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Catalog 3rd International Salon Reflection 2018


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Catalog 3rd International Salon Reflection 2018

  1. 1. 3rd International Salon Reflection 3.InternacionalniSalonRefleksijaSerbia PHOTO, 2018
  2. 2. About us We are gathered out, attracted by the game of light and shadows, as fragile as butterfly wings over the flame of a candle. We`ll never forget the magic kaleidoscope, such as bees never forget how to build honeycombs. Come together to experience the light, challenging the darkness.  Serbia PHOTO Association was established to achieve the following objectives: - affirmation and popularization of art and creative photography, to support and preserve Serbian cultural heritage, national history, customs and traditions, protecting the environment and natural beauty of Serbia through the medium of photography - creation, support, encouragement and continuous improvement of the medium of photography in Serbia, then its comprehensive promotion at home and abroad - we are co-operating with schools and professional associations in the country and abroad who are engaged in the medium of photography - we publish books and other publications in the field of photography media - we are organizing national and international photo exhibitions, under the patronage of domestic and international alliances, federations and associations
  3. 3. L180025 2018-120 PID/ND/PTD/PJD Recognition Reflection 2018 3rd International Salon of Photography Treći Internacionalni Salon Fotografije Themes / Teme Serbia PHOTO, 2018 A/ Reflection / Refleksija B/ Portrait / Portret C/ Street Life / Život ulice D/ Landscape / Pejzaž E/ Flowers / Cveće F/ Open Color / Slobodna Kolor G/ Open Monochrome / Slobodna Monohrom H/ Nature / Priroda I/ Macro / Makro J/ Birds / Ptice K/ Photo Travel / Foto Putovanje L/ Photojournalism / Photožurnalizam 2018/054
  4. 4. L1800252018-0120 2018/054
  5. 5. Serbia PHOTO Grand PRIX Award Kerekes István (1977), teacher, freelancer artist photographer. So far he has won more than 1500 prizes and awards in international and national photo competitions. In 2017, he was the world’s youngest who received for the achieve- ment in the field of art photography, the Excellence FIAP Diamond2 distinction (EFIAP/d/2) bestowed by FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art). When he get this honor it was only six photo artists with this distinction in the world. His most famous work is a portrait entitled Yelena, which has set an absolute unique record result in the history of Hungarian photography of all-time, having won over 320 awards in 44 countries on 6 continents. webpage: author with the highest number of received photographs
  6. 6. Grand PRIX Salon Award author with the highest number of received photographs Grand PRIX Nagrada Salona autor sa najvećim brojem primljenih fotografija Kerekes István, Hungary Theme A Reflection / Tema A Refleksija PSA Gold Istvan Kerekes, Reflection in black and white, Hungary PSA Silver Jinghui Chen, Between Landscape, China PSA Bronze George Baladakis, Reflexion 8038, Greece PSA Mention Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Light Spots, Qatar PSA Mention Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia GPU Gold Tommy Teh, Izzit Me, Malaysia IAAP Gold VIktor Kanunnikov, Venice in reflections 22, Russia Salon Gold Tomasz Okoniewski, Molo walk, Poland Salon Silver Branko Marusic, Reflection 2, Croatia Salon Bronze Roy Gudem, Green And White, Norway Salon Mention Cezar Gabriel Popescu, Morning reflection, Romania Salon Mention Jinlong Chen, Phantasmagoria of dim 1, China Salon Mention Vicki Moritz, Zen 12, Australia Salon Mention Jelica Milentijevic, Bridge in the water, Serbia Salon Mention Ruslan Bolgov, Mirror of desire, Lithuania Salon Mention Lee Eng Tan, Lashihai Lake Reflection, Singapore Special Chairman Choice Arnaldo Paulo Che, Women in work 1, Hong Kong
  7. 7. Theme B Portrait / Tema B Portret PSA Gold Xiaoguang Cao, Years 1, China PSA Silver Stanislav Sitnikov, Havana eyes, Russia PSA Bronze Istvan Kerekes, Irinka and Lisa, Hungary PSA Mention Tomasz Okoniewski, Little miss, Poland PSA Mention Wolfgang Schweden, Charming Woman 1 BW, Germany GPU Silver Andreja Ravnak, 1960 vol X, Slovenia IAAP Silver Manfred Kluger, Spring of life 1, Germany Salon Gold Ruslan Bolgov, She, Lithuania Salon Silver Zhihui Shi, Child In Daliangshan, China Salon Bronze Jianjun Lv, Young smile, China Salon Mention Xiaoyun Qi, Eager, China Salon Mention Jumei Fang, Modern Woman, China Salon Mention Jinyi Zhang, Keep Company 2, China Salon Mention Beimeng Liu, Black Face, China Salon Mention Ole Suszkiewicz, Two Women in Motion, Denmark Salon Mention Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Deep Eyes, Qatar Special Chairman Choice Arnaldo Paulo Che, Devotion 2, Hong Kong
  8. 8. Theme C Street Life / Tema C Život Ulice PSA Gold Leonid Goldin, The Story, Israel PSA Silver Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Mercy, Saudi Arabia PSA Bronze Istvan Kerekes, Life in the mud, Hungary PSA Mention Wolfgang Schweden, Traffic Lights One, Germany PSA Mention Harjanto Sumawan, Society class, Indonesia GPU Mention Chris Whitty, Hitting the high notes, United Kingdom IAAP Bronze Valerie Duncan, Late Again mono, United Kingdom Salon Gold Diana Junakovic, Thin line between, Croatia Salon Silver Oleg Kutskiy, Blizzard...5, Ukraine Salon Bronze Luis Leandro Serrano, C2 Crosswalk, Spain Salon Mention Arnaldo Paulo Che, Stop crying, Hong Kong Salon Mention Debdatta Ghosh, The Riddle, India Salon Mention Firas Abussaud, Ignored, Saudi Arabia Salon Mention Chanonn Fong, Makeup for Work, Malaysia Salon Mention Ole Suszkiewicz, Car Repair, Denmark Salon Mention Daniel Lybaert, C4 Brugs kantklossen, Netherlands Special Chairman Choice Sohel Parvez Haque, Window of emotion, Bangladesh
  9. 9. Theme D Landscape / Tema D Pejzaž PSA Gold Charlie Davidson, Jokulsarlon, Scotland PSA Silver Yury Pustovoy, Sunrise in Patagonia, Russia PSA Bronze Oleg Kutskiy, Lines of Autumn, Ukraine PSA Mention Joyce Guojun Ma, Diamond Beach, USA PSA Mention Jeno Major, Solitude, Romania GPU Mention Guy B Samoyault, Ladakh mountains 1, France IAAP Mention Yanli He, Starry sky, China Salon Gold Andreja Ravnak, Morning rhapsody, Slovenia Salon Silver Lihe Zhou, Homeland, China Salon Bronze Manfred Kluger, A new day 2, Germany Salon Mention Lung Tsai Wang, Tekesi 9, China Salon Mention HW Chan, Crane in the morning 1, Hong Kong Salon Mention Roberto Soares Gomes, Beach, Brazil Salon Mention Valerie Duncan, The Old Shepherds Hut mono, United Kingdom Salon Mention Bjorn Ole Nyborg, Day and evening light, Norway Salon Mention Jiajun Chai, The Nenets campsite 3, China Special Chairman Choice Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Desert Lines, Qatar
  10. 10. Theme E Flowers / Tema E Cveće PSA Gold James Wat, Beauty And The Beast, USA PSA Silver Jinghui Chen, Candlepower, China PSA Bronze Ka Chon Chiang, Hide Up, Macau PSA Mention Peter Teuschel, New life, Germany PSA Mention Francis Kennedy, Redwhite begonias, Australia GPU Mention Sa Kim Tran, Wild Flowers 868a, USA IAAP Mention Xiaomei Xu, Touch, China Salon Gold Pietro Bugli, Strelitzia, Italy Salon Silver Ira Nemeroff, Selby 068, USA Salon Bronze Marc Anagnostidis, Pavots Et Boutons, France Salon Mention Chris Pantazis, Pancratium maritimum 15, Greece Salon Mention Min Sheng Ku, Slipper Orchid 1, Taiwan Salon Mention Istvan Kerekes, Lonely, Hungary Salon Mention Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Bokeh Tulip Flower, Saudi Arabia Salon Mention Paulo Guerra, Heart, Brazil Salon Mention Vladimir Alekseev, Water drop, Russia Special Chairman Choice Roy Smith, Pulsatilla, Scotland
  11. 11. Theme F Open Color / Tema F Slobodna Kolor PSA Gold Gunther Riehle, One plus four 402, Germany PSA Silver Daniel Lybaert, F4 Gorillaportret, Netherlands PSA Bronze Tommy Teh, Artificial Bridge 2, Malaysia PSA Mention Xiping An, Ten Thousand Steeds Gallop 1, China PSA Mention Ole Suszkiewicz, Harmonica Clown, Denmark GPU Mention Alexander Hochhaus, Shoetime, Germany IAAP Mention Istvan Kerekes, The yawning, Hungary Salon Gold Xiaoyun Qi, Tribal women 21, China Salon Silver Raymond Bridges, The Last Goodbye, United Kingdom Salon Bronze Leonid Goldin, Ideal Figure, Israel Salon Mention George Baladakis, Abandonment 1, Greece Salon Mention Roald Synnevaag, Winter in Byparken, Norway Salon Mention Cezar Gabriel Popescu, Mystic hill, Romania Salon Mention Koon Nam Cheung, Snowy Owl A11, Hong Kong Salon Mention Quan Yuan, Body, China Salon Mention Sathyanarayana CR, F1 Pot Maker, India Special Chairman Choice Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Aya, Qatar
  12. 12. Theme G Open Monochrome / Tema G Slobodna Monohrom PSA Gold Istvan Kerekes, The gipsy clan, Hungary PSA Silver Luis Leandro Serrano, G1 Final sprint, Spain PSA Bronze Roberto Soares Gomes, Faces, Brazil PSA Mention Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Long Way, Qatar PSA Mention Branko Marusic, Observers, Croatia GPU Gold Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Holy Quran BW, Qatar IAAP Mention Danne Johansen, 1st floor, Denmark Salon Gold Alexey Suloev, Bears say hello, Russia Salon Silver Chen Chu, M4 Rush About, Australia Salon Bronze Arnaldo Paulo Che, Art of Polishing 3, Hong Kong Salon Mention Desheng Xu, Warm Himself, China Salon Mention James Wat, Grandpa In His Dream, USA Salon Mention Ka Chon Chiang, Heavy Punch 10, Macau Salon Mention Jianguo Bai, Plough 1, China Salon Mention Thomas Vijayan, Polar Walk, Canada Salon Mention Vasilis Kazepidis, Night walker, Greece Special Chairman Choice Ole Suszkiewicz, Free Hugs, Denmark
  13. 13. Theme H Nature / Tema H Priroda PSA Gold Bob Devine, Great grey owl hunting in snow, United Kingdom PSA Silver Valerie Duncan, Mouse Climbing Seedhead, United Kingdom PSA Bronze Yury Pustovoy, Red World Bolivia, Russia PSA Mention Alexandre Cardoso, Buraqueira, Brazil PSA Mention Charlie Davidson, Harvest Mouse, Scotland GPU Mention David Somali Chow, Ready to swim away, Indonesia Salon Gold Koon Nam Cheung, Hawk Owl A27, Hong Kong Salon Silver Norman Johnson, The Lunge, USA Salon Bronze Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Milky Way Flower, Qatar Salon Mention Weijing Yang, Illusion 3, China Salon Mention Say Boon Foo, Snake with prey, Malaysia Salon Mention Arnaldo Paulo Che, Family Sand Spa, Hong Kong Salon Mention Hamad Bouresli, D66R10671080, Kuwait Salon Mention Sathyanarayana CR, H1 Cheetah Chase, India Salon Mention Gunther Riehle, Emperor colony iss 202 b, Germany Special Chairman Choice Alexey Suloev, White dance Canada, Russia
  14. 14. Theme I Macro / Tema I Makro PSA Gold Rene Van Echelpoel, Paring Bleke Blauwtjes, Belgium PSA Silver Marc Anagnostidis, Anthocharis Et Fougere, France PSA Bronze Tommy Teh, Gotcha 43, Malaysia PSA Mention Istvan Kerekes, Flower with butterfly, Hungary PSA Mention Phillip Kwan, I3 Blue Dragonfly, Canada GPU Mention Lung Tsai Wang, Microspur 2, China Salon Gold Van Mensel Dre, Clouded yellow, Belgium Salon Silver Birgit Pustelnik, Swallowtail on Wild Carrot, Germany Salon Bronze Mark Coote, Are You Looking at Me, New Zealand Salon Mention Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Damselfly African, Saudi Arabia Salon Mention Willem Kruger, Grasshopper V, South Africa Salon Mention Say Boon Foo, Take care, Malaysia Salon Mention Tuck Yeong Loh, Love You, Malaysia Salon Mention Paulo Guerra, Amadeus, Brazil Salon Mention Jim Thomson, Spider Emerging From Dragonfly Chuck1A, Australia Special Chairman Choice Guek Cheng Lim, Enjoy, Malaysia
  15. 15. Theme J Birds / Tema J Ptice PSA Gold Chan Seng Tang, Four Brothers 3, Macau PSA Silver Bob Devine, Great grey owl lands at dusk, United Kingdom PSA Bronze Ray Kilham, Hunting, United Kingdom PSA Mention Kai Lon Tang, Playing Birds 4, Macau PSA Mention Lianjun Quan, Flamingoes 2, China GPU Mention Sathyanarayana CR, J1 Ashy Prinia Feeding Young One, India IAAP Mention Surajit Dutta, Prize Catch, India Salon Gold Touhid Parvez, Amur falcon, Bangladesh Salon Silver Koon Nam Cheung, Snowy Owl A06, Hong Kong Salon Bronze Tuck Yeong Loh, Not In the Good terms, Malaysia Salon Mention Yiliang Yang, Pair Off, China Salon Mention Hamad Bouresli, D66R9227yellow1200, Kuwait Salon Mention Jim Thomson, Pair Bee Eaters Feeding 2A, Australia Salon Mention Gino Symus, Kingfisher catching lunch, Belgium Salon Mention Asim Kumar Chaudhuri, Pelican, India Salon Mention Chris Whitty, Homeward bound 4, United Kingdom Special Chairman Choice Lung Tsai Wang, Eurasian Hoopoe, China
  16. 16. Theme K Photo Travel / Tema K Foto Putovanje PSA Gold Tomasz Okoniewski, Storm is coming, Poland PSA Silver Binyuan Li, Encircle a city at Sea, China PSA Bronze Yan Zhang, The Stamp of the Tribe 11, China PSA Mention Zhihui Shi, Cook, China PSA Mention Beimeng Liu, Xiapu Impression 3, China GPU Bronze Prosenjit Das, Sleeping Buddha Tonglu, India IAAP Mention Guek Cheng Lim, Praying, Malaysia Salon Gold Bob Devine, Whos watching who, United Kingdom Salon Silver Pandula Bandara, Toddy Collector, Sri Lanka Salon Bronze Sohel Parvez Haque, Prayer, Bangladesh Salon Mention Kai Lon Tang, Classic Circle Stair 4, Macau Salon Mention Lianjun Quan, Tribe Life 8, China Salon Mention Xiaoqing Chen, Tribal Protector 2, China Salon Mention Joyce Guojun Ma, Tangled Ice, USA Salon Mention Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Tunes From India, Qatar Salon Mention Istvan Kerekes, Like in tales, Hungary Special Chairman Choice Yury Pustovoy, Car service, Russia
  17. 17. Theme L Photojournalism / Tema L Fotožurnalizam PSA Gold Oleg Kutskiy, Ukraine. Hottest days., Ukraine PSA Silver Liansan Yu, Study 4, China PSA Bronze Adji Rukmantara, The Cremation, Indonesia PSA Mention Stanislav Sitnikov, City morning, Russia PSA Mention David Somali Chow, Fighting Komodo dragons surrounded by trash, Indonesia GPU Mention Tomasz Okoniewski, Titanium from the land of smoke, Poland Salon Gold Istvan Kerekes, Migrant life, Hungary Salon Silver Dr Rashid Un Nabi, Struggle, Bangladesh Salon Bronze Kai Lon Tang, Boxing 60, Macau Salon Mention Jos Cuppens, Motul, Belgium Salon Mention Jianjun Lv, Kids toy, China Salon Mention Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Childhood bold, Saudi Arabia Salon Mention Willem Kruger, Tackle three, South Africa Salon Mention Jumei Fang, Rural Medical, China Salon Mention Harjanto Sumawan, Sulfur Miners, Indonesia Special Chairman Choice Chanonn Fong, Start of Work Day, Malaysia
  18. 18. Serbia PHOTO / Srbija FOTO Jury / Žiri Borislav Milovanovic EFIAP/g, PPSA, GPU CR3, Serbia Aleksandar Manasijev AFIAP, Serbia Xiaoqing Zhang, PPSA/FAPAS/FPVS, China
  20. 20. 20 REFLECTION/REFLEKSIJA Istvan Kerekes, Hungary, Reflection, In black and white PSA Gold
  21. 21. 21 Tommy Teh, Malaysia, Izzit Me GPU Gold REFLECTION/REFLEKSIJA
  22. 22. 22 Viktor Kanunnikov, Russia, Venice in reflections 22 IAAP GoldREFLECTION/REFLEKSIJA
  23. 23. 23 Tomasz Okoniewski, Poland, Molo walk Salon Gold REFLECTION/REFLEKSIJA
  24. 24. 24 Jinghui Chen, China, Between Landscape PSA SilverREFLECTION/REFLEKSIJA
  25. 25. 25 Branko Marusic, Croatia, Reflection 2 REFLECTION/REFLEKSIJASalon Silver
  26. 26. 26 George Baladakis, Greece, Reflexion 8038 REFLECTION/REFLEKSIJA PSA Bronze
  27. 27. 27 Roy Gudem, Norway, Green And White Salon Bronze REFLECTION/REFLEKSIJA
  28. 28. 28 Special Chairman Choice Arnaldo Paulo Che, Hong Kong, Women in work 1 REFLECTION/REFLEKSIJA
  29. 29. 29 Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Qatar, Light Spots PSA Mention REFLECTION/REFLEKSIJA
  30. 30. 30 Mofeed Abushalwa, Saudiarabia, Abu Dhabi PSA MentionREFLECTION/REFLEKSIJA
  31. 31. 31 Cezar Gabriel Popescu, Romania, Morning reflection Salon Mention REFLECTION/REFLEKSIJA
  32. 32. 32 Vicki Moritz, Australia, Zen 12 Salon MentionREFLECTION/REFLEKSIJA
  33. 33. 33 Salon Mention Jinlong Chen, China, Phantasmagoria of dim 1 REFLECTION/REFLEKSIJA
  34. 34. 34 Salon Mention Lee Eng Tan, Singapore, Lashihai Lake Reflection REFLECTION/REFLEKSIJA
  35. 35. 35 Salon Mention Ruslan Bolgov, Lithuania, Mirror of desire REFLECTION/REFLEKSIJA
  36. 36. 36 Salon Mention Jelica Milentijevic, Serbia, Bridge in the water REFLECTION/REFLEKSIJA
  38. 38. 38 PORTRAIT/PORTRET PSA Gold Xiaoguang Cao, China, Years 1
  39. 39. 39 PORTRAIT/PORTRETSalon Gold Ruslan Bolgov, Lithuania, She
  40. 40. 40 PORTRAIT/PORTRET PSA Silver Stanislav Sitnikov, Russia, Havana eyes
  41. 41. 41 PORTRAIT/PORTRET Andreja Ravnak, Slovenia, 1960 vol X GPU Silver
  42. 42. 42 Manfred Kluger, Germany, Spring of life 1 PORTRAIT/PORTRET IAAP Silver
  43. 43. 43 Zhihui Shi, China, Child In Daliangshan PORTRAIT/PORTRETSalon Silver
  44. 44. 44 Istvan Kerekes, Hungary, Irinka and Lisa PORTRAIT/PORTRET PSA Bronze
  45. 45. 45 Jianjun Lv, China, Young smile PORTRAIT/PORTRETSalon Bronze
  46. 46. 46 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Hong Kong, Devotion 2 Special Chairman ChoicePORTRAIT/PORTRET
  47. 47. 47 Tomasz Okoniewski, Poland, Little miss PORTRAIT/PORTRETPSA Mention
  48. 48. 48 Wolfgang Schweden, Germany, Charming Woman 1 BW PORTRAIT/PORTRET PSA Mention
  49. 49. 49 Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Two Women in Motion PORTRAIT/PORTRETSalon Mention
  50. 50. 50 PORTRAIT/PORTRET Salon Mention Jumei Fang, China, Modern Woman
  51. 51. 51 Jinyi Zhang, China, Keep Company 2 PORTRAIT/PORTRETSalon Mention
  52. 52. 52 Beimeng Liu, China, Black Face Salon MentionPORTRAIT/PORTRET
  53. 53. 53 Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Qatar, Deep Eyes PORTRAIT/PORTRETSalon Mention
  54. 54. 54 Salon Mention Xiaoyun Qi, China, Eager PORTRAIT/PORTRET
  56. 56. 56 PSA GoldSTREET LIFE/ŽIVOT ULICE Leonid Goldin, Israel, The Story
  57. 57. 57 Diana Junakovic, Croatia, Thin line between Salon Gold STREET LIFE/ŽIVOT ULICE
  58. 58. 58 Mofeed Abushalwa, Saudiarabia, Mercy PSA SilverSTREET LIFE/ŽIVOT ULICE
  59. 59. 59 Oleg Kutskiy, Ukraine, Blizzard...5 Salon Silver STREET LIFE/ŽIVOT ULICE
  60. 60. 60 Istvan Kerekes, Hungary, Life in the mud PSA BronzeSTREET LIFE/ŽIVOT ULICE
  61. 61. 61 Valerie Duncan, United Kingdom, Late Again mono IAAP Bronze STREET LIFE/ŽIVOT ULICE
  62. 62. 62 STREET LIFE/ŽIVOT ULICE Salon Bronze Luis Leandro Serrano, Spain, C2 Crosswalk
  63. 63. 63 Special Chairman Choice STREET LIFE/ŽIVOT ULICE Sohel Parvez Haque, Bangladesh, Window of emotion
  64. 64. 64 Wolfgang Schweden, Germany, Traffic Lights One PSA MentionSTREET LIFE/ŽIVOT ULICE
  65. 65. 65 PSA Mention Harjanto Sumawan, Indonesia, Society class STREET LIFE/ŽIVOT ULICE
  66. 66. 66 GPU Mention Chris Whitty, United Kingdom, Hitting the high notes STREET LIFE/ŽIVOT ULICE
  67. 67. 67 Salon Mention Firas Abussaud, Saudiarabia, Ignored STREET LIFE/ŽIVOT ULICE
  68. 68. 68 Salon Mention Debdatta Ghosh, India, The Riddle STREET LIFE/ŽIVOT ULICE
  69. 69. 69 Salon Mention Arnaldo Paulo Che, Hong Kong, Stop crying STREET LIFE/ŽIVOT ULICE
  70. 70. 70 Salon Mention Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Car Repair STREET LIFE/ŽIVOT ULICE
  71. 71. 71 Salon Mention Chanonn Fong, Malaysia, Makeup for Work STREET LIFE/ŽIVOT ULICE
  72. 72. 72 Daniel Lybaert, Netherlands, C4 Brugs kantklossensia Salon MentionSTREET LIFE/ŽIVOT ULICE
  74. 74. 74 PSA Gold Charlie Davidson, Scotland, Jokulsarlon LANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  75. 75. 75 Andreja Ravnak, Slovenia Morning rhapsody Salon Gold LANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  76. 76. 76 Yury Pustovoy , Russia, Sunrise in Patagonia PSA SilverLANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  77. 77. 77 Lihe Zhou, China, Homeland LANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽSalon Silver
  78. 78. 78 Oleg Kutskiy, Ukraine, Lines of Autumn. PSA Bronze
  79. 79. 79 Manfred Kluger, Germany, A new day 2 LANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽSalon Bronze
  80. 80. 80 Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Qatar, Desert Lines Special Chairman ChoiceLANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  81. 81. 81 Jeno Major, Romania, Solitude LANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽPSA Mention
  82. 82. 82 Joyce Guojun Ma, USA, Diamond Beach PSA MentionLANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  83. 83. 83 Guy B Samoyault, France, Ladakh mountains 1 LANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽGPU Mention
  84. 84. 84 Yanli He, China, Starry sky IAAP MentionLANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  85. 85. 85 Salon Mention Lung Tsai Wang, China, Tekesi 9 LANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  86. 86. 86 Salon Mention Roberto Soares Gomes, Brazil, Beach LANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  87. 87. 87 Salon Mention Valerie Duncan, United Kingdom, The Old Shepherds Hut mono LANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  88. 88. 88 Salon Mention HW Chan, Hong Kong, Crane in the morning 1 LANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  89. 89. 89 Salon Mention Bjorn Ole Nyborg, Norway, Day and evening light LANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ
  90. 90. 90 LANDSCAPE/PEJZAŽ Salon Mention Jiajun Chai, China, The Nenets campsite 3
  92. 92. 92 FLOWERS/CVEĆE PSA Gold James Wat, USA, Beauty and the Beast
  93. 93. 93 Pietro Bugli, Italy, Strelitzia Salon Gold FLOWERS/CVEĆE
  94. 94. 94 Jinghui Chen, China, Candlepower PSA SilverFLOWERS/CVEĆE
  95. 95. 95 Ira Nemeroff, USA, Selby 068 FLOWERS/CVEĆESalon Silver
  96. 96. 96 Ka Chon Chiang, Macau, Hide Up FLOWERS/CVEĆE PSA Bronze
  97. 97. 97 Marc Anagnostidis, France, Pavots Et Boutons FLOWERS/CVEĆESalon Bronze
  98. 98. 98 Roy Smith, Scotland, Pulsatilla FLOWERS/CVEĆE Special Chairman Choice
  99. 99. 99 Peter Teuschel, Germany, New life FLOWERS/CVEĆEPSA Mention
  100. 100. 100 Francis Kennedy, Australia, Redwhite begonias FLOWERS/CVEĆE PSA Mention
  101. 101. 101 Sa Kim Tran, USA, Wild Flowers 868a FLOWERS/CVEĆEGPU Mention
  102. 102. 102 IAAP Mention Xiaomei Xu, China, Touch FLOWERS/CVEĆE
  103. 103. 103 Salon Mention Chris Pantazis, Greece, Pancratium maritimum 15 FLOWERS/CVEĆE
  104. 104. 104 Salon Mention Paulo Guerra, Brazil, Heart FLOWERS/CVEĆE
  105. 105. 105 Salon Mention FLOWERS/CVEĆE Istvan Kerekes, Hungary, Lonely
  106. 106. 106 Salon Mention Vladimir Alekseev, Russia, Water drop FLOWERS/CVEĆE
  107. 107. 107 Salon Mention Min Sheng Ku, Taiwan, Slipper Orchid 1 FLOWERS/CVEĆE
  108. 108. 108 FLOWERS/CVEĆE Salon Mention Mofeed Abushalwa, Saudiarabia, Bokeh Tulip Flower
  110. 110. 110 PSA Gold Gunther Riehle, Germany, One plus four 402 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  111. 111. 111 Salon Gold Xiaoyun Qi, China, Tribal women 21 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  112. 112. 112 PSA Silver Daniel Lybaert, Netherlands, F4 Gorilla portret OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  113. 113. 113 Raymond Bridges, United Kingdom, The Last Goodbye Salon Silver OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  114. 114. 114 Tommy Teh, Malaysia, Artificial Bridge 2 PSA BronzeOPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  115. 115. 115 Leoni Goldin, Israel, Ideal Figure Salon Bronze OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  116. 116. 116 Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Qatar, Aya OPEN COLOR Special Chairman Choice
  117. 117. 117 Xiping An, China, Ten Thousand Steeds Gallop 1 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLORPSA Mention
  118. 118. 118 Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Harmonica Clown OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR PSA Mention
  119. 119. 119 Alexander Hochhaus, Germany, Shoetime OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLORGPU Mention
  120. 120. 120 Istvan Kerekes, Hungary, The yawning IAAP MentionOPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  121. 121. 121 Salon Mention George Baladakis, Greece, Abandonment 1 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  122. 122. 122 Salon Mention Cezar Gabriel Popescu, Romania, Mystic hill OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  123. 123. 123 Salon Mention Koon Nam Cheung, Hong Kong, Snowy Owl A11 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  124. 124. 124 Salon Mention Quan Yuan, China, Body OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  125. 125. 125 Salon Mention Sathyanarayana CR, India, F1 Pot Maker OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR
  126. 126. 126 Roald Synnevaag, Norway, Winter in Byparken OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR Salon Mention
  128. 128. 128 PSA Gold Istvan Kerekes, Hungary, The gipsy clan OPEN MONOCHROME
  129. 129. 129 Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Qatar, Holy Quran BW GPU Gold OPEN MONOCHROME
  130. 130. 130 Alexey Suloev, Russia, Bears say hello OPEN MONOCHROME Salon Gold
  131. 131. 131 PSA Silver Luis Leandro Serrano, Spain, G1 Final sprint OPEN MONOCHROME
  132. 132. 132 Chen Chu, Australia, M4 Rush About Salon SilverOPEN MONOCHROME
  133. 133. 133 Roberto Soares Gomes, Brazil, Faces PSA Bronze OPEN MONOCHROME
  134. 134. 134 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Hong Kong, Art of Polishing 3 OPEN MONOCHROME Salon Bronze
  135. 135. 135 Special Chairman Choice Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Free Hugs OPEN MONOCHROME
  136. 136. 136 PSA Mention Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Qatar, Long Way OPEN MONOCHROME
  137. 137. 137 Branko Marusic, Croatia, Observers OPEN MONOCHROMEPSA Mention
  138. 138. 138 Danne Johansen, Denmark, 1st floor OPEN MONOCHROME IAAP Mention
  139. 139. 139 Salon Mention Vasilis Kazepidis, Greece, Night walker OPEN MONOCHROME
  140. 140. 140 Salon Mention Thomas Vijayan, Canada, Polar Walk OPEN MONOCHROME
  141. 141. 141 Salon Mention Desheng Xu, China, Warm Himself OPEN MONOCHROME
  142. 142. 142 Salon Mention Jianguo Bai, China, Plough 1 OPEN MONOCHROME
  143. 143. 143 Salon Mention Ka Chon Chiang, Macau, Heavy Punch 10 OPEN MONOCHROME
  144. 144. 144 James Wat, USA, Grandpa in his Dream OPEN MONOCHROME Salon Mention
  145. 145. 145 NATURE / PRIRODA THEME / TEMA H
  146. 146. 146 PSA Gold Bob Devine, United Kingdom, Great grey owl hunting in snow NATURE/PRIRODA
  147. 147. 147 Koon Nam Cheung, Hong Kong, Hawk Owl A27 Salon Gold NATURE/PRIRODA
  148. 148. 148 Valerie Duncan, United Kingdom, Mouse Climbing Seedhead PSA SilverNATURE/PRIRODA
  149. 149. 149 Norman Johnson, USA, The Lunge Salon Silver NATURE/PRIRODA
  150. 150. 150 Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Red World Bolivia PSA BronzeNATURE/PRIRODA
  151. 151. 151 Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar, Milky Way Flower Salon Bronze NATURE/PRIRODA
  152. 152. 152 Special Chairman Choice Alexey Suloev, Russia, White dance Canada NATURE/PRIRODA
  153. 153. 153 PSA Mention Charlie Davidson, Scotland, Harvest Mouse NATURE/PRIRODA
  154. 154. 154 Alexandre Cardoso, Brazil, Buraqueira PSA MentionNATURE/PRIRODA
  155. 155. 155 GPU Mention David Somali Chow, Indonesia, Ready to swim away NATURE/PRIRODA
  156. 156. 156 Say Boon Foo, Malaysia, Snake with prey Salon MentionNATURE/PRIRODA
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  162. 162. 162
  163. 163. 163 MACRO / MAKRO THEME / TEMA I
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  166. 166. 166 Marc Anagnostidis, France, Anthocharis Et Fougere PSA SilverMACRO/MAKRO
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  169. 169. 169 Mark Coote, New Zealand, Are You Looking at Me Salon Bronze MACRO/MAKRO
  170. 170. 170 Guek Cheng Lim, Malaysia, Enjoy Special Chairman ChoiceMACRO/MAKRO
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  205. 205. 205 Prosenjit Das, India, Sleeping Buddha Tonglu GPU Bronze PHOTO TRAVEL
  206. 206. 206 Sohel Parvez Haque, Bangladesh, Prayer PHOTO TRAVEL Salon Bronze
  207. 207. 207 Special Chairman Choice Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Car service PHOTO TRAVEL
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  213. 213. 213 Salon Mention Lianjun Quan, China, Tribe Life 8 PHOTO TRAVEL
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  216. 216. 216 Joyce Guojun Ma, USA, Tangled Ice PHOTO TRAVEL Salon Mention
  218. 218. 218 PSA Gold Oleg Kutskiy, Ukraine, Ukraine Hottest days PHOTOJOURNALISM
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Svajcer, Soap balloons vladan nikolic, accordionist vladan nikolic, entertainer 1 vladan nikolic, street music vladan nikolic, street music 1 Spain LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, C1 Walk under the bridge LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, C2 Crosswalk LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, C3 Burano LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, C4 Live together Sweden Ulf Norenius, 3 Boys playing football Switzerland Svjetlana Peric, Just a winter morning Svjetlana Peric, On the street Taiwan CHING YU LU, Curve Of The Beauty CHING YU LU, My Way Home CHING YU LU, We Are Happy Family Hsueh Liang Tzeng, DSC20241920x1080 Hsueh Liang Tzeng, DSC789811920x1080 Hsueh Liang Tzeng, DSC803611920x1080 Ukraine Oleg Kutskiy, Blizzard...5 Oleg Kutskiy, In the rhythm of the rain Oleg Kutskiy, Joyful morning United Kingdom Chris Whitty, Hitting the high notes Chris Whitty, Next for the op Valerie Duncan, Late Again mono Valerie Duncan, Street Life Zhaoxing Valerie Duncan, The Late Bus mono USA Erbi Wan, Peddling Ira Nemeroff, Assisi 59 James WAT, I Cant See But I can weave James WAT, WHAT WAS THE QUESTION AGAIN James D Smith, Calle Carcel 52 Ponti- ac9103 James D Smith, Havana Street2117 Vietnam Phong Tran, Sai Gon Street Theme D/ Landscape Australia Kym Douglas, Beachmere Trees At Sunrise Kym Douglas, Currumbin Rock Vicki Moritz, Acheron farmhouse Vicki Moritz, Keppels Valley light Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, BEACH ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, DESERTO ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, MOUNTAINS OF RIO ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, SANDFALL Canada MIRANDA SIU, CANNON BEACH MIRANDA SIU, FROZEN TREES Phillip Kwan, D1Aurora Cross Mountain 5 Phillip Kwan, D2Devils Teeth 17 Phillip Kwan, D3Norway Shoreline 5 Phillip Kwan, D4Aurora Dance Over Village 34
