Customer Innovation management platform by The innovation minder company


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from the 1st stage of development where the ideation begins.
The CIM platform will manage your customers' expertise that is potentially valuable for product and service development. It will give your company the leverage to anticipate future market demand.
Customers' participation through the CIM platform will not interfere with the efficiency of &

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Customer Innovation management platform by The innovation minder company

  1. 1. Customer Innovation Management PlatformThe Innovation Minder CompanyJuvignac, Francee-mail : All Images Copyright © 2012 FreeDigitalphotos. All rights reserved
  2. 2. Facts“50% of revenue in 5 years’ time must come fromsources that do not exist today” (Ernst & Young studyConnecting Innovation to profit, 2010) “ Decreasing margins; New competitors in emerging markets; Shortened Time-to-Market ” Target Exploration of new market segments; Open Innovation practices using customer’s opinions; Optimize cost structure & increase margins; One of the Solutions Engage your customer community with open innovation & crowdsourcing : - To support pro-active collaboration. - To Make an idea move through the innovation funnel to a developed concepts - To reduce Cost & Risk
  3. 3. Open Innovation and Customer innovation Open InnovationConsortiums/ Customer/User Employee Partnerships CoopetitionCollaborations Innovation InnovationFind: How can you Select : What are Implement: How Capture : How you are goingfind customer innovation you going to do and are you going to make to get the benefits from it? opportunities? Why? it happen? The Customer Innovation Management Platform Is the solution!!
  4. 4. Customer Innovation Management Platform Focuses on………. Product Manufacturing Sales Development Concept DevelopmentTrigger Analysis Identification Concept Innovation Business Problem Concept Criteria Opportunities Influencer - DefinitionChallenge Concept evaluation Brief - Prioritizing Ecosystem Solving Concept Design Description Drivers - Prototyping
  5. 5. Concept Innovation with … The Customer Innovation Management Platform Concept Innovation Funnel Challenge Idea Concept Concept Filter Screening Review Evaluation Product DevelopmentChallenge Ideas Concepts New Brief G0 G1 G2 Criterias G3 G4 selection Selection concept Selection Comment on challenges Incubation Concept rating New concept testing Vote on challenges Idea rating Concept testing
  6. 6. Customer Innovation Management Platform (CIM) because…. Is the solution because….• Engage your customers in your innovation process. • Run more effectively your new product• Integrate customer’s in your new product development processes. development processes • Integrate Customer to support the• Manage your customers expertise that is potentially continuous process improvement valuable for product and service development. • Enable collaboration on the creation and• Anticipate future market demand. refinement of ideation process.• Enhance your effectiveness and provide you better • Reduce time to market business results. Cost reduction • Cutting by two your new product development lifecycle • Decreasing the cost of maintenance of your customer community • Training for end-user is not required • Shortening timeframes of idea generation and evaluation. • Reducing the company human resource involvement
  7. 7. Customer Innovation Management Platform (CIM) because…. Is the solution because….• Increase your customer community base.• Gather customers who most fit to perform tasks, • Integrate your customers knowledge, behaviors solve problems and contribute and needs• Inspire communities to proactively collaborate, • Stream new ideas improve, and refine ideas through incentives and • Involve customers in the decision making process competition. • Evaluate ideas quality• Identify, select, and transform ideas into solutions, • Organize ideas better - prioritize and track products, and services for your business. customer ideas
  8. 8. The Minder platform proposes an easy setup for…. Challenge Owner Participants• An easy start with a manual and • User friendly interface support • A participant user guide• Domain creation where the ideation is • Easy registry and Invitation of taking place participants• Users Management • Confirmation of user registry• Timelines • User’ can create their personal profile• Languages support pages.• Point management system • Users submit their ideas, comments• Statistic management easily with a friendly interface• Decision making criteria • Users can interact with each other.• Logo upload• Themes (Choice between 3 themes)• Maintain Control over who can see and contribute
  9. 9. Community-Driven IdeaInnovation Funnel Concept Management Particpation customer feedback Knowledge market R&D Votes Rating Crowdsourcing research forums Sharing New trends Challenge reviews views Refine and Build Out Concepts Customer/ Challenge brief CommunityDescription Feedback Select best Concept with Criterias Market Rules Post ideas Targets Ideation Process
  10. 10. Contact Us The Customer Innovation platformWebsite: http://www.innovation-minder.comEmail: