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Omni Channel Marketing Conference - Mal Chia


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Omni Channel Marketing Conference - Mal Chia

  1. 1. Mobile Commerce:Are You Ready?Mal ChiaDigital Marketing Manager
  2. 2. Mobile is growing• 68% smartphone penetration amongst 15-65yo Australians• 2nd highest smartphone penetration (behind Singapore)• Mobile internet usage will overtake desktop by 2014• 2 billion iOS app downloads per month• 2.7 hours social networking per day from mobile
  3. 3. 2% 12%7% Android Apple Blackberry 56% Windows23% Other
  4. 4. Future state? 14% 9% Android Apple 2% Blackberry Windows 15% 60% Other
  5. 5. Is Apple in danger of becoming yourparents phone?
  6. 6. Mobile commerce is growing• 60% of Australians have purchased from a smartphone• 58% purchase at least once a month
  7. 7. Mobile commerce in Australia has grown from$155 million in 2010 to $5.6 billion in2012 (that’s >3500% growth in 2 years)
  8. 8. Mobile commerce is where e-commerce was in2000: new, strange but with the potential to changeeverything.
  9. 9. Transforming customer experience• Research products• Compare prices• Read reviews• Scan QR code• Check stock levels• Find the nearest location• Look up retailer information• Pick-up in-store
  10. 10. Barriers to purchasing on smartphone
  11. 11. Where do we research?
  12. 12. Where do we purchase?
  13. 13. Insight: Security and comfort are crucial to mobilepurchasing
  14. 14. Want more stats?
  15. 15. Apps vs. Mobile siteNative App Mobile WebsiteSuperior UI Can recreate look of an app but without fluidity or polishIntegrate with native functionality Works on every deviceCache for offline viewing No way to notify if new features/updatesFaster No integration with native featuresInnovation is faster due to aggressive Slower to loadcompetition in mobile industryMust be downloaded from an app store Available to anyone onlineNative development is expensive and Cheaper but with several disadvantagestime consuming
  16. 16. Consider the user experience• Design mobile forms• Don’t make registration compulsory• Provide a progress meter• Only collect the essentials• Clearly label links• Large CTAs• Keep pages small• Anticipate and correct common errors – Search
  17. 17. The mobile paradoxof choice:less is often best
  18. 18. Is your website responsive?
  19. 19. Product pages• Price• Product description• Detailed product information• Images• Add to cart• Delivery charges• Average review score• Customer service number
  20. 20. 97% of shoppingcarts on mobile devicesare abandoned
  21. 21. Optimise the check out• Keep it smooth• Keep form filling to a minimum• Make sure it’s mobile friendly• Provide security reassurances
  22. 22. Payment options• Standard credit / debit card checkout• Pre-registered users• PayPal• Cash on delivery• Click-to-call• Charge to phone bill
  23. 23. Track and measure everything
  24. 24. What about QR codes?
  25. 25. Key takeaways• Native app or mobile website• What behaviour are you trying to influence• Simplify everything• Optimise checkout
  26. 26. Is Google Glass Commerce next?
  27. 27. Questions?