  237. 237. 237 H W CHAN, Northland scenery 1 H W CHAN, Northland scenery 15 WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Dusk falls WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Early Morning WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, First light Hungary Istvan Kerekes, Evening Istvan Kerekes, Saint Anna Lake Istvan Kerekes, Transylvanian painting Vida Joseph, Way to infinity India SATHYANARAYANA C R, D2 WHITE SAND DUNES OF NUBRA SATHYANARAYANA C R, D3 TEA PLAN- TATION Indonesia David Somali Chow, Hamnoy fishing village Norway Harjanto Sumawan, Gili Laba Harjanto Sumawan, Yosemite Tunnel View Sully Jolanda Langi, Rainbow in Vernall falls Israel RABIA BASHA, Dead Sea Rachel Algom, clouds above the dune Malaysia CHANONN FONG, Cozy Day CHANONN FONG, Nest at Sea CHANONN FONG, The Way Edwin Ong Wee Kee, Blue Shadow Edwin Ong Wee Kee, Eight Feet Gate Edwin Ong Wee Kee, Harvesting Edwin Ong Wee Kee, Millennium Populus Norway Bjorn Ole Nyborg, Day and evening light Bjorn Ole Nyborg, Lindesnes Bjorn Ole Nyborg, Lista shore Roald Synnevaag, Ved Undredal Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, After The Rain Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Desert Lines Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Lonely Plant Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Tree Of Life Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Balloon Trip Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Blue Sky Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Great Wall Romania Jeno Major, Ancestral Jeno Major, Annapurna Jeno Major, Solitude Russia Alexey Suloev, Foggy morning China bin li, Afterlight at Gongga Mountain bin li, Eye of ice lake Haiyan Huang, Western American scen- ery13 Jiajun Chai, Reindeers2 Jiajun Chai, The Nenets campsite3 Li Fang, Mountain pastures3 lihe zhou, Homeland lihe zhou, Run fast lihe zhou, Shadow lihe zhou, Village in the clouds Lung Tsai Wang, Apricot flower ravine3 Lung Tsai Wang, Hu Yang Lake Lung Tsai Wang, Tekesi9 peixia xie, Blue Classics peixia xie, Sea of Cloud Ping Lu, Magical Soil Ping Lu, Mysterious Forest2 Ping Lu, Soil Forest Land Ping Lu, The Waves Of Fog Xiaomei Xu, Misty pastoral Xiaomei Xu, Painting colors Xiaomei Xu, Villages in deep mountains Xinxin Chen, Face to The Ocean Xinxin Chen, Stormy seas Xiping An, Dam Late Autumn Xiping An, Floggy Mountain Xiping An, Soip Of Life Xiuxian Lv, Auroras Rhythm xunlei li, grazing in spring 2 xunlei li, winter town Yan Luo, Yining32 yanli he, Starry sky yanli he, The Great Wall YI WAN, Tianshan light and shadow 14 Zhenlie Zhan, Mysterious Place France Guy B Samoyault, Ladakh mountains 1 Germany Birgit Pustelnik, Golling Waterfall Birgit Pustelnik, Little Wilderness Birgit Pustelnik, Morning Light Manfred Kluger, annapurna Manfred Kluger, a new day2 Peter Teuschel, South Tyrol mountain view Greece Chris Pantazis, Adagio for black and white Chris Pantazis, Rocks at sunrise Chris Pantazis, The sound of silence 10 Chris Pantazis, The storm is coming Hong Kong Arnaldo Paulo Che, First light at Bagan Arnaldo Paulo Che, First snow at Huang- shan 1 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Nunnery at dusk Arnaldo Paulo Che, The colourful land- scapes H W CHAN, Crane in the morning 1 Alexey Suloev, Patagonian Bonsai Alexey Suloev, Waterfall and gorgeIceland Stanislav Sitnikov, From the top Stanislav Sitnikov, New York night Stanislav Sitnikov, Rainy day VIktor Kanunnikov, Yellowstone 1 Vladimir Alekseev, Canyon Vladimir Alekseev, Iceberg in the fog Yury Pustovoy, Golden Autumn in Pata- gonia Yury Pustovoy, Provence Yury Pustovoy, Scotland Yury Pustovoy, Sunrise in Patagonia Scotland charlie davidson, Buachille Etive Mor charlie davidson, Jokulsarlon charlie davidson, Kilchurn Castle charlie davidson, St.Primoz Sunrise Roy Smith, Storm Wave Singapore LEE ENG TAN, Coloured Terraces LEE ENG TAN, Mt Bromo Morning Slovenia Andreja Ravnak, evening in Toscana Andreja Ravnak, miniatures Andreja Ravnak, Moravia waves 10 Andreja Ravnak, morning rhapsody Sweden Ulf Norenius, 4 Springtime in the moun- tains Switzerland Svjetlana Peric, Green mountain Svjetlana Peric, Spring Taiwan CHING YU LU, Beautiful river bay CHING YU LU, Sunset tim3 Ukraine Oleg Kutskiy, Lines of Autumn. United Kingdom Chris Whitty, Blizzard Stoke Park Raymond Bridges, The Tracery of Winter Valerie Duncan, A Winters Day Uttakliev Valerie Duncan, Dead Vlei Valerie Duncan, Millennium Bridge at Night Valerie Duncan, The Old Shepherds Hut mono USA Erbi Wan, Snow Mountains Red Rhyme James WAT, EAGLE ROCK ANTELOP USA James WAT, GIGANTIC MARGENE GLA- CIER Joyce Guojun Ma, Dancing Notes Joyce Guojun Ma, Diamond Beach Joyce Guojun Ma, Earth Crack Joyce Guojun Ma, Twin Fish Ken Weaver, Eastatoe Cascade Down- stream Ken Weaver, River Convergence Ken Weaver, Templo Falls Theme E/Flowers Australia Francis Kennedy, Redwhite begonias Francis Kennedy, Tangerine begonia Francis Kennedy, Yellow begonia Brazil ALEXANDRE CARDOSO, FLOR ALEXANDRE CARDOSO, PEQUENA FLOR SILVESTRE ALEXANDRE CARDOSO, SMALL HEARTS ALEXANDRE CARDOSO, VERMELHA Paulo Guerra, Heart Paulo Guerra, Ninfeia China Jinghui Chen, Attract Jinghui Chen, Candlepower Jinghui Chen, Flowers Blossoming No2 Jinghui Chen, Sisters Flower Xiaomei Xu, Accompany Xiaomei Xu, Touch YI WAN, Lotus2 Denmark Danne Johansen, Pink flower Danne Johansen, thistle France Marc Anagnostidis, Duo De Fushia Marc Anagnostidis, Pavots Et Boutons Marc Anagnostidis, Pussy Willows Marc Anagnostidis, Rameau De Bourrache Germany Birgit Pustelnik, Chess Flower Birgit Pustelnik, Three Orchids Birgit Pustelnik, Wood Anemones Peter Teuschel, Helleborus Peter Teuschel, New life Peter Teuschel, Pulsatilla ND Greece Chris Pantazis, Anemone pavonina rosea Chris Pantazis, Fritillaria graeca Chris Pantazis, Pancratium maritimum 15 Hungary Istvan Kerekes, Lonely Istvan Kerekes, Magic of March Janos Eifert, Geometry of leaves Sandor Jene, Gold blow ball Vida Joseph, Black and white India ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, Dandelions
  238. 238. 238 Indonesia David Somali Chow, Purple Orchid Italy Pietro Bugli, Achira Pietro Bugli, Passion flowers 7 Pietro Bugli, Passion flowers 8 Pietro Bugli, Strelitzia Macau Chan Seng Tang, Flower 20 Chan Seng Tang, Flower 22 Chan Seng Tang, Flower 23 Ka Chon Chiang, Calla Lily Ka Chon Chiang, Hide Up Ka Chon Chiang, Lotus Ka Chon Chiang, Lotus2 New Zealand Mark Coote, Echeveria Flowers Norway Roald Synnevaag, Gaukesyre Russia Vladimir Alekseev, Drops on the leaf Vladimir Alekseev, The Scarlet Flower Vladimir Alekseev, Water drop Saudi Arabia Mofeed Abu Shalwa, bokeh Tulip Flower Mofeed Abu Shalwa, White flowers Scotland Roy Smith, Crocus Roy Smith, Explosion Roy Smith, Himalayan Poppy Roy Smith, Pulsatilla Serbia Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, Tulip Switzerland Svjetlana Peric, Field of red flowers Taiwan Hsueh Liang Tzeng, 00DSC82751920x1080 MIN SHENG Ku, Bulb. Orchid 1 MIN SHENG Ku, Slipper Orchid 1 USA Erbi Wan, Busy for Spring Ira Nemeroff, Flower 249 Ira Nemeroff, Selby 068 James WAT, A BUNDLE OF BEAUTIES James WAT, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST James WAT, LIKE IM PACKAGED W RIBBONS James WAT, ROSES ARE RED MY LOVE Ken Weaver, Biltmore Lilies Ken Weaver, Orange Tulip II SA KIM TRAN, Dendelion Flowers SA KIM TRAN, Wild Flowers 868a lianyu xiao, Drill Ring lianyu xiao, Love lihe zhou, Desert camels lihe zhou, Passion ling xie, Look Forward Lung Tsai Wang, cattle race2 Lung Tsai Wang, Changlong8 Lung Tsai Wang, disabled games4 Lung Tsai Wang, Traditional industry1 mei guo, Live Along Track4 mei guo, Starry Sky Ping Lu, Ink Cents Cents ping xu, Burden 1 quan yuan, Body shengwei dai, Fixing 2 shengwei dai, On the train 15 tieqiang li, Mermaid tieqiang li, My Small wheel tieqiang li, Tree 4 xiaoguang cao, Sweet Dream1 xiaoguang cao, City over the sea 8 xiaolian zhang, In Mud xiaolian zhang, Start Run Xiaomei Xu, Our planet Xiaomei Xu, Reluctant to go home Xiaoqing Chen, On the Car Xiaoqing Chen, Tribal People of Ethiopia 9 xiaoyun qi, Intimacy xiaoyun qi, Tribal women 10 xiaoyun qi, Tribal women 21 xilian li, People living near the River xilian li, Pose ready xilian li, The spray of pleasure 1 xilian li, Wood car Xinxin Chen, Antarctica4 Xinxin Chen, Play on the Water2 Xiping An, Ten Thousand Steeds Gallop 1 Xiuxian Lv, Autumn Xiuxian Lv, Picturesque Yan Luo, Tibet32 yan zhang, Return 8 yanli he, Golden road yanli he, Infusion yanli he, Search yi huang, Childhood yi huang, Sound of Singing YI WAN, Ancient Dwellings 3 YI WAN, Mark series 18 YI WAN, outer wall yiliang yang, Buddhism 2 yiliang yang, Camel Team 1 yiliang yang, Village life15 yiliang yang, Xiapu Impression 7 youming xiong, Working2 Zhenlie Zhan, Shepherd Girl zhihui shi, Hold The Family Croatia Branko Marusic, BrankoMarusicDistur- bance Diana Junakovic, Color Game Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz, Evening Flight Theme F/ Open Color Australia CHEN CHU, chen CHU C1 Into The Sky CHEN CHU, chen CHU C2 Break The Wave Francis Kennedy, Johnny Kym Douglas, Autumn Leaves with Gate Kym Douglas, FMX Tommy Kym Douglas, Jetboat Airborne Mario Mirabile, Against the grain shizhen WU, shizhen WU C3 Take Offjpg Vicki Moritz, Zen 6 Bangladesh Touhid Parvez, Feeding