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Christopher McNeil, Owner of McNeil Training Simulators, presented this at CPSC's ATV Safety Summit Oct. 12, 2012. McNeil Simulators ( ATV Safety Awareness Simulator Abstract: The ATV Simulator course is intended to be taught at area schools. Used as a tool to promote State’s OHV rules and regulations, active riding techniques, and participation in a required or not safety rider course in a statewide outreach. Students are guided through lessons in a predictable and well sequenced manner. Five major topics are stressed: 1. Safety Gear. 2. Proper fitting guidelines. 3. Center of gravity showing physics of the machine. 4. Machine's capabilities and operator's abilities. 5. Speed vs. Control. The Simulator is a mechanical devise that hydraulically simulates angular movements of an ATV traveling uphill, downhill, side hills, cornering, or a combination of movements. Combined with a series of lessons from start to finish different active riding techniques are achieved. The student actively takes the opportunity to feel the movement- angular forces, and learns proper safe riding skills per instruction eye to eye and some video if preferred. Therefore, instruction can be corrected and positively reinforced if needed. Along with riding skills; pre-riding safety (proper safety gear, weight vs. machine size, center of gravity instruction, hazards of riding double, other) is emphasized. Riding ethics on public lands is also stressed. Average class time is 50 minutes. I have reached over 30,000 students this exciting new awareness program always stressing the need to take a hands-on rider course. Seven other States are now using the simulator as well. It has become a valuable tool for ATV awareness safety training.

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  • My objective is to give you a synapse as to what the Simulator does, how is used as an outreach tool for ATV Safety.
  • Holden Leroy-Blake McNeil Introduce my new grandson 1st grandchild.
  • Thank Youfor letting me present this to you today. Anyone have any questions?
  • ATV Safety Summit: Training Innovations - The ATV Safety Simulator Trainer

    1. 1. McNeil Simulators Inc. October 2012 The ATV Safety Simulator Trainer Family & Youth Outreach Program Presented by Mr. Christopher McNeil Ohvsimulators.comMcNeil Simulators Inc. 307-851-6168
    2. 2. Overview 1 Introduction 2 Introduction (cont.) 3 Wyoming Outreach 4 Current Outreach Programs 5 ConclusionMcNeil Simulators Inc. 307-851-6168
    3. 3. Holden Leroy-Blake McNeilMcNeil Simulators Inc. 307-851-6168 ohvsimulators.comLOGO
    4. 4. Introduction • The ATV Safety Simulator is hydraulically operated and creates uphill, downhill, side hill simulations, and the handlebars are free to simulator cornering • One on one instruction with the student ensures proper riding techniques for safe operation. • The student can actually feel the angular forces and shift their body weight accordingly per/instruction.McNeil Simulators Inc. 307-851-6168
    5. 5. Portable UnitMcNeil Simulators Inc. 307-851-6168 ohvsimulators.comLOGO
    6. 6. Outdoor or Indoor set upMcNeil Simulators Inc. 307-851-6168
    7. 7. Wyoming OutreachWyoming 2008 to 2012, One Instructor,2 Simulators ATV & Snowmobile 95 Elementary schools & Jr. High schools. (21,000 students plus) 50 min/90 min classes 13 County Fairs 1 State Fair every year. (10,000 plus) 25 annual events, health & safety fairs, kids for outdoors, Expos, & other events. (10,000 plus) McNeil Simulators Inc. 307-851-6168
    8. 8. Current Outreach Per State IDAHO Mobile Education Trailer & Simulator Participation 120000 111200 100000 89600 80000 60000 54400 51300 44050 Participation 37530 40000 20000 200 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 20133 SimulatorsNorth, East, and West. McNeil Simulators Inc. 307-851-6168
    9. 9. Current Outreach Per StateMontana Minnesota North Dakota 1 Simulator 1 Simulator 1 Simulator McNeil Simulators Inc. 307-851-6168 ohvsimulators.comLOGO
    10. 10. Current Outreach Per StateNorthern New Mexico Arizona PennsylvaniaCalifornia1 Simulator 1 Simulator 1 Simulator 1 Simulator (Currently 11 in use) McNeil Simulators Inc. 307-851-6168 ohvsimulators.comLOGO
    11. 11. Conclusion• Bottom line; its all about reaching out to Kids and their families.• Reaching out on a mass scale and be cost effective.• Promoting national or state training opportunities. (State programs, Tread Lightly!, online training, ASI, MSF etc.).• Where can I get more training if I need it? Awareness!…information!......Why’s?.......Hows?........When’s?..... Recommended or Required? are the details! McNeil Simulators Inc. 307-851-6168 ohvsimulators.comLOGO
    12. 12. Other VideoMcNeil Simulators Inc. 307-851-6168 ohvsimulators.comLOGO
    13. 13. McNeil Simulators Inc. 307-851-6168