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Katalog singidunum 2015


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Catalog Singidunum 2015

Published in: Art & Photos
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Katalog singidunum 2015

  1. 1. 2015/019 L140081–M3G2S2B PID/PPD Recognition 2015-023 2015/03 Singidunum 2015 1st International Salon of Photography Prvi Internacionalni Salon Fotografije Sections / Teme Beograd, 2015 A/Street/Ulica B/Landscape/Pejzaž C/Portrait/Portret D/Experiment/Eksperiment E/Open Color PRINT/Slobodna Kolor PRINT F/Open Monochrome PRINT/Slobodna Monohrom PRINT
  2. 2. L140081–M3G2S2B2015-023
  3. 3. The Best author of Serbia PHOTO Salon Singidunum 2015 FIAP Blue Badge Mr. Damir Buzurović Damir Buzurović was born in 1982, Čačak, Serbia. He lives and works in Čačak as an economist of banking and finance department. He is nourished his tendency towards photogra- phy from an early age, but he joined the Photo Cinema Club Čačak Since April 2012. Under the auspices of Photo Cinema Club, he is continues its work and is being developed as an perspective author. His first photographs exhibited at domes- tic exhibitions Photo Cinema Club Čačak “Čačak and čačani 2012”. From this period with constant work and effort, he is continues to participate in domestic and international exhibi- tions.
  4. 4. GRAND PRIX Singidunum 2015 Salon Best Photography Mr. Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia I’m a self taught photographer. The ex- change of ideas and knowledge through the encounters I had with others who I share the same passion for photogra- phy with have been very enriching for me at personal and educational level. The active participation on photography websites and the exchange of knowl- edge with members of my club (Club Deportivo Eibar) have been invalu- able in order to polish my technique. I like researching and going in depth on travel photography, sports, still life, architecture and so forth but I feel the most comfortable and fulfilled working with landscape photography. I consider my land an inexhaustible source of inspiration for my landscape photography in which one can find deep woods, devious mountain rivers, the rough sea of Bizakia’s gulf and so on. In order to find the best light for my projects I often visit nearby places to contemplate them at different times of the day and in different seasons. I have obtained several recognitions in both national and international competitions. I hold the ACEF (Art- ist of the Spanish Confederation of Photography) title and I have made several solo and group exhibitions.
  5. 5. REWARDS / NAGRADE FIAP badge of the best author by Salon / FIAP značka za najboljeg autora Damir Buzurović, Srbija GRAND PRIX Salon for best photography / GRAND PRIX Salona za najbolju fotografiju Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Spain Gold FIAP medal Des Byrne, Ireland, The Nun Gold PSA medal Dany Chan, Canada, Kids playing in Streets of China Gold UPI medal Pohan Wu, Canada, Green Light Gold FSS medal Joko Nuswantoro, Indonesia, Pass Gold SALON medal De Wilde Eddy, Belgium, Les oiseaux Silver FIAP medal Jarle Harkestad, Norway, Buick Silver PSA medal Pantelis Kranos, Cyprus, Lines Silver SALON medal Dervis Ozcan, Turkey, Zerzavatci Bronze FIAP medal Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, 3 Watches Bronze PSA medal H.W.Chan, Hong Kong, Rainy Day in Sarajevo Bronze UPI medal Oliver Merce, Romania, Picture in Picture Bronze SALON medal Anica Župunski, Serbia, Alley FIAP Mention Yongxiong Ling, Australia, Home for the holiday FIAP Mention Ulf Norenius, Sweden, Antonia in Dubrovnik FIAP Mention Ovi D. Pop, Romania, Feeding the pidgeons 3 FIAP Mention Abdulrahman Alterkait, Kuwait, Downtown noise UPI Mention Antonio Persano, Italy, Thedoor UPI Mention Emre Yengel, Turkey, Cion UPI Mention Dejan Ilijić, Serbia, Downtown UPI Mention Sanja Krnjajić, BiH, Vietnam street FSS Mention Haitham Alfarsi, Oman, Bull fighting 1 FSS Mention Mirsad Mujanović, BiH, Music in the street FSS Mention Branimir Radovanović, Serbia, Shadows No10062 SALON Mention David Poey-Cher TAY, Singapore, Clearing rubbish SALON Mention Latreche Abdelghani, Algeria, Unnamed 5 SALON Mention Mednan Sacakli, Turkey, Morning at the Istiklal Street in Taksim SALON Mention Daniele Franceschini, Italy, Urban Geometries SALON Mention Željka Gavrilović, Serbia, Street 2 SALON Mention Branislav Backović, Serbia, Rain Theme A Street / Tema A Ulica
  6. 6. Gold FIAP medal Damir Buzurović, Serbia, Wood 7 Gold PSA medal Irene Becker, Hungary, Spring time Gold FSS medal Davide Agnelli, Guernsey, Siblini Gold SALON medal Miodrag Veselinović, BiH, Tri ograde Silver UPI medal Kauko Lehtonen, Finland, Melancholy Silver SALON medal Les Forrester, United Kingdom, Storm Chasing Bronze SALON medal Mark Sedgwick, Ireland, Donegal Squall and Gull FIAP Mention John Whitby, United Kingdom, Dead Vlei Storm 5 FIAP Mention Jan Zahornacky, Czech Republic, Autumn 22 PSA Mention Meer Ghersberg, Moldova, Mrchen PSA Mention Vladimir Myagkov, Russia, Mountain landscape UPI Mention Angiolo Manetti, Italy, On the edge UPI Mention Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Li River China FSS Mention Petar Sabol, Croatia, First light FSS Mention Dragan Lapčević, Serbia, Orchard in spring FSS Mention Igor Debevec, Slovenia, Field in summer SALON Mention Vladimir Proshin, Russia, On the river SALON Mention Heiko Roemisch, Germany, Curves of fertilisation SALON Mention Prosenjit Das, India, Golden harvest 2 SALON Mention Kalman Holocsi, Hungary, Summer time SALON Mention Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Spain, Tierrade Campos 3 SALON Mention Andrej Skuba, Slovakia, Born from death Gold FIAP medal Simone Boddi, Italy, Malindi 2 Gold PSA medal Yi Wan, China, Girl live in hills Gold FSS medal Zoltan Bisak, Serbia, Guardian Gold SALON medal Roland Kilimanjaro Blazejewski, Poland, Looking in the wrong direction Silver UPI medal Marco Garabello, Italy, Sguardo Silver SALON medal Damir Buzurović, Serbia, Unknown girl Bronze SALON medal Jerzy Stanczyk, Poland, Mother and her daughter FIAP Mention John Larry, England, Scared Woman Goma Zaire FIAP Mention Antonio Persano, Italy, The question PSA Mention Ahmed Alibrahim, Saudi Arabia, Sad child PSA Mention Yung Niem, Canada, Sole dancer Theme B Landscape / Tema B Pejzaž Theme C Portrait / Tema C Portret
  7. 7. UPI Mention Branislav Backović, Serbia, Concerned mother UPI Mention Istvan Kerekes, Hungary, With grandpa FSS Mention Pantelija Ilić, Serbia, Milica FSS Mention De Wilde Eddy, Belgium, Regard intense FSS Mention Mieke Boynton, Australia, Village Girl SALON Mention Marina Dimitrijević, Serbia, Old boy SALON Mention Ismet Arikanturk, Turkey, Me Too SALON Mention Bruno Cherubini, Italy, Dancing girl SALON Mention Diana Keane, United Kingdom, Planning the next move SALON Mention Alexander Ribowski, Germany, Gipsy boy SALON Mention Mohammed Al Sulaili, Saudi Arabia, Baby Girl Theme D Experiment / Tema D Eksperiment Gold FIAP medal Andreas L Andreou, Cyprus, Motion in the street Gold PSA medal Mieke Boynton, Australia, Dreaming Gold FSS medal Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Disappearance Gold SALON medal Paunas Nicoleta, Romania, Fantasy Silver SALON medal Anna Benicewicz-Miazga, Poland, Underworld 4 Bronze SALON medal Stuart Chape, Samoa, Abstract welcome Bronze UPI medal Mustafa Evirgen, Cyprus, Serenity 2 FIAP Mention Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Spain, Chimenea pared y bici FIAP Mention Dragan Lapčević, Serbia, Looking for PSA Mention Adrian Donoghue, Australia, The home coming PSA Mention Manuel Lopez Puerma, Spain, Autumn UPI Mention Miljenko Marotti, Croatia, Winter walk UPI Mention De Wilde Eddy, Belgium, Vers la lumiere FSS Mention Aleksa Stojković, Serbia, In the Middle of Nowhere FSS Mention Igor Debevec, Slovenia, Egg FSS Mention Istvan Virag, Serbia, D1-UFO SALON Mention Wafa Yareemi, Saudi Arabia, Abstract 2 SALON Mention Zoltan Bisak, Serbia, Stair case 01 SALON Mention Goran Garberg, Sweden, Blues SALON Mention Valentina Stan, Romania, City Profile 3 SALON Mention Suman Bhattcharyya, India, Composition 2 SALON Mention Marko Vlaović, Serbia, Three of you
