZHANG Confession1 YAN ZHANG In Class YAN ZHANG Years YANPING QIU Look back YANPING QIU Reluctant YAOHUA ZENG Comprehend YI WAN communicate by telephone YI WAN train YONGHONG JIN Devout Believers3 YONGHONG JIN Pakistani 2 YONGHONG JIN Seek YONGHONG JIN virtual and real ZHESHENG ZHUANG Tender Care Croatia Neda Racki On the third floor Nenad Martic Runner dog and tyre Nenad Martic Two eggs Petar Sabol Baka Petar Sabol Beli leptiri Zvonko Radicanin Love on the Wheels Zvonko Radicanin Rhythm Zvonko Radicanin Spooky Place Cyprus Agis Taramides Alone in white Andreas L Andreou Coffee Andreas L Andreou Stop Andreas L Andreou World news Despina Anastasis A light read Tevfik Ulual Calmness And Storm Tevfik Ulual The Conveyor Thanasis Hadjipavlou Rainy Piazza Czech Republic Josef Franc Winter Plain 1 Josef Franc Winter Plain 2 Josef Franc Winter Romance Denmark john Vestergaard viking 4bw Thomas Holm TH20161823 Thomas Holm TH20161858 England Alison J Fryer Lagangarbh Cottage Alison J Fryer The Lonely Road Andy Fryer Barbican Seating Beryl Heaton Approaching Storm Beryl Heaton Beach Paling 2 Beryl Heaton Shopping Gossip Calvin Downes Church in rain show- er Finland Eero Siltanen alone in the crowd Eero Siltanen breakfast all day Eero Siltanen special transport Erkki Toivanen Countryside Erkki Toivanen Park in springtime Erkki Toivanen Pinetree in winter Hemmo Ristimaki Seed Capsule Hemmo Ristimaki Waiting Lassi Tuominen Blacksmiths Taru Makimartti Lyingdog France Cacheux Daniel La Colere du Ciel Jean Pierre SIMON Mosque of Mus- cat Roger Jourdain Drummer Lilou No1 Roger Jourdain Freedom On Horse- back Roger Jourdain Guitarist Gege Roger Jourdain Pirate No8 Germany Doelz Hans Martin inside the cube III. Doelz Hans Martin solitary Gerhard Boehm Duo SW Gerhard Boehm Patrick Gerhard Boehm Sousse SW Gerhard Boehm Table Top SW Guenter Kleber HypoTower Guenter Kleber umbrella Gunter Scholtz FashionGirl Herdis Halvas Nielsen We are not small cats Greece Chris Pantazis Breaking the silence NESTOR FANOS ascension NIKOLAOS BASIAS Expectation nikos kikakis Apogoitefsi nikos kikakis O agonas nikos kikakis sinergasia PELAGIA VRENTZOU Sudness Vasilis Kazepidis Crossig paths Vasilis Kazepidis Desperate Hong Kong HW CHAN F1Repair Net frame 11 HW CHAN F3Quiet lake of ice Koon Nam CHEUNG Golden Eagle 01 BW Koon Nam CHEUNG Golden Eagle 10 BW Koon Nam CHEUNG Good Catch 21 BW Man Wo KWOK castle in sky BW MAN YU, ALEX FUNG Donation in the morning MAN YU, ALEX FUNG In the factory 5 shiu Gun Wong F1. Me and My Grand- mother shiu Gun Wong F3. Three against Three shiu Gun Wong F4.All Wet WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG Ballet BW WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG Galloping BW WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG Galloping steed BW WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG In the shadow BW YILAN SONG Fashion Tribal Man YILAN SONG Guard YILAN SONG Pious heart YILAN SONG Thinking Hungary Dora Csorogi Shelter at dawn Imre Farkas Greatgrandmother Imre Farkas Waiting for harvest Istvan Kerekes Goatherd Istvan Kerekes Lightbar Istvan Kerekes Shepherd girl Istvan Kerekes The lamb Janos Gyongyosi Lonely wanderer Janos Gyongyosi Marvel at some- thing Jozsef Szabo Blacksmiths Jozsef Szabo Freedombridge Jozsef Szabo Hoary tour Jozsef Szabo Ponytails Zsolt Ujhelyi Forgotten Time Zsolt Ujhelyi Habitus India Avishek Das Shadow Walk Avishek Das The Tough Ritual Prasanta Mohanty Resting Boats RUPAK DE Serve Sarang Bhand Little Egret Sarang