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Take5 - NW2W for SMB US


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Take 5 with Unify and learn about how new ways of working are changing how we communicate

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Take5 - NW2W for SMB US

  1. 1. The NEW WAY TO WORK Business Communications in Today’s Virtual World
  2. 2. The Way We Work Has Teams are DISPERSED Meetings are VIRTUAL Communications are MOBILE
  3. 3. The NEW Supports virtual teams with their own devices Encourages collaboration WAYto work Enables ‘anywhere working’
  4. 4. How Does The New Way to Work Impact Today’s WORKFORCE? ? ??
  5. 5. MOBILITY There are 1.3 billion mobile workers worldwide Source: IDC JANE Project Manager A Closer Look:
  6. 6. How Does Mobility Impact Jane?How Does Mobility Impact Jane? While traveling from Boston to Los Angeles, Jane Instant messages coworkers using her Smartphone Accesses and edits project files using her tablet Facilitates a meeting with a client and her team using video conferencing
  7. 7. Mobility Tools Make Business Possible Anytime, Anywhere Only 6% of companies have all of their employees in the same place most of the time Source: Unify, New Way to Work Index FACT
  8. 8. 83% of mobile users say that a seamless experience across all devices is very important COMMUNICATION Source: Wolfgang Jaegel, 2015 FREDERIC Engineer A Closer Look:
  9. 9. How Does Communication Technology Impact Frederic? Reacts quickly to customer needs Can easily track and share information Does not waste time or get distracted switching between multiple applications Using integrated, collaborative communication technology, Frederic
  10. 10. Single-Platform Communication Technology Improves Productivity, Engagement and Satisfaction 43% of workers feel frustrated with their current, fragmented communication technology Source: Unify, New Way to Work Index FACT
  11. 11. Millennials make up a third of the work- force* MILLENNIALS Source: Wolfgang Jaegel, 2015 * Generally people born between 1981-2000 CAROL Sales RepresentativeA Closer Look:
  12. 12. How Does Carol Prefer to Work? Can communicate with her prospects and co-workers in real-time using various applications Uses personal tools and applications to collaborate Doesn’t have to sift through her email inbox to get the information she needs Carol is happiest and most productive when she
  13. 13. A Social, Collaborative Digital Work Environment is Imperative to Attracting and Retaining Millennials 71% of Millennials don’t like email Source: Unify, New Way to Work Index FACT
  14. 14. 43% of workers value flexibility over a 10% raise FLEXWORK Source: Unify, The Flex Work Imperative MICHAEL Marketing ManagerA Closer Look:
  15. 15. How Does Flexwork Impact Michael? Accesses the same tools, applications and documents he uses in the office Enjoys a work life balance that improves his job satisfaction Reallocates time spent commuting to completing work-related tasks Home Sweet Home Office Michael works from home 3 days a week, he
  16. 16. Flexwork Options Boost Employee Morale and Increase Retention 36% of workers would change employers for more flexibility Source: Unify, The Flex Work Imperative FACT
  17. 17. The average person checks their smart phone 150 times per day INTERRUPTIONS Source: Unify, New Way to Work Index LILI Accountant A Closer Look:
  18. 18. How Does Limiting Interruptions Impact Lili? Communicates with colleagues and customers in real-time Can easily share and collaborate on documents with her team reducing review cycles Limits distractions and gets more work done in less time Using a platform optimized for on-demand consumption, Lili WORKVILLE INTERRUPTION ROAD
  19. 19. Limiting Interruptions Means Employees Get More Work Done On average, workers spend 28% of their time handling emails Source: Unify, New Way to Work Index FACT
  20. 20. The NEWWAYto Work is Here Are You Ready?
  21. 21. WANT MORE?Performance Matters 5 Unify Customers Who Enable Business Growth To learn about Unify and how we can help you embrace The New Way to Work, visit DOWNLOAD OUR BRIEF