  8. 8. Theme F Open Monochrome PRINT / Tema F Slobodna Monohrom PRINT Theme E Open Color PRINT / Tema E Slobodna Kolor PRINT Gold FIAP medal Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Spain, Tierra de campos 3 Gold PSA medal Vicki Moritz, Australia, Acheron old timer Gold UPI medal Garry Bisshopp, England, Six Windows Gold FSS medal Martin Marc Henri, France, J'arrive Gold SALON medal Goran Garberg, Sweden, Bridge in early morning Silver SALON medal Yiu Ka Chong, Hong Kong, Awesome Sky Show Silver FSS medal Mohammed Al Sulaili, Saudi Arabia, Indian Student Bronze SALON medal Bruno Cherubini, Italy, Escape to West FIAP Mention David Fletcher, United Kingdom, Mendicant FIAP Mention Tom Richardson, England, Barnand Simon Fell FIAP Mention Željka Gavrilović, Serbia, Beauty of light PSA Mention Homer Lee, Hong Kong, Backstreet PSA Mention Koon Nam Cheung, Hong Kong, Fighting for Championship PSA Mention Siu Hi Kwok, Hong Kong, Song of Earth UPI Mention Angiolo Manetti, Italy, Country landscape UPI Mention Damir Buzurović, Serbia, Violet orange FSS Mention Edo Iglič, Serbia, Dajana FSS Mention Fatimah Al Marhoun, Saudi Arabia, Magdoleen eyes FSS Mention Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz, Spain, Volando sobre el Guggenheim SALON Mention Borislav Milovanović, Serbia, Little One SALON Mention Julija Momcilović, Serbia, Rain SALON Mention Dragan Lapčević, Serbia, Winter lights SALON Mention Hoi Wai Lau, Hong Kong, Carriage Shadow SALON Mention Manolis Koutsakis, Greece, Red 2 SALON Mention Volodimir Norba, Ukraine, Karpathian kruh Gold FIAP medal Bruno Cherubini, Italy, Eleonora Gold PSA medal Marc Henri Martin, France, Cats Gold UPI medal Damir Buzurović, Serbia, Wood 2 Gold FSS medal Juan Antonio Palacios, Spain, Fronton Gold SALON medal Vicki Moritz, Australia, Eildon morning mono Silver SALON medal Tsun Ip Patrick Chow, Hong Kong, Knockout Silver SALON medal Julija Momčilović, Serbia, Misery Silver FSS medal Goran Garberg, Sweden, Dervisch shadow
  9. 9. Bronze SALON medal Mustafa Muezzinoglu, Cyprus, Life FIAP Mention Alphan Yilmazmaden, Turkey, What if FIAP Mention Riccardo Ercolessi, Italy, Collinesenesin3 FIAP Mention David Fletcher, United Kingdom, Triangles PSA Mention Antonio Persano, Italy, Lebanon 2 PSA Mention Saša Preradović, Serbia, Ramona PSA Mention Yvonne Wong, Hong Kong, Circles UPI Mention Borislav Milovanović, Serbia, Sirotanović 05 UPI Mention Emre Yengel, Turkey, Macaroni FSS Mention Ahmed Alibrahim, Saudi Arabia, Innocent look FSS Mention Gennady Chubko, Russia, The Waltz is turned Together 57 FSS Mention Tom Richardson, England, Glenlicht House SALON Mention Aleksa Stojković, Serbia, Marionette SALON Mention Barbara Jenkin, United Kingdom, Indira SALON Mention Debasree Das, India, The Cyclist SALON Mention Gul Yildiz, Turkey, Gipsy child 2 SALON Mention Mustafa Evirgen, Turkey, Chap fallen Jury / Žiri Branislav Strugar, MF FSJ/FSS (Master Photographer – Photo Association of Serbia), ULUPUDS (The Applied Artists and Designers Association of Serbia), Belgrade, Serbia Radisav Filipović, MF FSS (Master Photographer – Photo Association of Serbia), ULUPUDS (The Applied Artists and Designers Association of Serbia) – Leskovac, Serbia Nenad Nikolić, F1 FSS (1st Class Photographer of Photo Association of Serbia), AFIAP Belgrade, Serbia The FSS representative: Božidar Vitas, KMF FS (Candidate for the Master of Photography, Photo Association of Serbia), AFIAP, Belgrade, Serbia Serbia PHOTO / Srbija FOTO
  10. 10. 11 STREET/ULICA FIAP Gold Des Byrne, Ireland, The Nun
  11. 11. 12 FSS Gold Joko Nuswantoro, Indonesia, Pass STREET/ULICA
  12. 12. 13 Dany Chan, Canada, Kids playing in Streets of China PSA GoldSTREET/ULICA
  13. 13. 14 Pohan Wu, Canada, Green Light UPI Gold STREET/ULICA
  14. 14. 15 De Wilde Eddy, Belgium, Les oiseaux SALON GoldSTREET/ULICA
  15. 15. 16 Jarle Harkestad, Norway, Buick FIAP Silver STREET/ULICA
  16. 16. 17 Pantelis Kranos, Cyprus, Lines PSA SilverSTREET/ULICA
  17. 17. 18 Dervis Ozcan, Turkey, Zerzavatci Salon Silver STREET/ULICA
  18. 18. 19 Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, 3 Watches FIAP BronzeSTREET/ULICA
  19. 19. 20 H.W.Chan, Hong Kong, Rainy Day in Sarajevo PSA Bronze STREET/ULICA
  20. 20. 21 Oliver Merce, Romania, Picture in Picture UPI BronzeSTREET/ULICA
  21. 21. 22 Anica Župunski, Serbia, Alley Salon Bronze STREET/ULICA
  22. 22. 23 Yongxiong Ling, Australia, Home for the holiday, FIAP Mention Abdulrahman Alterkait, Kuwait, Downtown noise, FIAP Mention Ovi D. Pop, Romania, Feeding the pidgeons 3, FIAP Mention Ulf Norenius, Sweden, Antonia in Dubrovnik, FIAP Mention MentionsSTREET/ULICA
  23. 23. 24 Dejan Ilijić, Serbia, Downtown, UPI Mention Antonio Persano, Italy, Thedoor, UPI Mention Emre Yengel, Turkey, Cion, UPI Mention Sanja Krnjajić, BiH, Vietnam street, UPI Mention Mentions STREET/ULICA
  24. 24. 25 Branimir Radovanović, Serbia, Shadows No10062, FSS Mention Haitham Alfarsi, Oman, Bull fighting 1, FSS Mention Željka Gavrilović, Serbia, Street 2, Salon Mention Mirsad Mujanović, BiH, Music in the street, FSS Mention Branislav Backović, Serbia, Rain, Salon Mention MentionsSTREET/ULICA
  25. 25. 26 Latreche Abdelghani, Algeria, Unnamed 5, Salon Mention Mednan Sacakli, Turkey, Morning at the Istiklal Street in Taksim, Salon Mention Daniele Franceschini, Italy, Urban Geometries, Salon Mention David Poey-Cher TAY, Singapore, Clearing rubbish, Salon Mention Mentions STREET/ULICA
  26. 26. 27 Damir Buzurović, Serbia, Wood 7 FIAP GoldLANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  27. 27. 28 Davide Agnelli, Guernsey, Siblini FSS Gold LANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  28. 28. 29 Irene Becker, Hungary, Spring time PSA GoldLANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  29. 29. 30 Miodrag Veselinović, BiH, Tri ograde SALON Gold LANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  30. 30. 31 Kauko Lehtonen, Finland, Melancholy UPI SilverLANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  31. 31. 32 Les Forrester, United Kingdom, Storm Chasing Salon Silver LANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  32. 32. 33 Mark Sedgwick, Ireland, Donegal Squall and Gull Salon BronzeLANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  33. 33. 34 Jan Zahornacky, Czech Republic, Autumn 22, FIAP Mention Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Li River China, UPI Mention Meer Ghersberg, Moldova, Mrchen, PSA Mention Vladimir Myagkov, Russia, Mountain landscape,A PSA Mention John Whitby, United Kingdom, Dead Vlei Storm 5 FIAP Mention Mentions LANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  34. 34. 35 Angiolo Manetti, Italy, On the edge, UPI Mention Igor Debevec, Slovenia, Field in summer, FSS Mention Petar Sabol, Croatia, First light, FSS Mention Dragan Lapčević, Serbia, Orchard in spring, FSS Mention MentionsLANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  35. 35. 36 Vladimir Proshin, Russia, On the river, Salon Mention Prosenjit Das, India, Golden harvest 2, Salon Mention Heiko Roemisch, Germany, Curves of fertilisation, Salon Mention Kalman Holocsi, Hungary, Summer time, Salon Mention Mentions Andrej Skuba, Slovakia, Born from death, Salon Mention Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Spain, Tierra de Campos 3, Salon Mention LANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  36. 36. 37 FIAP Gold Simone Boddi, Italy, Malindi 2 PORTRAIT/PORTRET
  37. 37. 38 FSS Gold Zoltan Bisak, Serbia, Guardian PORTRAIT/PORTRET
  38. 38. 39 Yi Wan, China, Girl live in hills PSA GoldPORTRAIT/PORTRET
  39. 39. 40 Roland Kilimanjaro Blazejewski, Poland, Looking in the wrong direction Salon Gold PORTRAIT/PORTRET
  40. 40. 41 UPI Silver Marco Garabello, Italy, Sguardo PORTRAIT/PORTRET
  41. 41. 42 Damir Buzurović, Serbia, Unknown girl Salon Silver PORTRAIT/PORTRET
  42. 42. 43 Jerzy Stanczyk, Poland, Mother and her daughter Salon BronzePORTRAIT/PORTRET
  43. 43. 44 John Larry, England, Scared Woman Goma Zair, FIAP Mention Antonio Persano, Italy, The question, FIAP Mention Ahmed Alibrahim, Saudi Arabia, Sad child, PSA Mention Yung Niem, Canada, Sole dancer, PSA Mention Mentions PORTRAIT/PORTRET
  44. 44. 45 Istvan Kerekes, Hungary, With grandpa, UPI Mention Mieke Boynton, Australia, Village Girl, FSS Mention De Wilde Eddy, Belgium, Regard intense, FSS Mention Branislav Backović, Serbia, Concerned mother, UPI Mention MentionsPORTRAIT/PORTRET
  45. 45. 46 Mentions Pantelija Ilić, Serbia, Milica, FSS Mention Mohammed Al Sulaili, Saudi Arabia, Baby Girl, Salon Mention Bruno Cherubini, Italy, Dancing girl, Salon Mention Alexander Ribowski, Germany, Gipsy boy, Salon Mention PORTRAIT/PORTRET
  46. 46. 47 Mentions Marina Dimitrijevic, Serbia, Old boy, Salon Mention Diana Keane, United Kingdom, Planning the next move, Salon Mention Ismet Arikanturk, Turkey, Me Too, Salon Mention PORTRAIT/PORTRET
  47. 47. 48 Andreas L Andreou, Cyprus, Motion in the street FIAP Gold EXPERIMENT/EKSPERIMENT
  48. 48. 49 Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Disappearance FSS GoldEXPERIMENT/EKSPERIMENT
  49. 49. 50 Mieke Boynton, Australia, Dreaming PSA Gold EXPERIMENT/EKSPERIMENT
  50. 50. 51 Paunas Nicoleta, Romania, Fantasy Salon GoldEXPERIMENT/EKSPERIMENT
  51. 51. 52 Anna Benicewicz-Miazga, Poland, Underworld 4 Salon Silver EXPERIMENT/EKSPERIMENT
  52. 52. 53 Stuart Chape, Samoa, Abstract welcome UPI BronzeEXPERIMENT/EKSPERIMENT
  53. 53. 54 Mustafa Evirgen, Cyprus, Serenity 2 Salon Bronze EXPERIMENT/EKSPERIMENT
  54. 54. 55 Dragan Lapčević, Serbia, Looking for, FIAP Mention Manuel Lopez Puerma, Spain, Autumn, PSA Mention Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Spain, Chimenea pared y bici, FIAP Mention Mentions Adrian Donoghue, Australia, The home coming, PSA Mention EXPERIMENT/EKSPERIMENT
