Trade service and epa cube release margin optimizer


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Trade service and epa cube release margin optimizer

  1. 1. Trade Service and epaCUBE Release Margin Optimizer™ for Wholesale DistributorsSAN DIEGO, CA – March 26, 2012 – Today Trade Service and epaCUBE announced the release ofMargin Optimizer, a cloud-based margin optimization solution. It offers distributors the ability to forecast,and clearly see, the future impact of supplier cost changes on their gross margin.Tim Schlesser, Corporate Operations Manager for Advance Electrical is an early adopter of MarginOptimizer. He states: "Margin Optimizer gives us clear visibility into price change dynamics that createopportunities to increase gross margin. We are now able to easily see the situations where we canincrease price and margin without affecting competitiveness. The ability to see how price changesactually impact the items that our customers buy has resulted in us obtaining the information we need toprudently grow our margins."Visibility into the effect of manufacturer price changes can help distributors take appropriate action toavoid experiencing margin squeeze as well as to identify opportunities to increase margin. It also offersanother way of providing exceptional customer service to large accounts who would be most affected bycost changes.“There are a host of uses for Margin Optimizer but the most important is centered on helping distributorsutilize the vast amount of data available to them. This in turn allows them to be more efficient andultimately, more profitable,” said Tony Dubreville, President and CEO of Trade Service.“We are extremely pleased that our expertise in profit optimization has paired so well with Trade Service’sdata management and brought this important tool to distributors,” stated George Dunham, CEO ofepaCUBE.About Trade ServiceTrade Service Company is the leading provider of product and price information to the electrical,plumbing/mechanical, HVACR, industrial MRO, and office products industries. Since 1931, the companyhas been the leader in content acquisition, aggregation, management, publishing, and distribution,offering a variety of products, services, and systems to meet the content needs of contractors,distributors, and government agencies. The range of solutions provided includes printed directories,electronic catalogs, pricing data for business system updating, and robust attributed content to fuel full-functioning Internet storefronts.
  2. 2. About epaCUBE, Inc.epaCUBE was founded on the premise that “real dollars” could be reclaimed in the supply chain bysolving the problems and overcoming the challenges associated with optimizing “gross margin” over“continuously” cleansed and up-to-date product data. The Product Data Management and Gross ProfitOptimization tools give a company the powerful ability to manage every aspect of its product mix,specifically and accurately target its customers and their consumers, and negotiate with suppliers from aposition of strength based upon complete knowledge of its products. epaCUBE enables companies toeasily manage product information across existing business processes and systems. It is a powerfulsolution that improves data quality, dramatically increases productivity, and streamlines integration withinternal systems and outside trading partners. High performance companies thrive from this type ofproduct knowledge, and epaCUBE’s goal is to make this level of product information available to thedistribution market in a packaged, affordable solution. For additional information visit more on - Product Tours, Automotive parts catalog