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Catalog 2nd painting Light 2018 by Unlimited Photo


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Catalog 2nd painting Light 2018 by Unlimited Photo

  1. 1. 2nd International Contest Painting Light Montenegro 2018
  2. 2. We Create Unlimited Photography Experience
  3. 3. 2018-095 L1800272018-121 Painting Light 2nd International Contest of Photography MONTENEGRO Nature Photo Travel Portrait Street Open Color Open Monochrome SECTIONS 2018-055
  4. 4. 2018-095 2018-121 L180027 2018-055
  5. 5. The Best Author of Unlimited 2018 FIAP Blue Badge Mr. Arnaldo Paulo Che My love for photography was initiated through my travels overseas where I found great interest in exploring my surroundings through the lens of my first DSLR camera in 2014. Inspired by many great photographers, I was encouraged to further develop my photog- raphy techniques. Aside from photography, my greatest passion is to travel to bewildered and mystifying places and countries where I can explore and capture the infinite beauty of traditional cultures and the untainted natural environment. Photography has certainly changed my life in the sense that it’s open my eyes and made me perceive the world around me differently. I am grateful for the support from the pho- tography community and I would like to continue to share with you the precious moments captured through the eye of my camera.
  6. 6. Unlimited Photo Association was established to achieve the following objectives • affirmation and popularization of art and creative photography to support and preserve cultural heritage, national history, customs and traditions, protecting the environment and natural beauty of Montenegro through the medium of pho- tography • creation, support, encouragement and continuous improvement of the photog- raphymedium in Montenegro, then its comprehensive promotion at home and abroad • we are co-operating with schools and professional associations in the country and abroad who are engaged in the medium of photography • we publish books and other publications in the field of photography media • we are organizing national and international photo exhibitions, under the patron- age of domestic and international alliances, federations and associations We Create Unlimited Photography Experience
  7. 7. FIAP Blue badge of the best author Mr. Arnaldo Paulo Che Theme B Nature FIAP Gold Bob Devine, Lion love, United Kingdom PSA Gold Xuehai Lu, Rob, China GPU Gold Alexey Suloev, White dance Canada, Russia IAAP Gold Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Milky Way Flower, Qatar Salon Gold Yury Pustovoy, Red World Bolivia, Russia Salon Silver Daniel LYBAERT, A2Groep kuifmakaken, Netherlands Salon Bronze SAY BOON FOO, Snake with prey, Malaysia Special Chairman’s Choice Marie Laure Stone, Waterhole at night, England FIAP Mention Arnaldo Paulo Che, Loving you 3, Hong Kong FIAP Mention H W CHAN, Hope that god blesses, Hong Kong PSA Mention Luis Alberto Franke, La cascada, Argentina PSA Mention Leif Alveen, ND Puu Oo lava flow 008, Denmark PSA Mention Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Morning in Namib, Slovenia GPU Mention Symus Gino, Playing or fighting, Belgium Salon Mention Yong Huang, Stretch, China Salon Mention John Coumbias, disturbed leopard, South Africa Salon Mention David Somali Chow, Leave the Place, Indonesia Salon Mention Guek Cheng Lim, Curve, Malaysia Salon Mention Marc Anagnostidis, Taurica Male, France Salon Mention Robert Millin, Great Grey Owl, England
  8. 8. Theme B Photo Travel FIAP Gold Ole Suszkiewicz, Harmo Players, Denmark PSA Gold Jeno Major, Castiglione DOrcia, Romania GPU Gold Rongguang Ye, Childish, China Salon Gold Jean BOULANGER, MAGIC IN MANAROLA, France IAAP Silver Yury Pustovoy, Car service, Russia Salon Silver Manfred Kluger, window seat1, Germany Salon Bronze Guanyong Zhong, Seek, China Special Chairman’s Choice John Coumbias, life on the mountain, South Africa FIAP Mention Beimeng Liu, Tribe Homeland 5, China FIAP Mention Fengliang Zou, Ask The Buddha, China PSA Mention Binyuan Li, Encircle a city at Sea, China PSA Mention MICHELE MACINAI, tuscan golden sunrise 19, Italy PSA Mention Robert Millin, Rajathan Water Carrier, England GPU Mention SWAPAN DAS, REFLECTIONS, India Salon Mention THI HA MAUNG, THREE NOVICES IN ANCIENT CAVE, Myanmar Salon Mention Tieqiang Li, Tribal imprint 4, China Salon Mention THOMAS VIJAYAN, Melting Arctic, Canada Salon Mention Xiaoqing Zhang, Tribal Totem 14, China Salon Mention Xiuxian Lv, Pray, China Salon Mention Zhesheng Zhuang, Weave3, China
  9. 9. Theme C Portrait FIAP Gold Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Shakur, Qatar PSA Gold De Wilde Eddy, Ferox, Belgium Salon Gold John Coumbias, lighting the way, South Africa GPU Silver Kam Chiu Tam, Alice, Canada Salon Silver Ole Suszkiewicz, Naima Portrait, Denmark IAAP Bronze MONTINI GIULIO, TRIBUTE TO A GREAT MAN, Italy Salon Bronze Eileen Murray, Natasha, United Kingdom Special Chairman’s Choice Luis Alberto Franke, La costumbre de Oscar, Argentina FIAP Mention Arnaldo Paulo Che, Meditate 2, Hong Kong FIAP Mention Chen Ni, Stare, China PSA Mention JOSE ALFREDO ESTEFANIA, AFRO, Spain PSA Mention Nagy Stefan, Portrait, Austria PSA Mention Ngee Chye Teo, Prayer, Singapore GPU Mention Sankari Roy, Covered, India Salon Mention SWAPAN DAS, TOO CUTE TO HANDLE, India Salon Mention Manfred Kluger, spring of life1, Germany Salon Mention Terry Railley, Pensive, Scotland Salon Mention SUBRATA BYSACK, PAINTED KALI, India Salon Mention SATHYANARAYANA C R, C3 DESERT SMOKER, India Salon Mention Gang Wang, Senior, China
  10. 10. Theme D Open Monochrome / Tema D Slobodna Monohrom Theme D Street FIAP Gold Marie Laure Stone, Happy man, England PSA Gold LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, D3 Pedestrian, Spain Salon Gold Siyuan Huang, Happy time, China Salon Silver Samir Zahirovic, Freedom, Bosnia and Herzegovina GPU Bronze John Coumbias, walking alone, South Africa Salon Bronze Sankari Roy, Dondi ritual 2, India Special Chairman’s Choice Shicong Xiao, Childhood, China FIAP Mention Arnaldo Paulo Che, Stop crying, Hong Kong FIAP Mention Daniel LYBAERT, D4Brugs kantklossen, Netherlands PSA Mention Nenad Martic, Granny on the street, Croatia PSA Mention Ali Saifaldeen, Old Style, Qatar PSA Mention Bahar Borazan, tramvay11, Turkey GPU Mention MONTINI GIULIO, VARANASI PEOPLE 9, Italy IAAP Mention Shengwei Dai, Go side by side, China IAAP Mention ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, NUNS, Brazil Salon Mention Huifen Wang, Compromise, China Salon Mention Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, La petite Larisa No 04, Greece Salon Mention Xueya Wang, Comtanplator, China Salon Mention Yi WAN, Aisle7, China Salon Mention Yonghong Jin, Bycle, China Salon Mention ACHINTA KUMAR SAHA, Temporary Recess, India
  11. 11. Theme E Open Color FIAP Gold Lung Tsai Wang, Eurasian Hoopoe, China PSA Gold Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Aya, Qatar Salon Gold Ole Suszkiewicz, Harmonica Clown, Denmark Salon Silver Arnaldo Paulo Che, Dive for the win 1, Hong Kong Salon Bronze LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, E1 The shell, Spain Special Chairman’s Choice Fuyong Xu, Devout, China FIAP Mention Heinz Peks, Priester, Germany FIAP Mention SUNIEL MARATHE, MAGNIFICENT HUSNA, India PSA Mention Xiaohui Qiu, The Return Of Beachcombing2, China PSA Mention Yonghong Jin, Deep Thought, China PSA Mention Robert Millin, Courtney Tulloch, England GPU Mention Luis Alberto Franke, Rieles en la salina, Argentina GPU Mention Giovanni Fabbri, immersion, Italy IAAP Mention Daniel LYBAERT, E2Nee Ja Wat, Netherlands IAAP Mention John Coumbias, desert challenge, South Africa Salon Mention Xiping An, Soip Of Life, China Salon Mention Viktor Kanunnikov, Bangladesh girl 2, Russia Salon Mention Tomasz Okoniewski, come out in the wash, Poland Salon Mention Terry Railley, Off the Shoulder, Scotland Salon Mention Malcolm Jenkin, Chameleon Attack, England Salon Mention Lin Zhang, Tribal Child 1, China