Ducks Touhid Parvez, Red Chili Pickers Belgium Gino Symus, Squirrel in the sun Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, PORTAL Canada MIRANDA SIU, TWO TIMES FOUR Phillip Kwan, F1Aurora Over Devils Teeth 13 Phillip Kwan, F2Hamnoy Village 24 Phillip Kwan, F3Horse Round Up 82 Phillip Kwan, F4Bear Buff 39 Thomas Vijayan, Krill View Thomas Vijayan, Posing Tiger Friends Thomas Vijayan, Straight To The Mouth Thomas Vijayan, Up to Down China Bob Chiu, Child 3 Bob Chiu, Lama 6 desheng xu, Brickyard Life 9 desheng xu, Childhood desheng xu, The Other End of the Phone gang wang, Dance Together Haiyan Huang, Reindeer3 Haiyan Huang, The Urals8 hongbing ye, In the classroom Jiajun Chai, Western America1 Jianguo Bai, Fair Corner 11 Jianguo Bai, On Journey with Snowy Jianguo Bai, Watch jianxun wu, Burden jianxun wu, Drive a Cart jianxun wu, Wash Clothes jinyi zhang, Environment problem 3 jinyi zhang, My Paradise jumei fang, Cute Cat jumei fang, Looking forward jumei fang, Shoot Jurong Yu, Traditional teahouse 1 Li Fang, Riding a camel Li Wang, Dragon Play Beads Li Wang, Go To Sea Li Wang, Pastoral Style Li Wang, The Shepherdess Ole Suszkiewicz, Evening Runner Ole Suszkiewicz, Harmonica Clown Ole Suszkiewicz, The Pool France Decroix Francis, DSC5880rcDxOfdx Guilhem Ribart, Bodyguard Germany Alexander Hochhaus, Alleyway Alexander Hochhaus, Shoetime Alexander Hochhaus, Solitude gunther riehle, lonely king penguin hi 1 gunther riehle, one plus four 402 gunther riehle, one plus four 99 Manfred Kluger, golden girl5 Manfred Kluger, le couple1 Manfred Kluger, mystic9 Peter Teuschel, Bright eye Volker Meinberg, Dragonfly 10 Wolfgang Schweden, Head Scarf Three Greece George Baladakis, abandonment 1 George Baladakis, Architecture 2335 Hong Kong Arnaldo Paulo Che, Cock fight 2 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Green market Arnaldo Paulo Che, Lamb snatching 2 H W CHAN, Desperate to flee 1 H W CHAN, Sharing food 1 H W CHAN, Smith 6 H W CHAN, Snow fly 3 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Great Grey Owl A26 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Owl Portrait 01 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Snowy Owl A02 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Snowy Owl A11 WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Impact WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Sunrise fishing WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Tackle 2 Hungary Istvan Kerekes, Gipsy girls Istvan Kerekes, Rebeka Istvan Kerekes, The yawning Sandor Jene, Hiding fingers Sandor Jene, Only a hat Sandor Jene, Split on hand Sandor Jene, Up Vida Joseph, Alone in the desert India DEBDATTA GHOSH, Sacred Prayer DEBDATTA GHOSH, The Transporter GOUTAM KUMAR DUTTA, STRAIGHTLEFT PROSENJIT DAS, Offering 1 PROSENJIT DAS, Rural art SATHYANARAYANA C R, F1 POT MAKER SATHYANARAYANA C R, F2 WINNOWING PAIR SATHYANARAYANA C R, F3 HIMALAYAN SHEPHERD
  239. 239. 239 SATHYANARAYANA C R, F4 ORIENTAL WHITE EYE FACE TO FACE Surajit Dutta, RAINBOW BIRD Indonesia Adji Rukmantara, Faithfully Weaving Adji Rukmantara, In the Tofu Factory Adji Rukmantara, One more Candle David Somali Chow, Seaweed farm in China David Somali Chow, Young beautiful Balinese Dikye Ariani, The messanger Jansen Halim, Cashing Jansen Halim, Way to Home Sully Jolanda Langi, Gratefulness Sully Jolanda Langi, Play with me Sully Jolanda Langi, Praying wheel Iraq ahmed alsammar, Human and labor Israel LEONID GOLDIN, BE SEEN BY MILLIONS LEONID GOLDIN, Ideal Figure LEONID GOLDIN, Pink rain LEONID GOLDIN, Rain for happiness Italy Pietro Bugli, Crystals 1 Pietro Bugli, Crystals 2 Roberto Biagi, After the call Lithuania Ruslan Bolgov, Sailing the fields of gold Ruslan Bolgov, The tale of two roses Macau Chan Seng Tang, Boxing 22 Chan Seng Tang, Boxing 45 Chan Seng Tang, Exciting Rugby Game 12 Chan Seng Tang, No Escape 3 Macedonia Marina Krstic, Conection Malaysia CHANONN FONG, Journey Home CHANONN FONG, Journey Home2 Kam Mui Joon, milky way Kam Mui Joon, phattalung sunrise Tommy Teh, Artificial Bridge 2 Tommy Teh, Gotcha 12 Tommy Teh, Happy Meal 174 Tommy Teh, Ready To Fly Yeokkian Koh, Delicacies 39 Yeokkian Koh, Delicious 6 Yeokkian Koh, Hurry up buddy Yeokkian Koh, Winner 4 Myanmar THI HA MAUNG, CHOICING FOR SELL THI HA MAUNG, PRAYING BUDDHA IN ANCIENT CAVE Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, F1Ik wil het niet zien Daniel LYBAERT, F2Nee Ja Wat Daniel LYBAERT, F3Verveling Daniel LYBAERT, F4Gorillaportret New Zealand Mark Coote, Earthquake Demolition Norway Erling Halvorsen, FUNDATION 1 of 1 Roald Synnevaag, Vernes lufthavn Roald Synnevaag, Winter in Byparken Poland Elzbieta Wenda, touch Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Art Gallery Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Aya Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Blinking Eye Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Golden Path Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Training Romania Cezar Gabriel Popescu, Misty morning Cezar Gabriel Popescu, Mystic hill Jeno Major, minimalism Jeno Major, Sahara Jeno Major, sand storm Russia Alexey Suloev, Chat up at the ChumYamal Alexey Suloev, Vertical take off Alexey Suloev, Warm me Stanislav Sitnikov, Color forms Stanislav Sitnikov, in museum VIktor Kanunnikov, Look 2 VIktor Kanunnikov, Two colors Yury Pustovoy, Octopus Yury Pustovoy, Seascape Yury Pustovoy, Seascape I Yury Pustovoy, Seascape II Saudi Arabia Mofeed Abu Shalwa, aliens boy Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Green fly Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Iron Man2 Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Spotted Weevils Family Scotland Roy Smith, Approaching the Summit Roy Smith, Evening Shoreline Serbia Jelica Milentijevic, Purple scarf Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, In blue vladan nikolic, making sand vladan nikolic, rtanj 3 vladan nikolic, rtanj 4 vladan nikolic, rtanj 5 Singapore Khaing Sandar Tin, Flying Flag Khaing Sandar Tin, Night Market Khaing Sandar Tin, Shadows LEE ENG TAN, Circular Xiapu Nets LEE ENG TAN, Mending Wavvy Net LEE ENG TAN, Mood in Yang Village Spain LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, F1 The roller LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, F2 The shell LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, F3 Reflexes LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, F4 The surfer Switzerland Svjetlana Peric, Aletsch Glacier Svjetlana Peric, Crossroad Taiwan CHING YU LU, Broken heart Hsueh Liang Tzeng, DS5146711920x1080 Hsueh Liang Tzeng, DSC78761920x1080 Turkey ERDAL TURKOGLU, dyehouse United Kingdom Chris Whitty, Mel and recorder 15 Chris Whitty, Mel and recorder 16 Chris Whitty, Mel and recorder 20 Raymond Bridges, Andrew Appleton Racing at Swingfield Raymond Bridges, Gas Gas Gas Raymond Bridges, Grace Strength and Beauty Raymond Bridges, The Last Goodbye Valerie Duncan, Boxer Valerie Duncan, Carla 1705 Valerie Duncan, Driving the Horses Home Valerie Duncan, Last Train from Corfe USA Ira Nemeroff, Orangutan 39 Ira Nemeroff, Sedona Balloon 316 James WAT, LAMMA BRIDGE HONGKONG Joyce Guojun Ma, Emerald Sky Joyce Guojun Ma, Hamnoy Joyce Guojun Ma, Whirlpool Waves Norman Johnson, Broke the Bat Vietnam NHAN LE HOANG, CONG DOAN XEP GOM NHAN LE HOANG, TUNG CHAI 3 Phong Tran, Afternoon in Highland Phong Tran, Hard childhood Theme G/ Open Monochrome Australia Annette Kirby, Jumping for joy Annette Kirby, Kicking up mud CHEN CHU, chen CHU M2 Resist CHEN CHU, chen CHU M3 Vacated CHEN CHU, chen CHU M4 Rush About Francis Kennedy, Bad hair day Francis Kennedy, Mr Sam Francis Kennedy, Tatooed man Kym Douglas, Alone Kym Douglas, Bike Black Ninja Kym Douglas, Old Train Bridge Mathew Sze, Ben Mathew Sze, Water Channel Vicki Moritz, McKenzies falls rock Bangladesh mobarak hossain, Abandon Train mobarak hossain, Child worker mobarak hossain, Refugee girl Belarus BASIL TITOV, HOBBY 2 BASIL TITOV BASIL TITOV, KIZHY BASIL TITOV BASIL TITOV, REST 6 BASIL TITOV Belgium Jos Cuppens, Oud met stok Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, FACES ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, LANTERN ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, PERTRAN- SICAO Canada Kam Chiu Tam, Mid Autumn race Phillip Kwan, G1Wheelchair Rugby 12 BW Phillip Kwan, G4Speed Skate 82 BW Thomas Vijayan, Deep Sleep Thomas Vijayan, Hidden Beauties Thomas Vijayan, Polar Walk Thomas Vijayan, Savana King China beimeng liu, Tribal Children 2 beimeng liu, Tribal portrait binyuan li, Explore Bob Chiu, Holding Bob Chiu, Move in the snow Bob Chiu, Serious Bob Chiu, Space 2 desheng xu, Crowded Train 3 desheng xu, Warm Himself hongbing ye, Fight for 17 hongbing ye, Rest hongbing ye, track 1 Jiajun Chai, Cuba11m Jiajun Chai, Cuba4m Jiajun Chai, Cuba7m Jiajun Chai, Cuba9m Jianguo Bai, Plough 1 Jianguo Bai, Stare jianxun wu, A Woman with a Headscarf 3 jianxun wu, Brickyard 1 jianxun wu, For Sale Jurong Yu, Life in Daliangshan 21m Jurong Yu, Traditional teahouse 3m