Bhand Reflection SATHYANARAYANA C R F1 LINEMAN SATHYANARAYANA C R F2 RETURNING HERD SATHYANARAYANA C R F3 WINNOWING COUPLE SATHYANARAYANA C R F4 DESERT SMOK- ER shirish jhaveri Starry Night Sounak Banerjee Cows will fly bw Sounak Banerjee Intense bw Sounak Banerjee Moustache Man bw Sounak Banerjee Old Musician bw Ireland Catherine Bushe Underneath the arches Sigita Playdon contemplating about life Sigita Playdon little dreamer 2 Sigita Playdon winter morning swim Israel Efraim Shpringer Basketball Efraim Shpringer Contrabass Joseph Vida Mountin LEONID GOLDIN 1 Black cat LEONID GOLDIN 3 Art and life Italy Biggio Roberto CHIAVARI HARBOUR ITALY gianluca afflitti activity
  104. 104. 104 gianluca afflitti attack gianluca afflitti thanks GIUSEPPE FERRATI School 2 Giuseppe TOMELLERI F1Early morning nr.6 Giuseppe TOMELLERI F2Early morning nr.7 Giuseppe TOMELLERI F3Early morning nr.8 Giuseppe TOMELLERI F4Early morning nr.9 Pasquale Vitale AMSTERDAM Pasquale Vitale ILSUONATORE Roberto Cella Daily duties Roberto Cella Working in the rice fields Roberto Tagliani m2 the elements ta- ble Kuwait SADEQ HASHIM do not approach SADEQ HASHIM hard life SADEQ HASHIM waiting Latvia Viesturs Links MY LITTLE SUN- SHINE Viesturs Links OLD WINDOW Viesturs Links WEREWOLF Lithuania Normante Ribokaite To pedal 1 Normante Ribokaite Winter 7 Ruslan Bolgov Lafemmeauchapeau Macedonia Marina Krstic Granny Zaklina Stefanovska blacksmith BW Zaklina Stefanovska workers Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT F1Treinmachinist Daniel LYBAERT F2Aggression Daniel LYBAERT F3Stiekem Daniel LYBAERT F4Verdriet in Doel in ZwW Franke de Jong Black holes Franke de Jong Portretgalerij no 2 Franke de Jong Trees and cyclist Marcel van Balken F1Handbill Marcel van Balken F3Passage Marcel van Balken F4Tunnel Will VERHEESEN strolling along the boule- vard Will VERHEESEN walking the dog New Zealand Ann Bastion encompass Ann Bastion Nicandra Seed Heads Ann Bastion paper roll BW Barry Doig Colins Garage Barry Doig High Cloud Norway Atle Sveen Fredau VII Atle Sveen Fredau XIII Atle Sveen Ilva by the window Atle Sveen Victoria Roald Synnevaag Skudesnes fyr 2 Terje Kolbeinsen Decending Qatar Abdulla Al Mushaifri Batan Face Bw Abdulla Al Mushaifri Juma Abdulla Al Mushaifri Take Me Home Bw Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban bottle cap Romania Cantemir Aron Mandru Moise 2 Cantemir Aron Mandru Rush hour Octavian Silaghi last lines of purity Octavian Silaghi vortex 2 Rodica Tanase The dog Elliot Rodica Tanase The lost soldier Rodica Tanase The path Rodica Tanase The wooden cage Russia Alexey Suloev Legendary vertex Yury Pustovoy Alone Yury Pustovoy Moeraki Boulders Yury Pustovoy Singapore Saudi Arabia Firas Abussaud Ignored Firas Abussaud Looking2 Firas Abussaud The Look Scotland Norma McDowall Mt Blanc Massif Robert Quig Loch Droma Singapore Chin Foo See Loneliness BW Edward Chee Hong Cheong Market Place Guan Kwee YAP Cobbler M Guan Kwee YAP Father And Son M Lee Eng Tan Balinese Indoor Cook Lee Eng Tan iceberg afloat Lee Eng Tan Splash water Partha Roy Innocent Beast Partha Roy Victoria Teck Boon Lim Defroze Fish Yuk Kong Chung Happy Chattering Yuk Kong Chung Happy Run Yuk Kong Chung Misty Morning 1 Zee Kek HENG Forward charging M Slovakia Ignac Dusan Kick box 4 Ladislav Pollak The Church of st. Ja- cob Ladislav Pollak The Heart Peter Skuta A woman with the umbrel- la Slovenia Andreja Ravnak asiL anoM Andreja Ravnak reborn Andreja Ravnak welcome into the un- known Bogdan Bricelj Storm