  55. 55. 56 Miljenko Marotti, Croatia, Winter walk, UPI Mention De Wilde Eddy, Belgium, Vers la lumiere, UPI Mention Igor Debevec, Slovenia, Egg, FSS Mention Aleksa Stojković, Serbia, In the Middle of Nowhere, FSS Mention Mentions EXPERIMENT/EKSPERIMENT
  56. 56. 57 Istvan Virag, Serbia, D1-UFO, FSS Mention Zoltan Bisak, Serbia, Stair case 01, Salon Mention Valentina Stan, Romania, City Profile 3, Salon Mention Marko Vlaović, Serbia, Three of you, Salon Mention MentionsEXPERIMENT/EKSPERIMENT
  57. 57. 58 Mentions Suman Bhattcharyya, India, Composition 2, Salon Mention Goran Garberg, Sweden, Blues, Salon Mention Wafa Yareemi, Saudi Arabia, Abstract 2, Salon Mention EXPERIMENT/EKSPERIMENT
  58. 58. 59 Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Spain, Tierra de campos 3 Open Color PRINT FIAP Gold
  59. 59. 60 FSS Gold Martin Marc Henri, France, J’arrive Slobodna Kolor PRINT
  60. 60. 61 PSA Gold Vicki Moritz, Australia, Acheron old timer Slobodna Kolor PRINT
  61. 61. 62 Garry Bisshopp, England, Six Windows UPI Gold Open Color PRINT
  62. 62. 63 Goran Garberg, Sweden, Bridge in early morning Salon GoldOpen Color PRINT
  63. 63. 64 FSS Silver Mohammed Al Sulaili, Saudi Arabia, Indian Student Open Color PRINT
  64. 64. 65 Salon Silver Yiu Ka Chong, Hong Kong, Awesome Sky Show Slobodna Kolor PRINT
  65. 65. 66 Salon Bronze Bruno Cherubini, Italy, Escape to West Slobodna Kolor PRINT
  66. 66. 67 David Fletcher, UK, Mendicant, FIAP Mention Željka Gavrilović, Serbia, Beauty of light, FIAP Mention Tom Richardson, England, Barnand Simon Fell, FIAP Mention Mentions Siu Hi Kwok, Hong Kong, Song of Earth, PSA Mention Open Color PRINT
  67. 67. 68 Angiolo Manetti, Italy, Country landscape, UPI Mention Mentions Homer Lee, Hong Kong, Backstreet., PSA Mention Koon Nam Cheung, Hong Kong, Fighting for Championship, PSA Mention Damir Buzurović, Serbia, Violet orange, UPI Mention Slobodna Kolor PRINT
  68. 68. 69 Mentions Edo Iglič, Serbia, Dajana, FSS Mention Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz, Spain, Volando sobre el Guggenheim, FSS Mention Fatimah Al Marhoun, Saudi Arabia, Magdoleen eyes, FSS Mention Julija Momčilović, Serbia, Rain Open Color PRINT
  69. 69. 70 Mentions Borislav Milovanović, Serbia, Little One, Salon Mention Dragan Lapčević, Serbia, Winter lights, Salon Mention Manolis Koutsakis, Greece, Red 2, Salon Mention Volodimir Norba, Ukraine, Karpathian kruh, Salon Mention Hoi Wai Lau, Hong Kong, Carriage Shadow, Salon Mention Slobodna Kolor PRINT
  70. 70. 71 FIAP Gold Bruno Cherubini, Italy, Eleonora Open Monochrome PRINT
  71. 71. 72 FSS Gold Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Spain, Fronton Slobodna Monohrom PRINT
  72. 72. 73 Marc Henri Martin, France, Cats PSA GoldSlobodna Monohrom PRINT
  73. 73. 74 UPI Gold Damir Buzurović, Serbia, Wood 2 Open Monochrome PRINT
  74. 74. 75 Salon Gold Vicki Moritz, Australia, Eildon morning mono Open Monochrome PRINT
  75. 75. 76 FSS Silver Goran Garberg, Sweden, Dervisch shadow Slobodna Monohrom PRINT
  76. 76. 77 Salon Silver Tsun Ip Patrick Chow, Hong Kong, Knockout Open Monochrome PRINT
  77. 77. 78 Salon Silver Julija Momčilović, Serbia, Misery Slobodna Monohrom PRINT
  78. 78. 79 Salon Bronze Mustafa Muezzinoglu, Cyprus, Life Open Monochrome PRINT
  79. 79. 80 Alphan Yilmazmaden, Turkey, What if, FIAP Mention Mentions David Fletcher, UK, Triangles, FIAP Mention Riccardo Ercolessi, Italy, Collinesenesin3, FIAP Mention Antonio Persano, Italy, Lebanon 2, PSA Mention Slobodna Monohrom PRINT
  80. 80. 81 Mentions Saša Preradović, Serbia, Ramona, PSA Mention Yvonne Wong, Hong Kong, Circles, PSA Mention Borislav Milovanović, Serbia, Sirotanovicic 05, UPI Mention Emre Yengel, Turkey, Macaroni, UPI Mention Open Monochrome PRINT
  81. 81. 82 Gul Yildiz, Turkey, Gipsy child 2, Salon Mention Mentions Ahmed Alibrahim, Saudi Arabia, Innocent look, FSS Mention Gennady Chubko, Russia, The Waltz is turned Together 57, FSS Mention Tom Richardson, England, Glenlicht House, FSS Mention Slobodna Monohrom PRINT
  82. 82. 83 Mentions Aleksa Stojković, Serbia, Marionette, Salon Mention Mustafa Evirgen, Turkey, Chap fallen, Salon Mention Barbara Jenkin, UK, Indira, Salon Mention Debasree Das, India, The Cyclist, Salon Mention Open Monochrome PRINT
  83. 83. 84 Czech Republic Jan Zahornacky, London-People on street 3 Jan Zahornacky, London-People on street 4 Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz, 3Watches Ole Suszkiewicz, Walk SKOV SOREN, streetsweeper 5563 SKOV SOREN, Beggar Egypt Mohamed Mahdy, The ghost Mohamed Mahdy, The garden of pyramids England Malcolm Jenkin, Old Time Transport John Perriam, Oxford Circus Crossing John Perriam, Sinister Malcolm Jenkin, The Three Marathons Finland Tapio Kihlberg, The Berlin Wall Today Kauko Lehtonen, Men at the market France Armand PILE, First rain Guy B Samoyault, Les papis MARTIN Marc Henri MARTIN, Canaries GuyB Samoyault, Miroir Germany Alexander Ribowski, carnival Volker Meinberg, Checkers2 Alexander Hochhaus, Any place Pfeiffer Alexander, Waiting Alexander Hochhaus, Attack Greece EVA LAMBROPOULOU, TIME FOR A SNACK EVA LAMBROPOULOU, THE TRIP NEVER ENDS Guernsey Davide Agnelli, Reflections and Shadows Davide Agnelli, A Meeting in Florence Davide Agnelli, The Bakery Hong Kong HW CHAN, Rainy Day2 Sarajevo HW CHAN, Narrow by-path HW CHAN, Rainy Day1 Sarajevo HW CHAN, Street end Dubrovnik Man-Kui Wisely NG, phenix Man-Kui Wisely NG, Old Man Man-KuiWisely NG, play ground Hungary Irene Becker, Home Irene Becker, Sweeper Woman Istvan Kerekes, Running at home Irene Becker, Playing Boy from Jos Klmn Holocsi, Blue-red Istvan Kerekes, Poisoned city Istvan Kerekes, Ganges road Irene Becker, Ducklings Istvan Kerekes, Road to home Klmn Holocsi, Street PictureI India Anjan Das, Connect SUMAN BHATTACHARYYA, united we march Indonesia Joko Nuswantoro, Pass Dibyo Gahari, Jogging Dibyo Gahari, old town Dibyo Gahari, lines Maria Adriani, Biker in the sunset Ireland Des Byrne, The Nun Des Byrne, Im Late Mark Sedgwick, Street Seller Hanoi Catherine Bushe, Walking on shadows Catherine Bushe, Window shopping Catherine Bushe, Street reflections Derville Conroy, The Banner Catherine Bushe, Co-ordinated Algeria latreche abdelghani, unnamed5 latreche abdelghani, unnamed1 Australia yongxiong ling, Home for the holiday T-P Huynh, Good-Angle Adrian Donoghue, The diner Vicki Moritz, Venice streets Adrian Donoghue, Ill bring you flowers T-P Huynh, Stunt2 Adrian Donoghue, The illusionist GARY WALLIS, DELUGE Vicki Moritz, Work in progress2 T-P Huynh, Outdoor-Nude John Chapman, outdoor tailor yongxiong ling , Way of life yongxiong ling, Fair Adrian Donoghue, Face off yongxiong ling, MistRoad Austria Zeljko Reljic, Bec 1 Alois Bernkopf Dr., Morning walk 1 Bahrain HANAN HASSAN AL-KHALIFA, EATING ALONE Belgium DeWilde Eddy, Lesoiseaux DeWilde Eddy, Labatte DeWilde Eddy, Duo ombre Bosnia and Herzegovina Mirsad Mujanovic, Music in the street Sanja Krnjajic, Vietnam street Miodrag Veselinovic, miting1 Sanja Krnjajic, Blind irony Nenad Radovic, Sunday afternoon Miodrag Veselinovic, ulicni zanat Milorad Kascelan, Down stairs-Triptych Milorad Kascelan, Street of musicians 2 Canada Dany Chan, Kids playing in Streets of China Pohan Wu, Green Light Pohan Wu, Empty Skies Disclose Crows Kam Chiu Tam, Following the balls Dany Chan, Kids Having A Great Time Pohan Wu, Passer by Kam Chiu Tam, Jumping over Dany Chan, Straw Hat Street Hawker China Xiaohong Chi, Village Barber Xiaohong Chi, Breakfast spread Jinghui Chen, VISTA Xiaohong Chi, Dongwa Yi Wan, laneway 2 Dan Dai, City Lights Croatia Zoran Kolaric, varazdin Miljenko Marotti, Rain in SiennaII Zoran Kolaric, glance Cyprus PANTELIS KRANOS, LINES Agis Taramides, Walking Ria Petridou, Two To Travel Inanc Tekguc, father to son 2 Agis Taramides, Ascending Mustafa Evirgen, Street Acrobats Mustafa Evirgen, Chestnut Kebab Tevfik Ulual, Backgammon Andreas L Andreou, STREET LIGHT Agis Taramides, In motion Andreas L Andreou, graffiti kids KLEA KYPRIANOU, Opposite Direction at Limassol Ria Petridou, Cyprus Aid Solidarity Concert Inanc Tekguc, lullaby Mustafa Evirgen, Busker Italy Antonio Persano, Thedoor Daniele Franceschini, Urban Geometries Daniele Franceschini, Fellow Travelers emanuele zuffo, passo-di-tango ALBERTO DUMASS, Book List emanuele zuffo, ma quando-arriva-mio-papa Veniero Rubboli, Presences 2 FRANCESCA SALICE, DRIVING IN OLD HABANA Angiolo Manetti, Inside the geometry Veniero Rubboli, Street corner FRANCESCA SALICE, PIT STOP IN HABANA Andrea Nobili, Winter road Bruno Cherubini, Woman in Trinidad Andrea Nobili, Speed brush strokes Daniele Franceschini, Rear Window ALBERTO DUMASS, Wedding In Venice vittorio Chiampan, South Italy Antonio Persano, His way Riccardo Ercolessi, Ritorno a casa Marco Garabello, Tranche de Vie FRANCESCA SALICE, STREET FOOTBALL Kuwait abdulrahman alterkait, Down town noise Rashid Sabzali, Lines Rashid Sabzali, Life and in animate Latvia Viesturs Links, gavroche