  240. 240. 240 Branko Marusic, BrankoMarusicOn pedes- trian crossing Branko Marusic, BrankoMarusicWorks Diana Junakovic, Darwin Diana Junakovic, Lonely Czech Republic Karel Sevcik, body Karel Sevcik, sculpture Denmark Danne Johansen, 1st floor Ole Suszkiewicz, Free Hugs Ole Suszkiewicz, Girl with Cross Ole Suszkiewicz, Tree of Life Ole Suszkiewicz, Upstairs 5 France Decroix Francis, DSC8010rcNbDxO Decroix Francis, DSF5330reNbt Guilhem Ribart, Pleas help Germany Alexander Hochhaus, Old Shoe Alexander Hochhaus, Tattooed Alexander Hochhaus, To emote Birgit Pustelnik, A Sentimental Mood Birgit Pustelnik, Cathedral of Spring Birgit Pustelnik, Hand Peter Teuschel, Akropolis Museum Athens Peter Teuschel, Traffic jam Peter Teuschel, Wave Volker Meinberg, McMurdo Bay Antarctica 4 bw Volker Meinberg, Tribute in Light 20162 bw Wolfgang Schweden, Am Studiofenster 1 BW Wolfgang Schweden, Tres chic 4 BW Greece George Baladakis, the crucifixion 7 George Baladakis, the wheel chair saxo- phonist 16 Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Going and coming Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Night walker Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Stories from red lips No 04 Hong Kong Arnaldo Paulo Che, Art of Polishing 3 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Crosswalk Arnaldo Paulo Che, Is mine Arnaldo Paulo Che, My name is Nat WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Tackle BW Hungary Istvan Kerekes, Shepherd girl Istvan Kerekes, The gipsy clan Istvan Kerekes, The lamb Sandor Jene, Armed Sandor Jene, Morning lights Sandor Jene, On hand lihe zhou, Lunch lihe zhou, Quiet LORETTA YAT WONG, Reindeers6-m LORETTA YAT WONG, The Nenets2-m LORETTA YAT WONG, The Nenets camp- site3-m Lung Tsai Wang, Haliastur indusm Lung Tsai Wang, Lanyu3m Lung Tsai Wang, redheaded birdm mei guo, Buddha Fate mei guo, Devout3 mei guo, Sparkling worker Ping Lu, Beauty Send Ping Lu, Catch A Spring Fog ping xu, Xiapu Scenery5 ping xu, Haircut in village shengwei dai, Men on the boat 5 shengwei dai, Short break shengwei dai, Work tieqiang li, Little African Boy tieqiang li, Old Woman tieqiang li, Play Basketball5 weijing yang, Talking weijing yang, Together xiaoguang cao, Intimacy xiaoguang cao, Longing xiaolian zhang, Lip Plates2 xiaolian zhang, Woman5 Xiaomei Xu, Man in Winter 2 Xiaoqing Chen, Craftsman3 Xiaoqing Chen, Crowded Train3 Xiaoqing Chen, Family 5 Xiaoqing Chen, Study Hard xiaoqing zhang, Little Boy xiaoqing zhang, Step by Step xiaoyun qi, Believer in Rock Church12 xiaoyun qi, Confesser in the Wailing Wall5 xiaoyun qi, History xilian li, Come back 2 xilian li, Head Kungfu 1 xilian li, Working 4 Xiping An, Mercedes Xiping An, Shepherd And Seven Horses 1 Xiping An, Zang Sister And Brother 1 xiu liu, Return 3 Xiuxian Lv, Dotted Line Surface xunlei li, catching season xunlei li, fishing net Yan Luo, In India 6m Yan Luo, Xinjiang tajiks 5m Yan Luo, Xinjiang tajiks 6m yan zhang, African Women 3 yan zhang, Life on the Track 6 YI WAN, pray2 YI WAN, song yiliang yang, Buddhism 6 yiliang yang, Pilgrimage in the snow 2 yiliang yang, Tribe Men 13 yiliang yang, Tribe Men 9 Yuanfei You, People Zhenlie Zhan, Desert Rhythm zhihui shi, The Last Blacksmith5 Croatia Branko Marusic, BrankoMarusicObservers Vida Joseph, Cat Vida Joseph, Sheep shepherd Vida Joseph, Soaring above the water India ABHISHEK BASAK, THE LAST TRAVELLER ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, SKYSCRAP- PERS AT CHICAGO 44 DEBDATTA GHOSH, Minority Reports DEBDATTA GHOSH, The Observer GOUTAM KUMAR DUTTA, ANGRYLOOK GOUTAM KUMAR DUTTA, SOLITARY PROSENJIT DAS, INNOCENT SATHYANARAYANA C R, G2 WINNOWING COUPLE SATHYANARAYANA C R, G3 SHARMA SATHYANARAYANA C R, G4 LEOPARD RESTING SOUMEN KUMAR GHOSH, PRIZED POS- SESSION SOUMEN KUMAR GHOSH, WHISKER TERN HOVERING SOURAV SHIT, HUNGRY CHILD SOURAV SHIT, LIFE OF SHADOW Subhradeep Mukherjee, Synchronized Surajit Dutta, Leave Me Alone II Indonesia Adji Rukmantara, Inle Boat man Adji Rukmantara, Intersection Adji Rukmantara, Learning the Prayer David Somali Chow, Miao people relaxing bw Dikye Ariani, At morning time Jansen Halim, Festival Jansen Halim, On The Way Home Iraq ahmed alsammar, Baby ahmed alsammar, Out of the dream Israel LEONID GOLDIN, Lonely old man LEONID GOLDIN, Municipal patrimony Italy Pietro Bugli, December 19 at Ardenza Kuwait Mohammad Mirza, King Of The Kings Mohammad Mirza, Resting Time Mohammad Mirza, The Queen Mohammad Mirza, Walking Proudly Lithuania Ruslan Bolgov, 2420 Ruslan Bolgov, Embrio Ruslan Bolgov, Heart of the Cube Ruslan Bolgov, Shades of sensuality Macau Chan Seng Tang, Kid Rugby 2 Chan Seng Tang, Tackle 16 Chan Seng Tang, Tackle 9 Chan Seng Tang, Viennese Waltz 8 Ka Chon Chiang, Heavy Blow Ka Chon Chiang, Heavy Punch 10 Ka Chon Chiang, Left Blow Kai Lon Tang, Classic Circle Stair 3 Kai Lon Tang, Decisive Touchdown 6 Macedonia Marina Krstic, hospital Malaysia CHANONN FONG, Cozy Day2 CHANONN FONG, Financial Hub Edwin Ong Wee Kee, Black Beauty Edwin Ong Wee Kee, BORNEO BIDAYUH Yeokkian Koh, A single boat Yeokkian Koh, Burning charcoal Myanmar THI HA MAUNG, IN CAVE OF BAKING POTS THI HA MAUNG, ONE MAN AND CHICKEN M Poland Elzbieta Wenda, black soul Elzbieta Wenda, solitude Elzbieta Wenda, tell me Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Batan Face Bw Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Long Way Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Mastering Saaf Bw Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Take Me Home Bw Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Holy Quran BW Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, My Horse Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Two Horses Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Two Tree Romania Cezar Gabriel Popescu, Ice fishermen Cezar Gabriel Popescu, The mechanic Russia Alexey Suloev, Bears say hello Alexey Suloev, Clouds over AiPetri Alexey Suloev, Dance of the White Sha- manYamal Stanislav Sitnikov, Empire State view Stanislav Sitnikov, Structure Stanislav Sitnikov, Vatican spiral VIktor Kanunnikov, At home 5 VIktor Kanunnikov, Rubbish dump 1 VIktor Kanunnikov, Rubbish dump 3 VIktor Kanunnikov, Smoking man 2 Yury Pustovoy, Spine Yury Pustovoy, Zigzag Saudi Arabia Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Mercy Mofeed Abu Shalwa, There is hope for life Serbia Jelica Milentijevic, Way
  241. 241. 241 vladan nikolic, girrl with flute mono vladan nikolic, priests vladan nikolic, rtanj 1 mono vladan nikolic, rtanj 2 mono Singapore LEE ENG TAN, Guilin Fisherman bw LEE ENG TAN, Mahout Rest with Ele- phants Zee Kek HENG, Horses in dust shades Spain LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, G1 Final sprint LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, G2 The equilibrist LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, G3 Pedestrian LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, G4 Delta del LLobregat Sri Lanka Pandula Bandara, Train in the Mist Taiwan CHING YU LU, Fisherman work day Hsueh Liang Tzeng, TTQGE468011920x1080 Turkey ERDAL TURKOGLU, torakci ERDAL TURKOGLU, worker United Kingdom Chris Whitty, Beach silhouettes Chris Whitty, Mel and recorder 46 mono Chris Whitty, Mel and recorder 49 mono Chris Whitty, Mel and recorder 50 mono Raymond Bridges, Curves and Light Raymond Bridges, Grace and Strength Raymond Bridges, Taking on Water Valerie Duncan, Pull mono Valerie Duncan, Young Bobcat in Snow bw USA Erbi Wan, Hello City Ira Nemeroff, Bastogne 025 James WAT, GRANDPA IN HIS DREAM James D Smith, Havana Chevy HEZ 2422206M Ken Weaver, Mono Jekyll Island Hawk I Vietnam NHAN LE HOANG, GIU NGHE NHAN LE HOANG, HOC CHU NHAN LE HOANG, HOC THEU Phong Tran, Brothers 2 Phong Tran, In season 2 Phong Tran, Mother in Kte village Theme H/ Nature Australia Annette Kirby, Caught Annette Kirby, Colours everywhere JIM THOMSON, feeding Kestrels 1qjpg JIM THOMSON, MALE KESTREL FEEDING FEMALE 2A JIM THOMSON, snake attacking swamp hen chickedited1 Kym Douglas, Barn Owl Kym Douglas, Osprey 3 Mario Mirabile, Long legged fly Mario Mirabile, Shoo fly Mario Mirabile, Waiting for dawn shizhen WU, shizhen WU N2 Jump Out Of Water Susan Slack, Blue hiummingbird red flower Belgium Cochain Vincent, Regard de singe Jos Cuppens, Meerkat Rene Van Echelpoel, Bronstig edelhert Rene Van Echelpoel, Hanengevecht Rene Van Echelpoel, Parende edelherten Rene Van Echelpoel, Reiger met kikker Van Mensel Dre, Bronstig Edelhert Van Mensel Dre, Pellende Eekhoorn Van Mensel Dre, Tree Squirrel Brazil ALEXANDRE CARDOSO, BORBOLETA ALEXANDRE CARDOSO, BURAQUEIRA ALEXANDRE CARDOSO, CHAMIN ALEXANDRE CARDOSO, MOCHO Paulo Guerra, Olha o mocho Paulo Guerra, Ringed Kingfisher Paulo Guerra, Touro Canada Phillip Kwan, H2Aurora Over Devils Teeth 15 Phillip Kwan, H3Eagle Fight for Fish on Ice China binyuan li, The Call from Ancient 4 jianxun wu, Running Bulls Jinghui Chen, Red Desert No12 jun ye, Mothers Footstep lianjun quan, prairie sonata6 mei guo, Cloudy Mountain7 mei guo, Silence Motherland mei guo, Sweet Moment Ping Lu, Ali Turin Ping Lu, Sky Cloud Shadow Ping Lu, Strive To Be The First ping xu, Macaca Thibetana 1 quan yuan, Aurora shengwei dai, Ice Age 5 shengwei dai, Into the water shengwei dai, Play weijing yang, Illusion 11 weijing yang, Illusion 3 weijing yang, Illusion 4 xiaoguang cao, Family xiaoguang cao, Pain Xiaomei Xu, Break point Xiaomei Xu, My turn Xiaoqing Chen, Take Off xiaoyun qi, African Elephant xiaoyun qi, Beauty in the desert xiaoyun qi, Great 1 Xinxin Chen, African rhinoceros4 Xinxin Chen, Tweeting3 Xiping An, Brahmaputra Xiping An, Namjagbrawa xiu liu, Close xiu liu, The End of the World 3 Xiuxian Lv, Communication Xiuxian Lv, Friend xunlei li, alone in snow xunlei li, looking for yan zhang, Silent 4 yan zhang, Leap yan zhang, Homeland 8 England Gordon Bramham, Feeding Time Gordon Bramham, Genet 0601 Gordon Bramham, Wolf Stealing Food France Guilhem Ribart, Smooth dunes Marc Anagnostidis, Agrion Jouvencelle Marc Anagnostidis, Capture De Splendens Marc Anagnostidis, Digitale Et Machaon 2 Marc Anagnostidis, Mantes Et Plantain Germany gunther riehle, big huddle 101 gunther riehle, elephant seal pup on beach hi 100 gunther riehle, emperor colony iss 202 b gunther riehle, emperor colony iss 207 Herdis Halvas Nielsen, Etosha waterhole Herdis Halvas Nielsen, zebra hiding Volker Meinberg, Antelope Canyon 21 Volker Meinberg, FranzJosefLand 05 Volker Meinberg, Mykenes Puffins 11 Volker Meinberg, Nordaustlandet 03 bw Hong Kong Arnaldo Paulo Che, Family Sand Spa Arnaldo Paulo Che, Food is coming 3 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Loving you 3 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Web of life H W CHAN, Brown Bear 5Alaska H W CHAN, Polar Bear 10 H W CHAN, Snow wild ape 36 Koon Nam CHEUNG, A Wounded Polar Bear Koon Nam CHEUNG, Great Grey Owl A21 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Great