  12. 12. Theme F Open Monochrome FIAP Gold ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, FACES, Brazil PSA Gold CHEN CHU, M2 Resist, Australia Salon Gold Carlos Rozensztroch, Que boquita cercana, Argentina Salon Silver NHAN LE HOANG, HOC, Vietnam Salon Bronze Nagy Stefan, Geometrie, Austria Special Chairman’s Choice Lung Tsai Wang, disabled games4m, China FIAP Mention Eileen Murray, The Final Farewell, United Kingdom FIAP Mention Luis Alberto Franke, La mirada de la ninia, Argentina PSA Mention Xiaoyun Qi, China Speed, China PSA Mention SWAPAN DAS, MELODY OF DARKNESS, India PSA Mention Ole Suszkiewicz, Upstairs 4, Denmark GPU Mention Daniel LYBAERT, F2Stiekem, Netherlands GPU Mention Arnaldo Paulo Che, Crosswalk Mono, Hong Kong IAAP Mention Beimeng Liu, Tribal Symbol 2, China IAAP Mention Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Batan Face Bw, Qatar Salon Mention John Coumbias, Beautiful play, South Africa Salon Mention Malcolm Sowdon, Smoking Compartment, England Salon Mention Robert Millin, House Of Ill Repute, England Salon Mention Shicong Xiao, Senior, China Salon Mention Sankari Roy, Waiting for Rain, India Salon Mention Yilan Song, Trace of Age, China
  13. 13. ANATURE
  14. 14. 14 FIAP Gold Bob Devine, United Kingdom, Lion love NATURE
  15. 15. 15 PSA Gold Xuehai Lu, China, Rob NATURE
  16. 16. 16 Alexey Suloev, Russia, White dance Canada GPU GoldNATURE
  17. 17. 17 Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar, Milky Way Flower NATUREIAAP Gold
  18. 18. 18 Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Red World Bolivia NATURE Salon Gold
  19. 19. 19 Salon Silver Daniel Lybaert, Netherlands, A2 Groep kuifmakaken NATURE
  20. 20. 20 Salon BronzeNATURE Say Boon Foo, Malaysia, Snake with prey
  21. 21. 21 Special Chairman Choice NATURE Marie Laure Stone, England, Waterhole at night
  22. 22. 22 FIAP MentionNATURE Arnaldo Paulo Che, Hong Kong, Loving you 3
  23. 23. 23 FIAP Mention NATURE HW Chan, Hong Kong, Hope that god blesses
  24. 24. 24 PSA MentionNATURE Leif Alveen, Denmark, Puu Oo lava flow 008
  25. 25. 25 PSA Mention NATURE Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Slovenia, Morning in Namib
  26. 26. 26 PSA MentionNATURE Luis Alberto Franke, Argentina, La cascada
  27. 27. 27 GPU Mention NATURE Symus Gino, Belgium, Playing or fighting
  28. 28. 28 Salon MentionNATURE Robert Millin, England, Great Grey Owl
  29. 29. 29 Salon Mention NATURE Quek Cheng Lim, Malaysia, Curve
  30. 30. 30 Salon MentionNATURE John Coumbias, Southafrica, Disturbed leopard
  31. 31. 31 Salon Mention NATURE Marc Anagnostidis, France, Taurica Male
  32. 32. 32 Salon MentionNATURE David Somali Chow, Indonesia, Leave the Place
  33. 33. 33 Salon Mention NATURE Yong Huang, China, Stretch
  34. 34. 34
  35. 35. 35 BPHOTO TRAVEL
  36. 36. 36 PHOTO TRAVEL FIAP Gold Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Harmo Players
  37. 37. 37 PSA Gold PHOTO TRAVEL Jeno Major, Romania, Castiglione DOrcia
  38. 38. 38 Rongguang Ye, China, Childish GPU GoldPHOTO TRAVEL
  39. 39. 39 Jean Boulanger, France, MAGIC IN MANAROLA PHOTO TRAVELSalon Gold
  40. 40. 40 Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Car service PHOTO TRAVEL IAAP Silver
  41. 41. 41 Salon Silver Manfred Kluger, Germany, Window seat 1 PHOTO TRAVEL
  42. 42. 42 PHOTO TRAVEL Guanyong Zhong, China, Seek Salon Bronze
  43. 43. 43 PHOTO TRAVELSpecial Chairman Choice John Coumbias, Southafrica, Life on the mountain
  44. 44. 44 FIAP MentionPHOTO TRAVEL Fengliang Zou, China, Ask The Buddha
  45. 45. 45 PHOTO TRAVELFIAP Mention Beimeng Liu, China, Tribe Homeland 5
  46. 46. 46 PHOTO TRAVEL PSA Mention Michele Macinai, Ital, Tuscan golden sunrise 19
  47. 47. 47 PHOTO TRAVELPSA Mention Robert Millin, England, Rajathan Water Carrier
  48. 48. 48 PHOTO TRAVEL PSA Mention Binyuan Li, China, Encircle a city at Sea
  49. 49. 49 GPU Mention PHOTO TRAVEL Swapan Das, India, REFLECTIONS
  50. 50. 50 Salon MentionPHOTO TRAVEL Xiaoqing Zhang, China, Tribal Totem 14
  51. 51. 51 Salon Mention PHOTO TRAVEL Thomas Vijayan, Canada, Melting Arctic
  52. 52. 52 Salon MentionPHOTO TRAVEL Xiuxian Lv, China, Pray
  53. 53. 53 Salon Mention PHOTO TRAVEL Zhesheng Zhuang, China, Weave 3
  54. 54. 54 Salon MentionPHOTO TRAVEL Tieqiang Li, China, Tribal imprint 4
  55. 55. 55 Salon Mention PHOTO TRAVEL Thiha_Maung, Myanmar, THREE NOVICES IN ANCIENT CAVE
  56. 56. 56
  57. 57. 57 CPORTRAIT
  58. 58. 58 FIAP Gold Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar, Shakur PORTRAIT
  59. 59. 59 PSA Gold Dewilde Eddy, Belgium, Ferox PORTRAIT
  60. 60. 60 Salon Gold John Coumbias, Southafrica, Lighting the way PORTRAIT
  61. 61. 61 Kam Chiu Tam, Canada, Alice PORTRAITGPU Silver
  62. 62. 62 PORTRAIT Salon Silver Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Naima Portrait
  63. 63. 63 Montini_ Giulio, Italy, TRIBUTE TO A GREAT MAN IAAP Bronze PORTRAIT
  64. 64. 64 Salon Bronze Eileen Murray, United Kingdom, Natasha PORTRAIT
  65. 65. 65 Special Chairman Choice Luis Alberto Franke, Argentina, La costumbre de Oscar PORTRAIT
  66. 66. 66 FIAP Mention Arnaldo Paulo Che, Hong Kong, Meditate 2 PORTRAIT
  67. 67. 67 FIAP Mention Chen Ni, China, Stare PORTRAIT
  68. 68. 68 PSA Mention Nagy Stefan, Austria, Portrait PORTRAIT
  69. 69. 69 PSA Mention Jose Alfredo Estefania, Spain, AFRO PORTRAIT
  70. 70. 70 PSA Mention Ngee Chye Teo, Singapore, Prayer PORTRAIT
  71. 71. 71 PORTRAITGPU Mention Sankari Roy, India, Covered
  72. 72. 72 Salon Mention Swapan Das, India, TOO CUTE TO HANDLE PORTRAIT
  73. 73. 73 Salon Mention Terry Railley, Scotland, Pensive PORTRAIT
  74. 74. 74 Salon Mention Gang Wang, China, Senior PORTRAIT
  75. 75. 75 Salon Mention Manfred Kluger, Germany. Spring of life 1 PORTRAIT
  76. 76. 76 Salon Mention Subrata Bysack, India, PAINTED KALI PORTRAIT
  77. 77. 77 Salon Mention Sathyanarayana CR, India, C3 DESERT SMOKER PORTRAIT
  78. 78. 78
  79. 79. 79 D STREET
  80. 80. 80 FIAP Gold Marie Laure Stone., England, Happy man STREET
  81. 81. 81 PSA Gold Luis Leandro Serrano, Spain, D3 Pedestrian STREET
  82. 82. 82 Salon Gold Siyuan Huang, China, Happy time STREET
  83. 83. 83 Samir Zahirovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Freedom Salon Silver STREET
  84. 84. 84 John Coumbias, Southafrica, Walking alone GPU BronzeSTREET
  85. 85. 85 Sankari Roy, India, Dondi ritual 2 Salon Bronze STREET
  86. 86. 86 Special Chairman Choice Shicong Xiao, China, Childhood STREET
  87. 87. 87 FIAP Mention Arnaldo Paulo Che, Hong Kong, Stop crying STREET
  88. 88. 88 FIAP Mention Daniel Lybaert, Netherlands, D4Brugs kantklossen STREET
  89. 89. 89 PSA Mention Nenad Martic, Croatia, Granny on the street STREET
  90. 90. 90 PSA Mention Ali Saifaldeen, Qatar, Old Style STREET
  91. 91. 91 PSA Mention Bahar Horazan, Turkey, Tramvay 11 STREET
  92. 92. 92 GPU Mention Montini Giulio, Italy, VARANASI PEOPLE 9 STREET
  93. 93. 93 IAAP Mention Roberto Soares Gomesm, Brazil, NUNS STREET
  94. 94. 94 IAAP Mention Shengwei Dai, China, Go side by side STREET
  95. 95. 95 Salon Mention Vasilis Kazepidis, Greece, La petite Larisa No 04 STREET
  96. 96. 96 Salon Mention Yonghong Jin, China, Bycle STREET
  97. 97. 97 Salon Mention Huifen Wang, China, Compromise STREET
  98. 98. 98 Salon Mention Yi Wan, China, Aisle 7 STREET
  99. 99. 99 Salon Mention Xueya Wang, China, Comtanplator STREET
  100. 100. 100 Salon Mention Achinta Kumar Saha, India, Temporary Recess STREET
  101. 101. 101 OPEN COLOR E NO SIGNAL
  102. 102. 102 FIAP Gold Lung Tsai Wang, China, Eurasian Hoopoe OPEN COLOR
  103. 103. 103 PSA Gold Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Qatar, Aya OPEN COLOR