Viesturs Links, you can Viesturs Links, talents and admirers Viesturs Links, autumn melody Lithuania Irma Norbutaite, street stairs Irma Norbutaite, yarn path Moldova Meer GHERSBERG, Licht und Schatten Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, Opdestoeprand Daniel LYBAERT, Wan de laarsin Brugge Daniel LYBAERT, Verdrietin Doelin ZwW Daniel LYBAERT, Stiekem Norway Jarle Harkestad, Buick Jarle Harkestad, Come play with me Wenche Aune, Quiet street HaraldK Andersen, The Birds JohnEinar Sandvand, Child monks in Yangon June Grnseth, Gaming hands MR Wenche Aune, Street scene1 JohnEinar Sandvand, Ortodox jews reading newspaper Wenche Aune, Street scene 3 Oman haitham alfarsi, bull fighting 1 haitham alfarsi, water girl 2 haitham alfarsi, hand and iron Habib Alzadjali, Three Windows Habib Alzadjali, The Family Poland Roland Kilimanjaro Blazejewski, looking in the wrong direction Anna Benicewicz-Miazga, road 31 Roland Kilimanjaro Blazejewski, after work Roland Kilimanjaro Blazejewski, sweet childhood time Anna Benicewicz-Miazga, road 18 Portugal Joao Taborda, Funny Girls Joao Taborda, Our World Quatar Mohamed Nageeb, Not Equal Mohamed Nageeb, Inside the cave mohamed alkaabi, BMP1754pic mohamed alkaabi, Happiness in the simplest Romania Oliver Merce, Picture Ovi D Pop, feeding the pidgeons 3 Oliver Merce, Ibewalbinggod Csaba Toth, COMFORT Istvan Magdo, City like Ovi D Pop, look up Rucsandra Calin, Music Of The Night Rucsandra Calin, Gates open to poverty Paunas Nicoleta, Home alone AdelaLia Rusu, Time of crisis Russia Yury Pustovoy, Car Service Oleg Grachev Grachev, Village on the lake Viktor Kanunnikov, Gondolier Yury Pustovoy, On the streets of PakistanII Vladimir Proshin, Chanel Viktor Kanunnikov, People and shadows 2 Vladimir Myagkov, After snowfall Viktor Kanunnikov, Morning in Venice Gennady Chubko, Generations Vladimir Myagkov, Winter morning in Magadan Vladimir Myagkov, Cathedral square Silent snow Yury Khodzitskiy, The reporting Vladimir Proshin, in the street-9239 Vladimir Proshin, The one-2 Samoa Stuart Chape, Bhutan horse chase Saudi Arabia Mohammed Al Sulaili, Indian Baby Fatimah Al Marhoun, both are reading Mohammed Al Sulaili, Patron of Camels Mohammed Al Sulaili, Omo wedding Serbia Anica Zupunski, Alley Branimir Radovanovic, Shadows No10062 Branimir Radovanovic, Street Lipar No9874 Branislav Backovic, Rain Zeljka Gavrilovic, Street 2 Dejan Ilijic, Down town Zoltan Bisak, Observer Sasa Preradovic, Commitment Nenad Borojevic, Walking in the dark Damir Buzurovic, Passing by Branislav Backovic, Life 02 Sasa Preradovic, Before the rain Vojislav Vojo Pesterac, Life goes on Goran Kojadinovic, Sunday morning Sasa Preradovic, Two friends Marina Dimitrijevic, Kid on the bike Branimir Radovanovic, Movement No7591 Dejan Ilijic, 1413 Dragan Lapcevic, Passing by Borislav Milovanovic, Uncle Rasa Zeljka Gavrilovic, Winter idyll Hadzi Miodrag Miladinovic, Grandma and Cat Dusan Kozoderovic, S2 Damir Buzurovic, Duhovi u Ivanovu voze biciklu Sasa Preradovic, Star1999 Marko Vlaovic, At the station Julija Momcilovic, Walker Jan Valo, People Dobrivoje Markovic, Praha01 Aleksa Stojkovic, 1.S Edo Iglic, One minute more Bojan Bojanic, Old Dragan Lapcevic, Pairs Dejan Ilijic, 151413 Borislav Milovanovic, Oman3542 Marko Vlaovic, Day in the park Goran Kojadinovic, Running across II Marko Vlaovic, Homeless Jan Valo, View Edo Iglic, Left or right Duan Kozoderovic, S4 Jan Valo, Red Marina Dimitrijevic, Street ghosts Mirjana Dobrosavljev, 1-3.RUNNING Dusan Kozoderovic, S3 Pantelija Ilic, Ulicni muzikant Mirjana Dobrosavljev, 1-4.LOVEBIRDS Bozana Pavlica, Kiss Pantelija Ilic, Zivot u prolazu A/Street/Ulica
  84. 84. 85 Bangladesh MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan, Beauty Of Nature MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan, Stone Forest 2 Belgium De Wilde Eddy, Mont Saint Michel 2 De Wilde Eddy, Boulogne1 Bosnia and Herzegovina Miodrag Veselinovic, tri ograde Sanja Krnjajic, Winter mirror Milorad Kascelan, Landscape 26 Sanja Krnjajic, Eastern shadows Radoje Elez, Pogled s mirisom lavande Miodrag Veselinovic, Ljeljen Radoje Elez, Vinograd u belom Mirsad Mujanovic, Millsin Jajce Canada Yung Niem, Dance of the Souls Kam Chiu Tam, Winter in Niagara Falls Phillip Kwan, Cloud Cover Machu Picchu Yung Niem, Iceland startrail Dany Chan, The Glow Of Dawn China Dan Dai, Picturesque in Jiangnan Xiaohong Chi, Beautiful Yuanyang Xinxin Chen, gold sand sea Jinghui Chen, DREAMLAND Yi Wan, Terra cedfield7 Croatia Petar Sabol, First light Petar Sabol, Desert magic Miljenko Marotti, Triangle Zoran Kolaric, Istrian parallels Miljenko Marotti, Single road Miljenko Marotti, Lavander Petar Sabol, Winter night Cyprus Agis Taramides, Just before night fall Tevfik Ulual, Roots And Water Agis Taramides, Ship wreck Ria Petridou, Haunted Wreck Hasan Baglar, Silent Blue Czech Republic Jan Zahornacky, Autumn22. Jan Zahornacky, Fields11. Jan Zahornacky, Autumn on The Moutains Denmark SKOV SOREN, dandelion painter SKOV SOREN, tree SKOV SOREN, Shepherd with sheep and dog Egypt Mohamed Mahdy, Just Us Ahmed Mahmoud, Golden Beam England John Perriam, Dales Scene John Larry, Nepalese Farming Malcolm Jenkin, Derwent water Morning2 Malcolm Jenkin, Death Valley Sand Finland Kauko Lehtonen, Melancholy France MARTIN Marc Henri MARTIN, Campagne Guy B Samoyault, Cretesenesi Guy B Samoyault, Ol Doinyo Langai Germany Alexander Hochhaus, Four Chimneys Heiko Roemisch, curves of fertilisation 0052 Pfeiffer Alexander, Seaside Pfeiffer Alexander, Foggy Morning Alexander Ribowski, fog Heiko Roemisch, elbauentree02M Volker Meinberg, Sibirian Islands 5 Alexander Hochhaus, Sunrise Alexander Hochhaus, Bali Tanah Lot Singapore David Poey-Cher TAY, Clearing rubbish CHOOPING MAK, PORTER SERVICE Zee Kek HENG, Busy and leisure David Poey-Cher TAY, Concentration Giap Chiu TEO, Charles Teo And Canae Teo Giap Chiu TEO, Pianter Teo Seng David Poey-Cher TAY, Alone David Poey-Cher TAY, Flower vendor Slovakia Jan Vajas, Four And A Dog Slovenia Peter Zajfrid, Generations Igor Debevec, Dance Igor Debevec, Big brother is watching you Spain Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Bercianos-3 Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, VENECIA-2 Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Berlin-1 Manuel Lopez Puerma, Tristeza Sweden Ulf Norenius, Antonia in Dubrovnik Ulf Norenius, A break for a smoke Goran Garberg, The happy way Mikael Bengtsson Lestander, Follow Me Turkey DERVIS OZCAN, ZERZAVATCI Emre Yengel, Cion MEDNAN SACAKLI, Morning at the Istiklal Street inTaksim Aylin Cakiner, Futbol Hasan Hulki Muradi, play cards Aylin Cakiner, simitci Mehmet Naci Demirkol, MEETING Aylin Cakiner, Kkakerdeoncu Dilek Erim, brigde Emre Yengel, oppressed DERVIS OZCAN, GUNESINCOCUKLARI Hasan Hulki Muradi, difficult life Ukraine Andrii Zaika, Game of sellers Andrii Zaika, The right way United Kingdom Gary Stamp, ALONE ON A PLATFORM Peter Spring, shop window David Fletcher, Separate Tables Peter Spring, Rainy night in newyork Peter Spring, WATCHER Peter M Welford, On a Mission John Whitby, Memories USA Kah Wai Lin, Waiting Larry Tho Dao, Followed Mom B/Landscape/Pejzaž Algeria latreche abdelghani, MG3270 Australia T-P Huynh, Go To Work By Bike Margaret Zommers, Water Honed Stone Vicki Moritz, Val DOrica dawn Pano Vicki Moritz, Eildon ripple yongxiong ling, Good morning Vicki Moritz, Pinnacles sunset3 Vicki Moritz, Mentone groyne2 Mieke Boynton, Aurora Margaret Zommers, Morning Glory Pool yongxiong ling, Morning20 yongxiong ling, Hongcun morning Austria Alois Bernkopf Dr, Bagan Greece EVA LAMBROPOULOU, MESSOLONGHI LAGOON IN THEMIST1 EVA LAMBROPOULOU, THE LONELY BOAT EVA LAMBROPOULOU, A SMALL HIDDEN PLACE Iannis Skotiniotis, Meteora II Iannis Skotiniotis, Evening rural landscape II Guernsey Davide Agnelli, Siblini Davide Agnelli, Harvest Lines Davide Agnelli, Siblini Pastures Davide Agnelli, Surfing Spectacle Hong Kong HW CHAN, Golden sea little boat Man-Kui Wisely, Travel HW CHAN, Golden beach1 HW CHAN, Camel route HW CHAN, Quiet Man Kui Wisely, Woodland Hungary Irene Becker, Spring time Kalman Holocsi, Summertime Irene Becker, Dream Land Kalman Holocsi, Landscape Istvan Kerekes, Alpentale Istvan Kerekes, Schorfling Irene Becker, Morning Mist India PROSENJIT DAS. Golden harvest 2 Anjan Das, POETIC PROSENJIT DAS, Lost Horizon 2 Anjan Das, SUSTAINED PROSENJIT DAS, Misty morning Anjan Das, FOGGY HILL SCAPE Indonesia Dibyo Gahari, Fishermen Dibyo Gahari, Good Morning Rancaupas Dibyo Gahari, mistymorning Ireland Mark Sedgwick, Donegal Squall and Gull Teddy Sugrue, Volcanic Landscape Mark Sedgwick, Lough Foyle Mark Sedgwick, Mountain waterfall Catherine Bushe, Patchwork fields and farms Mark Sedgwick, Delphi Valley Israel Galia Gitliz, Bluegreen Italy Angiolo Manetti, On the edge Angiolo Manetti, Green waves Riccardo Ercolessi, Barchenellanebbia debora morelli, crete3 Daniele Franceschini, Twilight Zone Riccardo Ercolessi, Scardovari-retidapesca Simone Boddi, valdorcia3 Angiolo Manetti, Golden dunes Simone