Grey Owl in Flight 12 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Hawk Owl A27 Hungary Istvan Kerekes, Running in snow Istvan Kerekes, Winter moment Janos Eifert, Balearica regulorum Janos Eifert, Crows Vida Joseph, Snail line India ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, Calotes catch- es a dragon fly 2A ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, Calotes catch- es a dragon fly 9 ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, MATING FOR EXISTANCE 4 GOUTAM KUMAR DUTTA, SNAKEPAIR GOUTAM KUMAR DUTTA, SNAKETWIST SATHYANARAYANA C R, H1 CHEETAH CHASE SATHYANARAYANA C R, H2 AFRICAN LION REFLECTION SATHYANARAYANA C R, H3 TIGER DRAG- GING THE KILL SATHYANARAYANA C R, H4 CHEETAH HUNT 2 Indonesia Adji Rukmantara, Enjoying Lunch Adji Rukmantara, Here Comes the Old King David Somali Chow, Crinoid on a coral reef David Somali Chow, Hiding turtle David Somali Chow, Ready to swim away Harjanto Sumawan, Caterpillars Harjanto Sumawan, EBC Kuwait Hamad Bouresli, D66R0750 1080 Hamad Bouresli, D66R10671080 Hamad Bouresli, D66R4011080 Hamad Bouresli, D66R77821080 Mohammad Mirza, Abandoned Child Mohammad Mirza, End Of Sunset Mohammad Mirza, End Of The Day Mohammad Mirza, Splash Macau Chan Seng Tang, Fighting for food 12 Chan Seng Tang, Fighting for food 7 Chan Seng Tang, Foraging 24 Chan Seng Tang, Kingfisher 26 Kai Lon Tang, Flying Bird 13 Kai Lon Tang, Playing Birds 7 Kai Lon Tang, Sunbird 34 Kai Lon Tang, Sunbird 40 Malaysia CHANONN FONG, Surrender2 CHANONN FONG, Surrounded3 Guek Cheng Lim, Curve Guek Cheng Lim, Meal Guek Cheng Lim, Playful 1 Guek Cheng Lim, Predator and prey 6 Kam Mui Joon, Caterpillars Kam Mui Joon, Caterpillars 3 Kam Mui Joon, Tortoise Beetle Mating 2 Kam Mui Joon, Weevil Mating SAY BOON FOO, Enjoy Together SAY BOON FOO, Sea Eagle in action SAY BOON FOO, Snake with prey
  242. 242. 242 United Kingdom bob devine, cheetah with 3 cubs bob devine, great grey owl hunting in snow bob devine, lion cub attacks bob devine, lion love Ray Kilham, Friendship in the surf Ray Kilham, Half an hour old. Valerie Duncan, Mouse Climbing Seed- head Valerie Duncan, Mouse on Bramble Valerie Duncan, Red Eye Tree Frog 06 Valerie Duncan, Two Tiger Leg Frogs USA Holly Kirkland Clouser, Sibling Antics Ira Nemeroff, La Jolla 031 James WAT, LOWER ANTELOPE ARIZONA James WAT, MOUNTAIN RIDGE ALASKA Jerry Fenwick, DownyWoodpeckeronLava Ken Weaver, Capuchin Alpha Male Ken Weaver, Pelican in Flight Norman Johnson, Cubs Following Mom Norman Johnson, Staying Close to Mom Norman Johnson, The Lunge Norman Johnson, Two Cubs with Mom SA KIM TRAN, A Little Deer Theme I / Macro Australia JIM THOMSON, Robber Fly with Ant JIM THOMSON, SPIDER EMERGING FROM DRAGONFLY CHUCK 1A JPEG Kym Douglas, Lavender and Bee 2 Belgium Gino Symus, Baby filefish Gino Symus, Mating Rene Van Echelpoel, Glanville fritillary Rene Van Echelpoel, Libel op dophei Rene Van Echelpoel, Paring Bleke Blau- wtjes Van Mensel Dre, Bruine glazenmaker Van Mensel Dre, clouded yellow Van Mensel Dre, Distelfalter Van Mensel Dre, Kleine Vuurvlinder Brazil Paulo Guerra, Amadeus Paulo Guerra, Asa de vidro Paulo Guerra, Flavo Paulo Guerra, Zinha Canada Phillip Kwan, I2Grasshoppers Mating Phillip Kwan, I3Blue Dragonfly Phillip Kwan, I4Catipillar on Leaves China Lung Tsai Wang, Microspur1 Lung Tsai Wang, Microspur2 Lung Tsai Wang, Microspur3 SAY BOON FOO, Work Together Tommy Teh, Face To Face 5 Tommy Teh, Gotcha 31 Tommy Teh, Gotcha 32 TUCK YEONG LOH, Enjoy TUCK YEONG LOH, Loving Pair TUCK YEONG LOH, Mother Care Yeokkian Koh, Big catch 13 Yeokkian Koh, Delicacies 31 Yeokkian Koh, Delicacies 38 Yeokkian Koh, Great catch 10 Norway Bjorn Ole Nyborg, Roe deer Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Milky Way Flower Romania Cezar Gabriel Popescu, Dolphins dance Jeno Major, sand waves Russia Alexey Suloev, Comfortable support Alexey Suloev, Kindergarten Alexey Suloev, White dance Canada Vladimir Alekseev, Dragonfly Vladimir Alekseev, Queen Yury Pustovoy, Marine constellation Yury Pustovoy, Red World Bolivia Saudi Arabia Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Blue Longhorn Beetle Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Butterfly twin Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Flowers fly2 Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Honey fly Scotland charlie davidson, Harvest Mouse charlie davidson, Mountain Hare charlie davidson, Mountain Hare in Blizzard charlie davidson, Northern Gannet Singapore Khaing Sandar Tin, Cute Smile Khaing Sandar Tin, Hunting South Africa Willem Kruger, Fox jumping jack Willem Kruger, Jackal cub begging Willem Kruger, Jackal reflection Kji Willem Kruger, Lion king charged Sri Lanka Pandula Bandara, WOW Switzerland Svjetlana Peric, Alps Taiwan Hsueh Liang Tzeng, D4D050311920x1080 Denmark Danne Johansen, Lestes Sponsa II England Gordon Bramham, Araneus diade- matus Gordon Bramham, Spider and Hov- erfly France Marc Anagnostidis, Accouplement De Mantes Marc Anagnostidis, Anthocharis Et Fougere Marc Anagnostidis, Capture Agrodi- aetus Marc Anagnostidis, Femelle Taurica Germany Birgit Pustelnik, Blue in Light Circles Birgit Pustelnik, Pulsatilla Sundown Birgit Pustelnik, Swallowtail on Wild Carrot Greece Chris Pantazis, Pieris brassicae Hungary Istvan Kerekes, Face Istvan Kerekes, Flower with butterfly Istvan Kerekes, The fly India ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, MACRO EYE OF A HOUSE FLY Malaysia Guek Cheng Lim, Bubble Guek Cheng Lim, Enjoy Guek Cheng Lim, Two of a kind 22 Kam Mui Joon, Kung Fu Mantis Kam Mui Joon, Tortoise Beetles 1 Kam Mui Joon, Weevil 1 SAY BOON FOO, 2 Mantis SAY BOON FOO, Enjoy SAY BOON FOO, Take care Tommy Teh, Gotcha 39 Tommy Teh, Gotcha 43 Tommy Teh, Gotcha 44 Tommy Teh, Happy Meal 198 TUCK YEONG LOH, Bee TUCK YEONG LOH, Big Catch TUCK YEONG LOH, Love You Yeokkian Koh, Delicious 20 Yeokkian Koh, Delicious 8 New Zealand Mark Coote, Are You Looking at Me Saudi Arabia Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Aeshna eremita dragonfly Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Damselfly African Mofeed Abu Shalwa, red palm beetle South Africa Willem Kruger, Bug V Willem Kruger, Grasshopper V Willem Kruger, Open wings Taiwan Hsueh Liang Tzeng, DSC43091920x1080 MIN SHENG Ku, Eating Worms 1 United Kingdom bob devine, blue tailed damselfly bob devine, common red soldier beetle USA Ira Nemeroff, Botanical Garden 32 SA KIM TRAN, Cartus Fkowers 314 SA KIM TRAN, Wild Flowers 049 Theme J / Birds Australia JIM THOMSON, pairing kestrels 17jpg JIM THOMSON, PAIR BEE EATERS FEED- ING 2A Kym Douglas, Kingfisher and Beetle Kym Douglas, Sooty Owl Mario Mirabile, Gemini Mario Mirabile, On the wing Mario Mirabile, Singing the blues Mario Mirabile, Towel please shizhen WU, shizhen WU B3 Feedjpg Bangladesh Touhid Parvez, Amur falcon Touhid Parvez, Skimmer dive for food Belgium Cochain Vincent, Couple d amoureux Cochain Vincent, Oiseau et fleur 1 Gino Symus, Circle of life Gino Symus, Kingfisher catching lunch Gino Symus, Playing or fighting Gino Symus, The whisperers Loyens Francois, Scarlet Macaws Rene Van Echelpoel, Eating hawk Rene Van Echelpoel, Hawk with prey Van Mensel Dre, Bedelen Van Mensel Dre, Vers Voedsel Van Mensel Dre, Voor De Jongen Brazil Paulo Guerra, Bailloni Paulo Guerra, Cock tailed Paulo Guerra, Galito Paulo Guerra, Scale Canada Thomas Vijayan, Flying Ghost Thomas Vijayan, Frozen Moment Thomas Vijayan, Its Me China bin li, Arrive bin li, Dance
  243. 243. 243 binyuan li, Quiet 9 hongbing ye, fly high huifen wang, Feeding Jinghui Chen, Prey On The Instant lianjun quan, Flamingoes2 lianjun quan, Gathered lianjun quan, scramble to fly Lung Tsai Wang, bluebird7 Lung Tsai Wang, Eurasian Hoopoe Lung Tsai Wang, kingfisher4 Lung Tsai Wang, sea gull1 tieqiang li, The Polar Elve 3 tieqiang li, The Polar Elve 6 xiaoguang cao, The Preparation for Diving xiaoguang cao, Yelling Xiaomei Xu, Wandering albatross 2 Xiaomei Xu, Wandering albatross 3 xiaoyun qi, fly together xiaoyun qi, Wait silently Xinxin Chen, Antarctica7 Xinxin Chen, Dancing of flamingo1 Xiuxian Lv, Intersection Xiuxian Lv, Party yan zhang, Pink Seashore 2 yiliang yang, Coexist yiliang yang, Pair Off France jean claude Bacle, 2Bills crossing Germany gunther riehle, attack from behind gunther riehle, caring 100 gunther riehle, king penguins on beach hi 100 Peter Teuschel, Ridibundus Peter Teuschel, Three mothers Volker Meinberg, Helgoland Gannets 110 Volker Meinberg, Helgoland Gannets 117 Volker Meinberg, Mykenes Puffins 10 Wolfgang Schweden, Ausschau halten 1 Hong Kong Koon Nam CHEUNG, Crested Kingfisher with Fish Koon Nam CHEUNG, Honey Buzzard 20 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Snowy Owl A06 Hungary Istvan Kerekes, Angels Istvan Kerekes, Bearded reedling Istvan Kerekes, Himantopus in sunset India ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, BEAUTY OF EGRET ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, PELICAN SATHYANARAYANA C R, J1 ASHY PRINIA FEEDING YOUNG ONE SATHYANARAYANA C R, J2 INDIAN ROLL- ER CATCHING THE FEED SATHYANARAYANA C R, J3 RED WHIS- KERED BUL BUL WITH PLUM SOUMEN KUMAR GHOSH, FLIGHT OF GOLDEN PLOVERS Surajit Dutta, TOSSING Surajit Dutta, PRIZE CATCH Kuwait Hamad Bouresli, D66R9227yellow1200 Hamad Bouresli, D66R92281920 Hamad Bouresli, HDBI01231080 Macau Chan Seng Tang, Foraging 25 Chan Seng Tang, Foraging 27 Chan Seng Tang, Foraging 29 Chan Seng Tang, Four Brothers 3 Kai Lon Tang, Hunting Bird 4 Kai Lon Tang, Playing Birds 4 Kai Lon Tang, Playing Birds 9 Kai Lon Tang, Sunbird 38 Malaysia CHANONN FONG, Chick in the Block CHANONN FONG, Communicating CHANONN FONG, New Babe CHANONN FONG, We are Ten TUCK YEONG LOH, Just Resting TUCK YEONG LOH, Listen To Me TUCK YEONG LOH, Not In the Good terms Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, J1Triovlucht Daniel LYBAERT, J2Koereiger in de mist Daniel LYBAERT, J3Gevecht om het vrouwtje Norway Bjorn Ole Nyborg, Parus caeruleus Roald Synnevaag, Duck 