in Siena Daniel Mauko Help me please Daniel Mauko The tree signpost Daniel Mauko Vineyard lines Hedvika Gumilar Squares Igor Debevec Seller II Igor Debevec Strugar Ivo Borko Cursed castle 2 Ivo Borko Fisherman with broaken net Ivo Borko Old farmer with fork Ivo Borko Portrait of dairyman Rafael Podobnik F3Column Rafael Podobnik F4A Strange Thought Stojan Gorup Old colleagues Stojan Gorup Salina worker 2 South Korea Chae Chun Hwang potter Jong Il Lee A Horse Family Jong Il Lee Peace Spain Joseba Ibarra Camino a la Cima Joseba Ibarra Chicago II Joseba Ibarra Ermita Joseba Ibarra Simetria IV Sri Lanka Lakshitha Karunarathna Boy in a maasai house Lakshitha Karunarathna Emotions of plea- sure Lakshitha Karunarathna Sculpture Sweden Mikael Bengtsson Lestander Man in a Window Mikael Bengtsson Lestander Two Gui- tars Switzerland Klaus Stock Controlled Klaus Stock Der Busen 1 Klaus Stock Water drops Taiwan Cheng Hsiang Wang Happy comes home Cheng Hsiang Wang The beauty of the egret CHING YU LU Silence HSIU CHIN LEE Hopping bag HSIU CHIN LEE Ice cubes on the beach HSIU CHIN LEE Single foot fishing Min Sheng Ku Boating At Dawn M1 Min Sheng Ku Mysterious Sea M3 Turkey Kenan Kahraman Runing from up- stairs Kenan Kahraman Strawberry plant Kenan Kahraman Take it please Ukraine Leonid Zakrevskiy Age Leonid Zakrevskiy Hockey Leonid Zakrevskiy One1 Yevhen Samuchenko Cheerful Tibet- an Yevhen Samuchenko Jack Sparrow child- hood United Arab Emirates khalid alhemeiri untitled 1 of 13 Prachi Ganoo fightclub United Kingdom Carol McNiven Young A Man of Cul- ture Carol McNiven Young Nocturnal Friends Carol McNiven Young The Appren- tice Carol McNiven Young The Rag n Bone Man Cliff Spooner The Catch Malcolm Rapier Eye to Eye Malcolm Rapier Hat Trick Marion Rapier The Printer Prashant Meswani Manhattan Sky- line Prashant Meswani The Fishing Pier Raymond Bridges Bodyscape Richard Prior little fish and chip shop queue Richard Prior loneliness of old age Richard Prior tonle sap girl Ron Tear In the light Joss mono copy Ron Tear Play of light copy Sandra Crook Ccormarant Fisher- man Sandra Crook Delhi Street Vendor Simon Hill Attitude Florence Italy Yin Wong Adam Yin Wong Victorian mother and baby USA Daniel Pham Carla Daniel Pham Poem artist Daniel Pham Pray Ed Cooley Fire In The Sky Ed Cooley fisherman Ed Cooley Ghost Riders Gabriele Dellanave Airplane cylin- der Gabriele Dellanave High heels Ira Nemeroff Alberobello 27 Jingru Luo Wake Up Daddy Jingru Luo We Together Peter Gedeon F4 Homage to M Ray2 SA KIM TRAN Dendelion Seeds 690a Yan Tsang Lonely boy Vietnam Huu Hung Truong 1Truonghuuhungjpg Two sisters Huu Hung Truong 3Truonghuuhungjpg Sprint Huu Hung Truong 4Truonghuuhungjpg Play together Manh Cuong Vu HOOK NHAN LE HOANG BO CHOI NHAN LE HOANG PHOI DUA TRE Wales john Bell Dirt Rider john Bell Sharing john Bell The Boxer john Bell Time just passes us by Linda Bell The Lighthouse jpg Linda Bell The visitor
  105. 105. 105 Unlimited Photo Montenegro Jury Borislav Milovanovic EFIAP, Serbia Volodimir Norba AFIAP, Ukraine Dusica Kalezic Professor of art history Montenegro
  106. 106. 106
  107. 107. 107
  108. 108. 108
  109. 109. 109 1st International Contest Unlimited Photo 2017 Salon Chairman Branko Lazarevic Organizer Unlimited Photo Publisher Unlimited Photo Organizing Committee Branko Lazarevic Aleksandar Cvijanovic Cover photo © Yaohua Zeng, China, Sunset Design Ljiljana Vrzic Nenad Nikolic Printing by “Grafostil” Kragujevac Copies 400 Montenegro, 2017
  110. 110. 110 Unlimited Photo