Boddi, pienza13 Vittorio Chiampan, Coast of Norway Angiolo Manetti, Dawnin Vald Orcia Riccardo Ercolessi, Castelluccio di Norcia-pae- saggion3 Simone Boddi, pienza12 Bruno Cherubini, Landscape with horse Simone Boddi, valdorcia5 Antonio Persano, Bruma2 Marco Garabello, White Geometry Andrea Nobili, Waterfalls of light Marco Garabello, Tree in Deadvlei Roberto Mancini, Marinadi Pisa Dantescurse Marco Garabello, Admirando las Torres Daniele Franceschini, Mist Marco Garabello, Olas Antiguas Kuwait Rashid Sabzali, Path of nature Latvia Viesturs Links, loneliness Viesturs Links, dark pond Viesturs Links, sentinel Moldova Meer GHERSBERG, Mrchen Meer GHERSBERG, Bunte Felder Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, Lands chapenfietser Daniel LYBAERT, Drieschapeninkleur Daniel LYBAERT, Glooiendlandschap Norway Harald K Andersen, Laagen June Gronseth, Landscape of Reine Lofoten June Gronseth, Panorama Anchestorsvillage John Einar Sandvand, The old oak Jarle Harkestad, Under the sky Harald K Andersen, Motions In Sand Jarle Harkestad, Protected rocks Wenche Aune, People in the desert Oman Habib Alzadjali, Lines haith amalfarsi, sunrise2 haith amalfarsi, sunrise4 Portugal Joao Taborda, The tree paddy Quatar Mohamed Nageeb, The same End Romania Oliver Merce, The Sheepfold Jeno Major, cropmuntiifagarasvazutidelapalti Istvan Magdo, Jigsaw Rucsandra Calin, Magical Places Valentina Stan, Winter in Maramures Adela Lia Rusu, Maramures5 Istvan Magdo, Winter stillness Csaba Toth, MISTY MOUNTAINS Csaba Toth, PURE REFLECTION Oliver Merce, Reflexions Rucsandra Calin, Jiu Valley Csaba Toth, INNER FEVER Adela Lia Rusu, Blue Water Istvan Magdo, Loneliness Oliver Merce, The land beyond the mist Jeno Major, apuspaltinis2-1 Russia Vladimir Proshin, On the river-01 Yury Pustovoy, Li River China Vladimir Myagkov, Mountain landscape Vladimir Myagkov, Eternal tranquility Vladimir Myagkov, Before a storm Okhotsk Sea Oleg Grachev, Mountains Dolgie Oleg Grachev, Alone Oleg Grachev, Morningin mountains Yury Pustovoy, Reine Norway Igor Voller, New Year Miracle Vladimir Myagkov, In a wild edge Andrew Shlykoff, Dagestan Yury Khodzitskiy, End of the earth Yury Khodzitskiy, Winter park Yury Pustovoy, Night phantoms Viktor Kanunnikov, Lofotens3 Andrew Shlykoff, Moon Rise Yury Pustovoy, Iceland Vladimir Proshin, China-5127 Viktor Kanunnikov, Autumn in Finland1 Viktor Kanunnikov, Lofotens6 Samoa Stuart Chape, Sydney harbour aerial2 Stuart Chape, Vavau2 Saudi Arabia Fatimah Al Marhoun, couple Fatimah Al Marhoun, passionate mountins Mohammed Alnaser, Mara Rise 1920 Ahmed Alibrahim, Sunrise wafa yareemi, tea farme Ahmed Alibrahim, Farmer3 Serbia Damir Buzurovic, The three way
  85. 85. 86 Ayhan Senbayrak, On the snowy road Mehmet Naci Demirkol, 04SUMELA Ukraine Volodimir Norba, Gemba United Arab Emirates Nader Al Jneibi, Harmony United Kingdom Les Forrester, Storm Chasing John Whitby, Dead Vlei Storm5 Les Forrester, The Defender Les Forrester, Pathway to the Abyss Les Forrester, Elgol Storm Gary Stamp, SOUTH WOLDPIER SUFFOLK USA Manss Aval Wagner, Moment Larry Tho Dao, Calmels Cross The Desert Larry Tho Dao, Sunrise And Sheep Larry Tho Dao, Morning Fog Kah-Wai Lin, Fishing Pierat Belmar Beach Nicolas Raymond, Glen Artney Stream Australia Mieke Boynton, Village Girl Mieke Boynton, Soulful Eyes Snezana Djacic, Cathrine Adrian Donoghue, My parents wedding Mieke Boynton, Lost in Thought Vicki Moritz, Jenny Vicki Moritz, Grrrr mono yongxiong ling, Hope GARY WALLIS, I HAVE NO DREAMS I MUST EAT TODAY Mieke Boynton, With a Twinkle in his Eye yongxiong ling, Happiness Austria Alois Bernkopf Dr, Antonia 2 Alois Bernkopf Dr, Alter Karpate SW2 Bangladesh MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan, Halima Khatun Belgium De Wilde Eddy, Regard intense De Wilde Eddy, Gueule noire Bart Dumont, DSC9026 Bart Dumont, DSC9054 Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Kascelan, Ana1 Miodrag Veselinovic, monah Milorad Kascelan, Fashion2 Mirsad Mujanovic, Deep in the faith Sanja Krnjajic, Zara Milorad Kascelan, Uncertainty04 Mirsad Mujanovic, Amela Canada Yung Niem, Sole dancer Kam Chiu Tam, Bubble girl Yung Niem, Body builder4222 Kam Chiu Tam, Spanish dancer Kam Chiu Tam, Yunnan girl Phillip Kwan, Nancy Dany Chan, Old Villager of Nepal2 China Yi Wan, girl live in hills Jinghui Chen, SISTERS Yi Wan, Grandpa And Grandson Jinghui Chen, LESYEUX Yi Wan, The old man smoking pipes Croatia Miljenko Marotti, Grandmother in scarf Zoran Kolaric, red Petar Sabol, Chimney sweeper Aleksandar Idvorac, NORA Miljenko Marotti, Peacefull Damir Buzurovic, Wood7 Damir Buzurovic, Wood1 Damir Buzurovic, Long expo tree Dragan Lapcevic, Orchard in spring Borislav Milovanovic, Lost in Mist Zoltan Bisak, Man in the boat Mirjana Dobrosavljev, 2-1.LIKE A VOLCANO Zoltan Bisak, Convent Borislav Milovanovic, Volfy Hadzi Miodrag Miladinovic, Capadocia96 Borislav Milovanovic, Lisine Pantelija Ilic, Jutarnja mistika Anica Zupunski, First snow Vojislav Vojo Pesterac, After the storm Zoltan Bisak, Morning Flight Pantelija Ilic, Medvednik10 Branislav Backovic, Autumn on Medvednik Aleksa Stojkovic, forest Nikola Miljkovic, Mount Everest Has A Hat Aleksa Stojkovic, tara Edo Iglic, Altered nature Pantelija Ilic, Medja Anica Zupunski, Glory Goran Kojadinovic, Skadar lake after sunset Branimir Radovanovic, Beam No8155 Zeljka Gavrilovic, Landscape 3Sunset Branimir Radovanovic, Thunder storm No8400 Istvan Virag, B4-Durmitor100 Mirjana Dobrosavljev, 2-2.FLIGHT OF THE DANUBE Edo Iglic, Sunset Branislav Backovic, Drina Branjevo Dragan Lapcevic, Near the rainbow Sasa Preradovic, Uvac02 Dobrivoje Markovic, Kablar04 Sasa Preradovic, Uvac01 Aleksa Stojkovic, sedlo Sasa Preradovic, Uvac03 Bogdan Obadic, Jutro na Zlatiboru Singapore Giap Chiu TEO, Walk To The House Giap ChiuTEO, a lot of fog Zee Kek HENG, Foggy rice fields John Yuk Kong Chung, 1428121065-HDR Zee Kek HENG, Rice terrace in the mist Slovakia Andrej Skuba, Born from death Andrej Skuba, Gate to the forest Andrej Skuba, In the kingdom of ice Slovenia Igor Debevec, Field in summer Igor Debevec, Lavender fields IV Peter Zajfrid, Above the clouds Igor Debevec, Tuscany hills Peter Zajfrid, First morning drive Spain Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Tierra de Campos3 jordi egea torrent, Cala Cap Roigcopia22 jordi egea torrent, DSC1358copia2ab jordi egea torrent, badalona2a2 jordi egea torrent, DSC4764copia2 Manuel Lopez Puerma, La casa Manuel Lopez Puerma, Toscana Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Itzurun2 Sweden Mikael Bengtsson Lestander, One Crispy Morning Turkey Mehmet Naci Demirkol, MOUNTAIN Mehmet Aslan, samandag-gece Mehmet Aslan, arsuz-uzun Mutluhan Karakoyunlu, Persembe Yaylasi Coban Emre Yengel, Duden Ali Ozkan Arikanturk, Fishing Nets Dilek Erim, silence Cemil Guven, Kapuzbasi Waterfull A.Ersin Beyhan, ESB-039-1 Emre Yengel, Midsummer DERVIS OZCAN, KIZKALESI Mehmet Naci Demirkol, DADES VALLEY FERIDUN KISMET, IMG0098-1 Ali Ozkan Arikanturk, By the Ocean Miljenko Marotti, Blackcap Cyprus Inanc Tekguc, girl Mustafa Evirgen, Portrait of Crone Andreas L Andreou, 2Crying eyes Mustafa Evirgen, Goody Hasan Baglar, Ali Czech Republic Jaroslav Klasek, Maja02 Jan Zahornacky, Nurse School2 Jaroslav Klasek, Old Craft05 Jaroslav Klasek, Batak Girl01 Jan Zahornacky, Marek3. Denmark SKOV SOREN, mrgadhadhar SKOV SOREN, No.67 Ole Suszkiewicz, Cypriot1 Ole Suszkiewicz, Simones Place Kim Pedersen, Pale Face Egypt Ahmed Mahmoud, Emotions Mohamed Mahdy, silent language Ahmed Mahmoud, Mirrors in his eyes Mohamed Mahdy, The stranger Mohamed Mahdy, Rings England John Larry, Scared Woman Goma Zaire John Larry, Living with Memories John Larry, Boy at Window John Perriam, Gothic Gent John Perriam, Street sweeper France MARTIN Marc Henri MARTIN, Night Watch Guy B Samoyault, Red smile Germany Alexander Ribowski, gipsy boy Alexander Ribowski, the window Greece EVA LAMBROPOULOU, SNACK TIME Hong Kong Man-Kui Wisely, Sisters2 Hungary Istvan Kerekes, With grandpa Istvan Kerekes, Tearful eyes Istvan Kerekes, Best friends Istvan Kerekes, Yelena Klmn Holocsi, Andi Klmn Holocsi, Orsi Irene Becker, Her boy Istvan Varga, bb1of1-54 Istvan Varga, bb1of1-55 India Anjan Das, PORTRAIT FROM THE EAST SUMAN BHATTACHARYYA, born free childhood SUMAN BHATTACHARYYA, Blooming Buds Anjan Das, DIGANTIKA Indonesia Joko Nuswantoro, Little Boy Ireland Mark Sedgwick, The Verger Mark Sedgwick, Bad Hair Day Mark Sedgwick, Monk and Incense Derville Conroy, Alice1 Derville Conroy, Orla Derville Conroy, Aisling Israel Galia Gitliz, Old georgian lady Italy Simone Boddi, malindi2 Bruno Cherubini, Dancing girl Marco Garabello, Sguardo Marco Garabello, River bero Antonio Persano, The question Bruno Cherubini, The woman of Santeria Antonio Persano, Nineteen Veniero Rubboli, Challenger Simone Boddi, carnevale20 Bruno Cherubini, At Habana bar FRANCESCA SALICE, SADNESS Andrea Nobili, Richard Andrea Nobili, George Bruno Cherubini, Dancing girl2 FRANCESCA SALICE, INDIAN GIRL Marco Garabello, Life debora morelli, ritratto2 