  104. 104. 104 Salon Gold Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Harmonica, Clown OPEN COLOR
  105. 105. 105 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Hong Kong, Dive for the win 1 Salon Silver OPEN COLOR
  106. 106. 106 Salon Bronze Luis Leandro Serrano, Spain, E1 The shell OPEN COLOR
  107. 107. 107 Fuyong Xu, China, Devout OPEN COLORSpecial Chairman Choice
  108. 108. 108 FIAP MentionOPEN COLOR Heinz Peks, Germany, Priester
  109. 109. 109 OPEN COLORFIAP Mention Suniel Marathe, India, MAGNIFICENT HUSNA
  110. 110. 110 PSA MentionOPEN COLOR Yonghong Jin, China, Deep Thought
  111. 111. 111 OPEN COLORPSA Mention Xiaohui Qiu, China, The Return Of Beach combing2
  112. 112. 112 PSA MentionOPEN COLOR Robert Millin, England, Courtney, Tulloch
  113. 113. 113 OPEN COLORGPU Mention Luis Alberto Franke, Argentina, Rieles en la salina
  114. 114. 114 GPU MentionOPEN COLOR Giovanni Fabbri, Italy, Immersion
  115. 115. 115 IAAP Mention OPEN COLOR John Coumbias, Southafrica, Desert challenge
  116. 116. 116 IAAP MentionOPEN COLOR Daniel Lybaert, Netherlands, E2 Nee Ja Wat
  117. 117. 117 Salon Mention OPEN COLOR Tomasz Okoniewski, Poland, Come out in the wash
  118. 118. 118 Salon MentionOPEN COLOR Lin Zhang, China, Tribal Child 1
  119. 119. 119 Salon Mention OPEN COLOR Viktor Kanunnikov, Russia, Bangladesh girl 2
  120. 120. 120 Salon MentionOPEN COLOR Xiping An, China, Soip Of Life
  121. 121. 121 Salon Mention OPEN COLOR Malcolm Jenkin, England, Chameleon Attack
  122. 122. 122 Salon MentionOPEN COLOR Terry Railley, Scotland, Off the Shoulder
  123. 123. 123 F OPEN MONOCHROME
  124. 124. 124 FIAP Gold Roberto Soares Gomes, Brazil, FACES OPEN MONOCHROME
  125. 125. 125 PSA Gold Chen Chu, Australia, M2 Resist OPEN MONOCHROME
  126. 126. 126 Salon Gold Carlos Rozensztroch, Argentina, Que boquita cercana OPEN MONOCHROME
  127. 127. 127 Nhan Le Hoang, Vietnam, HOC Salon Silver OPEN MONOCHROME
  128. 128. 128 Salon Bronze Nagy Stefan, Austria, Geometrie OPEN MONOCHROME
  129. 129. 129 Lung Tsai Wang, China, Disabled games 4m Special Chairman Choice OPEN MONOCHROME
  130. 130. 130 FIAP MentionOPEN MONOCHROME Eileen Murray, United Kingdom, The Final Farewell
  131. 131. 131 FIAP Mention OPEN MONOCHROME Luis Alberto Franke, Argentina, La mirada de la ninia
  132. 132. 132 PSA MentionOPEN MONOCHROME Xiaoyun Qi, China, China Speed
  133. 133. 133 PSA Mention OPEN MONOCHROME Swapan Das, India, MELODY OF DARKNESS
  134. 134. 134 PSA MentionOPEN MONOCHROME Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Upstairs 4
  135. 135. 135 GPU Mention OPEN MONOCHROME Daniel Lybaert, Netherlands, F2 Stiekem
  136. 136. 136 GPU MentionOPEN MONOCHROME Arnaldo Paulo Che, Hong Kong, Crosswalk Mono
  137. 137. 137 IAAP Mention OPEN MONOCHROME Abdulla Al Mushaifri, Qatar, Batan, Face Bw
  138. 138. 138 IAAP MentionOPEN MONOCHROME Beimeng Liu, China, Tribal Symbol 2
  139. 139. 139 Salon Mention OPEN MONOCHROME Robert Millin, England, House Of Ill Repute
  140. 140. 140 Salon MentionOPEN MONOCHROME Sankari Roy, India, Waiting for Rain
  141. 141. 141 Salon Mention OPEN MONOCHROME Malcolm Sowdon, England, Smoking Compartment
  142. 142. 142 Salon MentionOPEN MONOCHROME Shicong Xiao, China, Senior
  143. 143. 143 Salon Mention OPEN MONOCHROME Yilan Song, China, Trace of Age
  144. 144. 144 Salon MentionOPEN MONOCHROME John Coumbias, Southafrica, Beautiful play
  145. 145. 145 Lin Zhang, Mountains Ling Xie, Vitality Ling Xie, Vitality 2 Ping Lu, Sky Cloud Shadow Ping Lu, Strive To Be The First Rongguang Ye, Watch Tieqiang Li, The Polar Elve10 Xiaohui Qiu, The Polar Scenery1 Xiaoyun Qi, Protection 2 Xinxin Chen, Tweeting3 Xiping An, Brahmaputra Xiuxian Lv, Aurora Xuehai Lu, Dusk Xuehai Lu, Leap Xuehai Lu, Rob Yilan Song, Shelter Yilan Song, The Polar Elves 13 Yong Huang, Stretch Yong Huang, The daily lives of birds 10 Yong Huang, The daily lives of birds 8 Croatia BOZIDAR KASAL, The Tent Like Bush Zvonko Kucelin, following Czech Republic Hana Peskova, Reflection Hana Peskova, Tiger and his prey Denmark Gilboa Levi, A Karate Bird Gilboa Levi, Quarrel Gilboa Levi, Time out Leif Alveen, ND Puu Oo lava flow 007 Leif Alveen, ND Puu Oo lava flow 008 England Barbara Jenkin, Ghost Mantis 4 Malcolm Jenkin, Whites Tree Frog Malcolm Jenkin, Yemens Chame- leon Marie Laure Stone, One Lucky bird Marie Laure Stone, Tawny eagle land- ing Marie Laure Stone, Vicious battle Marie Laure Stone, Waterhole at night Robert Millin, Great Grey Owl Robert Millin, Peregrine Falcon Eat- ing France Alla Sokolova, Conflict Alla Sokolova, Striped life Jacques Heritier, Bernache du Cana- da Argentina Luis Alberto Franke, Amanece en Laguna Sucia Luis Alberto Franke, Dos tempanos Luis Alberto Franke, La cascada Luis Alberto Franke, Mirador del Piegue Tumbado Australia Mario Mirabile, Singing the blues Vicki Moritz, South Walkerville reflec- tion Austria Nagy Stefan, bee eater Belgium Claude SIMON, Kwando Emerging hip- po Jacky Panhuyzen, Oranje ontmoet- ing Sara GABRIELS, Kerkuil Symus Gino, Mating toads Symus Gino, Playing or fighting Verelst Greta, GLACIER Bosnia and Herzegovina Slobodan Krstic, Akvarel Brazil Paulo Guerra, Ariramba Paulo Guerra, Papa mosca Paulo Guerra, Ringed Kingfisher ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, DESERT ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, HORSESHOE BEND Canada Kam Chiu Tam, For my babies Phillip Kwan, A1Bears Fighting 1 THOMAS VIJAYAN, Best Pals THOMAS VIJAYAN, Tigers Den China Binyuan Li, Law of the Jungle 3 Chenglin Zheng, Elephants2 Chongfeng Wu, Caring Daming Liang, Smoke loose gully Fuyong Xu, Long Road Guixiang Huang, African Wildlife2 Huifang Wu, Each Other Huifen Wang, Feeding Huifen Wang, Looking for Jianxun Wu, Communication Lihe Zhou, Masterpiece of wind Lin Zhang, Flamingo 1 Jacques Heritier, Chenille du Macha- on Jean BOULANGER, OLD LADY 3 M Jean BOULANGER, Tiger C Marc Anagnostidis, Anthocharis Et Filicaria 3 Marc Anagnostidis, Capture Agrodiae- tus Marc Anagnostidis, Taurica Male Germany Birgit Pustelnik, End of Day Birgit Pustelnik, Little Wilderness Heinz Peks, Nasi2 Heinz Peks, Wasserfall Eisgraben Lothar Noeth, Kopf an Kopf Lothar Noeth, Morgennebel Peter Teuschel, rockn roll love Greece CHRISTOS KIDONIS, Evil thoughts George Baladakis, Dragon fly 258 Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Frogs No 04 Hong Kong Arnaldo Paulo Che, Family Sand Spa Arnaldo Paulo Che, Food is coming 3 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Loving you 3 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Web of life H W CHAN, Brown Bear 1Alaska H W CHAN, Hope that god blesses H W CHAN, Polar Bear 16 H W CHAN, Proboscis monkey 4 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Honey Buzzard 20 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Osprey 08 Wolfgang Lin, Bird and Flower Hungary Eifert Janos, Janos EifertGalloping Hors- es Laszlo Siman, symmetry India Debdas Bhattacharya, FLAMINGOS Momita Bhattacharya, FLIGHT SATHYANARAYANA C R, A1 CHEETAH CHASE SATHYANARAYANA C R, A2 INDIAN ROLLER CATCHING THE FEED SATHYANARAYANA C R, A3 TIGER DRAGGING THE KILL SATHYANARAYANA C R, A4 CHEETAH HUNT 2 SUBRATA BYSACK, CROWDED FLEMIN- GOES SUBRATA BYSACK, PEACOCK IN FLIGHT SUNIEL MARATHE, LETS CHAT Vinaya Mathews, Little Egret Feeding 2 Indonesia David Somali Chow, Amazing UW David Somali Chow, Beautiful Sea worm in Bandasea David Somali Chow, Leave the Place Iraq BLEND TAHIR ABDULLAH, Halgurd Ireland Catherine Bushe, Puffin perch Italy Giovanni Fabbri, discussion between green- finches5 Giovanni Fabbri, Love Giovanni Frescura, fox eating MICHELE MACINAI, lycaeides MICHELE MACINAI, sharm el sheik MONTINI GIULIO, THE SCREAM Luxembourg Bodry Gaston, Erannis defoliaria Malaysia Guek Cheng Lim, Bubble Guek Cheng Lim, Curve Guek Cheng Lim, Enjoy Liew Ted Ghee, Observed SAY BOON FOO, Snake with prey SAY BOON FOO, Take care Myanmar Zaw Min, Always together Zaw Min, Motherlove1 Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, A2Groep kuifmakak- en Daniel LYBAERT, A3Verveling in ZwW Daniel LYBAERT, A4Gevecht om het vrou- wtje de Jong Franke, Breaking the clouds Northern Ireland Cyril Boyd, Gorilla Norway Torhild Hyllseth, Roe deer Poland Tomasz Okoniewski, jumping contest 2 Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, After The Rain A/NATURE
