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Simple Model for SPICE


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Simple Model for SPICE

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Simple Model for SPICE

  1. 1. Title PSpice LTspice DCDC Converter Model ○ ○ DCAC Inverter Model ○ ○ DCAC 3-Phase Inverter Model ○ ○ DC Power Supply Model ○ ○ Lithium Ion Battery Model ○ ○ Nickel Hydoride Battery Model ○ ○ Lead-Acid Battery Model ○ ○ [New] Lithium Ion Capacitor Model ○ ○ [New] Electric Double-Layer Capacitor Model ○ ○ Fuse Model ○ ○ Transformer Model N/A ○ 3-Phase AC Motor Model ○ ○ [New] PMS(Permanent Magnet Synchronous) Motor Model ○ ○ DC Motor Model ○ ○ CVCC Power Supply Model ○ ○ Simple Model is a spice model of a parameter base. Spice model can be created by yourself. Simple Model for SPICE 1All Rights Reserved Copyright (C) Siam Bee Technologies 2015 22APR2015