Riccardo Ercolessi, Puffin Angiolo Manetti, Sad eyes Kuwait abdulrahman alterkait, Blue water trouble Rashid Sabzali, Old is knowledge Latvia Viesturs Links, my little sunshine Moldova Meer GHERSBERG, 4Olga Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, Monojesseen Justin Exp003 Daniel LYBAERT, Trein machinist Norway John Einar Sandvand, Mystery woman Jarle Harkestad, grandmother John Einar Sandvand, Beata Siudek Jarle Harkestad, In the saloon Jarle Harkestad, Marthe John Einar Sandvand, Burmese monk Oman Habib Alzadjali, Woman and Girl Habib Alzadjali, Little Girl3 Habib Alzadjali, Village Girl2 sanjoy sengupta, DSC1765 haitham alfarsi, indian look haitham alfarsi, girl mountain haitham alfarsi, girl look Poland Roland Kilimanjaro Blazejewski, looking in the wrong direction Jerzy Stanczyk, Mother and her daughter Roland Kilimanjaro Blazejewski, Im silent Jerzy Stanczyk, A triple portrait Portugal Joao Taborda, Moments of Love Quatar Abdulla Al-Mushaifri, the prince Romania Bathori Zsigmond, MISSING WINGS Csaba Toth, ANOTHER DAY Rucsandra Calin, Robert 1 Oliver Merce, Innocence Paunas Nicoleta, The grandmother Paunas Nicoleta, Yearning ZSOLT Bikfalvi, Aunt Istvan Magdo, Curiosity Csaba Toth, HUSSAR AdelaLia Rusu, Deepdark Istvan Magdo, Popeye Muntean Cosmina-Daniela-Vlasta, Cleverboy Rucsandra Calin, Yellow rose AdelaLia Rusu, Dreaming Russia Vladimir Myagkov, Korean Vladimir Proshin, Way Vladimir Myagkov, Margaret Viktor Kanunnikov, Chinese actress2 Yury Pustovoy, Ethiopia Surma tribe Igor Voller, Lets Play Jazz Yury Khodzitskiy, Legend Formula-1NikiLauda Vladimir Proshin, Mist-2 Andrew Shlykoff, No Name C/Portrait/Portret
  86. 86. 87 Mutluhan Karakoyunlu, Cimcime Mutluhan Karakoyunlu, Habersizv1 HasanHulki Muradi, colors of life Dilek Erim, innocence Dilek Erim, year of the trail Emre Yengel, Black Hasan Koca, Miner and his mule Dilek Erim, child brides DERVIS OZCAN, ASA Ayhan Senbayrak, The old man DERVIS OZCAN, RUHESI Cemil Guven, destroyed hopes Ukraine Volodimir Norba, Norba Ded Volodimir Norba, Norba Grany United Arab Emirates Nader Al Jneibi, Child11 Nader Al Jneibi, Man3 Nader Al Jneibi, Child3 United Kingdom Diana Keane, Planning the next move Les Forrester, Martina John Harding, The rat John Harding, The cap John Harding, The stare Les Forrester, The Catwalk Peter Spring, thinking back John Whitby, Matriarch Les Forrester, Raphaelle Diana Keane, George John Whitby, Juggler Barbara Jenkin, Turquoise Miss Gary Stamp, INDUSTRIAL PORTRAIT USA Kah-Wai Lin, Couple Portrait Hassan Abu Taki, Boys Going to School Hassan Abu Taki, Counting for what I sold Hassan Abu Taki, Rural Man Australia Mieke Boynton, Dreaming Adrian Donoghue, Early start Adrian Donoghue, The home coming yongxiong ling, Morning stroll3C Adrian Donoghue, The holiday Vicki Moritz, Tilda yongxiong ling, Pilrimage buddhas2 Mieke Boynton, At Five Vicki Moritz, Straight to hell Adrian Donoghue, On the whispering wind Snezana Djacic, I Want My Lemon Bangladesh MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan, Journey Towards Dream Land MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan, Reborn MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan, In to the Paradise Belgium De Wilde Eddy, Vers la lumiere De Wilde Eddy, Arbres tortures De Wilde Eddy, Voyageurs anonymes Bosnia and Herzegovina Mirsad Mujanovic, Next page lets wait Radoje Elez, Ona Mirsad Mujanovic, Pictorial warning Milorad Kascelan, In labyrint Canada Phillip Kwan, Dribble Phillip Kwan, Birch Pohan Wu, Rapid Eye Movement Yung Niem, Crossing over pencil Dany Chan, Heaven and Earth Dany Chan, Bird Paradise Yung Niem, Dancing out of the frame Samoa Stuart Chape, Mere1 Stuart Chape, Mother and daughter1 Stuart Chape, Lisa Saudi Arabia Mohammed Al Sulaili, Old Woman Mohammed Al Sulaili, Baby Girl Ahmed Alibrahim, Sad child Fatimah Al Marhoun, green eyes Mohammed Al Sulaili, Omo Boy Look Mohammed Alnaser, Tannu 19202 Mohammed Alnaser, Detailed1 wafa yareemi, man2 Fatimah AlMarhoun, Dream wafa yareemi, boy Ahmed Alibrahim, Sadness Ahmed Alibrahim, Sad Man Serbia Zoltan Bisak, Guardian Damir Buzurovic, Unknown girl Zoltan Bisak, MTNL Branislav Backovic, Concerned mother Marina Dimitrijevic, Old boy Pantelija Ilic, Milica Damir Buzurovic, Eyes Damir Buzurovic, Decak iz Ivanova Branislav Backovic, International trainSK BG-336 Istvan Virag, C3-Melinda Istvan Virag, C2-Karolj Zeljka Gavrilovic, Wisplighton the face Julija Momcilovic, The secret in her eyes Vojislav Vojo Pesterac, Duska Nenad Borojevic, A Street Musician Vojislav Vojo Pesterac, Milica0971 Goran Kojadinovic, Resigned Julija Momcilovic, Nika Zeljka Gavrilovic, Portret9-1920-Atwind Julija Momcilovic, Light Branislav Backovic, Painter Novak Demonjic Nenad Borojevic, Homeless Istvan Virag, C1-Portrait1 Branislav Backovic, Repairer Slobodan Spasojevic Nikola Miljkovic, Thorns Istvan Virag, C4-Gipsy robert semnic, monk Vladimir Mijailovic, The story of another life Borislav Milovanovic, Granny Anica Zupunski, Sea of love Edo Iglic, Driver Edo Iglic, Girl from Rajac2 Nikola Miljkovic, Girl from Himalayas Dusan Kozoderovic, P4 Jan Valo, Arrow Singapore David Poey-Cher TAY, Welcome Giap Chiu TEO, Celine Teo Lee Lee Slovakia Andrej Skuba, Night nocturne Andrej Skuba, Passion Slovenia Jasim Suljanovic, portret1 Spain Manuel Lopez Puerma, Labrador Manuel Lopez Puerma, Pablo Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Cofrade3 Manuel Lopez Puerma, Mujer aragonesa jordi egea torrent, DSC7905copia1abona2 Manuel Lopez Puerma, La cestadepan Sri Lanka Sanka Sammana Perera, Young priests Sweden Mikael Bengtsson Lestander, Linda Red Hat Turkey Ismet Arikanturk, MeToo Aylin Cakiner, bakis Cemil Guven, The old man in the village Mutluhan Karakoyunlu, Ahbecocuk Ali Ozkan Arikanturk, Pink Purple Green China Yi Wan, Space Jinghui Chen, CHRONO CROSS Croatia Miljenko Marotti, Winter walk Miljenko Marotti, Misty Miljenko Marotti, Black hole fishing Petar Sabol, Award winning kingfishers Cyprus Andreas L Andreou, motion in the street Mustafa Evirgen, Serenity2 Mustafa Evirgen, Little egret Hasan Baglar, Spider PANTELIS KRANOS, BELOW Mustafa Evirgen, Alien Tevfik Ulual, Dancing With The Wind Mill Mustafa Evirgen, Whirling Dervishes PANTELIS KRANOS, SWIMMING IN A BOTTLE PANTELIS KRANOS, DIVE IN BLUE Czech Republic Jaroslav Klasek, Autumn Mood Jan Zahornacky, Balad about Water. Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz, Disappearance Ole Suszkiewicz, TheTerrorist Ole Suszkiewicz, Going Home SKOV SOREN, Terezien stadt Kim Pedersen, Water Egypt Mohamed Mahdy, I miss you Ahmed Mahmoud, Umbrella England John Perriam, White Charger John Perriam, Homeward Bound John Perriam, The Wicked Witch Finland Kauko Lehtonen, Floating star Kauko Lehtonen, Black swan in Underworld Germany Alexander Hochhaus, Dream room Alexander Hochhaus, Atlantis Heiko Roemisch, winter trees art9627 Volker Meinberg, New York City3 Volker Meinberg, Fire Escape1 Hong Kong Man-Kui Wisely, TheWitch Man-Kui Wisely, of the Ocean Man-Kui Wisely, The Creature Hungary Adam Szathmary, Drying Istvan Varga, bb1of1-57 Kalman Holocsi, Stop way Kalman Holocsi, Light India SUMAN BHATTACHARYYA, composition2 SUMAN BHATTACHARYYA, despair1 SUMAN BHATTACHARYYA, composition4 Anjan Das, FUTURE CITY SUMAN BHATTACHARYYA, composition3 Indonesia RUDY SUNANDAR, LIE Joko Nuswantoro, lost Joko Nuswantoro, Old Man Ireland Mark Sedgwick, Street Dancers Italy Antonio Persano, Fury Marco Garabello, City scape Daniele Franceschini , The Roots Of Coincidence debora morelli, jade1 Bruno Cherubini, Lion Tamer Marco Garabello, Pomodoro emanuele zuffo, wild flowers Antonio Persano, Women Marco Garabello, Omenajea Dal giulia stacchiotti, lovers Angiolo Manetti, Through your eyes Marco Garabello, Air emanuele zuffo, PETAL sonthefloor Veniero Rubboli, Anomalous portrait Latvia Viesturs Links, rescuers Viesturs Links, little decadent portrait Viesturs Links, revised biography of marx Moldova Meer GHERSBERG, 1Mohn Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, Gecorrigeerdevlucht Daniel LYBAERT, Contpiep Norway Jarle Harkestad, restles visitor June Gronseth, Gazing in green June Gronseth, Waterfall in fantasy Oman Habib Alzadjali, 4Eyez2 sanjoy sengupta, SSG 3148 Poland Anna Benicewicz-Miazga, Underworld4 Anna Benicewicz-Miazga, Underworld1 Anna Benicewicz-Miazga, Visit1 Anna Benicewicz-Miazga, Visit2 Portugal Joao Taborda, Coming to me Joao Taborda, Child and Buterflies Sinphony Quatar Abdulla Al-Mushaifri, katara Romania Paunas Nicoleta, Fantasy Valentina Stan, City Profile3 Rucsandra Calin, Purple tulips ZSOLT Bikfalvi, Predestination AdelaLia Rusu, Clock of life3 Paunas Nicoleta, The time Istvan Magdo, Entangled Valentina Stan, Green Light Istvan Magdo, Heavy metal Ovi D. Pop, hot Csaba Toth, UNLIMITED Csaba Toth, WORMHOLE AdelaLia Rusu, Clock of life5 ZSOLT Bikfalvi, Stork Jet Rucsandra Calin, Fall rhapsodies Russia Oleg Grachev, Scanogram4 Oleg Grachev, Scanogram3 Vladimir Proshin, Aphrodite Vladimir Proshin, Illusion-2 Viktor Kanunnikov, Venice in reflections1 Vladimir Proshin, Dreamer Samoa Stuart Chape, Abstract welcome Stuart Chape, Out of time1 Saudi Arabia wafa yareemi, Together wafa yareemi, abstract2 Ahmed Alibrahim, Splash1 Serbia Zoltan Bisak, Stair case01 Marko Vlaovic, Three of you Zeljka Gavrilovic, Mental chaos Aleksa Stojkovic, In the Middle of Nowhere Zoltan Bisak, Staircase Zoltan Bisak, Flock Branislav Backovic, Painter Stojan Anicic Zeljka Gavrilovic, Distress Istvan Virag, D1-UFO Dragan Lapcevic, Looking for D/Experiment /Eksperiment