  146. 146. 146 Switzerland Urs Albrecht, Gorilla1 Urs Albrecht, Wasserschildkroete Urs Jenzer, A1 Basstoelpel 2 Taiwan Chin Chin Tsai, Great prey 3 Chin Chin Tsai, Ouch Chin Chin Tsai, Taiwan thrush Hsueh Liang Tzeng, DSC42251920x1080 Turkey Bahar Borazan, baboN2 United Kingdom bob devine, cheetah with 3 cubs bob devine, great grey owl lands at dusk bob devine, lion love bob devine, osprey flies with fish Brian Baker, 7 Day Old Lemur Brian Baker, Mother and Pup Le- murs Chris Whitty, Deer in mist David Woodhead, Gannet with bed- ding Prashant Meswani, Stag Deer - Richmond Park USA Gabriele Dellanave, Sally Lightfoot Crab Jim Hagan, Dianthus and Lacewing Jingru Luo, Ballet Jingru Luo, chong Jingru Luo, Conversation Jingru Luo, ok My Love John Livoti, SouthCoyoteButtinMoon- light1 John Livoti, V6A0039TiogaPass1 Norman Johnson, Staying Close to Mom Norman Johnson, The Lunge B/PHOTO TRAVEL Argentina Carlos Rozensztroch, En Sri Lanka Luis Alberto Franke, Callecita de Trini- dad Luis Alberto Franke, El herrador Luis Alberto Franke, Frente del Gla- ciar Australia Mathew Sze, Canberra Festival Mathew Sze, Looking Up Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Desert Lines Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Milky Way Flow- er Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Scenery Romania Arpad Zoltan Balla, Cry Jeno Major, Solitude Russia Alexey Suloev, Coast of the Barents Sea Alexey Suloev, Comfortable support Alexey Suloev, White dance Canada Viktor Kanunnikov, Squirrel 4 Yury Pustovoy, Red World Bolivia Saudi Arabia Ahmed Alibrahim, Zebra Scotland Terry Railley, Kestrel Posing Terry Railley, Kingfisher and Berries Terry Railley, Ruffled Feathers Serbia Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, In the pud- dle Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, Red butter- fly Ratomir dr Radomirovic, robber fly Singapore Hein Htet, Brother and me 1 Slovakia Tomas Mlynarik, River passage Slovenia Miljko LESJAK, Bees on modern pas- ture Miljko LESJAK, Kozjak Waterfall Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Colourful pool 1 Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Glen canyon Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Morning in Na- mib Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Spring flood South Africa John Coumbias, a3john coumbiasdisturbed leopard John Coumbias, a4john coumbiaswide wings Spain LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, A2 Sea- weed LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, A4 The Mont- seny Vicki Moritz, SM he went thata way Bahrain Aqeel AlMeshhal, Pottery Maker Belgium Claude SIMON, Moro Kakuve Sara GABRIELS, Cube Houses Bosnia and Herzegovina Samir Zahirovic, Underground Slobodan Krstic, Bilecko jezero 5 Slobodan Krstic, Ribari u magli Slobodan Krstic, SEMBERIJA 105 Slobodan Krstic, Serpentine 22 Brazil Rodrigo Luft, NY2 Canada Kam Chiu Tam, Leopard on van Phillip Kwan, B2Camels Running 38 THOMAS VIJAYAN, Iceberg Shells THOMAS VIJAYAN, Melting Arctic China Beimeng Liu, Huian Women4 Beimeng Liu, Tribe Homeland 5 Beimeng Liu, Work Binyuan Li, Encircle a city at Sea Chen Ni, Lasso a Horse Chenglin Zheng, Stock Selling5 Chenglin Zheng, Tribe Children Chongfeng Wu, Little boy Chongfeng Wu, Prayer wheel Daming Liang, Hawker Deying Huang, Devout4 Fengliang Zou, Ask The Buddha Fengliang Zou, Come And Go Fengliang Zou, Horse Race In Snow1 Fuyong Xu, Fat Choose2 Fuyong Xu, Tender Care1 Gang Wang, Go To The Market Guanyong Zhong, Devout Guanyong Zhong, My little donkeys Guanyong Zhong, Seek Guanyong Zhong, Tribal children Hongbing Ye, Help Each Other1 Huifang Wu, The Followers in the Rock Church 10 Huifang Wu, Wild Tribe 4 Huifen Wang, Seda Sunrise Jianxun Wu, Dance 1 Jianxun Wu, Homeland Jigang Liu, Push Li Wang, Village Barber Lihe Zhou, Greeting ceremony Ling Xie, Under Starry Sky Lixia Guo, Baptism Lixia Guo, Light candles LORETTA YAT WONG, The Nenets10 Peiyang Wang, Classic Earth build- ing Peiyang Wang, Miao Girl Ping Lu, Match Ship7 Pinguan Zheng, Motherlove Rongguang Ye, Childish Rongguang Ye, Rite Shengwei Dai, Holi Festival Shengwei Dai, Wish Shicong Xiao, Tribal Headdress Siyuan Huang, Crowded Train Siyuan Huang, Life on rail 4 Tianming Zhang, Long Distance Tieqiang Li, Refugee Camp Tieqiang Li, Tribal imprint 4 Wenguang Lu, Indonesian Tribal Peo- ple1 Xian Liu, Small shop Xiaohui Qiu, Hunging Net1 Xiaoqing Chen, Set out Xiaoqing Chen, Wild Africa Xiaoqing Zhang, Tribal Life Xiaoqing Zhang, Tribal Totem 14 Xiaoyun Qi, Tribal Dancing Xinxin Chen, Carry wife on back Xiping An, Misty Port Xiping An, Strive To Be The First Xiu Liu, Tribal Dance Xiuxian Lv, Pray Xiuxian Lv, Ride To Steal The Sheep Xuehai Lu, Drying noodles Xueqiang Luo, Miao Girls Xueqiang Luo, Sickle haircut Xueya Wang, Blacksmith Xueya Wang, Teaching 1 Yan Luo, Pink mosque 11 Yan Luo, Xinjiang tajiks 2 Yan Zhang tj, Floating Market4 Yi Huang, Land of Mystery4 Yi WAN, Shaving 2 Yi WAN, yulu make 2 Yilan Song, Care 2 Yilan Song, Shelter Yilan Song, The Polar Elves 13 Yong Huang, The man reading the new- paper Yonghong Jin, Believers in a rock church 13 Yonghong Jin, The Most Beautiful Decora- tions Yun Lin, Inventiveness Zhenlie Zhan, Autumn Sun Zhenlie Zhan, Classroom Zhesheng Zhuang, Life at Teahouse3 Zhesheng Zhuang, Weave3 Zhesheng Zhuang, Weaves 1 Croatia
  147. 147. 147 Hungary Laszlo Siman, street otologist India ABHISHEK BASAK, SNOWFALL IN PAHAL- GAM ACHINTA KUMAR SAHA, Blessings of Gan- gasagar Nagas ACHINTA KUMAR SAHA, Water Across the Dunes ANINDYA MAJUMDAR, the castle ANINDYA MAJUMDAR, the saffron man Debdas Bhattacharya, ORANGE HOUR Debdas Bhattacharya, SPLASH OF YEL- LOW Debdas Bhattacharya, WORLD OF CO- LOURS Joydeep Sengupta, THE TRIANGLE Momita Bhattacharya, PART OF FESTI- VAL SATHYANARAYANA C R, B3 TRAFFIC JAM SUBRATA BYSACK, BARBAR AND PASS- ERBY SUNIEL MARATHE, BRICK WORK SWAPAN DAS, REFLECTIONS SWAPAN DAS, TRAFFIC JAM AT KHARDUNG LA Vinaya Mathews, Khuri Sand Dunes 01 Vinaya Mathews, Miles To Go Israel LEONID GOLDIN, In a month of sun- days LEONID GOLDIN, In private Italy Claudio Nesti, Traditions Giuseppe TOMELLERI, T4Burano underwater 4 2018 MICHELE MACINAI, tuscan golden sunrise 15 MICHELE MACINAI, tuscan golden sunrise 19 MONTINI GIULIO, INDIA 201616 MONTINI GIULIO, VARANASI PEOPLE 8 Luxembourg Bodry Gaston, Gare BelvalUniversi- te Malaysia Guek Cheng Lim, Boy and elephant Guek Cheng Lim, Sunrise 22 Liew Ted Ghee, Daocheng Aden 2 BOZIDAR KASAL, Indian Girl with Her Toys Nenad Martic, Two eyed bridge Cyprus ANDREAS L ANDREOU, Happy meet- ing ANDREAS L ANDREOU, High above the city KLEA KYPRIANOU, hey Just Arrived Denmark Leif Alveen, PT Camel caravan 086 Leif Alveen, PT Horselord galloping 242 Ole Suszkiewicz, Carnival Lady Ole Suszkiewicz, Car Repair Ole Suszkiewicz, Harmo Players Ole Suszkiewicz, Passengers England Marie Laure Stone, Smoking in a door- way Robert Millin, Camel Dentist Robert Millin, Desert Barbour Robert Millin, Rajathan Water Carri- er steve reynolds, The coal carriers Finland Antti Seppala, Astonished tourist France Jacques Heritier, Ombrelo Rosso Jacques Heritier, Un Soir a Valen- sole Jean BOULANGER, MAGIC IN MANARO- LA Jean BOULANGER, SANTORIN SUN- SET Germany Heinz Peks, Opferritual Manfred Kluger, blue lane1 Manfred Kluger, daily work2 Manfred Kluger, window seat1 Peter Teuschel, Sahara sand over Ath- ens Greece George Baladakis, Thessaloniki 