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Instead of Managing Complaints we should get to Zero Complaints

You accept zero defects today

25 years ago you did not even think of zero defects

Now we need to get to Zero Complaints

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  • Thanks for the article. This article certainly will make think to create processes which can lead to zero complaints rather than fewer complaints

    Amit Arora
    Corporate Relations
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  • A hearty Amen to your thought dear Mahajan

    Mr KV Simon
    Regional VP
    American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute
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  • Thank you for your thought provoking article. Reminded me frankly of my experience of several years back in a Top notch Corporate where the Chairman personally chaired every week a ‘Thursday Meeting’ with a single point agenda….Customer Feedback. The aim was to respond expeditiously to the voice of the customer & the aim was reach ‘Zero Defect’ on Customer complaints! Leadership on such issues needs to come from the very top!

    Mr. VS Krishnan
    Chairman & Managing Partner
    VSK Strategies (Management Consultants)
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  • Thanks a lot for wounder full article.

    Mr Jagdeep Sablok
    Sr. Vice President-Operations
    Metro Tyres Ltd.
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Zero Complaints

  1. 1. Get To Zero Complaints Instead of Managing ComplaintsGautam MahajanPresident+91
  2. 2. Zero Defects And Zero Complaints• You accept zero defects today• 25 years ago you did not even think of zero defects• Now we need to get to Zero Complaints
  3. 3. Zero Complaints Is A Mindset• First we should accept we can get close to Zero Complaints• Second, we should not think of only managing complaints• Bigger effort to avoid complaints
  4. 4. Zero Complaints Mean Better And Cheaper Service• Less interaction needed• Fewer customers are hassled• Smaller customer service and correction teams• Win win for all
  5. 5. Why Do We Have Complaints• Complaints/issues arise from: – Poor information and hence queries – Poor execution – Poor systems – Want customers to come back but for complaints not for a purchase (mindset)
  6. 6. To Get To Zero Complaints• Ensure your information is complete and understandable• Your web based forms and selling has all possibilities for a customer – For example he may need to change/modify what he bought • Amount • Length of engagement • Change his information such as address – Cancellation• Be prepared to make systemic changes not just solve complaints
  7. 7. Get To Zero Complaints• Use all the power in your disposal to get to zero complaints• Better information/better design• Be prepared to make systemic changes• Satisfy your customer not your company’s System• Be so good that the customer does not need to contact you!!!
  8. 8. ExampleI just bought overseas travel insurance on the net. Unfortunately, I had to extendthe length of stay and consequently the number of days of insurance. Theinsurance was due to start a month from this time. I got on the phone, and foundone number did not exist. The other one was difficult to get and when I would geton, and was made to answer many questions and listen to many unnecessary“ads”, I would be put on hold for the next available agent. And then I would getdisconnected. I had to go through a few iterations before I got to talk to an agent.No, the policy could not be extended (he did not know how). The best would be forme to cancel the policy and get a new one for a longer time period. So I requestedcancellation. The agent could not tell me when I would get my refund. Almost 20days later, I managed (through influence) to get the number of a senior executive.He was very apologetic. A few days later, I still did not have refund. So I sent anemail again. This time an executive working for the company called me becausehis boss had asked him to help me get a refund. I had to fill a form for a refund. Itold him I had not filled any form for getting the policy, and why now, and why thecall centre had not told me about the form. To cut a long story short, he said hewould arrange for a refund. The executives would never go back and get theproblems corrected using software, processes and procedures so that otherswould not have a problem, which would lead to zero customer complaints.
  10. 10. For Details See Link Below: MahajanPresident+91