  87. 87. 88 United Kingdom Barbara Jenkin, Circle of Veils Barbara Jenkin, Celestial Being John Whitby, Visitors John Whitby, Inventor Diana Keane, Dancers with Camelia John Harding, The black hole Diana Keane, Star maiden Triad USA Kah Wai Lin, Dried Trees of Manasquan Dave Whitson, Dancing on a Thunder head Dave Whitson, Amazon of the Ages manss aval, Manss Ava A Moment Ago Kah Wai Lin, Forest Impression Dorothy Beller, Trees by Rive rbed 4 Nicolas Raymond, Glacier Abbey E/Open Color/ Slobodna Kolor Australia Anna Pha , Glass Staircase Vicki Moritz, Acheron oldtimer Anna Pha, Apologies to Escher Belgium Bart Dumont, DSC5257 Bosnia and Herzegovina Mirsad Mujanovic, Colorful passage Mirsad Mujanovic, The fifteenth of a second Canada Phillip Kwan, Northern Light Reflection Phillip Kwan, Bald Eagle Catching Fish Phillip Kwan, Husky Racer29 Croatia Darija sesto, a girl with a hat Marko Gotal, What is my purpose Darija sesto, rainin Paris Cyprus PANTELIS KRANOS, TOWARD THE LIGHT A TRED SEA Mustafa Muezzinoglu, Moon2 Constantinos Charalambous, Corridor KLEA KYPRIANOU, Magic Curtain yiannos zachariou, lady in red1920 Hasan Baglar, Holy Light KLEA KYPRIANOU, Meteora Ria Petridou, Upside Down Mustafa Evirgen, Matisse Tevfik Ulual, Women yiannos zachariou, love from Cyprus Constantinos Charalambous, Children of the world Mustafa Muezzinoglu, La Cumparsita Mustafa Evirgen, Tinner2 Ria Petridou, Walk To the Depth Tevfik Ulual, Colourful PANTELIS KRANOS, CAVES AT GOZOMALTA Czech Republic Jaroslav Klasek, Boy from Highlands England Tom Richardson, Barnand Simon Fell Malcolm Jenkin, The Shawl Christine Woolgar, 01-04-2014-0113 Christine Woolgar, 08-05-2014-0116 Tom Richardson, lone tree glendubhlochan Garry Bisshopp, Reflective Abstraction Malcolm Jenkin, Cleo Garry Bisshopp, Six Windows Finland Tapio Kihlberg, Nothern Lights1 France MARTIN Marc Henri MARTIN, J’arrive Armand PILE, Puits sans fond MARTIN Marc Henri MARTIN, Elleeteux Armand PILE, Leper choir rouge Istvan Virag, D2-Lokvanji Branislav Backovic, Imagination of a cat Vladimir Mijailovic, Vintage Istvan Virag, D3-Watergrass Istvan Virag, D4-Leaves Zoltan Bisak, Darkside Vojislav Vojo Pesterac, Red and yellow2700 Hadzi Miodrag Miladinovic, Secret Marina Dimitrijevic, Agelessness Nikola Miljkovic, Black Light Experiment01 Nikola Miljkovic, UV Make-Up02 Bogdan Obadic, The Sky Under the Hat Nikola Miljkovic, BlackLightExperiment02 Zeljka Gavrilovic, Eksperiment2 Sunny day Bojan Bojanic, On the other side Anica Zupunski, Marriage robert semnic, experim1art Djordje Vukicevic, Dilemma Sasa Preradovic, In The Spiders Tower03 Borislav Milovanovic, Gal Damir Buzurovic, Fairy1 Snezana Lukic, Fortress Zeljka Gavrilovic, Eksperiment4 Sunrise Bogdan Obadic, Morning After Dusan Kozoderovic, E2 Vladimir Mijailovic, Frame in the frame robert semnic, gel Anica Zupunski, Magic Marina Dimitrijevic, Light play Goran Kojadinovic, Winter forest magic Branimir Radovanovic, Jumping Vladimir Mijailovic, Fancy Julija Momcilovic, The Three Faces of Eve Singapore David Poey-Cher TAY, Another world David Poey-Cher TAY, Complex world Zee Kek HENG, Tattoo girls David Poey-Cher TAY, Resurrection David Poey-Cher TAY, Funny angel Slovakia Jn Vajas, Curly Tree Jn Vajas, Firework Slovenia Igor Debevec, egg Igor Debevec, Stairs II Jasim Suljanovic, eksperiment4 Igor Debevec, Pyramid of the 21st century Jasim Suljanovic, eksperiment3 Spain Manuel Lopez Puerma, Fumando espero Manuel Lopez Puerma, Autumn Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Chimenea pared y bici Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, La Fabrica de nuebes Manuel Lopez Puerma, Luchadores Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Zaloa2 Manuel Lopez Puerma, Clown Jose Laino, Grapes Shoe Sri Lanka Sanka Sammana Perera, Vintage Sanka Sammana Perera, Her Kingdom Sweden Goran Garberg, Smoky dance Goran Garberg, Blues Mikael Bengtsson Lestander, I Want Freedom Mikael Bengtsson Lestander, Screaming For Food Mikael Bengtsson Lestander, Traveller In Time Turkey Cemil Guven, the woman in red Cemil Guven, dry Trees Cemil Guven, Lighting Way Ismet Arikanturk, Hats A.Ersin Beyhan, MEB-027-1 Hasan Hulki Muradi, life goes on Aylin Cakiner, sera Cemil Guven, Prisoner Emre Yengel, The Only Real MARTIN Marc Henri MARTIN, Mobil Home MARTIN Marc Henri MARTIN, Atterriss age Germany Dr Michael E Bottcher, Living Art II Dr Michael E Bottcher, Waterfall no.13 Greece EVA LAMBROPOULOU, MESSOLONGHI LAGOON2 MANOLIS KOUTSAKIS, RED2 MANOLIS KOUTSAKIS, TRIGAS EVA LAMBROPOULOU, A DREAM ON EARTH Hong Kong KWAN LEUNG CHEUNG, FLOOD4 HOI YAN FONG, Sony Centre at Night Koon Nam CHEUNG, Got it but Lost it Heidi OUYANG, Shy Little Girl Yue Yun CHAN, life struggle CHUN KANG CHAN, PLUM MING FAI TANG, An Iron Woman Tsun Ip Patrick CHOW, HONEY BUZZARDS Lung Tsai WANG, Flying Food CHUN KANG CHAN, BACK HOME KENNETH KWOK, Light of Hope KAN KEUNG HO, Rhythm of Circles No.10 HOI WAI LAU, CARRIAGE SHADOW Hiu Wan YEUNG, Phoenix dance in the sky HOI WAI LAU, AUTUMN Yiu Ka CHONG, Awesome Sky Show KENNETH KWOK, Always Power Sau Shun Wong, pony chase KAN KEUNG HO, Geese Parading Sau Shun Wong, never miss ok Chi Wai Claude YUEN, colour1 Chasing SIU HI KWOK, Song of Earth Koon Nam CHEUNG, Fighting for Championship Banly CHEUNG, Feeding Hung CHAN, Fighting HOMER LEE, BACK STREET Koon Keung Cheung, Concentrated working Xing Fang SU, Grandma in work Lau Barry, Dew drop Man Kui Wisely, Running Yvonne WONG, Happy Mothers Koon Keung Cheung, Cooking fish busy Yiu Ka CHONG, New Generation Tsun Ip Patrick CHOW, MARBLE SCULPTORS Hungary Elek Papp, Under way Julianna Szepesi, Old man at the gate Elek Papp, The last pair of boots Zoltan Vass, Blue silence Elek Papp, Artificer Irene Becker, House on the Drina River Zoltan Vass, path of dreams Kercz Tibor, Food service Julianna Szepesi, At the golden temple India Gouri Sarkar, Listners Abhirup Bose, Passer by ABHIJIT BANERJEE, WALLPAPER1 Arijit Mukherjee, Colors of Life Debasree Das, Holy Bath Soumya Basu, Blue Door Das Ritankar, Little Saint Prabal K Sarkar, Family Krishnendu Dasgupta, Little drummer Krishnendu Dasgupta, Life on the move Debasree Das, With the pets SUMAN BHATTACHARYYA, still life1 Soumya Basu, Curious Mood Gouri Sarkar, Curiosity Indonesia Joko Nuswantoro, Brick Maker Ireland Catherine Bushe, Old and new Israel Galia Gitliz, Playing Fishes Italy Riccardo Ercolessi, Scardovari-nassen1 FRANCESCA SALICE, LE GROWING FISHERMAN Riccardo Ercolessi, Campotendato ALBERTO DUMASS, SikhI Antonio Persano, Her soul Azelio Magini, Damigella Riccardo Ercolessi, Kolmanskopn1 Azelio Magini, 3Syrphidae Bruno Cherubini, Escape to West Bruno Cherubini, Satellite TV Angiolo Manetti, Country landscape New Zealand Peter Morris, Beautiful Belly Paul Byrne, Lemon water Norway June Gronseth, Bow in sky Lars Martin Teigen, Milky Way from Norway Harald K Andersen, On The Rooftop Romania Bathori Zsigmond, THE NOMAD ZSOLT Bikfalvi, Mustang Sallys Adela Lia Rusu, Memories Ovi D. Pop, Leekoo 2 Csaba Toth, BIG BOSS Russia Gennady Chubko, On Holiday of rein deer breeder Vitaliy Podgurchenko, Andrew and Mary Vladimir Myagkov, In reflection III Saudi Arabia Fatimah Al Marhoun, magdoleen eyes Ahmed Alibrahim, Dress maker nasser alrabeai , Camels in Najran Fatimah Al Marhoun, littlestudent Fatimah Al Marhoun, memories Mohammed Al Sulaili, Indian Student Ahmed Alibrahim, School Child3 Ahmed Alibrahim, In rain Mohammed Al Sulaili, School Serbia Dragan Lapcevic, Even Goran Kojadinovic, Rendez-vous Dragan Lapcevic, Belgrade Yapi Edo Iglic, Lady with the puppy Istvan Virag, F2-Medvednik01 Hadzi Miodrag Miladinovic, Moulders7020 Dragan Lapcevic, Winter lights Pantelija Ilic, View Branimir Radovanovic, Konjarnik No0567 Zeljka Gavrilovic, Joyful freedom Damir Buzurovic, Encore Pantelija Ilic, Stado sa Medvednika Branimir Radovanovic, Down no4653 Borislav Milovanovic, Little One Djordje Vukicevic, Net Snezana Lukic, Cleaners Julija Momcilovic, Rain Edo Iglic, Dajana robert semnic, foto izlozba Damir Buzurovic, Front Line Aleksa Stojkovic, monk Mirjana Dobrosavljev, 5-4.STREET LAZE TELECKOG Snezana Lukic, Eurostep Damir Buzurovic, Violet orange Snezana Lukic, Workers Borislav Milovanovic, Zagubica 20108536 Edo Iglic, Breaking with the past1 Zeljka Gavrilovic, Beauty of light Sasa Preradovic, Alexandra13-02-09-04 Istvan Virag , F1-Street scene01 Singapore Zee Kek HENG, Workers pouring salts Zee Kek HENG, Twin reflection Slovenia Jasim Suljanovic, BLEDSKI OTOK Biserka Sijaric, MORNING RITUAL Dejan Kokol, Natural frame II Jasim Suljanovic, ZIMSKA IDILA Dejan Kokol, Vertigo Biserka Sijaric, REMEMBRANCE