1 NESTOR FANOS, honorary guard Hong Kong Arnaldo Paulo Che, Papuan soccer 1 H W CHAN, Running of the Bulls 8 RAYMOND YIK CHEUNG CHUNG, Science Park 001 RAYMOND YIK CHEUNG CHUNG, Victoria Harbour 001 Wolfgang Lin, FireDragon Night Liew Ted Ghee, Semporna child 2 SAY BOON FOO, Look back SAY BOON FOO, Prayer Myanmar THI HA MAUNG, PEOPLE AND POTS CAR- RYING THI HA MAUNG, PLASTIC AND RECY- CLE THI HA MAUNG, THREE NOVICES IN ANCIENT CAVE THI HA MAUNG, TOGETHER MEDITATION AT NIGHT Zaw Min, meditation in the cave Zaw Min, Traditional Fishing Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, B1Winter in Zee- land Daniel LYBAERT, B3Krommeweg Daniel LYBAERT, B4Berijpt land- schap de Jong Franke, Traffic and trees Norway Anne Katharine Dahl, Gondolas in the blue hour Torhild Hyllseth, Mont Saint Michel Poland Tomasz Okoniewski, on the height new story Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Hayder Muse- um Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Pink City Post Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Tunes From In- dia Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Visit To Sultan Qaboos Mosque Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, My Cam- el ali saifaldeen, By The Sea Romania Arpad Zoltan Balla, On the way Jeno Major, Castiglione DOrcia Jeno Major, St.ThomasSlovenia Lajos Nagy, Traditional wedding Russia Viktor Kanunnikov, Chicken carrier 1 Yury Pustovoy, Car service Yury Pustovoy, Children of Budha Yury Pustovoy, Dunes Yury Pustovoy, Sad mood Singapore Hein Htet, Uncle LEE ENG TAN, Tibetan Couples Shangri- la Ngee Chye Teo, Gong Maker Slovenia Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Black kitch- en South Africa John Coumbias, b1john coumbiaslife on the mountain John Coumbias, b2john coumbiasrural life John Coumbias, b3john coumbiasmountain scenic John Coumbias, b4john coumbiasbrothers portrait Spain JOSE ALFREDO ESTEFANIA, MURIENDO EL DIA LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, B1 No- mads LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, B3 Venetian mime LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, B4 Road of Taj Mahal Sri Lanka Dharmavijaya Senevirathna, Viever Pandula Bandara, Bridge with No Steel Switzerland Urs Jenzer, B2 China Reisterassen 12 Taiwan CHING YU LU, Pingtan Beach CHING YU LU, Pingtan kelp beach CHING YU LU, Pulling the boat togeth- er Hsueh Liang Tzeng, DSC58711920x1080 Turkey Ali Riza IZGI, Leather production United Kingdom bob devine, whos watching who bob devine, wildebeast crossing ma- sai Prashant Meswani, Low Key Tower Bridge USA Gabriele Dellanave, Stormy Venice Jim Hagan, A Walk By The Sea Jingru Luo, Boxing Bears John Livoti, AngelsWindowCapeRoyal- NorthRimGrandCanyon
  148. 148. 148 Vietnam Van Toan Nguyen, Crude soy sauce making in Ban village 3 C/PORTRAIT Argentina Carlos Rozensztroch, Perfil oscuro Luis Alberto Franke, Edward Luis Alberto Franke, La costumbre de Oscar Luis Alberto Franke, Pastor de Tibe- ti Australia Mathew Sze, Missing You Austria Nagy Stefan, Kathi Nagy Stefan, Leonie Nagy Stefan, Portrait Nagy Stefan, young Girl Bahrain Aqeel AlMeshhal, Iraqi Old Man BW Belgium De Wilde Eddy, Elfia De Wilde Eddy, Ferox De Wilde Eddy, Look De Wilde Eddy, Sheherazade Jacky Panhuyzen, Chandan Jacky Panhuyzen, Painfully Sara GABRIELS, Coralie Sara GABRIELS, Little shepherd girl Verelst Greta, FRIENDS Bosnia and Herzegovina Samir Zahirovic, Arnela 2 Samir Zahirovic, Izzy 3 Slobodan Krstic, Dju Slobodan Krstic, Moj prijatelj Bora Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, CHILD- HOOD Canada Kam Chiu Tam, Alice Kam Chiu Tam, Anita Phillip Kwan, C2Helen 55 China Beimeng Liu, Mursi Tribe 5 Beimeng Liu, Tribal Symbol7 Binyuan Li, A Shy Girl Binyuan Li, Primitive Tribe Chen Ni, Smoking Chen Ni, Stare Chenglin Zheng, Protector Chongfeng Wu, Senior 2 Desheng Xu, Waiting3 Deying Huang, Years Curve Fengliang Zou, Ponder Fuyong Xu, Tribal Family Gang Wang, Senior Gang Wang, Years 3 Guanyong Zhong, Smoke Guixiang Huang, Ferry 21 Haiyan Huang, Woman11 Hongbing Ye, Dull Hongbing Ye, Headskill6 Huifang Wu, Tribal Totems 2 Huifen Wang, In Arms 2 Jigang Liu, Ascetic monk Lihe Zhou, I am a veteran Lin Zhang, Tribal Child 8 Lixia Guo, Years Peiyang Wang, Old woman Shengwei Dai, Senior 2 Shengwei Dai, Stare Shicong Xiao, Tribal Man Tianming Zhang, Lifehood Tieqiang Li, Tribal imprint 10 Tieqiang Li, Tribal imprint 13 Tieqiang Li, Tribal imprint 7 Wenguang Lu, African Girl Wenguang Lu, Outside World Wenguang Lu, Tender Care1 Wenguang Lu, Tribal Woman2 Xian Liu, Masked Man Xiaomei Xu, Beautiful Girl Xiaoqing Chen, Thinking Xiaoqing Chen, Tribal Protector Xiaoyun Qi, Eager Xueya Wang, Old Woman2 Yan Zhang tj, Arms Yi Huang, Eyesight Yilan Song, Tribal Style 2 Yonghong Jin, Shy Girl Yun Lin, New Clothes Yun Lin, The Wei Zhesheng Zhuang, Liangshan Woman 6 Croatia BOZIDAR KASAL, Rapsody in White Nenad Martc, Neighbour Nenad Martc, Selfportrait Zvonko Kucelin, glance21 Cyprus George Petrou, Memories KLEA KYPRIANOU, Glamorous Bride Czech Republic Hana Peskova, Old lady Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz, Naima Portrait Ole Suszkiewicz, Portrait Amina Ole Suszkiewicz, Two Women in Mo- tion England Barbara Jenkin, Goldilocks Barbara Jenkin, Tia Topper Malcolm Jenkin, Dark Jez Malcolm Jenkin, Mono Zoe Malcolm Sowdon, Sweetheart Marie Laure Stone, Padaung grandmother Myanmar Marie Laure Stone, Steampunk girl Robert Millin, Faith Repose Robert Millin, Resting With Pipe steve reynolds, Bus ride to school Finland Aki Samuli Jortikka, Enrico Solveig Wallenius, MilenaSolveig Walle- nius France dominique JOLY, Bernard le Patre dominique JOLY, droit dans les yeux Jacques Heritier, Jeanne et Manon Jean BOULANGER, CONTENT M LEHERPEUR Martine, lanten woman face Germany Heinz Peks, Apatani Heinz Peks, Krieger Heinz Peks, Sina Lothar Noeth, Anita Lothar Noeth, Gebannt Lothar Noeth, Rote Lippen Manfred Kluger, black beauty2 Manfred Kluger, spring of life1 Renja Laskowski, Tunesier Greece George Baladakis, portrait 1 NESTOR FANOS, Old navy Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Mr John Hong Kong Arnaldo Paulo Che, Ages 2 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Devotion 2 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Himba old wom- an Arnaldo Paulo Che, Meditate 2 H W CHAN, I was me Hungary Eifert Janos, Janos EifertAn outlook on the world Kalman Holocsi, Vali Tamas Rozsa, Berta India ACHINTA KUMAR SAHA, Octagen- irian ACHINTA KUMAR SAHA, Pilgrims Debdas Bhattacharya, VIRTUAL Joydeep Sengupta, UNTOLD WORDS KAUSHIK DOLUI, cInnocent look III Momita Bhattacharya, ART Naveen Kumar, Innocence Sankari Roy, Beauty with Feather Sankari Roy, Covered Sankari Roy, MONALISA SATHYANARAYANA C R, C3 DESERT SMOK- ER SATHYANARAYANA C R, C4 LINE- MAN SHARMALI DAS, FLORAL LADY SUBRATA BYSACK, GLOWING IN RED SUBRATA BYSACK, PAINTED KALI SUNIEL MARATHE, PRIYANKA 11 SWAPAN DAS, LOOKING FOR YOU ONLY SWAPAN DAS, SWEET PASSION SWAPAN DAS, TOO CUTE TO HAN- DLE Vinaya Mathews, Native Indonesia David Somali Chow, Crying Miao girl Iraq BLEND TAHIR ABDULLAH, Shape Of Age Israel LEONID GOLDIN, Road to Faith Michael BarOn, IMG5543 Italy Giovanni Fabbri, farmer woman2 Giuseppe TOMELLERI, 03Woman looking at the side MICHELE MACINAI, mursi girl MICHELE MACINAI, vasile 1 MICHELE MACINAI, working the wool 1 MONTINI GIULIO, INDIA WOMEN 2 MONTINI GIULIO, TRIBUTE TO A GREAT MAN Malaysia Guek Cheng Lim, Beauty Myanmar Zaw Min, Proud of my neck Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, C1Treinmachinist Daniel LYBAERT, C2Mono Contpiep
  149. 149. 149 Daniel LYBAERT, C3Jesse in Vlissin- gen de Jong Franke, Dance with beret de Jong Franke, Tuareg merchant Northern Ireland Cyril Boyd, Stephanie scarf Poland Tomasz Okoniewski, Alexander 2 Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Obaid Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Shakur Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Ice Face ali saifaldeen, Pinky Romania Arpad Zoltan Balla, Man and hourse GABOR OVIDIU, Roxanne GABOR OVIDIU, TeoDora Lajos Nagy, Smile Popescu Cezar Gabriel, Portrait of a life Valentina Stan, Man with Hood Russia Viktor Kanunnikov, Bangladesh girl 6 Saudi Arabia Ahmed Alibrahim, Innocent face Ahmed Alibrahim, Kid Scotland Terry Railley, Backward Look Terry Railley, Pensive Terry Railley, Prepared Terry Railley, Slim Serbia Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, In black Ratomir dr Radomirovic, Angi vladan nikolic, tatoo artist 1 Singapore Hein Htet, Old man BW LEE ENG TAN, Eileen Black Fur Ngee Chye Teo, Beauty Ngee Chye Teo, Indian Beauty Ngee Chye Teo, Prayer Slovakia Tomas Mlynarik, The bride Slovenia Miljko LESJAK, Beautiful girl BW Miljko LESJAK, Frozen face Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Old man 4 Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Zsolt South Africa John Coumbias, c1john coumbiasretired sailor John Coumbias, c2john coum- biaselder John Coumbias, c3john coumbiasgrown up girl John Coumbias, c4john coumbiaslighting the way Spain JOSE ALFREDO ESTEFANIA, AFRO JOSE ALFREDO ESTEFANIA, PEPE JOSE ALFREDO ESTEFANIA, YO MIS- MA LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, C2 The san- ton Sri Lanka Dharmavijaya Senevirathna, Mune Pandula Bandara, Girl With Blue Eyes Switzerland Urs Albrecht, Camelman2 United Kingdom Brian Baker, Scary Eileen Murray, Broken Eileen Murray, Enchantment Eileen Murray, Natasha Eileen Murray, Portrait of Pip Philip Westwood, Liquid Gold USA Erbi Wan, Kindness Jim Hagan, Maestro Napierala John Livoti, GreenEyedModel1 SA KIM TRAN, A Highland Old Lady Vietnam NHAN LE HOANG, DOI MAT Wales colin price, my friend Victor D/STREET Argentina Carlos Rozensztroch, Piernas parale- las Luis Alberto Franke, Arquitectura del Malecon Luis Alberto Franke, Encuentro en la es- quina Luis Alberto Franke, Sanra Maria della Salute Australia Mario Mirabile, Canned Vicki Moritz, Melbourne laneway grun- ge Belgium HERBILLON Christian, Convergence Claude SIMON, Rencontres ala- toires De Wilde Eddy, Les oiseaux De Wilde Eddy, Petite pause Verelst Greta, TELEPHONE TO GOD Bosnia and Herzegovina Samir Zahirovic, Flame for Peace Samir Zahirovic, Freedom Samir Zahirovic, Walkm Slobodan Krstic, Makao Slobodan Krstic, SETA Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, NUNS ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, PERUA- NA China Binyuan Li, Family Time 4 Binyuan Li, Vendors in the Rain Fengliang Zou, Return Haiyan Huang, Madagascar11 Hongbing Ye, Market Hongbing Ye, The country life 8 Huifen Wang, Compromise Huifen Wang, Cyclo Huifen Wang, Cyclo 3 Huifen Wang, Prepare Jianxun Wu, Drive a Cart Jurong Yu, Life in Daliangshan 8 Lihe Zhou, Trials and hardships Ping Lu, Big Hand In Small Hand Shengwei Dai, Go side by side Shengwei Dai, On the train 13 Shengwei Dai, Street barber shop 1 Shicong Xiao, Barbershop on the Street Shicong Xiao, Childhood Shicong Xiao, Class Siyuan Huang, Childhood in mountain 1 Siyuan Huang, Happy time Siyuan Huang, Tired 1 Tieqiang Li, A Busy Food Market Tieqiang Li, Pentecostes Xiping An, Selling Fruit Of Vietnamese Woman Xueya Wang, Comtanplator Xueya Wang, On the Street Yan Luo, Daliangshan 32 Yi Huang, Haircut on the Street Yi Huang, Sleep 1 Yi WAN, Aisle7 Yi WAN, laneway 26 Yonghong Jin, Bycle Yonghong Jin, Casual Time 4 Yonghong Jin, People Living in the Small Blue Town 10 Yun Lin, Street Croatia Berislav Vrkljan, cafe BOZIDAR KASAL, The Alive Wall Nenad Martc, Granny on the street Nenad Martc, Slow motion Cyprus ANDREAS L ANDREOU, Street cross CHRISTOS KONSTANTINOU ACHERIOTIS, Bus Stop George Petrou, Crossing The Road KLEA KYPRIANOU, Little Girl in Red Czech Republic Hana Peskova, Morning on the street Denmark Leif Alveen, PIDst Before confession Ole Suszkiewicz, Bums Ole Suszkiewicz, Car Wash Ole Suszkiewicz, Street Musicant England Barbara Jenkin, Tea Break in Sai- gon Malcolm Jenkin, Victorian Ladies Malcolm Sowdon, Bus Stop Malcolm Sowdon, Lunch Break Malcolm Sowdon, Steps Malcolm Sowdon, Street Harpist Marie Laure Stone, Happy man Robert Millin, Delhi Delivery Robert Millin, Fruit Seller steve reynolds, Stoking up the fire Finland Aki Samuli Jortikka, Changing the Guard Antti Seppala, Rest France Alla Sokolova, Blizzard Jacques Heritier, La Mia Bicicletta Jean BOULANGER, SUR LE MARCHEPIED Germany Birgit Pustelnik, Hands Birgit Pustelnik, Street Musician Greece Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, La petite Larisa No 04 Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Pilgrimage of epitaph
  150. 150. 150 No5 Hong Kong Arnaldo Paulo Che, Old tea house 9 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Stop crying Arnaldo Paulo Che, Unveiled to attrac- tion H W CHAN, Rainy Day 1Sarajevo H W CHAN, Rain Day Street 2 RAYMOND YIK CHEUNG CHUNG, Train Station 002 Hungary Eifert Janos, Janos EifertScattering shadows Samarkand Laszlo Siman, sadhu India ABHISHEK BASAK, STOP ACHINTA KUMAR SAHA, Roadside Study ACHINTA KUMAR SAHA, Temporary Re- cess ANINDYA MAJUMDAR, Schoolbound Debdas Bhattacharya, STREET STO- RY MAHALINGARAJU KAGI, VARANASI STREETS 1.2 MOUSUMI SARKAR, Passers by Pijush Karmakar, MY SHOP Sankari Roy, Dondi ritual 2 Sankari Roy, DRYING CLOTHS AT STREET Sankari Roy, STUDY AND SLEEP SATHYANARAYANA C R, D3 RETURNING HERD SHARMALI DAS, WALKING IN LANE TAPAS KUMAR PAUL, I Am Busy Vinaya Mathews, Partha Thiruther 2017 Indonesia David Somali Chow, Street in Sifangjing Alley Iraq BLEND TAHIR ABDULLAH, After Rain BLEND TAHIR ABDULLAH, Deep Down Ireland Catherine Bushe, Always time for a cup- pa Catherine Bushe, Collision Course Israel LEONID GOLDIN, For Mercedes own- ers Italy Giovanni Fabbri, Man of Cuba2 Giuseppe TOMELLERI, PJ1Before sun- rise Giuseppe TOMELLERI, PJ4High water nr.1 MICHELE MACINAI, highland high- land MICHELE MACINAI, on the road 1 MONTINI GIULIO, VARANASI PEOPLE 1 MONTINI GIULIO, VARANASI PEOPLE 9 Luxembourg Bodry Gaston, Le lecteur Malaysia SAY BOON FOO, Working with child Myanmar Zaw Min, Dangerous market Zaw Min, Small Sellersedited1 Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, D4Brugs kantklos- sen de Jong Franke, Pray for the drunk Rob ten Tusscher, Streetlife32a Norway Torhild Hyllseth, Street perfor- mance Poland Tomasz Okoniewski, two plans two sto- ries Qatar Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Six Rolls Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Street Life ali saifaldeen, Old Style ali saifaldeen, Paris Romania Arpad Zoltan Balla, The family Russia Viktor Kanunnikov, Fruit seller 1 Saudi Arabia Ahmed Alibrahim, Pigeons temp Scotland Terry Railley, Proud Mother Serbia Ratomir dr Radomirovic, street cleen- ers Singapore LEE ENG TAN, Deities Brothers Pa- rade Slovakia Tomas Mlynarik, Streets of busy Prague Slovenia Miljko LESJAK, This ugly in action Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Endless love Stefi Praprotnik Borko, We live on the street South Africa John Coumbias, d2john coumbiascurves shadow John Coumbias, d3john coumbiasraining hard John Coumbias, d4john coumbiaswalking alone Spain LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, D3 Pedestri- an LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, D4 Cross- walk Sri Lanka Pandula Bandara, Schooling with mist Switzerland Urs Albrecht, Basler muenster Taiwan CHING YU LU, We Are Happy Family Hsueh Liang Tzeng, DSC789811920x1080 Turkey Ali Riza IZGI, Kiss Bahar Borazan, tramvay11 Bahar Borazan, tramvay22 Cigdem Urel, family United Kingdom Brian Baker, Down and Out Chris Whitty, Hitting the high notes Eileen Murray, A narrow escape USA Erbi Wan, String Artist Gabriele Dellanave, Maximum concentra- tion Jim Hagan, Summer Storm John Livoti, BuckandtheGang Wales colin price, breaking all the rules colin price, sound of music E/OPEN COLOR Argentina Carlos Rozensztroch, Recogiendo re- des Luis Alberto Franke, Cerros ilumina- dos Luis Alberto Franke, Rieles en la sali- na Australia CHEN CHU, chen CHU C2 Break The Wave Mario Mirabile, Going down Mathew Sze, BeanCurd Worker Vicki Moritz, SM confused Austria Nagy Stefan, Nude Nagy Stefan, Posing Bahrain Aqeel AlMeshhal, Sorrow Woman Belgium Claude SIMON, Hesbaye sous la neige De Wilde Eddy, Toscana Jacky Panhuyzen, Halong Bay Sara GABRIELS, Dordrecht by eve- ning Sara GABRIELS, Waterbrekers Verelst Greta, HOTEL Bosnia and Herzegovina Slobodan Krstic, Semberija 113 Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, NUDES Rodrigo Luft, Fly by Night Rodrigo Luft, Urban X Canada Kam Chiu Tam, Accident Kam Chiu Tam, At top speed Phillip Kwan, E4Bear Catch Salmon 20 China Binyuan Li, Hide Chen Ni, Mother Chenglin Zheng, Brothers Chenglin Zheng, Life At Brick5 Chongfeng Wu, Bengal train 3 Daming Liang, Tibetan women Desheng Xu, Ferry 15 Fuyong Xu, Brickyard 1 Fuyong Xu, Devout Gang Wang, Cool