3 Qatar Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Surprise Russia Elena Mironova, IMG0839 Yury Pustovoy, Dancer Yury Pustovoy, Gallants Yury Pustovoy, Inseparable Saudi Arabia Firas Abussaud, Andsign Firas Abussaud, and cut Firas Abussaud, falmingo 1 Scotland charlie davidson, Dalmation Pelican 2 Taiwan Hsueh Liang Tzeng, DS509181920x1080 Hsueh Liang Tzeng, DS555271920x1080 Hsueh Liang Tzeng, DS586811920x1080 United Kingdom bob devine, great grey owl lands at dusk bob devine, kingfisher caught fish bob devine, osprey with fish Chris Whitty, Barn owl rotating its head Chris Whitty, Gull over the ice 1 Chris Whitty, Homeward bound Chris Whitty, Homeward bound 4 Ray Kilham, Hunting Ray Kilham, Kingfisher water trails USA Erbi Wan, Romance Holly Kirkland Clouser, Drakes Splendor James WAT, BYE BYE BIRDIE James WAT, GO AWAY ITS MINE James WAT, MY CATCH OF THE DAY James WAT, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME Jerry Fenwick, FlickerPeersAbout Ken Weaver, Cardinal in Round Tree Ken Weaver, Cardinal in Snowstorm Ken Weaver, Carolina Wren in Snow Storm Ken Weaver, House Finch in Snow Storm Theme K / Photo Travel Australia Vicki Moritz, SM he went thata way Bangladesh DR RASHID UN NABI, CLEANING BUD- DHA mobarak hossain, Journey for life SOHEL PARVEZ HAQUE, Prayer SOHEL PARVEZ HAQUE, Prayer on Fire SOHEL PARVEZ HAQUE, Smoker Touhid Parvez, Mysterious Island Touhid Parvez, Mysterious Island 2 Belgium Jos Cuppens, Ochtendkrant Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, GAS STATION ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, VIAGEM ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, WINDOW OVER PARIS Canada Kam Chiu Tam, Along the Silk Road Phillip Kwan, K1Aurora Pattern 15 Phillip Kwan, K2Horse Round Up 54 Phillip Kwan, K3Great Wall 16 Phillip Kwan, K4Aurora Over Mountain 36 Thomas Vijayan, Iceberg Shells Thomas Vijayan, Ice Ocean Thomas Vijayan, I Am Melting Thomas Vijayan, Melting Arctic China beimeng liu, Huian Women 1 beimeng liu, Tribe Homeland 3 beimeng liu, Xiapu Impression 3 binyuan li, Encircle a city at Sea binyuan li, Fullloaded 1 Bob Chiu, Bugling Bob Chiu, Shipping Bob Chiu, Shower desheng xu, Devout Believers desheng xu, Haircut desheng xu, Have Great Originality desheng xu, Shadow Play 1 Haiyan Huang, Madagascar10 Haiyan Huang, Namibia red clay figurine1 Haiyan Huang, Siblings4 Haiyan Huang, The old tea house1 hongbing ye, Harvest season 6 hongbing ye, Proof of Love huifen wang, Old Teahouse Story 1 huifen wang, Busy Tea Fair Jiajun Chai, Polar bear15 Jiajun Chai, Semporna3 Jiajun Chai, Western America1 Jianguo Bai, Fairyland World Jianguo Bai, Pilgrim Road 1 Jianguo Bai, Waist Drum Feast 10 jianjun lv, Lasso horses in the snow jianjun lv, Scenes in the dusk jianxun wu, Grab jinyi zhang, City jinyi zhang, Pilgrimage road 5 jumei fang, Comb jumei fang, Go Fair jumei fang, Make Warm Li Fang, Quiet white sand lake Li Fang, The morning of the Algargin marsh Li Wang, Make Wishes lianjun quan, Tribe Life8 lianjun quan, Angling lianjun quan, Tribal Rite3 liansan yu, Autumn 1 liansan yu, Autumn 4 liansan yu, Corn popper lianyu xiao, Crooked beauty lianyu xiao, Work together lihe zhou, Before the coming stage lihe zhou, Happy new year lihe zhou, Happy town lihe zhou, Welcome ling xie, Forward ling xie, Sand Dune LORETTA YAT WONG, Iron forging2 LORETTA YAT WONG, The Nenets camp- site4 mei guo, Bangledesh festival train2 mei guo, Land of Buddha3 peixia xie, Morning peixia xie, Pig Racing Ping Lu, Care For Ping Lu, Duotian Scenery Ping Lu, Match Ship2 ping xu, Buddhism Land 3 quan yuan, Greenland quan yuan, Snow mountain quan yuan, Herd 4
  244. 244. 244 tieqiang li, Primitive Life12 tieqiang li, Tribal imprint 6 weijing yang, The stamp of the tribe 2 weijing yang, Tribal Elf 8 xiaoguang cao, Yunnan fire festa 14 xiaoguang cao, Herding 2 xiaoguang cao, Ascetic Monk3 xiaoguang cao, Go 3 xiaolian zhang, Gathered2 xiaolian zhang, Tribal Women9 Xiaoqing Chen, Begin Xiaoqing Chen, Crowded Train1 Xiaoqing Chen, Town in the Night1 Xiaoqing Chen, Tribal Protector 2 xiaoqing zhang, Floating Market xiaoyun qi, Starry sky 3 xiaoyun qi, Tribal women 14 xiaoyun qi, Tribal women 7 xiaoyun qi, Vendor1 xilian li, Snow night Xinxin Chen, Little african girl Xinxin Chen, Train Festival14 xiu liu, Workshop 2 Xiuxian Lv, The Old Tailor xunlei li, at dusk xunlei li, town at dusk Yan Luo, Bangladesh 9 yan zhang, The Stamp of the Tribe 11 yan zhang, Tribal Carnival yanli he, Star Track yanli he, Water yanli he, Women sit in front the shop yiliang yang, Tribe Men 5 yiliang yang, Xiapu Beach 2 yiliang yang, Xiapu Impression 5 youming xiong, Ready to Go Yuanfei You, Grow Seedlings Yun Ao, The dragon dance 2 Zhenlie Zhan, Autumn Sun Zhenlie Zhan, Classroom zhihui shi, Cook Cyprus ANDREAS L ANDREOU, Around the table ANDREAS L ANDREOU, Concentration France Guilhem Ribart, Blue Mosque Guilhem Ribart, Sunset christmas Germany gunther riehle, emperor penguin colony iss 2 gunther riehle, emperor penguin colony iss 9 gunther riehle, four plus three 101 Herdis Halvas Nielsen, Narrow Streets Holger Goehler, Safari Manfred Kluger, andacht1 Manfred Kluger, old trade1 Manfred Kluger, on sightseeing tour1 Manfred Kluger, window seat1 Peter Teuschel, Sahara sand over Athens Volker Meinberg, Melville Bay 19 Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Moments of hope Mofeed Abu Shalwa, There is hope for life Serbia Jelica Milentijevic, Kalemegdan Belgrade Jelica Milentijevic, Orthodox ceremony Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, From the balloon 2 Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, From the balloon 3 vladan nikolic, bor vladan nikolic, dead river Singapore Khaing Sandar Tin, Beautiful sunset Khaing Sandar Tin, Yellow and Red 1 LEE ENG TAN, Sweep Kiln Floor LEE ENG TAN, Walkway Sunset Zee Kek HENG, Busy life on bridge Slovenia Andreja Ravnak, purple rain 11 Sri Lanka Pandula Bandara, The Origin of Pure Ceylon Goodness Pandula Bandara, Toddy Collector Switzerland Svjetlana Peric, Balos beach in Crete island Svjetlana Peric, Cofete beach Taiwan CHING YU LU, Pingtan Beach CHING YU LU, Pingtan kelp beach CHING YU LU, Pulling the boat together CHING YU LU, Valley girl Hsueh Liang Tzeng, DS586441920x1080 Hsueh Liang Tzeng, DSC58711920x1080 Hsueh Liang Tzeng, sD4D48081920x1080 United Kingdom bob devine, whos watching who bob devine, wildebeast crossing masai Valerie Duncan, Misty Morning Yellow- stone USA Ira Nemeroff, Sedona Sunrise 303 James WAT, HEART OF TOKYO TRANSIT SHINJUKU James WAT, NEW SKYLINE OF HONG- KONG James WAT, SKYLINE OF DUBAI Joyce Guojun Ma, Highland Panorama Joyce Guojun Ma, Ice Beach Joyce Guojun Ma, Tangled Ice Joyce Guojun Ma, Vestrahorn Vietnam NHAN LE HOANG, THAM LUOI SOM 3 NHAN LE HOANG, THAM VO 2 Greece Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Bloody sky Hong Kong Arnaldo Paulo Che, Devotion 3 Arnaldo Paulo Che, New Year festival 1 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Through the net Wolfgang Lin, FireDragon Coming Wolfgang Lin, FireDragon Night Wolfgang Lin, Match Together Wolfgang Lin, Two Brave Men Hungary Istvan Kerekes, Alpen tale Istvan Kerekes, Like in tales Istvan Kerekes, Road to home Istvan Kerekes, Varanasi Janos Eifert, Little boy from Oran India ABHISHEK BASAK, FISHING DEBDATTA GHOSH, Temple of Hoysala DEBDATTA GHOSH, The Divine Lake DEBDATTA GHOSH, Where Eagles Dare GOUTAM KUMAR DUTTA, CURVEROAD PROSENJIT DAS, SLEEPING BUDDHA TONGLU SATHYANARAYANA C R, K1 LIVING IN HARMONY SOURAV SHIT, COLOURFUL JOURNEY SOURAV SHIT, FESTIVAL OF COLOUR SOURAV SHIT, FIRST LIGHT Subhradeep Mukherjee, Mask Maker Indonesia David Somali Chow, Beautifule Miao ladies copy Jansen Halim, Reading By The Light Israel RABIA BASHA, Deish BW RABIA BASHA, Druze woman 3 BW RABIA BASHA, Three wall prayers BW Macau Chan Seng Tang, Firework Festival 2 Chan Seng Tang, Night at Macau 2 Chan Seng Tang, Night at Macau 3 Chan Seng Tang, Opera Backstage Ka Chon Chiang, Boating In the Fog Ka Chon Chiang, Fishing in the fog Ka Chon Chiang, Throwing a fish net Ka Chon Chiang, Village Kitchen Kai Lon Tang, Classic Circle Stair 4 Kai Lon Tang, Gondola Dock 2 Malaysia CHANONN FONG, Salt Collection at Dawn CHANONN FONG, Salt Collection at Dawn2 Edwin Ong Wee Kee, Skating Edwin Ong Wee Kee, The Land of Ice- breaking Guek Cheng Lim, Boy and elephant Guek Cheng Lim, Morning Guek Cheng Lim, Praying Guek Cheng Lim, Set of three SAY BOON FOO, Hocky in action 4 SAY BOON FOO, Look back TUCK YEONG LOH, Inspection TUCK YEONG LOH, Monk Myanmar THI HA MAUNG, PEOPLE AND POTS CARRYING THI HA MAUNG, PLASTIC AND RECYCLE THI HA MAUNG, THREE NOVICES IN ANCIENT CAVE THI HA MAUNG, TOGETHER MEDITATION AT NIGHT Norway Roald Synnevaag, Old man in Banana pub Poland Elzbieta Wenda, destruction Elzbieta Wenda, dreams Elzbieta Wenda, highway to Heaven Elzbieta Wenda, mere nothing Tomasz Okoniewski, lonely conqueror Tomasz Okoniewski, on the height new story Tomasz Okoniewski, storm is coming Tomasz Okoniewski, way to the light Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Hayder Museum Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Pink City Post Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Tunes From India Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Visit To Sultan Qaboos Mosque Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Two Net Romania Cezar Gabriel Popescu, Blowing off steam Cezar Gabriel Popescu, Frozen Jeno Major, Castiglione DOrcia Jeno Major, St.Thomas Russia Alexey Suloev, Lonely GuanacaPatagonia Alexey Suloev, Morning at the waterfall Alexey Suloev, Racing on the rein- deerYamal Stanislav Sitnikov, Havana kids VIktor Kanunnikov, Brick factory VIktor Kanunnikov, Chicken carrier 1 Vladimir Alekseev, In Yamal Vladimir Alekseev, Lagoon Icebergs2 Vladimir Alekseev, Layers of Antarctica Yury Pustovoy, Car service Yury Pustovoy, Children of Budha Yury Pustovoy, Dunes Yury Pustovoy, Sad mood Saudi Arabia Firas Abussaud, From Top