  88. 88. 89 Cyprus yiannos zachariou, midnight stroll 1920 Mustafa Muezzinoglu, Harleys Fire2 Tevfik Ulual, The Pier1 Mustafa Evirgen, Chap fallen Tevfik Ulual, The Pier2 Ria Petridou, Right Here Waiting for You Mustafa Muezzinoglu, Life PANTELIS KRANOS, A FISHING BOAT WRECK yiannos zachariou, together Czech Republic Jaroslav Klasek, Morning in Dragon Cove02 England Tom Richardson, stunted treet wisleton Tom Richardson, view from castle rigg Malcolm Jenkin, Music Maker Garry Bisshopp, Coronation Dome Tom Richardson, Glenlicht House Garry Bisshopp, Aldford Iron Bridge Malcolm Jenkin, Sitting Tom Richardson, colonsay farm Malcolm Jenkin, Trouble France MARTIN Marc Henri MARTIN, Cats MARTIN Marc Henri MARTIN, Comme un ver MARTIN Marc Henri MARTIN, Desordre Germany Dr Michael E Bottcher, Salzburg crossings Dr Michael E Bottcher, StrumpfaktII Greece EVA LAMBROPOULOU, FULL MOON MANOLIS KOUTSAKIS, TEAM SPIRIT Hong Kong KWAN LEUNG CHEUNG, LOSE CONTROL Lung Tsai WANG, Help to Cook Koon Keung Cheung, Buffalo racing Hung CHAN, The Great Wall Xing Fang SU, Guilin Fishing Banly CHEUNG, Smoking Life Koon Nam CHEUNG, Camels in Desert Heidi OUYANG, Hair Salonin Nepal HOI WAI LAU, MORNING LIGHT Yvonne WONG, Circles Heidi OUYANG, Smoking Potter Sau Shun Wong, Overtaking KWAN LEUNG CHEUNG, OXCART Hiu Wan YEUNG, Leisure Time Koon Keung Cheung, Follow me Yiu Ka CHONG, Sailing KWAN LEUNG CHEUNG, FIGHTING ELEPHANTS Yue Yun CHAN, Horse racing Hung CHAN, Football Game HOI WAI LAU, DREAMS Chi Wai Claude YUEN, A Foggy Morning Tsun Ip Patrick CHOW, LIFE TIME DEDICATION Banly CHEUNG, Waiting For Haircut Sau Shun Wong, mongolian catcher CHING YAN YU, Leap of faith Tsun Ip Patrick CHOW, KNOCKOUT Sau Shun Wong, climb Xing Fang SU, Peaceful Sailing Man Kui Wisely, Surrounding HOI WAI LAU, CLOUD PEAK Banly CHEUNG, Going To Work Heidi OUYANG, Aged Body Free Spirit KWAN LEUNG CHEUNG, FALLEN HORSE Man Kui Wisely, Pony Ride Hung CHAN, Horses Migrate Chi Wai Claude YUEN, Smoking CHING YAN YU, Head to head Yiu Ka CHONG, Sailing Home Hungary Elek Papp, Going to the market Julianna Szepesi, In the rain Elek Papp, Why Irene Becker, The Veil Irene Becker, Turn around India Krishnendu Dasgupta, Nomad Gouri Sarkar, Grandma and pets Spain Alicia Carnicer, Wating for departure Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz, Volando sobre el Guggenheim Juan Antonio Palacios Garci, Tierra de campos3 Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Bodegon126 Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz, Jump Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Bodegon132 Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz, Neimeyer26-AC Sweden Goran Garberg, Bridge in early morning Turkey Burcu Karsli, sebiaruz-6929 Selma Demirkol, msr OZHAN OZDE, Colorful Group MESUT KURT, KUCUKKIZ Semih Akca, Making Molasses Dilek Erim, generations Gul Yildiz , working man Hasan Hulki Muradi, Man Osman Maasoglu, flocks and shepperd Osman Maasoglu, tandir Ibrahim Bulent Teymur, color and fire Guldem Kocel, Misty Morning On CharlesB Ayhan Senbayrak, Sabun Waterfall arif miletli, 1-light MEDNAN SACAKLI, E-1-5-A beautiful woman at the exhibition Ergun Karadag, street Ahmet Cetintas, silence Alphan YILMAZMADEN, champ Hasan Hulki Muradi, Taskale Ibrahim Bulent Teymur, dubai Cemil Guven, dark arif miletli, 3-railway Gul Yildiz, window and five children Hasan Koca, Crossing the bridge Alphan YILMAZMADEN, hope Selma Demirkol, kalayc Dilek Erim, eyes Emre Yengel, Fake Windows Cemil Guven, I will return Ukraine Volodimir Norba, Intown Volodimir Norba, Karpathian kruh United Kingdom David Fletcher, Mendicant David Fletcher, Time for a Rest David Fletcher, Forest Funghi Barbara Jenkin, Simba USA Dave Whitson, In a Red Robe Bon Laing, Lee 3 Bon Laing Lee, Lee 1 F/Open Monochrome /Open Monohrom Australia Vicki Moritz, Princes Pier Vicki Moritz, Eildon morning mono Vicki Moritz, Winter willow Vicki Moritz, Slope point hut NZ Belgium Bart Dumont, DSC4691 Bosnia and Herzegovina Mirsad Mujanovic, Moja Liza Canada Phillip Kwan, Egret with Stick Phillip Kwan, Osprey with Bass Croatia Darija sesto, e2-a stone gate Marko Gotal, Lost PrabalK Sarkar, Street Life Abhirup Bose, Stray Debasree Das, Jump Krishnendu Dasgupta, Sweety Abhirup Bose, Morning in Varanasi Gouri Sarkar, Old shopkeeper Dwaipayan Basu, Angry Look Arijit Mukherjee, 39 Steps Soumya Basu, Smile Please Dwaipayan Basu, Terminator Gouri Sarkar, Three sisters ABHIJIT BANERJEE, Life in circles Das Ritankar, Forbidden Kingdom Gouri Sarkar, Returning home PrabalK Sarkar, Smiling Face Debasree Das, The Cyclist Krishnendu Dasgupta, Naughty Arijit Mukherjee, Little friends Debasree Das, Pigeon House SUMAN BHATTACHARYYA, toto girl Soumya Basu, City from top Indonesia Joko Nuswantoro, Play Soccer Joko Nuswantoro, Prayer Ireland Catherine Bushe, In the shadow of the light house Catherine Bushe, Dancing with shadow Israel Galia Gitliz, The net Italy Bruno Cherubini, Aman Riccardo Ercolessi, Collinesenesin4 Bruno Cherubini, Auditorium Parcodella Musica FRANCESCA SALICE, THE NEWS AGENT Antonio Persano, Lebanon2 Azelio Magini, Trasparenza Angiolo Manetti, Geometric steps Riccardo Ercolessi, Collinesenesin1 Bruno Cherubini, Eleonora Antonio Persano, Genesys Angiolo Manetti, With my goats Riccardo Ercolessi, Collinesenesin3 New Zealand Peter Morris, And She Sits2 Norway Harald K Andersen, In The Dark June Gronseth, Autumn light Lars Martin Teigen, Dark Times Lars Martin Teigen, The Opera Roof Romania Csaba Toth, CURIOSITY Adela Lia Rusu, Going home Russia Gennady Chubko, The Waltz is turned Together 57 Saudi Arabia Ahmed Alibrahim, Innocent look Fatimah Al Marhoun, green eyed girl Ahmed Alibrahim, Thinking Fatimah Al Marhoun, hope nasser alrabeai, Animal friendship Serbia Aleksa Stojkovic, marionette Dragan Lapcevic, Framed by light Julija Momcilovic, Women of Kassope Snezana Lukic, Boat Julija Momcilovic, Scream Edo Iglic, Italian fashion3 Istvan Virag, Trippers02 Hadzi Miodrag Miladinovic, Master of ceramics1 Aleksa Stojkovic, last stop Dubai Branimir Radovanovic, Zoran V Istvan Virag, Infog08 Marina Dimitrijevic, Shadows Damir Buzurovic, Double Island Expo Aleksa Stojkovic, talks Branimir Radovanovic, SingNo3718 Djordje Vukicevic, La Musica Istvan Virag, Old woman Julija Momcilovic, Misery Goran Kojadinovic, The string theory Hadzi Miodrag Miladinovic, Moulders8671 Dragan Lapcevic, Concrete island Sasa Preradovic, Anja12-02-17-01 Damir Buzurovic, Manon the edge Istvan Virag, Talk02 Damir Buzurovic, Forbidden World Julija Momcilovic, As the years go by Hadzi Miodrag Miladinovic, Master ceramics8420 Zoltan Bisak, Triming Borislav Milovanovic, Sirotanovici05 Sasa Preradovic, Ramona14-06-02-01 Hadzi Miodrag Miladinovic, Dancing dervishes Damir Buzurovic, Wood2 Slovenia Dejan Kokol, Reading night Biserka Sijaric, TRINITY Miran Dominko, Akt Jasim Suljanovic, BLED U MAGLI Dejan Kokol, Into unknown Spain Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz, Hombres voladores Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Mascara2 Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Fronton Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Zaloa Juan Antonio Palacios Garcia, Mirada Sweden Goran Garberg, Dervisch shadow Turkey Emre Yengel, Corydon MEDNAN SACAKLI, Fog and fisherman boats Istanbul tolga ozdemir, bread and tea Sema Demirkol, kkkz Ayhan Senbayrak, Innocent Emre Yengel, Macaroni Semih Akca, Pot Alphan YILMAZMADEN, in and out Ahmet Cetintas, Coal dust Burcu Karsli, dervish5 Burcu Karsli, sebiaruz-7054 Alphan YILMAZMADEN, what if Guldem Kocel, Misty People Dilek Erim, tired Ahmet Cetintas, Cry Ibrahim Bulent Teymur, in the window Semih Akca, amusement park Ayhan Senbayrak, Hardworker Cemil Guven, Violin in my soul Hasan Koca, Pastry women arif miletli, 4-spinners Gul Yildiz, gipsy child2 Guldem Kocel, prayer Hasan Hulki Muradi, workers Hasan Koca, Look to the old city arif miletli, 3-road Ukraine Volodimir Norba, Favorite horse Volodimir Norba, Mountain village United Arab Emirates Nader Al Jneibi, tradition Nader Al Jneibi, Fisherman3 United Kingdom David Fletcher, The Passenger Barbara Jenkin, Dreamer Barbara Jenkin, Jana Musing David Fletcher, The Kiss Barbara Jenkin, Indira Barbara Jenkin, Hills and Valleys David Fletcher, Steamed Up David Fletcher, Triangles USA Dave Whitson, Samantha Arching Dave Whitson, Becky with Stool39 Dave Whitson, Reclining Nude5
  89. 89. 90
  90. 90. 91
  91. 91. 92 1st International Salon Singidunum 2015 Prvi Internacionalni Salon Singidunum 2015 Salon Chairman / Predsednik Salona Ljiljana Vrzić Organizer / Organizator Serbia PHOT / Srbija FOTO Publisher / Izdavač Serbia PHOTO / Srbija FOTO Organizing Committee / Organizacioni odbor Ljiljana Vrzić Nenad Nikolić Aleksandar Cvijanović Design / Dizajn Nenad Nikolić Ljiljana Vrzić Printing by / Štampa “Grafostil” Kragujevac Copies / Tiraž 500 Beograd, 2015
  92. 92. 93