  151. 151. 151 Guanyong Zhong, Map Guixiang Huang, Class Guixiang Huang, Tender moment 2 Haiyan Huang, Madagascar2 Huifang Wu, Tribal Children1 Huifen Wang, Inherit Jinghui Chen, Dispute Li Wang, Make Wishes Lihe Zhou, The firmament Lin Zhang, Have Fun Lin Zhang, Tribal Child 1 Ling Xie, People crowd2 Lung Tsai Wang, bluebird7 Lung Tsai Wang, Eurasian Hoopoe Lung Tsai Wang, sea gull1 Ping Lu, Colorful Painting2 Ping Lu, Ink Cents Cents Pinguan Zheng, Fishing2 Rongguang Ye, Nang Shengwei Dai, People on the rail- way Shicong Xiao, Pilgrimage Route Siyuan Huang, Afternoon 1 Tieqiang Li, Home 3 Tieqiang Li, Mermaid Wenguang Lu, Yearn For Xian Liu, Basked peanuts Xiaohui Qiu, Company Xiaohui Qiu, The Return Of Beachcomb- ing2 Xiaoqing Chen, See Xiaoqing Zhang, Stare 4 Xiaoyun Qi, The stamp of the tribe 4 Xiping An, Grazing 2 Xiping An, Soip Of Life Xueya Wang, Clergies2 Yonghong Jin, Deep Thought Yonghong Jin, Women And Child1 Zhenlie Zhan, The Veins Of The Earth Zhihui Shi, Hold The Family Croatia BOZIDAR KASAL, The Happiness Ivan Hecimovic, The Moisture Nenad Martc, Ballerina Cyprus ANDREAS L ANDREOU, WHITE HARMO- NY CHRISTOS KONSTANTINOU ACHERIOTIS, Laydies KLEA KYPRIANOU, Shipwreck at Akroti- ri Czech Republic Hana Peskova, Fire Ivan Miksik, Swallows Denmark Gilboa Levi, Geriatric Ward Leif Alveen, PIDC Horses and trees 053 Leif Alveen, PIDC Jet between build- ings Ole Suszkiewicz, Blue Hour Ole Suszkiewicz, Evening Runner Ole Suszkiewicz, Harmonica Clown Ole Suszkiewicz, The Pool England Barbara Jenkin, Pure Energy Malcolm Jenkin, Chameleon Attack Malcolm Jenkin, The Ballerina Malcolm Sowdon, Buccaneer Malcolm Sowdon, Phoned Home Malcolm Sowdon, Woodland War- den Marie Laure Stone, Bleak winter Marie Laure Stone, Boy enjoying lunch Robert Millin, Courtney Tulloch Robert Millin, Elegance In Splen- dour Finland Aki Samuli Jortikka, brittle Solveig Wallenius, FeelSolveig Walle- nius France Alla Sokolova, Made me smile dominique JOLY, les lavandes Jacques Heritier, Decor Venitien Jean BOULANGER, HELICAL Germany Birgit Pustelnik, Golling Waterfall Birgit Pustelnik, Morning Light Heinz Peks, Priester Heinz Peks, Pushkar Jan Romanowski, Kanu 106 Lothar Noeth, Fligender Start Manfred Kluger, autumn leaves3 Manfred Kluger, golden girl5 Manfred Kluger, mystic2 Greece George Baladakis, Maraki 1644 Manolis Kartsonakis, Cretan danc- ers Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Stories from red lips No 06 Hong Kong Arnaldo Paulo Che, Dive for the win 1 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Green market Arnaldo Paulo Che, Happy kids Arnaldo Paulo Che, Lamb snatching 2 H W CHAN, Snow wild ape 30 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Great Grey Owl A26 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Great Grey Owl in Flight 12 Hungary Eifert Janos, Janos EifertDance Sym- bols Karoly Barakonyi, Mammoth Hot Springs 6 Laszlo Siman, varanasi Tamas Rozsa, Astromydream India ABHISHEK BASAK, PARI ACHINTA KUMAR SAHA, Holi Effect ANINDYA MAJUMDAR, Peeping the prayers Joydeep Sengupta, GEOMETRY Momita Bhattacharya, MOOD SATHYANARAYANA C R, E3 SPECTACULAR SHOW SATHYANARAYANA C R, E4 POT MAK- ER SUBRATA BYSACK, BACK TO BACK POT SUNIEL MARATHE, MAGNIFICENT HUS- NA SUNIEL MARATHE, SEDUCTIVE NIKI- TA SWAPAN DAS, DREAM HOUR SWAPAN DAS, NOSTALGIA FOR OLD SER- AMPORE Vinaya Mathews, Holi Celebration At Rann 2 Indonesia David Somali Chow, Smiling birdcage makers Ireland Catherine Bushe, Spiral form Israel LEONID GOLDIN, Rain for happi- ness Michael BarOn, Berm in Dead Sea Italy Claudio Nesti, See you Giovanni Fabbri, immersion Giovanni Frescura, elephant eye Giuseppe TOMELLERI, A2Misty sunrise nr.3 Giuseppe TOMELLERI, A3Val d Orcia nr 7 Giuseppe TOMELLERI, A4Val d Orcia nr 8 MICHELE MACINAI, seljalandsfoss 2 MICHELE MACINAI, the lady of the pots MONTINI GIULIO, PLAY WATER 2 Luxembourg Bodry Gaston, Le soir au lac Malaysia Guek Cheng Lim, Face Guek Cheng Lim, Playful 1 Liew Ted Ghee, Charcoal kiln Workers 3 SAY BOON FOO, Muaythai 2 Myanmar THI HA MAUNG, CHOICING FOR SELL Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, E2Nee Ja Wat Daniel LYBAERT, E3Koereiger in de mist Daniel LYBAERT, E4Ik wil het niet zien de Jong Franke, Stop Rob ten Tusscher, Stairs05 Northern Ireland Cyril Boyd, Private Dancer Cyril Boyd, The try Poland Grzegorz Wojcik, Krakow by night 9369 Tomasz Okoniewski, come out in the wash Tomasz Okoniewski, packer Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Aya Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Blinking Eye Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Golden Path Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Snow Storm ali saifaldeen, Wavy Sunset Romania GABOR OVIDIU, Rain drop simpho- ny Lajos Nagy, Engine driver Valentina Stan, Steps into the Sea Russia Alexey Suloev, It is time to cook din- erYamal Alexey Suloev, Warm me Viktor Kanunnikov, Bangladesh girl 2 Viktor Kanunnikov, Two colors Yury Pustovoy, Seascape Scotland Terry Railley, Off the Shoulder Terry Railley, Windowlight
  152. 152. 152 Serbia Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, In the sky Ratomir dr Radomirovic, light in wood vadan nikolic, making sand Singapore Hein Htet, Beautiful Nightmare 1 LEE ENG TAN, Circular Xiapu Nets Slovenia Miljko LESJAK, In the storm 2 Miljko LESJAK, Shepherd Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Grandmothers companion Stefi Praprotnik Borko, On the stairs South Africa John Coumbias, e1john coumbiasdesert challenge John Coumbias, e4john coumbiasdedicated firemen John Coumbias, e4john coumbiaswoman worker Spain CHOLIZ Santiago, rhythmic 83 CHOLIZ Santiago, rhythmic 98 JOSE ALFREDO ESTEFANIA, MIS TIZAS Y YO LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, E1 The shell LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, E3 Reflex- es LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, E4 The surf- er Sri Lanka Pandula Bandara, She is with Red Switzerland Urs Albrecht, Valencia1 Urs Jenzer, E3 Arktis Eisscholle 1 Taiwan Chin Chin Tsai, The best surfer 2 Chin Chin Tsai, The best surfer 4 CHING YU LU, Sewing2 Hsueh Liang Tzeng, DSC78761920x1080 Turkey Ali Riza IZGI, Soil for pottery Cigdem Urel, happy Cigdem Urel, yellow United Kingdom bob devine, cape buffalo and guest Brian Baker, Click Chris Whitty, Mel and recorder 16 Eileen Murray, Serenity Eileen Murray, The Laird USA Erbi Wan, Enjoy Gabriele Dellanave, Dripping paint Holly Kirkland Clouser, Goslings Taking Care Jim Hagan, Bon Voyage Jim Hagan, Morning Hath Broken Jingru Luo, Squirrel John Livoti, washingstrawberries1 Vietnam NHAN LE HOANG, HOC KINH 4 NHAN LE HOANG, HOC THEU Wales colin price, barbershop reflection F/OPEN MONOCHROME Argentina Carlos Rozensztroch, Con mam y pap II Carlos Rozensztroch, Que boquita cer- cana Luis Alberto Franke, La mirada de la ninia Luis Alberto Franke, Rostro de vida Australia CHEN CHU, chen CHU M2 Resist CHEN CHU, chen CHU M3 Vacated CHEN CHU, chen CHU M4 Rush About Mario Mirabile, Classy glass Mario Mirabile, JP Mathew Sze, Memory Austria Nagy Stefan, Geometrie Nagy Stefan, Rose Nagy Stefan, Snake Nagy Stefan, Triangel Belgium Claude SIMON, Abdi Claude SIMON, Luna you De Wilde Eddy, Lignes Jacky Panhuyzen, Ambar Jacky Panhuyzen, Haridwar Man Jacky Panhuyzen, Street Cooking Sara GABRIELS, Straatmuzikant Bosnia and Herzegovina Slobodan Krstic, Pletilja Slobodan Krstic, Ribari 22 Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, FACES ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, PERTRANSI- CAO Rodrigo Luft, BC in BW Canada Kam Chiu Tam, Fatal moment Phillip Kwan, F3Bear Claiming 49 BW THOMAS VIJAYAN, Savana King China Beimeng Liu, Tribal Symbol 2 Binyuan Li, Jumping Water Chen Ni, Years Chenglin Zheng, Wharf Stories6 Chongfeng Wu, work and living 3 Desheng Xu, Warm Himself Deying Huang, Moms back Fengliang Zou, Sleepy Fuyong Xu, Tribal Kids 8 Guixiang Huang, Female Cook 3 Hongbing Ye, Tribe child 1 Huifang Wu, Tribal Children 14 Huifen Wang, Ancient Path Huifen Wang, Outside the Window Jianxun Wu, Babyish Jigang Liu, Reading Li Fang, A working manm Lihe Zhou, Lunch Lin Zhang, Tribal Child 2 Ling Xie, Stare LORETTA YAT WONG, Minorities of Tai- wan1-m LORETTA YAT WONG, Traditional indus- try1-m Lung Tsai Wang, disabled games4m Lung Tsai Wang, Pern1m Peiyang Wang, Good Drink Ping Lu, Pentium Rongguang Ye, Go home Shengwei Dai, A frail smile Shicong Xiao, Senior Siyuan Huang, Childhood in moun- tain Siyuan Huang, Lunch Tianming Zhang, The Last Smithy Tieqiang Li, Old Woman Xiaoqing Chen, Old Friend Xiaoqing Zhang, Believer 3 Xiaoyun Qi, Believer in Rock Church1 Xiaoyun Qi, China Speed Xiaoyun Qi, History Xiping An, Shepherd And Seven Horses 1 Yan Zhang tj, Come back Yilan Song, Trace of Age Yong Huang, Man reading the newpaper in the train Yonghong Jin, Believers in a rock church 1 Yun Lin, Deep Eyes Zhesheng Zhuang, Rock Believers1 Zhihui Shi, Boat Trackers Of The Yellow River Croatia Berislav Vrkljan, WINTER RAPSODY No 88 BOZIDAR KASAL, Hard Life Ivan Hecimovic, Slippery Way and Dark- ness Cyprus CHRISTOS KONSTANTINOU ACHERIOTIS, Homeless Czech Republic Hana Peskova, Daily routine Ivan Miksik, Pair Denmark Leif Alveen, PIDM Mono goth Ole Suszkiewicz, Amina in Tunnel Ole Suszkiewicz, Girl with Cross Ole Suszkiewicz, Tree of Life Ole Suszkiewicz, Upstairs 4 England Barbara Jenkin, Trisha Malcolm Jenkin, Rope and Two Drums Malcolm Jenkin, Rope Swing Malcolm Sowdon, Grow Your Own Malcolm Sowdon, On the Thames Malcolm Sowdon, Smoking Compart- ment Marie Laure Stone, Grumpy Batche- lor Marie Laure Stone, Shire horse led by Gabriela Robert Millin, House Of Ill Repute Robert Millin, OConnell On Pommell Horse Robert Millin, See Hear and Speak no Evil Finland Aki Samuli Jortikka, Ballet Aki Samuli Jortikka, Lena Antti Seppala, Bearded Antti Seppala, Staircase Solveig Wallenius, Santa France Alla Sokolova, On the other side dominique JOLY, le bouquet dominique JOLY, le carrelet Jacques Heritier, Pause Repas
  153. 153. 153 Jean BOULANGER, CHIMERE Notre Dame LEHERPEUR Martine, mirror galery MARTIN Paul, escalator MARTIN Paul, still life Germany Birgit Pustelnik, Deep Birgit Pustelnik, Hand Heinz Peks, Maedchen Las Jan Romanowski, Kindergruppe Aar- hus Lothar Noeth, Muskelspiel Lothar Noeth, Verschlungen Renja Laskowski, Bushman Renja Laskowski, Flughafen Duesseldorf sw Greece CHRISTOS KIDONIS, Dancing glass- es George Baladakis, news 1 George Baladakis, the whell chair saxophonst 16 Hong Kong Arnaldo Paulo Che, Challenge 1 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Crosswalk Mono Arnaldo Paulo Che, Is mine Arnaldo Paulo Che, My name is Nat H W CHAN, Shiofumi 19 BwJapan RAYMOND YIK CHEUNG CHUNG, Train Station 004 Wolfgang Lin, A Moment of Dancing 2 Hungary Eifert Janos, Janos EifertChildrens home Karoly Barakonyi, Staircase 4 Laszlo Siman, capelle India ABHISHEK BASAK, DEEPLY FO- CUSED ABHISHEK BASAK, FULL OF AC- TION ACHINTA KUMAR SAHA, Bonda Dressed Traditional ACHINTA KUMAR SAHA, Students of Class VII ANINDYA MAJUMDAR, Pilgrims prog- ress Debdas Bhattacharya, CONFUSED Joydeep Sengupta, WORDS UNSPOKEN SAYS IT ALL KAUSHIK DOLUI, fMoving Forward Momita Bhattacharya, RAMP WORK Momita Bhattacharya, STAR MOUSUMI SARKAR, Busy at Work Sankari Roy, violyn play Sankari Roy, Waiting for Rain SATHYANARAYANA C R, F3 SHARMA SATHYANARAYANA C R, F4 LEOPARD RESTING SUBRATA BYSACK, FAR AWAY LOOK M SUNIEL MARATHE, NUDE CONCEPT 4 BW SWAPAN DAS, MELODY OF DARK- NESS SWAPAN DAS, SILENT STORY OF MY LIFE Indonesia David Somali Chow, Miao people relaxing bw Iraq BLEND TAHIR ABDULLAH, the saint Ireland Catherine Bushe, Ghostly figures Israel LEONID GOLDIN, Municipal patrimo- ny Italy Claudio Nesti, Generations Giovanni Fabbri, daily life 2 Giovanni Frescura, lake nakuru 9 Giuseppe TOMELLERI, B2Kiklades nr 5 MICHELE MACINAI, mursi child MICHELE MACINAI, working the wool 2 MONTINI GIULIO, EUROPEI PAROLIMPICI 7 MONTINI GIULIO, HORSES ON THE BROMO 1 Luxembourg Bodry Gaston, Le cycliste Bodry Gaston, Three of a kind Malaysia Liew Ted Ghee, Dancing Liew Ted Ghee, Walk away Myanmar THI HA MAUNG, LOOK AT ME Zaw Min, Jump Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, F2Stiekem Daniel LYBAERT, F3Drie schapen de Jong Franke, Staircase Rob ten Tusscher, Family01BW Northern Ireland Cyril Boyd, Anna Rose Dancer Mono Norway Anne Katharine Dahl, Off season Poland Grzegorz Wojcik, 07 24H Krakow MARCIN BAWIEC, with a tree Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Batan Face Bw Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Long Way Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Take Me Home Bw Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Holy Quran BW ali saifaldeen, Black Rocks Romania Arpad Zoltan Balla, Observer GABOR OVIDIU, Arches and col- umns GABOR OVIDIU, Infinity Lajos Nagy, Chinese potter Russia Alexey Suloev, Summer style Yury Pustovoy, Spine Scotland Terry Railley, Mounds Terry Railley, Svetlana Singapore Ngee Chye Teo, Surprise Slovenia Miljko LESJAK, Church and mists Miljko LESJAK, Power of nature BW Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Shepherd with pig Stefi Praprotnik Borko, Time is running out South Africa John Coumbias, f1john coumbiasfireman on the go John Coumbias, f2john coumbiasbeautiful play John Coumbias, f4john coumbiassplendour reflection Spain CHOLIZ Santiago, triple jump 04 JOSE ALFREDO ESTEFANIA, GENERACIONES OPUESTAS LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, F1 Final sprint LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, F3 Eva wiht veil Sri Lanka Pandula Bandara, Freedom of a War Free Country Pandula Bandara, Train in the Mist Turkey Ali Riza IZGI, PLAYING FOOTBALL Cigdem Urel, tel United Kingdom Brian Baker, Pecking Order Chris Whitty, Mel and recorder 46 mono Eileen Murray, Fly free little bird Eileen Murray, Stranger in the Night Eileen Murray, The Final Farewell Eileen Murray, The Prisoner Philip Westwood, Net Bottom USA Erbi Wan, Passing Gabriele Dellanave, High heels Jingru Luo, Zebra Family John Livoti, MoonlightoverSuperstitionMoun- tain Vietnam NHAN LE HOANG, BEP LUA CHIEU NHAN LE HOANG, HOC Wales colin price, a view from the Shard
  154. 154. 154 Unlimited Photo Montenegro Jury Borislav Milovanovic, EFIAP/b, APSA, Serbia Zoran Stojiljkovic, EFIAP, Serbia Yan Zhang FFAPAS, FPVS, PPSA, China
  155. 155. 155
  156. 156. 156
  157. 157. 157
  158. 158. 158 2nd International Painting Light 2018 Salon Chairman Branko Lazarevic Organizer Unlimited Photo Publisher Unlimited Photo Organizing Committee Branko Lazarevic Aleksandar Cvijanovic Cover photo © John Coumbias, Southafrica, Desert challenge Design Ljiljana Vrzic Nenad Nikolic Montenegro, 2018
  159. 159. 159 Unlimited Photo